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We Will Just Have To Get Used To It. This Is Pay-Back Time. ITYS.

France, on Friday 13th, received a hard lesson.  Those whom will profit from that lesson, are hardly giving the French people time enough to wipe the tears from their eyes, before declaring their intention of going to war, against a group of thugs,  which has been murdering people, with arms supplied by the West, which includes France,  all across the Middle East.

In order to cover up for the fact that money is needed to continue the construction of a Caliphate, Daech have pretended to sell Syrian oil to Turkey which has pretended to purchase it.

Turkey is a member of NATO. Turkey is also carrying out a campaign against the Peshmerga, who are themselves fighting for a homeland. Turkey is at the same time, passing weapons from Saudi Arabia, across its border with Syria, into the hands of Daech. While Saudi Arabia has turned the weapons purchased from the United Kingdom, on the people of Yemen, illegally. And we are the good guys?  Please don’t make me laugh.

Every man fighting in the ranks of Daech, is known to the coalition by whom they are being financed.  Should it be true that one thousand men left France and eight-hundred left Britain to fight in the ranks of those whom would destroy Islam in the name of Israel, it could only be because they are not Muslims.

I pass my life alongside Muslims and I am yet to find one who does not fully understand that Daech is a Mossad outfit.

For some time there was not a word about European Muslims fighting alongside Daech, then suddenly, we were being informed that about eight hundred British and one thousand Frenchmen were fighting in the ranks of Daech and they would soon be coming home. I see! From where did they discover this information, right out of the blue?

Well I suppose that would be at the very moment, when they suffered a lapse of memory and having informed us that we must expect terrorist activity in Britain and France, from these returning trained  killers,  they proceeded to open the floodgates as they say, and greeted those by whom we would be bombed, with cups of coffee and bunches of flowers.

There is something terribly wrong with this story.  Are we being taken for fools all over again?  Are we about to suffer more of these attacks by the men in black uniforms and expensive trainers?

They say that they have just killed Jihad John, that would be to take him out of the story. We have no idea whatsoever who he really was, but he served his employers well, pretending to behead unknown men, who dutifully knelt in the sand and offered up their throats, so that John, with a Swiss Army knife, could pretend to cut off their heads.

Despite all the bull-shit, we did not see one head fall into a basket and nor did anyone else, the whole business was a fraud.  Like the pilot, in the burning cage, he did not die, he did not so much as singe a hair on his head.

They call it smoke and mirrors, if you do not believe me, perhaps you could point towards a grisly video clip.  I watched one right to the end, hoping that I would not throw up.

It was the clip with the seven-foot tall Men in Black and the four-foot tall victims in their orange jump-suits, walking on the beach.  The first victim, strangely had the head of a plastic model, without expression, which came away in the hand of the cutter.

For the second effort, they cut to a close-up and you could see quite clearly that the knife-man had a filet of meat in his hand.  You must bear in mind that these things were filmed in a film studio with a green screen, you cannot kill people in a place like that.



Jihad John was innocent, he most probably never set foot in the Middle East, never mind taking on the job of high executioner for Daech.

This was all part of the Politics of Fear.  Now you must be very afraid, because they will kill you. They showed the British that on 7-7 while the French have already had a couple of grim warnings.

All of this information is freely available online, sadly most people never use the facilities which could deliver a dose of truth, preferring to stick to the Facebook Feed.

To conclude; what we are now experiencing in Europe is the Muslim Resistance.  It makes no difference how we perceive them, the reality is the same, we have asked for this.

When Gadaffi made the mistake of trying to protect his people from terrorists, the British and French took that as an excuse to destroy Libya and murder Gadaffi. Folk in the West, cheered that act, claiming that it was a generous and caring way of saving Libya from a tyrant.

Perhaps the French might now find the strength of character, to imagine that others might consider it a caring act to rid us of our Rulers in the same manner.  You see sadly there is always another side to the story. The French did not consult the people of Libya, before bombing the shit out of them.

The most noticeable thing about the Paris attacks would seem to be, that those whom called out, during the attacks, shouted “This is for what you have done in Syria” or simply, “This is for Syria.”  Nobody mentioned the name Daech, IS, ISIL, ISIS or anything remotely similar, so why did the media, immediately associate these cries with Daech?  Sounds like they are attempting to use a situation to suit their own ends.