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The Net Of Total Censorship Is Falling All Around The Web.




A while back I posted a selection of photographs of a few well-known men and asked people to name them. Nobody named all of them, believing that there to be images of two men involved, when in fact there were three. I mention this to illustrate the confusion generated by any suggestion that certain people are Jews, a claim which is often denied to divert attention away from the reality that most positions of power are in fact over-loaded with Jews.

A guy called Greg Dyke, did a while back, loudly claim that the BBC was too White. Dyke was in fact sacked by the BBC for having exposed the “Dodgy Dossier” of Blair and his “Spin Doctor” Alistair Campbell, as being a pack of lies. The dossier was used to justify the illegal attack against Iraq. Dyke made his claim about “Whiteness” in the ranks of the BBC staff, without fear of criticism, however how would such a claim have been received had he suggested that the BBC was too Jew? He would most probably have been sent to the “Tower” had he dared to mention that all of the heirs to the English throne are Jews, no matter, there is nothing wrong with being a Jew.

Greg Dyke was a perfectly honest, though in some ways misguided, news reporter of long standing, who was sacked, by theBBC,  for telling the truth about an illegal British War, of which the Governors of the BBC, a “trusted” source of News,  would have preferred him to keep his mouth shut. There is a man with the name Cohen in charge of the “News” at the BBC,  at this time, another Cohen reports on politics at Sky News,

I had a slight spat with LBC, a private radio channel, when having heard a load of tosh about anti-Semitism, which is in no way an attack on Jews, whom are not in any way Semitic people, I sent an email, of an aggressive attack, made by a Jew, calling for the eradication of the entire White Race, and asked the presenter of the program what he thought about such a venomous attack against Whites coming from a Jew? His response was immediate and fierce, he called me an anti-Semitic idiot and warned me to never again make contact with him.

I relate this nonsense because I have had endless problems with YouTube, which I believe to be part of the Google stable of world control, which has taken to taking down my innocuous little video clips, which are mainly extracts from the News, which is presented by satellite into the homes of all and everybody. On several occasions I have contested and won a reprieve and YiuTube have reinstated the video clip in question. However, in quick succession, they have attacked three of my clips, which concerned the behaviour of Jews, so the question to which I seek a clear response is, “am I being censored to hide the fact that the Jews have been responsible for all of the most brutal events of the 20th Century or are we all simply forbidden to mention any of the wrongdoing of the Jews?”.

We have just witnessed the “celebration” to commemorate D-Day, which was the beginning of the end of a war which was declared by Jews, to further the interests of Jews at whatever cost in White lives and yet there has been a total silence maintained by our Politicians and the Media about these facts, why should that be so, unless there is total collusion between all parties, to cover-up the crimes of Jews? Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin and Eisenhower were all Jews and yet this weird coincidence is vigorously disputed.

In the United Kingdom, where the democratic vote to leave the European Union, was disputed, simply because it was not the preferred result. A group of High Court Judges, with no past event to use as guidance, simply declared that the House of Commons should have the final say in the matter, according to some load of rubbish, written back in the mists of time, which the Judges decided should or could apply in the case of Brexit, a decision which has lead to three years of turmoil in Parliament. Three of the five Judges involved were Jews.

Jeremy Corbyn, the current leader of the Labour Party, spent hours in the company of Ralph Miliband a “Stalinist Jew” who fought against the German Christians during World War Two and who fathered two sons, Ed and Dave, both of whom, despite being members of a tiny Jew minority, became Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom, All of them were members of the Fabian Society.

The Fabian Society was funded by a group of rich Jews including Rockefeller and Rothschild, David Rockefeller was educated in the Fabian Society’s London School of Economics and Queen Elizabeth received a “private” education from the same source. All of which means that Corbyn is fully aware of the “oddity” of the collusion between the Beast that was Stalin and all the other leading lights in World War Two.

The Fabian Society’s links to the Labour Party, which joined a coalition to fight the illegal war against Germany and  no sooner than had the dust settled after the defeat of Germany, take the initial steps to construct the European Union, with the assistance of Churchill, while the incoming Attlee Labour government in the United Kingdom,  opened the floodgates to immigrants and setup the Welfare system, which would make the funds available to finance the incoming parasites, whom have finally destroyed all traces of White Culture in Britain. All of which suggests that Corbyn is simply playing a game, which includes whatever the truth may prove to be, about the final result of Brexit.

Anyway back to where I started, all three of the men in the photographs, which I posted, Larry King, Alan Greenspan and Rupert Murdoch, bear such a strong resemblance to each other, that it was difficult to tell them apart? Greenspan and King are Jews and proud of it, while Murdoch remains silent, despite many claims that his mother was a Jew and his image would appear to confirm the claim.





The New Kid on the Block the “internet” would appear to have fallen into the same hands, and while the Media, including the publicly funded BBC, appears to be controlled by Jews, whom have maintained a total silence about world events during the past Century and indeed called for the sacking of Greg Dyke, for having exposed the lies being used to further the aims of Jews in the Middle East, Facebook, Google and YouTube are all in the hands of Jews and all three are using the excuse of ‘their’ right to decide what is fit to publish, on ‘their’ platform, as an excuse to censor everything and anything including what I have just scribbled down. How fair is that?

I received this notice from YouTube: 

As you may know, our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow – and don’t allow – on YouTube. Your video Tales From The Dark-Side was flagged to us for review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines and we’ve removed it from YouTube.

We know that this might be disappointing, but it’s important to us that YouTube is a safe place for all. If content breaks our rules, we remove it. If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can appeal and we’ll take another look. Keep reading for more details.

The others were Plotting The End Of The White Race and a Dennis Wise clip, Babylon Before Hitler

The taking down of Babylon Before Hitler is a strange one, because part of the “censored” news of the past century has been the intentional lack of publicity given to the Germany of the Weimar Republic, which was a Jew controlled Communist State, with all of the trappings of modern day Europe in place. The Homosexuality, paedophilia, prostitution, drug addiction and all the other destructive, licentious activities, with which we are now blessed as a “Right” while our children are currently being taught about butt sex, in infant school. In Weimar Germany the intention of all of this crap was to destroy any form of morality and the pushing to the fore of Hedonism, in all its gory glory.

The Committee Of 300.

The Committee Of 300.

Now that it has become clear, that Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Sky News, has a personal interest in the sacking of Syria and the seizure of the Syrian Oil reserves, can we any longer place even e molecule of trust, in anything coming from his ‘committed’ teams of Sky News, agents operating in the region?

It is intolerable that this form of self-interest, should be allowed to be unmentioned, by the very News channel, which has consistently misled the British public, about events all across the Middle East and the Maghreb.

When it was recently suggested by the United Nations, that the Syrian government was responsible for illegal chemical attacks against their own people, what evidence did they have, which was direct proof of this claim?

In view of the findings of Carla Ponti, when she and a UN team were actually on the ground as these attacks took place, they were in a perfect position to dig out the identity of the guilty. Does the UN have similar reliable evidence for their renewed claims?

This claim can be quietly filed with the lies about Saddam Hussein, the lies about the training of the Saudi Arabians whom allegedly carried out 911, in Afghanistan, the ‘belief’ that Gadaffi was about to massacre his own people and the honesty of Israel.

There are enormous oil reserves in and around Syria and should the greedy, be so incapable of controlling their avarice, that they are prepared to openly drill for oil in Syria, which has yet to be completely destroyed and Assad murdered, in full view of a condoning United Nations, which has yet to condemn Israel’s illegal bombing of Syria and the lame excuses of the USA, for helping Daech, by claiming to have accidentally killed eighty Syrian soldiers, by whom Daech were being attacked, while releasing, without a care, unsubstantiated claims about the Syrian government, can they be trusted any more than can Sky News or Rupert Murdoch and his murderous chum Dick Cheney, from the Chatham House controlled Council on Foreign Relations. The entire gang of evil doers are involved in this escapade.

Election Fever Grips The United Kingdom.

In all of the years, in which I have been interested in the farce of politics, I can not recall ever having been informed, on at least three or four occasions per day, that the coming election, can only be won, by one or the other of two men, Cameron or Miliband

The BBC and Sky News, have been inferring, that however adventurous it may be, a vote for any one of the Parties, other than Conservative or Socialist,  is a wasted vote. Is this Democracy?

The people are being misled to believe that it is imperative for them to vote for these two Parties, because whatever you do with your vote, it is certain that one of these will win, therefore it follows, that if you do not vote in your habitual fashion, you will allow the other to win, rather than your own preferred Party. In the past one hundred years, the British have never once deviated from this rule and like sheep, they will do the same thing this time around.

Ever since 1900, when the Fabian Society, a group which was financed by the same people who gave us Communism and the brutal concept of Social Darwinism, invented Socialism, which was based on exactly the same philosophy as was Communism, introducing us to the notion of a political concept which was in support of the working man.  Ever since the UK has been dominated by the idea that Democracy was merely a battle between the rich and the poor, without noticing that there was no dichotomy whatsoever between the adversaries. A reality which is referred to as SNAFU.

I watched a strangely creepy event on Channel Four the other night, which involved the leaders of both of the possible winning parties in the coming election.  The inquisitor was Jeremy Paxman, the late attack chihuahua of Newsnight for the BBC with the assistance of the disgraceful Kay Burley a Sky News reader.

 Burley once, notoriously asked the wife of a mass murderer, if she was in some way responsible for her husbands killings of prostitutes because she had not given him enough sexual satisfaction.  More recently she felt justified in asking a Muslim his feelings about Jihad John’s beheadings of  hostages and whether he felt that British Intelligence Services were responsible for radicalizing him.

The Muslim replied in a perfectly reasonable manner, suggesting that people were not necessarily being radicalised in a simplistic manner by Clerics but more by other events which were taking place across the Muslim World.

The whole interview was a farce as the beheadings were fake and nobody died, at least not at the hand of Jihad John.


So there we were, in Bilderberg member Rupert Murdoch’s studio, with David Cameron and Ed Miliband, both members of the same Bilderberg Group, being questioned by Jeremy Paxman, which I believe is referred to as a brace of Jews.  What a coincidence in a country with such a tiny number of Jews, so we can rest assured that no reference will be made by Burley or Paxman about the Jews theft of Palestine and the genocide against Gaza, with a smirk on their faces.

The only half way decent question,posed by Paxman, was when he asked Miliband, at what point would he consider that there were enough immigrants in the UK,  Red Ed, the son of a Stalinist, refused to be drawn, illustrating that he is intent, as was Blair, on the destruction, through immigration of the British People.

Both Party leaders know full well that immigration is the hot topic at the moment, which is why these two “servants” of the British, refuse to allow the British,  what they know full well is what they want, a vote on membership of the EU, because like every other country where a vote was allowed, the people voted “NO,” as would the British,  a decision which is not allowed by the Bolshevik controllers of the EU, who now have total control of the UK, a fact which has not yet been made clear to the British people.

There is no Party running in the upcoming election, which has a manifesto which  explains the contents of the Lisbon Treaty, which was signed by alleged paedophile Gordon Brown and which allows for the complete destruction of British Sovereignty through the medium of new Regions which will  join parts of the UK to France and Scandinavia, which could mean that the coming election will be the last such election to be held in the UK, should the British choose to remain in the EU.





The Pig Swill Of Politics.

When I have a little more time I will try to upload the rest of this extraordinarily stupid effort by the Jews, to once again present themselves as the victims of the Germans.

Russia Today has been presenting an absolute  barrage of rubbish in recent days about the German National Socialists.  In a tale about eugenics, which was a world-wide phenomenon, particularly in the US, long before Hitler came to power and continued long after he was gone, when it came to Hitler’s part in the practice, we were assured that he of course took the game to a whole new level and my ears pricked when I was informed that this new level included the Gas Chamber.

The reportage was coming from an asylum which was still standing, so I waited with bated breath to see this Gas Chamber. With what I was presented, was the same old do-dah, a half-open door, showing an interior which looked very much like a bath-room or shower and then the abrupt editing out of anything else. So once again we saw no evidence to corroborate the claims.

It was reported today that hundreds of young women prisoners in the US are currently being sterilised against their will by prison doctors.

Right off the beam, the strange creature delivering the lies about Stalin, summed up her own position with precision when she delivered the old crap about Goebbels and his remark about repeating a lie often enough blah blah blah, he was in fact referring to the lies that the British were spreading about National Socialism as an excuse to destroy Germany, he was not presenting this as his own strategy.

Goebbels actually said; “That the best propaganda is the truth.” He also did not “sacrifice” his children, as she claimed,  he reluctantly killed his beloved infants in order to make sure that they did not end up in the hands of Stalin’s Red Terror.

The book burnings which reminded her of the burning of heretics in past times, made no mention of the fact that the books were all part of the Weimar Jews attempt to destroy German Culture at the same time as it was destroying the morality of the Nation and turning it into a perverts paradise modelled on Sodom and Gomorrah.

Meanwhile over in the UK, Cameron’s Communitarianism is picking up speed, in Manchester they had a dummy run of a cashless society, in a city street where all of the trades people agreed to accept only credit cards or in the vernacular, plastic, in order to deceive the sheeple into believing that being able to pay with cash is old-fashioned and un-cool. Not “smart-phone enough.”

This is of course heralding the arrival of the Nouveau Serf, all of whom will be paid in credits, deposited into their card account, to which they will be limited.  Should they transgress in any way,  they will find themselves destitute with their “plastic” turned off and they will be unable to scrounge so much as a dime. This possibility does not, as usual, apply to “them” of course, so to whomsoever it does apply, they had better look out.

Along with the plastic money for the northwest of the UK, Cameron also announced the setting up of the Agenda 21 style Super City centred around Manchester, in which it is envisaged that the vast majority of those left alive, after the coming culling,  will be crammed.

This proposed vast agglomeration will include all the major towns and cities of the region, which will of course include a completely new bureaucracy, which in the name of Communitarianism will strip away the rights of the individual in favour of the group and will most probably include communal dwelling as explained in the depths of the United Nations Neo Communist Manifesto.

This vast city, will be interconnected by a new high-speed rail system, HS3, as by the time of completion of this enormous project the use of private transport will most probably be already a luxury reserved for the super-rich.

The northwest of the UK is of course the home of those so-called Muslim Freedom Fighters whom are carrying out a Jihad against Bashar al Assad, alongside the Humanitarian British whom will kill all and everybody to set them free.

So why have the British radicalised these youngsters and sent them overseas to kill and maim their fellow Muslims?  How have the British managed to brain-wash these boys to the point where they will fight on the side of the Jews against their own kinsmen? And why, having done so are they now telling us that they are going to commit acts of terror in the UK when they come home?

Are we being told the truth or is this a Goebbels moment. Are we being told lies big enough and often enough to convince us that just like Global Warming, that despite our cold feet it is actually warmer and that it just feels colder and anyway, the cold is caused by the warming process?

I do not believe for one minute that there are over a thousand youngsters in the UK whom would be prepared to fight the Jews war against Assad, this is just more of the politics of fear and an attempt to suggest that should young UK Muslims be prepared to attack Assad, he must be guilty as Wild Willy Hague suggests that he is.

I have also come to the conclusion that the whole Ukraine debacle was no more than an excuse to hike up the price of oil and gas, while   Putin’s Russia has as usual, done nothing to help the victims of the aggressive Ukrainian Jewish Mafia Chocolate King, any more than he was actually prepared to put his money where his mouth is over Syria.

There is no truth whatsoever in politics, the UK government, which is chock-a-block with lawyers, has been criticised for discussing an on-going Court case, outside of Parliament, as if they did not know that this was forbidden.

The result of this is that it will now be difficult to continue the prosecution against David Cameron’s ex-spin doctor, whom has already been, thrown under the bus and convicted of phone hacking and is awaiting judgement on other alleged offences, which may now be dropped, because  references made by Cameron, may influence any jury’s decision.

The cynic in me believes that the whole trial has been a cover-up. Rebekah Brooks, a close chum of Rupert Murdoch, has already been found not guilty and does not appear to have been interrogated over accusations of bribing Metropolitan Police Officers, a charge which does not appear to have been addressed at all during a long and convoluted trial.

This would be the very same Metropolitan Police, which failed to follow-up on complaints which were made against Jimmy Savile and took no action against several Members of Parliament and well-known pop stars, whom were implicated in paedophile activity and were members of a famous Guest House, where all and every sexual deviation was catered for.

It could well be said that the “Met,” just like MI5, is holding dossiers of evidence, with which they can influence the actions of the Government in their own favour.  There are, for example,  allegations that Tony Blair was arrested on more than one occasion, while dressed as a woman called Miranda,  hanging around outside public lavatories, a practice which caused George Michael much grief.

Gordon Brown, an alleged paedophile, has taken actions, such as signing the Treaty of Lisbon despite making a promise that he would not do so without holding a referendum, giving the British people the opportunity to voice their preference, he also sold off the UK Gold Reserves at a fraction of their real value and refused to name the purchaser, these things stink of blackmail.

The same thing could be said of Rupert Murdoch, what did he know and when? He said from the outset that his aim was to protect Brooks. This has now been achieved, which means that the friends of the “Big Boys” always get away with it.

Brooks chum Cameron is at the moment attempting to present the election of the next President of the European Commission as being democratic, that those in favour of   Jean-Claude Juncker,  should publicly declare the way they vote, when in fact he knows full well that the Prime Ministers of Europe have no say whatsoever in the choosing of the President, that is decided in secret by the Bolsheviks behind the scenes.

It could well be that Juncker is not the actual choice, but merely a coconut waiting to be knocked down by Cameron before the real choice is announced, making it appear that Cameron has stood his ground and all is now well with the EU.

So this has been a week of subterfuge and fear of the truth, ranging from the exposure of the Privatisation of the tactics of the National Security Agency, into the hands of News Corporation which will take care of the surveillance of the British, to the continuing fear of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists.

 The Free Western Press, has failed to report, that even in Germany there are moves afoot to reintroduce the ideas of Hitler, not by “Bother Boys” but by sincere people whom have come to understand that most of what they have been conditioned to believe about Hitler is as false as the claims which are now being made against any group which stands up against the shadowy people whom called for the destruction of Germany.

It has become clear that we are being controlled by liars, thieves and cheats and a dose of National Socialism could well change the face of the planet to the benefit of those whom actually produce the wealth.


The Continuing Tales Of Media Lies.

“In a previous episode of his propaganda show, Murnaghan was annoyed when it was suggested that the Western Media was biased, he retorted by crying out “I hope you do not include Sky News in that claim, we go out of our way to present all sides of the News.” Well Murnaghan, I can assure you that if you believe that nonsense you are not capable of fronting a News Programme. Sky News, my dear Dermot, manufactures the News. I believe your Boss is at the moment in Israel, Tweeting his own form of disinformation.

At the moment, we are being bombarded with the murder trial in South Africa, where there is a Sky Team, while in Russia and Crimea and Ukraine, Sky News-persons, are posting copy which does not deserve the name of News. They are, as they have been, in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, totally biased in favour of their Jewish owners and lastly we have the News Hen, whom is reportedly considered to be the most detested face on television, covering the Case of the Missing Airliner in Malaya.

This is strangely, the subject of the Tweets of her Boss Rupert Murdoch. Why, you might ask, is Murdoch interested in the fate of an airliner? Could he know something that we are not being told?

We are belatedly being informed that there had been far more contact with the airliner, than we had previously been told. Which demands the question, why were we not told? Who has the power to suppress important information of this nature and why? Certainly not a band of Pirates, which it is now being suggested may have taken control of the plane.

Taking control of a Jet-Liner, is not a task to be undertaken lightly. There is need of much planning and preparation, not only for the taking of the plane but more importantly, to where it is to be taken and the necessity of a landing site, which would guarantee a safe conclusion to the exploit.

These needs would suggest the participation of a National Government, with a team of Flight Controllers who could be trusted to keep their mouths shut. So from where could these needs be met, within the range of the Airliner? Well the most obvious destination must surely be the brand new State of Rothschild, Kazakhstan. I am sure that whatever precious cargo was on the plane, could be safely unloaded, whether that cargo be Human or Mineral and the plane sent on its way, to be found in some out-of-the-way location, hopefully with a dazed and bemused group of passengers, alive and well, on board.”

Since writing the above clip, which referred to the manipulation of the News by Sky News and other “News” outlets, there have been certain “leaks” which would appear to justify my doubts as to the voracity of the currently accepted version of events.

The most telling “leak” of all, must surely be the reports that it is no longer possible for a jet-liner to be “lost” while in flight. When all other systems fail, the real “fail-safe” system is built into the Rolls Royce motors, the performance of which is logged by Rolls Royce engineers, whom would be aware of the exact location of the aircraft at all times.

Should this event have been, as is now being suggested, a form of suicide by one of the pilots, whom deliberately turned off the Transponders and headed off in the direction of the South Pole, spending five hours or more in flight, all of which would have been logged, why are we not hearing about desperate attempts to contact the plane to ask the simple question, “What in f**ks name do you think you are doing?” Why does everything invite the inevitable response, that there is something else going on?

The saturation coverage of this event, rivalled 911, in its intensity. Apart from Russia Today, by whom the News was delivered in a perfectly normal manner, without any extraordinary emphasis on the missing aircraft.

The Alternative Media is divided on the issue, between “No Planers” and those whom suggest the participation of the Taliban in Pakistan, in preparation of some sort of response to the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan by the US, the anniversary of which will soon be upon us.

I have serious doubts about this idea, as it suggests that these are the folk with enough experience of hi-jacking to carry out such an attack. This is quite obviously a red herring, if for no other reason than the fact that the Taliban are fully aware that no such event as the assassination of Bin Laden occurred in Pakistan or anywhere else, simply because Bin Laden, if he ever existed, was already dead and gone. Plus having been a part of the 911 scam, they would also be aware that it was also a fraud.

So we must ensure that should any such event occur, as a form of retribution for the killing of Bin Laden, that the finger remains pointed in the right direction, towards those whom are in fact responsible for the bulk of so-called terrorist attacks, whom always gain advantage from them, the controlling elite.

There is one reality in the middle of all of this nonsense, we will not be getting any sort of guidance from the mainstream media.  It goes without saying that however incredible the event, there will be unquestioning acceptance of the establishment version and the propagation of nothing else.

Putin is a perfect example of this strategy, having actually done very little that could be described as questionable, he has been condemned, across the board, by many establishment figures.  While not one journalist has posed the question, in any serious manner, “So the people of Crimea have decided to re-join Russia, which it is their perfect right to so do, having been arbitrarily handed over to Ukraine in 1954, without any say in the matter, where is the problem in that?”

The simple answer to this question would surely be, no problem, we are simply trying to generate a feeling of unease, suggesting that this could well be the first step in Putin’s desire to conquer the world, in order to conceal the real purpose which is the Elite’s desire to rule the world, a desire which will very soon be realised, thanks to the assistance of the “Free Press.”

While Putin is taking this flack, the same Media is putting the fear of flying back on the top of the agenda, by ignoring all of the anomalies in the official tale and presenting a garbled fantasy of what is in effect a load of crapola, which makes no sense whatsoever, suggesting that a flight crew, could deliberately shut off safety devices and apparently, without interference from more than two hundred passengers and crew, fly for a further five hours, until the plane falls into the sea, at the very spot where it was suggested that it might, without even knowing whether it had continued to fly, when this was suggested.

While all this drivel was being presented, what have we all been missing in the meantime?


Did Blair Cuckold Murdoch?

There is a persistent rumour that the marriage of Rupert Murdoch has come to grief, because his wife has been involved in an affair with War Criminal, Anthony Blair, aka Miranda.

There is very little information available at the moment so we will just have to hold our breath and not expect too much from Sky News nor indeed from The Sun Newspaper.

This may of course be no more than malicious rumour mongering or simple speculation, we will have to await further developments.

Blair is a well-known liar, he can hardly expect to have his denials taken seriously after the lies he told in order to set Iraq up for the slaughter. This is of course the perennial problem for the serial liar.

The Leveson Enquiry Obscures The Issue.

Rebekah Brooks,  the ex editor of the News of the World, under questioning at the Leveson Enquiry into Press misbehaviour, in response to a question, told how David Cameron, signed off his text messages with Lots of Love. This is apparently indicative of a too cosy relationship, when it is borne in mind that Rupert Murdoch and Brooks, were intent on gaining control of satellite company BSkyB.

Brooks, her horse trainer husband and Cameron were long time friends and lived in close proximity to each other. Brooks and Cameron often went riding together. They also celebrated at Christmas, in each others company.

Under those sort of circumstances it would stretch things just a little, to believe that serious matters, such as the Governments approval for Murdoch to be cleared to buy BSkyB, were never discussed.

Rebekah Brooks was also under scrutiny for having published details of the illness of Gordon Brown’s son. She insisted that she had the all clear from the Brown family. Gordon Brown however, was reduced to tears at a later date, while explaining the personal pain he felt, knowing that his sons medical details had been hacked into.

Brooks was also questioned on her part in the “outing” of paedophiles  living in the community, which had led to vigilante attacks against innocent people.

All of this “Publish and be damned” attitude, when it concerns trivial matters, which should rightly be covered by gossip magazines, should not be allowed to distract from the far more serious question of deliberate disinformation, which is an integral part of the Murdoch News output.

I am far more concerned with what Cameron and Murdoch discuss while sat together at the Bilderberg meetings, which they attend, when ordered to do so, than what may be discussed at a Christmas party.

Whether Murdoch gains approval to buy BSkyB or not, pales into insignificance, when the question of whom has control of the subjects which Murdoch’s Hacks are allowed to discuss with politicians such as Cameron during an interview.

Murdoch’s Newspapers have never posed a serious question about the destruction of Libya. They misled and lied about every move which was made by the coalition murderers. Along with Sky News, they presented a totally distorted account of events leading up to the brutal murder of Gadaffi and most of his family.

The Leveson Enquiry, posed only those questions which a primed Frontman on Sky might ask of a Prime Minister, on a political programme. Just enough to sound tough without doing any harm.

Any enquiry of this nature should cover all forms of skulduggery on the part of the Press. When it is perfectly clear that Rupert Murdoch and his boys, have never taken the politicians to task over EU Referendums for example. They are still, as the Ice Age approaches, pushing for Carbon Taxes. They are on board with Free Trade and Globalisation and all the rest of the tragedies which have destroyed the British economy. So what is the point of trying to claim that there was the possibility of a “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” deal over BSkyB?

The British are so unenlightened, that they voted, cross dressing, whisky swilling, mass murderer Winston Churchill as their all time favourite man. Churchill was responsible for a far greater genocide than could ever be laid at the door of Adolf Hitler, however the British Press kept mum.

The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as reliable News in the UK. The press of the day concealed the extent of the Irish Holocaust, where in the name of the Great White Queen Victoria, five million Irish people were starved to death by the English. A huge English garrison stole, at gun point, enormous quantities of Irish food, which was shipped to England to feed the avaricious English Military. The English of course deny this Holocaust. The mass graves across the length and breadth of Ireland bear witness to this slaughter.

The likes of Brooks and Murdoch, English and Australian, now of course Murdoch is an US Citizen, would never discuss in their pages another of Churchill’s murderous campaigns in India, where he ordered the seizure of all food in Bengal, starving seven million people to death. He claimed to need the food to feed the British Tommies, whom were preparing to fight the Japanese in Burma and Malaya, during World War Two.

This was a lie. The Australian’s had enough grain to satisfy Churchill’s needs, which could have been used to feed the Bengali’s. Churchill and the Australian Government conspired to withhold the food from the Indians, a deliberate act which  caused the millions of deaths. The grain had to be stored in hastily erected silos in Australia.

We never hear too much about the genocide in Ukraine, which shocked even the German troops, when they entered Russia during the war. Stalin a Jew, Like Churchill a Jew, were both responsible for mass killings, way in excess of anything which can be laid at the door of Hitler.  So why are we, on a daily basis, so long after the end of the war, still drowning in rubbish which is laid at the door of Hitler?

Can this be merely an irresponsible media campaign or does it serve another purpose?  Whatever the answer, there is a paucity of real journalism in the UK. There has never been a thorough examination of 7-7 in London. When an Irish journalist asked a difficult question at the Copenhagen Climate Conference, he was taken away under armed guard.

The Leveson Enquiry will not ask anything that may result in a truthful response from any of the witnesses. This is a game of cover-up. Any serious follower of World Events, knows full well that the British News, from whatever quarter is controlled.  Honest journalists are now working on-line.


Blair At Leveson; The Lies Continue