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Start The Salvation Of The White Race And Make That Start In South Africa

The crass stupidity of the Salisbury ‘Novichok Affair,’ was so blatant and the lies so evident that even the most stupid of the British, must surely have fully understood the difference between the theory and the fact, particularly when that difference could be a matter of life, death and Nuclear War, for those whom are holding their breath. So what is going on?

Should it be presented to the International Peoples, that there are documents, which clearly state, that the aim of a certain group of people, is to steal for themselves, all of the wealth of others, whom they perceive to be mere animals and that having already stolen ninety-five percent of that wealth, ‘Our Own Elected Politicians’ are obediently assisting them in their efforts, to gain control of the final five percent, would that worry the majority of people, would it cause them to question the very meaning of our Democracy? Apparently not.

So why are we, the International People, even as the debate rages about the false claims made about an incident in the United Kingdom, for which not a shred of evidence has been produced, prepared to accept claims of yet another load of rubbish, concerning an event in Syria, showing images of confused children being hosed down, images which are called ‘disturbing’ by the media, which are totally unconvincing, which were filmed by the ‘White Helmets’ without a word of explanation as to how they came to be in the locality, of the last bastion of the terrorists in Syria, with all of their film gear and a ubiquitous bunch of men racing around like idiots, with brand new hose-pipes available, in a vicinity which looked remarkably unlike the ruins which remain of the town itself?

In the above clip, take a close look at the image, which they tell you is too graphic to allow you to see it, do the surroundings convince you that this image was taken in a war zone, where there is hardly a building left intact?

Whom are all these people, running around in Western clothing, hosing down very clean children, none of whom display any sign of the need of the hosing down, all of it being done with the apparent assistance of Jews, whom just happened to be on holiday in Douma, I suppose, in a place where even the pillowcases are well laundered?



To accept all this at face value, without any form of discrimination, or even any interest in finding the difference between truth and falsehood, is a serious malfunction of the human mind. We are apparently incapable of seeing beyond the received command.

Right now the White Race is under attack. There are certain people, whom share a religion, whom are daily calling for White people to be wiped out of existence. This disgusting attitude can only be expressed against White People. White, we are being told, means Racist according to the people whom are calling for Whites to be obliterated. Ehh!

To even name the group which is calling for this genocide of Whites, would lead to a stream of them making their complaint, to subservient creatures on News programs on television, including traitorous White presenters, calling for stern action against those by whom they have been outed. The paid to betray presenters dutifully do as they are ordered, slavishly bowing to the creature making the complaint. This is a daily occurrence on the media, which is controlled by those making the complaint, while reality is being ignored.

The same people have engineered the slaughter of millions of Muslims, all across the Maghreb and the Middle East, which their controlled media tell us was to save them.

An example of this duplicity is graphically displayed in the above clip, allegedly filmed in Syria, which has provoked calls for action, not against the perpetrators, but against the declared enemy, of those whom lust after half of Syria, and the death Bashar al Assad, who is of course the last person on earth who would have carried out such an attack.

These same people are currently slaughtering dozens of those whom are protesting the theft of their homeland, by these Creatures from the Black Lagoon, without any calls in the United Nations, which needless to say was a construction of these same thieves, which dutifully ignores their Crimes Against Humanity, which refuses to take stern action in support of those poor souls, whom have been regularly doused with White Phosphorous and other illegal weapons, by these folk whom declare Whiteness to be Racist and must be wiped off the face of the earth, while they are free to kill at will and drive the infiltrators back to from where they came.



Are we obliged to accept this hypocrisy, or are we going to find the courage to stand up to these creatures? The end cannot be far off for the docile White People if we refuse to make a stand. Surely to God enough is enough, how much more of this crap are we going to take. Very soon you will be unable to find even crap like mine to cheer you up at breakfast, that will soon go the way of our guns and motor-cars, all of it under the control of the ‘unnamable’ ones.

To hear the woman Spectre explaining how we Whites are to be homogenised into a model preferred by them, while they retain their own inbred tribe as pure as possible, in the circumstances, is beyond disgusting. Who the F**k are these people?

Let The Fightback Begin!

I am White and I am proud to be White.  I have no problem with other Races, whatever their colour or Creed and I am not responsible for anything that has befallen them in past times, and neither are my own people, who have themselves suffered greatly at the hands of this Scum of the Earth.

All  White people are in danger of extinction, at the hands of their own race, which has been duped into fighting the wars of the evil ones.  What was done to Germany and Russia can quite easily be done to you.

They have choked us into submission with their illegal debt and usury. They have bought the World, with our taxes, even the very land where we once grew cabbages to feed ourselves. They have been allowed to get away with these outrages through the collusion of elected puppets, who have relinquished the power to print money on worthless paper, without limit, into their hands.

They have turned a paradisical planet into an open prison, with an army of stooges to keep us in order with the right to kill us if we step out of line. Sadly there have always been such stooges, who are,  as they say, prepared to kill their Grandmother for a couple of quid.

We are now a war-weary remnant, of a wonderful Race of people, who have given the world a form of society, which, if left to flourish, without the interference of the pills and  mind destroying gadgets and images of this greedy, sick and selfish, wealthy minority,  be capable of creating,  if not a true paradise, at least a world fit for its Peoples to live in peace.

The United Nations has just voted against the claim of the Palestinian People for their own State, within its own borders, on land which they have inhabited since time immemorial.  All of the States which voted against the Palestinians are controlled by Jews, as is the United Nations itself.

What sort of unbiased verdict can be expected from a jury of this nature? The United Nations should either be extracted from the grip of Rich Jews and transformed into a truly democratic organisation, or abolished altogether. In reality the UN is nothing than the Jewish New World Order Headquarters-in-waiting, which is reason enough to get rid of it once and for all, it is not a benevolent organisation.

An ex Prime Minister of Sweden is on record suggesting that Sweden does not belong to the Swedish People, it apparently now belongs to the newly arrived immigrants.  That is the measure of the depth of Jewish/Zionist encroachment into White European Democracy.

I doubt very much if any of my readers could give me a list of the names of the “real” controllers behind the European Commission. It is most certainly not the elected Members.  There is no such thing as a majority Party or Parties, in the EU Parliament, which proposes the Bills which are voted into law.  These Bills arrive, like a €100 banknote, out of thin air.  They are so dense as to be almost incomprehensible, even to teams of lawyers.  They have hidden clauses which allow the passage of unknown and dangerous new powers into the hands of these hidden controllers and ever more  restrictions on to  the lives of Europeans, all of which are rubber stamped into law by Politicians, who have not even been diligent enough, to earn their obscene salaries and expenses, by at least reading what they are forcing onto the rest of us.

The Bolshevik controlled European Union is the vanguard in the attack on White Europeans, whose  numbers  have plummeted since its inception. We are being daily replaced with Peoples whom are being deliberately driven out of their own homelands by Bolshevik provoked savage attacks.

To make sure that these poor folk will never again venture back to their homeland, the Bolshevik Killing Machine;   comprised of the same coalition of Jewish controlled States,  which stood back to back with the Bolshevik Jew Joe Stalin, who carried out an abominable genocide against White Christians, is contaminating the entire region with Depleted Uranium, in what can be nothing more than an attempt to render the Middle East into a wasteland.


Palestine was conquered by an invasion of Jewish immigrants,  the USA and Australia and New Zealand, by poor Europeans who had been driven off their traditional pastures.   It is a tactic which has served the Jewish/British Empire very well indeed.  The Bolshevik Jews in the City of London have now proposed the same treatment for the UK and America,  mainland Europe is basically already doomed.

It is clear that the population figures, which are being presented to the British people are a pack of lies.  One need only watch five minutes of filming in the streets of London to become aware that the White British are in full retreat, they are already in a minority in London and other Cities.

Sweden has a population of around eight million and they manage very well, so why does the UK, which has a population of some sixty million, need to import more people?  If there are jobs which the British do not want to do themselves,  the salary for such a job should be increased to a level at which British people will do the job. That is plain common sense.

So it follows that if this is the solution, why does the British Governments conspire behind the backs of the British people to increase the number of Muslims being brought into the UK, while at the same time continually demonising these poor folk,  who have done no harm to anybody, they are after all, victims of British brutality.

The Jewish controlled French Government has performed the same miracle.  They opened the door to the Maghrebian of Morocco and Algeria, at he end of the colonial occupation.  They in fact are still paying  increased social payment to the thousands of Algerians, who found themselves at risk of reprisals, having worked for the French Colonial Regime and were forced to set up home in France.

The result of this policy, in a typical Boom-Bust economy,  has been the generation of a ghettoised population of unemployed,  third generation  Muslim youths,  in the suburbs of Paris and other large French towns and cities.  These are the very folk whom we are being led to believe will be paying our pensions but who are in fact taking to the streets, demanding work,  when all of the French jobs have gone off to the BRICS.

This situation applies all across the European Union, an institution which is quite evidently based on a pack of lies and disinformation, with the aid of one enormous controlled Political Party, with a dozen different names, all of them designed to engender an image of Democracy, which has been inveigled into place  in every country in the Union.  We have no choice! They have us by the goolies.

The Referendum in Scotland demonstrated, quite clearly, that there is no way out through the means of established Political Parties, they are ALL part of the system of control.  Salmond, at no point offered the Scottish people the possibility of an in/out referendum on Europe, he had already taken that decision without bothering to ask the people.

Even as the people across Europe are clamouring to leave the Union, Salmond was still towing the line, along with the Bolsheviks in Westminster and the Politburo in Brussels.

There is an election coming in the UK.  Now is the time to vote for those candidates with a single issue manifesto, containing simply a promise to refuse to pay illegal Usury and to ban the use of compound interest by the private bankers.  Nothing will happen to us, let us simply declare ourselves to be debt free and base the value of our currency on the wealth of the patrimony of  Europe.

That will be a good start, because sadly, the next step, will be the provocation of inter-communal violence and a form of Civil War, which will provide the excuse for Martial Law and the imposition of a Jewish/Bolshevik system into Europe. A system which has always employed fear and mass killings as a means of control.

All of which will be followed by the Cashless Society, which will condemn us all into the nightmare of the fear of the card which stops working.  Which is what these maniacs have been after for decades and the “cool cats” are already prepared to go for it.

Happy New Year.