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Well I’ll Be Banned!

Today I was reading an article by Webster Tarpley, in which he accused NATO, of using the same tactics against Syria as had been used by Hitler, during his rape and destruction of Czechoslovakia in 1938.

In the annals of international criminal aggression, the destabilization, dismemberment, and ultimate annihilation of independent Czechoslovakia in 1938 and 1939 by Hitler’s Nazi regime has come to occupy a place of particular infamy.

Tarpley, continued his piece, interspersing events in Syria with little snippets explaining German atrocities in the Sudetenland, ie:

Syrian rebels (was/were) long thought to be located near the NATO air base at Incirlik, Turkey, but the rebels claim that they have now moved it on to conquer the Syrian territory. The “Sudeten Free Corps” ( or, more accurately, “Sudeten Militia”) was created, armed with Austrian weapons, and ordered by Hitler to orchestrate a series of “disturbances and clashes” with the Czech police and army. Soon martial law had to be declared. From this point on, there was a series of bloody battles between Sudeten Nazis and Czechs. Each time one occurred, Hitler would blame it on the Prague government, and deliver hysterical radio speeches and public orations demanding freedom for the Germans subjected to the Czech yoke. This has been the attitude of Western governments and Western media for almost two years in the case of the Syrian fighting.

Professor Tarpley, a historian, appears to be gleaning his information from a book,  William L. Shirer’s 1960 study The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich  which will, explains  Tarpley,  be cited to establish some important facts.

Well Professor Tarpley, I am extremely sorry to have to be the one to correct your apparent acceptance of such rubbish, because you see, Professor, it has long been established, beyond reasonable doubt, in the writings of Churchill himself and the British Attorney General, Lord Shawcross, that Hitler was continually, put under pressure, by Anthony Eden, the British Foreign Secretary, to go to the aid of the Sudeten Germans, whom were being viciously attacked in Czechoslovakia.

The ethnic Germans were also being subjected to the same treatment by the Polish Government, whom in fact, Professor, contrary to popular belief, possessed a Military Machine far superior to that of Germany.

When Hitler entered Danzig, he did it with the blessing of the British. The British then ordered the Poles to launch an attack against Germany. When Hitler responded to this attack, the British and French declared war on Germany.

The City of London and the US used the same system in order to trap Saddam Hussein, in Kuwait. So do you begin to get the picture Professor? Nobody is copying the tactics of Hitler, the Allies are in fact reusing the same strategy, of divide and conquer, which served them well, long before Hitler was born. They had already laid this trap, with the Treaty of Versailles, at the end of the Great War, which is why, Professor, little slivers of Germany had been cut off, to deliberately manufacture flash-points. Just as Kuwait would be used as an excuse to seize Iraq’s oil. Germany was the target Professor, not Hitler.

In order to explain that assertion, I should point out, that the British Expeditionary Force, was evacuated back to England and we had what became known as the “Phony War.” This was an excuse, which gave Hitler time to rearm. Germany had been under strict arms limitations since 1918, had the British started the war on the day it was declared, it would have been over in five minutes.  The object of the City of London was to make sure that the murdering scum, “Bomber” Harris, was given the necessary amount of time to annihilate as many Germans as possible, while flattening every major city in Germany.

Germany and the German people were the real victims of the war professor, yet there is no Day of Remembrance for their sufferings.

It came as a surprise to find you amongst that group, which is currently involved in the fatuous attempt to place the vestiges of the National Socialists at the forefront of our current problems. Germany was the victim of the same group to which we will all fall victim very soon. Just as did Saddam, Gadaffi, Gbagbo, Allende and soon Chavez. Not to mention what the same group achieved behind the Iron Curtain.

Your post did however, on holocaust remembrance day, manage to place, once more, the name of Hitler into the headlines on Press TV, for all the wrong reasons. Just as yesterday, Wednesday 23rd January, it reared its head in the UK Parliament, where of course it would, as I suppose that place is also controlled by the same ubiquitous group of German Expansionists.

I did in fact leave a sentence or two, for you on the Press TV comment page, however, I can now proudly announce, that those hypocrites at Press TV, “The Voice of the Voiceless,” whom even as I write are complaining about being recently taken off Hispansat, have finally silenced me. I have been taken off Press TV. There is a serious message in there somewhere, as I am a solid supporter of the Muslim cause.

Press TV, The Voice Of The Voiceless And Censor Of Comments.


I was surprised to hear on Press TV this morning, on their Review of the Year programme, which was reminding us that the media regulator Ofcom had taken them off the air in the UK, because the UK government did not want the British people to have access to the truth.

This claim was being made just a few minutes after I had made a comment on their website, in reply to another comment discussing Turkey’s role in the Middle Eastern conflicts. It was suggested that Erdogan was a puppet of the US and Israel.

My reply to this comment, suggested that Attaturk, the founder of modern Turkey, was a Jew, as was Erdogan and the Prime Minister of the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq.

The Press TV moderator was prepared to allow the suggestion that Attaturk was a Jew, however he baulked at the idea that Erdogan and the current Kurdish Prime Minister were also of Jewish descent. They altered the word Jewish for Zionist, in both cases.

The Voice of the Voiceless, did find a little bit of space for George Galloway, to bellow out his opinion of the censorship, by Ofcom, of Press TV. Galloway, like Press TV, appears to have a problem with the word Jew. He refuses to discuss Banking Problems, “We don’t want to go down that rabbit hole, do we? We know where that will lead.” or “We don’t want to discuss the banking system, that sounds as if it’s verging on anti-Semitism and I don’t even know if Rockefeller is a Jew.”  There had been no mention of Rockefeller.

On another occasion Galloway, the champion of Palestine, suggested that Rothschild had nothing to do with the contents of the Balfour Agreement. However, whether that is true or not, I believe that he did, but no matter. Galloway on an edition of his Press TV programme, The Real Deal, made the remark, “When you need an expert, where do you go? Well to where the experts are.”  That, for Galloway means to Chatham House.

Chatham House is the Headquarters of  The Royal Institute of International Affairs. Which controls the CFR in the US. This group, in past years, included such criminals as Cecil Rhodes, the man whom raped Africa, from top to bottom. It had been originally set-up under the title of The Milner Group, which most certainly included members of the Rothschild family. Lord Milner, helped, Balfour to write his agreement, which led to the destruction of Palestine. So why does Galloway include secret groups, such as this on his show? I find it hard enough to accept the presence of  his long time friend, Charlie Wolf, a rabid supporter of Israel, when it was Jewish interests which took down Press TV.

I do not watch much of Galloway, one of the few remaining people on earth whom believes that a plane hit the Pentagon. He has to believe in this, because should that not be so, it might just mean that it was not the Muslims whom did the deed.  He also, of course, for the same reason, failed to notice Building Seven turning to dust in front of our eyes, twenty minutes late. It is he, whom will not allow the discussion of the banking system, which is strangling us all, in case it might involve Jews, but there you go, he does believe in free speech, thank God.

enocheredin reply to Dave
12/31/2012 7:41:52 AM
Turkey was set up by Attaturk, he was a Jew. Erdogan is a zionist, as is the Kurdish leader who is attempting to annex the oil fields in the north of Iraq. As for the Third World War, make no mistake about it, all of the major players are working together. Neither Russia or China are independent players. . So there is little hope of help from that direction. We are on our own.
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Regin reply to Dave

Well I was not mistaken. I have just made another comment on Press TV and once again it was censored. They removed the line which posed the question,”As for the holocaust, where is the evidence to be found that it ever happened?”

This was in response to a posting on the Press TV site which was titled, “Zionists Carried Out The Holocaust.” The writer was in fact referring to the holocaust against “real Jews” as distinct from Khazar Jews, which has been taking place in Israel, I was referring to the one which is often referred to as the “Holohoax.”

Iran seems to be playing a very strange game. Soon they will be the only country which does not display an element of doubt about the truth of the claims which have been made against the German people.


The Unconscionable Tunnel Vision Of The Self Centred Civilised European.

I wonder if Barak Obama could provide the name of even one of the little children,  whom were brutally liquidated in Gaza, the open air abattoir of Israel,  with weapons which he illegally provided, whether semi-automatic or whatever other type weapon, he would like to ban in the US.

Does he have a thought in his head for the Mothers and Fathers in Afghanistan, or Iraq or indeed of any of the countries, where life is being snuffed out by the likes of Sergeant Bales and his chums or the Grunts whom dismember children for souvenirs of the kill?

Does that unspeakable little fixer for perverts in the UK William Hague, have a thought for the youngsters whom were abused by his friends in Parliament? Does he have a dry tear or two for the sixteen children whom were wiped out in Dunblane, despite a the gun ban in the UK?  Will he be pushing for the releasing of the evidence to force the guilty men from under their stone?

Will those whom are calling for gun bans in the US raise their eyes to heaven in gratitude for the sudden flash of illumination, which has made them feel the pain of the millions of people whom are under the Yankee lash all across the planet and take to the streets screaming “Shame on you USA?”

Will those Jews in Israel, whom have cynically murdered hundreds of children in Palestine and whom are living in stolen homes or on stolen land, take to the streets in anger at what has been done in their name? Or do they take to the streets simply to protest at the drop in their living standards, while the people of Palestine lack the most basic needs of life?

The words of a Father whom, lost a child in the school attack, “Our town has become the centre of the universe, for all the wrong reasons.” is a shameful example of the lack of concern for the anguish of others. In Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan, Drones are daily delivering a dose of “Smart Death” to innocent families and the carnage is hardly mentioned on the News.

The reaction on Press TV was almost as strident as that of Fox News. They presented a biased version of the statistics as if most of the gun deaths were carried out by deranged loners, when in reality this is not true, most deaths are gang shoot outs or Police killings. These gangs are in many cases black gangs, this is of course, never mentioned as it is considered racist to claim that a killer is black, unlike in the Trayvon Martin saga, where Zimmerman, a man of black origins, was given the role of an honorary white man to suit the event, he was of course called white on the media, which is illegal but ignored.

Press TV was totally callous over events in Libya, where the “No Fly Zone” took the lives of  thousands of children and we were not given the opportunity to hear from their parents and feel their grief and hear their appeals for the disarming of the CIA Mercenaries whom were culling black people, which was suddenly acceptable to those leaders whom now pretend to cry over the death of children, in order to push another agenda. Shame on you all.

Alternative Media Mind Control.

Today I watched a documentary on Press TV, Programming the Nation. Here is a short clip from the film, to give you an idea of the content. It can be found on YouTube.

They addressed the issue of the repetition of words or phrases, which are alleged to encourage us to behave in a manner beneficial to the needs of Mineral Water or Cigarette manufacturers.

This notion could of course be extended to include the manipulation of voting intentions, hair style, the desire to tattoo the body and so forth.

One of the guests in the documentary, Noam Chomsky, agreed that the use of subliminal images, which had been made use of in many Hollywood films, was in fact an extremely powerful way of manipulating the perceptions of the people. He went on to explain how Hitler’s propaganda chief,  Joseph Goebbels, had been so impressed, having studied the techniques, that he implemented many in his own propaganda.

This was an important statement in terms of the subject of the film. It did not however become a subject in the film.

I will ask the questions which should have been posed to Chomsky. He gave us no reference to the source of his information, so we can not check out his assertion that Joseph Goebbels either made any study of Hollywood techniques or indeed, make use of them. So Mr. Chomsky, from where does this knowledge come?

So here we have Chomsky, whom is a Jew, delivering a dose of Jewish propaganda, against Hitler and the Nazis’. This has been going on since nineteen thirty-three. It has become so deeply embedded into our psyche, that the film-maker did not even notice it, while Chomsky knew what he was doing.

Later in the day, Press TV was discussing the latest savage attack on Gaza, by Chomsky’s kinsmen, the Khazar Jews in Israel. One of the guests, an American Blogger, Stephen Lendman, was expressing his disgust at the behaviour of Israel and how the people of Gaza are trapped, with no way out, while the world looks the other way. It is in fact he said, just as it had been for the Jews in Europe, when they were being slaughtered by the Germans and even Roosevelt refused them entry into the US.

I tried to ask Lendman the same question as I would have liked to pose to Chomsky; From where did you discover this information?  However his Blog does not allow comments. I would suggest that it comes from the same source as does Chomsky’s, that is, out of the mind of a Jew in Hollywood, whom was building up the holocaust story.

Mike Rivero, even as I write is back onto his favourite subject, he is discussing the German’s war against the Jews, he is on the Warsaw Ghetto myth, where the Germans were bombarding the Jews, like fish in a barrel as the Jews are now doing against the Palestinians in Gaza.

I could carry on in the same vein all night long. Alex Jones, Jim Marrs, Jeff Rense and Rivero, all continue the same repetitive mantra against Hitler.

Rense, just yesterday, was ranting against Bloggers, that means me. Well I can stand criticism, I do not mind at all, as long as it is correct and justified. Rense however, labelled us all as dangerous. We had no training in journalism and we simply made up any old rubbish, off the top of our heads and presented it as truth. He however, was a professional, trained Journalist, as was his guest, Gordon Duff, whom writes for Veterans Today.

Duff was complaining about the various versions of events at the Benghazi Consulate, where the Ambassador and his aides were murdered. There are many versions of this tale, both in mainstream Newspapers and online. Webster Tarpley has given his version of events, as has the character Piecenik, on the Alex Jones Show. I have myself posted my opinion on the tale. Duff told us that we were all wrong,  he then set about relating the true version of events.

His first criticism was directed at those, whom like me, had been assured by many sources that there had been drones overhead throughout the attack, passing real-time images of the attack to the Pentagon.  This was rubbish and that even had there been drones overhead, there was no way in which they could have communicated images to anyone. There was no equipment which was capable of this operation.

I found this just a little surprising. I wondered what was the point of an unmanned aircraft flying around, with missiles strapped underneath, capable of taking out a car, driving in a crowded City Street, if the youngster on his Play Station could not see the target, but never mind. Rense and Duff apparently found nothing strange in this idea.

Part of Rense’s show, includes the man who listens to things played backwards, in order to find the true, though subconscious, meaning in the recorded words, not to mention the people whom record the sounds of voices on Historic battle fields, which always sound like white noise.

Anyway, I thought that my job was to present a view of events which was ignored by all of those professional Journalists, whom are more worried about their mortgages than the need to ask the right question of a politician. They also appear to believe whatever nonsense with which they are presented, without the need for subliminal images. For example, they all appeared to believe the rubbish with which the Blair Government presented to them, concerning the 7-7 attacks in London and 911 in New York, however improbable it sounded.

So all in all, it would appear that certain things are believed, even by those whom have come to believe that not one word from government can be trusted. Which would appear to mean, that one way or another the idea of subliminal suggestion, which has itself been carefully loaded into our brains, works.

Which would appear to suggest that we can no longer trust anything. My own personal realisation, that things which I had believed all of my life, were false and  deceitful, occurred on the day that I saw Israel dropping White Phosphorus on to children. I saw that, Live,  on television. After that I believed nothing which had been dripped into my sub-conscious about Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists, by Jewish controlled Hollywood.

The majority of  Online Radio Hosts do not appear to have had too much of an awakening and many appear to be more in the game of  attracting advertising than in educating themselves to the real, massive deceit which is still being reinforced, when it could be hiding the solution to all our current problems. We need to take another look at Hitler.



What Game Is Press TV Playing Now?

George Galloway, stridently announced, that his guest on “The Real Deal” which he proclaims to be “The Voice of the Voiceless” would be a man whom completely shared his own opinion on Scottish Independence. His own opinion happens to be in complete accord with that of the majority of the two main Political Parties in the UK.

Is George speaking as a “pretend” Scotsman, or as an Irish observer or simply as a propagator of UK fear mongering?

He shouted his belief that because of the wonderful results at the Olympic Games, which had generated such a feeling of well-being in the souls of the British Peoples, that they would no longer countenance the withdrawal of Scotland from the Union.

He explained how the rejoicing would have been diminished for the Scottish people, had the Gold Medal winners such as Chris Hoy, been simply Scottish, which would have meant that the crowds would not have been cheering for them in the same manner. So they would have felt left out of the rejoicing. Based on this garbage George and his invited guest postulated that the question of Scottish Independence was dead in the water.

The Ballad of Trayvon Martin has been given an airing on the same Press TV, presenting exactly the scenario which is preferred by the Obama administration.

The same photo of ten-year-old Martin was displayed, not the current photo of a six-foot two-inch burly American Football player, with “Gangsta” gold teeth. The man whom he was seen to attack, Zimmerman was shown in as ugly a photograph as I have seen of the man, whom was described as white, when in reality he is, like Obama, a half-caste.

His Grandfather was as they say, as black as the ace of spades. No matter, to make this point he is white. Obama on the other hand is not allowed to be called black, because this we are told is racism.

Witnesses saw Martin, astride Zimmerman, on the ground beating him to a pulp. Zimmerman had a broken nose and cuts to the back of his head, which were sustained from having his head repeatedly smashed down on concrete.

The whole point of the Martin saga, is to present a picture of reality, which is so far off the mark as to be ridiculous. Every person whom was interviewed, said exactly what the Federal Government wanted to hear, that “Whitey” is indiscriminately shooting  Black people.

At no point were we presented with any statistics, which would have shown that more Blacks are killed by other Blacks than are killed by Whites. Huge numbers of White women are raped by Black men, while very few Black women are raped by Whites.

As for Black on White crime, well this of course is hardly ever reported, leading to the belief that it is relatively rare, when the opposite is true. Tales of an eighty-five year old great grand mother being gang raped and beaten to death, by Black youths and her husband whom was ninety-one years old dying after her, from his beatings, raised not a murmur.

The kidnapping, torture and dissecting of a young white couple, by Blacks, the same lack of publicity.

The same lack of concern was shown for the young man whom was pulled from his car and beaten in the head with a claw hammer, thirteen times, by Blacks.

All of these events took place at the same time as the Martin-Zimmerman case, you can draw your own conclusions.

Incidents like the Trayvon Martin attack, are being used as a pretext to change gun laws in the US. The Federal Government does not want anybody to be able to fight back.

Today the debate on Press TV was about what they called another mass shooting spree in New York, in the manner of the Batman Incident. This too was garbage. This was a murder, plain and simple. A man whom had a grudge against another man shot him dead. The police then opened fire and, killing the man and injuring ten by-standers.

The English guest on the show, protested when it was claimed that the British Police are now armed and are no better than their US counterparts, having shot Mark Duggan in London, he insisted that Duggan was armed. He was not. The British Police lied about the gun. There was no gun.

As if the aforementioned load of crap was not enough, Press TV spent the next forty-five minutes regurgitating all of the UN Bull about man-made climate change and how the only way to save the planet is to stop living and make sure we leave our every penny to pay the tax for the carbon generated when they roast us.

One last little thing which set my teeth rattling, Johnny Miller was in Burma. Hot on the heels of the British visit. He soon found a few things which could be laid at the Governments door. Watch this space.





The Growing Evidence Of Manufactured News Reports.

Frail looking Conroy has since made a miraculous recovery from his serious injuries.

The supporting evidence of a personal campaign, which I have been conducting against, Sky News and Press TV, is at last being exposed.  Take a look at this recent post.  read here. It is now becoming clear that even the portable telephone films were fake. Film has emerged of men staging events, using apparently,  injured children, whom are still distressed, to fabricate sympathy grabbing lies.

Sunday Times photographer, Paul Conroy, whom is allegedly an MI6 “Spook” whom escaped from Homs, in Syria, when it was liberated from the French Foreign Legion and other “Rebels,” by Syrian Military Forces, leaving behind the body of colleague Marie Colvin, appeared on Sky News on St. Patrick’s Day.  He spoke vehemently against the Assad regime.  He inferred that it was the regime which had planted car bombs in Syrian towns, which killed and injured many people. He warned us, without a trace of irony, not to believe a word spoken by the Assad regime.

It has been suggested that Conroy used this video as a means of passing a message to his “Runner” at MI6.

The “News Hen” of the day, to her credit, reminded him that he had absolutely no evidence to support his claims. He agreed, however he stressed that having been in Syria for three weeks, embedded with the “Rebels,” he knew exactly what was the reality on the ground.

I understood that the job of a News Reporter was to objectively report events.  Conroy, was with a group of journalists, all of whom have come under suspicion of being in the employ of various covert Intelligent Services, can make   no claim to objectivity. He can however make claim to having put the lives of honest journalists at risk.  More journalists are being killed while reporting conflict than ever before.

In Libya, it became clear from the lead-up to hostilities, that the journalists were reporting lies. Sky News, BBC and Press TV all failed to track down one single person from the huge number of Libyans whom supported Gadaffi. We were presented with footage of men in “flip-flops” shooting their guns in the air, at a safe distance from where the “real” hard men were slaughtering thousands of Libyans. It has been estimated that at least 140,000 were killed.

The most disgusting part of this sad tale, is the fact that people whom present the “News” are fully aware of the deception of which they are a part. Journalists’ always know the true story. Once upon a time they were brave enough to speak out.

During the Libyan Holocaust, I was so annoyed about the reporting of Press TV, that I wrote a few posts questioning the integrity of the reporting of the British teams of Johnnie Miller and Nick Jones and the biased version of events which they presented. Jones is now being held by one of the Tribal groups in Libya, on suspicion of spying. Would it not be nice if the Press could hold its head up and claim, with honesty, that they would not engage in that form of deceit?

Everyone Is Complicit, Nobody Can Be Trusted.

Not for the first time, I find myself choosing the music of Barry McGuire to illustrate, not the state of the world, that speaks for itself but to pose exactly the same question: Why do you not believe, we are on the Eve of Destruction?

Back in the Sixties, when Barry McGuire recorded this song, the threat to the Western World was minimal, now, we are the target. What is happening to Black and Brown people is just a mopping-up operation.

It is now evident, to even the most patriotic of people, that we, the West, are the true scourge of the planet. The most recent example of this blood lust was the destruction of Libya. The people of Libya were given no opportunity to decide for themselves, the future of their country, that decision was taken for them, in the name of Democracy and Freedom and what they have lost, will never be recovered.

To most people, to suggest that there is such a thing as a benevolent Dictator, is a form of heresy and yet, in the UK the people adore the parasitic royal family and will not hear a word spoken against it. They in fact restored their King, having got rid of him and have since allowed whomever it suited the Shadow Government to put in his place, when his family withered away. Right now they are of German stock, well blended with the banking families.

The new target is another gentle Dictator, Assad in Syria. The opposition to this man, whom I believe, studied to be a dentist, has been generated in the West. Alain Juppé a French politician, whom was implicated in the Genocide in Rwanda is once again embroiled in the under-handed attack against a Sovereign State, without UN complicity, in the form of a Resolution.

It has been disclosed that French News Outlets have been manufacturing reports from Homs, through embedded Security Service employed reporters. The British MI6 lost two of its “journalists” whom were killed in Homs.

CNN were caught, red-handed, doing the same thing with Syria Danny, whom is in the employ of the British. The unedited film of his charade for CNN is available on-line.

It has been evident, since the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, that the “Free Press” in the West, works for the Government. I have watched  many manufactured stories on Sky News, ranging from the filming of the pretend whipping of a woman in Taliban controlled Afghanistan to the pretend opposition to Assad in Syria and Gadaffi in Libya. The British SAS were caught planting bombs in Iraq, as if there had not already been enough death and destruction.

There can be absolutely no doubt, that the UN and NATO are manufacturing chaos to suit the aims of the Bankers by whom they are controlled. When a group of unelected Dictators such as the Arab League, are standing in judgement of other Arab Dictators, one can only marvel at the stupidity of those whom accept this without question, ie the Western Media.

When one adds the almost total lack of reporting of the use of Saudi Arabian forces in Bahrain and the collusion of the US in the ridiculous “One Man Election” in Yemen, into this stew, the reality of this wholesale deception cannot be denied.

Meanwhile, back in the “Free West” an old-age pensioner, in the UK , while getting a handkerchief out of his pocket, accidentally pulled out a Ten-Pound note at the same time, it fell to the ground. A passing Policeman saw the note fall. He accused the old man of dropping litter and gave him a fine. Protesting changed nothing.

Another senior citizen snagged her clothing and a piece of wool fell to the ground, she too, was accused of dropping litter and charged with the offence. That is the encroachment of Agenda 21, where the wool from a Sheep, which is ubiquitous in the countryside, snagged on bushes and shrubs, becomes a crime against the planet in the “Free West.”

In the good ole USofA, things are even worse. A woman was obliged to pump breast milk, in a toilet, in front of  people coming in and out, to prove to the Government paid goons of the TSA, that the pump was not a bomb, and they squeezed her breasts to make sure that her swollen  glands were indeed full of milk.

This, in a country which plays down the death of an US Citizen in Syria, a one-eyed journalist, whom was in the employ of Rupert Murdoch and was sacrificed by the so-called Syrian rebels, with whom she was embedded, in order to take the attention away from the part played by journalists in the manufacture of “friendly” News and of course, as was suggested in Libya, the passing of information to the “Rebel Command.”

Iran, through its News Channel Press TV, much to my dismay, played a part in the disinformation, which was generated and distributed against Gadaffi. They are also on board with the Global Warming farce and are handing over Historic sites to UNESCO.

Strangely, the threat of an immediate attack against the Islamic Republic, is now being quietly put to bed. This nagging doubt persists in my mind, that it was the West which took down and killed the Shah and it was the French whom housed and fed the Islamic replacement Government.

George Galloway, that champion of the Muslim World, still insists, against all of the evidence that Islamic forces carried out the 911 operation.

On Press TV, an Iranian News Channel, he is in  a position, to at least demand the evidence against this group of Muslims. He accepts word for word the tale which was first delivered in the streets of New York, within minutes of the Twins Towers coming down.

Galloway must be one of the few remaining people on the planet whom believes this nonsense. He insists on confirming every last detail of the story, Building 7, the miraculous passports, the round hole which a plastic nose-cone left nine feet into the steel reinforced concrete of the Pentagon, all of this must stand, to keep the finger of blame pointing directly at Muslims. If any one of these details is called into question the whole story collapses. Why is that George? Why are you so sure it was the Muslims?

He might at least question these events which were,after all, the excuse to unleash this wave of carnage against the Muslim World. He wastes no time at all  shouting down callers whom question the banking system, this he suggests is verging on anti-Semitism, before the word Jew has been mentioned.

Galloway knows full well that these bankers are not Semitic people, they are Khazar Jews from the Caucasus. However he allows the finger to be pointed directly at the Muslims, whom are Semitic people, without any reference to the anti-Semitism involved.

He also invites experts from Chatham House, The Royal Institute for International Affairs, which is called the CFR in the States and The Institute for European Affairs in Europe, a group which was set-up by the Jewish Milner Group and Jewish Cecil Rhodes, the man whose fund educated Bill Clinton in the UK, which has the aim of taking control of all of the worlds resources, on to his Press TV programme. The question must surely be asked, whom has control of Press TV?

Galloway needs reminding that the only arrests which were made after 911 were of 75 Jews, many of whom were admitted Mossad agents. The US government,of course, released them, to brag about their filming of the events in New York,  which they knew in advance would take place.

Galloway, whose greatest claim to fame was his extraordinary greeting to his acceptable Dictator, Saddam Hussein, while on a visit to Baghdad, he of course changed his position, when it was put to him by a caller to his programme, that perhaps Pakistan was better served by its then dictator, than it was under the totally corrupt Bhutto family. Galloway nearly had an apoplectic fit, ignoring the fact, that it was the CIA whom wanted Bhutto elected.

The rogue States of NATO are already seeding Africa with manufactured excuses for an invasion, in order to carry on the Cecil Rhodes campaign of robbing the African Peoples of their wealth. Somalia has been allowed to fester but is now getting a few “drone” attacks to soften it up for the coming invasion, it appears that Somalia is rich in resources, what a surprise.

Uganda, which was the scene of the Israeli contrived hi-jack of an aircraft in order to blame the Palestinians, which gave them the added bonus of a “false” rescue mission, at the height of Idi Amin’s reign, is now being targeted by no less a personage than Lara Croft herself.

That’s right Angelina Jolie is calling for an attack against a War Lord whom has probably been dead for some years, Joseph Koni. We of course know how it works, as with Haiti once the US arrives they never leave, they simply rape the women and poison the water supply.

So here we can see the complete  media operation in full swing. We have had the film “Raid on Entebbe” glorifying Israel, we have TV News manufacturing daily events and accepting rubbish from embedded spooks, Journalists passing GPS positions to NATO and politicians whom present all of this garbage to their voters with a straight face.

I think Barry McGuire was right to be puzzled when he asked about us believing that we were on the Eve of Destruction. The whole Western World, while being distracted by Arab Springs and Humanitarian Invasions and all the other underhand deals which are going on, is being taken apart and the people cannot see that either. The US and Europe are done for. That is plain to see.

All that will be left soon will be a belated attempt to prepare for the worst, much like the rest of the Third World is doing.

Footnote:  Just when you think you have covered every angle, it has just been announced that William Hague is being charged with having passed information to NATO, which led to a drone attack killing 40 or more people including Malik Daud Khan in northwest Pakistan in March 2011 while attending a gathering of elders. Hague is accused of passing information to GCHQ in the town Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. This information was passed to NATO and used to direct the drone.