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George Bush Nailed It; Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice, Errrrrrr!



Not much sign of turmoil in a classroom which has just suffered a frenzied attack.

The Security Guard at the Parklands School, Florida, who failed to enter the school during an attack, to save the lives of the children, whom he had been paid to protect, has now, having been outed as a coward resigned, under a cloud.

This report struck a chord in my mind, which reverberated all the way back to the attack on Virginia Tech, reports of which I had heard live on the wireless. The big question at the time had been, “Why did the police wait for more than an hour, before entering the building?” This failure allowed the alleged killer enough time to kill thirty-three people before killing himself. So in fact the police presence served no purpose whatsoever, they did not even have to arrest the killer, whom they apparently picked out from amongst the other dead and wounded.








As in the recent attack in Florida, the police and others had been alerted to the fact that there was an alleged ‘loose cannon’, adrift in the Virginia Tech and yet they took no action. This wily Oriental, wisely carried out his slaughter using two hand-guns, one of them being a 9mm Glock and a tiny 0.22 pistol of some sort. He also found time to post a package of information to the ABC News office. The attack was carried out in two phases an hour apart, so the Police were extremely generous in their response. He would also have been obliged to re-load his pistols, which would have rendered him helpless, while in the middle of numerous students whom it would appear to have been incapable of taking advantage of this opportunity to disarm the diminutive Oriental.



The attack in Columbine set the standard for all of these future events, The Cops and SWAT teams appear to have held off for several hours, before entering the premises, when having managed to save nobody, they spent hours looking for dead and wounded, without calling in the Medics.


LITTLETON, Colo. — Laughing as they killed, two youths clad in dark ski masks and long black coats fired handguns at will and blithely tossed pipe bombs into a crowd of their terrified classmates Tuesday inside a suburban high school southwest of Denver, littering halls with as many as 23 bodies and wounding at least 25 others. The gunmen, embittered youths reportedly fascinated with paramilitary culture, kept police sharpshooters at a distance for more than four hours before they apparently used their guns on themselves.

The day’s horror mounted with unrelieved dread, a grim cascade that began with the startling clap of explosions and ended with a schoolhouse transformed into a tomb. No American high school has seen so much violent death at the hands of its own children – and late into the night, the day’s reckoning was not yet done.……..Police had pursued reports that a third suspect joined the two heavily armed assailants as they burst into the school building shortly after 11:30 a.m. and lobbed several explosive devices. But police later said the youth was not being sought as an accomplice, but was being questioned about the motives of the two dead suspects, whose weakness for dark fatigues and black clothes led many students to deride them as the “Trench Coat Mafia…….. One girl watched fellow students gunned down around her in the library, one after another. The gunman laughed as he fired, killing a girl next to the girl and then dispatching a boy nearby before aiming his gun at her.

“I begged him not to shoot me and he just put the gun in my face and he started waving it and said it was all because someone was mean to him last year,” said the survivor, identified only as “Judy” in a televised interview.


Yes indeed even the survivors tales have a familiar ring to them.

Why, one might wonder, were the Police, having been given reports of a third suspect, choose to ignore the reports and instead question the third suspect about the motives of the killers, how would he know what their motives might have been if he was not a part of the team.

This takes me all the way back to Sandy Hook, where two men were clearly filmed from a Helicopter, fleeing, into the woods from the Sandy Hook school, chased by a couple of cops. These men were caught and taken away in a Police car, eyewitnesses were filmed telling us of this series of events.

The only future reference to these two men, which I managed to dig out, suggested that one of them, worrying about the fate of his child, had entered the building through a window, and having found his daughter, alive and well, crouching inside a cupboard, he jumped out of the same window by which he had entered,  leaving his daughter behind and for some reason and fearing a negative reaction from the Police,  he legged it into the woods where he was captured and for all we know, executed to prevent him from letting us know that the school was empty. No future mention was ever made about the man who was arrested or the guy with him in the school and who ran into the woods with him. They were quite obviously thieves and did a plea bargain with the cops or were executed to shut them up, which would suggest their were no dead bodies in the school, which is what Occam’s Razor would suggest.

Meanwhile back in Columbine, we were told that the evil masked Goths, laughed as they tossed pipe bombs, which exploded amongst the terrified youngsters in the class. I can assure anybody, who may be tempted to waste their time making pipe bombs with freely available chemicals and sugar, that to simply “toss one” into a crowd and snigger as it explodes, is nothing more than fantasy and Fake News and it throws into doubt the rest of the tale as it was reported. It is quite difficult to explode a pipe bomb, without sophisticated electronic equipment, even then it is difficult, a fact which in past times has called many Police reports involving so-called “pipe bombs” into question.

After all of these events, there were strident calls for restrictions on gun ownership in the USA, this despite bucket loads of evidence that the FBI has armed and trained all of the so-called Muslim terrorists, whom have been blamed for past attacks, some, like the 1993 attack on the World Trade Centre, with recorded evidence of the FBI organising and arming the Arab ‘Patsies’ with the truck bomb, which they claimed to be fake, on record. With killers like the FBI in our midst we have urgent need of weapons with which to defend ourselves, as the day cannot be too far off when we will need them.

All of the above evidence would suggest to even a Young Sherlock Holmes, that the reason why the Security man in Florida and the cops at other events, did not react in a rapid response mode, is clearly because they were aware that there was no hurry, they had been expecting there to be gunshots and they waited patiently for the order to enter the premises, where the scene had been laid out in such a manner that the school kids actually witnessed nothing at all, while now familiar tales are related to the media by invited “witnesses.”

In Florida that day, there had been two Military Drills, one of them at the very moment the so-called “mad school-boy” struck, so why would the Security man, who would have been fully informed about these drills rush in?

The most common feature, not only in the few events which I have mentioned but in the vast majority of cases, is the evidence that the Police did not respond in the correct manner, but simply hung around outside waiting for the ‘all clear’ command. Another feature is the distinct shortfall in Ambulances at the scene of the crime and the dead bodies of children, left lying in their own blood overnight.

This happened at Virginia Tech, Columbine, Sandy Hook and even in Nice, France and yet there is not a shred of evidence to show that after a train wreck, for example, that the medical staff simply left the scene, with parting words like those of Wayne Carver, the Medicine Man at Sandy Hook, that even though he had not checked out all the dead bodies in the school, to verify not even the number of boys and girls and that he intended to continue his investigation the following morning. Such is the consideration for the welfare and emotions of those families, awaiting news of their children.

In all of these cases, whether it be Muslim Terrorists or schoolboys on medicine, and whether in the United Kingdom, France or the United States, the perpetrators of these events are invariably, already under suspicion, which is the point which I have been attempting to understand, that is the difference between a ‘hoax’ and a ‘false flag,’ in a hoax nobody dies while in a false flag, many people may die, but who or whom is doing the killing, friend or foe?

When Israel carried out an attack against the USS Liberty, that would be a form of ‘false flag’ the intention being to lay the blame on Egypt, while in Florida, Nikolas Cruz, on finding himself in a school, where a friend explained that she thought of him, when she heard the sound of gunfire, fled the scene, having had a flash of inspiration, as to why he had been invited to play a part in a drill, he was picked up by Police, a long way from the scene, whom seemed to know exactly for who they were searching, If that is the case, it would be better, for all of us if nobody had died.

There’s A Load Of Tosh, All Over The World, These Days…………….!


There would appear to be certain factors, which play a part in all of the so-called mass murder events, which have been taking place across the United States and Europe.

The events themselves, always seem to present an excuse to impose further ‘fear based’ restrictions onto the activities of ‘We the People, through the propagation of the idea that nobody is safe from the long arm of the ‘terrorist’ nor indeed from some ‘long known to the FBI,’ prescription drug induced ‘psychotic’ schoolboy.

In the recent event in Florida, the sad, little boy lost, Nicolas Cruz, who we are told was expelled from school, when he should have been shown sympathy, having been abandoned by his parents and forced to live with strangers, after the death of both of his Foster Parents, was selected as the ‘patsy, ‘ using the excuse, that he had been prescribed dangerous drugs, which huge numbers of school-children in the United States have also been prescribed, when in reality, for some unknown reason, he was actually in the school, during a drill, which was ongoing, even as he spoke to another child, who herself knew exactly who he was, even as shots were ringing out, in another part of the school, demonstrating that he could not possibly have been a lone ‘mad’ killer kid.

The first question needs to be, what prompted Cruz to go to the school, from which he had been expelled, on the very day that not one but two drills were taking place? Was he late for the first drill, so it had to be repeated, when his arrival had been verified? The Patsy has now entered the building!

The reluctance of the same mainstream media, to look into these anomalies, despite them all having their first airing on the mainstream media itself and later ignored, is indicative of the collusion between the media and the ‘Deep State’ or is theFBI a utility of the Deep State?

As with the reports in the United Kingdom, when the attack on Manchester Arena was reported, the most significant information often slips out in the first, uncensored reports, which are the most important. I was listening to Russia Today UK, at the time and I heard Bill Dod, RT’s UK Daily News anchor, speaking to a women, who on leaving the arena early, was refused access to an exit area, by security men, from where she heard the sound of a muffled explosion, as she turned to leave by another exit. That was quite obviously the proof of a contrived attack scene, entry to which everybody, apart from the ‘Actors’ were refused entry. There was no bomb in the arena itself.

At Sandy Hook the same routine, nobody was allowed to see the inside of the school. No children were seen to evacuate the school. There were no signs of ambulances at the scene and according to certain locals, there were young kids, unattended wandering around all over the place.

I watched the tale unfold at Westminster Bridge in the United Kingdom, the body of a woman, behind the ‘back-wheels of a double-decker bus, intrigued me, as to how anyone could be run over by both sets of wheels on an extremely heavy bus and not have had at least had a trace of blood forced from her squashed body.

Television viewers were then presented with a clip of screaming people, running from Westminster Bridge, out of a fear of being run over by the madman in a car, which would suggest that the attack was ongoing, and yet a policemen, standing alongside the ‘cameraman’, had to raise a plastic crime scene ribbon, to allow the fleeing survivors to pass under it.

So it would appear that the Bridge was already cordoned off in readiness for the attack, where ‘passers by’ were to be seen, treating blood free and missing shoe type victims, while a few of those whom did not flee, stood with hands to mouths, in that typical response to such events of horror. There uninvolved pedestrians,walking past the scene, without even bothering to stop and take a look,  having already decided it to be a staged event. A young lad was actually filmed saying that it was all part of a drill.

We later saw gurney, with victims aboard, being wheeled into the Marriott Hotel, instead of to the hospital which was only a few yards away, even as a whole line of ambulances stood idly by.

These events could not have been staged in a more ridiculous, lackadaisical  manner, if that had been the intention from the start, however, the mainstream media presents all this guff, without a trace of sham, which now called the ‘official tale’, which has never been investigated, apart from by idiots like me, a tale which is now so completely accepted as the honest truth and that, my friends,  is how the media spreads total propaganda for those whom desire to take away our rights.

In all of the above, we have yet to see a real victim, all we see are smiling people cosily wrapped up in a hospital bed giggling at the Queen of England as she is cynically used to emphasise the seriousness of the ‘attack.’

After the Bataclan attack in Paris, I watched a Sky News reporter, talking to a man in a white coat, with a hospital in the background, where severely injured people were supposedly being treated, asking the man whether the injuries were of a serious nature. The “doctor”, with a broad smile on his face mumbled some non-committal  nonsense, when in fact with Kalashnikov being loosed off in a crowded theatre, I have been assured by experts, that arms and legs would most certainly have been blown away and probably a few heads as well and yet the Doctor made no mention of anything in any way as serious as that for some reason.

I have seen scenes of massacres, which have occurred, thanks to ISIS all across the Middle East, scenes which are shown quite openly on television and yet when it comes to these ‘bloody’ attacks on home soil, we are suddenly all too timid and fragile and quite incapable of looking at images of such brutal reality.

In Florida, there are already suggestions that the school involved in the recent attack, should be demolished as was Sandy Hook, even before the lies of the FBI, which was miraculously on the scene like greased shit, almost as if they were expecting something to happen, can be checked out, after all they have themselves been responsible for all of the so-called Muslim terrorist attacks, so perhaps they are now taking control of the ‘Excuse for Gun Grabbing’ events as well.

Even those whom have become frightened to even suggest there to be anomalies in many of these school shootings and concert attacks, having been bad-mouthed as being conspiracy theory idiots, cannot help but throw caution to the wind to ask the simple question, how could there have been a bunch of Military men, prowling around in the Florida school, shooting so-called blank rounds, even as the ‘patsy’ was leaving the building with other kids, whom had been warned to leave the building because there was a drill going on,  as shots were still ringing out and did those Military Men kill all those kids, which is how it appears. A young girl on film saw the Military kill people and cover them with carpets.







The Alternative View Slides Back Into The Mainstream




Joel Skouson, a guest on Rense Radio, did today relate a tale of the Sandy Hook hoax,which was completely at odds with the tale which Rense and Jim Fetzer, a broadcaster on the Rense network, have agreed on for years. To my amazement Rense accepted every word of the Skouson version, which I found to be quite ridiculous, without a word of criticism.


Quite suddenly, a large number of the once sceptical sites on the Inter-Web, which in past times denounced all of the ‘terrorist’ attacks across Europe and the United States, as hoaxes or false flags, are now telling us that all of those attacks were, indeed carried out by Muslims, in order to reinforce, their new claim that those hoax/false flag, attacks are indeed perfectly true and are as a result of the open door policy for ‘refugees,’ whom arrive with terrorists hidden amongst them, instead of concentrating, not on Muslims but on ‘non-refugees’ whom are streaming in from Africa.

Refugees, should be given shelter until the time comes when they can return to their own country. To provide them with the right to permanent domicile in another country, is an unusual step, unless they would be at risk should they return home.

The United States and Britain had no problem about sending thousands of prisoners, both German and others, back into the hands of Stalin, knowing full well that they would be brutally tortured and killed. So what lies behind the current idea that all of the member states of the European Union, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are obliged, under threat, to rehouse millions of ‘refugees’ in White Christian Countries?

Why, on the other hand, has there been no universal uproar against the Jews in Israel, whom instantly deport all of the ‘infiltrators’ into Israel, back to whichever country from which they came? After all, it is mainly Jews whom are demanding that we Europeans accept millions of Muslims into our midst, why not do the same thing, which they so stridently propose for us? Let us be quite clear about it, Israel is too Jew, is it not?

There are a couple of million Syrian refugees in Turkey and when hostilities end, one way or another they will find their way back to Syria, so why is it such a problem for Europe to repatriate refugees back to their homelands?

The British have been promising to reduce immigration into a country, which is already the most densely populated country in Europe, without success and yet Poland and Hungary have both managed to restrict immigration to zero, in recent times, so how was this achieved? Could it be simply because they do not want immigrants? Should that be the case how are they managing to survive, while Britain needs, in the order of three-hundred- thousand immigrants a year just to keep up with the need of fruit pickers?

The answer must lie somewhere in the actions of all political parties across Europe, where all of the governments in recent times, have been prepared to destroy their own countries, by inviting the enemy to set up house, within the castle walls. Strangely, Merkel is a Jew, Cameron is a Jew, Hollande and Sarkozy are Jews I wonder if there can be any connection between that and Muslim and Black immigration into Europe, and the plan to homogenised Europeans out of existence, as proposed by the founders of the European Union?

The British People make a point of blaming their victims for the crimes which they carried out. It was the British government, which having dismissed, the ‘appeaser’ Neville Chamberlain, set about trapping the German people, through the use of ‘controlled terrorism’ against ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland, and having encouraged Hitler to save them, used his humanitarian act, as an excuse to bomb Germany into the stone-age, as they say, slaughtering, without a qualm, twenty-million German people in the process..

The weight of the guilt of the British and their Allies, is so great, that here we are, seventy years on, still bad-mouthing Adolf Hitler, who was in fact their ‘victim,’ in order to justify their crime.

They more recently used exactly the same tactic, to ensnare, Gadaffi in Libya and now Assad in Syria, both of whom they describe as ‘brutal dictators.’ While just as they did at Nuremberg, where they implicated the Germans in alleged atrocities, without any evidential back-up, they are now accusing Russia and Donald Trump of all and everything, without a shred of evidence in support, while all around there is to be found a ton of evidence of the barbarity of the British and the Americans along with their rulers in Israel.

The Ongoing Battle Of Sandy Hook.

A woman for whom I once had respect Deanna Spingola, has disintegrated into a babbling idiot in her efforts to prove that twenty-six adults and children, really did die in a massacre, which she continues to claim was perpetrated by a drug crazed half-wit, called Adam Lanza, in order to pass the blame for the outrage in the direction of Big Pharma.

It would appear that she now has the support of the boss of Republic Broadcasting Network, John Stadtmiller, in her efforts. However she resolutely refuses to give any adequate response to many of the anomalies which simply do not add up.

She has just claimed, in response to a question from a caller, who suggested that the violent deaths of  twenty-six people in a classroom would have spilt so much blood that any first responder would have been obliged to walk through this blood, leaving bloody foot-prints everywhere they walked. Spingola immediately contradicted his claim with her own claim that there was indeed blood everywhere inside and outside the school.

Well I have personally seen not a spot of blood anywhere near Sandy Hook, however in response to her claim, I have just carried out a swift search.  The first link was in fact towards the good old Daily Mirror, which was part of the Jew Robert Maxwell’s Empire, the headline offered chilling new photographs, from Sandy Hook.

Inside the school itself,  everything looked perfectly normal, the only sign of a problem was a broken plate-glass window, with granules of glass on a bench. Not a trace of blood anywhere.

 I have already looked through the photographs in the Police report, which Spingola tells us she supports, which were taken inside the school, images in which Spingola can see evidence of blood everywhere, blood which stubbornly remains invisible to the rest of us, in the manner of the photographs which showed us the “horror” inside the Charlie Hebdo office, which showed no more than a half-open door into the room where the alleged shooting took place, with no sign of blood and most certainly not a trace of a bullet hole anywhere.

She totally ignored the same callers question about the man who ran out of the school into the woods, with the Police in full pursuit, by suggesting that because the helicopter, which filmed the event, was not overhead at the time that the questioner suggested it to have been, there was no reply necessary.

On a recent programme,with a co-presenter, she tackled the question of the Crisis Actors, involved in the Sandy Hook event. Her chum, offered very little hard evidence in support own his claims, choosing instead to refer to those with another point of view, as outright liars.

Between them they spent several minutes excusing Robbie Parker, who became an Inter-Web sensation because of the humorous conversation he was involved in, while waiting for his turn to take the micro-phone, on CNN, and the efforts he was obliged to use to wipe the smile off of his face.

Sadly, Spingola refuses to respond to the possibility of the existence of a completely different Robbie Parker, who has been identified in Utah. Never mind, there is still the question of his daughters.  We were told, in response to questions of the truthfulness of his daughter Emilie’s alleged death, when a child, the spitting image of Emilie, suddenly appeared on Barack Obama’s knee, that it was in fact,  Emilie’s little sister and that the reason she was wearing the same dress as had Emilie in a family photograph, was because they had bought two dresses at the same time.

Emilie and her two sisters 001




Parker family with Obama


parker-family-pic 2

Take a look a these photographs of the Parker family.  You see three children. Emily is wearing the dress which you see the child wearing in the photograph with Obama.  She is quite obviously much taller than the younger child in the family photograph.  I have children and I can tell you for nothing,  I would never have bought a dress for such a small child, which would be the right size, some time in the future.

That aside, the child with Obama is how old, would you suggest, six years old maybe? So why did this growth spurt not occur in Emily, who should now be at least two years older than the child in the photo, which would suggest that she could not still be six years old.

Republic Broadcasting Network is now adopting the role of the False Flag debunker.  I have no problem with that, just so long as they do not try to deny me the right to demand my own questions.  RBN is now suggesting, that to look into these alleged hoax incidents is a sign that I am  “controlled opposition,” working for the government, simply because I find it hard to believe what I am offered by the mainstream media.

My attitude to Sandy Hook was a belief that should it have taken place at all, it was real, simply because no government would dare to kill little children, just in case it came out that they had been involved.  While watching the footage I had no notion that what I was watching was not being faithfully reported.

I now find that there are no explanations for any of the events of that sad day.  No blood, a daft Coroner, no sign of a large number of ambulances on their way to hospital, ridiculously contrived grieving family members and now to cap the whole thing off, the suggestion that we should simply take the word of the Police Reports.

Yet despite that,  to suggest that FEMA, would never carry out a drill in any school without the support of the parents as some sort of proof, is a nonsense, because all of the evidence suggests that the school was empty, so no complicity with any parents would have been necessary.

To ignore the men who were chased by the Police, whether the helicopter came at this hour or that hour, is stupid, those men were in the school. Who were they? What were they doing in the school? Why did they run? Were they there when Lanza arrived? Do you get the picture?  If the police ignored all of this,  there is something going on.

We only need expose one of these hoax attacks, to bring down the government, whether anyone was killed or not.  RBN is suggesting that the Governments involved would not be so stupid as to leave so many clues lying around, which generate this continual cry of False Flag, other than to deliberately occupy our minds with rubbish, through the use of youtube and other on-line facilities, which they are making freely available, if we were actually on the right track.

Therefore we are all under control. So does that mean that the those like the daft coroner were telling the truth about leaving dead children lying in their own blood while he went home,  while parents must surely have been there waiting for news of their dead children?

 However none of that explains why Spingola spends so much of her time slagging off Fetzer and Holbig,  both of whom I ignore anyway and yet she refuses to explain, simple things like how all the children were evacuated from the school. In fact she is displaying all of the usual traits of the spoiler.

I have heard her offer nothing other than hearsay, which she has been denouncing as worthless for years on other subjects. The usual “man on the bus” told her that Adam Lanza did not like bright lights, hah ha she thought, that reminds me of Robin Williams, he is claimed to have had a problem with bright lights, just before he committed suicide and he was on psychotropic drugs, so that means Lanza was and its all a conspiracy of that ol’ Big Pharma, to avoid any implication in all of these shootings. Talk about garbage and John Stadtmiller allowed her to getaway with it.

I give up. Make up your own mind.

The Story That Just Wont Go Away!

Spingola Speaks With Forked Tongue!

Yesterday evening I wasted three hours of battery power, in order to listen to Deanna Spingola, who with invited guests, was going to discuss events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in  Connecticut, where a twenty year old youth was alleged to have shot dead twenty children and six adult staff.

A while back, I heard her discussing the same event on her show, with Michael Collins Piper, a character, whom I will state here and now has something about him which does not sit well within my nervous system.  Perhaps it is because he constantly refers to himself in the third person.

He suggested to Spingola that in his opinion, Sandy Hook was a genuine event and that the children had actually died as a result of gun fire. During this transmission, Spingola described Piper as her hero. My opinion of her changed radically on hearing this ridiculous admission.

Some time later a character called Holbeig drifted on to the scene, claiming to have had extensive experience in the system of security and other matters in the education system, which were relevant to the events at Sandy Hook, he suggested that as far as he was concerned, the events as reported in the Police report, did not make sense.

He was of course quickly invited on to the Spingola Show, where he was greeted by the “new” Spingola,  who could hardly restrain herself for an instant, in order to allow the fellow to finish a sentence.  She tore into him in a quite an embarrassing manner, dismissing out of hand all of his points of view.

On another occasion, she devoted her entire show to a dissertation on why she now believed that those people, which include me,  whom she now referred to as “hoaxers,” were behaving in a manner that was continuing the agony of the families of the dead children, the mention of which started her blubbering.

She also clinically dissected a YouTube video clip of the events at Sandy Hook, claiming it to be a propaganda piece, making use of clever editing and other tricks, which most of those whom viewed the video failed to find.

At this point I contacted her,  asking for an explanation as to her new-found position on the subject of Sandy Hook.  I asked her to explain  her new position on certain things which had little to do with  whether it a “False Flag” or not but simply out of curiosity.   For example, during the course of the day of the event, we were reminded on several occasions that there were hundreds of children still under lockdown in the school, I asked her how and when they had been evacuated and could she show me photographic evidence.  She ignored my question and simply told me to watch her post, which included the disgraced video.

So when I discovered that she was presenting a show on Sunday afternoon, with two researchers, one from the American Free Press, to which she is also a contributor, as is Michael Collins Piper, I was interested enough to listen to the entire show, which included her blubbering at any mention of the word,  “children,” in the forlorn hope that some of the troubling aspects of the Sandy Hook events might actually be cleared up.

I did somewhat timidly,  suggest to her that of all the so-called “False Flag” events, that Sandy Hook was the most obvious one of all and that from the word go, nothing added up.

She promised to include a phone in, which would give a few people the opportunity to question her new stance on the subject.

 The event turned out to be no more than a hatchet job on all of those whom had suggested that there was something not quite right about the official version of events,  never mind the “bad acting” of some of the characters in the piece, notably Gene Rosen, who told the same story in a dozen different ways, none of which were in any way believable.

They dismissed all of the claims made by online Radio hosts, like Jeff Rense and  Jim Fetzter, who was threatened with legal action by her companion from The American Free Press, I am not sure what his transgression was alleged to have been.

Somebody, somewhere, had made a claim that the Sandy Hook Elementary School had been closed down since 2007, Spingola and Friends spent a good ten minutes claiming to have found evidence that it was still open in 2009, therefore proving in some way that this implied that it was still open in 2012.

Spingola also claimed to have found evidence that Robbie Parker, the father of Emilie, was indeed a Sandy Hook resident and that she had proven that he was some sort of health worker. Well, I too discovered the same Robert Parker, however it was a much older man and he was the only Robert Parker in Newtown.

One of her chums brought up the family Posner, as an example of a family which had lost a child and were indeed prepared to discuss the subject in public, a decision  which resulted in a blistering attack from those who had seen the very same photo of his dead son, under another name, in another families photo album.

They then set about the destruction of the video, “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook,” which I had recently posted. One of the clips in this video is the scene in front of the Fire Station, where it was made clear that there were at least a few people who were walking aimlessly round and around.

This video was described  as a very expensive piece of propaganda, without actually explaining the reason for such a project.

Spingola herself has expressed a belief that Big Pharma has invested heavily in the “False Flag” theory,  in order to distract attention away from the fact that the killer, Adam Lanza, was using psychotropic drugs, in keeping with most of the other mass murdering youngsters in other schools.

It would however appear that the dead Lanza was found to be drug free. It has never been explained why he should have his brothers driving documents on his person, having not seen his brother for some time. That is if he is a “real” human being, unlike his image,  which resembles a caricature of a zombie.

Spingola then announced that she and her chums had decided not to allow a “phone-in” fearing that it might lead to raised voices which would be disturbing for the families of the dead children. Blubber, blubber.  And that was it.  Not one dissenting voice allowed after three hours of rubbish.

What is more we are no closer to a reasonable explanation of what actually happened at Sandy Hook.  I found the video “We Need to…..” extremely interesting, with very little which could be discredited without actually discussing things with those whom were involved in the production.

 As for the Police film of the parking lot, which was running all through the period when the children were allegedly evacuated, apparently without trace, from the school, what could she complain of in that?

So all in all my faith in yet another member of the Alternative Community has been seriously shaken.  It remains to be seen if she and her family have been threatened by some group and if so,whether she will stand up and say so, which is often the best approach.

I have decided to republish this post in view of the upsurge in interest in the tale, due to the publication of Jim Fetzer’s new book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which has excited Deanna Spingola and friends into a frenzy of activity, in an effort to discredit Fetzer’s investigation.

Her latest programme on Republic Broadcasting, was a long and dreary tale of Christmas trees and that a good old boy Gene Rosen. As is usual no dissent was allowed.  I have come to the conclusion that there is far more to Spingola’s strident new attitude to Sandy Hook, she gives the impression of trying to completely discredit her earlier work, on subjects such as The Second World War and the Holocaust.

Unless she is intent on doing an about turn on that subject as well, she would be well advised to shut up, Sandy Hook is such a blatant False Flag, which included young children being left lying dead in their own blood, on the Sandy Hook school floor, while the Coroner clocked off for the night, promising impatient  journalists, that he would return in the morning to continue his inspection of the dead.  No serious researcher could possibly support such nonsense.





Once In Royal David’s City And All That Pap.

While the British are worrying about the expense of Christmas, debating as to whether they should heat their homes or buy a joint of ham, to enjoy after they have scoffed the turkey and Christmas pudding, they might spend a moment or two, considering the plight, which the cynical use of their taxes, has inflicted onto the people of Syria.

When their freely elected leaders, for whom they voted, not to bring peace to the world but to improve their standard of living, at all cost, have finished celebrating Hanukkah, perhaps as a gesture of peace and goodwill, they might withdraw the band of thugs, whom they have armed and financed, in a deliberate effort to destroy Syria, as they have already destroyed Iraq and Libya.

That the British Public appear to have so little understanding of the misery and death for which they are responsible, is a measure of their total acceptance of the exploits of their criminal leaders, whom are no more than the visible face of an International Criminal Organisation, which is holding us all to ransom.

Syria is heading into oblivion, while creepy little characters like Cameron and Hague, exhibit a total disdain for their plight. It has been reported by the Mob controlled United Nations, that there will be very soon, people dying of starvation, in this once thriving country.

It will very soon become clear as to where the thoughts of the British lie, when the Christmas Sales Season kicks off on Boxing Day.  Avarice rules these days and there is little time left over to worry about the fate of others.

The British can rest assured that they will be allowed to fight and scream for the right to buy the slave made crap in the sales, safe in the knowledge that they are considered to be, no threat to the mob.

The British surrendered their dignity and freedom, long, long ago, to those whom call themselves, Earls, Dukes, Lords, Squires or Princes. These people are their “Betters” and the British know their place.

The British simply cannot understand, that these “Toffs,” are no more than Pirates, Godfathers, Drug Barons or Blackmailers, they retain a childish belief that their rulers come from somewhere over the rainbow, to take care of them.

These people have become so servile to the Rich, that they still hold the belief that an order from a “Toff” is as significant as an order from God.

It is difficult to control the cynicism, which is provoked by the attitudes of those whom fail to look into the antics of their politicians.  The vast majority of the Public, not only in the UK or USA but across the world, share the views of their leaders and they never question their beliefs.

Can they have failed to notice, that whenever there is an event, such as the killing of Osama Bin Laden, that the entire membership of governments, apparently accept that a team of US Seals, captured and killed Bin Laden and dumped his body at sea.

Nobody stepped out of line. That is the power of the force, which has us by the genitals. No sensible person could possibly believe that nonsense and yet our politicians and mainstream media, swallowed it,  hook, line and sinker.

Why is there such a desire to go along with whatever is presented, without question? Who is giving the order, that on all of the questionable events, which have occurred in recent times, that there must be a united response and no difficult, questions asked?

Is this to be the future means of ridding the world of all the “pretend” villains, with whom we have been presented, as a means of stripping us of our Rights, to simply claim to have disposed of them secretly, so that we can stop worrying and go back to sleep?

Sandy Hook is another of these strange events. All of the alleged deaths, were of children of families, whom have been filmed at various other questionable attacks, as extras, in “Drills.”

The class, which was the main target of the “attack,” was being taught by a teacher whom had never been on the payroll and many of the children had never been on the school register.

No evidence has yet been presented, in support of the claims which have been made. However, as with 911, 7-7, Boston and Bin Laden, all of the evidence has now been destroyed. The Sandy Hook school has been demolished.


Who actually believes this tosh? It is simply not possible for any intelligent person,  to be not just a little bit disturbed and uneasy about some of these events. Yet even the rebels, such as Ron Paul and George Galloway, go along with it all, does that mean that they are convinced, frightened or simply part of the game?

Obama knew that the hired thugs in Syria had carried out a Sarin attack, just as he knew that an attack was likely on the US Embassy in Benghazi, which involved an arms shipment for those same thugs in Syria, however, who cares?  Nobody, it seems.

We were set-up to be robbed by the Bankers. In the UK, it was a joint operation. Gordon Brown organised the theft, set-up the bail-out, which is simply code for give the Bankers billions of Dollars or Pounds, then goes off to work for the thieves at the IMF and leaves the rest of us to die of cold or starvation, while Cameron questions nothing, he simply orders everyone to pay up. He of course blames Brown for the problem, forgetting to mention that the “problem,” was world-wide.

The British would do well to ponder the fact that they have always been under the heel of Royal Families. They should question their acceptance of the power which is wielded by these “Royals.” Their “Democratically” elected leaders are still controlled  by these folk, however hard they try to present an image of an independent force.

The first duty of a newly elected Prime Minister, is to search the acceptance of the Queen. Of course this is all just a silly ritual, is it not? We all know or should know, that the Prime Minister is selected long before he is ever voted into office.

The British people have never had Democracy. There is nobody living in the UK, who was alive, during a time when a political party, other than Labour or Conservative was in power. It has already been decided, what the result of the next election will be.

It may well involve Ukip.  It most certainly will not involve enough Single Issue, independent members to make a change possible. The British have been conditioned to believe that a Political Party is the only way forward. All Political Parties are controlled. The top boys are always working for the man.

This is evident and yet too complicated to explain to those whom believe that warmongers make good rulers.  During the last twelve years, the British have stood by watching millions of people, go to the slaughter, at the hands of British thugs, along with, what is called a coalition, this adds a sort of justification to the killings.

British people understand that occasionally, as in WW2, they must be lied into a war of conquest.  Millions will die but of course, they asked for it.  The British, for their part, will, for the following seventy or so years, refuse to face up to the fact that they are War Criminals. Back in the day they cheered the Thousand Bomber Raids over Germany, which were deliberately targeting women and children.

They trot out their hate of the old enemy at any opportunity. They fail to notice that what they accuse of others, is now happening to them, yet they believe it to be some form of accident, with no intent involved. What stupidity. Next step, they will be asked to volunteer for execution. Euthanasia is already on the menu.

The Revolution Was Filmed.

The Revolution Was Filmed

In Nineteen-Seventeen, hiding behind the genocidal, brutal, savagery, of the Great War, what has been called a revolution, was carried out in Russia.  The Czar and his family were  slaughtered. We have been educated to believe that this revolution was carried out by a downtrodden and maltreated population. However the welfare of the people was the last thing on the mind of these revolutionaries.

The majority of the leaders of the revolution, were in fact financed by Jewish bankers and many were from the USA. It is said that two-hundred Jewish families controlled the Communist Government.

In a recent interview Vladimir Putin asserted that eighty-per-cent of the first Communist Government were Jews.


Far from ameliorating the lives of the distressed  Russian Peoples, these revolutionaries set about the culling of Christians and academics, which wiped out at least sixty-five million souls and possibly as many as one-hundred-million.

The murderous system, which was installed by Lenin and continued by Stalin, carried on into the nineteen-sixties, culminating with the revelations of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and his experiences in the Gulags.

Solzhenitsyn was celebrated as a hero and his tales, “A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” and “The Gulag Archipelago,” sold millions of copies, until the day arrived that he mentioned that it was the Jews whom had had control of events in the USSR, at which point he vanished, without trace, from the mainstream media.

It is now abundantly clear, that the alleged leaders of the Revolution, could not have carried out such a venture, without considerable assistance and capital.

The evidence of Wall Street and Banker aid is readily available and clear, in the works of Anthony Summers and others and is generally accepted as fact.  This gives the lie to the whole history of the Cold War and explains why the British and USA sided with Stalin, in order to destroy Germany.

It also calls into question the condemnation of Adolf Hitler, as nothing more than a controlled Rothschild bastard, because of the similarity between the stated aims of Communism and National Socialism. Should Hitler have been a controlled puppet, what purpose did the war serve? Hitler and Stalin could have formed a pincer attack, allowing the taking of the entire Continent of Europe. It would also suggest that Jews themselves,  financed the claimed holocaust.

It also exposes the farce of the Arms Race with the Soviets for what it was, a cold-blooded financial fraud.

The most difficult thing to explain, is how exactly the Russian Revolution was foisted on to the people.  How could a handful of Bankers and their minions, have overcome an entire population of millions of people?

The reality is, that this revolution had been in the planning since the War of 1812, when the Czar of Russia refused to come to the aid of the British against the USA. Because of this rebuff, the hidden ruler of the UK, Baron Rothschild, issued an edict, which would one hundred years or so later, lead to the death of the Russian Royal Family.

In Russia after the Revolution, despite the presentation of the idea that in a Communist system, the people maintain control of the means of production and all of that nonsense, Rothschild set up a Central Bank,  which it is being claimed, was recently closed by Vladimir Putin.  I believe this to be a lie.

Russia has become involved with the BRICS countries, which will soon form yet another grouping along the lines of the EU, with a new Central Bank of their own, which is being set-up with the assistance of Rothschild’s  henchmen at Goldman Sachs.

Rothschild installed a Central Bank in Libya and Iraq, after these countries had been destroyed, he is keen to do the same in  Syria, while Iran, keeps silent about its own banking situation, in an attempt to portray themselves as being true to the Islamic system, which does not allow the use of Interest, neither common or compound. I have doubts about this, I have come to believe that Iran is a stooge, under the same control as is Russia.

In the United States, in nineteen-thirteen, the Federal Reserve Bank was installed.  This was the first tentative step in the second US revolution. During the following one hundred years, as in Russia, every possible step was taken, through the use of the money, which was generated by the debt based economy, which the Federal Reserve installed, including the imposition of an illegal Income Tax, every penny of which was paid to the owners of the Bank, to put in place the necessary tools to take control of the USA.

Fifty years later, the revolutionaries ran into a glitch, a President, whom along with his brother, threatened to undermine the whole basis of the plan, which included both the aim of the closure of the Federal Reserve and the destruction of the Central Intelligence Agency, both of which were and still are tools of the group whom seek to destroy the US.

As a result of John Kennedy’s intent, the hidden group of revolutionaries, were forced to show their hand, so in Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas, they carried out a coup d’etat, which signalled the taking down of  the United States, through the medium of the assassination of the President.

During the following fifty years, as in Russia, all of the final ingredients have been added to the mix, the complete control of information, education, the legal system, religion, morality and of course money, all of which has ended up in their hands, not to forget the main target, the Family structure and the welfare of children. The State is now Daddy.

As in Russia and China, where the same hidden hand financed yet another Communist Revolution, the first target is the Middle Classes and the reduction of the mass of the population to a subsistence level. Recent figures in the US show, that one-hundred and six-million workers are attempting to pay for themselves and for one-hundred and nine-million unemployed.

The murder of Kennedy in Dallas, demonstrated the complicity of many departments of government and security services. Any one part of the scheme, could possibly have been carried by an individual, however, the complexity of what occurred in Dallas needed total control of many things, including the control of the information which would be made public, eg. many eyewitnesses met with strange and sudden deaths,  to shut them up.

Another glaring hole in the official tale, is the ability of Lee Harvey Oswald, to fire off three shots, in a limited space of time, from a clumsy, old-fashioned rifle. Well the time between the alleged three shots, can be seen on the Zapruder film, whom like the Dancing Jews at 911, just happened to be on hand, in a place where there were, apparently no News crews, to film the event.

Even as bullets were ricochetting all around him, Zapruder did not flinch, he continued to film until the presidential car went into the under-pass.  Study of the film, which shows, even allowing for the frames which were censored,  quite clearly that there was more than the time available, between the first and the last shot, not to mention the physical impossibility of carrying out the feat in the time available, with an antique weapon. Plus the two shots in quick succession, an impossibility for Oswald.


From the time  Jim Garrison started his investigation into the killing of Kennedy and the opposition with which he was faced from the forces of government,  demonstrate quite clearly, to those whom have eyes to see, that Lee Harvey Oswald, could no more have managed to organise all of the pieces which were necessary to guarantee the success of the assassination operation, on his own.

There is mounting evidence that there was “Drill,” taking place leading up to the time of the killing. It has been suggested that Oswald was taking part in this “Drill,” as were some of the Secret Service operatives, which is the guilty secret, which many of them have carried with them for the rest of their lives.

I was listening to a radio broadcast, by a well-known alternative media spokesman, whom has written an account of the killing of Kennedy. He told a tale of a meeting he had, with a character, whom in future times, would be implicated in presenting disinformation about the Kennedy assassination.

He explained how he had mentioned to a colleague, that he had a gut feeling that there was something fishy about this fellow. His colleague advised him to keep it to himself as the man in question had a good reputation. However as time went by, the man was indeed found to be unreliable. This revolved around the Garrison investigation into the Kennedy affair and the man whom had been charged by Garrison, Clay Shaw.

The broadcaster then went on to explain his belief that you could not simply claim that every event which took place was a “False Flag.” He then expressed his belief that many children had been killed at Sandy Hook.

I was annoyed at this statement, because of all of the alleged “False Flag,” claims, Sandy Hook was the most blatantly false of them all. Without explaining any of the anomalies, in the tale, such as the absence of worried parents, looking for the four-hundred and fifty children, whom we were led to believe were inside the school, during and after the “shooting” and whom were never seen leaving. Plus the presence of many “Crisis Actors,” whom had been filmed at other events.

He then professed his belief that Israel had carried out the attack, which was executed by a team from Mossad. He claimed that had there been no children killed, the whole population of Sandy Hook would have had to be involved in the farce.

Well common sense suggests that if Israel had organised it, the entire Newtown Police Force would have had to be involved in the cover-up, not to mention the “Drill,” which accompanied the event. Which is a good reason not to kill local children, which could, in the event of a talkative Cop, lead to problems with grieving parents.

Plus of course, the alleged parents of the “dead” children were not real residents of Sandy Hook. I have carefully studied dozens of clips of Sandy Hook, and I can find no trace of the parents, whom were interviewed on television amongst those present at real meetings of Sandy Hook residents. The real residents have access to the same evidence which is available to the rest of us. The crime scene itself was in lock-down.

Anyway, I was curious about this broadcaster, so I went to his site. I must confess, that I am prone to a certain kind of prejudice, which was sparked off instantly, on seeing the photograph of the man himself, which decorated his Web-Site.

I spent an hour or two reading the writings of this character and came to the conclusion that he had missed the point somewhere along the line. So to wind up this wandering tale I will outline my own reasons for believing that it is impossible to keep on laying the blame on Israel, as does this character, as he does over 911, Kennedy, Sandy Hook, Oklahoma City and every other event in recent history.

In fact I now believe that Israel is no more than a front, with which to blame for all and everything, to shield the real guilty parties and when the time comes the Jews in  Israel will find that they will be filling a very special role in this affair, a leading role, which they are not expecting.

If we forget for the moment, the “False Flags,” which were used to generate a response from Adolf Hitler and start with Kennedy, what do we find?

This short clip demonstrates some sort of control over Kennedy’s Security team.

What is clear, however is the fate of Kennedy’s limousine. It was taken away, stripped down, every last piece of evidence destroyed, restored with new body-work etc. before being placed on display in  an assassination museum.

On 911, before the dust had settled, lorries were taking away, steaming hot debris, which included metal beams which showed evidence of having being cut at an angle, to encourage the buildings to “walk” which facilitates a controlled demolition. There were also too many drills going on at the time to relate. There is evidence that none of the alleged Suicide Bombers died,  yet we are assured that there is no need for a proper investigation. All of the usual suspects were implicated, of course.

At Sandy Hook, not one shred of evidence has yet been presented to explain events inside the school, which is now being demolished and all of the evidence with it. Then as usual, the “Lone Gunman,” whom lived  without trace, conveniently killed himself, thus negating the need of an investigation into the event.

The holocaust, allegedly carried out by the National Socialists, well we have some photographs of Jews on their way to the gas chambers and we have talk of men with masks throwing granules of something or other down on the people inside, sadly however, nobody with a camera, ever managed to arrive at one of these gas chambers to take a snap of those inside nor indeed the system which was used to take them all back out again.

After all this must have been quite tricky, as we are told that the victims were naked and forced to go into the chamber with their hands over their heads, to make room for more people. So one would imagine that there would be at least some mention of the technique involved.

In fact, the very people, whom would now dearly love to have some evidence to back up their tale, allowed all of these “Death Camps,” to be destroyed and all of the “evidence” is gone, so they are now forced to present bits of wood which they call the last remaining example of a gas chamber door, as the one and only piece of evidence in support of their claims.

London on 7-7 presented the very same scenario. A huge “Drill,” four patsies, collusion of the Security Forces, the ritual slaughter of the suspects, whom are obliged to die, to avoid the need of an inquiry. After which the evidence is hidden from the public and quickly disposed of, while of course the evidence of witnesses is ignored.

That is just a brief review of the similarity between all of these events and I think it is stretching the imagination to simply declare Mossad as the culprits in all of this.

Which is why I firmly believe that those  whom benefited from the Coup d’Etat, which took place in Dallas in nineteen-sixty-three, which was filmed by a man, a Jew, whom was paid sixteen million dollars, for a well executed film of an execution, have now been firmly entrenched across the Free West.  It could well be said that every tool of power has been passed into the hands of an elite bunch of manipulators, whom are doing as they wish, with the compliance of “Democratically” elected politicians, whom quite clearly have no power whatsoever and are simply marionettes, dancing to the tune of what is in effect “The Mob.”

Well I’ll Be Darned: They Had Fore-Knowledge.

The round-up of the “Patsies,” is under way in Nairobi.   I was beginning to think that the formula was becoming just a little bit too frayed at the edges, to risk another carbon copy of the 911, 7-7,  Boston, Madrid and Benghazi, False Flag adventures but what the hell? Nobody cares.  Why mess with a winning routine? If it works why change it?

Take note, in  the above clip, this “Barbie” is already explaining how they know the Nationalities of many of the attackers.  They apparently come from Countries all across the face of the Earth. The Kenyan Government seems to be prepared to take on the task, of spreading fear and anxiety, wherever it may be needed, to further the aims of their native born son Barak Obama. They Included the widow of a young lad, one of the “patsies” on 7-7, who was murdered by British or Israeli agents, as one of the alleged perpetrators.


We are now being presented with yet another case of Intelligence reports and warnings, being “ignored,” by the authorities. Sounds just a shade like Dick Cheney, ignoring the warnings that a plane was approaching The Pentagon, on 911.

The boys from Tel Aviv, who were implicated in 911 and 7-7, flew in to give a hand, in order to make sure that the maximum damage was inflicted. A cast of hundreds of bit players and extras were hired by one or other of the Hollywood Studios. The team of producers was well-known and at least two friends of the Clinton family were on hand to add a bit of gravity to the event.

The Jewish controlled Sky News team went into overdrive, to cover the event.   All of the award-winning liars and other deceivers of the general public, drenched the British with lies and disinformation. It was given more or less the same airtime as was the birth of the Royal baby.

When it became clear that there had apparently been intelligence, warning of the possibility of an attack, the pennies must surely have started to drop for the Sky dupes. Even they, are not so stupid as to be fooled by yet another example of the same scenario, which is obligatory, in order to go after the selected culprits, otherwise….well… where would they start?

The British public can be sure that every word, which was reported from Nairobi, was part of a well rehearsed, dramatic fiction, in the same category as Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon, where there were no “real,” casualties.

In Nairobi there may well have been some wounded, maybe even some deaths, these boys are, after all, cold-blooded killers, who will gas children for effect, however I doubt very much whether the colleagues of Clinton and Gates were actually killed, whomsoever they may have been.

After the farce of Sandy Hook and the false families, whom are continuing to make money from the event, to help them recover from the fictitious deaths of children and men whom lost their legs in Afghanistan playing the role of injured victims in Boston, added to the pretend victims scattered all over the crime scene in London on 7-7, anything is possible.

Another man from Thames House, playing at journalism for Sky News, Sam Kiley, was today explaining how the humanitarians in Israel, are caring for wounded people from Syria, whom will be astonished when they wake up to find themselves in Israel. The Jews will of course make sure that their identities are kept secret, to make sure that those horrible people in Syria, will not take reprisals against them,  for inadvertently accepting aid from the enemy.

This of course leads into the real story, which was the tale of young Arab men, whom had vanished from Israel, only to turn up dead in Syria, where they had been fighting against Assad.

Kiley explained that these men were Israeli Passport holders, which was an excellent way of explaining, that Arabs, of all Nationalities,  were united against Assad. For Muslims, a Passport means nothing, they support what is right. They apparently walked out of their homes in Israel, caught a number six bus to Syria, where they were promptly killed. Sounds plausible but highly unlikely.


Nairobi Attack: Is It Another False Flag?

We are being fed a load of garbage, by mouthpieces for the United States of Terror. “The Hill” one of the propaganda sheets, which is used regularly to spread disinformation, is telling us that Military and Security organisations are having trouble digging out the dope on al-Shabab and another alleged African terrorist group, Boko Harem.

Who’s kidding who? Both of these groups are claiming an affiliation with Al Qaeda, which is still controlled by the CIA and Mossad.  They are even now being financed in Syria, where they are eliminating the patriotic if misguided Syrian opposition, making sure that no form of universally acceptable government will be set up after the conflict ends. The preferred choice for the benefit of Israel is total chaos.

I am of the opinion that events in Kenya are all part of the Project for the New American Century, (PNAC) which involves the total destruction of Somalia. The alleged  al-Shabab attack on the upper-class shopping zone in Nairobi, which is being milked for every last drop of hyperbole, is a false flag operation,which was carried out by a select team of operatives, all of whom will have been spirited away, under cover of the night.

Washington will have already ordered the charging of the batteries, in a full flight of “Drones” with which to fire the opening salvo in the destruction of Somalia.

The object at this time, for the Obama regime, is to create the maximum amount of death and destruction, all across the region, which will make it possible for Israel to snatch various coveted stretches of land, incrementally building Greater Israel, which has been its intention since it first arrived on the scene with guns blazing.

Cameron in the UK, is already dropping in all of the usual adjectives, cowardly, brutal and savage etc. designed to give the impression that there is a difference between  an atrocity carried out in Kenya by Al Qaeda and the daily dose of the same thing, which he is cheerfully financing in Syria.

Kenyatta, the Kenyan President, actually lost a nephew and his nephews wife in the attack, along with the Architect and his Dutch, pregnant, wife, whom just happened to have been introduced to Bill Clinton, while he was recently in Africa, because of her connection to the Bill Gates Foundation and its attempt to vaccinate every child in Africa.

We have in fact been subjected to pretty much the same sentimental sob talk, as that which followed the Sandy Hook “False Flag,” which was delivered by crisis actors. The Kenyan attack took place in a neighbourhood, which was a favourite haunt of ex-patriots, making the presence of English-speaking white people perfectly normal.

So while John Kerry is in the process of blackmailing the Russians, in an attempt to impose the acceptance of the right to attack Syria, should they fail to conform to exactly what the US demands, regarding the process of de-commissioning their chemical weapons, we have Somalia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria in various states of collapse, Lebanon in fear of attack, Israel muttering Hubble,Bubble, Toil and Trouble over the West Bank and Gaza, who is telling us that we must give up whatever liberties we have left, in case the Axis of Evil , attacks us? Why none other than a bunch of Khazar Jews, along with their acolytes, whom prefer to call themselves Zionists, all of whom have declared their allegiance to Israel.

These friendly folk have now taken to attacking Christians, whom have been living alongside Muslims and Jews for centuries, without any problem, however the CIA, which is of course a private organisation, which like the Federal Reserve, tries to present a façade of legality, is, along with the wholly owned Jewish Mossad, stirring up religious unrest, all across the Middle East, which will ultimately be of no use whatsoever to anyone other than the State of Israel, which was allowed to be set-up, after a rather large bribe was paid to US President Harry Truman.

Now that the full panoply of lies and deception has been exposed, the PNAC document is there for all to see, Israel’s desire to grab as much land in the Middle East as is possible, which they have no intention of handing back to the rightful owners, is continuing.  The fact that Libya was destroyed, not because of Gadaffi’s behaviour but to destroy an industrious Muslim State, which wanted to plough its own course in life, as did that other reprobate Saddam Hussein, in Iraq, which was destroyed to take control of the oil, why have the voters in the West not noticed  what their various democratically elected governments been doing in their name? More seriously, why has Merkel just been re-elected in Germany?

Why, one wonders, have the mealy mouthed purveyors of propaganda in the UK, Sky News and the BBC, suddenly stopped any reference, in their various Newscasts, to Syria, and the “Rebels,” whose murderous escapades they have been championing for the past two years, during the little difficulty in Kenya, which involves the same group of murderers.

Tim Marshall, the top man at Sky News, actually referred to the al-Shabab members as being ‘fanatics’ like Hitler’s SS. Marshall just like Rivero on What Really Happened, never misses an opportunity to drop in the name of Hitler. Rivero is a particularly annoying little know-all, whom while apparently believing the holocaust to be a lie, insists on his presentation of the Third Reich as being evil, even though, without the holocaust, it would be difficult to name an act of the Third Reich which was in any way more evil than a hundred acts of the Allies, during World War Two.

Webster Tarpley, a Historian, praised the decision of the US and UK, to join forces with mass murderer Joseph Stalin, in order to defeat Hitler, on his weekly show, giving us once again his totally distorted version of how Hitler generated an excuse to attack Poland and Czechoslovakia in order to kick off a war which World Jewry had been planning for twenty years.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in a speech, disclosed in no uncertain terms, that the Russian Revolution had indeed been carried out by a bunch of Jews and that all of the main players, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Beria and Yagoda, had all been Jewish. This speech was not discussed on the Western Media, of course.

So once again we have the evidence that a war has long been in the planning. Exactly the same ploy is being made use of as an excuse to attack. The same lies are being manufactured to calm the doubts of the people, while we, of the Free,  Democratic, Western World, can satiate our blood-lust, while praising our humanity.

see...Nairobi Attack; The Anomalies Mount.

,see...Tory Terror Shock Tactics And A Stoned Dead-head

Who Paid The Boston Marathon Cast Of Injured Spectators?

By the grace of God, not one member of the Security Service, the Police Force nor indeed any of the other organisations, whom were well documented in the photographic evidence, standing in the vicinity of the bombs, which exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, were injured by the blast.

By another act of God, it turned out that the poor soul, whom had his legs blown off, had forgotten that they had been blown off some time back when he was in the Army, he could not account for the strange coloured blood with which he was splattered. I understand he makes a good living, decorating the scene of Black Op “Drill” sets. There was indeed a “Drill” taking place.

As with Sandy Hook, it is unlikely that we will ever know for certain, whether anybody was genuinely killed at Boston and we will certainly not be getting an adequate explanation as to what the hell was going on.

The area around the sites of the explosions was stuffed with shifty looking characters, all with their back packs and all in a position where they could have dropped their bag. Indeed there was photographic evidence of at least two men whom left the scene, in haste, minus their back-packs. The selected culprits, on the other hand, still had their packs in place, as they left the scene.

Why then were two young brothers, hunted down like dogs, without a shred of evidence to support the idea that they may have been involved? Without any evidence whatsoever, the surviving boy has been charged with the offence of murder and the use of weapons of mass destruction, a pressure cooker.

It all seems to hang on a call from Vladimir Putin, whom knows full well that the CIA is paying the terrorists in Chechnya, warning the FBI, that these boys may pose a threat to the USA, having spent some time in Chechnya visiting their parents. Does that make sense to you? Would Putin have given a toss whether these boys should be sent from Chechnya to bite the hand that feeds the terrorists whom are giving him hell??

The boys were in turn contacted by the FBI after the bombings and informed that they were suspects, which must surely  rate as one of the most unlikely of events, should they have been the real culprits;  the police would have taken care of business in the usual manner, surround the house and set-up a siege, why was this format not carried out on this occasion?

In France in the recent past, another “Patsy,” was taken care of by the Forces of Law and Order, in a hail of bullets. He too was guilty of nothing and because of his death, no evidence has ever been presented in a Court of Law.  Such is the state of justice in the free and democratic West. The victim was never actually placed at the scenes of the crimes which he was alleged to have committed.

For the 7-7 production in London, the streets were full of the same brand of “Spooks,” as was Boston. It was they whom redirected the London Bus off of its normal route and into Tavistock Square, where a bunch of passengers leapt off of the bus, moments before it exploded and were shortly after photographed in their role as injured victims, in the “Drill” which was taking place.

The normal routine is to kill the “Patsies.” They must never be allowed their day in Court. In fact it has already been suggested that the best thing for the boy in custody would be a Plea Bargain. He has been charged with a Capital Offence, so to avoid death, he must plead guilty to a lesser crime. This is what passes for justice in the USA.

There is a law in the US forbidding the Army to take part in the policing of the people. Well anyone whom caught a glimpse of the new Department of Homeland Security Agents, whom were unleashed against a couple of unarmed men, could be forgiven if they suffered a spasm of fear at the sight of them, it is quite clear that they are a form of Military, cynically designed to get around Posse Comitatus.

In truth America is cooked.  The Israeli Prime Minister, averred, on film, “Don’t  worry about the Americans, we control them, they will do as they’re told.”  There was no outcry of protestation from the American Government, so presumably they agreed with the remark.

All of America’s Top Cops go to Israel for training. Two Jew-ish “doctors” arrived from Palestine, to take care of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, does that mean that the US can not cope with an injured man, or could there just possibly be a more sinister reason?

America is now in a similar position to that of Russia, just before the Revolution, while the rest of us are back in the grip of the bloodthirsty vermin, whom took control of most of the Western World, leading up to World War Two.

Whatever the aims of the Bombs in Boston, it seems just a little slipshod, to allow the faking of injuries to take place in an area which had more cameras pointed at it than Princess Diana on her wedding day. It is already becoming clear that there were no injured people in Boston, any more than there were dead children at Sandy Hook. It was a televised hoax, with the catch that we must be careful because in the middle of it all there was talk of a dead child and nobody wants to add to the distress of the parents, should it be true.

It turns out that most of the families, which claimed to have lost children in the so-called Sandy Hook massacre, were newcomers to the town and they would appear to be mainly of Jew-ish origins and members of an organisation which provides “casualties” for “Drills”.  For example, there is no trace of a Miss Soto in school records, so how she could have been shot dead along with most of her class is a mystery. She was however spotted in another role during the Gifford piece of theatre in Arizona.

For any official group to allow the continuation of a drill in the middle of an area where there were seriously injured people, whom could not be distinguished from stooges, is deplorable and yet that appears to be what happened, because it is beyond doubt that there were actually false victims scattered all over the place, just as there were many decoys, with back-packs, waiting to trap the “Patsies.”

After events like the plane hitting the Pentagon, the FBI quite calmly confiscated all of the Closed Circuit Film evidence of the event and have continued to deny the public access, claiming National Security or some such nonsense, at Boston this has proved impossible and it has laid bare the savagery of the State Machine, it remains to be seen what the reaction of the public will be to the cold-blooded murder of one young man and the treatment which was given to his brother.

Here is a bit of a hint about past Government Lies.

Clearing The Air At Sandy Hook.

As for “internet bloggers,” there is currently under-way a movement to provide certification for those who can prove they exist and write based on genuine sources of information, personal expertise and a history of social and political activism. “No hirelings allowed.”

These are the words of Gordon Duff, a self opinionated, self-serving, purveyor of unsubstantiated information, based on his claim to be part of the Security Services, which give him access to information, which is denied to mere “bloggers.”

Duff is responsible for the claim, that a team of Jewish terrorists, had been arrested in New York, as part of the Sandy Hook investigation, with the ammunition for a Glock pistol, which was not in their possession at the time of their arrest, which was of the correct calibre for the Glock which had allegedly been used by the “Lone Gunman,” at Sandy Hook.

The theme of Duff’s article was that boring old rubbish about “real” journalism being dead.

For every real “whistle-blower” or “leaker,” there are a dozen paid phonies. What is the typical “bio” of a “shock jock” podcast host or “blogger/debunker?” Most have done prison time. None have ever been gainfully employed for more than three months. CVs or resumes describe them as “consultants” or “administrative assistants.”

Well speaking personally, I fall into none of those categories, and I can assure Duff that I have had far more experience of the Newspaper Industry than has his good self. In case he has no understanding of the business, allow me to explain how journalism works. Journalists are reporters, they have no control over the information which they receive, any more than does, a Security Service conduit.

They are not “whistle-blowers” and they are certainly not “shock jocks” nor do any of the other insults which he levels at us apply.

I heard him express the same, “I am the last living example of a real journalist” garbage on the Rense Show a while back. Rense was in full agreement with him, he included himself in the category of “real journalist.”

Personally I have known hundreds of journalist in my time and I can assure the uninitiated that the main aim of most, was to phone in some copy, before the deadline and get down to the pub as quickly as  possible.

Only a select few are in a position to ask a searching question of anyone whom may have the possibility of giving a telling response. These people are reserved for only those reporters whom know what can or cannot be asked.

Duff would do well to take another look at the reporting which surrounded the attack on Iraq. Where were all the ” real” journalists?  Take a look at the build-up to World War Two. Things were no better back then, The likes of Walter Cronkite, don’t make me laugh.

At one time, we knew where our news came from. Reputations mattered; journalists learned their craft under fire, Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite or even Peter Jennings. We knew David Frost, we knew John Cameron Swayze.

David Frost was not a journalist, he started out as a comedian on the BBC, as for the rest of them, I think we could soon present a good case about the quality of the so-called “News” which was presented by these folk.

First of all, anything that’s genuinely classified, no one needs to hear,(unknown) nobody wants an it anyway and other things that pretty much continually asked by one agency or another to leak things.. Now on the other hand, when people ask you to leak things, are they asking you to leak lies?You’ve gotta ask yourself that, why are they doing it? Every time somebody talks to you, we’re having one of those conversations now, why is the person doing what they’re doing? You always have to deal with that, And then on the other hand, what does the public deserve? And I don’t think the public necessarily has earned everything you can do and everything I can do. (extract from the Pete Santilli Show, copied and pasted, in case you should take this as an example of the English of a mere Blogger.))

Just reading through his copy, makes it plain that this stalwart of “Real Journalism” is in fact nothing more than yet another misinformation artist. In the same programme he claimed that Veteran’s Today was nothing more than the biggest Psy-op in the US. Not too sure whether he was joking or whether that was a double take.

So what with the nonsense from The Young Turks, whom found Gene Rosen’s tale believable, to the fake families whom are setting up web-sites to ask for donations, to the Professional Journalists on mainstream television and the National Press, whom stand agog, in front fraudulent, dry-eyed people, none of whom have any connection to the school and fail to ask elementary questions, such as, address, length of time they have lived in Newtown, which class their child was in.

We have been led to believe that Miss Soto’s class was the principal target of Lanza, from where an unknown child, covered in blood, whom had been hiding under her dead friends, managed to escape, unnoticed and was spirited away unseen.

Six other children, also managed to escape from class, where the teacher had been killed, to where they could not return, according to Gene Rosen, “Because our teacher is dead.” Was this Miss Soto?  How many children were in Miss Soto’s class?

Where are all of the “Real Investigative Journalists” hiding out. I am apparently, merely an uneducated, ex-gaol bird, whom has never been gainfully employed for more than three months. Yet it is “Bloggers” just like me whom are asking all of the pertinent questions, while Duff struts his stuff all over the “Alternative Media” along with those other experts, all of whom were once employed by one Government Agency or another, spreading, what he admits himself cannot be trusted.

The most serious question for me was the Coroner, whom had allegedly checked the children, whom had been killed. He it was, whom had decided that there were no injured victims. Yet he was not sure how many of each sex had died. The bodies were to be left for the second night in a row, in the school.  When were they taken out?

The on-line investigators were fascinated by the antics of this man. Much weight was given to the response of a Cop, whom was in attendance, at the questioning of the Coroner. He was asked a question concerning the mother of Lanza. He apparently ignored the question completely, and branched off on another subject. This was suspicious. Why did he not answer the question? I personally believe that when dealing with falsehoods, it becomes difficult to remember the script, this sort of hesitation is a give-away. Why did a “Hack” not insist on an answer?

At this Press Conference, it is clear that there were dozens of journalists present. Are we to believe that they were taken in by this pap?  Do The Young Turks, have not just a whiff of a doubt about this performance? Have they no reporters of their own? Do Ace Reporters, such as Gordon Duff, feel that there is no point going to Sandy Hook and checking out the identities of the so-called grieving parents?

We should all remember that in London, on 7-7, there were dozens of “actors” whom were dressed up as victims, some even in the vicinity of the bombed bus, which was not even where it was supposed to be. How could that be? They had all of the other locations right, how could they have known that the bus would explode, where else but in Tavistock Square, the ancestral home of the destroyer of morality and civilisations, unless there was advance knowledge that it was to be diverted.

So there you have it Gordon Duff and The Young Turks, we are the folk whom are driving the News. Why do you think that the Mainstream Media is on its last legs, looking for a way to shut us up. They do not want to silence us because we are getting it wrong, we are on the button. We give real reporting from Gaza, Libya, Syria and all of those other places where the War Crimes are taking place. We will expose Mali, long before anything truthful appears on CNN.

Bury My Heart At Sandy Hook.


The News Channels, have today been giving a massive amount of airtime to the film, “Zero Dark Thirty,” the hunting down and execution of Osama Bin Laden. The main area of discussion was the use of torture, to extract information, from prisoners, which, after ten years of meticulous research, led to the capture and  killing of Bin Laden in Pakistan.

The State Department and the CIA, are starting an investigation into the information which may have been illegally passed to the production team on the film, which gave the impression that torture played a vital part in the intelligence gathering, leading to the conclusion that torture was an acceptable part of the CIA’s interrogation technique.

Members of the Film Academies have issued a plea to the public, to boycott the film, which of course assured the film of a huge audience. It is already the top box office draw, which will be even greater, should it win one or two of the Oscars, for which it is nominated.

This film is being presented as fact, with just a touch of Hollywood pizazz, to transform it into a spectacular adventure film, with no doubt a charming, bunch of  rough diamond, courageous, characters.  This is a film which in future years,  along with other Hollywood productions, which showed us for example, GI’s fighting and winning the war in North Africa, which is a lie, they were never there, will be taken as history, when in fact it is a farce.

Not one of the puppets on the News Networks, posed the question, concerning the notion that Bin Laden had been dead since 2001, according to the US Secretary of State, and that the whole story was  a croque of ka-ka.

I have never been fully convinced that Bin Laden was ever the leader of a group of terrorists called Al Qaeda. I do believe that someone called Tim Osman, was a CIA operative in Afghanistan, where he was with the Mujahideen, which was part of the phony war against the USSR.  Other than that, this supposed rich man’s son, must surely be one of the least photographed celebrities on the planet. I have managed to dig out one family photograph, which was allegedly the Bin Laden family, which showed a young boy of sixteen or so, who could have been anyone.

As for the capture of Bin Laden in Pakistan, there was one photo issued, which could have been any old man watching TV. Whoever captured the image, apparently did not find time to take another snap, when the old man turned around to see who had just walked in.

This old man, was taken away, shot and thrown into the sea. This was cold-blooded murder and not a shred of evidence has ever been produced to support the claim that it was indeed Bin Laden.

The only evidence of the existence of  Bin Laden, are a few staged clips of a man wearing white robes and pointing a Kalashnikov and an interview with one of the mainstream News Channels. Other than that, nothing, apart from a few rumours. I believe that the man who conducted the interview, has had his head cut off.

So what are we left with?  A friend of the Bush family, with whom he has never been photographed.  Who was allowed to use his families riches, to fund a group of International Terrorists. Over the years, he was labelled with the responsibility of a few terrorist attacks, which registered his name and associated it with bombings. Most of the atrocities for which he was blamed, carried all the hall-marks of “False Flag” events.

From a bunker in Afghanistan, he plotted and carried out an impossibly complicated attack on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on 911. This attack has been used as an excuse to wage an ongoing war of attrition against the Muslim World. The excuse for this brutal war was a lie. Every NATO attack since, on whichever Country, has been an aggressive attack, against innocent people.

The United States and NATO, now has half of the world cowering in fear of a missile coming out of the blue, killing and maiming their children. Thousands of young men have been tortured and killed, in search of information, which the torturer knew, did not exist. Now they are making films of their search for this phantom.

We are now being introduced to another mystery man, Adam Lanza. As with Bin Laden, we are presented with a “photo-shopped” image of an unbelievably strange character, who is definitely off his nut. He had a mother, who we are told is dead, he is held responsible for the killing. We have seen no photograph of this woman and she is not known in the locale.

The alleged parents of the children whom Lanza is said to have killed, do not figure on any list of residents in Newtown. Several of them are well-known bit players in previous gun attacks. One of them was killed in Arizona, in the attack which we were told, also killed a Judge, injured a Congress Woman and killed a child, born on the day of the 911 attack. Maybe this child too, is still alive.

There is ample evidence on-line of all of these actors, with family photographs of the allegedly dead child from Arizona, still alive after the event. Plus the family of the dead teacher Miss Soto, which is part of the same group of actors. There is no doubt of the identity of these folk, it is as plain as day, that they are actors.

As for the scene of the crime. Well that is a state secret. The dead bodies were left in place for days. There is no evidence that they were ever taken away. The Coroner, who inspected the bodies, could not say how many there were of each sex. We have seen no photographs of the inside of the school. We have been told lies about the weapons which Lanza used to carry out the killings.

Yet based on this tosh, the American people are being told that they must relinquish their guns. Like the Patriot Act which had been compiled in advance of 911, there is a document which was prepared for the Sandy Hook event.

In keeping with the Bin Laden tale, there is not a trace of fact in the whole story. It has even been muddied with images of men legging it, as the Police arrived at the school. As with 911, there are tales of Israelis being involved. Children, whom were hanging around the school, wherein we were told there had just been a massacre, were questioned by journalists and reported that they had seen men in handcuffs lying on the ground.

There were no Ambulances in evidence, close to the school. Apparently it had already been decided that there were no wounded children, so no need for Medical help.  In fact, let us not labour the point, the Osama Bin Laden who was interviewed on CNN, was probably part of this production, which was staged by Crisis Actor Studios, to generate the excuse to seize the people’s guns.

There were actors present on 911, positioning the NIST version of events into the minds of the traumatised survivors of the event, making sure that the Bin Laden rubbish would hold up.

There is a large family of actors, the Sexton family, they are Jewish and they have taken part in several events, they were the Phelps family at Sandy Hook, I can find no trace of them in the Sandy Hook telephone directories.

What’s Goin’ On?

Is the above video a joke, compiled by a mischievous idiot? Or is there a real message contained in this short film. It has quite clearly been edited, to give a false interpretation of Alex Joneses remark about the “turd in the punchbowl.” I believe that Alex was saying that for a while he had believed that, about David Icke but he had changed his mind,  the end of the sentence was edited out.

Jones is once again under the spotlight, after his, “inspiring,” “commendable,” “deplorable,” “embarrassing,” or “self-defeating,” performance on CNN, with Piers Morgan.

Jeff Rense, appears unable to make up his mind about the interview, however he is clear on his opinion of Jones as a tool of the Jewish hierarchical Bronfman family, however when Gordon Duff, whom is himself  regularly criticised, agreed with his observation about Jones, was preparing to take a blast at Michel Chossudovsky, of Global Research, Rense, whom is detested all across the Alternative Media, if for nothing else, because of his serial marriages, decided to cut him off, as Chossudovsky is a regular guest on his show. Censorship?

Jones, this alleged Jewish, Knight of Malta shill, on his own show, was laying into John Stewart and Comedy Central, asking Stewart, why he did not use his real name, revealing that he too was a Jewish, Wall St., shill.

Republican Broadcasting, is a seething swamp of internal polémique. It contains the foremost bastion of truth, against the accepted tale of the holocaust and they are sure that Hitler was not a Rothschild bastard, while at the same time they now broadcast Rivero, a man of Jewish descent, with traces of the Knights Templar in his ancestry, whom continually mouths totally uninformed garbage about Hitler and the National Socialists and the Knights Templar. He also insists that a Jumbo Jet, went into that tiny hole in the Pentagon. So not much consistency there.

Republican Broadcasting has the benefit of a regular listener called Werner, from Canada, he regularly “calls in,” with cogent comments, always to the point and always interesting, however, instead of treating his calls with the respect which they deserve, he is quite often cut off in mid sentence, as if he knows nothing.

Alternative Television, such as it is, is no better. Russia Today, now broadcasts advertisements, aimed at the UK. Controversial Television seems to have completely run out of ideas. As for Press TV, well sadly, they appear to be nothing more than a tool of the West.

They are preparing the way for what appears to be Mandatory Vaccination for babies and the Smart Identity card, which is so desired by the Western Dictators. They also fully support Global Warming and Agenda 21, plus they are signed on to all of the land grabs of UNESCO.  They are also, as is Russia Today, in total favour of disarming the American people.

I have found all of this nonsense to be so disturbing that it is sowing doubts as to the truth of anything which is available on whichever News outlet.

Where, I might ask, do the people fit into this scenario? What are we to make of all of this information? At the moment we have a strange dichotomy between the Alternative Media and the Mainstream Media about the Sandy Hook shootings.

I have watched dozens of film clips and read dozens of articles, expressing an opinion of the event, which must surely have been part of the research of all other journalists’. That being so, why am I still in search of any morsel of evidence, which might convince me that the event actually happened, along with the rest of the Alternative Media, while the likes of CNN and Anderson Cooper are conducting interviews with giggling, grieving parents and not being just a little bit taken aback, at this display of apparent lack of suffering.

While reading the remarks of local people, whom were asked their opinion on the future of the school, whether it should be demolished, presumably before the interior can be shown to have suffered no damage, not one of those at the meeting, had suffered the loss of a child in the event.

There has been no explanation as to why the dead children did not figure in school photographs.  There has been no investigation into the Soto family, whom I believe were involved in another shooting event, a long way from Sandy Hook, in which one of them was “killed” and yet is apparently alive and well enough to mourn, with a smile on her face, the “death” of her sister.

With all of this available evidence to investigate, the “gun banners” are just carrying on as if we all believe the nonsense which we have been fed, which as is usual, will not stand up to scrutiny.

I cannot even bring myself to believe that Adam Lanza is a genuine person. I do not believe that his mother, whom the school nurse, with a claimed fifteen years service at the school, described as a caring person and a wonderful addition to the school staff, has ever been to Sandy Hook, she most certainly did not work at the school.

I am convinced that this charade, is going to be written into history, as was 911, as if it were true. When in reality, everything with which we have been presented, is a farce, it is simply a film of a drill, with actors from a firm which supplies actors, to lend realism to this form of drill.

Today I have been distracted, not only by this pack of lies, but also by trying to get my head around the Al Qaeda farce, where we love them in Syria and Libya. Hate them in Pakistan and Afghanistan and now we must come to terms with, hateful Al Qaeda in Mali, whom are armed with weapons donated by good Al Qaeda in Libya, whom were in turn armed by the French illegally, whom are now bombing these “rebels” whom are armed by themselves, that is by the French Connection in Libya. There must be some form of logic in all of this, even though it is not too evident.

While we are still trying to tease out the lies, which we have been told about World War Two, here they are, those whom have the power to write our history, filling our heads with more guff. Today, instead of trying to clear my head of all of this incomprehensible nonsense, I had the intention of writing about another atrocity, which has been given little exposure but it will have to wait for another day.

What Did Blair,Blair And New Labour, Know About The 7-7 Drill In London?

Peter Power, the man whom organised the drill, which was used to hide the cold-blooded murder of over fifty innocent people, in broad daylight, in London, refused to name the group by whom he had been paid to organise the event.

Blair the cop, accepted within hours, that the guilty parties had already been found, that is found in the sense that their identity was known. This was of course long before any forensic evidence could possibly have been found and the genetic make-up checked, from the genetic content of all of the bloody remains which were splattered around the crime scene, never mind connecting them to four young lads whom were not even on the police genetic code files and without the aid of Jewish controlled security cameras, which break-down to order.

Blair the Bliar, called the idea of an inquiry into the event a “Ludicrous Diversion.” He, as is normal with politicians, after an event such as this, was completely convinced by an explanation, which was so superficial as to be unacceptable to even the most trusting supporter of the establishment. It was reminiscent of the remark about Mrs Slocombe’s pussy, “We’ll never get away with that.” the reply, “Yes we will, just say it as if you don’t know what you’re saying.” (check out “Are You Being Served”)

A significant number of New Labour members, must surely have been doubtful of the truthfulness of the yarn as it was presented, why was there no outcry? Why was Blair not forced to hold a Public Inquiry? Why did all of the “Usual Suspects,” go along with what was quite obviously, a government condoned, cold-blooded murder, on the streets of London, in order to continue the illegal, cynical, so-called “War on Terror.” Where were the peace-loving Liberal Democrats?  How much did the Conservative Party know?

Blair and New Labour were not without form, they had already lied the UK into an illegal attack, by spreading the rumour that Iraq could strike the UK with missiles within forty-five minutes, manufacturing the notion that an illegal attack, could be defensive.

7-7 was used to continue the lie that Muslim people were a threat to the West, which had to be brought under control.  Blair and New Labour, understood, as did Bush and the Neo-Cons, that any inquiry into 911 or 7-7 would deliver a fatal blow to their monstrous lust for blood-money. Blair has already profited by an estimated twenty-five million dollars, for his part in the slaughter and HE, decides that there will be no inquiry.

Blair, the Cop, was complicit in the deception, as was that group of liars whom referred to themselves as people of “integrity,” the Metropolitan Police, after a recent dust-up with an MP, whom claims the same status for himself.  Blair, the Cop, is independent of government, he was obliged to start an investigation into the events of 7-7. The entire investigation appears to have been placed into the hands of MI6, the very people whom may have taken part in the attack itself.

The families of the four young Muslim lads, whom were murdered that disgraceful day, were threatened by the Security Forces and warned to keep their mouths shut. The House of Commons and the House of Lords, allowed all of this nonsense to continue without remark. Is this British Democracy?  What has become of accountability? What has become of the so-called opposition, which maintains some sort of restraint over wild-cat governmental excesses?

Britain, the so-called defender of liberty and justice, is in fact little different from any other tin pot dictatorship, only the trappings, like the Royals, give it a covering of respectability. I noticed that “The Man Whom Would Be King,” making him the owner of more of the Earth than all of the rest of us put together, whom has access to more Castles and Palaces than The Sheik of Arabie, with the availability of trains and boats and planes to suit his every voyage, is calling for action on Climate Change, what a respectable man! No proper inquiry into the death of his ex-wife either.

However, I digress.

All of these questions have suddenly been brought into focus, by events in the US at Sandy Hook, where a “drill,” has become so enmeshed in an event, or indeed a non-event, that it impossible to discern where one ends and the other begins.

The 7-7 atrocity in London, was in effect the “drill” there was no difference, they both took place at exactly the same moment. The alleged perpetrators, have never been shown to have even been present at the scene of the crime, which made the malfunction of security cameras indispensable. The murder of three of the four lads, was reported by the BBC, as was the collapse of WTC7, on 911, it was also reported by other News sources, however the identity of the victims was never released and has never been released.  Why not?

At least two other possible suspects were arrested at Sandy Hook, whom have vanished off the radar. As with 7-7 in London, people whom took part in the “Drill,” presented themselves as witnesses to journalists, these witnesses have since “vanished.” At Sandy Hook, “witnesses,” whom can be found on News clips, presenting their evidence, can be found on film at other scenes of atrocities, giving “evidence.”  Obama can be seen on film, playing with a child, whose father is on film playing the role of the grieving parent of the same child.

On 7-7, members of a group of people whom leapt off of the bus which exploded, were later photographed, disguised as injured victims of the 7-7  drill/attack. Another passenger on the bus, when asked why he had descended from the bus, replied that he had reached his destination, on a bus which  had been diverted by security men and was nowhere near wherever the “passenger” was intending to go.

Obama, the US Dictator, is threatening to use Executive power to change the US Bill of Rights. No politician has the right to do any such thing. Constitutions are designed to protect the interests of the minority from the bullying majority, when in many cases that “majority” does not even represent a third of the population. That is the purpose of a Republic.

In a democracy governments can do as they wish, without restraint. Sarkozy in France, Cowan, in Ireland and Brown in the UK have all signed on to European Treaties against the their own Constitutions, illegally. In France, the two Jews, Sarkozy and Hollande, joined forces to make an illegal Constitutional amendment, having received a no vote from the French people. Gordon Brown continues the lie that the British have no Constitution, when in fact they have had a Constitution for centuries.  The Irish ,well they just ignore their Constitution.

Obama, whom is no more than a puppet himself, is the man whom condones the slaughter of children to suit a hidden agenda.  There is nothing more brutal than the murder of little children. The US is at least completely dispassionate in this form of slaughter. Like their allies the British, they will cut the throats of children and then eat a sandwich, with the blood still on their hands. It is estimated that at least five-hundred-thousand children died in Iraq, as a result of a British and US imposed sanctions. Jew, Madeleine Albright thought that death-toll was acceptable.

So we do not need to pull any punches, it is clear that we are dealing with monsters. When you add to this slaughter of children, the reality that the dozens of vaccines, which are full of toxins, which are being pumped into our children, have recently been exposed as a total fraud, one can only demand the question, “How far will these monsters be prepared to go?”

I believe that we should all be clamouring for guns, very soon we may need them.


We Are The Umpa Lumpa’s. We Are Fat, Stupid, And Proud Of It.

The American people seem to be blithely unaware, that they are being pushed into the same corner, as were the people of Libya and as are the people of Syria.

Carefully placed spokes-people, all of whom spoke perfect English, were presented as the true voice of their people. All of whom had the apparent desire to be eviscerated by the forces from hell.

Libya has already been destroyed and its leader tortured, dismembered and murdered. The next step is to carve the country into manageable portions and to rob the people, whom they claimed to be helping, of their resources.

The lies against the leadership of Syria are still being manufactured, even as the “Saviours” are, as in Libya, carrying out a nightmare regimen of summary beheading and the murder of those of certain religious groups, in order to strike fear into the hearts of the population.

Thanks to the people of the United States of America and the Loyal British Subjects of Her Majesty’s Government, we are told that 65,000 people have already met a violent death in Syria. While trawling YouTube, in search of a clip, I came across this one,

I am not quite sure what the relevance is between  “Gay” people and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and with presenters like the “Bimbo, whom is going straight to Hell” we are never going to be allowed to find out. However, the subject should have been, “Is the soldier in question, fit to be called a hero?” I would contend, that he is no different from any thug whom is paid to kill.

While most of the men, whom are now destroying the planet, for the benefit of thieves, whom would like to control the world and all it contains, were growing up, these wars were already in progress. When the “Heroes” joined the Marines or whatever, they fully understood that they would be sent overseas to kill brown men. Brown men whom posed no threat to the USA, which makes them accessories to War Crimes.

The Government of the USA and the Constitution which they are pledged to uphold, makes it clear that Military Force should be exercised only in self-defence.  These men are slaughtering, wholesale, all across the globe, not for the benefit of the USA, but for the benefit of greedy men, whom are so rich as to render the meaning of wealth worthless. Yet they need more and more and more, their greed knows no bounds and these “Heroes” are doing their dirty work.

These same greedy thieves desire to take control of the USA. Not the people, they do not give a damn for the people, they have expressed their opinion of the people on many occasions, they will exact onto the people, the same treatment with which they decimated the Christians in Russia after the Revolution.

The same treatment which wiped out five million Irish people, not too long before the Russian Revolution. The same treatment which was meted out to the German people both after the Great War and after the Second World War. The hidden figure for German casualties during and after the Second World War is twenty million souls, raped and tortured to death. All of the German people, were considered responsible for the acts of their government.

Her Majesty’s Government has recently passed a law exonerating the Government thugs in Israel from pursuit in British Courts for the War Crimes of which they are most certainly guilty. The same Government, after the Second World War, passed a bill declaring that only Germany was guilty of War Crimes.

Based on the callous decisions, which were used against the German people after the Second World War, decisions which ignored the reality of the reasons for going to war, reasons which have been expunged from history, reasons which provoke derision, when presented to Englishmen, whom are of course,  pure as the driven snow, these US and NATO troops are War Criminals one and all and are most certainly not dead heroes. That said, where do the American people find themselves?

In Libya, the build-up to an illegal attack, involved sending into Benghazi, a group of killers, whom for purposes of identification, wore yellow safety helmets, this was to make sure that they did not accidentally kill one another. This staged event was organised by British and Israeli agents. It was used as the excuse to impose a lethal “No Fly Zone” over Libya, where no flying objects had been detected.

In Syria, the same agenda was put in place, when the hired killers, whom were mingling with demonstrators opened fire on the security services, provoking a response. From that day to the present, the French and British with the assistance of Turkey, have been relentless in their calls for regime change, which is code for we want our people in control.

In the US the same savagery is being employed. The most recent example being the Sandy Hook killings. Government agents are killing with impunity, sacrifices in the name of expediency. The object of the killings is to generate an excuse to ban guns in the US.

There has been a suffocating amount of garbage spewed on television, concerning the alleged killing of children in Sandy Hook, with the collusion of all of the mainstream News Channels, where the drum is being beaten to build-up support for a gun ban. This flies in the face of all of the evidence on the ground. The whole affair is quite obviously a set-up.

There had been drills at Sandy Hook, along the lines of the eventual “Lone Gunman” attack, which of course ended in suicide, so we are told, we have yet to see the body,  as with all of the “Lone Gunman” suicides.

A recent attack, in which the gunman did not commit suicide, in Arizona, when we were presented with a photograph of the alleged killer, he had his head shaven and bore little resemblance to the earlier photographs which we had been shown. This was the event, which saw the wounding of a Congress Woman, whom has recovered from a shot in the head, without a trace of a scar, in what the medical profession has described as a miracle.

So to wind up this wandering tale, the US has been warned, the opening shots have been fired. The Talking Heads on TV are demanding the banning of guns. As did the Talking Heads in Libya, whom demanded a “No Fly Zone,” and what they got was a nightmare, which is ongoing.

Practically all of the gun crime in the US is gang related. There are more people killed with hammers than with guns. However guns were never intended to be used against your neighbour, they were for use against a tyrannical Government, which is exactly what has taken control of the US. Do not make the same mistake as the Libyan people, if the Government want your guns, be sure it is not because they are concerned for you welfare.

There are large amounts of evidence available, which demonstrate quite clearly that both Sandy Hook and the Arizona attack were frauds. Both of them made use of extras from Central Casting. The same people were present at numerous atrocities.  You will find a couple of links in amongst comments to my posts.

The Miracle Of Sandy Hook.

It is perfectly clear that Robbie Parker, the father of Emilie, is playing the role of a bereaved father, in a clip which was filmed in advance, during a drill which had taken place at the Sandy Hook School.

There is another photograph showing some of the children escaping with their hands on the shoulder of the child in front of them, with their eyes shut. This was taken during the same drill.

What we are dealing with is yet another case of an event occurring at exactly the same location as a drill.

We have seen this phenomenon in New York, on 911, in London on 7-7, in Oslo on 22-7, in fact it is hard to name a similar attack which took place where there had been no drill.

The Sandy Hook incident is taking on the appearance of a “Drill too far,” they are now attempting to present the “drill” as the event. Those whom are playing the role of bereaved relatives are finding it hard to remember their lines, as are the police, whom forgot to turn off the cameras in the helicopter while they were running down possible accomplices, whom have since disappeared and taking the alleged murder weapon, out of the boot a car, which turned out not to belong to the supposed killer.

With so many parents role-playing, it is impossible to say whether we have been presented with any parent of any child whom was actually killed.

I have no doubt that when we are presented with photographs or film of the inside of the school, every trace of blood will have been erased, along with all of the security camera films and of course all of the dead children. Strangely there has been no evidence of bereaved parents clamouring for access to their dead children.

The only person whom appears to have been given access to the dead, is Barak Obama, whom was filmed with the ghost of six-year-old Emilie Parker on his lap.

14 Dec 2012 – A teacher’s son killed his mother and 20 young children, many of them in her class, Connecticut school shooting: massacre at Sandy Hook leaves 20 children dead Connecticut school shooting: the aftermath in pictures

The above is just a sample of the disinformation which was circulated in the aftermath of the event at Sandy Hook.

Well Bless My Soul What A Rib Tickler!

So a Young Police Constable, whom was about to take his family to a restaurant for a meal, checked under his car to make sure that it was not booby-trapped, and what did he find? Well! Well! A bomb. The blame for which was placed firmly at the door of disgruntled Republicans, without a shred of evidence to support the claim.

Now in all fairness that would be a frightening experience for any family. The Police Constable’s superior officer spent quite a while explaining to a gathering of journalists, just what a “repugnant” act it was. Indeed he stressed just how obscene, such an act was, not only in Northern Ireland but in any country. He claimed that the perpetrators were part of a group who cared nothing for peace, preferring to live in the troubled past.

This is the sort of hypocritical rubbish which we have come to expect from the mouths of British thugs. We have hardly finished hearing Cameron’s excuses for the behaviour of the Police and British Intelligence and the murders in  which they were involved in Northern Ireland and yet here they are, still hanging the blame on the Republicans.

I would have preferred him to suggest that what the British Intelligence and SAS are doing in Syria, where British bombs are daily slaughtering innocent men, women and children, was a disgusting and unforgivable act and ask Cameron and his crony Hague, where their compassion and sorrow is, for those poor souls, who will remain forever unknown to the British public, unlike the children whom are alleged to have been killed in Connecticut, which has spurred that oily little jerk Piers Morgan to call for the banning of guns in the US, while Cameron and Hague are handing out guns to Syrians, in order to destroy a perfectly good regime.

If They Didn’t Do Everything They Must Have Done Nothing.

When dealing with a callers remark about Shady Hook being a Jewish operation, as a riposte to the passing of the Palestinians demand for some sort of meaningless status at the United Nations, Alex Jones went off on one of his rants, complaining how the Jews are being blamed for everything and how he is sick of it. He went to the trouble of explaining how he knows that Israel has some problems, without saying what they were, but they could not be held responsible for everything.

Well that is all very well Alex, however they are in control of the Banking system which is strangling the life out of the rest us. at least I think they are, though I am ready to be corrected, Perhaps he could supply the names of the majority shareholders of the Federal Reserve whom are Goyim for example, or indeed the major film studios which are not Jewish controlled, likewise the News Media, Television and Print Newspapers.

When he goes through his ever-growing  list of Fascist Dictators, whom were and in some cases still are, responsible for everything that is wrong with the world, you know the names, Hitler, of course, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Gadaffi, Assad, Saddam, Castro and Chavez, why does he never include Netanyahu, or whomever the current Prime Minister of Israel might be? Most of them, if not all, ever since Israel was installed in Palestine, in nineteen forty-eight have been War Criminals, so they certainly merit a placing on his list.

When he screams that the US has been taken over by foreign bankers and Globalists, to whom does he refer? Are these people not Jews? If so tell us who they are, I for one have tried to find the identities of all these non-Jews whom are the real controllers, so why not let us in on the secret?

As far as the claim about revenge at Shady Hook goes, has Alex forgotten the slaughter in Norway?

This photo was taken on Utoya Island 21-7-2010 the day before the attack

This photo was taken on Utoya Island 21-7-2010 the day before the attack

So let’s not be too naive Alex, sometimes there are just too many “coincidences” for comfort. As at Sandy Hook, there were reports of back-up shooters with Breivik, when he slaughtered the children of Norwegian Politicians. The photograph speaks for itself, wouldn’t you say Alex?