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Beware Of The Enemy Hidden In Plain Sight.


Without digging too deeply into past events, which we have come to accept as being nothing more than vague, unimportant, historical happenings, which have no particular relevance in the modern world, we can,  with some assurance assert, with supporting evidence, that during the lives of our grandparents, or in some cases great-grandparents, and ever since, there have been massive cullings of various Peoples, which we have been encouraged to completely ignore and forget.

On the other hand, for some ‘inexplicable’ reason, we have been forcefully encouraged to believe in the Jew tale of a holocaust, which is in fact a claim relying entirely on hearsay evidence, without anything solid in support of this widely held belief. The proponents of this tale are attempting to make it a criminal offence, to so much as look for the missing evidence of its happening, to so do is called anti-Semitic, a crime more serious than the murder of millions, apparently.

At the same time, the Jews whom have made this claim against the Third Reich and Germany, are eager to conceal their own dark history, which involves crimes far greater than those of Hitler and the Third Reich, crimes which were committed over a far more extended period of time, than were any of the alleged crimes of Germany, which we are told occurred while Germany was totally occupied in the fighting a war, which was actually declared by Jews and their vassal States, Great Britain and France, against Germany.

In what can only be described as a ‘strange twist of fate,’ the Jews, had themselves installed the Gulags, a system of extermination camps in Russia – which had a wholly Bolshevik/Jew controlled government – camps in which millions of people were either, worked, tortured or starved to death. On top of that, as many as fifty-million other White Christians were slaughtered by the Cheka, a veritable killing machine,  which was also under Jew Commissar control.



While these Jew atrocities in Russia, have been more or less written out of history, as have the ritual slaughters in China, which were ordered by Jew citizens of the United States, whom had trained and funded Chairman Mao and through him, took control of China and whom had Mao murder one hundred million Chinese, simply to rid China of its intelligentsia,  which gives us a total of one-hundred-and-fifty-million killings for the Jews, to which can be added twenty million German Christians, whom were brutally slaughtered, during and after World War Two  and all trace of this huge crime was also  completely written out of history, giving us a provisional score of at least one-hundred-and-seventy-million to the Jews and an alleged six-million to the Third Reich.

No contest you might exclaim, which does not explain the existence of a Museum in memory of dead Jews, in almost every Christian country on earth, while the Germans are forbidden, by their Jew controlled government from mourning their own war dead, even as the Jews continue their genocides in Palestine, with impunity.

That said, the above grim list of atrocities, should provoke concern about the current intentions of Jews and which delivers one of those situations, which demand making a choice between your liberty and your safety, particularly as those same Jews are even now calling for the destruction of the White Race.

 In most cases people choose safety over freedom, however you need to understand the threat before giving up your freedom, the Jews by whom we are controlled do not have a reputation of delivering the peace and tranquility which ‘our’ freedoms provide. They deal in death. 

I am a lover of diversity but I do not understand the claim that diversity means the mixing of the Races, a policy which, on the face of it,  denies any diversity. Those whom preach this sermon are in the main Jews, whom while pretending to be of Middle Eastern origin, from Palestine, which would make them of exactly the same Race as that of indigenous Palestinians, whom are clearly of the same race as the Sephardic Jews, whom have lived alongside them down through the centuries, however the incoming Jews are clearly of European roots, which is why they have forbidden marriage between Ashkenazi Jews and all others, in order to retain their dominance.

In South Africa, where there is indeed a form of multiculturalism, which is dominated by Jews, there are two glaring disastrous results, a form of regression amongst the Blacks, whom are presumably of the same Race, that is if Black is a Race, but not of the same tribal origin.

This regression has reduced the once thriving South Africa, into  one of the most dangerous places on earth, the politicians appear to be incapable of instilling any form of law and order, while at the same time encouraging the slaughter of the White people, whom are offered no role in multiculturalism, as they are not a ‘Race,’ recognised by Jews and have no particular culture, so they can be slaughtered like cattle and  have been driven out of their homes into shanty towns to rot and die.

In Rwanda, the Blacks were a while back, struck by a blood-lust, during which they clubbed and butchered a million people of another tribe, to death.

In Liberia, where the Blacks have had a long period of control over their own affairs, they did in recent times, go ape and on a whim set about killing tens of thousands of the various tribal groups, whom returned to Africa after being liberated from slavery in the USA, in some cases eating the dead. It has been reported that a group ate the deposed leader. They are still in a state of turmoil, with open toilets along the beaches, because they lack even simple forms of sanitation.

In Black Sudan, life has become a nightmare after Jew interference in their affairs, which encouraged a disastrous separation from Northern Sudan, delivering the local resources, of the south,  into the hands of those whom would like to control all of the worlds resources, without a care for the effects on the Peoples of the region. The Sudanese are now fleeing towards Europe, in an attempt to escape this Black nightmare.

In the United States, statistics suggest that most of the Racial violence is Black violence. There is little point in ignoring this fact, which the Jews, whom are behind the Black attacks against ‘White Supremacists,’ are suggesting is a reasonable response to past White behaviour. There is a deliberate attempt to ‘regress’ the young Black in the USA, by encouraging a ‘retaliation’ against virtually non-existent White Racism.




Black attacks against Whites, particularly against White couples, are of a level of brutality and savagery, which has never been carried out by Whites against Blacks and yet it is condoned as being the result of the way Blacks were treated in past times.

Would Blacks be prepared to accept, that should a band of White thugs, choose to inflict the same form of treatment on Black couples, claiming that it was justifiable because of Black behaviour in past times? I think not, there would be an uproar.

If there is a video compilation, similar to the above, listing similar crimes by Whites against Blacks, I would be happy to post it. There are dozens of similar examples listing Black on White attacks. There are also many Blacks like Common Sense, on youtube,  who post excellent clips, but never examples of White on Black torture and murder similar to the Black woman who tortured a twelve-year-old White boy to death with a blow-lamp.

The Blacks are prepared to allow the Jews to do the talking for them, without regard for the facility of the Jews to stab people in the back. While on the one hand they offer support to the Blacks, they are on the other hand attempting to wipe them out, with abortion and the destruction of the Black family.

Margaret Sanger was a Jew. It was the Jews whom controlled the Slave Trade and it was the Jews whom made use of the slaves and when it suited them, they then deliberately ‘liberated’ them onto the streets, where ordinary Whites were expected to look after them. The Jews now want rid of them altogether, Blacks need not worry, they are not oin their own, current world events make it evident that we are all under threat. We are heading into a World Civil War, much like the war which has been raging all across the Middle East for years, that is our future and it is not a good time to waste,  fighting against Donald Trump.

Back then everybody was on their own. There was nobody looking after anybody else. Sadly the American Blacks are now the most cosseted Blacks on the planet and yet they take no care of their blessings while are spitting on the helping hand that feeds them.

I would not recommend any of them to seek refugee status in South Africa or Liberia or indeed in any other Black State, they are far better off in White countries and they would be better employed working alongside the Whites to fight the common enemy, before they are completely eliminated.

Perhaps Blacks have failed to notice, that it is uniquely White Christian Countries, which have made them welcome and in the main have treated them very well, so why are they all ditching Christianity for Islam and not then heading off to Indonesia or Saudi Arabia in search of the Islamic dream?

Blacks are far too smart to try that one. In South Africa they have killed many other Blacks seeking shelter from the storm, while the Jews deport, even Black Jews back to from where they came. Blacks are even crowding into Ireland, where the original slaves in the United States are now expected to support Black ex-slaves, that is the level of dependency of the pathetic Black people whom have never managed to create a self-sufficient lifestyle of their own.

The Top Secret Plot Against Robert Mugabe.

By the time the controlled Western Media has finished with a selected victim, it is almost impossible to discuss the reality, of the behaviour of the victimised.  Such is the case with Robert Mugabe.

From  the day that Ian Smith, the Landowners preferred choice, was driven out of office and Robert Mugabe was installed, there has been  a continuous effort to conceal the true aims of Mugabe and to present him as a cruel dictator, in the same manner as was Idi Amin in Uganda before him. He is now a member of an illustrious group, of those whom have been attacked for attempting to change Colonial Law, or is it Bankers Law,  in an effort to improve the lot of his countrymen.

Mugabe’s efforts to build a strong economic, sustainable, financially fair system in Zimbabwe, has been thwarted, every step of the way, by those whom do not want, the inequalities of the debt based economies of the West exposed for what they are, which could lead to discontent; in the lands of the sleeping idiots, whom have been held in bondage forever and are well used to licking the boots of the aristocracy, while keeping mum about that extra quid, which they believe only they are receiving.

The day Robert Mugabe announced that he intended to take back control of the territory of Zimbabwe, from the clutches of the rich European Elite Bankers, whom had stolen those lands from the African Peoples in past years, evicting Africans from their Tribal Territories and condemning them to an existence in African Reservations, as was done in  the USA to American Natives, Mugabe has been presented as a “Hitler.”

This is a term, to which the readers of Western Publications, have been conditioned to view as referring to a monster. The truth is however, stranger than fiction, because Hitler was doing the same service for the German people, when he too was attacked. To be called a Hitler, is a private joke for the Elite, they were the criminals, not Adolf Hitler.

Unlike in the USA, where only White on Black crime is ever reported, in Zimbabwe, it is  the opposite, giving a totally unbalanced impression of the country and its people. In the good old days of British Colonialism, Bwana, could shoot a Black dead and he was not even obliged to report the death.

Zimbabwe, it has been decided, may well be Democratic but it is the wrong sort of Democracy, it is the sort that does not please the money men.

Zimbabwe was once known as Rhodesia, after Cecil Rhodes, an Agent of the Rothschild banking family. His job was to asset strip Africa to the bone and to take control of all of the resources, which would be passed into the control of the Milner Group, yet another branch of the Rothschild Empire.

Robert Mugabe’s attempts to wrest control of the territory of Zimbabwe, out of the hands of Western Landlords, was tantamount to the tolling of bells for the funeral of the very basis of the Elite’s control of the  world , which is based on their holdings of  land and their refusal to make it available to the masses.

The British people have become so stupid, that they believe that the Queen, whom is not even the true Monarch of Britain but simply another Agent of Rothschild, has the right to own half of the land mass of the World, for which she pays no tax.

In the US, small farmers are being driven out of their homes, and their land passed to greedy rich bankers, whom are so consumed with desire for more and more wealth, that we will all, through the use of a document, Agenda 21, which was drawn up by the rich, be driven out of the countryside altogether, into urban concrete blocks, leaving the countryside for the voracious sick people, whom believe that theft and murder makes them Elite. These people generate nothing of benefit for the Earth, they are simply parasites, whom have greater need of us, than we of them.

Untold millions of Africans were put to the sword and machine-gun, by British and French thieves and their lands stolen, a crime of which we hear nothing. The West still claim the right to destroy at will, any African State, such as Libya or Somalia, or indeed to finance Civil Wars as in The Congo, while under-cover of the carnage, steal whatever they can lay their hands on.

It will be a good day for humanity, when a murderous act, perpetrated by the West in Africa,  receives the attention which only this morning was devoted to the very folk whom finance the African Massacres, the same Banking Families, whom ordered and financed  WW2, when it was revealed that E Bay had been selling  memorabilia from the Concentration Camps in Germany and Poland, which of course means Jewish items.

Strangely, these items included a pair of pyjamas and various prison uniforms. How this could be so, was not explained, It has already been calculated that it would have taken at least one hundred-and-fifty years to gas, burn and dispose of the four million victims which it is alleged, because there is no proof, died at Auschwitz. So there would be little time available to get undressed, put on your pyjamas, sleep, wake up, get dressed and head for the showers etc.

Sky News of course, did not miss the opportunity to litter a discussion of this “aberration” by E Bay, with claims of non-existent “Death Camps” in Germany and adjectives like slaughter and the inhuman behaviour of the Germans.

However, there was still no mention of the West’s allies, during WW2, the Jewish controlled Soviet Union, where those Friends of the West, the Jews, Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky, carried out the torture and murder of sixty-five million Christians and held millions more in Gulags, which were far more cruel and deadly  than were German Concentration Camps, from which millions of Jews survived. In fact most of the deaths,  in German Camps, were due to a catastrophic outbreak of Typhus.

I would suggest that Robert Mugabe is loved by the majority of people in Zimbabwe, because despite the Black Propaganda, which is levelled at Mugabe, his people know that he is on their side. Which is of course why they continue, to the chagrin of the West, to vote for him in huge numbers. They will also be well aware, that should Jewish interests demand that Zimbabwe be “saved,” it will involve another African Holocaust and the Country of Zimbabwe being razed to the ground. Such is the humanitarianism of the Elite and the Christian scum whom fight their wars.