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World War Three Will Target White Christians, As Usual.


Are we expected to believe that those scrutineers, in the unIntelligence Services, whom are forever hunting around for any anti-Jew phrase, which could possibly pop-up on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, leading to the censoring and a reprimand for the ‘criminal’ who dared to post such a sacrilegious question as; ‘why are there no photos of a gas-chamber?’ have never come across any trace of this:

I would suggest that they are all fully aware of these Jew, anti White Christian sentiments and that they will have most certainly passed the information on to their controllers. While they, will no doubt have had a good laugh about it, along with the Jews by whom the United States and UK are controlled, at Head Office, in the City of London. Imagine how they guffaw, amongst themselves, about locking Christians in gaol for questioning anything about their own wild claims, while they can tell us they intend to kill us all and we just respond with ‘Really?’

For any British Home Secretary, to be parading around Paris, hugging a placard telling the World she is a Jew, in commemoration of a False Flag’ attack against a bunch of Jews, whom for no good reason had published images of the ‘Prophet’ having already sacked a cartoonist for drawing a mocking image of a Jew, pretending to be unaware that the whole Paris fiasco was no more than farce, used to justify an ever more stringent clampdown on the freedom of the French people, is in itself a scandal of enormous proportions.




The recent Skripal case in Salisbury, in the United Kingdom, was either an opportunity, which arrived by happenstance, when the Skripals’ were taken ill after eating a radio-active Japanese meal, mixed with beer and prescription drugs, an event which was far too opportune to miss, when it was discovered that the pair were not only Russian but a ‘Double-Agent’ and his daughter, making it possible to suggest that Putin the Terrible, would have good reason to kill them, out of hand, in the middle of an English Market Town.

In the event, the British Government, actually managed to convince the whole-wide-world, that they themselves, were nothing more than a bunch of ‘tossers’, whom are now hastily putting a security clamp on to the whole shabby business, which will allow the complicit British Free Press, a good excuse as to why they are making no further comment on the whole shambolic episode, in which they were themselves totally complicit, giving it their full, lying, support. That would be the same British and American Media, which is of course under the control of the very people whom are calling for a genocide, not only of White Christians, which has already been under way for one hundred years, but also against Blacks and Muslims.

The screenshot below, clearly shows that there is no mention of this ongoing operation in the mainstream media. The search term which I used was: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=British+Media+reports+on+the+Jewish+calls+for+White+Genocide&bext=msl&atb=v115-4&ia=web: and what was delivered were mainly links to Independent bloggers like myself, when normally a search term would deliver, tales from all the top newspapers, before the Independent’s get a mention, which demonstrates that there is no coverage of the most important, current subject for White Christians.



Some time back, I timorously suggested there to be little scope for the average White Christian lad, looking for work, having noticed the introduction, of even those whom were once described as perverts, onto the list of minorities, giving them precedence over ‘straights’.

This list of minorities, was even more Racist and Bigoted than had been the previous system. What it amounted to was the exclusion of White Christian, straight, males, whom became the only group, which did not feature as a minority, which they quite clearly have become, in all of the largest British and American Cities.

I became aware of this ‘war’ against White Boys, when I heard a mother on the radio, joyfully telling us what a marvel her daughters were, at school and at work, and they had certainly shown their brother, who was a total dunce, how it should be done. This was called empowering women, which apparently justifies all the sex  bigotry, even for a ‘mother?’

After which I noticed an alarming increase in the number of young lads committing suicide. At which point I paid just a little bit more attention, as to how White lads were being affected by the ever-increasing numbers of Blacks, Hindus, Muslims et al, coming into the United States, Australia, Britain and Europe. It prompted me to suggest, there to be a White Genocide under way. The response to this was enormous. I received dozens of links towards those making the same suggestion.

That was a long time ago and still no mention in the Fake News Media, even as the all out war against White people becomes ever more aggressive. The British people would do well to take heed of the words of the man who they were told, was their favourite Englishman of all time, the Jew Winston Churchill, who suggested that the Germans were about to invade, so in order to arouse the hatred of the British Bulldog against those Krauts, he cried out that “….:

“we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,
we shall fight on the beaches,
we shall fight on the landing grounds,
 we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
we shall fight in the hills;
 we shall never surrender”,

…and all that tosh, which was preached, back in the days when the British ‘straight’ still had a pair of balls, since when the British, whom have been so long under the cosh, they no longer know up from down, never mind straight from bent.

One word of warning to the British, cling onto all of your White Christian immigrants, you never know when you might need them. The fact that those like Farage, are presenting European immigrants as the problem, should worry you a lot. When did you last see the Poles or the French, parading around the streets of London, with bellicose calls for more and more free stuff?

Wake Up Britain, WTSHTF You’ll Need Every Polish Friend You Can Find.

Wake Up Britain, WTSHTF You’ll Need Every Polish Friend You Can Find.

A preliminary analysis of official crime data shows:

Violence against the person is 5 times more prevalent in the black community, than in the white community.

Drugs offenses are 16 times more prevalent in the black community, and 3 time  more prevalent in the Asian community, than in the white community.

Robbery is over 9 times more prevalent in the black community, than in the white community.

Committing homicide is 6 times more prevalent in the black community, and twice as prevalent in the Asian community, than it is in the white community.

The homicidal killing of white people is 90 times more prevalent in the black community, than the homicidal killing of black people in the white community.

The homicidal killing of white people is 30 times more prevalent in the Asian community, than the homicidal killing of Asian people in the white community.

The number of white victims of interracial homicide is approximately 40 times greater than expected, when compared to the number of such victims in the minority (BME)community.

The white community suffers more victims of interracial and racially motivated homicide than all of the minority (BME)communities put together – despite the BME communities being less than 10 per cent of the total population.

The number of white victims of racially motivated homicide is approximately 50 times greater than expected, when compared to the number of such victims in the minority (BME)community.

If 125 Whites were killed by 2.8% of the population (Blacks) and 39 Blacks were killed by 91.3% of the population (Whites) – 1% of the population of Black people would have killed 44.6 Whites and 1% of the population of White people would have killed 0.43 Blacks.

Thus, Black Kills White at a ratio of 44.6 divided by 0.43 = 103.7!

Similarly, if 57 Whites were killed by 4.7% Asians and 36 Asians were killed by 91.3% Whites, 1% Asian kills 12.13 Whites and 1% White Kills 0.39 Asian.

Thus Asian kills White at a ratio of 12.13 divided by 0.39 = 31.5.

These stark figures demonstrate exactly what the ever giving White people are up against. We are told daily by the media that not all Blacks and Muslim immigrants are responsible for crime, which would suggest that these figures rely of a minuscule percentage of the Black and Muslim communities, which would suggest that a relatively tiny number of determined criminals can destroy a society, so to allow entry to unvetted immigrant members of either community is indeed asking for trouble.

There was no mention made of the level of crime generated by incoming Arab or other Middle Eastern Muslims, either because of a lack of information or possibly because judging by the Muslim crime statistics in Germany and Sweden, it was decided to be prudent to keep a lid on British figures.

There was also no reference to the extent of UK Rape in these figures, we can assume it to be included in the figures for crimes of violence, so we must make an educated guess as to the extent of this crime against women, which has been ignored for decades.

In the United States, which suffers from a similar level of Black crime, FBI statistics present a figure of 36,000 White women, raped by Black men, while there were no recorded rapes of Black women by White men.

In the United Kingdom, there are an average of 85,000 rapes every year, which should be cause for concern and yet it would appear that the authorities are systematically denying these findings, worrying that should the truth of the claims be exposed, it would throw into doubt, claims of the multitude of benefits to Europe, as a result of the recent mass immigration, which is in fact being blamed for a massive increase in rape all across the continent, which has also been covered up by European Police and politicians.

We are constantly being told that the there is no difference between the behaviour of the indigenous White people of Europe and Blacks of African origin and those other immigrants from the Near and Far East, a claim which is exposed as ridiculous, judging by the Crime figures, claims which are confirmed, by similar figures from, Continental Europe, America, Australia and other ‘White’ countries which have experienced a recent surge of Muslim immigration.

In the United States, which is a country ‘built by immigrants,’ we are being fooled into believing that to mean all ‘immigrants,’ when in fact it was mainly those of European origin, who recreated a Neo-Europe in America, it is not a country dominated by African wood and mud huts or Igloos, so to suggest America to be a result of those ‘other’ immigrants, does not hold up. A bricklayer of whatever colour or Race, is not an architect. 

The Blacks in South Africa, are living in a State, which is unique in Africa. Africans have themselves never achieved anything similar. Any hope  that when  the White Europeans were forced out, that things would carry on in the same manner as before was a pipe dream, things have never been so bad for the Blacks.

The Blacks in America are in for the same nasty shock, should the likes of Zuma or Charles Taylor, ever come to power in the States, when the Whites are driven out.

The British are being brainwashed into believing themselves to be wonderful, tolerant folk because they accept Blacks and Muslims into their midst, and condemn those whom object to this state of affairs, while saving all their bile for immigrants of European origin, whom will share the same ‘European’ mentality and beliefs and  who meld without trace, into British society, while the streets are thronged with banner waving Muslims and Blacks whom will never integrate, who are howling against the White British people, from whom they claim Social benefits, accusing them of White Supremacy and Privilege and blatantly suggesting that only Whites can be racist. Which is itself of course, a Racist claim.

In the United States, Black men are justifying the murder of White youngsters,  with claw hammers, claiming it to have been in response to some alleged White Crime against a Black, when should the White folk make the same response against Blacks for crimes against Whites, there would be a veritable river of blood running in the streets of America.

That is the sad reality, Blacks are the most Racist and savage people on the planet, though one is obliged to add, ‘not all of them’ of course.