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Hollywood Joins The BBC Paedophile Follies.

Top BBC man Garth Ansier, has been outed to the FBI in this exposé. I suppose this information, which has been available since 2000 was forwarded to the BBC, however, having spent many hours researching this subject, I have not come across his name, as being yet another BBC Paedophile.

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On The Road With The Beat Poet Paedophiles.


In my own strangely weird life, I appear to have rubbed shoulders with many of the folk whom have had some sort of effect on the modern world and our view of what is morally acceptable.

A long time ago, I was present at a poetry reading, with musical diversions, which was presented by the Beat Poets. Even back then they were renowned for their preoccupation with the bodies of younger people.

At one point, during the readings, Peter Orlovsky had a small child on his lap, it was the daughter of a member of the troop. Orlovsky had already been exposed as a molester of the young. I felt extremely uncomfortable watching his hands caressing the child, on the naked skin of her back. It was as if he was expressing his lack of agreement with those whom had found this form of sensuousness unacceptable.

I felt much the same way as I did while watching Jimmy Savile on Top of the Pops, desperately trying to get just a little touch of Colleen Nolan.

Ginsberg’s recitation of excerpts from Howl and other masterpieces of homosexuality, did not raise much interest in the audience, in fact it was greeted quite coldly as was the bizarre delivery of Michael Horowitz

However  what we were not too aware of at the time, was that this was all part of the Jewish agenda to destroy the accepted moral values of the Western World.This philosophy was all part of the Frankfurt School method of bringing down a State. The first step is to destroy its morality.

Most of the participants in the evenings event were themselves Jewish, and most have reportedly had a strong effect on current thought. Personally I was disappointed with the whole experience. I was not sure why Ginsberg should think that anyone present was going to find the litany of all the young boys, with whom he had enjoyed sex, on a “mattress in the corner” in any way uplifting.

The beat poets, including the esteemed Jack Kerouac, did indeed have an influence on the generation Rock and Roll,  in particular on Bob Dylan and John Lennon. Lennon made mention of Ginsberg in the lyrics of one of his songs, and there you have it, the link between Jimmy Savile and the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the most loved bunch of paedophiles in modern times. The redoubtable Laurel Canyon Gang.

Men like Frank Zappa, whom made a point of offering his young daughter to any visitor to his home in the Canyon.  Not far from the home of the incestuous piece of crap, John Philips, he it was whom fathered his own daughters children. At this point we must address the “Groupies.” By whom were they enticed into the Kingdom of Rock and Roll, which had appeared out of nowhere in Laurel Canyon, and what purpose did they serve?

It must be remembered that members of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, spent many a horny night in the Canyon, where no doubt there was little time to demand the age of the “groupies” even had they wanted to so do.

Those whom have watched the film “The Black Dahlia,” a true story, will have a rough idea of the sort of things which were taking place in Laurel Canyon, long before the “Rock-n-Rollers,” moved in.


The above photo will give you an idea of what the police found dead on the golf-course, in the film.

Needless to say, Hollywood, which is owned by Jewish interests, was a hotbed of vice. It was the World’s Headquarters of sexual propaganda and mind control. One word of truth in Hollywood will sound the death knell of even the most esteemed Superstar. Marlon Brando and Mel Gibson, can testify to that.

Another example of Californication can be found in China Town, a film by paedophile Roman Polanski, dealing with paedophilia and corruption.

Polanski can be found on YouTube, expressing his lack of understanding, as to why people should find his penchant for young girls  unacceptable, “Nobody was harmed so where’s the problem?” Had it been one of my daughters, he would have found where the problem was in short order.

California was in fact crawling with paedophiles and it brings me to the point of my post, as it were. In California we find Bohemia Grove, where the rich and famous go to celebrate their belief in the Blood Sacrifice of little children.

I feel quite sure that the Brits have been well represented in the Grove, for many years. The CFR, which claims to have chosen every President of the US for the last sixty years, which is the controller of events in the Grove, is in fact simply an off shoot of Chatham House, in London, which is the home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, once known as the Milner Group.

British politicians, in government, whether Labour or Conservative, take their orders from this group, which is the mouthpiece of the City of London Bankers. So this is an indication of how widespread the paedophiles and Luciferians have become.

The Beatles had an image of Aleister Crowley on the cover of Sergeant Pepper, Jimmy Page, I believe, bought the home of Crowley, on the banks of a Scottish Loch,  while Mick Jagger was writing Sympathy for the Devil.  Pete Townsend was famously questioned about images of children he had downloaded from the interweb.

I would suggest that the outing of Savile and Gary Glitter, must have sent shock waves through the upper echelons of Rock-n-Roll, as it must have through the Royal Rock-n-Roll group of Charles and Diana and Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, with a relation like Lord Mountbatten in the family and having been already touched yourself, in however slight a fashion must be nerve-racking, to say the least.

There are those whom believe that the exposure of all this lust and uncontrollable hunt for children and even dead bodies, as did Savile, is being allowed to serve some purpose, which has not yet been explained. Perhaps some kind of change in the law, which would set in motion the drive to legalize, what is referred to as Inter-Generational sex, who knows?

One thing is clear, we are being ruled by perverts of one sort or another, so anything is possible. We need to stay on our toes and at least get out of the European Union, from where all these perverted Bills are arriving.