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Little Wild Willy Gets Them Up And Moves Them Out Rawhide..Well Er Not Exactly.

Little Wild Willy Hague, that shameless self publicist, is in the process of arming and training the gang of thugs, whom he insists carried out the attack in New York, which is referred to as 911,  and gave vital training to four decent young lads from the north of England, whom he insists carried out the incredibly complicated attacks in London, which are referred to as 7-7.

Yes, the slightly gay, friend of Jimmy Savile, purveyor of Justice, Democracy and Humanitarianism, whom claims to have had sex with his wife,  is now working hand in glove with Al Qaeda in Syria.

He, along with “Mystery Man” Barak Obama, another man whom is in grave need of self praise, are arming those men, whose most recent exploit was to film a young boy in the process of beheading an innocent civilian in Syria.

It is becoming clearer by the day, how Wild Willy gets his rocks off, as they say. He appears to love the smell of burning flesh in the morning. At any rate, he has little to lose now, he is already a War Criminal, in the same mould as the Israeli Government, of which he is so fond.

These are the creatures, whom are returning the bodies of dead Palestinians, to their families, minus their internal organs. It is a well-known fact that organs are of no use after the donor has died, brain-dead is OK, if the heart and blood can be kept circulating. This is often the case in road accidents, where should the injured be carrying an Organ Donor card, not too much effort will be made to save him. There are huge sums of cash to be made in the Organ business. In Israel I’m afraid, with no over-sight how can one judge the behaviour of folk whom condone the dropping of White Phosphorus on to children.

It would be wrong to suggest that it is only in Israel where this practice is endemic, it has now become seen as a sort of death wish to carry a donor card. The whole business is cringe making,as it appears that the” harvesting” is done without anaesthetic and the donors often squirm from the pain.

Enough of that. More to the point, why are the British and American people so lacking in concern for the cold-blooded acts which are being carried out in their name? It must surely be perfectly evident that talking of humanitarianism is no substitute for being a humanitarian.

However Wild Willy has gone much further than that. He has accepted this bunch of cold-blooded killers as the real Government of Syria. Has this creature fallen off his trolley?  Are the British People unable to imagine how they might feel should they find Joseph Stalin loose in London, complete with his mass-produced crusher of testicles?

You people give the impression of soulless, heartless, witless, voiceless idiots, whom while you are being condemned to death by austerity at home, you are still paying to further the aims of the Bankers in the City of London and their adventures abroad. Do you not understand what is written in the stars? You are meat! Very soon you will be roasted.

Full in the face of the evidence,  the NATO controlled countries are of the opinion that the violence in Syria is the responsibility of the Assad regime. As usual they are not about to ask the opinion of the people of Syria, whom would no doubt prefer to stay with Assad in control, as would the people of Libya, had they been given the opportunity to choose between Gadaffi and the filth whom have been given control by Hague.

So how can it be that those whom we elect have such an opposing view of reality? Could it be because they are one and all in the pocket of the Bankers? Or more simply have they been threatened? Are they paedophiles or rapists? What is the power that controls them?

It surely does not need saying, that to place a band of murdering thugs, into a position of power, as they did in Libya, where the country is still in turmoil, is disgraceful. It must be clear by now that Little Wild Willy is dancing to a different tune from those whom seek the best for the victims of so-called dictators.

Why are the people whom are footing the bill not outraged at this totally unacceptable slaughter, which is going on across the region? Will they be prepared to accept the same fate for Iran, when the time comes?

Why was there no outcry, when it was disclosed that the Queen herself demanded the extradition of a Muslim Cleric to the US, where he has committed no crime?  It is strange, is it not, that one only need say boo to a Jew and the whole world is screaming in protest, while the same Queen signs a change in the law, allowing Jewish War Criminals to visit the UK, without fear of arrest. This is the Queen, whom is the Queen, because her Uncle was sacked, because he was not in favour of the war against Germany. He was replaced by the Queen’s father, Bertie, whom understood very little of what was going on around him.

In some strange way this is like the experience of kidnap victims, in the end they come to love their captor. Or as Orwell said, in the end you come to love Big Brother. The British love of Her Majesty, is in stark contrast to the efforts which were made in past centuries, when the folk understood that Royalty was the problem. Nowadays the peasants are so dumbed down, they have given up their “freedoms” while at the same time placing their heads on the chopping block.

They laugh when you try to explain that the Queen is the figure-head of a despotic and cruel band of criminals, whom have no love of the Subjects.  They have, without pity, sent them overseas to be slaughtered for England, when it is evident that there is no threat.

Cameron, recently thanked the troops in Afghanistan for all the killing they have carried out in order to “Protect the people of the UK.” Be sure, these people manufacture wars to suit another agenda. All over the world Muslims are being sacrificed in the name of self-defence, when in reality it is to destroy the Muslim form of government and to bring them in line with the desires of the Queen and her partners in the City of London.

Brave Wet Willy, is strutting all over the globe preaching death and destruction, to any country which makes the slightest move against the desires of the City of London, except of course Israel. The fact that Israel, against the tenets of the Non Proliferation Treaty, has been passing Nuclear secrets to whomsoever they choose, is of no importance. Germany has recently supplied them with Nuclear submarines. For what purpose does Israel need submarines? The US is in the process of upgrading Israel’s weaponry, knowing full well it is going to be used against defenceless civilians.

All of these things are illegal under International Law, yet no action is taken. The only people whom end up in the International Criminal Court, are African Leaders whom have annoyed Bwana.

When it becomes a deep-seated hatred of something or other, should you choose to question the make-up of a government, things have already gone as far as they can go. I am living in a Catholic country, which has found itself saddled with two Jewish controlled governments in a row. The UK will have the same experience when they vote in the next election. Germany has been Jewish controlled since the end of World War One, apart from a few years when the National Socialists held sway. How can this be? This is an impossibility without some sort of rigging being involved.

To have a British politician expressing his total devotion to a foreign country is something that should be described as treason. You cannot be totally obsessed with Israel and at the same time take care of the needs of the British electorate. The needs of Israel are abhorrent and  racist and should in no way be supported by civilised people. When all of the leading figures in a coalition are led by a Jew and are in support of Israel and while the Party in opposition is also controlled by a Jewish leader, whom echoes the ridiculous mouthing of the Government coalition, we need to ask the question, why are questions not being asked.

Sky News Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag.

Just a few minutes ago at 11-46am, UK time, on the Dermot Murnaghan News Programme, leading up to Prime Minister’s Question Time, an invited guest, shouted loudly, that it was not just somebody, whom was loaning the UK billions of pounds, it was a department of the Government, The Bank of England, which was lending the money, at very low-interest.

Murnaghan almost had a fit. He interrupted to change the subject, showing that he knew full well that should that be so, the next question might be, the taboo question, “If that is true, why are all the people of the UK being robbed blind to pay a department of the Government?”

The reality, as Murnaghan well knows, the Bank of England, has two shareholders Baron Rothschild and the Queen of England. They keep the profits, the people pay the losses. They continue the pretence that the Bank has been Nationalised, when it is in private hands. Rothschild would never let go of the Bank of England.

Our Nation States Are Being Deliberately Destroyed.

By profession, I am not a trained researcher. I have no degree in Political Science. I have no trust in politicians and I am simply not convinced by the image of the world with which we are being presented. I spend a fair amount of my time trying to dig out the origins of the controls which are being put in place to control our lives. It is not an easy task. My rule of thumb is, politicians by nature are corrupt, they all appear to have their price.

Why, for example, are the governments of Western countries, prepared to accept, absolutely ridiculous dictates which are passed from the United Nations to the European Union and on to member States? Is there really any need of advice from the UN as to the benefits or otherwise of Natural Medicines? Do we really need a prescription from a doctor before we are allowed to buy a product such as Cod Liver Oil, which has been keeping populations healthy for generations?

Who is making these decisions? What is their motivation? In a world, where health care costs are rising to such a level as to be unaffordable, why are the people who rely on their own ability to maintain their health, being forced into the waiting rooms of already overworked doctors? Why is it being made illegal to advise a friend to eat fresh fruit and vegetables for health reasons?

What is the point of forcing people who make use of Natural Medicines, which are at least as efficacious as the treatments from the large drug companies, which are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people annually, to make use of chemicals which have done nothing to promote good health, despite their high cost.

Did the government of France for example, have no input into the composition of Codex Alimentarius? If they did, why was the debate not extended to the people? Why was I not asked? Why am I at risk of losing the right to consult my Naturopath, Homoeopathic Doctor? Why have the majority of  people never even heard of Codex Alimentarius? What part did the money of the large drug companies play in the proposition of this unimportant piece of legislation?

I can find no good answer to any of these questions. Legislation in Europe appears as if by magic. No vote is taken in the European Parliament, it is passed by whoever initiated the idea. Borosso and the rest of the committee are little more than mouth-pieces for the real controllers, who are kept hidden from view. The legislation is then passed on to what have become little more than regional assemblies which are obliged to introduce the rules. No vote is allowed in these assemblies. So I return to the question, why are our governments accepting this situation?

William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, who claims to have humanitarianism in his jeans genes, is pushing for an invasion of Libya and is already hinting at the same thing for Syria, yet he is ignoring the carnage which is taking place in Yemen and Bahrain, he has in fact ordered a news blackout on events in these two States. Why has the UN and the EU reinforced this news blackout? Why have sanctions been imposed against Gadaffi and Assad and not against Bahrain and Yemen? Who instructed these two bodies, neither of which are elected, to decide that events in Bahrain and Yemen are to be tolerated?

Did Ministers from European Governments participate in the drawing up of new boundaries in Europe, which will completely destroy the integrality of Nation States, which are destined to be controlled by unelected  regional Governors. If they did, who were they and who authorised them to do so?


Why is the UK, which is already a group of regions, to be cut into parts, which will have no connection to the regions which already exist?  What is the point in linking the South of England to the North of France? To my mind it is simply a means of destroying National Identity and to simplify the installation of an unelected regime, which appears to be headed by the same group who have announced their intention of imposing the same system across the World.

So I will ask again, why are our elected politicians so eager to go along with this agenda?  They are quite evidently not doing it for our benefit. A more important question might be, Why is the Queen signing all the necessary treaties, which appear to be dismembering her State? Of what, if anything, will Prince Charles ever become King?

Of course in the midst of all this muddle we find Lord Rothschild, of whom little can be said for fear being accused of anti-Semitism.  He has just overseen the introduction of yet another of his relatives into an already overly inbred group of people, for which the poorest of people were called on to pay for an event for the richest people in the world. The words leech or parasite spring to mind. As for the folks who glory in these events, no comment.

So there you have it. I can only make guesses as to the answer to any of these questions. Why is this so? Why is this information which will affect us all, not readily available? Secrecy raises doubts. So if there is secrecy we can be sure it is because we are not going to be happy about whatever is about to be imposed on us.