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This Is Dedicated To Those Whom Are Above The Rule Of Law


The Fake News cries of Donald Trump, against the lies of the mainstream media, have now been turned on their head by that very same media, which is now claiming that it is the Alternative News point of view which is the “real” source of the Fake News, even as Trump is posting his own stuff on Twitter, to avoid the spin of the mainstream, which is determined to catch him out, instead of fairly reporting his actions.

This untrustworthy media has been feeding us lies and disinformation throughout the past hundred years. We have been lied into war after war, all of them against weaker opposition, for example, Germany stood alone against the might of the combined forces of world Bolshevism, whose aim was to wipe out the German People, just as they had twenty years previously attempted to annihilate the Russian People and soon after that the Chinese People.

A mere Century or two before that the same people funded a Civil War in England and launched their first attack against the Irish People, which culminated in the Irish Genocide, which starved five million Irish People to death. As with the Genocide of the Armenian People, which was carried out by the Bolsheviks, while hiding behind another of their aliases, that of being Turkish Muslims. These Bolsheviks, do to this day, try to deny their actions, however, one way or another, these people are never too far away from a massive culling of those whom stand in their way.

Who on earth could believe that they are lurking behind the current massacres in the Middle East, where ten million people have already been murdered in revenge for an attack on 911, from which a group of Jews made a fortune? The resulting massive slaughters in the Middle East, just happen to be exactly what the Bolsheviks were asking for I suppose? What any of it had to do with 911# remains a mystery.

The Bolshevik media, which has been attempting to dig up any dirt, however old and sterile, about Donald Trump, never mentions ‘certain’ kinds of activities, which could possibly expose the true nature of certain groups of ‘professional victims’

Marikana, ah yes, that rings a bell somewhere, does it not but where could that be? Oh of course, that would be the massacre of Black Miners by an African National Congress government, a massacre which has simply melted away into the mists of time, along with the brutal tactics employed by Nelson and Willie, whom were operating under the orders of those same Communist, Bolshevik controllers, whom had funded the ANC and whom to this day, control the ANC and did so, even during the Marikana Massacre, while the Sharpville shooting, which was carried out while White people were in control, well that has become a measure of the cruelty of White People, news of which was ‘ received with horror in every quarter’ and inspired world-wide calls for that government to be destroyed. Hmm!

In more recent times, the torture, rape and murder, of White babies, in front of their screaming White parents, whom were themselves, then raped, sodomised and tortured to death, has become an everyday boring tale in Black South Africa, under Bolshevik control, by a government which has ignored the slaughter of eighty-five thousand White people, while seeking a place amongst the BRICS group, which we can assume, understands full well, by whom South Africa is controlled. China and Russia did not fare too well under Bolshevik control themselves, while India suffered Greatly under British-Bolshevik control, so what is going on?

There can be no doubt that back in the day, Britain was wholly controlled by the Bankers. Baron Rothschild himself explained that the man who controlled the money supply of any country, controlled that country and during the hay-day of the Empire, Britain was working for that man. The British Empire did not collapse, just like the Soviet Union, it was allowed to become ‘free’ in order to suit another purpose.

The first act of that ‘purpose’ was to do to India, what had previously been done to the Middle East and the Ottoman Empire, Germany and Ireland, which was to dismember it and to construct several Kashmir, East and West Pakistan and India, which to this day has created violence and death and millions of ‘refugees’.

Are we to believe that the ‘professional’ Journalists, working for the Bolshevik Media, are incapable of putting two and two together? During the Revolt in Kenya, the British press reported all of the atrocities which were allegedly carried out by the Mau-Mau, while there has been very little mention of the tactics of the ANC in South Africa.



Does that mean that the journalists of the 1950’s were of a better quality, or were they merely reporting propaganda, against Black Kenyans, whom were at that time, under the control of the British? It was recently disclosed, that just as they had done in Ulster, where the British had set-up their very own IRA, in Kenya they had their own Mau-Mau, in whose name they were responsible for an unknown number of atrocities, for which we were told that the Mau-Mau duly claimed the responsibility.

In America, the Blacks are shouting about the Red Man, whom were the ‘indigenous people’ at the time of the arrival of the White Man and the slaughter of those peaceful, ‘spiritual’ Peoples by the Whites. Those Blacks are quite incapable of understanding that they are doing the very same thing in South Africa, where the Whites were the indigenous People as the Blacks arrived, looking for a free lunch. These same Blacks are now killing Black immigrants, coming into South Africa, claiming that the immigrants are taking their jobs, even as those Blacks, whom care so much for the wellbeing of the Red Man in America and the theft of their lands, are now proposing to steal the land of the Indigenous White Farmers in South Africa.

This hypocrisy is patently obvious, just as is the ongoing theft of the Palestinians land, by that group of ‘victims’ which continues to howl about any criticism of their actions. Howls which carry so much weight that British politicians are reduced to quaking in their boots, should they dare to utter a single word against Israel, even by accident, the penalty for such a dreadful thing could lead to them being shamed out of their post.

These Politicians are in the process of passing an International Law, laying out, exactly what can be said about a Jew, which will not land you in gaol. This proposition is unheard of in modern times, particularly when it concerns a group which is implicated in some of the most hideous and barbaric crimes against humanity, in historical times, for which they have never been brought to book.

One might expect these hypocrites to keep their mouths shut in certain circumstances, but no a bit of it. In the disUnited States, a woman, a Jew woman called Feinstein, is screaming her head off about illegal immigrants being sent home to Mexico, claiming that even economic immigrants are quite entitled to walk into America and claim the right to free housing, education, health care etc because that is the American way, has she I wonder, expressed the same sentiments in the Racist Apartheid State of Israel where the ‘infiltrators’ are bussed straight back to from where they came? I doubt it very much.

The Tragic Victims Of British Humanitarianism Seek Shelter In UK.

While the British Government chooses to ignore the results of their illegal wars, the survivors, forced to leave the wastelands, which the British and their friends created, in order to save them from a relatively peaceful and prosperous life, are now going through hell on the high seas, in an attempt to escape the ongoing slaughters, which the UK is  continuing to finance.

The British are not only prepared to persist in the illegal activities, the excuses for which were deliberately generated, they are at the same time seeking an excuse to expand the slaughter into other Middle Eastern States, all in the interests of Israel and are even now eyeing up Africa, where there are huge reserves of oil,copper, gold and many other resources, which must be captured for the controllers of Chatham House ie. The Royal Institute for International Affairs ie. The Committee on Foreign Relations. This is a group which was formed by Cecil Rhodes with the money of Lord Rothschild.

The British, who were actually responsible for most of the serious War Crimes, during the Second World War, for which they managed to blame Germany, while at the same time, ignoring the slaughter which was carried out by the Jewish controlled Russian government, are now trying to blame the likes of Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein and Bashar al Assad, for provoking problems in the Middle East, problems for which they carefully laid the groundwork as long ago as 1917.

The Balfour Declaration — History.com This Day in history…

The British, whom are still providing the cannon fodder to fight Jewish inspired wars, continue to mislead the British Public as to the reasons or excuses for these ongoing slaughters. In all three wars, against Iraq, Libya and now Syria, the British, whom  quite viciously and deliberately, carried out these murders, without concern for the millions of casualties and the total destruction of all three countries, are now whining because refugees from these War Crimes are arriving in the UK, those that is, whom are not drowned in the process.

The British People, apparently feel pride in the efforts of their criminal governments, to improve the lives of those poor people over there and having had  their countries turned into  waste-lands, they should be content to stay there, under the gun of the British financed Al Qaeda and the other affiliated groups, all of whom are controlled by either the West or Saudi Arabia and all dancing to the tune of Israel.

When the lives of UK Citizens have finally been reduced to that of the Third World, the British voter might just wake-up to reality. A small island can only cope with a certain number of immigrants, so why did the Socialists, quite deliberately, allow up to ten million immigrants to enter the UK?  More seriously, why are they even considering voting for these people ever again?  What needs to happen, to make these poor people wake up to the fact that all three of the main Parties in the UK are  working together, controlled by Jews, whom have declared their first allegiance to be to Israel?

Is it too hard for the average British Citizen, whom thanks to their good education, can no longer provide a work-force with an adequate degree of intelligence, to handle a job, any more exacting than that of a factotum in McDonald’s, while the Government brings in more intelligent workers from Muslim Countries, to fill the stupidity gap? Whom, I wonder will help them tie their shoe laces should immigration be stopped?

Perhaps these lovers of Reality TV, have failed to notice that there are already large communities of refugees, from those countries, which the gullible British Citizen believes to have been saved, by British interventions, in Afghanistan, Somalia,Iraq, Syria, Libya, not to mention the huge numbers of Polish, Hungarian, East German and other refugees, whom arrived in the UK, to escape the Jewish Communists, whom with British complicity, had been given, Eastern Europe, to do with as they wished.  What these Jewish Communists wished, was to torture, rape and murder as many as possible, as quickly as possible.

This is much the same fate as befell the people of Palestine, when it too was passed into the hands of these same Jewish Communists.  The British of course, simply did not notice that Palestine had many millions of inhabitants, when they announced that they were giving “A land with no people, to a people with no land.”  Such a silly little mistake, “no matter all’s well, that ends well, wot!”

So perhaps the British people might ask their leaders, just what these people, whom are in fear of having their hearts cut out, by British Agents and eaten on film, for those users of Facebook, with a love of “Twilight,” are to do. There is nothing left of their lives in their homelands, thanks to the murderous British and their masters in the City of London.  So to where should these poor souls escape?

Is it any wonder that they are not prepared to integrate, in the UK, to suit the needs of the filth, whom destroyed their homeland, stole the oil reserves, which they are selling to China at 2 Dollars a barrel, which, when refined in China, is being sold in the West at nearly 2 Dollars a litre, or 120 Dollars a barrel.  Money, which in the day of Saddam Hussein, made it possible for them to lead a relatively prosperous life.

The new reality for the people of Libya is  no better. Syria is now on its way to same miserable fate.  The British are of course Humanitarians of high degree. Unfortunately, their interpretation of Humanitarianism, comes from Hell.

Having spoken to many British people, asking why they allow this state of affairs to continue, despite the fact that there is much evidence  close at hand, as the English have terrorised, even their closest neighbours in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, the British people,  have failed to notice.

They still have derogatory names for all of them, Paddy, Jock and Taffy and they are of course, stupid, mean or thieves, while Britain controlled the largest Empire the world has ever seen.  A task carried out like Gentlemen, of course.

The British people themselves, are never to blame. It is always the Government. So much for the Democracy,  which is being forced onto the Middle East. If there is nothing to be done about the leaders, to what does it amount? I sometimes wonder, if the people whom tells us that Democracy is the fairest system are being totally honest. To me it appears to be the most corrupt of all.