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Sky News Hen Claims Herself To Be Fair And Unbiased


Kay Burley, one of the presenters on Sky News, today conducted a discussion about the News output on British News outlets.  She stridently claimed that journalists were fair and balanced and that should they attempt to pass anything that would not stand up to scrutiny, other journalists would take them to task.

A few weeks ago I was astonished to find that Sky News had quite deliberately misled viewers, by suggesting that Donald Trump was some sort of racist, having expressed the opinion that no Muslims should be allowed into the USA. This claim was illustrated by an edited clip of a Trump speech.

The same misleading clip was used all day long, by one presenter after another. Finally in the afternoon, Burley did herself introduce the edited clip several times, until finally near the end of her show, she interviewed an American and asked his response to what Trump had said.

He immediately pointed out that Trump had not said “No Muslims should be allowed into the USA, full stop,” telling Burley that the clip had been doctored to suggest Trump had said something which he had not said, he had in fact, added the caveat  “…until the Politicians had figured out what the hell was going on.”   Despite having been challenged about the accuracy of her reporting, Burley continued to present the same clip as if it was the truth.

Someone eventually slipped up by using the edited clip in an introduction, only to surprise a correspondent, as he was about to open his mouth,  by presenting him with the entire clip, when he had quite clearly prepared his diatribe to suit the edited version. He managed to make some garbled response,  like a school-boy who had forgotten his words and could not hear the prompter in a school play and tried to ad lib.







These folk know full well that they are liars and that they are deceiving the public. Another Sky News man, Kiley, was recently presenting events in Syria, concerning an alleged attack on yet another Médécins Sans Frontières hospital, in a manner which was aimed at blaming the Russians, this was a matter of days after the under-reported bombing of another hospital of the same NGO, was dismissed as a mere slip of a finger on a mouse, by the United States. I suppose that could be described as fair reporting.

 Stuart Ramsey, expects us to believe that he, just happened to bump into a man who had found these files, somewhere in Syria, as if Daech would keep their files in Syria. Ramsey is attempting to build up an excuse to link Assad with Daech, a man he met somewhere told him so. Sky News as usual have no need of corroboration, any lie will do. These files would serve no purpose in Syria or anywhere else in the middle of a fire-fight. This is black propaganda.


Does anybody pay any attention to these folk these days?


Six British Soldiers Deaths Provide Propaganda Opportunity For The UK.

The Sky News presentation of the deaths of six British soldiers in Afghanistan, was an excellent lesson in the use of any crisis to further your justification for your illegal war and to present a case against your next presumed target.

Sam Kiley, whose reports never fail to give the impression that he has been briefed by MI6, while having absolutely no first hand knowledge of the attack, managed to include all of the keywords into his drivel.

To suit the occasion, it appears that it would be nigh on impossible to make a home-made bomb powerful enough to cause the damage which he had not actually seen. It would, he assured us, have come across the border from Iran. Ah yes Iran! No, hold on. Or from Hezbollah in Lebanon. Or maybe Saddam Hussein lives on.

This is in direct contradiction to the police evidence, which assured us that some young lads in the UK  could  make such  bombs, in their kitchen, which were powerful enough to destroy Tube Trains and Double-Decker buses in London to carry out the 7-7 attacks.

Kiley’s crap was followed by a statement from the Army, reminding us that these lads had died to protect UK citizens from attacks at home. Perhaps I missed the story of a terrorist attack which was carried out by the Taliban in the UK or anywhere else in Europe  or the World. He extended his condolences to the families of the soldiers. He might have added that Afghan children are being killed on a daily basis, along with their parents, in the name of protecting Brits at home.

Perhaps Kiley has failed to notice that despite all the fear-mongering, there has not been a single so-called terrorist attack, from a provable Muslim source, in the UK.  The attacks, which have been carried out can be traced back to the real culprits, whom of course are crouching behind the excuse of “conspiracy theory” rubbish. No evidence as strong as the “conspiracy theory” evidence has ever been presented, while Blair at the 7-7 enquiry was given the same opportunity to incriminate Iran as was he, Kiley, when Iran has attacked no-one.

The war in Afghanistan is illegal, it has more to do with Opium than problems with terrorists. As for the dead soldiers, Kissinger called them dumb animals, to be used as cannon fodder.

Kiley is simply sign-posting Iran or Lebanon as a threat, which will be dealt with after Syria has been dealt with. Syria has already been subjected to the full force of Sky News Black Propaganda.

Kiley might like another tour of Libya, where can enjoy the results of his eagerness to have the country bombed to oblivion, he might offer his condolences to some of the widows and orphans whom gave their lives to protect BRITISH interests.

War Correspondents Are Making Themselves Legitimate Targets.

The lives of News Reporters, whom place themselves in the line of fire, particularly in Civil War type situations, depends on their impartiality. Should their objectivity and unbiased treatment of both sides in a conflict be put in doubt, they will put at risk their own lives and those of their Press colleagues.

During the illegal attack on Libya, I watched, with interest, the reports which were posted by Sky News, Press TV and Russia Today. I cannot bear to watch the BBC.

Both Sky News and Press TV, presented a version of events which was so far removed from the actuality on the ground, that it was more like theatre than News reporting.

In the Double Standard programme above, there are allegations that Mark Stone and Lisa Holland, passed GPS co-ordinates to NATO forces. The allegations have not been denied by Sky News. The correspondents involved were approached but made no comment.

Throughout the NATO attacks, which were based on little firm evidence, and yet were certainly in contravention of the terms of the UN Resolution, neither Sky News or Press TV showed any concern about the welfare of the civilians on the ground, when the “rebels” attacked a town which supported Gadaffi, while on the other hand great prominence was given to every attack which Gadaffi forces made, in every instance making great claims about casualties, with no apparent evidence.

Lisa Holland, in particular, throughout her reporting from Libya, could barely keep the sneer off her face as she discussed the regime. Her job is not to present her perception of the Gadaffi Regime, it is to report events. She spent enough time in Libya to have discovered that Gadaffi had in fact treated the Libyan people very well, there is no need to repeat his achievements here, a simple click on a Gadaffi Tag, will supply many examples. Holland however, could find nothing to report.

The “men” were playing soldiers, they were one and all embedded with the “rebels.” This entailed blaming Gadaffi forces for every atrocity, when it was as plain as day that it was the Bel Hadj forces whom were beginning the Ethnic Cleansing. Sam Kiley spent most of his time with that branch of the “rebel” forces which did little more than shoot their guns in the air and make sure that their “New Romantic” outfits were in place.

Stuart Ramsey and Tim Marshall were called on to add a bit of gravitas and to show the youngsters how to present disinformation without a trace shame. While Alex Crawford was given an award for reporting an event which showed a few men running out of sight and then come running back, this we were told was a massacre.

Mark Stone, one of the Sky team implicated in the allegations of passing information to NATO, was less in evidence, at least during the reports which I watched.

Press TV chose to use two British teams to report the bulk of their transmissions. Johnnie Miller and Nick Jones. They too, were on the “rebel” side. Both of these men presented the blackest view possible of Gadaffi. Miller was particularly biased. Both of them reported events, in a manner which so closely followed the reporting of Sky News that one could find no obvious difference, nor indeed any criticism of the NATO bombing or of the quite blatant evidence of “rebel” atrocities.

Nick Jones now finds himself in the hands of one of the tribes which is resisting the NTC. He was apparently found filming at night and arrested. Press TV, which is calling for his release, has not been specific about his assignment or for what reason he may have found it necessary to film after dark.

Whatever his current mission may be, Jones most certainly failed to mention that a huge number of Libyans actually supported Gadaffi, to the bitter end and that they are in fact continuing the struggle, despite the lack of coverage which Press TV now gives to the state of Libya, after the NATO attack which they failed to condemn.

Jones must have witnessed many atrocities, during the time he spent with the Bel Hadj gang of thugs, let us hope his captors are less brutal with him, even though his reporting was a one hundred per cent justification for the criminal overthrow of a UN member State.

Nick Jones is not the only Journalist to come under attack in recent times. A group of Reporters came under attack in Homs, Syria. They were sheltering in a Safe House, during an attack. As with Libya, every report has been slanted in favour of the “rebels.”

The Mainstream Media has once again presented, what is quite obviously an aggressive, armed attack, by a group of men whom are prepared to kill anything that moves in the street, man, woman or child, as a bloodthirsty attack by the Assad regime. They quite blatantly report “rebel” snipers on the rooftops, as Assad killers.

When the safe house was hit by a shell or rocket-propelled grenade, killing two journalists and injuring others, one can only assume that it came from “rebel” fire as no instant claim was made that it was Assad forces. Taking the lives of Journalists in such a situation, would be of more benefit to the “rebels” than to the regime.

Stuart Ramsey and other members of the Sky team, were certainly in the locality of Homs at the time of the killings of the Journalists, which illustrates the need for total impartiality on their part. Should it prove correct that they had indeed been aiding the “rebels” in Libya and that they were in some way affiliated to the undercover MI6,Mossad, Al Qaeda and CIA operatives on the ground in Syria it makes a nonsense of claims of the Freedom of the Press.

Press TV have made a better job of reporting from Syria, giving a far more balanced view of events. They are also giving complete coverage to the ongoing struggles in Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, which are being ignored by Sky and the BBC. Neither of whom made any mention of the UN, US, UK and Arab League acceptance of a one man election in Yemen, which put Saleh’s deputy in power, I believe it was his wife whom cast the vote, while lining up the full force of Kofi Annan the UN Gen Sec whom made a fortune out of the food for oil scandal in Iraq, to force Assad, whom has made many sweeping changes in Syria, which have been overwhelmingly accepted in a referendum, to step down.

Adam Boulton, on his Sky News programme, during an interview with a taxi driver, illustrated that it is not only the exploits of NATO and the City of London which benefit from biased Sky reporting, when he asked the taxi man, whom was suggesting that the government should reduce the duty payable on a gallon of petrol, if he had no concern for Carbon Emissions, he almost asked the man if he was a Global Warming Denier.

Sky News completely ignored the Emails which were leaked from the CRU, which exposed the blatant lies and falsification of the data concerning Global Warming, which has since been referred to as “the weather,” which is of course, controlled by motor cars.

We were then presented with a real feast of hypocrisy. A discussion with a correspondent in Russia explaining how the Russian Press is controlled by Putin and not open and fair like what Sky News pretends to be. Which brings me nicely to Russia Today’s coverage of Libya and Syria.

While not wanting to appear to present Gadaffi and Assad as a pair of Angels, they did speak to both sides in the wars. They spoke in praise of Gadaffi for the many benefits which he made available for the Libyan people and they were the only channel which went back after the so-called end of hostilities, to speak to some of the survivors whom they had previously interviewed.

They found that Gadaffi supporters were frightened for their lives and would only speak with pixellated faces, while the men whom had joined the “rebels” were disappointed to find that the funds for their education in overseas Universities were no longer available and of course for the first time in living memory Libya had homeless people.

Sky News, on the other hand has not ventured back and is still presenting the NATO atrocity as a blessing for the people of Libya. Back in Syria, the people have overwhelmingly voted in favour of sorting out their own problems without this sort of NATO Benediction. Press TV has it appears now gone back into Libya and may regret it.

I think it fair to say that the folk whom take a salary from the Mainstream Media, ought to be ashamed of themselves and that they demonstrate quite clearly why so many past events, such as for example the “Holocaust” are once again coming under scrutiny and failing the test. Remember that old maxim, how does it go now, “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time etc”

This video clip illustrates life in the new “Humanitarian” Libya.