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The Battle For The Minds Of Our Children.

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While in the process of replying to a comment on a clip which I had posted on Bitchute, which had questioned a remark which I had made about Daech being controlled by Eric Prince, the controller of Blackwater or Academi, who is even now calling for Donald Trump to “privatise” the illegal American and NATO war in Afghanistan into his hands, I came across an Eric Dubay clip, discussing the “Flat Earth”, what else? I will come back to Blackwater later.

During the course of the discussion Eric suggested that one of the main objections to a “globe earth” was the idea that “Rail-Roads” were obliged to be laid as level as it was possible to lay them, otherwise steel wheels could not gain enough traction on steel rails, to climb even the slightest of slopes, never mind climb up the side of a globe earth, whether “gravity” existed or not.

Eric’s position sounds like “common sense” to me, apart from the question, which I have been posing for some time, which I have “proudly” referred to as “Enochered’s Law” which states that: “On a Globe Earth the only way is down”. and my question, which is not in disagreement with Eric’s position but which illustrates the frailty of the Globe Earth arguments. On a Globe Earth the train will not be climbing up the side of the Earth, because there is no “side” to a gravity controlled Globe, simply because of Enochered’s Law, which correctly points out that the train will actually be descending the slope because wherever you are, you are always on the “top” of a gravity controlled globe.

My question has simply been ignored by all of the “Globers” because it demonstrates the stupidity of the “boat disappearing over the slope” idea, which is the favourite excuse used to claim the “globeness” of the Earth. My favourite question was, “when two trains meet, one coming “down” from Cairo, which crossed paths with another coming “down” from Capetown, how would they sort themselves out? Plus on the deck of a boat about to disappear over the “slope”, those aboard would be looking “down” at the harbour even as those on the harbour waving goodbye, would be looking “down” at the boat. Confused?

Well so am I and indeed so was a Physicist, who was involved with the Cern Collider,  who I interviewed a while back and who admitted to me that the team he worked with had no idea what gravity actually was, having just explained to me that “all” of the experiments at Cern were based on gravity. When I said that in fact everything was a sort of mystery and that the scientists “knew,” little more than “If you do this, that will happen and nothing else” he agreed with me and also mourned the existence of so little evidence of the “Globe Earth”. I am sure that there is a head with a brain out there somewhere which can explain where I am going wrong.

Anyway back to Blackwater and the notion of “privatised warfare”. Warfare has always been a “private” affair, we have simply been indoctrinated to believe there to have been some difference between Blackwater and the “Royal Fusiliers” or the “Royal Air Force” which were nothing more than killing machines for the International Traders, ever since the days of the Roman Empire, which was the original puppet State, which was funded by the “Money-Lenders” from the Temple and which eventually drowned in debt as a result but not before the “Empire” had fallen victim, to amongst other depravities, those such as bestiality and the marriage of an Emperor to his horse, rampant homosexuality and paedophilia. Much as was Weimar Germany before the arrival of Adolf Hitler.

A Jew called Isaac Asimov, who was in fact a major plagiarist, wrote a trilogy of books called “Foundation” which purports to explain the ability of an “Empire” to survive, un-noticed by humanity, as it set about recovering all and everything, of importance, which it was believed to have been lost after the downfall and which could be used to build a better future.

Sadly when the “Roman Empire” did collapse, there was no “Hari Seldon” type saintly character, to quietly recover and record all of the greatest achievements of previous times which were to be stored away in an un-known “Second Foundation” from where they could be recovered for the benefit of future generations. In fact the opposite was true, all and everything of interest was destroyed and ancient books and manuscripts altered and copied, while the originals were taken under the control of those whom had brought the “Roman Empire” to its knees and the control of these documents rests with the “dark-side” to this day. There is no historical record of any such thing as a “Good Empire” the current crop amply displays this situation as the “Big Boys” arm themselves to the teeth.

I hope you take the time to watch the clip which I have posted at the top of this post, there are some very strange ideas presented towards the end, which I found found to be quite incredible, while not being too certain that they were true, no matter, it’s all good fun.

As for the current warfare in the Middle East and all across Asia in recent times, those whom believe these wars to have been anything other than “Gang Wars” are deluded. The Whole Wide World is ruled by gangs of one sort or another, with puppets sitting in the front office.

As I have just explained, History is never truthful. Just yesterday I was obliged to explain on a Bitchute clip, that the claims made by Jews about the marking of shops in Germany with the word “Juden,” was to make sure that no German bought Jew merchandise in retaliation against a Jew initiated blockade against German made goods all across the World, this whinge was made after a writer was refused an award for a book, an award which she had already won, after it was disclosed that she supported the aim of putting sanctions in place against Israel. Jews immediately complained about the “horror” of being reminded about the Germans doing it in the 1930s,  the real reason for which I am sure they are fully aware. Apart from which the Jews lake no complaint about denying the People of Gaza, all  the necessities, which are sorely needed to survive Israeli aggression.



This “truth” is clearly marked alongside the “truth” that the Jews declared war on Germany, long before anything could have taken place because of Hitler, who had so recently been elected. This is the evidence of the collusion between our elected Gang Bosses and those whom now speak for the Jews, whom continue to deceive us all with their wild claims, which even when exposed as being deceptive, are religiously repeated, year after year, while our leaders force those lies down our throats.


The sad fact of the matter is, the British Government has been controlled from the City of London for Centuries. and despite my heroic efforts the British people still fail to understand this simple situation which has been holding them in chains and robbing them,  while every now and then they send the young men to be mowed down in some useless war which is never fought for the improvement of the people but to further the control of the Pilgrim Society which is installed in “The City”. Wake up.


Living In The Ruins Of Empire.

The bench mark of Empire is that of Rome.  The Rise and the Fall of Rome, the most magnificent Empire in historical times. It is regularly used as the model, of how through acquired weakness, events over which we have lost all control, will one day bring about our Fall,  only to be over-run by a group with an insatiable, psychopathic lust for power and of course the Barbarians, both of these elements, normally work hand in glove.

In Roman times, slaughter became industrialised on a grand scale.  At the height of its glory, Rome and its Legions were supreme. The vestiges of Greece, Egypt and Arabia, all fell under its control.  Despite this apparent invulnerability, when the end came it was as a result of debauchery and vanity.

A Des Arénes

Des Arénes de Nîmes, where the locals cheered on the blood-letting while they scoffed their bread, apparently prepared to accept a role in the gruesome spectacle, should they be “chosen.” These events are even today mirrored by the beheading of hundreds of Saudi Arabians, in public, each year.

As is the way with these things, they are presented as being is some way, colourful and glorious, a part of the wonderful tapestry of history.  There is however no record of the fear and loathing which would most certainly have been generated amongst the victims of these events.

The Shock and Awe of Iraq under bombardment, most certainly had the television audience in rapture and calling for an encore but what of the poor bastards scurrying about beneath it looking for shelter?  Could these folk now be counted alongside the other Barbarians, kicking down the doors of the Empire?

When Rome fell, the families of those given the “thumbs down”  of death, by the Roman Governor, in the arenas would not have been too distressed, just as those in South America, whom helped the Spanish defeat another Empire, that of the Mayan, Incas or Aztecs, having become just a little bit jaded at losing their prettiest girls to the knife wielding savage, whom would cut out their heart and eat it while it still pumped. The South American Empires also built Stadia in which men played themselves to death.


One is tempted to suggest, that should you be capable of building big piles of rocks, however savage your demeanour, you will be considered as “Great” by the psychopaths whom write our history. It should be noted, that when future generations look back on the current Empires, there will be little trace remaining, as we have already been taken down by savages, who steal rather than deal and who have lost the ability to construct anything of lasting value.

Nîmes, has for centuries, suffered from a shortage of water.  In Roman times this problem was dealt with by constructing massive aqueducts to bring the water from the hills into the heart of Nîmes. The most impressive aqueduct on the way from the hills, The Pont du Gard, is still standing, there is however no list of the names of those whom lost their lives during its construction.

A Pont du Gard 2

The point of arrival of this water  in Nîmes, is still there and its function is plain to see, how water was directed down through the streets of the town serving houses by which it flowed. Wonderful stuff what?

A Pont du Gard distributeur

I am blessed to live in such an area.  There is something very special about living, where others come on holiday. However I am sure that in one thousand years time, not too many folk will be arriving in search of more recent architecture.


A Maison Carée

The beautifully restored Maison Carée, is now blessed with this monstrosity on the other side of the road, visible through the pillars of the Roman masterpiece, which Mark Twain described as the most perfect Roman building outside Rome.



Take a look at what was replaced by the current occupier of the space, can you believe that they actually took this beautiful building away, stone by stone back in the 1980’s, with the intention of restoring it only to change their mind.

La Comédie de Nîmes

Any way, that’s enough of the guided tour.  That is just an example of what an Empire could be, without need of the blood-shed.  We are however still in the grip of the fiends. Like the poor they are always with us.

Never content and having stolen most of the wealth of the planet,  for themselves, the ruling madmen, with the blood of the innocent dripping from their fingers, can find nothing better to do than to start another slaughter-house. Figures suggest that the British, French and Americans, have massacred  some thirty million people since the end of World War Two. Even the Romans could not equal that score and yet the voting public in all three of those Boils on the Arse of Humanity, religiously vote for the same scum, time after time after time, and time and again they wonder why nothing changes.

A Happy Bunny after Shck and Awe

Wish you were here Dubya, to join in the fun!  I am quite sure that this little chap is very happy to have seen the back of Saddam Hussein. Whom exactly did the British and Americans intend to Shock and Awe I wonder?

Cameron, the Butcher of Libya along with his colleague Sarkozy, one of whom is skulking behind one of the biggest financial frauds in history, while the other is under investigation over a massive drugs deal, do not express one word of regret, between the two of them, over the total destruction of Libya and the cold-blooded murder of one of the finest Muslim leaders Muammar Gadaffi.

Cameron should be booted out of office immediately, he is a War Criminal, and just in case there should be any connection between the fact that there is a surfeit of Jews, whom would appear to be ordering this continuous slaughter, nobody who declares himself to be a Friend of Israel should be allowed to replace him, just as a safeguard, because there are actually War Crimes being committed in Israel, against Muslims, can you believe that? Seven million dead since 911 and that is still not enough to satisfy the needs of  whom exactly?  What is the object of all of this murder and mayhem?  It sure as shit has nothing to do with terrorism in the US or UK, all of that is home-grown.

So to where are we going? Many intelligent men suggest that we are going, quietly, with bunches of flowers for the enemy, even as they arrive to destroy us, to our doom.  There is nothing to be gained from all of this wholesale slaughter of Muslims for us, us being White European people.  Even as this genocide against the Muslims in the Middle East is taking place, there is, at the same time, a massive attack on Whites of European origin.

In the UK, where the folk delight in being lied to by their “rulers” there is hardly a town left standing which is not saturated with immigrants.  There is already an immigrant seeking election as mayor of London. Normally that could be seen as just another Englishman of foreign origin getting on in the world.  Now however it is just a little bit more sinister, because it is a member of a group which refuses to assimilate with the British way of life.

This will lead to a situation where a huge swathe of Londoners, will be voting for him because of what he represents, that is Racism.  This will inevitably lead on to folk in other regions doing the same thing, with the inevitable result, that as time goes on, the British will no longer be in a position to vote for a British Government, as elections will no longer be between Political Parties, they will involve religion and other motives.  To deny this is nonsense, that has been the experience of every country which has accepted too many immigrants.

Back in the 90’s Fiji found itself being drowned by people from India, where they are incapable of controlling their trouser snake and where they prefer boys.  These Indians had the idea that they could simply take control of Fiji through the Ballot Box.  In the end, despite world-wide condemnation, the Fijian government declared that only those of Fijian origin had the right to vote.

Where is the problem with that?  Well the problem with that is that the agenda of the United Nations and the hard men behind the scenes, fully understood that when the mass immigration was unleashed against Europe, they did not want any of those countries getting the same high and mighty ideas. Get it into your heads once and for all, this has all been in the planning since the 19th Century.

I recently wrote a post about The Flat Earth. Take my word for it, it is good fun, whatever the reality and whatever you choose to believe. On the other hand it wakes you up to the fact that we have no idea, what has been quietly fed into our brains by those whom would deceive us.

Jeremy Corbyn, the latest British champion of the Left, was questioned about his position on the bombing Syria.  He responded by saying that even though Assad and his regime were responsible for the bulk of the killings in Syria,  bombing them was not the solution.

A short while later, his Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn, was asked the same question, he responded in a similar manner, suggesting as had Corbyn that Assad was  responsible for most of the carnage.  George Osborne, David Cameron and his Minister of War, all said the same thing.  Assad must go.  There is in fact a collective acceptance of this, without any reference whatsoever to the desires of the people of Syria and more seriously, there has been no explanation offered as to why Assad should suddenly, in the middle of a war, start to deliberately kill his own people.

Hilary Benn is in fact Hilary Wedgwood-Benn and he would now be a Lord of the Realm had his father, Anthony Wedgwood-Benn, not relinquished the title in order to be a Member of Parliament.  The two Benns’ and Corbyn are all members of the Fabian Society, a group, which has been in the forefront of the installation of a Europe-wide dictatorship and the elimination of “Useless Eaters” for the past hundred or so years.

Anthony Wedgwood-Benn, Lord Stansgate, everybody’s darling, the only honest, straight talking man in Parliament, was not only a Fabian, he was also a member of the most sinister of all of the subversive groups, which are controlled by Chatham House and the Royal Institute for International Affairs and others, The Tavistock Institute.  The only conclusion which can be drawn from this is that he was a “Spook, working for the man.

I do not make this up. The Milibands’ were Stalinists, Corbyn spent his youth in the company of Ralph Miliband, with David and Ed on his knee. They were one and all Fabians and at least three of them were Communists.

The Wedgwood-Benns’ on the other hand come right out of the foetid depths of the British Aristocracy and are well intermarried with the Darwins’ and other incestuous families of the period.  They all belonged to a large group of controllers which included, H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw and Annie Besant.  Fabians kept themselves apart from the Communists, believing that it was better to use stealth to gain your way rather than force. One way or the other, both systems involve total control of the Herd.

That being so and as part of the aims of the Fabians was to set up a Europe-wide, wholly controlled state, which we now have, it should come as no surprise to find that the two systems, Communism and Fabianism, have finally converged, with the Communist controlled Conservatives now presenting themselves as the Workers Party,  which is what the Workers were always led to believe was the aim of Communism. They did not however expect to wake up one day and find it was the Conservatives who were the Communists all the time.

Does that give you some idea as to why I approach the idea of a Flat Earth with an open mind?