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Who Or Whom Have Most To Fear From The Truth?



There is one huge subject which has never been properly aired. It’s out there but never discussed. It was claimed by many people whom were in Russia, during and after the coup d’etat, which has since been referred to as a Revolution, that many of those in charge of things, spoke English amongst each other, very few of them were in fact Russian while many like Trotsky were American.

A television series, which was screened during the 1970s presented evidence that there was indeed much collusion between the Bolsheviks and the City of London. Sidney Reilly, a British agent even postulated that he could well have been installed as leader and not Lenin.




Reilly, was of course his nom de plume as it were, his real name being Sigmund Rosenblum and he was a Russian or maybe a Polish Jew, who quite obviously knew the leaders of the Russian coup d’etat, very well indeed and it would be surprising if the British were not fully aware of the murderous turn of events, as the Bolshevik coup took hold.

There is much talk, amongst those, including myself, whom suggest that in view of the fact that the Leadership of the Communists and the Politburo which was later set up, was all funded by Jew interests, there can be no dispute about that claim, and indeed Russia’s gold reserve was immediately seized and despatched to the United States and lodged in the bank vaults of the Jew banker Jacob Schiff, who had helped and funded the coup d’etat. On top of all that, at least eighty-four percent of the Politburo were Jews, according to Vladimir Putin, so there can be little doubt that the whole sorry business was indeed a Jew operation, controlled from the City of London.

It follows from that, to suggest that the British, whom a few decades previously had “failed to notice” five million of their Irish subjects starving to death, could possibly have failed to notice the barbarism which was taking place in Russia, which would lead to the slaughter of at least sixty-five-million Christian Souls. It is also stated that Lenin and his chums, whom as are the current bunch of puppets, whom pretend run the world, was himself no more than a frontman for the City of London Jew bankers, and he would not have dared to execute the Russian Royal Family without the go-ahead from Baron Rothschild. Therefore it can claimed with some degree of accuracy, that the Russian Coup d’Etat was indeed a production of the Jew British Empire.

However a more salient point must surely be, was the cream of British, French and German Youth, quite cynically sent to the killing fields of Flanders, during the Great War, for no better reason than to create a smoke screen allowing for the possibility, for the Jews to carry out the coup d’etat in Russia? The only things which came out of the Great War and the Second World War – which the Jews actually declared against Germany – delivered the means of donating Palestine to Baron Rothschild after the Great War, and after the Second World War, European Jews were quickly evacuated to Palestine for their “own safety”, into a State which Hitler explained was nothing more than a hide-out from where the Jews could continue their international criminal activities, without fear of interference from international law.

The idea that a British government was not only prepared to force their young men to go and fight a war, which was not only unnecessary but simply to further the aims a group calling themselves Zionists, a group of which Winston Churchill declared himself to be a member, a war during which the Officer Class, quite deliberately forced men to walk into a wall of machine gun fire, which was in fact a form of genocide, while Churchill inflicted the same barbaric slaughter against the Anzacs at Gallipoli, to where they were sent in an attempt to distract the Turks, ensuring that the Ottoman Empire was defeated and the Ottoman controlled Middle East was made available for the Jews.

Later in the century, when the Russians caved in and evacuated Afghanistan, having been beaten by covert British and American funded Al Qaeda, the first act of the Western funded forces, was to hang the leadership out of hand and install a puppet regime, which was itself replaced by the Taliban, creating the need of another full frontal Western attack, out of a fear of losing control of the high quality Opium, of which the Jew controlled monopolistic drug companies had need of, to stupefy the entire world with their legal “highs” referred to as antidepressants, A member of my own family was a victim of this silent genocide.

I have written thousands of words around these events and the horror story which has gradually unfolded in my mind, exposes more and more of the complicity of “our elected governments” in all of this slaughter, which has in fact been non-stop since. the start of the twentieth century. They are even now preparing to destroy us all in the manner in which the Irish, Russians, Chinese and Germans have been culled in the past, most probably down the starvation route, which can be manipulated into action overnight.

The enormous amount of disinformation which has to be ploughed through in search of truth is staggering. In the United States there has been an absolute barrage of lies about Donald Trump, including the quite deliberate lie about the number of spectators at his inauguration, which has now become part of the mainstream medias folk-lore. The News of the World was closed down because of its behaviour and CNN should be faced with the same sanction for its quite disturbing distortion of reality.

The Sky News team, fronted by Stuart Ramsay, having given its distorted version of events in Venezuela, where the CIA man Guaido, has “declared” himself as President, with the full support of the Sky News man. Ramsay and his team have now been sent to Sudan, where he is mouthing virtually the same phrases in support of yet another carefully selected politician who wants to grab power in another land full of oil.

The lies of these monopolised sources of disinformation are legion, to the point where a couple of children were this morning interviewed on Sky News, huddled together in tears, demonstrating against the production of Carbon Dioxide, which they have been educated to believe will kill them all in twelve years, which is such a load of crap that it is astonishing to find that there has been no evidence produced, explaining how a “trace gas” which makes up about one per cent of the air, could possibly be single-handedly the cause of the weather. This tosh is being pushed to bring about the total destruction of European Industry and our kids are now being confused in into supporting this monstrous lie.

These organs of lies, most of which are owned by the same group, which has already used these tools to deceive the worlds children into believing that to reduce Carbon Dioxide will solve all their problems, even as serious meteorologists are warning the world to store food and warm clothes because of a risk of a mini Ice Age.

They are now continuing their campaign against Trump by presenting non-proven claims made by Mueller in his report, which was supposedly about Russian Collusion, suggesting it was really all a huge effort to prove anything that would stick against him. If there was no crime, what would Trump have been blocking? Those sort of questions are ignored by all of the mainstream which is desperately digging themselves even deeper into their hole.

Nothing can be trusted, when the total lie of World War Two, is rammed down our throats on a daily basis, as the ultimate warning, that to allow certain thoughts to be presented to the average Joe in the street, could lead to a repeat of the calamity of Hitler and National Socialism, a warning which keeps the mouths of every commentator firmly closed, the truth must never be allowed to be fairly presented, not even by Julian Assange or any of the other “whistle-blowers”. Every word which dribbled out of the mouth of this Black loud-mouth is wrong, apart from anything else he is trying to deny the Democracy which he claims to support. That is before we even ask the question, what in God’s name has Hitler got to do with Brexit?



The continuation of the aims of the so-called New World Order and their allies, whom are installed in every elected Government across the World and even in the Chinese Politburo, is constructed on a foundation of sand, which is running out like the sand in an egg timer. Hitler is staring them in the face every waking minute of their lives, that is the correct answer to my question.

I know longer believe that Julian Assange was still in the Ecuadorian Embassy, which is why some time ago we were told that he was forbidden to go on-line, then he was forbidden to have visitors at which point he could have been anywhere. The man who was carried out by Special Branch a few day ago could have been anyone. Assange has been built up as a “Peoples Hero” without ever producing anything which could contribute to the real exposure of the crimes against Humanity, which are ongoing, without a sign of Hitler but with plenty of evidence of Communism, Diversity, Communitarianism and Socialism which are all the same thing. 

Nothing that was disclosed through Wikileaks came as any surprise, we already knew about the atrocities in Iraq and the British and American atrocities in Korea and Vietnam and the starvation of a couple of million German prisoners of war by the man who became President of America, in the Rhine Meadows death camps, and the massacres behind the Iron Curtain and many other things.

Edward Snowden also gave us what we already knew, that we were the scourge of the Earth and that we were being watched. So why have we never had a word about the conspiracy to destroy Germany, which has been available for the past one hundred years and the atrocities, which were carried out in Palestine by the Jews, most of whom, if not all – choose your own figures – had been killed by the Germans during World War Two?

It is perfectly clear, that those whom have most to fear from the truth, are in the process of making it illegal to so much as ask a question about their activities since the days of the Russian coup d’etat, never mind the French Revolution and the British Civil War – calamities in which they were also involved – in fact we have never been allowed one word of truth about any of their activities including the Irish Holocaust.

They are instead stuffing our children’s heads full of rubbish about all and everything, including conditioning them to believe  that White people were responsible for slavery, which was ninety-nine percent controlled by Blacks, Arabs and Jews. Because they are unwilling to admit that they know nothing about anything, apart from how to steal, they teach subjects like Evolution, Gravity, the Rotation of the Earth as fact, leaving no room for inquiry. It has already been decided that to take a look behind the scenes of the recent fire at Notre Dame Cathedral is stupid, when in fact there images available of men in yellow helmets walking around the burning building as if there is nothing going on and there is a remarkable shortage of firemen at the scene. I am joking of course.

How could an event like the destruction of a Cathedral be risked by the French/Jew government, making sure that only part of it was damaged, so that it could be re-constructed, within five years, to suit the needs of diversity? 




The Cold Blooded Genocide Of The Cream Of European Youth: By Government Edict.

This Victorian song was very popular with the British troops whom fought in the trenches of the Great War. Many were surprised to find that the title of the song was A Miners Dream of Home and not A Soldiers Dream of Home.

There is little doubt that the Great War was fought at the bidding of the British. It was foretold in a document  which was written by Albert Pike, an Officer in the Southern Army during the American Civil War. It prophesied three world wars. We are now approaching the fulfillment of this prophecy.

The document itself, which was on exhibition in the British Museum, has long since vanished. There are those whom question its authenticity, believing it to be a convenient forgery, which was designed to present the wars as being in some way legitimate. In the manner that quotations from the Bible are often used.

The first of these wars, was not a World War, in the sense that all Continents were involved. At the time it was simply “The Great War.” or “The War To End Wars.” It certainly did not achieve that lofty aim.

I had the opportunity to speak to quite a few veterans of the Great War. They were old and had certain mannerisms which I found to be a little bit frightening, as I was young at the time and did not really understand the ordeal which they had been through.

They spoke of going “Over The Top.” They spoke of men wetting themselves and soiling their trousers.  Many vomited while waiting for the whistle to blow. Many could hardly walk, because of their “Trench Foot” where the constant walking around in deep mud, rotted their feet.

These were the lads whom had been at school together. From the same village, they turned up on Remembrance Day at the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month, to pay their respects to those whom never came home.

These were the men whom heard frightened, shell-shocked friends crying for their Mummy, coping with an unimaginable fear of what lay ahead.

These poor bastards were no more than a blood sacrifice for ghouls from the underworld, whom forced them to walk, defenceless into a hail of machine gun fire.

The war itself achieved nothing.  The only people whom had something to show for the millions of dead, were a handful of bankers, the weapon shops and British manufacturers, whom had managed to destroy the far superior German Industrial base.

Life for the remnants of the troops, did not improve much after the end of hostilities, they soon found themselves coping with a flu virus, which had been concocted in the US and pumped into the troops as a live vaccine, which infected and killed an estimated Fifty Million people across the world. Some reports suggest that it was this which finally brought an end to the war, as there were so few troops in a condition to fight.

Although the war was at an end in Europe, the killing continued at a pace in Russia, where the much vaunted One Hundred Jewish Families were culling the herd. It is not clear how many of the Sixty-Five Million or so deaths were as a result of the flu, although many flu victims could well have been murdered before the Swine Flu Virus got them.

The Great War was hardly out-of-the-way before the machinations began to fulfil Pikes’s prediction of a Second World War. This time the City of London were going to get things right. Anthony Eden, a British Politician, was given the job of taunting Hitler. In his writings Winston Churchill admitted to having forced Hitler into the war.

Churchill it was, when having cracked the Enigma Code, allowed the City of Coventry in the English Midlands, to be flattened by German Bombers, without warning the people of the City, in order to conceal the fact that the men at Bletchley Park, knew every move that the German Military made throughout the war. Coventry was in the parlance of the day “Coventralised.”

Roosevelt taunted the Japanese until they took the bait and launched an attack on Pearl Harbour. Roosevelt knew the attack was coming but warned nobody. He allowed thousands of US Military to die needlessly. This allowed him to declare war on Japan and at the same time declare war on Japan’s ally Germany, et voila, World War Two. One could make a remark about the minds of the two Jewish men whom allowed these things to pass.

Churchill, later in the campaign allowed millions of people in India to starve to death, in order to reserve their food for British Troops, during the campaign against the Japanese in Burma and Malaya. In the end he did not need the food. The Hindus died for nothing.

Coincidently, during the Second World War, another Pandemic raised its head, Typhus, which like the American made Swine Flu, claimed the lives of an unknown number of victims.  We are already hearing tales of a new strain of Bird Flu, which has been prepared in a Dutch Laboratory, presumably to release should the World War break out.

The Zionist controlled Government in the UK has long been the most bellicose of the warmongers. It is they whom are baying for an opportunity to attack Syria. Many things hinge on this attack, none of them to do with the welfare of the Syrian people. The most important being a Treaty between Syria and Iran. Now of course it has become more serious than that, in  fact we are now at the point where the Asian giant China has become involved. Along with Russia.

Israel wants control of Syria and the destruction of Iran. It is involved in a land grab. A friend of my Father’s was in Palestine in Nineteen Forty-Eight. He and his comrades believed that they should have been given the order to turn their guns on the Jews. He told of the atrocities which were carried out by the Jewish Terrorist groups, even to the point of staking British Tommies out in the desert sun to die and trying to blame the Arabs. All of it hushed up by the British. These are the folk whom are still whining about Hitler?

Everything is now in place to realise Albert Pike’s prediction of a Third World War. Russia has pledged to support  Syria, while China is calling for a UN Resolution which leaves no Back Door for the British to smash down as they did in Libya. This will not suit the British, as they know full well that the Syrian people, given the opportunity, will choose Assad, rather than the folk whom have generated the current crisis, they would be right to do so.

So here we are, in the early years of the Twenty-First Century and already the inbred vicious scum whom gave the Twentieth Century the distinction of being the most murderous Century in the history of humanity. Wiping out generation after generation of the World’s youth, are pushing for more of the same thing.

Why is there not one Government on the planet which is prepared to speak out and name these fiends?  Why does the “City of London” exist?  The same thing in the US, “Washington DC,” why is it there?  “The Vatican City” in Rome, what is the purpose of these “Private” Cities?  Elected politicians in the US,UK and Italy must be aware of what is going on in these places and they tell us nothing.

Are the people whom believe that it is in these “Private” Cities that all the plans for war and the seizing of the worlds resources are hatched, right? If there is any truth in the belief that the residents of these “Cities” have control of our Politicians and it is indeed they whom plan these murderous wars which leave so many twisted bodies and shattered lives, is it not time to root them out?

These sick minds have devised Agenda 21 which will be the death knell of humanity, if it is not stopped. The devious plots concealed in this document, spell the end of even the limited freedom which we have been allowed. The consequences  of not stopping this attack on the very basis of human life will prove even more devastating than the wars of the Twentieth Century.

These greedy scum, not content with their riches and their mansions, desire to control even the water we need to live and they want us to pay for the air that we breathe. Most people laugh when faced with these issues, sadly they will soon be laughing on the other side of their face.