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Gone Are The Days When Made In Britain Meant Something.

We called on [President Bashar] Assad to go. We set the red lines of what we would accept in his treatment of the Syrian population. And then we did nothing about it,” Johnson said, according to Bloomberg. We willed the end, and failed to will the means – leaving the pitch wide open for Russia and Iran.”“British foreign policy is not the problem; it is part of the solution,” he said, insisting that unrest in Syria and the Middle East “have been exacerbated not so much by Western meddling as by our aloofness.”

These are the ramblings of the Jew Eton Boy, Boris Johnson, who spent his formative years in the company of those other Jew Eton Boys, George Osborne and David Cameron, who along with Wild Willy Hague, actually constructed the terrorist groups which have brought chaos to Syria, shortly after they had bestowed the same blessing on Libya.

Do the people of the United Kingdom need this kind of idiot running the front office? Why is it so difficult for them to vote for decent folk. Not members of a Political Party, or posh boys, to do that means you may end up with wig-wearing idiots like Diane Abbott, attempting to remember where she is at any given moment. All Political Parties are Corporations, which in short means they work for the Chief Executive Officer, who works for the main shareholders, whom are not the people.

Most of the Western World, Britain included, is devoid of resources. Once upon a time, Britain had coal and steel and Cloth Mills, a huge car industry, wagon shops for locomotives, ship building, the first jet aircraft, including the worlds most beautiful airliner, the Comet and of course Concorde.



Those days have long gone and Britain no longer has any industrial clout. It has become a net importer of all its needs, motor cars made in the UK are made by foreign companies, even Rolls Royce was thrown to the wolves, all of it through the deliberate policies of so-called Socialists.

When World War Two came to an end, the newly elected Socialist Party, began the introduction of the Fabian Societies policy of open door immigration. The Fabian Society has been writing Labour Party policy from the early days of the Party. David Rockefeller was educated by the Fabian Society, at the London School of Economics, he also funded both the Fabian Society and the European Union, with the help of Churchill, that should give the British a glimpse of the reality of British politics. However, in anybody’s terms, this is not the best of times to be continuing the flooding of the UK with immigrants.



In a small country, which is already heavily overpopulated, with limited agricultural land available, where through idiotic regulations, imposed by the European Union, production of milk was undermined by the cheaper milk from Poland and elsewhere and the fishing industry destroyed, leaving the UK as an importer of many foodstuffs which were once home-grown.




I find it hard to imagine what will happen in London and other big cities, should the promised mini ice-age arrive this winter. In 1963 the UK was hit by a severe winter and everything came to a standstill, since when the population of Britain is almost twenty-million greater than it was back then, with most supermarket’s holding a limited stock of food, relying on frequent refurbishment, every three days, when they are already running short of stock.

Back in 2010, I personally found shortages on the shelves after a severe snowfall, which made deliveries difficult and there were supply shortages for a couple of weeks,  before things got back to normal. I was snowed in for two weeks, and forced to hitch hike to the shops. In a large city things will be even more difficult, as people buy all and everything, just in case, the freeze-up is prolonged.


Spring 2010, South of France this is a colour photograph.







Who Will Be The Last Domino Left Standing?

There is a huge effort being made to disguise the fact that Russia is still in the grip of the Bolsheviks. The Russian President Medvedev is and was a Bolshevik. Putin was a KGB Officer in the Bolshevik regime.

The idea that those whom financed the coup d’etat in Russia in 1917, who just happen to be the same Bankers and Industrialists, whom still control the World’s money supply, have allowed Russia to collapse through debt, while the whole world struggles on despite holding a unrepayable debt owed to the same Bankers,  is quite ridiculous.

Russia is now controlled by fifteen frontmen, called Oligarchs, twelve of them are Jews,  whom with financial aid from the Banking families, bought every worthwhile Russian resource, including oil and gas, at knockdown prices, when the Bolshevik Gorbachev, ceded control of Russia into the hands of a drunken idiot called Yeltsin, whom dutifully carried out all of these rigged transactions.

This charade was necessary, to coincide with the moment when the European Union was about to be transformed into the European Soviet Union, thus disguising the fact that we are one and all Communist now.

We the people have been bamboozled into believing that it was those dratted  National Socialists who were intent on taking control of the entire planet, when in fact the real dreamers, intent on pulling off this stunt were staring us in the face in the pages of the Communist Manifesto.

Communism was never anything other than a means of reducing the working man into a situation of shared poverty, while the richest people in the world are maintained in a state of shared wealth. Wealth which was of course generated by the increasingly poverty-stricken working man.

The European Union is designed to behave like the taxman of last resort. In a Parliament which is devoid of any form of power, Members simply sign in for five minutes to justify their salary and expenses, while the billions of Euros, received as payment for EU membership, simply disappear and are never fully audited and signed off.

Across the Union there are thousands of Commissars, infiltrating Local Government, with the intention of preparing the way for the clearance of rural areas. Should all else fail the water courses will be contaminated by “fracking” for oil and gas, making country life impossible.

These Commissars – in the UK they are called Common Purpose – are being trained to replace local residents on Town Councils, where the leaders of local town Councils, have already, without a word to those by whom they were elected, signed on to Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, which is the new revised version of the Communist Manifesto.

Voters in European States have already accepted that the main Political Parties, choose their own Candidates. It is no longer possible for local people to propose a local resident to represent them unless he or she is standing as an Independent.

This will very soon become even more difficult as the EU Commission is in the process of accepting only certain names for Parliamentary Parties. The object being to make sure that their men, Common Purpose, the Commissars, are duly put in place, falling into a Europe wide political framework, which will render the already obsolete Sovereign Parliaments to the dustbin of history.

The duly elected stooge, known as the Mayor of ex-Capital Cities, will rule the roost. An International Organisation of Regional Mayors has already been set in place. This is already happening across Europe where the number of “regions” in Sovereign States are being reduced, thus concentrating more power into the hands of the Commissars, that is the way of Communism.

In the United States, the interior of the country is being taken under the control of the Bureau of Land Management, in this way all resources can be passed into the hands of those giant corporations by which we are all destined to be ruled.

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were being warned about the famous Domino Effect, when it was claimed that should one Asian country fall to Communism, they all would.

 So Korea was quickly put to the sword,  by the gang of  criminals  thugs calling themselves the United Nations,  a short while after the Chinese went Commie, with financing and arming from Rockefeller and his chums of course, a team which chose educated and placed the “puppet” Mao Zedong into power in China.

Vietnam was next on the list and just to show willing the Yanks slaughtered the Cambodians and dropped a few thousand tons of lethal explosives on Laos, before peppering the entire region with Monsanto’s Agent Orange. Now, despite all that effort, we have all been taken under the wing of the Bolsheviks without a sign of resistance.



Strange how the atrocities in Vietnam and Cambodia did excite so much hatred as do the capers of Daech. In case you should think that Vietnam was an isolated incident, little is known of the behaviour of the Yankees in Korea, where refugees were systematically machine-gunned to death, which is the hidden reason why North Korea distrusts the Yankees.

As far back as the seizing of the Philippines the Americans were practicing their water-boarding technic, using a hose-pipe down the throat to pump a prisoner to bursting point and then jumping on his stomach. They could teach Daech a thing or two, could they not?


A Sinister And Alarming Decision Taken By The European Union.

Hot on the heels of my most recent posting, in which I related the tale of the deliberate irradiation of one-hundred-thousand Jewish  children,  for which the Israeli Government was paid handsomely by the US, it has now been decided by the European Commission, to allow this Satanic State, to export pharmaceutical drugs into the European Union.

I most certainly would not want find myself being injected with anything which came out of that demonic hell-hole.  Virtually  the whole of the Drug Industry is in the hands of Rothschild and Rockefeller, whom control, Bayer and Merck, along with many other lesser known companies. Bayer has already been found guilty in France, of knowingly distributing blood products which were contaminated with the Aids virus, to haemophiliacs,  contaminating and killing many users.

Those associated with Rothschild and Rockefeller have stated, quite clearly, that their intention is to cull up to ninety percent of the world’s population, by whatever means is available, including the needle.

That being so, is it a good idea, to grant the power to poison us with whatever new vaccine or other generally injectable wonder drug they may announce, which can be exported to Europe, with no checks being made on the constituents of the drug, as long as it “Conforms to EU Norms.” How this is to be verified without testing has not been explained.

This is yet another attack on the safety of our drugs and foodstuffs, which recently came under the spotlight, when it transpired that China was reinforcing baby milk with a form of powdered plastic which mimicked protein, killing an unknown number of babies to whom it was fed,  which was also given access to European Markets.

China is already forcing its way into the Organic Food Business, despite the fact that there is hardly a square centimetre of China which is not contaminated.

I use no pharmaceuticals and I will certainly not be changing my habits in  order to imbibe anything coming from Israel.

Reserve Your Ticket For The End Of The World Show.

We are trapped in a hiatus, unsure of the nature of oncoming events, however of one thing we can be sure, the future is not likely to be kind to us.

The Media, which in the main is in the hands of the Money Lenders, feeds us a daily dose of such blatant hypocrisy and disinformation that it demonstrates, more clearly than any other single device, the total stupidity and ignorance of the “People.

This being the case, waiting for the “People” to wake up is a futile exercise. The “People” have submitted to every indignity to which they have been subjected.

The evidence of the Shadow Government has never been so clearly demonstrated as by the current candidates for the Republican nomination in the upcoming Presidential election in the US. Who can believe that any one of the leading contenders will be endowed with one ounce of real power should they be elected. Why should they receive one ounce of power, when between them they do not possess an ounce of credence?

Events in Syria have stalled the progress towards a Third World War, which the same Shadow Government will use to impose a One World Government, which will mark the success of all sorts of predictions from the Talmud and other Zionist documents.

Persia, one of the oldest civilisations, has been selected as the symbolic Biblical “Last Battle” opponent which will end with the complete domination of the Human Race, by that other band of blood-thirsty savages from the Middle East the Jews.

The controlled British Government, has been apoplectic in its attempts to force the agenda of the City of London Money Lenders, down the throats of the world community, in an effort to speed up the progression to war.

A spokesman for the Cameron Government, called Malcolm Rifkind, whom I believe was a member of the Thatcher administration, screeched his bile at a spokesman from the Russian Government, declaring that Russia had blood on its hands, by denying the necessary assistance to the people of Homs, whom were being killed by the Syrian Army.

This from a Government which has so recently, completely destroyed  the city of Sirte in Libya, without the slightest regard for the thousands of civilians whom were killed in the process. They now want to bring this form of assistance to Syria?

So while waiting for Syria to fall, which will lead to a possible skirmish with the Russians and maybe Hezbollah in Lebanon and which will most certainly announce to Iran that they are next in line and they may take the view that an instant attack, before they are disabled by massive air-strikes, would be the best policy, the Money Lender controlled Governments of the Democratic “Free West” are getting agitated.

The economies of every Western Country, have been destroyed by design. All talk of a recovery is a nonsense. Every austerity measure is another nail in the coffin. Most of the unemployed people in the West, will probably never work again. In China and India alone there are two billion people, whom are prepared to work for a pittance. These poor people will be used by the Money Lenders until they have served their purpose and they will then be culled.

The talk in the UK is of Climate Change Ministers, whatever that means, Green Jobs and still more Free Trade agreements. In the US things are becoming so grim that soon cannibalism will be the order of the day.

Under the noses of the people, even the food which they produce, which they naively believe is to feed them, will soon turn out to be a false belief, your Government has signed UN Treaties, under which control of all food has been passed to the UN, which is of course controlled by the Money Lenders.

As the current situation develops, which will involve the break-down of the financial system, all food will be sequestered by the UN and rationed out, country by country, according to population. The aim of this is to encourage the murder of the old and infirm whom will be considered not worth feeding.

This was all in the planning before World War 2. Stalin, the Butcher, was on his way to Europe, at the behest of the Jewish families, whom had control of both World Wars and the Russian Revolution, to over-run Europe, which was pre-occupied with the City of London provoked war against Germany. Hitler became aware of the up-coming Russian attack and averted it.

Germany paid a high price, every major city in Germany was destroyed and millions of people murdered by the “Allies” in the name humanitarianism no doubt. For the second time in a generation, Germany was dismantled and the Money Lenders installed themselves in  power.

These were the same Money Lenders whom had organised the Treaty of Versailles which forced Germany to pay reparations to all other countries which had fought against them during the Great War. It also allowed the carve-up of the Ottoman Empire, which deliberately caused the current chaos in the Middle East. The object then was to destroy the Islamic World and it is still the aim of the Money Lenders.

Stalin was given control of Eastern Europe and part of Germany. This decision was the root cause of the continuing conflicts in the Balkans and it created misery for millions of people in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, whom received no form of humanitarian assistance from the controlled West, during their struggles against the Soviets.

The same families of Money Lenders, have now carved the rest of Europe into Zones. Details can be found in the Lisbon Treaty. The usual system has been employed, part of the UK is to be mixed with parts of France and Holland, while parts of France will be attached to Spain etc. The Rulers of these Zones will be selected by the hidden hand of the Money Lenders, in  much the same way as are the leaders of the UN and EU. It has been decided that we are now Post Democratic.

So here we are. The hiatus. What next?  For most of us the future looks bleak. We are already being poisoned by our food. Be sure, Monsanto is a Biological Warfare Company. Who in their right mind would allow a chemical warfare company to take control of our food? Sadly, the  answer is a simple one, those whom would have us dead.

The air that we breathe is contaminated with Depleted Uranium, from warfare and with fallout from Fukushima, which has been quietly taken off the Front Page.

Most young men are partially sterile, while many older men completely so. IVF treatment will soon be the most common method of producing babies. Abortion has already become a major form of birth control.

IVF provides the perfect means to manipulate the genes of the unborn, in order to produce whatever breed of unquestioning slave of which the One World Government has need.

So what has brought us to this end? Sadly it is the age-old story of greed and corruption. Through lack of education, we have allowed our Democracy into the hands of Professional Politicians. There should be no such thing. The only quality in the hands of Politicians is the Art of Lying and the facility to accept a back-hander. They possess no other qualification.

Political Parties should be avoided like the plague. In the Maghreb and the Middle East, the Money Lenders have already financed those whom are destined to gain power. It will be a Bankers Democracy, based on debt, which will take root, be sure of that.

We also deny the evidence of our own eyes. It must be clear to anyone with a brain, that the extortionate amount of our money, which our elected Governments allows to be passed into the hands of Bankers, many of whom appear to be Jews, is criminal. Hundreds of billions of Dollars, of our money, is being paid in interest, in return for nothing.

This money has been used by these bankers, many of whom are Jews, to take control of the world. The US, UK and France, have long been controlled by these bankers, and it is a certainty that every war which has been fought since Napoleonic times was in the interest of these bankers. Just as the current hostilities, which are being presented as humanitarian acts, are a means of destroying a far superior, more egalitarian monetary system, in  order to install, their preferred debt based system.

You may have noticed that I refer to only some of these bankers being Jewish. I stress this because to claim that the Jews have complete control of the Central Banking System, World Wide, which is being used to enslave us all, is considered to be anti-Semitic. In response to this I will state that I do not personally know of any Central Banking Family, which is Semitic. There may well be some. The best known such as Rothschild and Rockefeller are not Semitic, they are Caucasian, they are Khazar Jews, whom have no link whatsoever with Palestine. Neither, I might add do I know of any Central Banking Families which are not Khazar Jews.

The upcoming Olympic Games, which is being organised by a self-confessed Zionist, Sebastian Coe, has chosen a logo for the Games, making use of stylised numbers, which can be quite easily manipulated to read ZION. Thus introducing an element of Politics into an event which should remain apolitical. The British Government had no say in the matter, the decision was taken in “The City.”

Until we are prepared to face up to what is going on, we will change nothing. Speaking for myself, I do not want to be placed into the hands of unelected bankers, whom do not have my best interests at heart.These are the same bankers whom took control of Russia and slaughtered Sixty-Five Million people, without compunction. Are we to stand back and wait for them to bring the same thing to Western Europe?

We are on the cusp of something enormous, which is why nothing is being done. Governments are not even making a token effort at producing jobs for the unemployed.  They are one after the other asking for loans which will involve the privatisation of anything of value which remains in the hands of the people.

A country of four hundred million people, such as the US, cannot function without an industrial base. That base was quite deliberately uprooted and transplanted over-seas. It is not coming back.

So what is the future for the US? Quite simply, oblivion. There is no other solution. They will descend to the level of any other Third World country and they will be quietly euthanized through the medium of poisoned GMO food, dozens of toxic chemicals with which the water supply has been laced and no doubt many from an over-dose of prescription drugs and the rest as a result of vaccine poisoning.

The industrious Chinese would probably be partial to a chunk of the US as an annex to their own overcrowded country. They hold so much US debt they are entitled to quite a big chunk. Most of the US is already under Moneylender control, through their Front Company at the UN, no doubt in readiness for a new style  race of Serfs.

The position of Europe is no better than that of the US. Ireland had a few years of relative freedom after they gained independence from the British, only to be forced back into the dungeon by Bilderberg controlled politicians. The Irish are not alone, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Belgium and soon France, are all in the same position. There is now no good reason to continue the idea of a European Union, it is a total failure and not worth the exorbitant cost.

There is a simple solution to most of these problems, that is the total abolition of the system of Central Banking. The issuance of credit which does not impose debt, would go a long way towards the invigoration of industry, it would put a sparkle into the idea of buying a home, where one would pay a reasonable charge on the loan and then repay the asking price for the property and not three or four times the asking price when interest is added.

It goes without saying that this is out of the question. Our puppet politicians will not even countenance discussion of the idea. They are one and all in the power of the Banking Families.

All in all our professional politicians have not served us well. They have in fact not served us at all. Listening to the pap which seeps out of the mouths of the likes of Newt Gingrich, a Presidential hopeful, calling for murder, one should not be surprised at the mentality of the folk by whom he is controlled.

Much the same can be said of the slime ball William Hague, how anybody in the UK could cast a vote in favour of this cold-blooded slaughterer of innocent men, women and children is unfathomable.

Hague has found his true vocation as the War Lord for the Money Lenders War Machine. The way things are going he will be kept busy spreading his lies and deceit to mask the atrocities which the UK continue to carry out.

So here we are, in the waiting room for hell. The Money Lenders way out of this form of log jam, is to organise a war, which will force people to accept whatever restrictions which are deemed necessary. The way out, is for The People to stand up and speak out.  When the missiles start to fly in their direction they may wish they had.

The first step should be to force a vote on Europe. Once out of that mess, get rid of the false debt, which our politicians have allowed to be laid at our door. Then never again vote for a Political Party.

What is Going on at Press TV?

Firstly, I must hold up my hand and admit that I have become totally disillusioned with George Galloway. My disillusion is now spreading to Press TV, which is giving Galloway a platform to disseminate what can only be described as British propaganda.

During a recent tirade against Gadaffi, he dismissed a callers claims that Gadaffi had done a lot for the people of Libya. The caller explained that Gadaffi paid the account for students education abroad, which could be as much as 100,000 dollars. Galloway responded by dismissing this gesture, by explaining to the caller that Gadaffi had done no such thing, that the money belonged to the people.

Perhaps he could explain what the British Government had done with the British people’s money, leaving students in the UK with thousands of pounds of debt before they even entered the work-force.

Perhaps he could explain how it could be that the British were being forced into austerity measures, while Libya had been functioning perfectly well before the French and British set-up an attack, after sending hired killers into Benghazi to provide the excuse.

He also, in response to another call, claimed that the best thing about the form of Democracy which existed in the West, was the possibility of voting the Government out of office.

This one simple claim, shouts out loud, Galloway’s cynical support for Establishment inspired lies and misinformation. Perhaps he would like to explain what the UK Labour Party did with the promise of a vote on the Lisbon Treaty?

He may also like to explain how I might vote out of office the Commission of the European Union, which has Dictatorial powers. The same applies to the United Nations. I was given no vote on the set-up of this Dictatorship. However Rockefeller had a quite a lot to say on construction of this organisation. George however will not discuss this as he claims not to know whether Rockefeller is Jewish or not, so we wont go there in case it might fall into the anti-Semitism court.

The truth is as Galloway well knows, there is no Democracy in the West. Elections are rigged. All three main Political Parties in the UK are indistinguishable from each other. They all lie to get elected, only to continue the policies of the previous administration to the letter.

Galloway shouted in  anger when Gadaffi was presented as a reasonable leader, saying that he refused to accept that Gadaffi was any sort of Socialist. Personally, I am pleased that this is so. The majority of people have been led to believe that Socialism is in the interest of the working man, this is just another Political lie. Socialism is just a form of Communism, which is 100% in favour of the Elite. The only thing that Socialism or Communism has achieved for the people is mass slaughter.

I could carry on in the same vein for hours. I have noted dozens of snippets of Galloway, not only on Press TV but also on his Talk Sport Radio Call In programme. He is adroit at presenting the establishment view, in  a way that is not to be found even on the BBC or Sky News.

In his most recent broadcast on Press TV, he discussed the Norwegian attack. He rightly accused the press of claiming at first that it was a group connected to Al Qaeda which had carried out the attack, without explaining that this was improbable,as Al Qaeda was currently working for the British and French in Libya, where four of the “Rebel” leaders are working out of the CIA headquarters in Virginia.

He went on to emphasise the cardinal points of the released tale, that it was a lone gunman, ignoring reports on CNN, ABC and France 24 that eyewitnesses had seen two shooters. They all gave the same description of the second man. Tall, dark-haired with typical Norwegian features.

He also failed to mention that the police, in their press briefing, in English, explained that they arrived on the island at 5.28 in the afternoon and at 5.30 they arrested the gunman. They simply called out his name, which must have been delivered to them by divine providence, the man put down his gun and walked over to the police to be arrested.

Galloway then announced that the man was an extreme right-wing lunatic who was in touch with other right-wing lunatics across Europe, giving a necessary helping hand to the Elite in their desire to now set-up White Al Qaeda, in order to make us all potential terrorists, thus allowing a further step in the direction of total dictatorship.

There will of course be no need of a proper investigation of events, as the man has admitted his guilt. He will now be hidden from view until his next appearance in Court, allowing ample time for the case against him to be built up, connecting him to as many dissident groups as possible.

Galloway is now assisting in the demonizing of white people, to suit the Elitist agenda, in exactly the same way as he apparently thought that Muslim people had been unfairly treated after 911 and 7-7.

Galloway is a professional politician. He understands how the system works. He knows full well we have been fed lies and deceit since kindergarten.

I can see clearly where Galloway is coming from, the only thing which is unclear is the real position of Press TV in all of this nonsense. They have some sharp reporters working for them, why have they not been unleashed on Galloway? Or perhaps Press TV has an agenda of its own. We must wait and see.

They are constantly pushing the disgraced “Global Warming” agenda, in exactly the same manner as Sky News. All the evidence suggests that we are in fact heading into a mini Ice Age. One might expect a News Service which was truly free and independent might give an airing to the views of the thousands who have stood up in condemnation of Man Made Global Warming, through the use of Documentaries presenting the truth and exposing the lies of the IPCC.

Today in the South of France, at eight o’clock in the morning, my hands were white with the cold, while people in the street were muffled up in winter clothing. It has been much the same story all through ‘Summer’, is this Global Warming?” Will paying a tax to Rothschild change this? I think not.