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Living In A Swamp Of Psychopaths!



Living In A Swamp Of Psychopaths!

I have been enthralled by the News this morning, Russian tennis queen Sharapova has been caught doping, and all of the critics have been lined up to criticise her. This is the top tale on Sky.

Next in line the claim that 85% of British women have been “wolf whistled” at by men, while on their way to work, some of them having been touched.

After that we had an unending stream of women, blathering on and on about low pay and the cost of child care and how they had to fight so hard to get the vote, being stupid, I thought that was the Suffragettes, all of whom are long dead. No matter, when they did get it what changed?

Next in line it was women, urging women to stand up for what is right for them, their children and of course The Labour Party, by voting to stay in the European Union. Women Unite for Europe.

Later in the News a spokeswoman, claimed that Angela Merkel is a “Phenomenal” Chancellor of Germany, my German friends believe her to be a distrustful Polish Jew, who has destroyed Germany with her immigration policy.

The same spokeswoman, spoke gushingly about Hillary Clinton, hoping that she would be elected in the US as she was inclined to support greater freedoms for women. Hillary Clinton is suspected of treason and is implicated in several murders, this is either being ignored or is of no particular importance, just so long as Hillary does right by women. Well sadly, Blacks thought Obama would do right by them but they were quickly disillusioned, things have never been worse for Black people, which, I suppose, is why they commit so much aggressive crime.

Today is some sort of day for International Women or some such prejudiced crap, all of which was presented without a sign of the other side of the tale. Talk about balance, on the program which was recently awarded the title of News Channel of the Year for the tenth time I believe, what a load of soap.

All of this was taking place against a background of events, which include the possibility of an International attempt to overthrow Assad in Syria, in order to place their own group in power, as the they did in Libya. Apparently a dozen NATO and Arab States are surrounding Syria, claiming to be going in to fight their own men, Daech.

There is a distinct possibility that in order to cut off the flow of immigrants into Europe, Turkey is about to be fast tracked into the Union, which will make Europe susceptible to millions of Muslims coming legitimately into White Europe from Turkey and they call this taking steps to sort out the current immigrant disaster.

Should any of these thing go wrong, we could find ourselves thrust into World War Three. All of this slaughter has been ordered by those whom would like to create a Greater Israel, the first necessary step in this process is to get rid of the current occupiers of the territory, from which Greater Israel will be constructed, Syria is at the moment on the top of that list. Yet, despite all of this impending disaster,  not a word on the News Channel of the Year.

The poisoned dwarf, love rat, Murnaghan is even as I write going deeper into the Sharapova case, worrying about big brands losing market position by being tainted with Sharapova’s drug disgrace. The case which appears to be a stupidity, almost designed to attack Russians, by banning a drug which was associated with Russia, without any evidence that it actually improves performance and which had been used by dozens of athletes for years, on January 1st and a couple of days later testing her. The thing she was taking did not even have the same name as the banned drug. No matter she’s rich enough.

Murnaghan is suggesting that Putin and Assad are responsible for the immigration problem in Europe. This claim comes full in the face of evidence which I received and posted some months ago, showing that it was agents of the West, who were offering to take immigrants to Europe and they were actually giving them money to pay the Ferryman. All of the rubber boats and life jackets are being provided by Turkey, with UK and Israeli assistance.

That would be the same Turkey which was paying Daech for Syrian Oil and selling it to Israel. Making a fortune for Erdogan and his son. Another piece of News which passed under the radar of Sky News and Murnaghan.

We are now living through times of a Great Awakening. This is a spontaneous emergence of a new generation of the extreme right. This is a group, not of the types whom are constantly portrayed on the mainstream media as loud mouthed thugs and racists. The “real right” has taken back the right to defend their own people and they have no shame, about calling for the expulsion, of those thugs whom have been allowed entry into Europe, for no better reason that to create chaos.

Should the current Liberal/Zionist model of society be allowed to continue, there will never be any way of reducing the population, should the claim of needing immigrants to replace the missing children, continue.

Instead of freezing eggs for those females, who can either coldly abort a baby, in favour of a banal job, would it not be better if they had been educated to understand the importance of their role of motherhood, instead of the steady stream of propaganda which has sought to present motherhood as a failure of some sort.

Women have already shown their complete incompetence when it comes to rearing children in a single parent household.  Which is why boys have been degraded by all and everyone, obliged to make way for whatever perversion of normal, is needed to meet employment regulations. Boys are being phased out through the contamination of our drinking water and hormone packed foodstuffs, which Mummy eagerly feeds them, to shut them up.

All of these foods are being exposed for what they are, as if that is News, they have long been known for what they are and now that the damage has been done and all the kids are fat and vulnerable, all of those thoughtful, intelligent Mums claim to have been unaware of the danger. Well they had no time to become aware of the danger, they were too busy multi-tasking or some such bullshit, while their kids were almost exploding in front of them.

The New Right will pull no punches when it comes to speaking out about women’s Rights as opposed to women’s Duties, which also need to be explored. The Muslims whom are on their way to Europe, are not shy about coming forward with their itinerary, which involves having families of twenty children, with their four white wives. These folk have a duty to breed themselves to extinction.

The backlash against the New Right is already generating a head of steam, with politicians calling them “Fascist” and “Racist” as part of the politics of fear.

Well hopefully the Liberals have had their day, immigrants are not good for our society. They will not integrate, choosing instead to set up zones, from which Whites are excluded. This should never be confused with Racism of course, only Whites are Racist.

Many immigrants never work. This has been allowed to continue, without criticism, because it has been part of the program. In France there are families who came from North Africa in the 1960’s, with children for whom they were given Family Allowance and Social payments for the parents, with free rent and access to education and Health Care. Those folk would never have found a job paying them as much as their Social Security payments, so they never worked.

Because of the employment situation in France, their children never worked and they now have Grand Children and in some cases Great Grand Children, none of whom can find employment. This is not their fault, there is no work for them. That is the Globalists lie.

The same thing holds in Brixton and other immigrant dense areas in the UK. The Black community in the UK do nothing to improve their situation, the useful thing they are claimed to have done, is to work in the National Health Service, yet despite this claim, there are still calls, for more to come ignoring the hundreds of thousands of Blacks already in the UK, claiming that yet more are needed to work in the National Health Service.

The British People need to wake up and face the fact that the Labour Party are a totally controlled bunch of scum. What they claim to stand for is a lie. They are all part of the scheme to destroy the British working man and to ultimately breed him out of existence.

Not too long ago when I made such a statement, I was laughed at, not now, the laugh is now on the other side of their face. When the immigrants started to swamp Europe, those whom called me Racist were obliged to change their tune.

This process was kicked off in the UK by Clement Attlee after World War Two, when he without opposition, apart from that of Enoch Powell, opened the floodgates to hundreds of thousands of unskilled and mainly useless Blacks from the West Indies, for no apparent reason. This policy continued with millions from India and Pakistan, also for no good reason.

The ritual was taken up by Blair, another Fabian Society member – as have been every leader of the Labour Party – to import the Muslims from the Middle East, to kick off the clearances?

The Fabian Society has been outed as having the intention of putting the Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi plan of bastardising White people with Blacks as a means of creating a docile Race of low intelligence, brown people.

The same plan was adopted when the European Union was put in place, just as it was in the UK. I was not wrong when I suggested the existence of such a hidden program in past times? The British Government, yesterday released figures suggesting that a mere 300,000 immigrants had arrived in the UK last year, while at the same time 600,000 Social Security numbers were issued, twice as many as the number of immigrants. Hmmm!

The stated aim of the Fabian Society was to ultimately set up a World Government, which would include a grouping of the British Empire with the United States and Russia. The Fabian Society was instrumental in setting up the United Nations with the assistance of the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s, the Milner Group and Goldman Sachs etc.

The Fabian Society ordered Blair to swamp the UK with immigrants, which he did. They ordered Gordon Brown to sell the UK Gold Reserves and to sign the Treaty of Lisbon. Churchill himself was a member of this Society, demonstrating the close, good guy, bad guy, liaison between the two main Political Parties in the UK.

The upcoming Referendum should be put in context. I hope that I am wrong, however I have felt that there is no way out of Europe. The original proposer of a Referendum was James Goldsmith, the Jew father of the Goldsmith whom is proposing himself as the next Jew Mayor of London, when the Jew Boris takes on the leadership of the Conservatives when the Jew Cameron steps down, he need only beat the Jew Osborne to secure the post. Goldsmith the presumed Grand Father of the future King of England, he set up the Referendum Party, with the object, so say, of seeking an exit from Europe.

That idea did not get much traction so it vanished and the baton was picked up by Ukip, which showed an upsurge to nowhere in a rigged UK General Election, in which they gained no seats apart from that of the Conservative who had changed sides.

Goldsmith, a long time friend and ally of Rothschild,

was actually deeply involved in the construction of the European Union, as was Winston Churchill a Jew, along with his cohort Anthony Eden yet another Jew. So any idea that the Germans were responsible for setting up The Common Market is shown to be ridiculous.

I hope the ex-BBC man in Bristol is reading this, Churchill was an early Bilderberg member. The City of London and the Milner Group, now called Chatham House or The Royal Institute for International Affairs, was also deeply involved with the enterprise, along with their desire of a New Jew/British Empire. They also wrote the Balfour Declaration, giving Palestine to Rothschild. They are also the founders of the Council on Foreign Relations.

“Once the European Plan had been made official, it was the same interests that pushed for its implementation. Here again, Churchill’s European Movement, in collaboration with the Bilderberg Group and the Action Committee for a United States of Europe (ACUSE) played a leading role.” (Aldrich,p. 216.)


So do you begin to understand, the Referendum will be used to either cement the British in Europe or indeed to release the British to take part in the New World Union which be built around the Old Jew/British Empire, with another secret grouping behind the scenes giving the orders, just as they do in the European Union. So either way there will be no freedom.

Victor Rothschild aligned himself with the Fabian Socialists, being himself a Communist, which is no more than code for Fabian Socialist. Bernard Shaw, he of Pygmalion fame and whom was the “Terror of the Useless Eaters,” suggested that Democracy was not compatible with Socialism, preferring a Leninist system and he adored the greatest mass murderer in historical times Joseph Stalin. That is the measure of those by whom we are controlled.

The same Fabian Society was in the forefront of Rockefeller’s Tri-Lateral Commission, with two members on the Commissions board, Roy Jenkins and Dennis Healey, the Chancellor who plunged the UK into debt and lo and behold, alleged paedophile Ted Heath, alongside them.

This deliberate contamination of Europe with Useless Eaters, was all part of the White Genocide which kicked off in 1914, when the Great War, was deliberately declared by Jew influences, in several Capitals across Europe, including France and the UK, both of which had their money supplies in the hands of the Rothschild family.

One need only look at images of men being forced to walk into a hail of machine gun fire to know, that this was deliberate murder. That is before we begin to look at the pure evil and bestiality of the Jew Bolshevik slaughters in Russia, a genocide which was observed from afar by the British and other European countries, including Germany, from where Hitler watched in horror at what was being done.

When Hitler sent Rudolf Hess to the UK to find those willing to help him stop Stalin’s Red Terror from continuing his bloody campaigns into Europe, imagine his shock when to his amazement he realised that the British supported the animal Stalin and eventually turned him loose to rape and slaughter his way across Germany and Eastern Europe.

The Fabian Society and the Socialists adored Stalin.

Do not let anybody tell you that there is no conspiracy.

Clearing Out The Garbage.


jeremy corbyn



I have come to the conclusion that even though the World may be in the sorry state in which it now finds itself, either through mischance or wanton perfidy, on the part of our leaders – whatever that word may mean – there are always those whom profit from war and destruction, a situation which can not, simply be swept under the carpet, with cries of conspiracy echoing around it.

When I was a youngster, I used to stand around watching the big boys fight. I was always surprised at how easily three or four determined lads could strike fear into a whole bunch of more peaceful chaps, who could quite easily, with a minimum of cooperation between them, quickly and easily, overcome the bovver boys, but they rarely did so.

That is a good lesson for life. We must all stick together, even women are capable of resistance, as are gays and any of the other new breeds whom are now amongst us.

I was never a very good fighter, however I was quite good at making it look as if I might be, which lead to a number of Yeh? Yeh! type of confrontations which went no further. That strategy is all that is necessary to avoid war but it is never employed, simply because those who never take advantage of this ploy are never the ones who find themselves, walking through the mud and the mist into a hail of machine gun fire. To pretend that these vermin are not sat in their counting house with a drip of snot hanging off the end of their nose, piling up the gold, is to deny reality, there is nothing which they like better than a war of attrition.

That is not a conspiracy theory, that is a hard fact, the same hard fact which points out that in France and the United Kingdom, there are thousands of jobs at risk should all of the current international conflicts come to an end. Bad for business wot? We are all guilty.

During the past hundred years, there has hardly been a day of peace. We have been subjected to a continual state of conflict, which has stretched to the ends of the Earth, no one has escaped the slaughter. So without getting involved in some form of conspiracy theory, I would suggest that there have been winners from all of this slaughter, so who are they?

The USA is of course the main source of arms which are sold mainly to poorer countries, India for example, which has a huge population, which in the main is living in squalor, is passing huge sums of the new economic earnings into the pockets of the weapon shops of the United States while its own people starve, helping to maintain the only fully functioning industry left in the US afloat.

France and the United Kingdom between them export 14 per-cent of the worlds arms, also to relatively poor countries in Africa and the Middle East, in a form of diabolical bartering, which involves the poor countries such as Nigeria, being obliged to spend the money which they gain from oil sales, back into the economies of the UK and France to purchase the necessary arms to fight the rebels whom are never short of ammunition, which appears to grow on the trees in the jungle.

The Congo has been suffering from this “terrorist” threat for decades, under cover of which, the country has been stripped bare by International Corporations, seeking oil and diamonds. The cash received for the sale of which is used to re-arm the Rebels to continue the distraction of the elected Government. It all just goes around and around. The arms manufacturers deplore peace.

All in all, whether there be or not, a grand conspiracy, which is imposing a New World Order, which will be under the control of a group of self appointed elite and their henchmen, is hard to prove one way or the other.

The proposed system, which has been constantly spoken of and many books written about it, which are still in print, involves the proposed construction of groupings such as the European Union, which I think it fair to say does exist, this would suggest there to be some connection between the reality on the ground and the expressed desire of a group which would appear to now have control of this European Union, so it should not be too long a stretch to suggest that we may have been manipulated into this Union.

That being the case why is this actuality, totally unknown to the public in general? Why was it not part of our education to be informed of the intentions of the Fabian Society, of which all of the leaders of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, apart from one of them, have been members?

This does not affect the British in isolation, this idea has also been foisted – I use the word deliberately, as every State which was allowed a referendum on entry voted against membership of this Union – on to States all across Europe, so it would be fair to say that there was some sort of occult decision amongst these States to deceive their own people. Is that a conspiracy?

Similar talks are now taking place concerning all of the members States of the European Union, with Corporations, which will pass whatever control may remain in those member States, over their own laws, rules or regulations, into the hands of these Corporations, should the TTIP treaty be signed. Just as with membership of the Union, the Peoples of Europe stand united against TTIP, so what is the overwhelming force which is pushing, those whom are bargaining in these secret talks, for us, against Oligarchs who do not give a shit whether you or I live or die? Are our politicians actually playing any part at all in these discussions or are they simply having it all explained to them?

Would it class as a conspiracy theory to demand the identity of whomsoever it may be, speaking as the leader of these Oligarchs, or by who their demands are being coordinated? What sort of group are they?

Cameron the British War Criminal claims to have conceived the idea, should that be so, we all need to be very afraid, we are after all dealing with the man who helped to fund the murder of Gadaffi and the destruction of Libya and then not satisfied with the bloodstained streets of Libya, he calmly set about financing the killer groups in Syria and has overseen the total destruction of yet another perfectly well run country all without a trace of shame. I personally would place no trust whatsoever in such a creature.

However it begs the question, for whom did Cameron and his one time buddy Wild Willy Hague, carry out these stunts? It was not done because of a few casualties in the streets of Libya or Syria, that is for sure, so who was pulling the strings? Cameron or Blair could not make decisions like those, without direct instructions from above, so who is above?

These things always go around and around and nothing is ever disclosed. Corbyn is a thorn in my side, he is not as simple and dithery as he pretends. He has been given a job to do. It was not by accident that a mature, savvy Labour Party MP, decided that she would give her vote to Corbyn in the election for Labour Party leader, when he was one short of enough votes take part in the poll, which against all odds he won.

The Fabian Society has launched Corbyn to suit yet another shady program, it could well be the final destruction of the Labour Party itself, it has served its purpose and now it is time for it to shut up shop.

Corbyn, has made no attempt to point out any of the War Crimes which have been carried out with the support of the Parliament in which he now has a voice, why not? Why no blockade of Israel, the British would support that, with no problem.

Down through the years Labour has pissed all over the working man, destroying his traditional place in the pecking order through the mass immigration of slaves and his family through the medium of paying his women to leave him. They were still intent on the final destruction of the UK under the leadership of Blair and Brown, when they re-opened the immigration flood gates. The Tories will drive the last nail into the British, Made in China coffin, without the slightest concern.


What Kind Of Dictatorship Will Replace The European Union?

NOVEMBER 1961: Bob Dylan recording his first album, "Bob Dylan", in front of a microphone with an acoustic Gibson guitar and a harmonica during one of the John Hammond recording sessions in November 1961 at Columbia Studio in New York City, New York. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

NOVEMBER 1961: Bob Dylan recording his first album,

dylan 1Young Bob Dylan (2)



Dylan 3dylan 2


Which of those Photographs are Of Bob Dylan? It’s the eyebrows that don’t match.




In recent times, I have come to distrust all of the so-called Icons of the entertainment industry, with which we have been presented, since the end of the 1950’s.

This distrust has been reinforced by the realisation that it is not simply the world of theatre, cinema and song, all of which have been feeding us images and covert messages by which we have been mislead, on top of that, if we cannot even rely on the truthfulness of the subjects which play a part in our education, in what can we place our trust?

There are now, many useful tools, such as the Inter-Web, which can be used to re-educate yourself, should you feel the need. Most people do not feel that need and they are prepared to cut your throat if you question certain ideas to which they hold dear, We are all aware of those subjects. Evolution, Gravity, World War Two, Racism, Moon Landings, Climate Change etc.

Just yesterday, being a sort of gentle provocateur, I chose to introduce an element of reality into a discussion about the coming decision as to whether the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union or not.

The subject was proposed by a columnist in the Observer, Andrew Rawnsley, I am never sure from where these folk are coming, they never give a straightforward indication as to their own position. For example, should I find myself writing a piece on the same subject, you would be left in no doubt about my position, it is quite simple, get out of the EU at once, the quicker the better. The article itself focused on the positions, which were being taken by the Members of Parliament, would the vote of The Labour Party, decide the outcome and where did Jeremy Corbyn stand on the subject.

Right off the beam, that sort of position is intolerable, mainly because in a referendum, it is the people who decide, not the underhanded characters in Parliament, whom are even now, in the middle of discussions, claiming to be seeking the necessary changes, which will convince the electorate, to accept the rigged result of the in/out Referendum, forcing them to remain in the EU, like it or not, when it is finally announced.

Even as Cameron is making it look as if he is gaining support, without un-doing theTreaty of Lisbon, by which the UK along with other States which have signed this un-read five hundred page document of dense text, nothing will change, the UK will still be ruled from Europe. Nobody is mentioning this simple fact.

Democratically elected government members, none of whom have been identified, are in SECRET talks with CORPORATIONS, which will cede control of the UK into private hands, these talks are about exactly how much power over the citizens of the UK will be allowed to fall into the hands of private business, this treaty is called TTIP and no government on earth has the power necessary, to hold these type of discussions, politicians do not own us, they are elected to work for us not for Israel or Corporations.

In reality the people of Europe are themselves being privatised and they are too dumb to notice. The EU is a meaningless construct, which was used to take control of all of the main services and resources, out of the hands of the People and into the same private ownership. This has now been achieved. The next step will be to take control of all private land, including your vegetable garden.

When “Privatisation” which should be called “asset stripping” was initiated, we were told that private ownership would, improve, gas, water, electricity and rail services, iron and steel production etc. because private industry is better. This presented an excuse to propose a giveaway price for utilities into which the public had poured billions worth of investment. As usual, the results have been a disaster and there are calls to re-nationalise them, which even the cucsocialists oppose.

So you see, the people do not even understand the simple trickery and poisoned words by which they are being herded, by the Good Shepherd, having been instructed at school, to accept that their saviour considers them to be sheep, so they stay at home on the couch watching what remains of the beautiful game, which is now in the hands of the rich along with everything else of value.

Back to the article in the Observer. The way these things work, yes there is a formula, an early comment is usually made by a loquacious character, whom while explaining how he was just a little disturbed by the mafia type methods which were used by the ‘troika’ to destroy Greece and the lack of transparency about the workings of the commission itself, and the hope that Jeremy Corbyn would eventually voice his preference, which should it support the Tory view, so be it and that despite all these niggles and doubts, he would unwillingly drag himself to the polling station to vote to remain in the EU. So there you have it, died in the wool Socialists believe we should stay in the Fabian Society construct, the EU.

The tale in the Observer questioned whether Cameron would have to rely on the Labour Party in order to win the vote. How can that be? H ow can it even be suggested? We are not talking about a vote in Parliament, we are discussing a referendum, or have they forgotten? Who cares what any of them think?

When I suggested that Corbyn, being a closet Communist and a member of the Fabian Society, which with the aid of a certain Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, a raving racist, had been constructed with the sole purpose of destroying the White European people, through the medium of mass immigration of Asian, Black and Middle Eastern origins, that he Corbyn was unlikely to do anything against the instructions of the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing at the Fabian Society, it was ignored completely.  I also playfully suggested that Socialism was no more than a weasel word for Communism.


The Essence Of The Kalergi Plan:

In his book Practical Idealism, Kalergi indicates that the residents of the future “United States of Europe” will not be the People of the Old Continent, but a kind of sub-humans, products of miscegenation. He clearly states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and colored races, thus creating a multinational flock with no quality and easily controlled by the ruling elite.Richard


I left a couple of comments, to which I received only the one response, telling me that my ideas were somewhat idiosyncratic and unworthy of his attention. He was not even intrigued enough to simply check it out.

I was hoping to keep the discussion going to the point, where I could inform him that as the Conservative party had usurped the role of representing the Communist Party of the United Kingdom, from under the nose of the Socialists, they were now redundant, which is why they were voted out of existence in Scotland. He may have read it and refused to respond.

The British Socialists have always been in bed with the Bolshevik Communists in Russia. They gave their full support to the war against Germany, knowing full well the aspirations of those same Bolsheviks to sweep across Europe. In the end Hitler managed to hold them off for a while, however, like it or lump it, we are all Communists now.

Immediately after the end of WW2, the Socialists were put into power and as is their nature, they were, even then, crouching behind a hidden agenda. An agenda which has never been allowed to slip into the public domain.

Their real nature displays them to be cruel and deceitful, always working towards an end which will not serve the worker, man or woman, transgender or gay, in any way whatsoever. They are even now disguising their intention to allow the British people to be lead to disaster.

When Clement Attlee, took the reins as puppet in chief, after the first General Election following the recent war, an election result which dumbfounded seasoned observers, which the Labour Party had, quite obviously won with the help of a whole load of trickery, William Beveridge took the first steps towards the construction of the Welfare State, designed to look after people from the cradle to the grave and all that nonsense.

This was an essential part of the Fabian Society Agenda, and its aim was to kick off the destruction of the White British people. Just as did the people of Europe during their recent invasion, the British simply stood with their mouths hanging open and watched as the invited invasion by hundreds of thousands of immigrants started to arrive, Blacks from Trinidad and Jamaica and Asians from India and Pakistan, all of them at the invitation of the Labour Party.

In order to make this invasion work the Welfare State was essential in order to pay the incomers to sit on their backsides while they sought employment or chose to simply remain unemployed in free accommodation with free education and health care with a good family allowance increasing with the number of children produced. Some immigrants never worked in the UK, it was always a more attractive option for a low paid worker to simply produce another child. They cannot be blamed for that, many British born White people chose the same option.

Europe now has exactly the same Welfare State in place and the migrants, most of them young brutes, have been trained in the techniques of gaining the maximum amount Welfare available in their chosen country. Imagine that, they are choosing where they will be paid to rape and rob.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, working as a team continued the destruction of the UK, with their assistance in the brutal illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which initiated the excuse for the current migrant crisis, which is not a refugee crisis most of the migrants are financial migrants, who are coming to Europe in search of employment as Mercenaries.

Then started the multi-culture propaganda, which is continued to this day by Corbyn and others. Only White Europeans are obliged to accept this stupidity, there are no calls for China or Malaya or Algeria to accept this dogma, only us Whites and very soon we will have nowhere left to hide, because perhaps you have failed to notice but certain people, who look pretty White themselves and whom have control of the Media and Hollywood are teaching the whole wide-world to hate us. Do you think Jeremy Corbyn and Cameron are too stupid to understand this?

So while the world is being dismantled, both in Europe and the Middle East and preparations are being made to wipe out the White and Arab Races, our politicians are actually engaged in putting into place the new regime which will throw all of the survivors of the culling, back into some Middle Ages style nightmare of controlled living.

This is the object of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Protocol, TTIP, which will, through the control of the production of everything – they will not even allow a man to make and sell the most rudimentary of products – with the completion of their intention to get rid of cash, giving them control over virtually every single transaction, through electronic payments, you will be unable to access your own money in the bank and you will be obliged to allow the seizing of taxes, fines or anything else directly from your account.

Be sure, all of this is already in the pipeline, even as the refugees flood into Europe, it has already become clear that very soon robots and other forms of mechanised production systems will replace most of the unskilled workers, whether they like it or not, which means that most of the immigrants, like those in past times will never work and the big question has already become how will all of this chaos be funded.

In any struggle for survival, it becomes necessary to identify the enemy. Should you choose to turn the other cheek against direct threats to your life and the lives of your family, there is no hope for you, you must simply accept whatever comes at you.

White people are losing the will to live or they may have already lost it. They choose to disbelieve the messenger, they are living in some dream, which deludes them into believing that it cannot happen to them. Well it recent times it has happened to Christians in Russia, Germany, Hungary and Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen is going down, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, all brutalised and Europeans refuse to face up to the fact that they are next on the list. It’s all so sad.