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What A Shameful Day For The British.


The British people should most assuredly be aware by now, that their elected representatives in Parliament are not working for them. That is hardly surprising as a huge number of them swear allegiance to another master over there in the City of London, where the King of Palestine holds court.

The British people should understand that Donald Trumps’s decision to hand the ownership of the Golan Heights to Baron Rothschild, was in perfect keeping with the Balfour Agreement, which was written in Chatham House, which informed the King of London, that the family which had ordered the murder of the Russian Royal Family, now owned the land of Palestine, as if the British were the Kings of the World, with a perfect right to do as they wished.

Sadly for those deluded British people their very own land is now up for grabs and unlike the people of Ireland and Palestine, America and Canada, the British People are empty shirts, without the necessary character to stand up and kick the Friends of the King of Israel out of the Government.

The most shameful act which I have ever witnessed, was when Rothschild’s mouth-piece in the House of Commons, Theresa May, announced to the assembled ranks of liars and traitors, that Julian Assange had been dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy, by a dozen burly plain clothes goons and forced into a police vehicle and driven to a waiting Court, in the “City”, where he was quickly charged with the high crime of failing to stick to the rules regarding his liberty on bail, which is such a tiny offence as to be a ridiculous reason to justify the over the top reaction by the British, produced bays of laughter, in response, following the arrest of a man who is guilty of nothing more than exposing the lies and “war crimes” of the British French and American forces all across the Middle East.

A while back, that Friend of the British Parliament, Benjamin Netanyahu, explained how Lord Rothschild’s Court in Israel had sucked America dry and chewed it up and they would spit it out when they had taken everything of value, for themselves. Sadly they have done the same thing to the rest of Europe with the full support of the Jew Fifth Column lurking in the United Kingdom and Ireland and of course in their main tool the Politburo in the European Union, a member of which, it has been ordained, the British must remain.

Cameron Is Called To The Court Of The Crimson King.

Front man for the City of London Bankers and erstwhile Prime Minister of the now, Goldman Sachs controlled United Kingdom, David Cameron has been ordered to take a look at the brand new Luciferian centre of command of The Red Shield family, in the Free Masonic, Washington DC style, city of Astana, Kazakhstan.

Cameron has unashamedly announced that he is there to procure business for British Industry, despite the fact that Kazakhstan has been held in the grip of a dictatorial government, which though describing itself as democratic, has allowed no change of leadership during the past twenty years. They claim to be a “young” democracy which is still learning the ropes.

Cameron, in common with most of his chums in the Conservative Party, do not give a toss about trivialities like Democracy, they would prefer to take total control of all of those whom vote them in to office, in the same cavalier manner as do the Bankers Government in Kazakhstan.

Perhaps on his return to the UK, Cameron might explain to the people of Britain, the exact purpose of this new Masonic City in  Kazakhstan and the part it is expected to play in the future placement of the Rothschild Central Office. Is the good Lord Rothschild on his way out of a drowning Britain. Is Astana already equipped with an underground city. Is Mr Cameron expecting to be offered a place with the Elite, when the chips are down and the rest of us start to transmute into fertilizer?