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Be Warned. This Is What They Want To Happen.


The Peoples of Europe, need take care, what has been done to the Middle East by your elected servants, will soon be turned against you and yours. When the calls were made to leave Iraq in peace and later Libya and Syria, where were you?

You are no more innocent than were those whom were yesterday destroyed in your name, nor any more innocent than are those whom you and your kind have already lined up for tomorrow’s Kosher Abattoir. You are mere cattle for those by whom you will be slaughtered, when all your killings have served their purpose.

The Member States of the European Union are infested with traitors. From the far off days at the beginning of the 20th Century, when the serious slaughters began in earnest, there have been warnings of what was in store for Europe. Those whom plotted the destruction of White People are still out there doing it.

During the period leading up to the “long in the planning” Bankers Second World War, people spoke at the time, of the ‘Phoney War” which everyone knew forecasted what was coming in the near future, that is where we now find ourselves, apart from the fact that this time all of Europe is in the firing line along with Germany.

Take a cold hard look at the above video clip, that is our grim near future if we fail to take steps to put a stop to it now. Very soon there will be no hope of reversing our situation. Take action now, Get your MAGA cap or your Gilets Jaunes and get out in the streets sometimes a solitary figure can be more impressive than a hundred people. Go For It!


Lining Us Up For The Kill.

A top Sky News Journalist, informed his audience on this mornings Sky’s flagship daily news program, that World War Two and the resulting millions of deaths, were as a result of “Free” European governments not taking action against the rise of Fascism, a claim which is at best a misunderstanding of the actuality of events at the time or at worst an outright lie.

Adam Boulton, should he genuinely believe that the alleged rise of Fascism was clearly a threat to the people of Europe and not simply an attempt to overturn Banker controlled Dictatorships, why does he and his boss at Sky, not attempt to save Europe” right now, have they suddenly lost their ability to spot a coming danger? They dutifully declared war on Germany so why not now warn the Peoples of Europe that they are in even greater danger of being overrun and will be ultimately destroyed at the hand of a Mafia, which has undermined and now controls every member state of the European Union?

Should it be declared to the Peoples of Europe, that through nefarious means, the Capone Gang was running Germany, Buggsy Siegel France, The Purple Gang Austria, The Lansky Gang Holland, and so on, I think you get the picture, while Murder Incorporated is watching over things from the City of London, Europeans might understand more clearly the danger they are in and call for the setting up of the “New Untouchables” to take out this Mafia, whom all come from the same tribe as they did in the past.

I can promise you that things are even worse than that. This Mafia now has control of Drug Running , with a health care system , which distributes them and to which most Europeans are now addicted. They also have access to Atomic and Chemical Weapons, with which to kill us all, while they skulk in the deep underground fortresses for which we have paid. I would suggest, that in reality, things are pretty much like that, so why are our Governments ignoring this threat, which is far more serious than was the threat of Fascism?

We have as yet received no acceptable response to the question as to why our “Democrats” were so slow, as in doing absolutely nothing, about the Bolshevik Communist’s sadistic slaughters in Russia, which were in full swing with the aid funds from the City of London and New York bankers, even as War was being declared on Germany, they could not possibly have been unaware of these slaughters in Russia, which were taking place even as they armed the Russians, in readiness for the war, which they would openly declare in 1939 against Germany. Our politicians deliberately placed Mafia men in control to make sure that the World War was carried out as planned, with the full intention of doing to Germany exactly what had been inflicted on Russia. A well-known Mafia man, Lucky Luciano, made himself and the mob available to the OSS during the embarkment in the Mediterranean.

For the Peoples of Europe to ignore the fact that they are already on their way out as a White Race and that the time for resistance is slipping away at high-speed, they really are presenting themselves to be as stupid as they appear. In Ireland a guy who tells us all that he is fond of sticking his dick in a chums bum, who was, just like Theresa May in the UK, selected into the position of Taoiseach, refuses to do the right thing with the stupidity of the “Back-Stop” while David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, resigned, allowing Brexit discussions to fall into the hands of Rothschild’s girl, who is a determined “Remainer” Theresa May, who promptly lost an election, a result which she ignored, leaving her free to undo.a democratic vote which had a huge majority, without a majority of her own and who is determined to use this Irish “Back-Stop” as the excuse to keep the UK locked into Europe. if it was not so serious it would be hilarious.

So to make things clear, we have a homosexual half Jew, in Ireland, where five-million Irish people were deliberately starved to death, under orders from the City of London, which also funded, those whom carried out the slaughter of sixty-five-million Russians, whom then declared themselves to be intent on wiping out the entirety of the German people, twenty-million of whom were brutally slain, after which, in furtherance of the City of London and Lord Rothschild’s aim to take control of Palestine, a zombie army of supposedly dead Jews, invaded Palestine, guns blazing, driving out the indigenous Peoples, murdering many thousands of them in the process and then carried on the non-stop theft of the entirety of Palestine.

They have recently funded the destruction of the only White Country in Africa, using the medium of the mass immigration of Blacks from all over Africa, an act which destroyed the White majority, whom despite the generosity which I am obliged to show towards Black’s, in South Africa the final solution to the White problem is to kill them all, while in Palestine they call Blacks”infiltrators” whom are rapidly flown back to from where they came.

Those same people are now telling me, straight into my face, that I have had the bone pointed at me, along with those members of my family whom survived the last brutal attack against us and yet, there are now laws in place which make it illegal to so much as mention the race of the dog who is biting my leg off.

I believe the term is Stockholm Syndrome, with the two European Countries, which suffered the most at the hands of the British, Ireland and Germany to be now begging them to remain in the European Union, which is a construct of the International Mafia, which during the past century has annihilated untold millions of people. May Almighty God help us all!


European Union Of Greed And The Lust For Power.

It is already becoming clear why the recent referendum in the United Kingdom was “inexplicably?” controlled on both sides, by Jew interests, ensuring that whichever way the vote went, they would retain control of the tone of the approach,  during the completion of the Peoples choice in Brussels.

Boris Johnson was easily disposed of, having served his purpose, of delivering a load of incomprehensible guff, during the “Brexit debates” through the simple means of a vote of “no confidence” from Michael Gove, Johnson’s side-kick during the recent past.

Gove now has the honour of having driven, his “friend” Cameron to the end of the road, he has now delivered the very same coup de grace to Johnson and quickly followed that up with the attempted suicide of his own chances of being elected as Prime Minister, a position which he has already told us he does not want anyway, by letting us know that he has no charm and therefore leaving the field open for a women, Theresa May, whom has maintained a consistent position in favour of remaining in the EU and is a caring woman whom has generously spread more evil propaganda, in the encouragement of illegal wars against innocent people, than has anyone else in Parliament. We must never forget that we are dealing with Conservatives, in every sense of that word.

The Labour Party is falling over itself to replace a mock Socialist Jeremy Corbyn with a person who straps on dildos – as her favourite form of relaxation – as the preferred leader of a genuine Cuck Socialist team of warmongers.

Meanwhile, the youth of London has lost touch with the meaning of Democracy, which is of course intended to create division, as without a Constitution, protecting the Rights of the minority, there is no other means, apart from an armed uprising, of reversing a Democratic decision to which you object.

Should another referendum be held and should the result be a similar majority for remain, would you accept that result or would call for a third, which would only be fair after all, would it not? I guess not, another referendum would be deemed unnecessary at that point.

This now unacceptable system of the acceptance of the result of the vote,  could well be the reason for describing the Party which lost an election as the Opposition, get it? They cannot simply cwy and cwy and cwy and stamp their foot, demanding to have won. What is more the real result of the referendum has yet to be reported in the “controlled” media. Evidence suggests that the real numbers should read 70% Brexit and 30% Remain. So should this nonsense come down to a ‘street fight’ you will quickly find yourself to be once more on the losing side.


The Brexit, will mean very little for the vast majority of the British. Nothing will make the holiday resorts in Europe refuse to accept  them. The value of the Pound goes up and down all the time, in the very recent past it was worth less than it is now and nobody said a word. If you are a skilled worker, you will still be able to find work in Europe just as the United Kingdom will continue to employ staff from Europe.

Most British Trade is with Countries outside of Europe. The fact is that most British Industry is now overseas itself and the British people paid for it to go overseas because it was claimed that it was creating too much Carbon Dioxide. To reduce British output, British taxpayers paid for their own industry to be exported abroad to where confusingly, it can continue to emit the same level of CO2 which will, I suppose, stubbornly refuse to cross back into British Territory.

It was explained in passing, on one of the endless television money shows, that Brexit will not create too much of a problem for British exports, as it appears that Britain does not export very much these days, having long ago been chosen as a Service Economy, that would be the very sort of economy which will have us all ending up on the dole eating a diet of MacDo’s,  fried and served by immigrants.

The European Union was devised to destroy Europe and there can be little doubt that it has succeeded in this aim. It should be remembered that during the period of the existence of the Common Market, European Economic Zone or European Union there have been endless crashes, depressions, recessions and other Crisis’ none of which were avoided thanks to the EU. The opposite is the reality, for every crash their has been a raid on National Resources, which have been stolen through the use of International Monetary Fund, World Bank or European Central Bank fraudulent debt, which has used the Privatisation of just about everything which is worth privatising, in repayment of criminally, manufactured debt. They are now after our Health Services.

How anybody with a modicum of intelligence, can believe the European Union, which has overseen the complete destruction of European Industry, to have been anything other than a disaster for the Peoples’ of Europe, is a measure of the proficiency of the propaganda machine, which cut its teeth on German children, who were taught to hate themselves and their wonderful history, to suit the lies of those whom installed the European Union.

“We won this war with atrocity propaganda…and now we will start more than ever! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until nobody will accept one good word from or about the German people anymore, until everything is destroyed which might have upheld them some sympathy in other countries, and until they will be so confused that they wont know what to do anymore. When this point is reached, when they begin to pollute their own nest, and this, not reluctantly but with hasty willingness to obey the winners, only then will the victory be complete. It will never be definite. The re-education demands thorough, steadfast nurture like an English lawn. Only one moment of inattention and the weed will break through, this ineradicable weed of historic truth.” – Sefton Delmer, former British chief propagandist after the capitulation in 1945 to the German expert on international law Prof. Grimm.

All Charged Up To Welcome In The New World Order.


There is a world of difference between immigrants living within an indigenous population and an indigenous population living amongst immigrants. That is what we are told is a racist or xenophobic fear of a non-existent problem.

The people of the United Kingdom are now quite clearly, as is most of Europe, fully aware of this problem and are attempting to do something about it.

Europe has been transformed from a fully functioning continent into a basket case, which cannot manage its affairs without the importation of millions of folk from overseas.

The evidence in the above clip, clearly demonstrates that  members of the  States of the European Union, from where we are informed that the bulk of immigrants arrive, are strangely scarce in the above clip and yet poor Polish immigrants are apparently the problem,  because the immigrants above are reluctant to pick Strawberries, preferring instead to save their energy for efforts to transform Europe into the miserable reality of their brethren in Turkey, many of whom are straining at the bit to join them in Europe for a “better” life.

How can any society properly function, should social payments be preferable to work as a means of paying your way? There can be no solution to an economic problem,  caused by a shortage of labour, should social payments encourage incoming immigrants to simply have another baby and by doing so  make it a more attractive proposition  to remain at home rather than work.

This is a policy which can only lead to disaster. Please do not bother to tell me that this is not the life-style choice of many folk. In large cities, the ridiculously inflated cost of renting a home has created a system from which a “land-lord” is making more money from your salary than are you.

 Market forces, by which we are all controlled these days, should demand that there should be no work which folk refuse to carry out.  If you are doing work with a salary so meagre that the average worker refuses to accept, the “market” should raise the salary to a point at which the work becomes acceptable and the more disagreeable the work the higher the rate of pay. Making use of imported “slaves” to maintain the cheap price of strawberries, for those whom are sat on their asses at home watching Wimbledon,  is intolerable.

Immigration figures are always based on the number of Europeans who enter another European State and the number of indigenous folk of that State whom choose to seek employment in another European State, in an attempt to justify the immigration figures as being a fair swap. The reality being, that should the UK, at a future date need Polish workers – to work in the NHS or whatever – what would stop them from coming. The “Remain” crowd talk as if people from Europe would no longer come to the UK if it was outside the EU, this is crap.

However a simple glance at those whom pass you by in the streets, will demonstrate quite clearly that most immigrants are not of European origin. In actual fact every country in Europe has been saturated with folk from across the Maghreb and the Middle East. To the least intelligent of us that should shout out, loud and clear, that there is an agenda at work. That being so why has neither side in the “Brexit” vote in the UK approached the root cause of this problem?

For example, who is encouraging the continuing influx, into Europe,  of ever more folk from Muslim countries, which have been destroyed by the War Machine called NATO?  Why in the middle of what is being described as the greatest refugee problem since World War Two, are there calls to continue the slaughters in the Middle East, until it is rendered uninhabitable? When that AIM is achieved, where are the folk of the region supposed to live? If mass immigration is a good thing why is Israel and the Arab oil rich states of the Gulf not taking their share?

We are being taken for fools. I do not count myself as being too smart and yet I can look back over my scribblings and I find that my predictions have been proven to be more or less on target.  If I can see what is coming, do you honestly believe that highly paid professionals are not fully aware of what their policies have created across the planet, in every country with a White European government?



I fully understand the emotions of Muslims, I am writing this blog because I was disgusted by the behaviour of Israel in Gaza.  Behaviour which was deliberately designed to wipe out the indigenous folk of the region. It is an ongoing genocide, which is taking place on television, for all the world to witness.

While this crime against humanity continues, a man in the UK called Ken Livingstone, is being questioned by a Parliamentary inquiry, which is asking him to respond to a claim of the massive pain caused to some of these Jews, by the mere suggestion of a connection between Hitler and the Zionists. I kid you not! Boo! Hoo! Hoo!

Since the start of the genocide in Palestine, the puppets in Saudi Arabia have trained and financed multiple groups of terrorists, which have been unleashed in Libya, Iraq and Syria, with the aid of NATO and Israel, the aim being to take control of all of the Middle Eastern oil reserves and to install a lucrative banking system which will throw any survivors into the jaws of Jew Bankers.

If those folk in the UK, who will be voting in the “Brexit” referendum, have failed to notice allow me to point out, that all of those organisations, which are lending their weight in favour of the “Remain” campaign are Jew controlled.

The Bank of England, The International Monetary Fund, The European Central Bank, The World Bank, The Canadian Government, Obama, France, Germany, The Commission of Europe, The Federal Reserve and many more, all of them seeking to control the world.

The object of the European Union, as I have stated many times, was to destroy Europe. That aim has now been achieved and yet most folk refuse to open their eyes to this reality.

If the European Union is so wonderful, why are so many member States bankrupt?  Why is austerity the order of the day? Every member State in the EU has been forced into a non-existent deficit, through the medium of a so-called failure of the international banking system, a failure which was never investigated and which was no more than a conspiracy between controlled governments and the controllers of the banking system, as a means of creating chaos, out of which they will be offering the solution, which will involve nasty little documents like TTIP.

The British government, is like all other governments across the EU, no more than a pack of “Puppets.” They have been in collusion with the world-wide banking system since the 17th Century.

The centre-piece of this collusion is the Queen of England, who shares the taxes received from her adoring subjects with the Rothschild banking system. The City of London is the financial headquarters of an international banking scam. Washington is the Military Capital and the Vatican City controls religions, all of them. This is why I will be very surprised and uneasy, should the British escape from the grip of the EU. But then I am a fully paid up paranoiac.

Anyway, back to immigration. Personally speaking should I find myself faced with such an array of vested interests, urging me to vote in their favour, as is the current experience for the British, I would vote for any other option in order to avoid doing whatever these folk demanded.

Which puts me in a rather difficult position because these folk have think-tanks and super-computers working for them to make sure they get their way. So what are they after, that is the question?

During Wednesday’s Prime Ministers Question Time, in the British Parliament, the Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn, described David Cameron as a “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” Today the one time Prime Minister of the UK, Gordon Brown -The Game Changer – is making a speech in favour of the “Remain” side of the In/Out referendum. He claims to be presenting Labour Party support for remaining in the European Union.

Both of these men, Corbyn and Brown, are members of the Fabian Society, both are in fact “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.” The European Union was proposed by the Fabian Society and funded by Rockefeller, amongst others, long ago, long before Hitler came to power. Why do Corbyn and Brown not claim the honour of having been at the heart of the construction of the EU? Are they not proud of the part they played? Whatever they may be claiming, they are in presenting Fabian Society support for the European Union.

“….The Milner Group was in turn allied with associated interests on America’s East Coast, known as the Eastern Establishment and revolving around Wall Street interests like J P Morgan and the Rockefellers’ This Milner-Eastern Establishment combine is what historians like Carroll Quigley have called the “Anglo-American Establishment” (Quigley, 1981).

The Anglo-American Establishment consisted of leading international financiers and their political collaborators in Britain, Europe and America, and aimed to re-organise the world’s financial and economic structure, as evident, for example, from their call for an international economic conference for that purpose (“Powers To Confer On World Finance,” NYT, 15 Jan. 1920).

More specifically, the designs of the Anglo-American Establishment – which it shared with its collaborators in the Fabian Society – entailed the division of the world into four or five economic blocs dominated by an Anglo-American alliance and controlled by international organisations run by economic “experts” churned out by the academic institutions (the London School of Economics, Harvard University, etc.) bankrolled by the same financial interests.”   (Cassivellaunus, 5 May 2013)

The above quote, from the first sentence, which mentions “The Milner Group”  which was responsible for the Balfour Declaration, amongst other crimes, was a part of Rothschild’s considerable Empire.  It is today referred to as Chatham House, where George Galloway looks for his experts to comment on his various TV shows and which is also the head-quarters of the Royal Institute for International Affairs. So you see Brown and Corbyn are in rather strange company, company which is not renowned for taking good care of working people.

The New World Order, which George Bush tells is on its way, is set to be a renewed version of the old Jew/British Empire, which with the collaboration of France, which to this day leeches more money from its old African Colonies, as a form of payment for their freedom, than they leave for the people to eat, will make sure they get their hands on Africa, which is the Glittering Prize desired by all the money sick psychopaths on the planet.

Getting ourselves out of this mess is not going to be easy. It should be borne in mind that it has been claimed for some time that a crisis is coming, “Brexit” it is claimed, is responsible ” for this coming collapse, how that can be is impossible to explain. It is no more than a flea bite on the arse of humanity, should the UK choose to leave the EU, nothing will change. The coming crash is yet another “planned” crash. Be warned!

The Culling Goes On In Its Politically Correct Manner, Unquestioned.







Politicians appear to be in the process of placing themselves above the Law.

Recently in the United Kingdom, two alleged paedophiles were denied a term in prison through the interference of death. Lord Janner and Leon Brittan, both of whom had been implicated in child abuse stretching back over many years, were allowed time to die while the good old British Bobby chose to look the other way.

There was overwhelming evidence against both men, given by those whom they had abused.

It just happens that both of these distinguished perverts were Jews, which is their own problem and should in no way interfere with any necessary prosecution, which would give some sort of closure to the abused.

Jimmy Savile, was also allowed to die, in order to severe any connection which he may have had with the Crown Prince and the Scottish arm of Abusers United, which may have lead all the way back to Hollie Greig, against whom the might of the Establishment has been arrayed. One can only wonder on exactly whom they are waiting to die.

David Cameron in his wisdom and no doubt in support of his own claim to be of Jew origin, is in the process of making it illegal to criticise Jews or to in any way take action against the Apartheid Racist State of Israel.

He did not go to the trouble of explaining how this totally illegal posture, of attempting to place Jews above the law would put in jeopardy,  our right to bring our elected servants to book, should they happen to be a Jew.

There are a lot of statistics flying around at the moment, most of them attempting to show White people in a bad light. However a closer look at the percentages of each crime, which are recorded as having been carried out by each group in a countries population, would suggest that Blacks and Asians are responsible for far more abuse of young children than are Whites. My question would be, in which group has the rather larger than average percentage of child abusers amongst Jews been recorded, as it would now appear that Jews are not as White as we may have thought them to be.

Jews are constantly calling for the obliteration of White people and I am quite sure that they do not count themselves as members of this group, so where exactly have the large number of Jew crimes of paedophilia been recorded? I do not want them along with White numbers, as this would only increase, alarmingly, the actual amount of alleged White guilt, would it not?

In France, as in the United Kingdom and now all across Europe, we are seeing for ourselves the unbridled behaviour of these “poor refugees,” whom apparently are unable to overcome some sort of genetic need to rape young girls, some of whom are as young as ten years old.

We as White people are not allowed to comment on this behaviour, never mind suggest that these young thugs have been picked and paid to do exactly what they now do.

The evidence, outlining the planning of this invasion of Europe has been unearthed and exposed and it leads all the way back to a long list of Jew names and those of proto Jews such as Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the man in whose vision the European Union was constructed, not to mention the destruction of the White Race, through the mass immigration of Blacks, Arabs and Asians, graphically laid out, just as it is now taking place.



To suggest that this is by sheer accident, would be to display an inordinate degree of stupidity, Nicolas Sarkozy, yet another Jew laid out his belief in the “browning” of White Europeans, he, as does the Jew President of France, François Hollande, looks very White and so he should as he is of Hungarian origin, though not at all like his Hungarian compatriots, whom are extremely White of course.

So who can we criticise? Governments across the planet appear to have an unnatural number of Jews in their ranks, even in China we are confronted with “The Strangers,” in the Politburo, the Chinese are forbidden to call them Jews, which they are.

Most all of the Central Banks are under the control of Jews. Virtually every European politician has sworn to give his allegiance to Israel, they will of course utter in Parliament no criticism whatsoever against the Holocaust in Palestine, which has been the main reason for the huge numbers of refugees in the region for the past seventy years. Ignorance is a sort of bliss, I suppose.

Child abuse is a deplorable thing, however, it is sometimes accepted in a strange and worrying manner.

Some years ago, I was working in the UK. A friend of mine was telling me how he had come across the car of a friend, who worked with us, parked in a manner which suggested that he may have had a mechanical problem. He parked and walked back to the car. He surprised our friend in the act of having sex with his own daughter, who was about fourteen.  He of course, quite rightly, reported this to the Police.

However back at the office, the manager, regularly had sex with the daughter of a woman who worked alongside us and who was aware of her daughters promiscuity and accepted it. Her daughter was the same age as the child having sex, in the car with her father. Needless to say nobody exposed the office manager.  Such is the difficulty of deciding where exactly wrong becomes OK.

So here we are, with a gag about mentioning the crimes of Jews under pain of whatever, while the two main Political Parties are in full support of one another over an upcoming referendum, in the House of Commons, which is under the control of War Criminals.

Not simply people who give the impression of being War Criminals but REAL War Criminals, whom between them have overseen the murder of an estimated seven million Muslims since 2001, who are now reluctant or afraid, to campaign to leave the European Union alongside George Galloway, a man whom stood rock solidly against the current wars, despite his betrayal of Gadaffi along the way, simply because of his outspoken exposure of the crimes of Israel.  It should rightly be called the House of Criminals, should it not? There is very little sign of Democracy within its portals.







Bankers Are Thieves!

I had a good laugh this morning, listening to the Goldman Sachs agent, the Jew Mark Carney, Governor of “The Bank,” excusing the legalised thievery, which is endemic in the banking racket.

His Sky News interrogator, Eamonn Holmes, treated his opportunity to do what the Jew Larry King, describes as, “To be a good journalist, you need only ask the right questions and demand the right answer.”  King, reserved this approach, uniquely, for inconsequential  interviewees,  however, we might have expected a more rigorous approach from Holmes.

He might as well have left the interview to the Mrs Mopp, cleaning the office.  He did not use his opportunity to ask one single, difficult question.  He should be ashamed of himself.  Just as he had missed his chance to explain more succinctly, what had actually taken place on “Bloody Sunday,”  which was an unprovoked massacre, of unarmed Civil Rights marchers, using the lie, that the “Red Devils” had come under fire from the surrounding buildings. This action was in keeping with British atrocities, all over Ireland, in previous times.

Holmes’ most testing question was to ask whether the UK would be better off in or out of Europe, to which Carney refused to offer his opinion. The Governor is as aware as am I, that the European Union is just another Banking scam, which has enriched the one per-cent at the expense of the poor.  Europe is good for nothing.  These hypocrites, while claiming that Hitler had wanted to organise a Union of Europe, which would have been bad, bad, bad, are now telling us that the Bankers European Union, which has brought Europe to its knees, is good, good, good.

Holmes could have taken advantage of his opportunity to ask how those whom like Carney, are fully aware of the vast fraud, which is being inflicted on to a gullible public, can justify the huge amounts of money, which is being creamed off as Compound Interest, and deposited into the non taxable, “Foundations” of the richest people in the world, crouching behind the lie of a “deficit.”

What is never explained by Carney, and you can rest assured that no question, even approaching a truth-seeking question, will make it past the moderators, during his dialogue with “The People,” is the question of the need of a Private Central Bank, when the UK Treasury could quite easily carry out the same task, at a fraction of the cost.

Carney made no mention of the huge amount of “The Peoples” hard-earned money, which is currently being paid off “The Debt” itself,  all the British hear about is the “Deficit” as if the “Debt” repayment is on hold. It is not,  billions are being paid to the Central Bank, as interest on the “Debt” which in David Cameron’s words “will always be there.

That admission, slipped out of Cameron’s mouth and it was never picked up, he was never asked to explain his comment.  The answer is quite simple, the “Debt” is the “Pound in the British pocket.” which carries a debt of interest, because it is a privately owned Pound, which is being used as a tax collecting device.  The debt is financed by Her Majesty’s Income Tax, the “deficit” is the shortfall between Income Tax and the amount of “Tax” payable on the sum of money in circulation.  Once you fully understand this fact, everything falls into place, however it appears to be difficult for people to get their head around this crime, which is what it is. Everything in the following clip applies to the Bank of England as it does to the European Central Bank.


The other piece of nonsense on todays News is the continuing saga of claims that the Russian government, must have been aware of the extent of doping in Russian athletics and  turned a blind eye to it.  The head of the anti-doping agency made the claim that the amount of doping in Russia, had been so extensive that the government could not have  been unaware of it.

That claim was being made, after the Head of the International Athletic Agency, who is himself  implicated in this “extensive” system of accepting money in return for, ignoring “positive” results against Russian athletes, has resigned from his position with the Olympic Games organisation, yet his closest ally on the IAAF, the Jew Sebastian Coe, was supposedly, completely unaware of it.  Do I smell a rat?

When similar problems cropped up at FIFA, the entire team fell under suspicion, including Michel Platini, who was in fact employed by UEFA, yet he is being investigated for having been paid, in return for work he had carried out on behalf of FIFA.  There is now doubt about his position regarding the job at FIFA, when the reign of Blatter comes to an end.  This would of course leave Blatter’s job available to a member of the Royal Zionist Family of Jordan, Prince Ali. Do I smell another rat?

I have carried out a quick search of the prevalence of doping in Athletics and Russia appears to be no more guilty than do many other States.  The USA has had more top athletes banned as a result of doping at the Olympics than has Russia, which would suggest that the IOC has itself succumbed to the lure of cash for “caching” as it were.

So before going on International Television with a garbled list of unsubstantiated accusations, which are reminiscent of those, suggesting that Russia had paid FIFA, for the right to hold the World Cup,  would it not be better to carry out a more substantial investigation of the problem itself,  rather than to simply use allegations which were made on a television programme as an excuse to go after Russia?

Sky News presented the WADA accusations against Russia as the most important News of the Day.  More important than that of Jew,  David Cameron’s diatribe, which he delivered from “The Heart of Darkness” the London Headquarters of the Red Shield Over Europe, Chatham House’s, Royal Institute of International Affairs, which had no doubt prepared his innocuous speech.

Cameron prattled on, making much ado about nothing, endeavouring to give the impression that he was going in for the kill.  He was going to screw the maximum of benefits for the UK out these discussions.  The “outcry” was immediate.  The other members of the EU will not accept these sort of demands, which attack the very foundations of the Union.  Which of course they will finally accept, giving Cameron the opportunity to claim that he had fulfilled all of his promises and then they can rig the result of the Referendum.