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The Battle For Syria And Control Of Its Oil And Gas Is Relentless.



The reason for American and British reluctance, to wait for the hard evidence of a ‘most probable’ chemical attack in Douma would appear to have more to do with their eagerness to conceal the connection between that contrived stupidity and that other little Public Relations disaster in Salisbury




Not for the first time, the liberating forces of The Syrian Arab Army and their Russian Military supporters, have found large stocks of chemical weapons, left behind by the retreating Private Armies, on the payroll of Washington, Paris and London. This time however, in Ghouta, there is evidence that the advance of the Allied Forces of Syria, made such a rapid advance, that they surprised and captured, red-handed, Israeli, British, American and Saudi Arabian “officials” along with a cache of Chemical Weapons, which were manufactured at Porton Down, where it is alleged, Sergei Skripal was employed as a go-between with a Ukrainian arms dealer.

NAT0 negotiations are taking place with the Russians and Syrians for the release of these captives, while the Free and Honest Western Media, remains silent and continues instead to propagate the necessary lies, to allow their Governments time to squirm their way out of this little difficulty. This explains the need to take the Skripals’ out of circulation and the sudden reluctance, of the man from Porton Down, to continue with the fabricated tale of Novichok and its origins, having become aware that this would be an act of ‘digging himself deeper into a hole.’

The recent exposure of NATO and Israeli Crimes Against Humanity, has created a well deserved back-lash against the aims of those whom own and control Israel, to extend their territory to include the oil rich Golan Heights, which belong to Syria and to pass a pipe line across Syria, in order to pump this stolen oil to Europe. This is not to mention their lust for the massive reserves of oil which lie off the coast of Syria.




Not much has changed in regard to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians either. https://www.bitchute.com/video/IbA84ptonKhJ/

Equality And Justice For Bad-Mouther’s Everywhere!


It is now permissible to bad mouth Muslims and Whites, in a manner which would kick off an uproar, should the same language be used against Blacks or Jews. This is strange, in view of the tiny portion of the populations of White European countries, made up of these Blacks and Jews, yet despite which, they are responsible for an enormous amount of violence and death, out of all proportion to their numbers.

The New York and London Jews, managed to carry out a coup d’etat in Russia, in 1917,  which lead to the deaths of sixty-five million Christians and then, not satisfied with that tally, they declared the Second World War against Germany, which exterminated millions more White Christians.

Not bad for a group which makes up a mere two or three percent of the Worlds population. Should the average head count be taken, that would mean that every Jew on the planet to be personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Christians. However, it is acceptable for Jews and Blacks to blame ‘Whites’ while we Whites must always point out that not all Blacks or Jews are guilty.

The Blacks in the United States, while choosing to ignore their own innate violent tendencies, are screaming about White crimes against Blacks, when in fact they were rounded up in Africa, by violent Blacks and handed over to Jew slavers (note: not all Jews were slavers) whom shipped them to far-a-way lands, including a relatively low number to America, where they fell into mainly Jew hands, where should they have been badly treated, instead of blaming White men, they should first ask the Jews to explain their current colour and whatever that should turn out to be, blame these chameleon Jews and demand reparations from the guilty, not from the Whites whom in the main, could not afford to buy a slave and whom most certainly do not owe the Blacks a cent.

In the States, the Blacks represent thirteen percent of the population, perhaps a total of forty-million people. Fifty percent are women and fifty percent children, leaving around ten-million Black men, three or four percent of the population of the USA, whom are responsible for thirty-three-thousand rapes of White Women annually, while White men virtually never rape a Black woman and fifty percent of violent crimes and murders, despite which more White men are shot dead by the Police than are Black men. What a surprise? Lastly, Black hold a virtual stranglehold on Racism, should White people ever retaliate in kind, the Blacks would be sent reeling.

So who exactly is organising all of the anti-White racism and why are the murdering Jews excused from all blame?  The Jew Tim Wise, and others like him, can lay all responsibility for the past crimes of the Jews, onto the Whites, while still snivelling about some strange thing called anti-Semitism? This is so blatantly hypocritical that he support which Weiss receives from young Whites is sickening.

If the normal rules of law do not currently apply to Jews, it’s about time that they did. Wise and many other Jew hate preachers,  should be arrested and faced with their incitement to hate, in a Court of Law.

It seems to me that should you say boo to a Jew it is more than likely to create an uproar in the media, which is in the main, controlled by the Jews and who pick up on the slightest remark against themselves, while totally ignoring the enormous efforts of Jews, to provoke inter-racial hatred, not only in the USA but across the planet.

Whites and Muslims are their main targets. Why for example has there been no mention of the Jews, caught in commanding positions in the ranks of the Daech/ISIS murdering lunatics, in the mainly Jew controlled media? More importantly the British Establishment and their Yankee counterparts, are most assuredly aware of this ‘strange’ connection between Jews and ISIS and yet British Government Ministers continue to refer to Bashar al Assad as a brutal dictator, while arming those, by whom the British people are being constantly attacked. 

There is historical evidence that Jews were involved in the creation of the schisms in the Islamic faith, schisms which they are now making use of, to their own advantage, while at the same time creating ever more division across the planet. At some point, a stand against the leaders of this group, is going to be an imperative, before they kill us all.

In the above clip there are many mentions of Britain, or London, for both of which it would be better to say, the City of London, which is the headquarters of European Jewry, which is why there was so much effort made to take control of the entire Middle East, that was not in the interest of the British but in the interest of the Jews, which it still is to this day.

It follows that it would be more accurate to talk of Israel, when discussing British arm sales to Saudi Arabia. Which begs the question, that if British arms, which are being sold to Saudi Arabia, are merely passing through Saudi Arabia to ISIS and Saudi Arabia, which has never denied its support for ISIS, is working hand in glove with Israel, while the British are pretending to fight ISIS, in Syria alongside groups of terrorist indistinguishable from ISIS, all of whose injured are being treated in Israeli hospitals, are we not allowed to ask what the f**k is going on?

When taking into account, there to be evidence that the Western Powers and Israel are training and arming ISIS, while the Jew controlled media, daily informs us that should a hedgehog be run over on a motor-way, by a twelve year-old child, joy-riding in his father’s car, that the death was claimed by ISIS and we are told that the child converted to Wahhabism a week ago, are we not allowed to be ever so slightly puzzled by such things and to question the truthfulness of the controlled media?

This is of course the media which has already fed us half-a-dozen, half-baked ideas about a sixty-four year old millionaire, who we are told, carried ten high-powered rifles, a pistol and various spare parts to improve the performance of all of those rifles and an automatic machine gun and a thousand rounds of ammunition, to a room on the thirty-fourth floor of a Las Vegas hotel, to take pot shots at what has been described as a Country Music Festival, which was a joke in itself, if this was country music I am Ariana Grande, a sniper who was, so we were initially told had been killed by a SWAT team, which burst into his room. This later changed to, he had already committed suicide.

Most commentators on the alternative media are wary of calling the event a hoax, because of the high number of casualties claimed, even though that has changed from two dead to sixty and the injured from fifty to five-hundred, over the course of the evening.

The media are of course in full agreement with whatever figure turns out to be the final total, despite the lack of any photographic evidence and full in the face of the reports of those on the ground, whom reported no sign of bullets or blood, apart from that of those whom were injured in the rush to leave the arena.

There are many claims that the sound of gunfire was actually coming over the sound system, giving the impression that there were shooters all around, which would support the need of all of those rifles found in the hotel room, where they were most likely planted, as were all the other odds and bobs in the millionaires car and his home. To be continued.

There Is No Way That I Am The New Mainstream Media So Who Is?

While going through various sites to see what is going on in the World, I am finding dozens of articles which tell me that the mainstream media is dead.

Now I have been in this game for long enough to know that without some sort of help, it is quite difficult to build up a huge audience.  I have chums on-line who tell me the same thing, but we go trudging on anyway.

Yet constantly, in response to a remark about the death of the MSM, I find myself on a site which I have never heard of, which apparently built up an audience of millions of visitors.

Now it is part of my job to know what is going on and I am hunting around all the time, on-line, digging out information and yet millions of casual viewers just happened to have found these sites, in some unknown manner and are getting their daily dose of information from them and a “pro” like me has never come across them. This is apparently the “new” mainstream.

I came across one such site and the “bloggers,” if that is what they were, looking very much like a TV report between two professional studios, were chatting to each other about this very subject.  I presumed that they both had some means of visual communication, which was far superior to that which is available to the likes of Max Keiser, for example, who normally relies on Skype, because the video looked professional.

During the course of the chat, between these two members of the new mainstream, one asked the other how many hits they had on a daily basis and the response was in the millions and I had never heard of them.

Being an old curmudgeon, I found this to be just a little bit strange so I went through a few of their articles. What I found was all of the usual names, many of them whom have become ubiquitous on-line, the very names which continually receive prominence on dozens of sites, simply because of their fame.

On my Blog, I write all of my own stuff, so I can fairly claim that although it may not be too interesting, you will not find an article, in the middle of my stuff,  written by somebody else, who may be working to an agenda, on my site. Should I do that, in my opinion, I would be guilty of disseminating someone else’s agenda.

All of these sites are telling me that they are presenting the “News” which you will not find anywhere else.  This is total rubbish.  Hidden in between some sort of alternative version of events, many of the subjects, which to me and many of my colleagues, are no more than total propaganda, are presented by these sites in a manner which suggests, that if sites such as this,are agreeing with the concept, it must be true.

For example, Global Warming or is it Climate Change?  Well whatever, to contest the hypotheses is considered to be totally non-politically correct on most sites and one is considered to be a “denier.” A denier of what, the weather?

There is a character in Bristol, an ex BBC man, who is now “alternative.” however he has a band of followers who will cut your throat should you contradict his point of view. His particularity is Hitler and the Nazis, who are even now, in control of everything, including the Bilderberg group.

He is now regularly featured on Russia Today, where his “alternative” view just happens to coincide with the Russian version of events in Ukraine, which suggests that it is controlled by Neo-Nazis, who else?

Russia Today, which has managed to turn itself into the international channel of “the other side of the story” is itself a load of bunkum, you get a whiff of visual news, which is broader in content than the unwatchable BBC, yet on the other hand, they broadcast most subjects, such as Global Warming/Climate Change, in lock step with the rest of them.

A programme on Russia Today “Breaking the Set,” was almost total propaganda, which means disinformation or more simply outright lies. The programme was abruptly cancelled last week and the presenter gave us all a tearful goodbye.

This woman Abby Martin, constantly claimed that she was presenting the News which you would not find discussed anywhere else.  This was nonsense. Her News covered all of the well-known chestnuts, which are available “everywhere else”and what is more she supported all of them.  Global Warming, Peak Oil, White on Black Crime in the USA,  gun control, she even suggested that of all the bad men in history, Hitler was the effing baddest.

She said this while working for those who gave us Stalin, Lenin, Yagoda, Trotsky and Ehrenberg, all of them far more effing bad than Hitler.

Most of the well-known contributors to the burgeoning on-line alternative media, are also frequent guests on Russia Today and Press News.  They are presumably aware that Russia Today  is not totally disconnected from mainstream opinion on most subjects and on programmes, such as Crosstalk, the flagship discussion show, we have yet to hear any real mention of the Holodomor in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, back in the sludge, George Galloway, “The Voice of the Voiceless,” who has never managed to explain his lack of support for Gadaffi and Libya, when the attack was going on,  when it was put to him, on Press TV, that even though he was bad-mouthing him, Gadaffi had actually done more for the people of Libya than had any other Muslim leader, whether King or Dictator, he scathingly dismissed this with a remark that it was the money of the Libyan people, so Gadaffi had done nothing.

He forgot to let us know what the British people had gained from their Great Empire. He might also let me know whether there are at this moment more or fewer, Libyan students in the UK profiting from a free education paid for by the State of Libya. I think he might find that all of that sort of thing has come to an end and no doubt the new British selected regime, will very soon install tuition fees, immediately making a good education in Libya a dream of a lost Golden Past.

Now all of these things are coming over the airwaves from alternative sources, so what is this Alternative Media?  YouTube is now totally controlled.  I have been sanctioned by YouTube, for using part of a programme from Russia Today, which youtube tell me was objected to. The clip was all over youtube, apparently without problem, so what was wrong with mine, well in my presentation I mentioned the Jew.

If you do you uploads to youtube, the continued use is quite important. Should you have no more than a youtube channel, you can post somewhere else, there are other sites but if you have a blog,  you lose all of the links between the blog and youtube and this could involve rather a lot of work to sort out so you have to be careful, that is censorship.

The Debt!  This is a favourite subject for the alternative media. I am not an economist or mathematician but I do understand buying and selling and anything which is sold is quite obviously bought, job done. However much bad debt was bundled up and sold, makes no difference.

A lot of money may have changed hands buying and selling rubbish but that is not a debt. The only person who suffers is the last man holding the toxic package, everybody else can breathe a sigh of  relief. That is unless some dealer has actually sold the same package to millions of people, which I doubt and even should he have done so, he has the money, so get it out of him.

I am of the opinion that there is no debt and there never has been, so when I hear specialists like Webster Tarpley telling me that there are possibly quadrillion of debt in the form of Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps and what have you hanging around out there, just waiting for some country to default, which will bring the whole house of cards tumbling down, I know that he is talking bullshit. Alternative Media bullshit. Computers could not even measure a debt that size never mind share it out to creditors.

When Iceland checked the figures of their bankrupt banks, they found that the banks had quite deliberately bought, carefully packaged, bad debt, just before announcing themselves to be bankrupt.  Ireland found the same thing, so it quickly became obvious that the debt was a fraud, so why have there been no arrests?

A while back I bought my first computer but I had no internet connection, so I was forced to buy a second-hand portable computer, with which I could sit around in McDonald’s and download podcasts.

At that time Alex Jones appeared to be king.  Through his rantings I was introduced to the likes of Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, Webster Tarpley, Lindsay Williams and Alan Watt, all of these people and others whom are now no longer with us, presented the alternative view and in the main they are still doing it.

Max Keiser is now working for all of the TV channels including the BBC, as are Celente and Alan Watt and the message they are imparting is becoming ever more vague.

It soon became clear that many of these people, like Ray McGovern had some connection to the CIA.  Bob Chapman, the same thing. Webster Tarpley is married to a woman who works for the CIA. Wayne Madsen, another one, The list goes on and on and these people are the very people who are providing all of the “inside” information.

I finally discovered that it was possible to download the podcasts of Alan Watt.  Initially he was very interesting, however he quickly ran out of new things to say, which is the problem with this subject, in reality it is very small and one quickly finds oneself repeating over and over basically the same thing, unless you become a “News” provider and that is difficult when you do all of the writing and you have to work on other things at the same time.

So as time has gone on I have gradually lost confidence in just about all of the Alternative Pundits.  That is mainly because I have my own fixed ideas and I find it difficult to respond to those who believe in Man Made Global Warming for example, simply because I cannot find anything in support of the claims, they are no more than ideas.  Why should this change be for the worst for example, why not for the good? Nobody knows.  They simply believe it to be so or they are lying through their teeth.

It is the same thing with “Disclosure,” there are quite suddenly dozens of ex-employees from Area 51 and other secret establishments, crawling out from under carpets telling us that they have seen living “Greys.”  They have touched alien space-craft which are living things. You wear the space-craft like a cloak and you fly it with your thoughts. Wonderful stuff, but I do not believe a word of it. So why are alternative boys spending so much time on this as the trappers net is already falling down around us?

The two most annoying things with most, not all of the Alt Media, is their solid support for the idea of “White Crimes” against Black people.  Russia Today, Press TV, and many others are reporting from places like Ferguson, or running around mumbling “I Can’t breath,” screaming about “OUR” crimes against Blacks and never “THEIR” crimes against us.

One could be forgiven for believing that very few white criminals are shot by the Police, when in fact records show that even though there is more violent, armed crime, committed by blacks, even by percentage of population, whichever way you check the figures, far more whites are shot and killed, by Police, while carrying out this sort crime.

There are virtually no Black women raped by White men, while 30,000 White women are raped annually by Black men. Why is the Alt Media so reluctant to report this fact?

So all in all, I find that I am being forced to watch the same few faces wherever I choose to watch either Alternative News On-line, or indeed on what is in effect the available TV Alternative News on RT or Press TV.

So in a world where I am being fed lies on all sides I choose to go my own way and my convictions are now  creating a resistance to what I am finding hidden in films, for example I started to watch a film about “The Matrix” or so I thought but as usual, a few minutes into the film, it became necessary to remind us all of the barbarity of the Germans and the holocaust. I stopped it instantly because to me that infers that either the character who made the film has not researched his subject or he is topping up our daily dose of Hitler. Either way I want no more to do with him.

To find these tall stories from the past linked to a very modern concept like the Matrix, one would like to assume that the presenter of our new vision of the world, would have at least discovered that those who took control of Russia in 1917, carried out a barbarity far in excess of Hitler, so why has he picked on Hitler as a measure of infamy?  Go away please.

Even Max Keiser and Russell Brand are quite happy to keep the Hitler myth rolling along, while the real Masters of Slaughter are even now culling the Muslims in the Middle East, while million are leaving, heading towards our shores and it serves us right.

 The 20th Century gave us monumental catalogue of killing, which started long, long before Hitler was even on the scene and has continued all over the planet since he left us, yet he is considered the measure of despotism.  What a joke, Hitler and Germany were quite simply  victims of a blood crazed group of psychopaths.





Who Can Be Trusted In This Black Hearted World?

George Galloway was opposed to Gadaffi in Libya and ordered those whom gave their opinion of Gadaffi on his Press TV Comment programme, not to tell him (Galloway) that Gadaffi was any sort of Socialist, whatever he did for the Libyan people was done with their own money.

Perhaps George might explain to the hard of understanding, like me, for example, who owns the resources in the UK, which have been gambled on the Commodity Markets and then sold back to the British people at exorbitant prices, leading to starvation and death from hypothermia and a massive increase in food handouts?

In view of the state of Libya at this time, as reported on Press TV, in the following quote, why did Galloway not speak out against this attack on the Gadaffi regime in Libya, which was the main objective of George Soros and his “Arab Spring” and which was the launching pad for an outright savage attack against the Muslim World, in the manner in which he is now speaking out against the attack on Syria?

“Since 2011, Benghazi has been the scene of numerous attacks and political assassinations amidst increasing power struggle among several militias who fought against Gaddafi during the uprising.

The former rebels refuse to lay down their arms, despite efforts by the central government to impose law and order.

Over the past few months, Tripoli and its suburbs have been hit by violent clashes between rival militias.

In an interview with Press TV in October last year, political commentator Johnny Miller said that Libya is on the verge of becoming a failed state.

Libya “really is close to being a failed state. I mean you have the situation where the government is very, very weak. You have the streets ruled by militias, affiliated with the government, but also acting unilaterally by themselves,” he said.”

(extract from a Press TV report)

When Saddam Hussein was the “Best Friend” of the British and was being used in an attempt to cull the population of Iran, in a proxy war, George was Saddam’s best buddy, he now attempts to distance himself from his past stance, why? With the passage of time, Saddam has been shown to be yet another Leader, prepared to spend money on his people, in much the same manner as did Gadaffi. Between them, Gadaffi and Hussein, built the two most progressive of all of the Muslim States in the region.

Both of which have now been pulped and the race is on to do the same to Syria. Galloway knows full well, that Mossad and the CIA run Al Qaeda.

With the evidence of Iraq, where terror reigns to this day, through the use of Al Qaeda, a group which operates from the “Green Zone”, the largest US Barracks outside of the US, which is continuing to undermine the efforts of the elected Government, in order to keep the stolen oil pumping its way to Israel and to prevent any form of solidarity between Muslim States. Between the US controlled groups in the Green Zone, Al Qaeda is known as Blackwater or whatever name they now use as a cover for terrorism.

Libya is in the same mess, where the CIA trained and installed Rebel group in Benghazi, continues the violence, as was reported by Press TV, with a quick aside from Johnny Miller, whom was responsible for most of the disinformation which was part of the Press TV coverage of the destruction of Libya.

It is now becoming clear that The Taliban were in the US, holding talks with the CIA, a few days before the 911 attack.  When the invasion of Afghanistan took place,  why the Taliban leadership all escaped and have never been caught. This despite the fact that the CIA can track down an ant in the desert should they choose to do so.

So at this time, there is no success story as far as The Arab Spring rebellions are concerned. They too were contrived by the West, whom were well prepared to carry out an attack against Gadaffi, hiding behind the excuse of an uprising, as in Syria and Ukraine at the moment.

So why was Galloway and Press TV, of all parties, prepared to clear the ground for the attack against Libya?  This was the template for Criminal, Murderous, War Crimes, which are now being repeated, wherever there is a perceived need to seize resources, which are being clandestinely handed to Israel.

The same claims are being made against the regime in Ukraine, suggesting that they have opened fire on peaceful demonstrators, when just a couple of minutes viewing  real events, will expose the ferocity of those demonstrators, whom have also been funded by the West.

John McCain, the US Politician, visited the demonstrators, with instruction as to how the campaign should progress, including the murder of demonstrators, to generate the excuse which was used against Gadaffi. It is clear that there are professional agents amongst the “real” demonstrators.

Press TV And The Murder Of Gadaffi.

Having watched this clip from the Press TV News, during the taking down and total destruction of the most liberal country of the Maghreb, where the citizens enjoyed a greater part of the wealth, which was created by Libyan oil, than do the citizens of any other country, apart maybe, from Venezuela, it is difficult to discern any objection or presentation of the other side of the story, not only from Press TV but also from Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran.

During the destruction of Libya,  by the combined forces of NATO, this was the continual tone of Press TV’s reporting. They in fact benefited from the services of two British reporters, Nick Jones and Johnny Miller, both of whom were embedded with the “Rebels,” from where they would have had the benefit of a seat in the balcony, in order to observe the inaccuracies, in the reporting of the struggle. Both of them consistently reported rubbish.

It was at this time that I was forced to remind myself, that while all of the so-called “Neo-Con” talk was of an attack against Iran, yet it was  now Iran which was giving support for an attack against Libya. The same Iran which is now shoulder to shoulder with Assad in  Syria, despite the fact that Saudi Arabia, which was involved in the taking of Libya, is now paying for the Terrorists at work in Syria and hovering over all of the shenanigans, is Israel.

So what is the Government, which was installed by the same CIA, which dethroned Mossedegh,  in order to install the Shah, whom they then removed from power and replaced with the Ayatollahs, involved with?

Through yet another British contributor, everybody’s darling, George Galloway, Press TV maintains a vicarious connection with Chatham House, the headquarters of the Milner Group, which is of course a group which was funded by Rothschild and Lord Milner, whom assisted Balfour in the writing of the famous Declaration, which made possible the theft of Palestine.


 Galloway, the Champion of the People of Palestine, whom has regular contact with the aforementioned Chatham House, declaring that when in need of an expert, to where do you go? Well apparently, to Chatham House. George claimed in response to a caller on his “Comment” show, that he did not know whether Rothschild had any influence on the Balfour Declaration.  What strange bed-fellows for Press TV, which claims, as does Galloway, to be a supporter of the Palestinian cause.

The World is in the process of being carved into commercial zones. Certain States have been designated as European, which is why there is such a tussle going on  as to which Soviet Style Block, the old USSR controlled States, must, belong and those which will pass, along with Russia, into yet another grouping, which has not yet been announced.

Russia is being presented as a “Mad Dog” obstacle to the aims of the “Elite.” This is farce, on a grand scale. Russia is still the Jewel in the Crown, of the push to install a world-wide Bolshevik Government. Part of this drive is to install   Jerusalem as the Capital of the World, which will of course be under Jewish control.

Putin does exactly as he is told. Medvedev, the Jewish Prime Minister, is never far from the action. Rothschild recently ordered the release of oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky.  

The convenient excuse being, that his mother was ill. So much for Putin. He of course released a few more of the low-level prisoners, which he had kept on reserve, Pussy Riot and the Greenpeace Protesters, the excuse for all this was suggested to be a means of  ingratiating himself, before the world, which, we are being told, would have boycotted the Winter Olympics, had these people remained in gaol.

As is the way with despots, Putin quickly ordered a 7-7 style attack or two, as an excuse to beef up the security of the Sochi Games and as is usual with these things, we were being told the names of the “Suicide Bombers,” almost before the dust had settled. A sure sign of Government involvement. The accused were of course, Muslims.  The leader of whom had graciously, announced his desire to disrupt the Sochi Games. How convenient.

So Press TV and Iran, find themselves in lock step with Putin and Rothschild, whom of course, famously installed Central Banks in Iraq and Libya, immediately after they had been destroyed and the resources stolen, never to be recovered.

Iran has recently announced that it will be supplying electricity to Pakistan, which may well be a hint as to which “Zone,” Iran is destined to join in any future reorganisation of the Middle East.

It has become depressingly clear in recent times, that all of the so-called Alternative News outlets, have been crammed with exactly the same “talking heads,” to the point where the agenda, not only on TV but also on radio transmissions, is in fact controlled.

The “News,” as shown on the above clip, from Press TV, was in fact indistinguishable from that of Sky News, Russia Today or any other outlet. Wherever you look, nowadays you will find Gordon Duff, Webster Tarpley, Patrick Henningsen, Kevin Barrett and many more, all of them, more or less spreading the same version of events.

When it comes to Hitler and the Nazi’s, they are one and all, prepared to propagate a version of the tale, without the slightest piece of “real,” evidence to support their claims. If they are not aware that some of the claims have been discredited, how can one put any trust in the information which they present on current matters, if they appear to accept, so readily, the controlled version of events, during WW2?

It is also noticeable that Iran’s President mentions a form of New World Order. Iran recently hosted a gathering of the Non Aligned Movement, which also mentioned a New World Order. The meeting was attended by Ban Ki Moon, whom is himself no more than a front man for the “Mob,” so should he be present, it is with “permission,” it is most certainly not a spontaneous decision.

So things become ever more opaque, it is almost impossible to catch a glimpse of reality. While in the middle of all of this muddle we have Fukushima, which is still being ignored by the UN.

“Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave…When First We Practice To Deceive.”

The headline quote is attributed to Sir Walter Scott.

I have a higher and grander standard of principle than George Washington. He could not lie; I can, but I won’t.”

If only the mealy-mouthed little prat Kerry, could be taken with the same quizzical confusion, as can that marvellous, teller of tales, Mark Twain, we would not be finding ourselves living in fear of World War Three.

Kerry however, does not appear to have received the news that the three mainstays of the destruction of the Middle East, have been called off.

Some behind the scenes machinations, have struck fear into the breasts of Cameron and Hague, Holland in France and the Obama team in the White House. Kerry will soon be ordered to keep his trap shut.

It has become glaringly clear, that the Parliamentary vote in the UK, was rigged. Enough members were given the all clear to continue their holidays in the sun, to make sure that the vote would be lost. Last minute tweaking meant that a couple of members were obliged to tell little “porkies” about not hearing the Division Bell, just to make certain that there would be no surprises in the result of the vote.

I doubt very much whether Putin or the Chinese would have taken it upon themselves to rock the boat, as they are both on the team. There will be no defensive aid coming to the rescue of Syria from either one of them, when the order comes to destroy the Assad regime and slice Syria into pieces.

So what could possibly have caused such a hiccup along the road to yet another illegal war?

We appear to be under the control of men whom have no idea about what is actually going on in the world around them,  They would seem to be unaware of who is the enemy and whom the friend. A member of the Socialist Party’s Shadow Cabinet, Jim Murphy would have us believe that Al Qaeda are an independent group, working to their own agenda, which is apparently attempting to destroy the entire Muslim World. Does this mean that Murphy is stupid, misinformed or is he a liar?

Why even my dog could explain to Murphy that Al Qaeda is nothing more than a list of the names of murderers, who will kill to order for Israel, the US and UK  and the French. There is no hidden command group of Muslims, it is all controlled by the CIA.

Malcolm Rifkind finds it hard to accept that Russia and China should be able to scotch the attempts of the United Nation to take action against Syria, through the use of their veto. A ploy which has been used on dozens of occasions to prevent action against his kinsmen in the rogue, apartheid state of Israel. Is he unaware of this slight blindness to reality in his demeanour or is he just another form of liar?

The chubby, Holland women, in the employ of Sky News, has been scouring Lebanon, in search of those refugees from Syria whom would like the British and their allies, to bomb their people back home into oblivion. As in Libya, Holland finds it impossible to find anyone whom is prepared to speak up for the regime. Is she just another lying piece of  vermin, or is it because she has a desperate need of affection?

Wild Willy Hague, who was gung-ho, for the illegal attacks on Iraq and Libya, with or without the consent of either the UK Parliament or that of the UN, is now telling us that Parliament will not be asked a second time to grant him the right to do the wrong thing in Syria. Why oh why are they all quaking in their boots?

Could it have anything to do with the team of UN inspectors , which has been conducting an investigation into the Gas attack in Syria? Have they announced to the Dogs of War that they will not keep their mouths shut as they have been ordered so to do?  What did they actually discover on the ground in Syria? Will they demonstrate the philosophy of Mark Twain and though capable of lying, through their silence, prefer not to do so?

The Taking Of Egypt.

It is becoming clearer by the day, that the Muslim Brotherhood, the enormous “Sleeper Cell” which was established by the British, in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo, in the early years of the Twentieth Century, are now being used as the excuse to provoke a Civil War in Egypt.

As in Syria and Libya, groups of demonstrators are being used as cover, for paid killers using sniper rifles, to kill and maim dozens of people, including a Journalist from Al Jazeera and a cameraman from Sky News, in order to brand the Military Government as being out of control, which will make possible an attack by NATO, to “save” the Egyptians, while allowing Israel to grab whatever they can lay their hands on.

A spokesman for the Egyptian Government, which now finds itself in the position of the Assad regime in Syria, of having to deny claims which have been made by the controlled Western Media, illustrated its claims, that as in Syria, terrorists were shooting indiscriminately into the crowd of demonstrators, by showing film clips to journalists at the Press Conference, Sky News would not allow the film to be broadcast, as “They would prefer to watch the film before making it public.” a position which speaks for itself. This is, after all, the Channel which aired the propaganda which was posted by Stuart Ramsey, from Syria, to justify the unleashing the “Mad Dogs of War” against the Syrian Government.


These images are so reminiscent of Syria, where all such attacks were blamed on the Regime, that it is difficult not to arrive at the conclusion, that as in Syria, the last people whom would behave in such a way, would be those whom had the least to gain.

Sky News immediately stood by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is only to be expected, the Brotherhood is, after all, the preferred choice of the British. The fact that journalists appear to have been deliberately targeted, by the snipers, is in line with similar events in Damascus, where a Press TV reporter was shot dead, so for Sky to suggest that their man was killed by the Regime, without evidence, has the stench of using a tragedy, to make political gain and Sky should be ashamed of this cynical use of the death of a comrade.

Well I’ll Be Banned!

Today I was reading an article by Webster Tarpley, in which he accused NATO, of using the same tactics against Syria as had been used by Hitler, during his rape and destruction of Czechoslovakia in 1938.

In the annals of international criminal aggression, the destabilization, dismemberment, and ultimate annihilation of independent Czechoslovakia in 1938 and 1939 by Hitler’s Nazi regime has come to occupy a place of particular infamy.

Tarpley, continued his piece, interspersing events in Syria with little snippets explaining German atrocities in the Sudetenland, ie:

Syrian rebels (was/were) long thought to be located near the NATO air base at Incirlik, Turkey, but the rebels claim that they have now moved it on to conquer the Syrian territory. The “Sudeten Free Corps” ( or, more accurately, “Sudeten Militia”) was created, armed with Austrian weapons, and ordered by Hitler to orchestrate a series of “disturbances and clashes” with the Czech police and army. Soon martial law had to be declared. From this point on, there was a series of bloody battles between Sudeten Nazis and Czechs. Each time one occurred, Hitler would blame it on the Prague government, and deliver hysterical radio speeches and public orations demanding freedom for the Germans subjected to the Czech yoke. This has been the attitude of Western governments and Western media for almost two years in the case of the Syrian fighting.

Professor Tarpley, a historian, appears to be gleaning his information from a book,  William L. Shirer’s 1960 study The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich  which will, explains  Tarpley,  be cited to establish some important facts.

Well Professor Tarpley, I am extremely sorry to have to be the one to correct your apparent acceptance of such rubbish, because you see, Professor, it has long been established, beyond reasonable doubt, in the writings of Churchill himself and the British Attorney General, Lord Shawcross, that Hitler was continually, put under pressure, by Anthony Eden, the British Foreign Secretary, to go to the aid of the Sudeten Germans, whom were being viciously attacked in Czechoslovakia.

The ethnic Germans were also being subjected to the same treatment by the Polish Government, whom in fact, Professor, contrary to popular belief, possessed a Military Machine far superior to that of Germany.

When Hitler entered Danzig, he did it with the blessing of the British. The British then ordered the Poles to launch an attack against Germany. When Hitler responded to this attack, the British and French declared war on Germany.

The City of London and the US used the same system in order to trap Saddam Hussein, in Kuwait. So do you begin to get the picture Professor? Nobody is copying the tactics of Hitler, the Allies are in fact reusing the same strategy, of divide and conquer, which served them well, long before Hitler was born. They had already laid this trap, with the Treaty of Versailles, at the end of the Great War, which is why, Professor, little slivers of Germany had been cut off, to deliberately manufacture flash-points. Just as Kuwait would be used as an excuse to seize Iraq’s oil. Germany was the target Professor, not Hitler.

In order to explain that assertion, I should point out, that the British Expeditionary Force, was evacuated back to England and we had what became known as the “Phony War.” This was an excuse, which gave Hitler time to rearm. Germany had been under strict arms limitations since 1918, had the British started the war on the day it was declared, it would have been over in five minutes.  The object of the City of London was to make sure that the murdering scum, “Bomber” Harris, was given the necessary amount of time to annihilate as many Germans as possible, while flattening every major city in Germany.

Germany and the German people were the real victims of the war professor, yet there is no Day of Remembrance for their sufferings.

It came as a surprise to find you amongst that group, which is currently involved in the fatuous attempt to place the vestiges of the National Socialists at the forefront of our current problems. Germany was the victim of the same group to which we will all fall victim very soon. Just as did Saddam, Gadaffi, Gbagbo, Allende and soon Chavez. Not to mention what the same group achieved behind the Iron Curtain.

Your post did however, on holocaust remembrance day, manage to place, once more, the name of Hitler into the headlines on Press TV, for all the wrong reasons. Just as yesterday, Wednesday 23rd January, it reared its head in the UK Parliament, where of course it would, as I suppose that place is also controlled by the same ubiquitous group of German Expansionists.

I did in fact leave a sentence or two, for you on the Press TV comment page, however, I can now proudly announce, that those hypocrites at Press TV, “The Voice of the Voiceless,” whom even as I write are complaining about being recently taken off Hispansat, have finally silenced me. I have been taken off Press TV. There is a serious message in there somewhere, as I am a solid supporter of the Muslim cause.

Press TV, The Voice Of The Voiceless And Censor Of Comments.


I was surprised to hear on Press TV this morning, on their Review of the Year programme, which was reminding us that the media regulator Ofcom had taken them off the air in the UK, because the UK government did not want the British people to have access to the truth.

This claim was being made just a few minutes after I had made a comment on their website, in reply to another comment discussing Turkey’s role in the Middle Eastern conflicts. It was suggested that Erdogan was a puppet of the US and Israel.

My reply to this comment, suggested that Attaturk, the founder of modern Turkey, was a Jew, as was Erdogan and the Prime Minister of the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq.

The Press TV moderator was prepared to allow the suggestion that Attaturk was a Jew, however he baulked at the idea that Erdogan and the current Kurdish Prime Minister were also of Jewish descent. They altered the word Jewish for Zionist, in both cases.

The Voice of the Voiceless, did find a little bit of space for George Galloway, to bellow out his opinion of the censorship, by Ofcom, of Press TV. Galloway, like Press TV, appears to have a problem with the word Jew. He refuses to discuss Banking Problems, “We don’t want to go down that rabbit hole, do we? We know where that will lead.” or “We don’t want to discuss the banking system, that sounds as if it’s verging on anti-Semitism and I don’t even know if Rockefeller is a Jew.”  There had been no mention of Rockefeller.

On another occasion Galloway, the champion of Palestine, suggested that Rothschild had nothing to do with the contents of the Balfour Agreement. However, whether that is true or not, I believe that he did, but no matter. Galloway on an edition of his Press TV programme, The Real Deal, made the remark, “When you need an expert, where do you go? Well to where the experts are.”  That, for Galloway means to Chatham House.

Chatham House is the Headquarters of  The Royal Institute of International Affairs. Which controls the CFR in the US. This group, in past years, included such criminals as Cecil Rhodes, the man whom raped Africa, from top to bottom. It had been originally set-up under the title of The Milner Group, which most certainly included members of the Rothschild family. Lord Milner, helped, Balfour to write his agreement, which led to the destruction of Palestine. So why does Galloway include secret groups, such as this on his show? I find it hard enough to accept the presence of  his long time friend, Charlie Wolf, a rabid supporter of Israel, when it was Jewish interests which took down Press TV.

I do not watch much of Galloway, one of the few remaining people on earth whom believes that a plane hit the Pentagon. He has to believe in this, because should that not be so, it might just mean that it was not the Muslims whom did the deed.  He also, of course, for the same reason, failed to notice Building Seven turning to dust in front of our eyes, twenty minutes late. It is he, whom will not allow the discussion of the banking system, which is strangling us all, in case it might involve Jews, but there you go, he does believe in free speech, thank God.

enocheredin reply to Dave
12/31/2012 7:41:52 AM
Turkey was set up by Attaturk, he was a Jew. Erdogan is a zionist, as is the Kurdish leader who is attempting to annex the oil fields in the north of Iraq. As for the Third World War, make no mistake about it, all of the major players are working together. Neither Russia or China are independent players. . So there is little hope of help from that direction. We are on our own.
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Regin reply to Dave

Well I was not mistaken. I have just made another comment on Press TV and once again it was censored. They removed the line which posed the question,”As for the holocaust, where is the evidence to be found that it ever happened?”

This was in response to a posting on the Press TV site which was titled, “Zionists Carried Out The Holocaust.” The writer was in fact referring to the holocaust against “real Jews” as distinct from Khazar Jews, which has been taking place in Israel, I was referring to the one which is often referred to as the “Holohoax.”

Iran seems to be playing a very strange game. Soon they will be the only country which does not display an element of doubt about the truth of the claims which have been made against the German people.


The Unconscionable Tunnel Vision Of The Self Centred Civilised European.

I wonder if Barak Obama could provide the name of even one of the little children,  whom were brutally liquidated in Gaza, the open air abattoir of Israel,  with weapons which he illegally provided, whether semi-automatic or whatever other type weapon, he would like to ban in the US.

Does he have a thought in his head for the Mothers and Fathers in Afghanistan, or Iraq or indeed of any of the countries, where life is being snuffed out by the likes of Sergeant Bales and his chums or the Grunts whom dismember children for souvenirs of the kill?

Does that unspeakable little fixer for perverts in the UK William Hague, have a thought for the youngsters whom were abused by his friends in Parliament? Does he have a dry tear or two for the sixteen children whom were wiped out in Dunblane, despite a the gun ban in the UK?  Will he be pushing for the releasing of the evidence to force the guilty men from under their stone?

Will those whom are calling for gun bans in the US raise their eyes to heaven in gratitude for the sudden flash of illumination, which has made them feel the pain of the millions of people whom are under the Yankee lash all across the planet and take to the streets screaming “Shame on you USA?”

Will those Jews in Israel, whom have cynically murdered hundreds of children in Palestine and whom are living in stolen homes or on stolen land, take to the streets in anger at what has been done in their name? Or do they take to the streets simply to protest at the drop in their living standards, while the people of Palestine lack the most basic needs of life?

The words of a Father whom, lost a child in the school attack, “Our town has become the centre of the universe, for all the wrong reasons.” is a shameful example of the lack of concern for the anguish of others. In Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan, Drones are daily delivering a dose of “Smart Death” to innocent families and the carnage is hardly mentioned on the News.

The reaction on Press TV was almost as strident as that of Fox News. They presented a biased version of the statistics as if most of the gun deaths were carried out by deranged loners, when in reality this is not true, most deaths are gang shoot outs or Police killings. These gangs are in many cases black gangs, this is of course, never mentioned as it is considered racist to claim that a killer is black, unlike in the Trayvon Martin saga, where Zimmerman, a man of black origins, was given the role of an honorary white man to suit the event, he was of course called white on the media, which is illegal but ignored.

Press TV was totally callous over events in Libya, where the “No Fly Zone” took the lives of  thousands of children and we were not given the opportunity to hear from their parents and feel their grief and hear their appeals for the disarming of the CIA Mercenaries whom were culling black people, which was suddenly acceptable to those leaders whom now pretend to cry over the death of children, in order to push another agenda. Shame on you all.

Alternative Media Mind Control.

Today I watched a documentary on Press TV, Programming the Nation. Here is a short clip from the film, to give you an idea of the content. It can be found on YouTube.

They addressed the issue of the repetition of words or phrases, which are alleged to encourage us to behave in a manner beneficial to the needs of Mineral Water or Cigarette manufacturers.

This notion could of course be extended to include the manipulation of voting intentions, hair style, the desire to tattoo the body and so forth.

One of the guests in the documentary, Noam Chomsky, agreed that the use of subliminal images, which had been made use of in many Hollywood films, was in fact an extremely powerful way of manipulating the perceptions of the people. He went on to explain how Hitler’s propaganda chief,  Joseph Goebbels, had been so impressed, having studied the techniques, that he implemented many in his own propaganda.

This was an important statement in terms of the subject of the film. It did not however become a subject in the film.

I will ask the questions which should have been posed to Chomsky. He gave us no reference to the source of his information, so we can not check out his assertion that Joseph Goebbels either made any study of Hollywood techniques or indeed, make use of them. So Mr. Chomsky, from where does this knowledge come?

So here we have Chomsky, whom is a Jew, delivering a dose of Jewish propaganda, against Hitler and the Nazis’. This has been going on since nineteen thirty-three. It has become so deeply embedded into our psyche, that the film-maker did not even notice it, while Chomsky knew what he was doing.

Later in the day, Press TV was discussing the latest savage attack on Gaza, by Chomsky’s kinsmen, the Khazar Jews in Israel. One of the guests, an American Blogger, Stephen Lendman, was expressing his disgust at the behaviour of Israel and how the people of Gaza are trapped, with no way out, while the world looks the other way. It is in fact he said, just as it had been for the Jews in Europe, when they were being slaughtered by the Germans and even Roosevelt refused them entry into the US.

I tried to ask Lendman the same question as I would have liked to pose to Chomsky; From where did you discover this information?  However his Blog does not allow comments. I would suggest that it comes from the same source as does Chomsky’s, that is, out of the mind of a Jew in Hollywood, whom was building up the holocaust story.

Mike Rivero, even as I write is back onto his favourite subject, he is discussing the German’s war against the Jews, he is on the Warsaw Ghetto myth, where the Germans were bombarding the Jews, like fish in a barrel as the Jews are now doing against the Palestinians in Gaza.

I could carry on in the same vein all night long. Alex Jones, Jim Marrs, Jeff Rense and Rivero, all continue the same repetitive mantra against Hitler.

Rense, just yesterday, was ranting against Bloggers, that means me. Well I can stand criticism, I do not mind at all, as long as it is correct and justified. Rense however, labelled us all as dangerous. We had no training in journalism and we simply made up any old rubbish, off the top of our heads and presented it as truth. He however, was a professional, trained Journalist, as was his guest, Gordon Duff, whom writes for Veterans Today.

Duff was complaining about the various versions of events at the Benghazi Consulate, where the Ambassador and his aides were murdered. There are many versions of this tale, both in mainstream Newspapers and online. Webster Tarpley has given his version of events, as has the character Piecenik, on the Alex Jones Show. I have myself posted my opinion on the tale. Duff told us that we were all wrong,  he then set about relating the true version of events.

His first criticism was directed at those, whom like me, had been assured by many sources that there had been drones overhead throughout the attack, passing real-time images of the attack to the Pentagon.  This was rubbish and that even had there been drones overhead, there was no way in which they could have communicated images to anyone. There was no equipment which was capable of this operation.

I found this just a little surprising. I wondered what was the point of an unmanned aircraft flying around, with missiles strapped underneath, capable of taking out a car, driving in a crowded City Street, if the youngster on his Play Station could not see the target, but never mind. Rense and Duff apparently found nothing strange in this idea.

Part of Rense’s show, includes the man who listens to things played backwards, in order to find the true, though subconscious, meaning in the recorded words, not to mention the people whom record the sounds of voices on Historic battle fields, which always sound like white noise.

Anyway, I thought that my job was to present a view of events which was ignored by all of those professional Journalists, whom are more worried about their mortgages than the need to ask the right question of a politician. They also appear to believe whatever nonsense with which they are presented, without the need for subliminal images. For example, they all appeared to believe the rubbish with which the Blair Government presented to them, concerning the 7-7 attacks in London and 911 in New York, however improbable it sounded.

So all in all, it would appear that certain things are believed, even by those whom have come to believe that not one word from government can be trusted. Which would appear to mean, that one way or another the idea of subliminal suggestion, which has itself been carefully loaded into our brains, works.

Which would appear to suggest that we can no longer trust anything. My own personal realisation, that things which I had believed all of my life, were false and  deceitful, occurred on the day that I saw Israel dropping White Phosphorus on to children. I saw that, Live,  on television. After that I believed nothing which had been dripped into my sub-conscious about Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists, by Jewish controlled Hollywood.

The majority of  Online Radio Hosts do not appear to have had too much of an awakening and many appear to be more in the game of  attracting advertising than in educating themselves to the real, massive deceit which is still being reinforced, when it could be hiding the solution to all our current problems. We need to take another look at Hitler.



What Game Is Press TV Playing Now?

George Galloway, stridently announced, that his guest on “The Real Deal” which he proclaims to be “The Voice of the Voiceless” would be a man whom completely shared his own opinion on Scottish Independence. His own opinion happens to be in complete accord with that of the majority of the two main Political Parties in the UK.

Is George speaking as a “pretend” Scotsman, or as an Irish observer or simply as a propagator of UK fear mongering?

He shouted his belief that because of the wonderful results at the Olympic Games, which had generated such a feeling of well-being in the souls of the British Peoples, that they would no longer countenance the withdrawal of Scotland from the Union.

He explained how the rejoicing would have been diminished for the Scottish people, had the Gold Medal winners such as Chris Hoy, been simply Scottish, which would have meant that the crowds would not have been cheering for them in the same manner. So they would have felt left out of the rejoicing. Based on this garbage George and his invited guest postulated that the question of Scottish Independence was dead in the water.

The Ballad of Trayvon Martin has been given an airing on the same Press TV, presenting exactly the scenario which is preferred by the Obama administration.

The same photo of ten-year-old Martin was displayed, not the current photo of a six-foot two-inch burly American Football player, with “Gangsta” gold teeth. The man whom he was seen to attack, Zimmerman was shown in as ugly a photograph as I have seen of the man, whom was described as white, when in reality he is, like Obama, a half-caste.

His Grandfather was as they say, as black as the ace of spades. No matter, to make this point he is white. Obama on the other hand is not allowed to be called black, because this we are told is racism.

Witnesses saw Martin, astride Zimmerman, on the ground beating him to a pulp. Zimmerman had a broken nose and cuts to the back of his head, which were sustained from having his head repeatedly smashed down on concrete.

The whole point of the Martin saga, is to present a picture of reality, which is so far off the mark as to be ridiculous. Every person whom was interviewed, said exactly what the Federal Government wanted to hear, that “Whitey” is indiscriminately shooting  Black people.

At no point were we presented with any statistics, which would have shown that more Blacks are killed by other Blacks than are killed by Whites. Huge numbers of White women are raped by Black men, while very few Black women are raped by Whites.

As for Black on White crime, well this of course is hardly ever reported, leading to the belief that it is relatively rare, when the opposite is true. Tales of an eighty-five year old great grand mother being gang raped and beaten to death, by Black youths and her husband whom was ninety-one years old dying after her, from his beatings, raised not a murmur.

The kidnapping, torture and dissecting of a young white couple, by Blacks, the same lack of publicity.

The same lack of concern was shown for the young man whom was pulled from his car and beaten in the head with a claw hammer, thirteen times, by Blacks.

All of these events took place at the same time as the Martin-Zimmerman case, you can draw your own conclusions.

Incidents like the Trayvon Martin attack, are being used as a pretext to change gun laws in the US. The Federal Government does not want anybody to be able to fight back.

Today the debate on Press TV was about what they called another mass shooting spree in New York, in the manner of the Batman Incident. This too was garbage. This was a murder, plain and simple. A man whom had a grudge against another man shot him dead. The police then opened fire and, killing the man and injuring ten by-standers.

The English guest on the show, protested when it was claimed that the British Police are now armed and are no better than their US counterparts, having shot Mark Duggan in London, he insisted that Duggan was armed. He was not. The British Police lied about the gun. There was no gun.

As if the aforementioned load of crap was not enough, Press TV spent the next forty-five minutes regurgitating all of the UN Bull about man-made climate change and how the only way to save the planet is to stop living and make sure we leave our every penny to pay the tax for the carbon generated when they roast us.

One last little thing which set my teeth rattling, Johnny Miller was in Burma. Hot on the heels of the British visit. He soon found a few things which could be laid at the Governments door. Watch this space.





The Growing Evidence Of Manufactured News Reports.

Frail looking Conroy has since made a miraculous recovery from his serious injuries.

The supporting evidence of a personal campaign, which I have been conducting against, Sky News and Press TV, is at last being exposed.  Take a look at this recent post.  read here. It is now becoming clear that even the portable telephone films were fake. Film has emerged of men staging events, using apparently,  injured children, whom are still distressed, to fabricate sympathy grabbing lies.

Sunday Times photographer, Paul Conroy, whom is allegedly an MI6 “Spook” whom escaped from Homs, in Syria, when it was liberated from the French Foreign Legion and other “Rebels,” by Syrian Military Forces, leaving behind the body of colleague Marie Colvin, appeared on Sky News on St. Patrick’s Day.  He spoke vehemently against the Assad regime.  He inferred that it was the regime which had planted car bombs in Syrian towns, which killed and injured many people. He warned us, without a trace of irony, not to believe a word spoken by the Assad regime.

It has been suggested that Conroy used this video as a means of passing a message to his “Runner” at MI6.

The “News Hen” of the day, to her credit, reminded him that he had absolutely no evidence to support his claims. He agreed, however he stressed that having been in Syria for three weeks, embedded with the “Rebels,” he knew exactly what was the reality on the ground.

I understood that the job of a News Reporter was to objectively report events.  Conroy, was with a group of journalists, all of whom have come under suspicion of being in the employ of various covert Intelligent Services, can make   no claim to objectivity. He can however make claim to having put the lives of honest journalists at risk.  More journalists are being killed while reporting conflict than ever before.

In Libya, it became clear from the lead-up to hostilities, that the journalists were reporting lies. Sky News, BBC and Press TV all failed to track down one single person from the huge number of Libyans whom supported Gadaffi. We were presented with footage of men in “flip-flops” shooting their guns in the air, at a safe distance from where the “real” hard men were slaughtering thousands of Libyans. It has been estimated that at least 140,000 were killed.

The most disgusting part of this sad tale, is the fact that people whom present the “News” are fully aware of the deception of which they are a part. Journalists’ always know the true story. Once upon a time they were brave enough to speak out.

During the Libyan Holocaust, I was so annoyed about the reporting of Press TV, that I wrote a few posts questioning the integrity of the reporting of the British teams of Johnnie Miller and Nick Jones and the biased version of events which they presented. Jones is now being held by one of the Tribal groups in Libya, on suspicion of spying. Would it not be nice if the Press could hold its head up and claim, with honesty, that they would not engage in that form of deceit?

Everyone Is Complicit, Nobody Can Be Trusted.

Not for the first time, I find myself choosing the music of Barry McGuire to illustrate, not the state of the world, that speaks for itself but to pose exactly the same question: Why do you not believe, we are on the Eve of Destruction?

Back in the Sixties, when Barry McGuire recorded this song, the threat to the Western World was minimal, now, we are the target. What is happening to Black and Brown people is just a mopping-up operation.

It is now evident, to even the most patriotic of people, that we, the West, are the true scourge of the planet. The most recent example of this blood lust was the destruction of Libya. The people of Libya were given no opportunity to decide for themselves, the future of their country, that decision was taken for them, in the name of Democracy and Freedom and what they have lost, will never be recovered.

To most people, to suggest that there is such a thing as a benevolent Dictator, is a form of heresy and yet, in the UK the people adore the parasitic royal family and will not hear a word spoken against it. They in fact restored their King, having got rid of him and have since allowed whomever it suited the Shadow Government to put in his place, when his family withered away. Right now they are of German stock, well blended with the banking families.

The new target is another gentle Dictator, Assad in Syria. The opposition to this man, whom I believe, studied to be a dentist, has been generated in the West. Alain Juppé a French politician, whom was implicated in the Genocide in Rwanda is once again embroiled in the under-handed attack against a Sovereign State, without UN complicity, in the form of a Resolution.

It has been disclosed that French News Outlets have been manufacturing reports from Homs, through embedded Security Service employed reporters. The British MI6 lost two of its “journalists” whom were killed in Homs.

CNN were caught, red-handed, doing the same thing with Syria Danny, whom is in the employ of the British. The unedited film of his charade for CNN is available on-line.

It has been evident, since the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, that the “Free Press” in the West, works for the Government. I have watched  many manufactured stories on Sky News, ranging from the filming of the pretend whipping of a woman in Taliban controlled Afghanistan to the pretend opposition to Assad in Syria and Gadaffi in Libya. The British SAS were caught planting bombs in Iraq, as if there had not already been enough death and destruction.

There can be absolutely no doubt, that the UN and NATO are manufacturing chaos to suit the aims of the Bankers by whom they are controlled. When a group of unelected Dictators such as the Arab League, are standing in judgement of other Arab Dictators, one can only marvel at the stupidity of those whom accept this without question, ie the Western Media.

When one adds the almost total lack of reporting of the use of Saudi Arabian forces in Bahrain and the collusion of the US in the ridiculous “One Man Election” in Yemen, into this stew, the reality of this wholesale deception cannot be denied.

Meanwhile, back in the “Free West” an old-age pensioner, in the UK , while getting a handkerchief out of his pocket, accidentally pulled out a Ten-Pound note at the same time, it fell to the ground. A passing Policeman saw the note fall. He accused the old man of dropping litter and gave him a fine. Protesting changed nothing.

Another senior citizen snagged her clothing and a piece of wool fell to the ground, she too, was accused of dropping litter and charged with the offence. That is the encroachment of Agenda 21, where the wool from a Sheep, which is ubiquitous in the countryside, snagged on bushes and shrubs, becomes a crime against the planet in the “Free West.”

In the good ole USofA, things are even worse. A woman was obliged to pump breast milk, in a toilet, in front of  people coming in and out, to prove to the Government paid goons of the TSA, that the pump was not a bomb, and they squeezed her breasts to make sure that her swollen  glands were indeed full of milk.

This, in a country which plays down the death of an US Citizen in Syria, a one-eyed journalist, whom was in the employ of Rupert Murdoch and was sacrificed by the so-called Syrian rebels, with whom she was embedded, in order to take the attention away from the part played by journalists in the manufacture of “friendly” News and of course, as was suggested in Libya, the passing of information to the “Rebel Command.”

Iran, through its News Channel Press TV, much to my dismay, played a part in the disinformation, which was generated and distributed against Gadaffi. They are also on board with the Global Warming farce and are handing over Historic sites to UNESCO.

Strangely, the threat of an immediate attack against the Islamic Republic, is now being quietly put to bed. This nagging doubt persists in my mind, that it was the West which took down and killed the Shah and it was the French whom housed and fed the Islamic replacement Government.

George Galloway, that champion of the Muslim World, still insists, against all of the evidence that Islamic forces carried out the 911 operation.

On Press TV, an Iranian News Channel, he is in  a position, to at least demand the evidence against this group of Muslims. He accepts word for word the tale which was first delivered in the streets of New York, within minutes of the Twins Towers coming down.

Galloway must be one of the few remaining people on the planet whom believes this nonsense. He insists on confirming every last detail of the story, Building 7, the miraculous passports, the round hole which a plastic nose-cone left nine feet into the steel reinforced concrete of the Pentagon, all of this must stand, to keep the finger of blame pointing directly at Muslims. If any one of these details is called into question the whole story collapses. Why is that George? Why are you so sure it was the Muslims?

He might at least question these events which were,after all, the excuse to unleash this wave of carnage against the Muslim World. He wastes no time at all  shouting down callers whom question the banking system, this he suggests is verging on anti-Semitism, before the word Jew has been mentioned.

Galloway knows full well that these bankers are not Semitic people, they are Khazar Jews from the Caucasus. However he allows the finger to be pointed directly at the Muslims, whom are Semitic people, without any reference to the anti-Semitism involved.

He also invites experts from Chatham House, The Royal Institute for International Affairs, which is called the CFR in the States and The Institute for European Affairs in Europe, a group which was set-up by the Jewish Milner Group and Jewish Cecil Rhodes, the man whose fund educated Bill Clinton in the UK, which has the aim of taking control of all of the worlds resources, on to his Press TV programme. The question must surely be asked, whom has control of Press TV?

Galloway needs reminding that the only arrests which were made after 911 were of 75 Jews, many of whom were admitted Mossad agents. The US government,of course, released them, to brag about their filming of the events in New York,  which they knew in advance would take place.

Galloway, whose greatest claim to fame was his extraordinary greeting to his acceptable Dictator, Saddam Hussein, while on a visit to Baghdad, he of course changed his position, when it was put to him by a caller to his programme, that perhaps Pakistan was better served by its then dictator, than it was under the totally corrupt Bhutto family. Galloway nearly had an apoplectic fit, ignoring the fact, that it was the CIA whom wanted Bhutto elected.

The rogue States of NATO are already seeding Africa with manufactured excuses for an invasion, in order to carry on the Cecil Rhodes campaign of robbing the African Peoples of their wealth. Somalia has been allowed to fester but is now getting a few “drone” attacks to soften it up for the coming invasion, it appears that Somalia is rich in resources, what a surprise.

Uganda, which was the scene of the Israeli contrived hi-jack of an aircraft in order to blame the Palestinians, which gave them the added bonus of a “false” rescue mission, at the height of Idi Amin’s reign, is now being targeted by no less a personage than Lara Croft herself.

That’s right Angelina Jolie is calling for an attack against a War Lord whom has probably been dead for some years, Joseph Koni. We of course know how it works, as with Haiti once the US arrives they never leave, they simply rape the women and poison the water supply.

So here we can see the complete  media operation in full swing. We have had the film “Raid on Entebbe” glorifying Israel, we have TV News manufacturing daily events and accepting rubbish from embedded spooks, Journalists passing GPS positions to NATO and politicians whom present all of this garbage to their voters with a straight face.

I think Barry McGuire was right to be puzzled when he asked about us believing that we were on the Eve of Destruction. The whole Western World, while being distracted by Arab Springs and Humanitarian Invasions and all the other underhand deals which are going on, is being taken apart and the people cannot see that either. The US and Europe are done for. That is plain to see.

All that will be left soon will be a belated attempt to prepare for the worst, much like the rest of the Third World is doing.

Footnote:  Just when you think you have covered every angle, it has just been announced that William Hague is being charged with having passed information to NATO, which led to a drone attack killing 40 or more people including Malik Daud Khan in northwest Pakistan in March 2011 while attending a gathering of elders. Hague is accused of passing information to GCHQ in the town Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. This information was passed to NATO and used to direct the drone.

War Correspondents Are Making Themselves Legitimate Targets.

The lives of News Reporters, whom place themselves in the line of fire, particularly in Civil War type situations, depends on their impartiality. Should their objectivity and unbiased treatment of both sides in a conflict be put in doubt, they will put at risk their own lives and those of their Press colleagues.

During the illegal attack on Libya, I watched, with interest, the reports which were posted by Sky News, Press TV and Russia Today. I cannot bear to watch the BBC.

Both Sky News and Press TV, presented a version of events which was so far removed from the actuality on the ground, that it was more like theatre than News reporting.

In the Double Standard programme above, there are allegations that Mark Stone and Lisa Holland, passed GPS co-ordinates to NATO forces. The allegations have not been denied by Sky News. The correspondents involved were approached but made no comment.

Throughout the NATO attacks, which were based on little firm evidence, and yet were certainly in contravention of the terms of the UN Resolution, neither Sky News or Press TV showed any concern about the welfare of the civilians on the ground, when the “rebels” attacked a town which supported Gadaffi, while on the other hand great prominence was given to every attack which Gadaffi forces made, in every instance making great claims about casualties, with no apparent evidence.

Lisa Holland, in particular, throughout her reporting from Libya, could barely keep the sneer off her face as she discussed the regime. Her job is not to present her perception of the Gadaffi Regime, it is to report events. She spent enough time in Libya to have discovered that Gadaffi had in fact treated the Libyan people very well, there is no need to repeat his achievements here, a simple click on a Gadaffi Tag, will supply many examples. Holland however, could find nothing to report.

The “men” were playing soldiers, they were one and all embedded with the “rebels.” This entailed blaming Gadaffi forces for every atrocity, when it was as plain as day that it was the Bel Hadj forces whom were beginning the Ethnic Cleansing. Sam Kiley spent most of his time with that branch of the “rebel” forces which did little more than shoot their guns in the air and make sure that their “New Romantic” outfits were in place.

Stuart Ramsey and Tim Marshall were called on to add a bit of gravitas and to show the youngsters how to present disinformation without a trace shame. While Alex Crawford was given an award for reporting an event which showed a few men running out of sight and then come running back, this we were told was a massacre.

Mark Stone, one of the Sky team implicated in the allegations of passing information to NATO, was less in evidence, at least during the reports which I watched.

Press TV chose to use two British teams to report the bulk of their transmissions. Johnnie Miller and Nick Jones. They too, were on the “rebel” side. Both of these men presented the blackest view possible of Gadaffi. Miller was particularly biased. Both of them reported events, in a manner which so closely followed the reporting of Sky News that one could find no obvious difference, nor indeed any criticism of the NATO bombing or of the quite blatant evidence of “rebel” atrocities.

Nick Jones now finds himself in the hands of one of the tribes which is resisting the NTC. He was apparently found filming at night and arrested. Press TV, which is calling for his release, has not been specific about his assignment or for what reason he may have found it necessary to film after dark.

Whatever his current mission may be, Jones most certainly failed to mention that a huge number of Libyans actually supported Gadaffi, to the bitter end and that they are in fact continuing the struggle, despite the lack of coverage which Press TV now gives to the state of Libya, after the NATO attack which they failed to condemn.

Jones must have witnessed many atrocities, during the time he spent with the Bel Hadj gang of thugs, let us hope his captors are less brutal with him, even though his reporting was a one hundred per cent justification for the criminal overthrow of a UN member State.

Nick Jones is not the only Journalist to come under attack in recent times. A group of Reporters came under attack in Homs, Syria. They were sheltering in a Safe House, during an attack. As with Libya, every report has been slanted in favour of the “rebels.”

The Mainstream Media has once again presented, what is quite obviously an aggressive, armed attack, by a group of men whom are prepared to kill anything that moves in the street, man, woman or child, as a bloodthirsty attack by the Assad regime. They quite blatantly report “rebel” snipers on the rooftops, as Assad killers.

When the safe house was hit by a shell or rocket-propelled grenade, killing two journalists and injuring others, one can only assume that it came from “rebel” fire as no instant claim was made that it was Assad forces. Taking the lives of Journalists in such a situation, would be of more benefit to the “rebels” than to the regime.

Stuart Ramsey and other members of the Sky team, were certainly in the locality of Homs at the time of the killings of the Journalists, which illustrates the need for total impartiality on their part. Should it prove correct that they had indeed been aiding the “rebels” in Libya and that they were in some way affiliated to the undercover MI6,Mossad, Al Qaeda and CIA operatives on the ground in Syria it makes a nonsense of claims of the Freedom of the Press.

Press TV have made a better job of reporting from Syria, giving a far more balanced view of events. They are also giving complete coverage to the ongoing struggles in Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, which are being ignored by Sky and the BBC. Neither of whom made any mention of the UN, US, UK and Arab League acceptance of a one man election in Yemen, which put Saleh’s deputy in power, I believe it was his wife whom cast the vote, while lining up the full force of Kofi Annan the UN Gen Sec whom made a fortune out of the food for oil scandal in Iraq, to force Assad, whom has made many sweeping changes in Syria, which have been overwhelmingly accepted in a referendum, to step down.

Adam Boulton, on his Sky News programme, during an interview with a taxi driver, illustrated that it is not only the exploits of NATO and the City of London which benefit from biased Sky reporting, when he asked the taxi man, whom was suggesting that the government should reduce the duty payable on a gallon of petrol, if he had no concern for Carbon Emissions, he almost asked the man if he was a Global Warming Denier.

Sky News completely ignored the Emails which were leaked from the CRU, which exposed the blatant lies and falsification of the data concerning Global Warming, which has since been referred to as “the weather,” which is of course, controlled by motor cars.

We were then presented with a real feast of hypocrisy. A discussion with a correspondent in Russia explaining how the Russian Press is controlled by Putin and not open and fair like what Sky News pretends to be. Which brings me nicely to Russia Today’s coverage of Libya and Syria.

While not wanting to appear to present Gadaffi and Assad as a pair of Angels, they did speak to both sides in the wars. They spoke in praise of Gadaffi for the many benefits which he made available for the Libyan people and they were the only channel which went back after the so-called end of hostilities, to speak to some of the survivors whom they had previously interviewed.

They found that Gadaffi supporters were frightened for their lives and would only speak with pixellated faces, while the men whom had joined the “rebels” were disappointed to find that the funds for their education in overseas Universities were no longer available and of course for the first time in living memory Libya had homeless people.

Sky News, on the other hand has not ventured back and is still presenting the NATO atrocity as a blessing for the people of Libya. Back in Syria, the people have overwhelmingly voted in favour of sorting out their own problems without this sort of NATO Benediction. Press TV has it appears now gone back into Libya and may regret it.

I think it fair to say that the folk whom take a salary from the Mainstream Media, ought to be ashamed of themselves and that they demonstrate quite clearly why so many past events, such as for example the “Holocaust” are once again coming under scrutiny and failing the test. Remember that old maxim, how does it go now, “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time etc”

This video clip illustrates life in the new “Humanitarian” Libya.

New Freedoms In The UK!


Those freedom loving, upholders of Human Rights, distributors of Democracy, truth and Justice, the British, have finally, through the use of an obscure technicality, freed themselves from the bothersome task of being faced with the truth of their State sponsored terrorism, by closing down Press TV.

Of course the majority of the British will be unaware of the existence or not, of Press TV, as their overcrowded schedule does not allow too much time for the tedious business of keeping up with the antics of their “democratically” elected rulers.

When an act of unjustified slaughter is being enacted, as in Libya, the first act is to take down television and radio transmissions.

The British, whom have brought us, to date, two World Wars, are well under way to provoking a third World War, making use of the same, well proven tactic, of first demonizing  the leadership as in, Hitler, Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad, then sanctions, then total destruction of the targeted country.

So we could well be witnessing the opening salvo of an attack against yet another innocent country, which poses no threat whatsoever, despite the lies of the Jews, to anybody.

I am of course referring to Iran, which through Press TV has endeared itself to many people, myself included.  Should Press TV be allowed to continue broadcasting during a cold-blooded attack, by the forces which, have so recently destroyed Libya, we could well be told a story that does not correspond with the censored UK version of the News.

The UK News will cover any subject in-depth, especially Cricket, to avoid discussion of the real News, which in most cases  is because, whether the News is in Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Palestine, Syria or Argentina, the British are involved in some devious fashion, under direct orders, of course, from the real rulers of the UK in the City of London.

The so-called British Empire, was in fact the Empire of the Bankers and Trading Companies, which have held a tight grip on the British, since the days when the Bank of England, was given to the Rothschild Family.

The British Empire was a means of robbing as much of the world as was possible, using the British Soldier as the cannon fodder to carry out this aim. Nothing much has changed since Victorian times and still not one penny of the vast wealth which was stolen has trickled down into pockets of the British Citizens, they of course have not noticed this simple fact.

They nostalgically believe themselves to have been a great Nation, which brought civilisation and Democracy to the Barbarians whom lived “over there.”

Press TV: The Continuing Story.

<object style=”height: 390px; width: 640px”><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/LzWNXEtwHUc?version=3″><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”><param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always”></object>

During his Comment programme, on Press TV, Thursday 1st Sept.2011, George Galloway was discussing the continuing NATO slaughter, which has been taking place in Libya, during the past six months.

Most of the callers congratulated George and of course Press TV, for their magnificent, even-handed coverage of the oil grab.

George, as usual emphasised the cruelty and barbarism of the Gadaffi rule. During the attacks he has concentrated on the miserable existence of the people under the rule of Gadaffi for the last forty-two years. He even managed to include the celebrations at the end of Ramadan,as the first time these poor suffering people, had made the celebrations free of Gadaffi.

In response to a remark, from a caller, he referred to Press TV as, The Voice of the Voiceless.

Well, I do not share this view. Press TVs coverage of the NATO attack on Libya, has been in total synchronisation with that of Sky News. In fact most of the reporting has been in the hands of two British Reporters Johnny Miller and Nick Jones. Both of whom have reported squarely from the point of view of the “Rebels”

One hundred per cent of the interviews with Libyan civilians have been with those whom supported the NATO take-over. The voiceless are the supporters of Gadaffi, whom are still there, fighting on despite the blatant propaganda issuing from the likes of Press TV.

While George Galloway was emphasising the likelihood of a bullet in the back of the head, for those who dared to disagree with the regime and carefully skirting around the question of all the black people whom have been murdered by the Al Qaeda rebels, insinuating that they were indeed mercenaries fighting for Gadaffi, claiming that he had urged Obama to do something to stop this carnage, remarking that Channel Four TV from the UK had managed to save the lives of some of these people, by continuing to film their arrest, one was still left with the impression that it was Gadaffi forces whom were doing the killing.

A young female caller suggested to Galloway that Press TV did in fact have its own agenda, as did all the other TV News Channels, she started to explain her case to Galloway, who detected some minor fault in her reasoning and immediately shouted her into submission. While of course avoiding a response to the main thrust of her argument.

This is par for the course for Galloway. One can always detect when he is on dodgy ground, when he starts to shout people down.

So let us take a look at the fairness or otherwise of Press TV and its reporting from Libya.

Earlier in the day, on Sky News, a spokesperson for the UN was asked for her opinion on the ability of Libya to pull itself together and recover from the total destruction of its infrastructure by the NATO bombing and the continuing attacks against towns which continued to support Gadaffi.

Her response was amazing. She explained that it should be relatively easy as the Libyan people were ninety per cent literate, which is superior to the UK or France. The education system is the finest in Africa. Plus, they have an excellent free Health Service. They also had the highest standard of living in Africa, by the United Nations own figures.

So, Mr Galloway and Press TV, where did all this come from? Why have you made no mention of this? Why no mention of The Great Man Made River Project, which was destroyed by NATO? Why Mr Galloway, did you condemn the NATO attacks and yet by your total demonization of Gadaffi manage to give the impression that he deserved it anyway, even though it was wrong?

On more than one occasion, when he has invited an expert on to his Real Deal show, George Galloway has invited a member of what was once called The Milner Group, it was later referred to as The Royal Institute for International Affairs, it is now referred to as Chatham House.

The origins of this group goes all the way back to Cecil Rhodes, whose job it was, to steal all the resources of Africa. He plundered the Continent from top to bottom. The money-lenders and Industrialists, who make up the bulk of this group, have almost succeeded in their aim, at the moment, they are mopping up what little remains.

So what was Galloway doing inviting this group, whom are at the moment doing to the Muslim World, exactly what they have already done to Africa, on to the Voice of the Voiceless? These people own the mainstream media, they are certainly not voiceless.

In recent weeks Press TV has been coming under pressure, from the media watch-dog in the UK, Ofcom. They have been accused of biased reporting. For my part, I am beginning to wonder if this was not a ruse, intended to give the impression that News from Press TV, could be relied on as the truth, when in  fact they are just as guilty of propagating lies as the rest of the controlled media. The Mullahs were after all put in place in 1979, after being well taken care of in Paris. Nothing is as it seems.

It was at this point that I took another look at George Galloway Meets Saddam Hussein, on YouTube, just to remind myself of how much faith can be placed on to the word of George Galloway.

See  Digging Up The Moles  and   Part Two

What is Going on at Press TV: part two

Press TV has been coming under attack from the UK Broadcasting Watchdog Ofcom. Recent criticism has revolved around the reporting of the Israeli attack, in International waters, on the “Peace Convoy” which was heading for Gaza and the 2008 Christmas-time bombing of Gaza and the slaughter of more than 1000 innocent people.

Ofcom considered that Press TV had not given adequate coverage of the opposing viewpoint.

This is the same Ofcom, which has apparently failed to notice the totally biased reporting of the attack on Libya and the actual misreporting of events, in order to present a case, which is in keeping with the claims made by the UK Government.

The same slanted coverage is being given to the disturbances in Syria, where paid killers have been crossing the border from surrounding countries and have killed and wounded many Syrian soldiers and civilians. There is footage of these events, as there was of the “Yellow Hats” indiscriminately shooting people on the streets of Benghazi in Libya, in an effort to generate an excuse, justifying Western intervention

There is however no coverage of the continuing oppression in Yemen and Bahrain. No explanation has been offered as to why Saudi Arabia can invade Bahrain and enforce a virtual Military Regime, in  support of the detested regime, which the people want rid of, with no criticism of BBC and Sky News for this lack of fair coverage.

Amongst the Press TV programmes, which were criticised, was the George Galloway fronted, “Comment.” Galloway had referred to some of Israeli actions, as war crimes of the worst kind.

He declared, in  defence of his position, that “The Holocaust” was the most horrendous crime of the 20th Century and that to suggest that the Nazis, who had allegedly, carried out the crime, should be granted the same amount of time to explain their side of the story to be incredible.

Having heard this assertion,  I was immediately offended. In whose opinion was this the worst crime of the 20th Century? The Jews figures were cut in half when they were forced to reduce the claimed  deaths at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1 million leaving a total of 3 million, even though they still “mistakenly” refer to the original total of 6 million.

How does that compare to the 65 million Christians put to death by the Jewish controlled Russian Government under Lenin and Stalin? Or the massacre of 85 million Chinese under Mao? Who was of course funded by Bankers, many of whom were not Christians.

Or for that matter the 3 million German soldiers, starved to death under the orders of Eisenhower, who was himself a Jew, in Concentration Camps at the end of World War 2. The rest of the German Army was handed over to the Russians, to suffer probably the same fate as the Cossacks.

We could talk of many other atrocities, Dresden, Hiroshima, Rwanda, The DRC, the list is endless. So why should George Galloway, the Muslims friend, pick the Jewish holocaust as his example of the worst crime? Why pick the event which has been used as justification for some of the most appalling governmental behaviour in our time?

In my opinion the “holocaust” should never be used an example of an atrocity until it becomes permissible to discuss the subject openly, without fear of prosecution. Israel has been allowed for long enough to present themselves as the eternal victim, by constantly referring to this event.

For Galloway to suggest that the people who were accused of the crime should not be given the opportunity to defend themselves is  outrageous, particularly in view of the doubling of the body count at Auschwitz. If this was wrong, what else was wrong? We must always keep in mind that the SS was set-up by a Jewish Nazi, working for Hitler, as were many other Jews. Yet no mention of Jewish participation is ever mentioned.

Galloway has recently asserted that a bad man, like Gadaffi can do no good for his people. Even when he appears to doing the decent thing he is not. This is placing the idea into the minds of Muslim people, that there is no crime being committed by the “Allies” in Libya, that it really is a humanitarian act to contaminate the entire country with Depleted Uranium, to destroy the countries water supply system and indiscriminately murder Libyan citizens.

Sadly, we have been presented with a one-sided version of events in Libya, by Press TV’s Johnny Miller, a man who seems prepared to accept any assertion from the rebels, whether it be backed-up by evidence or not.

Despite massive turn-outs in support of Gadaffi, we have been given no true picture of his actual support across Libya. The Western Press is presenting the opinion of the Rebels as evidence of growing support for the NATO installed so-called government, which is actually a tool to steal the Libyan funds in Western Banks.

The reality on the ground, whatever Galloway suggests is that the vast majority of the people were living a good life under Gadaffi. Should he go, they will never again experience the same level of support or freedom.

What is Going on at Press TV?

Firstly, I must hold up my hand and admit that I have become totally disillusioned with George Galloway. My disillusion is now spreading to Press TV, which is giving Galloway a platform to disseminate what can only be described as British propaganda.

During a recent tirade against Gadaffi, he dismissed a callers claims that Gadaffi had done a lot for the people of Libya. The caller explained that Gadaffi paid the account for students education abroad, which could be as much as 100,000 dollars. Galloway responded by dismissing this gesture, by explaining to the caller that Gadaffi had done no such thing, that the money belonged to the people.

Perhaps he could explain what the British Government had done with the British people’s money, leaving students in the UK with thousands of pounds of debt before they even entered the work-force.

Perhaps he could explain how it could be that the British were being forced into austerity measures, while Libya had been functioning perfectly well before the French and British set-up an attack, after sending hired killers into Benghazi to provide the excuse.

He also, in response to another call, claimed that the best thing about the form of Democracy which existed in the West, was the possibility of voting the Government out of office.

This one simple claim, shouts out loud, Galloway’s cynical support for Establishment inspired lies and misinformation. Perhaps he would like to explain what the UK Labour Party did with the promise of a vote on the Lisbon Treaty?

He may also like to explain how I might vote out of office the Commission of the European Union, which has Dictatorial powers. The same applies to the United Nations. I was given no vote on the set-up of this Dictatorship. However Rockefeller had a quite a lot to say on construction of this organisation. George however will not discuss this as he claims not to know whether Rockefeller is Jewish or not, so we wont go there in case it might fall into the anti-Semitism court.

The truth is as Galloway well knows, there is no Democracy in the West. Elections are rigged. All three main Political Parties in the UK are indistinguishable from each other. They all lie to get elected, only to continue the policies of the previous administration to the letter.

Galloway shouted in  anger when Gadaffi was presented as a reasonable leader, saying that he refused to accept that Gadaffi was any sort of Socialist. Personally, I am pleased that this is so. The majority of people have been led to believe that Socialism is in the interest of the working man, this is just another Political lie. Socialism is just a form of Communism, which is 100% in favour of the Elite. The only thing that Socialism or Communism has achieved for the people is mass slaughter.

I could carry on in the same vein for hours. I have noted dozens of snippets of Galloway, not only on Press TV but also on his Talk Sport Radio Call In programme. He is adroit at presenting the establishment view, in  a way that is not to be found even on the BBC or Sky News.

In his most recent broadcast on Press TV, he discussed the Norwegian attack. He rightly accused the press of claiming at first that it was a group connected to Al Qaeda which had carried out the attack, without explaining that this was improbable,as Al Qaeda was currently working for the British and French in Libya, where four of the “Rebel” leaders are working out of the CIA headquarters in Virginia.

He went on to emphasise the cardinal points of the released tale, that it was a lone gunman, ignoring reports on CNN, ABC and France 24 that eyewitnesses had seen two shooters. They all gave the same description of the second man. Tall, dark-haired with typical Norwegian features.

He also failed to mention that the police, in their press briefing, in English, explained that they arrived on the island at 5.28 in the afternoon and at 5.30 they arrested the gunman. They simply called out his name, which must have been delivered to them by divine providence, the man put down his gun and walked over to the police to be arrested.

Galloway then announced that the man was an extreme right-wing lunatic who was in touch with other right-wing lunatics across Europe, giving a necessary helping hand to the Elite in their desire to now set-up White Al Qaeda, in order to make us all potential terrorists, thus allowing a further step in the direction of total dictatorship.

There will of course be no need of a proper investigation of events, as the man has admitted his guilt. He will now be hidden from view until his next appearance in Court, allowing ample time for the case against him to be built up, connecting him to as many dissident groups as possible.

Galloway is now assisting in the demonizing of white people, to suit the Elitist agenda, in exactly the same way as he apparently thought that Muslim people had been unfairly treated after 911 and 7-7.

Galloway is a professional politician. He understands how the system works. He knows full well we have been fed lies and deceit since kindergarten.

I can see clearly where Galloway is coming from, the only thing which is unclear is the real position of Press TV in all of this nonsense. They have some sharp reporters working for them, why have they not been unleashed on Galloway? Or perhaps Press TV has an agenda of its own. We must wait and see.

They are constantly pushing the disgraced “Global Warming” agenda, in exactly the same manner as Sky News. All the evidence suggests that we are in fact heading into a mini Ice Age. One might expect a News Service which was truly free and independent might give an airing to the views of the thousands who have stood up in condemnation of Man Made Global Warming, through the use of Documentaries presenting the truth and exposing the lies of the IPCC.

Today in the South of France, at eight o’clock in the morning, my hands were white with the cold, while people in the street were muffled up in winter clothing. It has been much the same story all through ‘Summer’, is this Global Warming?” Will paying a tax to Rothschild change this? I think not.