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The Wests Collusion In The Spread Of Communism.


The above photograph, was taken at Yalta, in the Crimea, Russia. A Communist controlled State, which had been set-up after the Revolution in nineteen-seventeen.

Seated on the left-hand side of the photograph, is Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Churchill first gained notoriety, during the Boer War, which was our introduction to the concept of Concentration Camps, in which many Boer civilians died. He was Secretary of Defence during the Great War,  during which he was responsible for the débâcle at Gallipoli.

His exploits continued during the war, which had just ended, when this famous photograph was taken, during which, along with his pal Bomber Harris, he had seen to the total devastation of Germany.

He also found time to steal the food crops from the people of Bengal, in order to feed British troops, causing the starvation of an estimated five-million souls.

Seated on the right of the photograph, we have Joseph Stalin, a Dictator, with a dangerously psychopathic nature, He, like Churchill, made a habit of stealing food from his own people. In the Ukraine he starved  many millions of people to death.  In all during his reign, he slaughtered sixty-five million Christians.

During the days which he had just spent in Yalta, the Stalin controlled murder and rape was continuing. Not just of Germans and Ethnic Germans whom had been trapped on the wrong sides of borders, after the Allies had carved up Europe, after the Great War, in a manner which would provide excellent excuses for more wars and barbarities in the future but of his own Military Men whom had surrendered to the Germans, any man whom did not fight to the death, was considered a traitor by Stalin and executed.

Seated between these two heroes we have Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American Dictator, whom remained in power beyond the period which was specified in the Constitution, making sure that all of the devious plans which had led up to the war, were continued right to the end.

In the land, which would soon come under the scrutiny of Senator Joe McCarthy, which was designed to dig out the Communist infiltrators inveigled in Government, Roosevelt was funding and arming Stalin’s Army in Russia, in preparation for the Red Armies drive across Europe.

When the Germans had whipped Stalin and Russia, just as they had sent the English yelping back home at Dunkirk, walked into France with hardly a shot being fired, it was Roosevelt whom illegally saved Stalin’s skin, by sending in the US Air-force to bomb the German positions. Roosevelt had not yet managed to provoke Japan into the attack on Pearl Harbour, which he would use as his excuse to take part in the ‘real war,’ against Germany. Which had been declared by World Jewry in nineteen-thirty-three.

So there you have the photograph of the three stooges, whom had their plans turned upside-down by the courage of the German people, whom against all odds had forced Stalin back on his heels, putting an end to the Bolshevik’s scheme, which would have allowed Stalin’s Red Army, to march all across Europe to Spain and Portugal, condemning us all to a life under the heel of savages from Russia.

When this great plan did not come to fruition, these three people, one of them, a  cross-dressing, whiskey swilling, bankrupt pervert, whom was indebted to Bernard Baruch, another, a man whom sacrificed his own Military at Pearl Harbour, in order to force his country into an illegal war, while the third was simply a tool of the Elite, whom was sick enough and in control of enough psychopaths, to place himself right at the top of the dung-heap of mass-murderers.

These three men have just signed a treaty, without any reference to the people whom will be effected, to turn over to Russia, what they had not managed to win during the war, the control of half of Germany and all of Eastern Europe.

While this dreadful pact with the devil was taking place, plans were already being laid to trick the rest of Europe into the European Union, whether they liked it or not. When this was achieved, and believe me it has been, Communism was renamed  Communitarianism, while the Communist Manifesto is now better known as Agenda 21.

Hitler, whom had seen the build-up of Stalin’s Red Army, waiting to launch an attack against Europe, launched Operation Barbarossa, to drive them back.  Believing the British and American propaganda, which suggested that Communism was the enemy, he sent Rudolf Hess to the UK, with the information of Stalin’s preparations, under the delusion that the British would help him to defeat Stalin.

He was mistaken, The City of London had helped to finance the Russian Revolution, along with their cohorts in Washington and Wall Street, they could hardly be expected to destroy their own Communist Capital. Hess was gaoled for life and finally murdered.

The money-men were already in the process of taking control of China, where they subjected the people to the same barbarity with which they had treated the Christian Russians and twenty million Germans.

The Evil Agenda Of The BBC And The City Of London.

The weasel words of Neville Chamberlain are not only simple lies, they were the means of unleashing a war which had been in the planning for twenty years. In the words of Chamberlains successor, the evil Winston Churchill, “Hitler was not the target, Germany was.” The Jews in the City of London and in New York, had lined Germany up for the mincing machine in Nineteen-Thirty-Three.

However the conspiracy was far more evil than that, just as in Nineteen-Seventeen, during the Great War, which was yet another unnecessary war, which was laid at the feet of Germany, the Jews, including hundreds from New York, Trotsky amongst them, had already prepared the launching of a revolution in Russia.  Now, having manoeuvred Hitler into a treaty with Stalin, which was supposed to take Hitler’s eye off the ball, they ordered Poland to attack Germany, which provoked the desired response from Hitler.

The City of London had long been planning to extend their Russian Empire, across the whole of Western Europe. In order to facilitate this, they had Stalin’s Red Army poised at the Polish border, waiting for the declaration of war.

Hitler it was, whom spoiled the party, by fighting the Red Army to a standstill. They were saved by the illegal intervention of Roosevelt, whom supplied arms and air support to the Russians.

Despite Hitler’s efforts to save Europe, half of Germany and all of Eastern Europe, was simply given to the Jewish Communists by the three Jewish Communists whom had controlled the war, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt.

Chamberlain, in his broadcast to the British people, forgot to mention that as Hitler entered Poland from the West, Stalin came in from the East. Why then did France and Britain not declare war on Russia? Because the Treaty with Poland was simply a ploy to entrap Hitler, the British or French cared not a hoot for the Polish people.

All of this is old news, this is well understood by those whom have studied just a little tiny bit of history. I have repeated this tale in many different posts for some time now.

Chamberlain’s speech on the above clip, is no different from that of Reagan, excusing the Iran Contra Affair, which I believe can be found here. They are liars one and all.

The BBC, which transmitted Chamberlain’s Declaration of War, understood that they were a part of the plot to initiate a brutal war. Europe had hardly recovered from the carnage of the Great War and yet here was the City of London’s Bolshevik Bankers demanding another one.

Those same Bolshevik Bankers are now lining us up for yet another blood-letting. The BBC is on hand to take care of the lies and propaganda to make sure that their masters get their desired result.

These hidden hands have quite deliberately provoked bloodshed and strife all across the Middle East and now Africa, to feed their insatiable greed and thirst for blood sacrifice, while the BBC calmly feeds us lies and other rubbish, in exactly the manner that they fed us lies about Hitler and Germany, while the real monsters were coming out of Russia, where sixty-five-million Christians were put to death in unspeakable ways by Jewish killers.

Assad in Syria has held elections, why did the BBC not report on this event? Why does the BBC not pose the question as to where the authority, to install a group of unelected people as the government of Syria, without reference to the desire of the Syrian people come from?

Why does the BBC not report the presence of British paid Al Qaeda in Syria? They know that Al Qaeda is part of the CIA because it was in a BBC documentary “The Power of Nightmares.”

Why has Wild Willy Hague, not been asked to explain, in simple terms, why he is in Mali, lending support to a Military Junta, whom overturned the Democratically elected regime?  From whom did he receive the right to say that he,  ‘wants Assad out of power,’ and why should Assad give a toss what Hague wants?

I think it would be fair to say that the BBC is part of the Shadow Government. They are a completely biased organisation and in view of the lies and deceit, which is part of current News reporting, we can only ask the question,  “Is there any truth whatsoever in the vilification of Adolf Hitler and what is the truth of his behaviour during the Second World War?”

The British and US versions of the News is a pack of lies. No trust can be placed in anything which they report. Personally speaking I am a Sandy Hook Denier, if for no better reason than the fact that despite all of the discrepancies in the official tale, neither the BBC or Sky News have even mentioned that things do not add up. They have both reported the “Gun Grabbers,” preferred version of events.

No effort has been made or any desire shown to speak to bereaved parents, nor have they given any indication as to the identity of Lanza’s mother, whom we were told he had shot, nor any description of Lanza’s life in Sandy Hook, where his mother was a teacher and then was not a teacher, there are enough discrepancies in that lot to cast doubt on all of the mainstream media reporting.  So is that the purpose of the BBC and others like them, to bamboozle us into a stupor?

Judging by the amount of air time given to Justin Bieber’s late arrival at the O2 arena last night, one could be forgiven for thinking that the News Editors have a good idea of the mentality of those to whom they are speaking.

However, the reality for the average European at this time, is to be assured by the media that the world is warming, even as it cools, that there is a shortage of oil, even as BP is pumping Iraqi oil at two dollars a barrel, while the BBC tells us that the price at the pumps represents the price of one hundred-dollar plus per barrel.

So just as during the days of Empire, whether French or English, all of the profits are falling into the same pockets, while the BBC completely misrepresents the current fiscal difficulties, ignoring the growing poverty of the British people, while being left to carry out an investigation into the rampant child abuse at the BBC.

The British Honour The Mass Extermination Of A People.

The British have just announced the striking of a medal, dedicated to the most vile and blood-thirsty band of murderers in the history of warfare, Bomber Command.

Churchill, the Brits favourite man of all time, a cross dressing, whiskey swilling, pervert, ordered attacks, specifically, on the homes of working people, he was determined to murder as many women and children as possible.

This savagery led on to the fire bombing of Dresden, which was the single most vicious and deadly attack in the history of warfare. “Our Boys” can carry out any war crime without fear of death, of course.

The propaganda surrounding the Second World War, can be dismissed as nothing more than a carefully generated excuse to destroy Germany and the German people.

“Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German Peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)

This is the sort of rhetoric, with which the Germans were faced, as the war approached. This hate campaign was carried out by World Jewry, whom had already taken control of Russia, slaughtering sixty million or more Christians in the process.

This is what we helped the Jews do to Germany, we are still helping them to do the same in Palestine. Sadly we are the true Heathens.

The outcome of the Second World War was never in doubt.  It was carried out by the same gaggle of Jews, as are the current round of attacks against the Muslim World.

Watch the above clip and try to imagine that these Germans are fighting for their very existence, not to rule the world or Europe, that is the desire of the Jews, whom have been allowed to carry it out.

The Jews were already in the process of destroying Germany after the Armistice in nineteen-eighteen. Hitler took back control of Germany from the grip of the Bolshevik Jews. From the day the National Socialists were elected in Germany, Jewry was already planning the war.  We made it all possible for them. Now we are the target. Make no mistake about it, we are next. We are already a race in decline, we will soon be at the point from where a recovery will prove to be impossible.

World War Two was controlled by Jews. Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt, Morgenthau, Eisenhower, Jews one and all. Take a look around you now. Jews run France, the UK, US, Russia, Israel, Poland, Australia and Austria. This state of affairs is only possible through the use of devious methods. That of course is code for corruption which spells money.

What has been done and is being done to this day, to Germany, is an obscenity. Anyone whom is not brain-dead through propaganda, can not help but be moved at the courage of the German Military, fighting a war which they could never hope to win, standing alone against a brutish enemy, with unlimited access to weaponry and manpower.

Within two years of the war ending, the Jews were already staking out British Soldiers in the desert of Palestine, with piano wire and leaving them to die in the sun.  Know your enemy.

Well I’ll Be Banned!

Today I was reading an article by Webster Tarpley, in which he accused NATO, of using the same tactics against Syria as had been used by Hitler, during his rape and destruction of Czechoslovakia in 1938.

In the annals of international criminal aggression, the destabilization, dismemberment, and ultimate annihilation of independent Czechoslovakia in 1938 and 1939 by Hitler’s Nazi regime has come to occupy a place of particular infamy.

Tarpley, continued his piece, interspersing events in Syria with little snippets explaining German atrocities in the Sudetenland, ie:

Syrian rebels (was/were) long thought to be located near the NATO air base at Incirlik, Turkey, but the rebels claim that they have now moved it on to conquer the Syrian territory. The “Sudeten Free Corps” ( or, more accurately, “Sudeten Militia”) was created, armed with Austrian weapons, and ordered by Hitler to orchestrate a series of “disturbances and clashes” with the Czech police and army. Soon martial law had to be declared. From this point on, there was a series of bloody battles between Sudeten Nazis and Czechs. Each time one occurred, Hitler would blame it on the Prague government, and deliver hysterical radio speeches and public orations demanding freedom for the Germans subjected to the Czech yoke. This has been the attitude of Western governments and Western media for almost two years in the case of the Syrian fighting.

Professor Tarpley, a historian, appears to be gleaning his information from a book,  William L. Shirer’s 1960 study The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich  which will, explains  Tarpley,  be cited to establish some important facts.

Well Professor Tarpley, I am extremely sorry to have to be the one to correct your apparent acceptance of such rubbish, because you see, Professor, it has long been established, beyond reasonable doubt, in the writings of Churchill himself and the British Attorney General, Lord Shawcross, that Hitler was continually, put under pressure, by Anthony Eden, the British Foreign Secretary, to go to the aid of the Sudeten Germans, whom were being viciously attacked in Czechoslovakia.

The ethnic Germans were also being subjected to the same treatment by the Polish Government, whom in fact, Professor, contrary to popular belief, possessed a Military Machine far superior to that of Germany.

When Hitler entered Danzig, he did it with the blessing of the British. The British then ordered the Poles to launch an attack against Germany. When Hitler responded to this attack, the British and French declared war on Germany.

The City of London and the US used the same system in order to trap Saddam Hussein, in Kuwait. So do you begin to get the picture Professor? Nobody is copying the tactics of Hitler, the Allies are in fact reusing the same strategy, of divide and conquer, which served them well, long before Hitler was born. They had already laid this trap, with the Treaty of Versailles, at the end of the Great War, which is why, Professor, little slivers of Germany had been cut off, to deliberately manufacture flash-points. Just as Kuwait would be used as an excuse to seize Iraq’s oil. Germany was the target Professor, not Hitler.

In order to explain that assertion, I should point out, that the British Expeditionary Force, was evacuated back to England and we had what became known as the “Phony War.” This was an excuse, which gave Hitler time to rearm. Germany had been under strict arms limitations since 1918, had the British started the war on the day it was declared, it would have been over in five minutes.  The object of the City of London was to make sure that the murdering scum, “Bomber” Harris, was given the necessary amount of time to annihilate as many Germans as possible, while flattening every major city in Germany.

Germany and the German people were the real victims of the war professor, yet there is no Day of Remembrance for their sufferings.

It came as a surprise to find you amongst that group, which is currently involved in the fatuous attempt to place the vestiges of the National Socialists at the forefront of our current problems. Germany was the victim of the same group to which we will all fall victim very soon. Just as did Saddam, Gadaffi, Gbagbo, Allende and soon Chavez. Not to mention what the same group achieved behind the Iron Curtain.

Your post did however, on holocaust remembrance day, manage to place, once more, the name of Hitler into the headlines on Press TV, for all the wrong reasons. Just as yesterday, Wednesday 23rd January, it reared its head in the UK Parliament, where of course it would, as I suppose that place is also controlled by the same ubiquitous group of German Expansionists.

I did in fact leave a sentence or two, for you on the Press TV comment page, however, I can now proudly announce, that those hypocrites at Press TV, “The Voice of the Voiceless,” whom even as I write are complaining about being recently taken off Hispansat, have finally silenced me. I have been taken off Press TV. There is a serious message in there somewhere, as I am a solid supporter of the Muslim cause.

Which Would You Choose, Hitler Or Stalin?

In the years following the end of the First World War, Russia was under the control of the Communists while Germany was ruled by the Weimar. Both of these entities had been installed by Zionist or Jewish, industrialists and bankers.

In nineteen-thirty-three, Hitler and his National Socialists managed to overthrow the puppet government, through the ballot box, using no more trickery than that which is used  quite openly in the modern-day US, to fix election results.

The destinies of these two countries present an interesting progression of events in the following years.

Hitler, whom had a deep love of his country and his people, set about undoing the mess, which had been deliberately created by the previous government, in order to destroy Germany as an industrial competitor and in the space of six years he had transformed Germany from a hyper-inflationary basket case, into the richest country in Europe and probably the World. This took place during the “austerity” years of the Great Depression.

In Communist Russia, on the other hand, under both Lenin and Stalin, both of whom were Jews, an unbelievable slaughter was taking place. Many millions of the Russian Peoples were either shot or starved to death in a concerted effort to wipe out the Christians.

Unlike in Germany, the population in general, was deliberately kept in abject poverty and in fear of their lives, by the fearful Secret Police, which was controlled by yet another Jew, Beria.  The ruling one-per-cent of course, lived in luxury while the people starved, much as they do in the West at the moment.

The controllers of Russia, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky et al, made no secret of their desire to take control of the whole world and its resources. Hitler on the other hand, displayed no desire whatsoever, in any of his utterances or in his writings, to take control of any other country. Every word of Hitler’s has been scrutinised, continuously, to find some evidence of his desire to dominate the World, to no avail.

The Central Banking System, which is under the control certain families, such as the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Goldman, Sachs, Morgan, Warburg and others, which form a group known as the Committee of Three Hundred, which is based on credit and debt, cannot function without the occasional collapse. This is both inevitable and deliberate. When the collapse is implemented, in return for the debt, the bankers take the sovereign riches of the debtor country, which is where we are now.

The world, is at the moment poised for a collapse. The Committee of Three Hundred, have everything in place to “Save us.” This will involve what has become known as Communitarianism, which is in fact just another word for Communism. We have come full circle, we are back in the days following the Russian Revolution and the end of the Great War.

We have a stark choice to make and we have a mountain of evidence on which to base this choice. Unfortunately, the same people whom have control of the monetary system, also have control of the media and the information which is made available.

This will explain why, after many decades, we are still being swamped with the alleged tales of Hitler’s atrocities, which are being used to condemn his methods of reversing the cynical control grid of the bankers and their debt enslavement.

In every country which has fallen under the control of these bankers, the result has been catastrophic for the indigenous population.

When the Cabal of Jews, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, agreed to hand Eastern Europe into the hands of the Communist Jews, the whole of the so-called Communist Block, went into sharp decline. They were covertly supported by the West, throughout the “Cold War,” in order to prevent a total collapse, until the time was right.

Western Europe is now under the control of a Politburo, which has elected itself, it is no more democratic than was the Soviet Union. The result has been the same. The European Union is bankrupt. Every country has a crippling debt which because of the imposition of compound interest can never be repaid. Read that again. There is never enough money available to repay a debt which bears compound interest.

Hitler fully understood the problem. He took control of Germany’s finances out of the control of the Central Bankers. He fully understood that the banking system was a gigantic fraud. The bankers claim that the system was based on a gold standard was also false. This system was a known fraud since the days of the Knights Templar.

Hitler based his system on the value of the work which was necessary to produce a product. His system worked miracles. Which is of course why it has been kept under wraps ever since. We are not allowed to know about or to discuss the merits of this system. If it has anything to do with Hitler,well it must of course involve killing and torturing and crazed speeches which are referred to as rants and deporting immigrants.

It would be fair to say that it did involve sending the Jews to Madagascar, where they could do as they pleased, making sure that they never again took control of the patrimony of Germany.  This solution has been used by every country in Europe in the past, for exactly the same reasons. One need look no further than Palestine to understand the meaning of Political Brutality.

So our choice is clear, we are either going to allow the installation of a One World Government, under the control of the Zionists and Bankers, or we are going to stand up to them and install a system which takes the well-being of the people into account.

China, under Mao Zedong, whom was put in place by the City of London, behaved in the same manner as did the Bolsheviks in Russia. Untold millions have been murdered. Now, though richer than before, the plight of the mass of the people, has not improved. Some observers believe that China is being pumped up by debt, into the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen.

Whatever is going on it seems clear that if there s one type of political system which it is worth avoiding, it would have to be Zionist controlled Communism. Hitler fully understood the results of allowing the Zionists to take control of Europe, which is why he set up “Operation Barbarossa” when he discovered that Stalin had a huge army ready to invade Western Europe. He sent his deputy Hess, to warn the English of the menace.

The English fully understood what was going on. The City of London was controlling events, which is why they arrested Hess and left Hitler on his own to save Europe. Hitler made a magnificent attempt, however alone against the rest of the World it proved to difficult.

US General Patton, like Hitler, saw the danger. He wanted to advance to prevent the Russian entry into Europe. The High Command had other ideas, Patton was murdered and the Russian forces allowed in, where they raped and robbed and murdered whatever they encountered.

What Jewish controlled Russia inflicted onto the German people as they advanced towards Berlin, defies description. It is enough to say that even after the end of hostilities, ten million German people were wiped out. This slaughter was controlled by Stalin a Jew and Eisenhower another Jew, whom had no problem expressing his hatred of the German people and his desire to kill as many as possible.

We will soon be under the control of the people whom conspired to create the two world wars and the revolutions in Russia and China. They also gave us the misery of the Great Depression, which is now being repeated. Speaking personally, I do not relish the idea of life under this sort of regime of butchers.

The Cold Blooded Genocide Of The Cream Of European Youth: By Government Edict.

This Victorian song was very popular with the British troops whom fought in the trenches of the Great War. Many were surprised to find that the title of the song was A Miners Dream of Home and not A Soldiers Dream of Home.

There is little doubt that the Great War was fought at the bidding of the British. It was foretold in a document  which was written by Albert Pike, an Officer in the Southern Army during the American Civil War. It prophesied three world wars. We are now approaching the fulfillment of this prophecy.

The document itself, which was on exhibition in the British Museum, has long since vanished. There are those whom question its authenticity, believing it to be a convenient forgery, which was designed to present the wars as being in some way legitimate. In the manner that quotations from the Bible are often used.

The first of these wars, was not a World War, in the sense that all Continents were involved. At the time it was simply “The Great War.” or “The War To End Wars.” It certainly did not achieve that lofty aim.

I had the opportunity to speak to quite a few veterans of the Great War. They were old and had certain mannerisms which I found to be a little bit frightening, as I was young at the time and did not really understand the ordeal which they had been through.

They spoke of going “Over The Top.” They spoke of men wetting themselves and soiling their trousers.  Many vomited while waiting for the whistle to blow. Many could hardly walk, because of their “Trench Foot” where the constant walking around in deep mud, rotted their feet.

These were the lads whom had been at school together. From the same village, they turned up on Remembrance Day at the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month, to pay their respects to those whom never came home.

These were the men whom heard frightened, shell-shocked friends crying for their Mummy, coping with an unimaginable fear of what lay ahead.

These poor bastards were no more than a blood sacrifice for ghouls from the underworld, whom forced them to walk, defenceless into a hail of machine gun fire.

The war itself achieved nothing.  The only people whom had something to show for the millions of dead, were a handful of bankers, the weapon shops and British manufacturers, whom had managed to destroy the far superior German Industrial base.

Life for the remnants of the troops, did not improve much after the end of hostilities, they soon found themselves coping with a flu virus, which had been concocted in the US and pumped into the troops as a live vaccine, which infected and killed an estimated Fifty Million people across the world. Some reports suggest that it was this which finally brought an end to the war, as there were so few troops in a condition to fight.

Although the war was at an end in Europe, the killing continued at a pace in Russia, where the much vaunted One Hundred Jewish Families were culling the herd. It is not clear how many of the Sixty-Five Million or so deaths were as a result of the flu, although many flu victims could well have been murdered before the Swine Flu Virus got them.

The Great War was hardly out-of-the-way before the machinations began to fulfil Pikes’s prediction of a Second World War. This time the City of London were going to get things right. Anthony Eden, a British Politician, was given the job of taunting Hitler. In his writings Winston Churchill admitted to having forced Hitler into the war.

Churchill it was, when having cracked the Enigma Code, allowed the City of Coventry in the English Midlands, to be flattened by German Bombers, without warning the people of the City, in order to conceal the fact that the men at Bletchley Park, knew every move that the German Military made throughout the war. Coventry was in the parlance of the day “Coventralised.”

Roosevelt taunted the Japanese until they took the bait and launched an attack on Pearl Harbour. Roosevelt knew the attack was coming but warned nobody. He allowed thousands of US Military to die needlessly. This allowed him to declare war on Japan and at the same time declare war on Japan’s ally Germany, et voila, World War Two. One could make a remark about the minds of the two Jewish men whom allowed these things to pass.

Churchill, later in the campaign allowed millions of people in India to starve to death, in order to reserve their food for British Troops, during the campaign against the Japanese in Burma and Malaya. In the end he did not need the food. The Hindus died for nothing.

Coincidently, during the Second World War, another Pandemic raised its head, Typhus, which like the American made Swine Flu, claimed the lives of an unknown number of victims.  We are already hearing tales of a new strain of Bird Flu, which has been prepared in a Dutch Laboratory, presumably to release should the World War break out.

The Zionist controlled Government in the UK has long been the most bellicose of the warmongers. It is they whom are baying for an opportunity to attack Syria. Many things hinge on this attack, none of them to do with the welfare of the Syrian people. The most important being a Treaty between Syria and Iran. Now of course it has become more serious than that, in  fact we are now at the point where the Asian giant China has become involved. Along with Russia.

Israel wants control of Syria and the destruction of Iran. It is involved in a land grab. A friend of my Father’s was in Palestine in Nineteen Forty-Eight. He and his comrades believed that they should have been given the order to turn their guns on the Jews. He told of the atrocities which were carried out by the Jewish Terrorist groups, even to the point of staking British Tommies out in the desert sun to die and trying to blame the Arabs. All of it hushed up by the British. These are the folk whom are still whining about Hitler?

Everything is now in place to realise Albert Pike’s prediction of a Third World War. Russia has pledged to support  Syria, while China is calling for a UN Resolution which leaves no Back Door for the British to smash down as they did in Libya. This will not suit the British, as they know full well that the Syrian people, given the opportunity, will choose Assad, rather than the folk whom have generated the current crisis, they would be right to do so.

So here we are, in the early years of the Twenty-First Century and already the inbred vicious scum whom gave the Twentieth Century the distinction of being the most murderous Century in the history of humanity. Wiping out generation after generation of the World’s youth, are pushing for more of the same thing.

Why is there not one Government on the planet which is prepared to speak out and name these fiends?  Why does the “City of London” exist?  The same thing in the US, “Washington DC,” why is it there?  “The Vatican City” in Rome, what is the purpose of these “Private” Cities?  Elected politicians in the US,UK and Italy must be aware of what is going on in these places and they tell us nothing.

Are the people whom believe that it is in these “Private” Cities that all the plans for war and the seizing of the worlds resources are hatched, right? If there is any truth in the belief that the residents of these “Cities” have control of our Politicians and it is indeed they whom plan these murderous wars which leave so many twisted bodies and shattered lives, is it not time to root them out?

These sick minds have devised Agenda 21 which will be the death knell of humanity, if it is not stopped. The devious plots concealed in this document, spell the end of even the limited freedom which we have been allowed. The consequences  of not stopping this attack on the very basis of human life will prove even more devastating than the wars of the Twentieth Century.

These greedy scum, not content with their riches and their mansions, desire to control even the water we need to live and they want us to pay for the air that we breathe. Most people laugh when faced with these issues, sadly they will soon be laughing on the other side of their face.