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Do Not Have Too Much Faith In Any Of Them!


Do Not Have Too Much Faith In Any Of Them!

The much maligned Donald Trump, has shown us how simple it is the destroy the Establishment, which is actually, perilously poised on a knifes edge. When, with a dismissive wave of his hand and while pointing at a man from CNN, part of the controlled media, Trump did call him ‘fake news,’ from that moment on the game was over for the controlled Press.

The rest of their edifice can be brought down in the same manner. YouTube should be next on the list and after that the control of the Peoples Internet needs to be ripped away from the grasp of the Communist United Nations.

Barack Obama had no right or justification to allow the Elite to take control of the tool, which has already served to expose the depth of the lies, of those whom lurk behind others and their cynical ‘need’ of war. Millions of uncontrollable, Free Agents who are not for sale, have now become a major threat to their aims.

The ‘Internet’ is being presented as an integral part our proposed future servitude. All of our personal details have been collected together on ‘front’ services like ‘Facebook’, Health Service dossiers and Financial and Banking accounts, all of them now online.

Suddenly a ‘secret’ means of shutting down major parts of the World Wide Web, has ‘escaped’ from the hyper-secure vaults of the National Security Agency, causing fear and discomfort to hospital patients, simply because the necessary files, holding details of their treatment, have been ‘hacked’ and frozen, files which a short time ago, could be accessed in minutes, from a filing cabinet, are now feared to lost forever, should the thing called the ‘cloud’ be hacked in a similar manner.

Being a cynic, who long ago lost faith in the morality of our ‘controllers,’ I smell a rat. I am not too sure how far this current attack has gone. However it gives an ample warning of the possibility of the mass failure of credit cards, at the checkout in supermarkets and the collapse of the cash distributors, at the same time.

This attack occurred on the day that the International Monetary Fund, warned that they were about to instruct governments to steal 10% of the savings of the poor, to once again bail out the poverty-stricken Rothschild family, who are so clever that they ‘never, ever’ spot a ‘bubble’ even as it is being inflated, right in front of their eyes.

Even as these scams are being constructed, it has been announced that due to the lack of need of manual workers, in a workforce which has currently been quietly replaced by robots, which can build cars and others which can lay bricks, twenty-four hours a day, while the driverless tractor can plough furrows ’til the cows come home and very soon, thanks to frozen food, kitchen robots will soon select and prepare a wide variety of perfectly cooked dishes, all laid out on the dining room table, as the family arrives home from their idyllic, daily promenade, in the town square park, with eyes glued to their smart-phone.

This modern form of paradise, will eliminate all classes, we will all be blended into a conformity of life, in which money will be unnecessary. One and all, will be given credits, which will be wiped at the end of the month, much like the system in France, where a telephone sim-card returns to zero, at the end of each month,  whether the credits have been fully consumed or not.

This will eliminate savings, making sure that there will be no individuality, it has been declared that only the rulers and their tribe, will be permitted to rise above the common herd.

I was laughed at,  when I claimed some years ago,  that ‘cash’ was being eliminated. When I went on to suggest that what is now being proposed, a fixed salary for everyone, friends of mine were putting their forefinger to their temple. Well think again my friends, this system is even now being tested, by paying a thousand families and single people, a fixed sum of money, each month, in order to find the perfect minimum sum, which will allow a family to subsist in a constant state of mere survival.



We are at this moment, watching a historical lie, being rewritten on Russia Today, where the reason for the Second World War and Russia’s part in it, has been totally distorted, to conceal the truth from the Russian People, of the part played by the Bolshevik Jews, in what has just been celebrated as ‘The Great Patriotic War.’

The view presented, in the above clip, is such a distortion of reality as to be beyond belief. The man, with a certain look, is either a blithering idiot, totally conditioned or a deliberate purveyor of total crap. There are so many lies in his mouthing that to even approach a proper criticism of his rubbish, will have to await a future post.

The most blatant of his lies concerns Ukraine, where he claims it to be unacceptable for there to be a ban on Communist paraphernalia, during recent celebrations of the Russian victory, in the Great Patriotic War, when it had been the Red Army which actually ‘liberated’ Ukraine from the Germans.

When he suggested for it to be out-of-order, to forbid the  celebration of this ‘liberation’ as the grand-children of those whom had fought against the Germans, were entitled to celebrate the victorious Bolshevik Army, he completely forgot to mention it was the same Army which a few short years earlier, had been watching the Ukrainian people starve to death,  as their grain was stolen, at gunpoint, by that same ‘liberating’ Army, I wanted to throw up.

Take a good look at these images, no more than a lifetime, before these events in Ukraine, the British had done the exact same thing to the Irish. Many of these images, were cynically presented as being of Jews, killed by the Germans. There were no Germans to carry the can in Ireland.

His cynical suggestion that only a ‘few nazis’ had continued to fight against the Bolsheviks for some years after the war had ended, was sick,  he forgot about all the reprisals, which had been unleashed against collaborators whom did not manage to get out of Ukraine. This is why there is such an effort to deny the Jew origins of this master butcher Stalin.

Putin, the current ‘hero’ of the alternative community in the West, continues the bad-mouthing of Hitler and the actions of the Germans, during Operation Barbarossa.

It would be fair to say that Russian calls for evidence of the claims made against them, asserting that they assisted in the election of Donald Trump, to be justified, so imagine my surprise on hearing, on Russia Today, claims that the Germans ‘had a plan’ to eradicate ninety-five percent of the Russian people, without being offered a shred of evidence in support of this ridiculous claim.

Perhaps having previously exterminated sixty-five million Christians, without any assistance whatsoever from the Germans, the Bolsheviks were actually contemplating the complete extermination of every Christian in the entire region.

Russia also continues to attack the so-called neo-nazis in Ukraine, the grand-parents of whom, fought courageously against the brutal, Soviet regime, which had starved to death as many as ten million Ukrainians and what is more, the wagons were actually in the railway stations, ready to remove the remaining Ukrainians to the Siberian Gulags, even as the German Army arrived on the scene to save them.

The German Command, were so disgusted with what they found in Ukraine, that they sent for International Observers, to see for themselves the results of the behaviour of those whom were fighting against Germany, alongside the Allied Forces.

The moment the same Russian Red Terror set foot in Germany, the slaughter and rape of German civilians kicked off, which was also inspected and recorded, by International Observers. There had been, beheading and crucifixion’ and the mutilation of one and all.

Why would Putin choose to continue the lies, which were fabricated by the Bolshevik Jews, even as he now finds himself confronting an identical form cruelty in Syria, with the Bolsheviks, now ensconced in Israel, pretending as is Putin that others are responsible for all the atrocities.

Meanwhile in Spain, the part played by those same ‘Butchers of Ukraine’ is still being concealed. The attempted coup d’etat in Spain, in which exactly the same type of atrocities were committed by Bolshevik Commissars, funded by the ‘Butcher of Ukraine’ himself, Joseph Stalin, is still being concealed, in order to obscure the fact that it was a victory for Christianity against ‘Satanic Forces.’

There are now calls to exhume Franco from his tomb, claiming him to be a brutal monster, responsible for attacking his own people and is unfit to remain in the Shrine of the Heroes of the fight against the Bolshevik Communist coup d’etat.

Franco actually saved the Spanish people from the Butcher Stalin, who was a renowned killer of vast numbers of Christians, he would have had a field day in Spain, had the Communists been victorious.

The Communists were attempting to take control of all of Europe, the Germans had already defeated them, even before the election of Hitler. One could say that they have now successfully taken total control of Europe, crouching, as they did in Spain, behind a curtain of deceit.

This my friends, is what is coming to Europe. All of the current events are designed to create chaos. Hands up those whom believe that when hundreds of thousands of immigrants started to pour into Europe, that our ‘leaders’ could not foresee the disastrous results which would ensue?

Why would Merkel, encourage more and more Muslims to enter Germany and why would Emmanuel Macron, immediately, on being selected as President of France, offer the exact same invitation, to those Muslims whom wished to come to France, even as there are ‘False Flag’ attacks one after the other, all over France, in a blatant attempt to create fear of immigrants even as they are being invited in?

In view of what ‘ we have been told’ has been happening in France, to allow an open door to incoming Muslims’ would appear, on the face of it, to be a stupidity, so there must be a good reason behind these actions. No serious Government would allow such a thing, unless they were confident in the knowledge that there was no real threat of terrorism, that it was all under control.