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Sixth Sense: The Sequel.

Watching the televised debates for the Republican Party’s nomination for the upcoming Presidential, is like watching a bizarre remake of “Sixth Sense” where only certain people can see Ron Paul.

Despite being second in a recent poll, his name was not even mentioned on televised News programmes.

What is interesting in this situation is that it is demonstrating, in no uncertain terms, how simple it actually is, to throw a spanner in the Globalist’s works.

All it would take to change the world is the election of a few good men and true.

The “would be Kings of the world” are aware of this, hence the panic. The fate of the planet, could be said, to be in the hands of the US electorate.

The controlled press, world-wide, is in lock step to cut Ron Paul out of all reports on the debates. These people should be forced, during elections, to make sure that each candidate is allowed the same amount of coverage, this is called democracy.

As far as I am concerned Ron Paul represents the bare minimum of actions necessary to stop the Globalist’s. He is calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve, I would be demanding the instant closure of all branches and the arrest of the management.

After that the whole Banker controlled economy could be taken back into the hands of the people. Moves are being made in the UK to set up a system of Lawful Banking, along the lines of the Islamic system, which Central Bankers are so desperate to destroy.

However, like all solutions to the current financial nightmare, the mainstream media, is completely ignoring this excellent idea.lawfulbank.com


At the moment, we,  are funding the people whom are destroying us. Every penny of income tax, across the world, goes into the pockets of the Central Bankers. On top of that they pay no Tax themselves. They have arranged to have all of their loot, paid into tax-exempt Foundations.

Sadly and unbelievably to most people, everything is a scam. These bankers are demanding a Third World War, which will be part of a huge population reduction, which has already been announced. We, have of course, financed the construction of huge underground bunkers to make sure that the super rich, will not be too inconvenienced by the culling of the rest of us.

So let us pray, that Ron Paul can recover enough vitality, to make his problem nothing more than a near death experience, unlike the Bruce Willis character in  “Sixth Sense” whom had sadly died in a car wreck.

2011 Marked The Death Of Democracy.

The United States of America, while using the excuse of Democracy, as a pretext to install the very thing of which they, supposedly have fear, Fundamentalist Muslim Regimes, across the Maghreb and the Middle East, they are dismantling what remains of their own Democratic system.

It has become apparent that they are not only prepared to fix the result of the Presidential Election itself, they are also prepared to fix the selection of the candidates, for the Republican nomination, whom will face Obama later in the year.

The suppression of Ron Paul, has been world-wide. He is clearly the preferred choice of the people, yet he is never mentioned on the BBC, Sky News or indeed on TFI, France 2 or France 3. He has, in fact, become the invisible man.

The results in the Iowa election, were to say the least, dubious, in much the same way as were the second referendum results, for the acceptance of the Treaty of Lisbon, in Ireland, where the government claimed that they were obliged to delay the counting of the result for two weeks, finally declaring a result which was in no way similar to the exit polls, which were taken on the day. In Iowa, the results were counted in secret, with no scrutiny whatsoever.

It has been stated, quite openly, by many pundits, that should Ron Paul be selected, simply as the Republican Candidate, he will be shot. That is the level of Democracy which is available in the “Home of the Brave, Land of the Free,” these days.

In the UK, the “Free Press” fixed the possibility of a coalition, firmly into the minds of the British public and yet the response of the people was quite firmly opposed to the idea. The Lib-Dem party lost a significant number of votes and Seats in the House of Commons, and yet despite this, they occupy the position of Deputy Prime Minister and several Cabinet positions. In the name of whom, it might well be asked.

The UK is now in the position where all three Political Parties, are denying the British voter, a referendum on their continued membership of the European Union. All three Parties, are aware that a massive majority of the British people want a referendum. Yet, they are “Democratically” denied the opportunity.

In France, where the people refused the Treaty, the Government went ahead and signed anyway. In Holland and Denmark, the same thing. France is slowly becoming aware that silently and secretly, other Treaties are being put in place, which will have the effect of robbing them of access to their own countryside. Agenda 21 will mark the end of liberty for all of the Peoples of Europe and indeed all member States of the United Nations.

The people of Greece are fully aware that the debt, which they are expected to pay is a fraud. Having in recent times, thrown out a savage Military Dictatorship, they are not inclined to accept another one in its place. They have taken to the streets in force and are continuing to do so. Despite their efforts they now find themselves under a dictatorship which has been “Democratically?” imposed on them by the Bankers. The newly selected Prime Minister is an ex-employee of Goldman Sachs as is the Finance Minister.

Across the Adriatic, Italy is in much the same boat, having dumped Berlusconi, the Italians now find themselves with Mario Monti, yet another employee of Goldman Sachs, whom not only occupies Berlusconi’s Seat as Prime Minister but also the Seat of the Finance Minister.

All of these members of the banking community have been put in place, not to save but to destroy. The object is to “privatize” all the remaining State controlled assets, into the hands of the Bankers. When this has been achieved, hiding behind the dictates of Agenda 21, the people will herded together, into Communal dwellings, with private ownership of property forbidden. No private transport other than bicycles will be tolerated. On reading this, those whom are not familiar with the contents of Agenda 21, believe me to be slightly cranky.

Spain and Portugal are already spiralling to oblivion. France is not far behind. Germany is already controlled by the Bankers and has been since the end of World War 2. The Nazi’s, whom should not be confused with Hitler’s National Socialists, have long used Germany to suit their own purposes.

Poland, which was the last European country to take a stand against the bankers desire to trap the entire Continent into their monetary system,  were loaded on to an aircraft, given a short flight to the scene of the massacre of Polish Army Officers, by the Russians, where the plane was brought down, clearing the way for a more compliant group of Politicians in Warsaw.

In view of this, can it be seriously claimed that the “Free West” is indeed in any way “Free” or “Democratic?” I would suggest, as a member of this Society, we have long ago allowed, carefully selected politicians, to decide what we can or cannot do. In reality it should be the other way round.

The British people have long suffered at the hands of the Aristocracy and the Bankers. They need only look back as far as the Industrial Revolution, when the “Enclosures” stole their right of access to the “Common” land, denying them the right to grow food and keep livestock. As a result they were herded into porous houses, in Mill towns, to work long hours for slave wages, in factories owned by the same Aristocracy.  Agenda 21 will repeat this process.

Scotland will well remember “The Highland Clearances,” while the Irish, are aware that they supplied the slave labour, to build canals and railways for the British. Ireland was starved into submission by the “Brits” whom forced millions to emigrate to the US and Australia. The population of Ireland was greater in the Nineteenth Century than it is today.

So the Muslim World, would do well to remember that whatever kind of Democracy of which NATO approves, it will most certainly not be what is expected. Democracy in the hands of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, will be run to the tune of the West, which is putting them in place. Al Baradei, in Egypt, is yet another IMF man.

In Iran, which already boasts an Islamic Government, NATO wants to change that as well. It will be interesting to see whether, when the war starts, the “Rebels” will be the same mix of Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood, which was used against Gadaffi and which is currently in use in Syria.

All in all, it is clear that we have never lived in a truly Democratic system. Democracy depends on a certain level of intelligence and a desire to participate. The only form of control available to us is the power to dump politicians, whom are nothing more than front men for Bankers. Make no mistake, it is the Bankers whom hold the real power.

In the UK, attempts are being made to set up a Banking system which does not rely on debt. The foremost job of a bank should be to facilitate, not to enslave. Lawful Banking could herald a step on the long road to the dismantlement of the control of the Central Banking System.  Participate.