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Spingola Speaks With Forked Tongue!

Yesterday evening I wasted three hours of battery power, in order to listen to Deanna Spingola, who with invited guests, was going to discuss events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in  Connecticut, where a twenty year old youth was alleged to have shot dead twenty children and six adult staff.

A while back, I heard her discussing the same event on her show, with Michael Collins Piper, a character, whom I will state here and now has something about him which does not sit well within my nervous system.  Perhaps it is because he constantly refers to himself in the third person.

He suggested to Spingola that in his opinion, Sandy Hook was a genuine event and that the children had actually died as a result of gun fire. During this transmission, Spingola described Piper as her hero. My opinion of her changed radically on hearing this ridiculous admission.

Some time later a character called Holbeig drifted on to the scene, claiming to have had extensive experience in the system of security and other matters in the education system, which were relevant to the events at Sandy Hook, he suggested that as far as he was concerned, the events as reported in the Police report, did not make sense.

He was of course quickly invited on to the Spingola Show, where he was greeted by the “new” Spingola,  who could hardly restrain herself for an instant, in order to allow the fellow to finish a sentence.  She tore into him in a quite an embarrassing manner, dismissing out of hand all of his points of view.

On another occasion, she devoted her entire show to a dissertation on why she now believed that those people, which include me,  whom she now referred to as “hoaxers,” were behaving in a manner that was continuing the agony of the families of the dead children, the mention of which started her blubbering.

She also clinically dissected a YouTube video clip of the events at Sandy Hook, claiming it to be a propaganda piece, making use of clever editing and other tricks, which most of those whom viewed the video failed to find.

At this point I contacted her,  asking for an explanation as to her new-found position on the subject of Sandy Hook.  I asked her to explain  her new position on certain things which had little to do with  whether it a “False Flag” or not but simply out of curiosity.   For example, during the course of the day of the event, we were reminded on several occasions that there were hundreds of children still under lockdown in the school, I asked her how and when they had been evacuated and could she show me photographic evidence.  She ignored my question and simply told me to watch her post, which included the disgraced video.

So when I discovered that she was presenting a show on Sunday afternoon, with two researchers, one from the American Free Press, to which she is also a contributor, as is Michael Collins Piper, I was interested enough to listen to the entire show, which included her blubbering at any mention of the word,  “children,” in the forlorn hope that some of the troubling aspects of the Sandy Hook events might actually be cleared up.

I did somewhat timidly,  suggest to her that of all the so-called “False Flag” events, that Sandy Hook was the most obvious one of all and that from the word go, nothing added up.

She promised to include a phone in, which would give a few people the opportunity to question her new stance on the subject.

 The event turned out to be no more than a hatchet job on all of those whom had suggested that there was something not quite right about the official version of events,  never mind the “bad acting” of some of the characters in the piece, notably Gene Rosen, who told the same story in a dozen different ways, none of which were in any way believable.

They dismissed all of the claims made by online Radio hosts, like Jeff Rense and  Jim Fetzter, who was threatened with legal action by her companion from The American Free Press, I am not sure what his transgression was alleged to have been.

Somebody, somewhere, had made a claim that the Sandy Hook Elementary School had been closed down since 2007, Spingola and Friends spent a good ten minutes claiming to have found evidence that it was still open in 2009, therefore proving in some way that this implied that it was still open in 2012.

Spingola also claimed to have found evidence that Robbie Parker, the father of Emilie, was indeed a Sandy Hook resident and that she had proven that he was some sort of health worker. Well, I too discovered the same Robert Parker, however it was a much older man and he was the only Robert Parker in Newtown.

One of her chums brought up the family Posner, as an example of a family which had lost a child and were indeed prepared to discuss the subject in public, a decision  which resulted in a blistering attack from those who had seen the very same photo of his dead son, under another name, in another families photo album.

They then set about the destruction of the video, “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook,” which I had recently posted. One of the clips in this video is the scene in front of the Fire Station, where it was made clear that there were at least a few people who were walking aimlessly round and around.

This video was described  as a very expensive piece of propaganda, without actually explaining the reason for such a project.

Spingola herself has expressed a belief that Big Pharma has invested heavily in the “False Flag” theory,  in order to distract attention away from the fact that the killer, Adam Lanza, was using psychotropic drugs, in keeping with most of the other mass murdering youngsters in other schools.

It would however appear that the dead Lanza was found to be drug free. It has never been explained why he should have his brothers driving documents on his person, having not seen his brother for some time. That is if he is a “real” human being, unlike his image,  which resembles a caricature of a zombie.

Spingola then announced that she and her chums had decided not to allow a “phone-in” fearing that it might lead to raised voices which would be disturbing for the families of the dead children. Blubber, blubber.  And that was it.  Not one dissenting voice allowed after three hours of rubbish.

What is more we are no closer to a reasonable explanation of what actually happened at Sandy Hook.  I found the video “We Need to…..” extremely interesting, with very little which could be discredited without actually discussing things with those whom were involved in the production.

 As for the Police film of the parking lot, which was running all through the period when the children were allegedly evacuated, apparently without trace, from the school, what could she complain of in that?

So all in all my faith in yet another member of the Alternative Community has been seriously shaken.  It remains to be seen if she and her family have been threatened by some group and if so,whether she will stand up and say so, which is often the best approach.

I have decided to republish this post in view of the upsurge in interest in the tale, due to the publication of Jim Fetzer’s new book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which has excited Deanna Spingola and friends into a frenzy of activity, in an effort to discredit Fetzer’s investigation.

Her latest programme on Republic Broadcasting, was a long and dreary tale of Christmas trees and that a good old boy Gene Rosen. As is usual no dissent was allowed.  I have come to the conclusion that there is far more to Spingola’s strident new attitude to Sandy Hook, she gives the impression of trying to completely discredit her earlier work, on subjects such as The Second World War and the Holocaust.

Unless she is intent on doing an about turn on that subject as well, she would be well advised to shut up, Sandy Hook is such a blatant False Flag, which included young children being left lying dead in their own blood, on the Sandy Hook school floor, while the Coroner clocked off for the night, promising impatient  journalists, that he would return in the morning to continue his inspection of the dead.  No serious researcher could possibly support such nonsense.