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The Alternative Media Conspiracy.

Listening to the Alternative Media online is becoming a disconcerting business. A loud-mouth has made a recent appearance,  with a style which appears to be modelled on that of Alex Jones, meaning that you do not let a guest finish a sentence, you accuse them of some offence or other which is not too clear to the average listener and then “let him go.”   to be joined by a guest from the UK, who I have only seen one time on UK TV, where he was questioned about his invitation to join the Infowars Team with the aforementioned Alex Jones, to which his response was that he had accepted the invitation like a shot.

In the meantime the reputation of Jones seems to have taken a tumble and the alacrity with which the invitation was accepted, has been swept under the carpet, For  this current show, along with the Boss Man, he now denigrates Jones, along with most of the other un-unified alternative media hosts.

The difference between the host and his guest involved the theory of Dr Judy Woods, that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, had been destroyed by some form of  Free Energy, in tandem with the power of a hurricane, which was behaving in a strange manner, just off the coast of New York, at the time of the attack and the belief or misleading assertion, of Steve Jones, that the towers had in fact been deliberately destroyed through the use of Thermite or thermate, take your pick.

The show host was accusing the caller of being involved in some sort of MK Ultra attack on his dearly held belief that Dr Woods was the purveyor of reality, this was based on his belief that the caller was speaking in a calm, purposeful manner, as did all of those people, like Steve Jones, whom were involved with MK Ultra. He accused the caller of deliberately dismissing Woods ideas because he was involved in some form of collusion with Steve Jones, to undermine what she was suggesting took place that fateful day. Are you still with me?

The caller was attempting to coax an answer from the host, as to why he was suggesting that he, the caller, was opposed to Dr Woods, what he got for his trouble was an earful of abuse. His attempts to explain that he in fact supported Dr Woods were completely ignored, he was now a “Shill.”

We are now being told that we cannot trust Architects and Engineers, Jim Fetzer, Steve Jones, Alex Jones, in fact the only trustworthy hosts online, at the moment, are Pete Santilli and his chum Patrick Henningson.

This morning, I tuned the wireless to Rense, his guest was Michel Chossudovsky, the subject, the manipulation of Youtube, to hide pertinent clips, such as, Russia Today’s exposé of 911, which was, of course, continuing the jaded old story that it was all a controlled demolition. To where can you turn for the truth these days?  No matter I digress.

What I had intended discussing today was the question of Press Freedom and the intention of the UK government to curtail it, because of certain misbehaviour in the recent past, which amongst other things involved the efforts of the parents of Madeleine McCann, to not only gag the Portuguese Police, whom they dismiss as inept but also the reporting in the British Press of the long list of anomalies, in the statements which they and their friends made during the days following the disappearance of their daughter.

There has been a long and depressing list of child killings in the UK, during the time since Madeleine McCanns disappearance, in one of those cases the body of the child has not yet been recovered and yet, based on the available evidence, a man has been found guilty and gaoled for the murder.

The McCanns’ however, with the aid of the alleged paedophile Gordon Brown and a cross-dresser, who assumes the name “Miranda”, when not carrying out the wishes of the British electorate, by whom he was elected to represent, though considered to be  serious suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, based on evidence, much of which was uncovered by British researchers, have never had to face any form of thorough inquest or other inquiry into the disappearance of their child and were helped out of their predicament in  Portugal by the aforementioned alleged paedophile and “Miranda”, through their high-level intervention with the Portuguese Government.

The McCanns’, whom having managed to gag the Portuguese Police Officer, who wrote a detailed account of his investigations into the disappearance of Madeleine, which reached the conclusion that she had been killed in the families apartment, either by accident or in temper, succeeded in having the book banned in the UK.

Gerry McCann, who accepts his own freedom to accuse the Portuguese Policeman of ineptitude and downright lies, about the investigation into the disappearance of his child, was today, all over the News, declaring that the British Press should be denied the right to question his account of the very same thing. In fact he demands the right to tell the Police, that there is no point in carrying out an investigation into the complete and inexplicable disappearance of Madeleine, all they need do is ask him, what happened to her. It is as if no parent has ever killed their child.

The McCann’s are supporting a group called Hacked Off, in its attempt to take control of the British Press, which is called a Free Press, but which is in fact an outlet of propaganda for the Government. So it must be understood that any restrictions on reporting will not really apply to the Printed Press, which has lost most of its intelligent readership, but will instead be more concerned with those like myself, whom attempt to write the other side of the story. Hacked Off is part of an organisation called, Common Purpose, which is attempting to take control of local government, all across Europe

Common Purpose Exposed

So having got that out-of-the-way, before I forgot  all about it, I can now finish off the tale of Santilli on Rense. ‘Santilli’s next guest was a strange mix of a man, whom having claimed to be Arab, was suggesting that Israel had a right to exist, simply because they were there. They could attack Palestinians or whomsoever made trouble for them, in defence of Israel, while the Palestinians could not do the same thing in defence of their State. This he explained, was because the USA was not about to give all of the Red Man’s land back to its rightful owner, or some such rubbish.

As is usual, in this form of conversation, the talk quickly turned to Adolf Hitler, Santilli could find no words to adequately express his disgust on finding out that  Hitler had been financed by the Wall Street Millionaires and the Central Bankers.  Even should this be so and it probably is, why should that matter to him?  Germany was just another country, where investments could be made. In fact at the time, Germany was a good prospect, it was performing very well economically.

There is a habit now amongst the vast majority of brain-washed folk,  to believe that something sinister was happening to the Jews, before War was declared, quite the opposite reality, the Jews had declared war on Germany and were in the process of installing a blockade, as had been done in nineteen-nineteen, after the end of the Great War, which resulted in the starvation of nearly one million Germans.

Is Santilli in belief of some rubbish, suggesting that the alleged holocaust was being implemented in Germany at the time?  Does he believe that the Wall Street Financiers, were investing in Hitler’s regime knowing full well what was happening?  Or does he believe that Baron Rothschild woke up one morning, to the realisation that having been crying wolf, for over one hundred years about the burning of six million sacrificial Jews, that here he was, by some tragic twist of fate paying Hitler to carry it out?  Is Pete Santilli a cretin?

6 Million? | ZionCrimeFactory.com

The UK Can Relax. Their Beloved Free Press Has Been Pulled From The Jaws Of…What?

I have never allowed myself to use the word “oxymoron,” because I hate the way in which a word is mentioned by some commentator and thereafter is used by one and all. My most hated expession is, “Having said that.” I have spent many hours trying to figure out, how, what had just been said, was in any way connected to what followed. Anyway, having said that, whoops, I find that the word oxymoron and the idea of a Free Press in the United Kingdom, were made for one another.

The UK Parliament has just voted for a Royal Charter, which will ensure, that should an editorial inaccuracy, result in pain or grief for a celebrity or member of the public, the Statutory underpinning of the Charter, will make it possible for the richest of those offended, to be offered as much as one million Pounds in compensation, while the ordinary man in t………. sorry, person in public, will no doubt be offered, a sum more in keeping with their class.

The question of balance and truthfulness, played no part in this discussion, it revolved around, what in most cases was no more than the tittle, tattle which surrounded the lives of celebrities. The lies and deceptions, which are even now,  disguising the reality of the slaughter which is taking place in Syria, which was in fact generated by the British, in order to fabricate an excuse to take down Assad, is being presented unanimously, by this Free Press, as a form of Just War, which is being carried out by courageous Syrian youngsters, against a tyrant, when in reality, these thugs are not Syrian, as in Libya, where the same group was operating, under British control, they are professional mercenaries, from all across the globe.

In the manner of Saddam, in Iraq, we have been told that Assad has carried out atrocities, without a shred of evidence in support of the claim. While the same press is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, which is still in chaos, and suffering from a nightmare of  terrorism, which the press informed us, at the time of the invasion, the relief from this turmoil, was the aim of the attack. If, after ten years, the people are still being murdered on a daily basis, how can it be claimed that the invasion was a success?  Why is the Press not urging caution? Why are BBC and Sky News reporters delivering daily doses of disinformation?

Having been told that those whom do not learn from history are condemned to  repeat it, it would appear that the Free Press, which was gung ho, for the attack against Gadaffi, Bosnia, Afghanistan and now Syria, while giving an impression that they have not learned,  are in fact closely following the agenda of the City of London, whom most certainly know exactly what they are doing and they of course have total control over the British Free Press.

War Criminal Tony Blair, while celebrating the slaughter of a million souls in Iraq, used the occasion of the Iraq Anniversary, to insist that the West must take down Syria. Blair is of course  working for the City of London, his City  salary, coming through the books of J.P. Morgan, which is controlled by Rothschild. He claimed, that should the West hesitate over the taking down of Assad, Syria will become another nest of terrorism. The Free Press gives very little guidance as to whether these assertions are justified, or no more than a beating of the war drums.

Blair’s claim, that should no action be taken against Assad, the death toll in Syria, could be greater than that in Iraq, where the killing goes on and on.  As he was preaching, the British supported Mercenaries in Iraq, were planting their car bombs, which is never reported by the Free Press, to generate an excuse for US troops to continue their presence, through the tactic of provoking a religious conflict. Shiites are the main target of these attacks.

Blair needs more basic information himself. He would do well to research the results of some of his past crimes, that is if he is not fully aware of the death and destruction and failure with which he has been involved. Perhaps he could explain the missing Terrorist Training Camps in Afghanistan, the missing WMD in Iraq. He could then set about assuring the people of Syria, that they would not end up in the same boat as the folk in Iraq and Afghanistan and more recently in Libya, should he get his way.

When Blair’s chum from The Manse, Gordon Brown was selling off the UK Gold Reserve, at bargain basement prices, to an unknown customer, the Free Press remained silent. there was no outrage generated and no demand to be told by whom it was purchased.

The Free Press, even as the UK is heading into a triple dip winter, are continuing to support the lie of Man Made Global Warming. This lie enabled the aforementioned Gordon Brown, to cynically close down a steel works in the North of England, claiming it to be necessary to reduce Carbon output. This policy, which is a lie, will soon plunge the UK into the depths of Third World poverty.  The Free Press has been in the forefront of the Greening of the UK. They have as yet, offered no reasonable explanation, as to how the Greening of Europe will save the planet, should all of European Industry be simply installed in those countries which are not subject to Carbon restrictions.

This same Free Press, has as yet offered no discussion of the fraudulent banking system, the use of which, has enabled the City of London, to take control of most of the worlds resources. For example, the use of the same system and the problems which are an integral part of this fraud, made it possible for the bankers to buy up 99% of the infrastructure of Berlin in the 1920s in Germany.

So there you have it, the contradictory terms of Free and Press, most certainly do not apply to the garbage with which the British Press is occupied.  The Press is in fact a vital part of the system of control, which is cynically made use of by the Establishment. It is a tool, which when necessary, can be used against the Government itself, as in the “Expenses Scandal” and the threat of exposure of the child abusers and other deviants, whom are in place deliberately, as a means of ensuring that nothing untoward takes place in Parliament.

The Leveson Inquiry, has made not a jot of difference to the freedom or otherwise of the Press.  What they have been found guilty of were crimes, for which they should have been prosecuted.  The real question, which has been avoided, was the extent of their collusion with the Police. This is far more serious, should it be discovered that the police were failing to prosecute, because to do so would expose their own criminality and corruption, should be of far more concern than phone hacking and yet the reporting remains in the hands of the guilty and the Police investigate themselves, while the Government, which has need of a dishonest press, to add weight to unjust decisions, are attempting to look as if they are endeavouring to rein in the Press, while doing nothing to alter the status quo.

Well? Are You All Reassured That The UK Press Is Free?

The Leveson Report, which was published this afternoon, gave no explanation as to how it would affect the behaviour of the Press, as all of the acts of which the Press has been criticised, are already illegal and are being dealt with by the Police.

Should any Editor be caught allowing the “Hacking” of telephones in search of a story, would that illegality be dealt with by the proposed regulator Ofcom, which  has itself in recent times gagged Press TV but which is now to be the guardian of Press freedom, or would it be passed to the Police? If the latter what would be the purpose of Ofcom?

During the build-up to the release of the four volume report, many spokes-persons referred to the British Press as being the purveyors of truth, whom the British public trust to deliver an unbiased version of current events, without having to worry about pleasing politicians, as they would, should a statutory requirement be imposed by Parliament.

All of the above was part of the Sky News coverage of the Leveson event, they are supposedly the very model of a trusty broadcaster whom today, for the umpteenth time reported that a Syrian fighter plane had dropped a Cluster Bomb, killing and maiming many civilians.

Despite having received many film clips of alleged bombings, they have never produced film in support of this claim of air attacks, they have simply reported the claims of the savages, whom are being paid by the British government, to generate an excuse for a “No Fly Zone,” over Syria.  This is just a simple example of how the Free Press in the UK is totally under the control of those whom support the Israeli desire to destroy Syria.

The “Occupy” groups in London and other towns, have been calling for a change in the banking system. They are intelligent people, whom have a good understanding of the underlying criminality of the Central Banking model, yet not one national newspaper or television channel, has given airtime or other access to the group. Surely the public should be informed as to what exactly these young people proposing.

Once again this blanket attitude of the Press is yet another example of  the iron grip of censorship which is imposed right across the British Press. They speak basically with one voice.

Leveson displayed his total lack of concern about the lies which are printed as truth by newspapers, such as Rupert Murdoch’s Sun and The Times. Murdoch claimed that he, through his publications, won the election for War Criminal Tony Blair.It should be noted that there is no obligation for newspapers to print the truth.

Leveson expressed his concern for the family of a young child, whom was murdered on her way home from school, whose portable telephone messages were “Hacked” by Murdoch’s team and for the McCann’s whose daughter vanished, in an as yet unexplained manner. They were obliged to leave Portugal, in haste, to avoid an appearance in Court. Murdoch’s Free Press, had been given access to Kate McCann’s diary, which may have contained items which she would have preferred to keep secret.

It is clear that all of the events investigated by Leveson, apart from the sad tale of Milly Dowler and the McCann’s, could be called “tittle-tattle” based around the private lives of celebrities and the “Royals.” Should political action be taken to curb this form of voyeurism, the British Press would be little more than a mouthpiece for government propaganda.

Despite all of the self praise by members of the Press, the fact of the matter is that they are losing their readership in droves, which is an indication of the lack of esteem in which they are held by the public. Most daily newspapers are running in deficit, they are being bailed out by their rich proprietors, whom are now calling for restrictions to be put in place against Bloggers, while at the same time wanting the right to regulate themselves. It appears that they deserve “Press Freedom” to continue their lies, while demanding that the rest of us be gagged.

and opposing.

The BBC Never Misses An Opportunity To Feed Us Nazi Garbage And Jewish Disinformation.

The Euro 2012 Soccer Finals, which are taking place in Ukraine and Poland at the moment, has given the BBC yet another chance to present us with a one-sided, loaded version of History.

We were presented with football hooligans giving what is now called “The Hitler” salute, when in fact it pre-dates Hitler by many centuries, and shouting abuse against the Jews.

The BBC, which has had a virtual monopoly of the presentation of European History to the British people, presented  the Neo Nazi’s as some sort of scab on the backside of the region. They reminded us that Hitler had virtually wiped out the entire population of Polish Jews during the Second World War, that is according to the Jews. No real evidence has ever been presented to prove this accusation.

However, what we do know is that the Russian Jew, Joseph Stalin, wiped out a large number of Polish Army Officers and accused the Germans of his crime. He also starved millions of Ukrainians to death, the remnants of the peasant population, were happy to see the German Army, when they invaded Russia. The Germans for their part were shocked and disgusted at what they discovered.

The BBC of course, concentrated solely on the Germans alleged crimes and paid no attention whatsoever to the reasons why Anti Jewish sentiments are still prevalent in the region, while supporting wholeheartedly the payment of reparations to Jews whom were said to have suffered under the Germans.

Take a look at multiculturalism in fairplay Britain.

This type of reporting is still pretty much what we have come to expect from the Beeb and from Sky, those mealy-mouthed purveyors of Bulls**t. Even as I was watching the above edition of Panorama, I was listening to Gordon Brown’s interrogation at the Leveson Enquiry.

Brown was whining about the way he was treated by the Murdoch Press. Some of the lies and misleading things which they printed about him made him vewy cwoss. I kid you not, the man whom has fed the British public more lies than truth and whom engineered the death of British industry, whom sat and watched the economy crumble to dust, without lifting a finger to avoid it, feels that we should not be presented with editorial opinion as News. The people deserve the truth.

This man was central in the lies and deception which was presented to the British public in the lead up to the Iraq war. He made no mention of the same tactics which are being used to give the thuggish British an excuse to slaughter a few Syrians

The UK has butchered an unknown number of people in Afghanistan, some say as many as one million. Their special friends in the US are daily killing women and children with drones.

In Iraq they have killed at least one million people and contaminated hundreds of thousands with depleted Uranium, causing thousands of cancers and malformed births.

They, with relish, destroyed Libya, ordering the impaling of Gadaffi to shut him up, having, as they are doing in Syria, sent in their murdering scum to shoot people in cold blood to generate an excuse to destroy.

As if all of this was not enough, we now have the “Butcher of Palestine” Shimon Peres, claiming to be upset at the sight of dead children in Syria. I will tell you straight, the depravity and sheer diabolical behaviour of these people is beyond my capacity to adequately describe. They are filth. This man has overseen the slow motion genocide of a whole Nation of peaceful people, without batting an eyelid.

The same group of barbarians whom brought us all of the above mentioned murder and destruction, hidden behind a veil of lies and deception, also brought us the war against Hitler. They also, using organisation like the BBC, have fed us all of the lies, since the end of the war, to cover-up the British role in the  forcing of Hitler into the war.

So in view of all of the lies and rubbish with which we have been deceived, how can Leveson allow Gordon Brown and Tony Blair a platform from which they can express their opinions on Press truthfulness and “High Quality” reporting, which of course cannot be found on sites such as mine. We, of course, cannot be relied on to write the truth. Brown wants us to be licensed, to make sure of the accuracy of our reporting. He did not suggest the same inspection for the commercial press, that should be funded in some way, as is the BBC. Like banks, they appear to be too big to fail.

It was quite a creepy experience listening to Brown speaking. Every word that came from his gasping mouth sounded hollow and false. He accused Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks of lying under oath. This could prove to have been a mistake as Murdoch quickly responded, insisting that he told the truth.

All in all it was a strange day, watching the British Establishment pretending to hold a hard-hitting enquiry, in order to discuss some shady behaviour by the Press, which had come to involve the hacking of a dead child’s telephone, which has now expanded into the censoring of the Inter-Web, by the issuing of licenses, which has nothing whatever to do with the remit of the enquiry, which was to do with the Mainstream Press.

Well of course the whole bunch of them are hard-core liars and whatever Press Freedom means it most certainly does not mean truth. What they have in mind for the likes of me will be to prevent us presenting an opinion. Most of the exposure of these liars has come about through the use of the Web, so one way or another it must be gagged.

The day was rounded off by the announcement by Israel, (that strange little Jewish enclave, which denies access to refugees, whom breed like cats, because they already have enough of a problem with the Arabs. These Blacks should be put on buses and sent back where they came from. They do not seem to understand that Israel is a white man’s country,) has just announced that Assad in Syria has Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction and they must be invaded in case they use them against Israel

The Mail Gives An Impression Of A Blow For Press Freedom. Nothing More.

Striking a blow for freedom of the Press
By Daily Mail Comment – Last updated at 9:09 PM on 10th February 2012
Two years ago, this newspaper unearthed worrying details of how Nat Rothschild had, in 2005, arranged for then EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson to spend a lavish weekend in the company of the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.
At the time, Mr Deripaska – a metals tycoon, whose business interests are intertwined with those of the billionaire financier Mr Rothschild – was waiting to discover if the EU was going to raise or (as turned out to be the case) lower trade tariffs on aluminium imports.
Clearly, it’s a matter of great public interest that Mr Rothschild should have placed Lord Mandelson in the orbit of a man who stood to gain or lose significantly from EU decisions.

Libel action: Nathaniel Rothschild, left, brought the case against the Daily Mail over an article about a meeting he arranged between Lord Mandelson, right and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska
At the very least, it raised legitimate questions over whether Lord Mandelson – who enjoyed Mr Deripaska’s ‘luxurious and generous’ hospitality, including a flight on his private jet – was adhering to the strict rules of impartiality required of a holder of high public office.
Mr Rothschild’s response was to seek ‘very substantial’ libel damages from the Mail for reporting his role in arranging the meeting, claiming that he had been portrayed as a ‘puppet master’.
Yesterday, at the High Court, Mr Justice Tugendhat found in favour of this newspaper, saying Mr Rothschild had not been ‘entirely candid’ in his evidence.
Crucially, the judge ruled his conduct had ‘foreseeably brought Lord Mandelson’s public office and personal integrity into disrepute and exposed him to accusations of conflict of interest and gave rise to reasonable grounds to suspect Lord Mandelson of improper discussions with Mr Deripaska’.
While we are delighted that our journalism – and the risks we took in defending it – have been vindicated, it should be noted that, had the Mail lost, we could have incurred costs of more than £1million, which are beyond the means of most newspapers.
The case should serve as a reminder, at a time when newspapers are under attack, facing accusations of invading privacy, that the rich and powerful regularly use the law to prevent legitimate scrutiny of their activities.
We can only hope that – as Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry considers the balance between privacy and freedom of expression – the chilling effect on free speech that court cases like this exert, and the risks which journalists take in pursuit of the truth, are borne in mind.
The freedom of the Press to carry out investigations, expose wrongdoing and campaign for justice, as the Mail did so passionately over Stephen Lawrence, is an essential part of our democracy.
We forgo it at our peril.

Quite so. However there would appear to be some glaring omissions in the presentation of this tale, which I feel duty bound to mention.

The most interesting aspect of the case was Nat Rothschild’s claim that he had been unfairly presented as a “Puppet Master” and  Peter Mandelson as being……well….in some way or other……corruptible.

Well let us refresh ourselves as to the Toff’s Dinner Party which took place at the instigation of the aforementioned Nat Rothschild.
There was, as it happens a third guest present at the beanfeast. None other than  George ” I do love a three line whip” Osborne, an old schoolfriend of Rothschild. He it was whom had let slip the reality of this little get together in the first place.

Peter Mandelson, whom of course was forced to resign a Government post as a result of not declaring some money he had received from a colleague, is a Khazar Jew, as are the Rothschild family. Mandelson spends a lot of time in the company of the Rothschild’s, he is a go-between.

Osborne, on the other hand, was suspected of using the encounter in order to scrounge funding for the Conservative Party, from Derispaska, the Oligarch.  He made a disparaging remark about Mandelson’s manner at the get together, which appeared in the Press, thus causing the problem to surface.

Rothschild, whom was upset about being presented as a “Puppet Master” immediately warned Osborne, whom likes a good whipping, that he would finish his political career, if he ever dared to mention any further details of the evening he had spent with the Russian and Mandelson. Giving a perfect impression of a man well used to pulling strings.

I would suggest that in view of the fact that Derispaska, was in the company of a member of the family which controlled Mandelson, whom was in a position to make suggestions to the EU Commission which could be to the benefit of the Oligarch, while at the same time a Minister in the current UK Government was present, holding out his cap for a contribution, was just too much of a coincidence. The fact that EU Tariffs were reduced, is in fact, neither here nor there, of course.

I suppose it would be a Conspiracy Theory too Far, to suggest that the case was brought in the first place to gag the Press.  Now of course “The Mail” can present themselves as guardians of liberty and free speech. Ho!Ho!Ho!  With, strangely, no mention of Osborne’s part in the affair. I wonder why not? I hear myself ask.