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Hitler: From The Heights Of Scientific Achievement To The Depths Of The EU.

Any discussion of the attempts made by German scientists to advance the frontiers of human knowledge,  are automatically couched in an endless mythos of fear and loathing and a huge universal sigh of relief that the “Allies” had managed to overcome those pesky Germans, before they could turn these diabolical weapons, which they had most surely developed, against us.

The “Free World” can breath again, safe in the knowledge that whatever the “dastardly” Germans may have been working on, whether it be “anti-gravity” or some other futuristic form of propulsion for “The Bell” or their “Flying Saucer” was quickly and secretly sequestered into the safe hands of the State, which had just dropped two Atom Bombs on Japan a short time after they had “Fire Bombed” Dresden, for no better reason than that they had the means and the viciousness to do so. So I hope that reassures you that we are in safe hands now.

Every move made by Germany, whether it was the study of the pyramids or Antarctica the esoteric or any other subject,  was uniquely, to gain some form of military advantage, which would enable them to conquer the world. Heh!Heh!Heh!  Most of all whatever they investigated, they managed to discover more about it than the rest of us ever did, down through the centuries.  What is more, all of this was carried out during the six short years that the National Socialists had  been in power.  What a magnificent achievement.

This was of course not their only achievement, during the same six years, they had managed to pull Germany out of the morass, which had been created by the Weimar Republic, which had the aim of destroying the German economy after the Great War, creating the hyper-inflation, which made it possible for hyper-greedy Jewish financiers to buy virtually the totality of the German infrastructure for knock-down prices, through the use of the Fiat Dollar, which had been introduced in the US, by Jewish Bankers, after they had gained control of the US economy by establishing The Private Federal Reserve.

Hitler’s first step had been to relieve these avaricious Jewish thugs of their ill-gotten gains and to politely ask them to resettle somewhere else.  At least sixty thousand of them left to live in Palestine, as the US and UK refused them entry as part of the coming Jewish invasion of the Middle East.  They were allowed to take whatever of their possessions and money they chose.  There was no form of terror used, Hitler did exactly what others have been obliged to do with their Jews, for hundreds of years, because of their interference in the well-being of whichever state in which they happened to live.  So not much wrong with that. The English did the same but the Jews managed to worm their way back into England through the use of their favourite tool, debt.

Another feature of the National Socialist’s heavy schedule, the completion of which  Hitler did not live long enough to see, unless that is you subscribe to the Sharkhunters theory that Hitler spent a fair few years in Argentina after his suicide in the Bunker, was of course his  chef-d’oeuvre the construction of the European Union.

That is according to a scary man in Bristol,  who believes that not all of the gang were lynched at Nuremberg.  In fact the real men behind the curtain, who under the guidance of Martin Bormann, used all that gold which the Central Bankers had absent-mindedly left in the vaults of the Central Banks across Europe, to take over the world through judicious investments on the Stock Exchanges of the World.

Suffice it to say, that if there were any survivors of Nuremberg, they would be the Zionist/Jewish infiltrators in the National Socialist Government, who went on to found the Bilderberg Group, with Hitler’s friend, Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, who along with the once King of England Edward VIII, was a great friend and admirer of Hitler.

Edward VIII showed himself to be a man of honour, who refused to remain King, when the Jews surrounding the Jew Winston Churchill informed him of the coming war with Germany, his abdication was excused rather lamely, by a claim that it was against some unwritten  Constitution, for him to do as did his grand-nephew Prince Charles, marry a divorced woman.

This European Union has proven to be very popular with all of the Jewish Politicians across Europe but singularly unpopular  with all of those countries which have been allowed the democratic right to vote yes or no to entry into this Union.

In the very heart of this Union, there is to be found,  the very element which exists in the accounts of all of the major banking houses, a “Black Hole.”  An entity which has just reared its vicious head, in a planned attack against the United Kingdom and its fearless Knight in Shining Armour, the Jew David Cameron.

Cameron and his fag,  the Jew George Osborne,  have been busily forging the figures of employment and growth in the UK.  They have constantly referred to the UK as being the most  successful country in the Union,  in all respects, when in fact it is all rubbish.

The UK is on the floor. Any gain in jobs has been in the minimum pay area which along with a zero hour contract delivers less than half of the minimum weekly wage for the unfortunate youngsters stuck behind a checkout, earning just about enough to pay for their portable telephone while still living with their parents.

These ridiculous claims have now landed Cameron with a demand for funds to hurl into the EU Black Hole, which is the normal procedure should one Union member be raking it  in, while others are not doing so well.

The UK has found itself landed with a demand for 1.7 billion pounds, as a contribution to EU funds, just at the moment when the replacement for the Liberal Democrats, the UK Independence Party is disingenuously claiming to be the Party which will take the UK out of the EU should they get the chance.

The Communist President of the EU Commission, the Jew Borosso, will never allow the Jew Cameron to be outflanked by the Goy Nigel Farage, whom he detests because of the snide remarks which Ukip leader Farage has levelled at him in the EU Parliament.  So he has employed the rather stale device of asking for twice as much as he expects to be paid,  thus allowing Cameron to show his mettle to the UK voters, by driving the sum down from 1.7 billion pounds to perhaps ,  900,000,000, which will satisfy those whom are unfamiliar with this ploy and give the rest of us a laugh.


As did today’s verdict in a British Court, which found Bashar al Assad, guilty of yet another crime, when based on the word of a mother, whose son had decided to help the people of Syria, by joining the ISIS side of the conflict instead of the Government side, whom when captured, may or may not have been tortured having been considered an enemy combatant and he may or may not have hanged himself in his cell.

In a conflict generated by paid Mercenaries, under the control of the UK.  The progress of which was filmed by Stuart Ramsey for Sky News. Which has progressed into a savage attempt at regime change to suit the Shadow Government, which controls the UK. A struggle during which an unknown number sadistic butcheries have been carried, all of which the mealy-mouthed British have blamed on the regime but which it is now clear were actually carried out by the “British Boys” who make up ISIS under the leadership of a Mossad agent Al Baghdadi.

After a hearing in London, the Jury found that the Pakistani man had been unlawfully killed by the Assad Regime, without having heard one word from the other side of the story.  The verdict produced howls of rage from UK Politicians demanding that the case should be handed over to the International Criminal Court in order to bring the guilty to book.

This,  in contrast to the instructions of the Judge in the Jean Charles de Menezes case, where a man whom may have been in possession of evidence of the planting of explosives by security operatives on Tube Trains on 7-7, had eleven bullets pumped into his head by unknown gunmen, while sauntering off to work.

The number of lies which were told by the Metropolitan Police during the murder were eye watering.  These lies were not accidents they were outright deliberate lies, involving high-ranking police officers. No action was ever taken against any of these people.

The British Court did not even name the killers and the Judge accepted an excuse which involved the one person who could identify the alleged suspect, who was bearded, according to his photo,   had need of urinating just as a beardless man walked from the house which was under surveillance. Yeh right!

This totally unbiased Judge, having accepted  an extremely high pile of bilge, then ORDERED the Jury to return a verdict which absolved the hired killers and their Metropolitan Police runners.

These same British SAS men and others, have been torturing and killing innocent Muslims for the past thirteen years and yet not one of them has appeared in the ICC.  When two SAS men in Basra, Iraq, were caught in the act of planting bombs and shot a policeman dead in an effort to escape, the British sent in the tanks to break them out of gaol and the British cheered this exploit. What glorious hypocrisy.





One Mans Terrorist Is Another Man’s Member Of Parliament.

It is the thirtieth anniversary of the attempt to rid the world of the government of Margaret Thatcher. The Irish Republican Army, planted bombs in the Brighton Hotel, in which she and members of her staff were lodged during the Conservative Party Conference.  This was cold-blooded terrorism, so we are told.

During a debate on Murnaghan, the “Flagship” Sky News Sunday morning political farce,  a guest suggested that the IRA at least made efforts to limit casualties, by warning the Police of bomb attacks, with coded messages.   This annoyed  Murnaghan, an “Irishman,” who interjected with “Let’s not glamorise them, they were terrorists after all.”

Another guest added, “Unlike the Muslim terrorists, whose aim is to kill as many innocent people as possible, like on 911 and 7-7,” he then mentioned a few other foiled plots, all of which were based on rubbish, so apart from the two “False Flag” attacks, which have never been properly investigated, in order to protect the guilty, there is no evidence of any serious Muslim terrorism.  Murnaghan made no comment.

The next segment included a Tory MP, who announced outright that he believes that the UK should have been bombing Syria into submission, from the word go. Another guest posed the question, “Why was the UK refusing to recognise the State of Palestine?”  Murnaghan whined about Palestinian terrorism and the plight of those poor Israelis who might find themselves isolated on their settlements, built on stolen land, should the real borders be accepted by the International Community, whatever that is. This we are told, is NOT cold-blooded terrorism. Where’s the harm in a few buckets of blood running down a foreign street?

Perhaps Murnaghan should have a quiet word with his colleague,  Sam Kiley, the shaven headed merchant of disinformation on Sky News, who recently informed us that David Cameron’s remark about reserving the right to put “Boots on the ground” in Syria, should circumstances demand, without a debate in Parliament, to be perfectly justified, should there be a brutal genocidal attack against civilians, for example.  Murnaghan could ask Kiley why the continuing genocide by Israel against the civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, did not qualify for the same sort of intervention, why were Khazar Jews not considered as terrorists? Note that any mention of Assad includes the word “brutal.”

The problem with all of these murderous escapades, in which the British have been involved, it has never been clear as the whether there is a definite political aim in view or whether they amount to no more than a policy of International Genocide.

It has been made perfectly clear that there was a mountain of lies generated by the US and UK, along with their “cuddly coalition” to destroy Iraq.  Part of this  destruction involved the cooperation of the newly installed Islamic government in Iran, the very same Iran which was involved in the “Iran/Contra Affair,” with that US “Mob” The Central Intelligence Agency.


This cooperation with Iran, clearly shows the US arming of both sides in the war between Iran and Iraq, with the support of Israel, which like the US, now considers Iran as their mortal enemy and yet it was the Secular state of Iraq, with its mixed race population, which lived peacefully together, which was destroyed, without a moments care for the fate of the millions of innocent deaths which ensued.

The one sure thing about this war with Iran, is the fact that it depleted Saddam Hussein’s Military capabilities.  It was adequate to enter Kuwait, with the OK of the US, to sort out a problem of “slant drilling” and pumping of Iraqi oil but of course the rest of the Iraqi military machine was annihilated, with illegal weapons, during the retreat home. We then, on top of had all that, the Sanctions, which led to the deaths of at least one million innocent souls, including five hundred thousand children.

So when “Our Boys” went in with “Shock and Awe” they were attacking a basically defenceless country and did they go to town?  It was nothing more than a “Demolition Derby.”  What the Coalition achieved in Iraq was a “Crime Against Humanity,”  based on lies and a desire to control all of the oil and gas in the Middle East. It was of course presented as “humanitarian.”

The same lies applied to the invasion and destruction of Afghanistan and Libya. Having created exactly what they had aimed for in Libya, chaos, the British are still complimenting themselves on their courageous act of altruism and swear that the Libyan people are now, despite their current, difficulties, far better off than under Gadaffi.

In Syria, where the British had long been planning to replace the Assad family with their chosen puppets, the initial murders were carried out by aid terrorists, under the control of the SAS, with Stuart Ramsey and Sky News on hand to film The Revolution.

The British would do well to remember that the following video clip, show exactly what the Jewish leaders of the main political Parties in the UK are doing with your taxes. The Jew Cameron has just announced a three-year war, using these same murdering filth, to unseat a man, Assad, who is guilty of no crime, apart from the lies which are told against him by the Jewish controlled governments, who are lined up against him and who have already seen to the complete destruction of the country and the displacement of millions of people.

All of the current exploits of the US and UK could have come straight out of the notebook of Lewis Carroll. The British are training PKK terrorists to fight against ISIL; which was set up by the CIA, who  we are being told are fighting  rebels which have already been armed and trained by the British to fight Assad in Syria, a continuing war of which we hear very little these days, while the British are bombing sand dunes in the desert, pretending to destroy ISIL, who they are of course, continuing to support, while Turkey, which considers the PKK to be terrorists, is lining up dozens of tanks on the Syrian border but refusing to help the Peshmerger’s, while the US, like the British are dropping a few innocuous bombs, which do nothing to help the fighters on the ground, while in reality, this whole bunch of scum, are scratching around desperately seeking an excuse to destroy Syria.

I was interested in the initial excuse for the attack on this brutal dictator Assad.  What I found was that all of his so-called Crimes Against Humanity, were allegedly committed during this ongoing struggle with the International Murdering Scum, now called ISIL. I can find no provable account of any atrocities against his own people prior to this struggle. There has been no mention of the fact that Syria was a prosperous country, with a contented population, nor of the fact that before the British initiated onslaught, he had already handed over more power to the elected Parliament.  He was in fact an example of Plato’s idea of the “best we can hope for” a considerate dictator.

Much can be said of that other unfortunate, Gadaffi in Libya.  The United Nations listed Libya above the UK in literacy, it was the country with the highest standard of living in Africa. They had free education, at hoe and abroad, a free health service, with the most modern facilities and there were no homeless people in Libya.

When the “Arab Spring” kicked off, particularly in Egypt, from the tone of the reporting on the BBC and Sky News, it soon became clear that there was more to this than was being explained on the “News.”  The Muslim Brotherhood was in talks with Al Baradei in London, while the Generals were in Virginia, holding talks with the CIA.

When the street attacks started in Benghazi, it soon became clear that the British had been involved in “uprising” in Libya from the word go.  Men were arrested in the desert, who were said to be UK “Diplomats” and there was evidence of SAS on the ground.

This takes our tale all the way back to the Iran/Contra Affair.  Press TV, “The Voice of the Voiceless” immediately started the character assassination of Gadaffi and his regime, while Little Willy Hague, was telling us he had humanitarianism in his genes.  To me it was clear that the real target of the Arab Spring was Libya.  In my posts I begged Press TV not to denigrate Gadaffi, because to justify an attack on Libya would open the floodgates and it would soon be the turn of others.

Sadly, my fears were well founded, Libya is gone and it will never come back. Press TV and its team of British reporters, Nick Jones and Johnny Miller, were somewhat more extreme in their reporting than either Sky News or indeed the BBC, which begs the question,  What is the real role of Iran in the mayhem in the Middle East?

We are well aware that the Mullahs were cosseted in Paris, waiting for the CIA to carry out the coup d’etat in Tehran. displacing the Shah, who was himself put in power after the overthrow of the Mosedeque regime. They also provided the excuse to hike up the price of fuel in Europe, to the delight of the Oil Barons and they now appear to be well placed to benefit from the sanctions which have been placed on Russia, by providing an alternative to Russian Gas and Oil.

All of the other enemies of Israel, Assad, Hussein, Gadaffi, Hezbollah, Hamas, have already been taken care of, why not Iran.  Why wait until they have a bomb, if that is their aim?

The same sort of allegations have been made against Adolf Hitler, another victim of British duplicity, like Gadaffi, he pulled his people out of poverty, transforming them into the most prosperous country in Europe, while the rest of the Continent was still wallowing in poverty and unemployment as a result of the sort of banking fraud, from which we are once more suffering.

Hitler and Germany were the excuse to unleash a World War, which generated so much debt, that the bankers were kept in comfort in their palaces, sipping Champagne and chomping Caviare, for the following sixty years, drowning in usury and other financial frauds.

As with Assad, the claims against Hitler, were to do with things which allegedly took place after the start of the war, there is not a shred of evidence that he was guilty of any crime prior to that.  Nevertheless most people believe that the war was declared to save those poor mistreated Jews.

Right now, the British public is being deluged with spokesmen who are insisting that the UK should start an offensive in Syria, to save the Kurds, while Turkey which is at war with  these same Kurds sits on the border watching them die. Why should the British be more responsible for the fate of these people than is Turkey? Could it be that Turkey is waiting for an excuse to go straight for the throat of Assad, which they have been planning for years and are the British involved in this underhanded deal?

One thing is certain in this continuing state of war, there will be no shortage of refugees swarming into Europe, all of whom will be in need of a job.  Traditionally these folk are offered the jobs which people of European origin do not want to do.  Well there are not too many jobs like that these days and  there is of course the other problem, the mass slaughter of Christians in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia has long been involved in the creation of religious intolerance.  The Wahhabi version of Islam originated in the Gulf States and has been despatched across the region provoking problems between Sunni and Shiite, which has now spread its wings to include Christians.  That was of course always part of the plan, which is why so any Muslims have been invited into Europe, by those government which are in fact under the control of Khazar Jews and they are numerous.

The UK is already suffering from the empty promises of politicians, intent on retaining their soft job in Parliament.  All of the promises made during the recent referendum in Scotland, promises which helped them win the vote, have already been forgotten by Cameron and his liars.

The British voter should not vote for one single politician who has been elected in past elections.  There is no such job as “Politician” and there is no need of Political Parties.  This is a form of control.  Anybody who was not on board for the recent vote on re-entering the war in Iraq, immediately lost their job, that is the truth of British Democracy and the Party system.

Vote only for those with a single issue manifesto, you will soon find that they are quite capable of cooperating on those measures which are in the interest of the country?  They can operate on a system of short term officials in Parliament.  The system is not set in stone it can be changed for the better.  Surely you can do without all of that “traditional” jeering and sneering in Parliament.



Still Propagating Rubbish, Gorbachev Warns US CItizens.

Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, the man whom was selected to, “Seamlessly blend the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic, into the Capitalist West,” has casually announced that the United States is about to be subordinated into the One World Government, which they will not control.

In preparation for this event, a rash of strictly controlled gun outrages, are taking place across the US, each one more savage the last one.

Finally we arrive at Connecticut,  where yet another young man, whom at twenty years of age was out of his mind on Prozac, prescribed by a highly paid “dealer” whom offers no better means of recovery, other than the very drug which has been present in virtually every case of mass shootings in the US.

We are now witnessing the massive drive, by the “Free Press” to change the US Constitution and to seize the people’s guns, which are their only means of defending themselves, against the coming destruction of the US, from within. A possibility which was foreseen by the Founding Fathers, whom understood that the people would one day be faced with a new onslaught from the City of London.

However, there will be a stark difference between the experience of the USSR and the USA, the Russian people have seen an improvement, of sorts, in their daily lives, the Americans on the other hand, are being taken down to a level which will be little better than Third World status.

The American people will soon be out in the streets shouting for Gun Control, which is exactly the desired response to the latest horrific shooting, which involved very young children and as usual, a dead killer, which will mean no trial, which may expose the presence of a second shooter in the atrocity, which has already been suggested in the unprepared Press.

The “second shooter” is ubiquitous at these events, he was seen by many witnesses at the recent “Batman” killings, as he was at Fort Hood, the Virginia Tech and Columbine slaughters, what is more he gets about a bit, he was also spotted at the Dunblane Massacre in Scotland and on the rampage with Breivik in Norway, he is always, however written out of the Police Reports.

To cynics, his presence is to ensure the “suicide” of the, normally very young, drugged up killer. In the Colorado attack, on the High Court Judge, which also injured a Congress-woman and killed a little child whom was born on 911, the alleged killer survived,  which has involved a prolonged wait before his trial, giving the Government a chance to fry his brain with chemical medicine and hours of psychological torture,  leaving him incapable of defending himself.

While this manipulation of the people’s beliefs is taking place, through the use of the controlled media, the American people, are paying for the arming of Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria.  The same Al Qaeda which the  controlled press, told them carried out 911. Now they are good Al Qaeda, helping to “free”  the Syrian people from Assad, which is exactly the eventuality which the US government is anxious to avoid at home. Hence, grab the peoples guns rendering them helpless. So much for obligatory State education.

Gorbachev claimed that the Soviet Union had collapsed because of its hegemonic drive to control too much foreign territory, when in fact, he knows full well that the USSR was following a long-planned agenda. As far back as Lenin it had already been decided that the Soviet Union would last no more that seventy years.

He suggested, disingenuously,  that the US was in danger of falling into the same trap, through its current expansionist policy. Gorbachev knows that he was selected to bring to fruition, the exact scenario which he and Yeltsin pulled off in the end days of the USSR, including the passing of all of the resources into the hands of the Rothschild combine.

This is the policy which we are witnessing across Europe at the moment, where the theft of the wealth of sovereign states is being stolen from under the people’s noses, in payment for a non-existent debt to the same cartel, though this theft is called “privatisation.”

The complete brainwashing of the people is nowhere more in evidence, than in the response of the Americans, when they display shock and horror on the one hand, if their children are attacked, while being totally oblivious to the suffering and death, which they are financing against children in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and through proxies in Latin America and in Africa.

Of course they are not alone in this selective state of blindness, the British are no different. Even as close to home, as Northern Ireland, where the British maintained their own Gitmo’s, in which they incarcerated and tortured hundreds of young men, whom were never charged  with any offence. The British praised “Our Boys” for saving them from, what was in fact mostly SAS attacks in Britain.

Dave Cameron, made a mealy-mouthed statement in Parliament a few days ago, admitting the British Governments involvement in the cold-blooded murder of Pat Finucane,  a solicitor whom had made a habit of exposing the duplicitous role of the UK government in the terrorism in Northern Ireland.

With the whole-hearted support of the British Free Press, which constantly pointed the finger of guilt at the IRA, concealing the fact that the real carnage was carried out by the SAS and the Royal Ulster Police, with arms and intelligence supplied by MI5. This reality is graphically illustrated by the death and injury statistics during the troubles,showing that almost twice as many Catholics were murdered as were Protestants.

The British  have already released their paid murderers, whom killed Finucane, under the rules of the Good Friday Agreement, which granted amnesty to paid British killers. The Good Friday Agreement itself was signed in  haste, by War Criminal, Tony Blair, in readiness for the Declaration of War against the Muslim Peoples. The crafty British did not want a problem in Ireland, which might make it difficult to declare that the continuing SAS terrorist attacks, were anything other than examples of Muslim terrorism. The SAS even took their terrorism to Iraq, as if the poor innocents over there did not already have enough to cope with.

Of course the aim of all of this carnage across the Muslim world, is to bring them all into line with the Rothschild controlled Central Banking System, which must be achieved before they unleash the catastrophic global financial collapse. They do not want it to become common knowledge that Muslims have a far superior banking system, which is not debt based.

They do not want any repeat of the Hitler Solution, which he performed during the last controlled Depression. By booting out the Jewish contingent in government, closing the Rothschild Central Bank and by the issuance of his own State controlled Currency, Hitler created the German Miracle.

It took the combined forces of the Jewish controlled West to destroy Germany, with of course the assistance of Gorbachev’s predecessor Uncle Joe Stalin, the maniacal monster, whom was in fact destroyed by Hitler and Germany and was bailed out illegally, by the US.  But then that is all part of the hidden history of the World.

Gorbachev, like Putin whom a few days ago in Turkey, made the suggestion that nothing had been learned from the mistakes in Libya, or from the mistakes in Afghanistan, while urging  that the same mistakes should not be made in Syria. From where do these people get the idea that mistakes have been made? Everything is going to plan.

Libya is now under control and its resources and gold stolen.  Egypt is under the control of the US trained Army while the City of London controlled Muslim Brotherhood heads the civil government.  All of the Jewish Royal Families are still in place across the Gulf and in Jordan.  Pakistan is controlled by the most corrupt family of professional politicians on the planet.  Afghanistan is controlled by Karzai, whom lost the election but maintained power,  whom along with his brother is a Drug Baron.  This leaves Iran, which despite all of the rhetoric, the Ayatollah were allowed into office, from their luxury home in France. Which leaves us with Syria, where things are panning out well for the Globalists.

All The Signs Of A False Flag British Atrocity.

Anybody whom watches his harrowing documentary, without coming to the conclusion that the British Establishment is rotten to its core, has no understanding of humanitarianism nor justice, despite the claims of the current Foreign Minister.

These men were not mistakenly found guilty of a crime which they did not commit, they were deliberately framed by the Police and the Establishment. They were not the only victims of this form of injustice.

There was never any real investigation of the bombings in Guildford and Birmingham neither before or after the innocent people were released.

Why did the investigations not pick up from where they had left off? The guilty were still out there, so why was there no attempt to track them down?

I would suggest that it was because like the attacks in Dublin around the same period, they were carried out by the SAS. This was the finding of a long enquiry into the Dublin bombings and it has become clear that they were still at it in Iraq, where they were caught red-handed.

This lack of investigation into a serious act of violence is the trade mark of Government involvement. It was evident in the 7-7 bombing, where four young lads were blamed for a crime which they could not possibly have committed and no further investigation was conducted, in order to find others whom may have been involved.

In the case of the Birmingham Six, they were beaten to a pulp by the humanitarian British. They were in fact so badly beaten, that the British Justice system, was obliged to delay their appearance in Court, in order to allow the evidence of their torture, at the hands of the British Bobby, to heal, in order to conceal the brutality of the system from the public.

This is the same system which was used against German Officers at Nuremberg, in order to force them to sign false confessions, which led on to their lynching. It is still being employed in Guantanamo Bay, where innocent men are being water boarded, in order to force them to confess,to events, which in some cases, occurred after their arrest.

I no longer believe  the adage that you cannot blame the entire British Police Force because of the behaviour of “One Bad Apple.”  They are a pack of mad dogs. These upholders of the law, were even prepared to cavalry charge a bunch of kids, protesting about education; after night had fallen of course.

While the victims of the brutal British system are still suffering, no action has been taken against the torturers themselves, or the higher authority, whom picked on the first possible group of men, on which to hang the blame for their own murderous attack in Birmingham. As they did with the McGuire family.

Zionist controlled Governments are forever coming up against the same problem. They need an excuse, in order to demonise their selected target. In the case of the Birmingham Six, it was the IRA. At the time, the IRA was minuscule. They did not have the means to carry out enough serious attacks, to justify the acts of the British, so the British carried out the bombings for them. The British were, in effect, the IRA.

The Zionists in the US are faced with the same problem, the Muslims are peaceful people, they have never posed a threat to anyone in the US. So the FBI is forced to groom young boys, provide the means needed to carry out an attack and then they arrest the boys at the last-minute, claiming to have averted an attack. This has been the procedure used in every single so-called act of terror in the US since 911.

The British Zionists, were caught red-handed doing the same thing in Basra, where men disguised as Arabs, shot dead a policeman at a check-point. The men were locked in a Police Station, the British sent tanks to liberate them and have never addressed the question of what the SAS were doing planting bombs, which were designed to spark off inter-communal war in Iraq.

The Truth About British Democracy And The Irish Spring.

While those ghoulish little creatures, William Hague and David Cameron are strutting around the world expounding their views on Democracy and the universal right to it, whether it is wanted or not, and at the same time are selling the British Citizens right to Democracy, into the hands of the City of London Money Lenders, they are organising and paying Mercenaries to bring this Democracy to Syria, without reference to the wishes of the Syrian People, in the manner that the UK was taken into the European Union, screaming, against the will of the People.

In Egypt and other Muslim countries they applauded the Arab Spring, as long as it suited their purpose. Where it did not, it was ignored, as in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. They have just supported a one candidate democratic election in Yemen, which saw their man elected, in a shock result.

In Libya, as in Syria, they sent in the SAS, Al Qaeda, CIA, Mossad and various others to oversee the theft of the oil resources and the destruction of the Libyan State.  Libya is now divided into tribal zones, facilitating the continuing rape and pillage of the once best-managed country in Africa. These truly are the acts of unspeakable filth.

Now let us just take a look at the British at Home. These monsters with “Humanitarianism in their Genes.”

Forty years ago, in the UK, Roman Catholics,were denied their right to vote in Elections. They were restricted to one vote per household.  The Catholic people, had their own “Irish Spring” they marched, in defiance of the bands of Protestant thugs, whom attacked them as they peacefully marched, with clubs, through which they had hammered nails, which inflicted horrendous injuries on the marchers.

We are of course talking of Ulster, that is that part of Ulster which the British carefully selected, to make sure of their desired Protestant majority, in order to justify keeping part of Ireland under their control.

When the attacks became so vicious that they could no longer be ignored, the British announced that they would be deploying troops to guard the Catholic Civil Rights marchers.

What the British actually did was to immediately set-up clandestine operations, with the aim of creating havoc in Ulster. The attacks against the Civil Rights Marchers, had justifiably, provoked anger amongst Catholic men, whom reinvented the more or less dormant IRA, Irish Republican Army, which had defeated the British in the South, under the leadership of Irish hero,General Michael Collins.

The first response of the British Troops to a Civil Rights march, was to shoot thirteen marchers dead, in the Bogside. After which the British Forces took on the role of Terrorist and were in some estimates, responsible for at least half of the bombings which were laid at the door of the Provisional IRA.

They then set up Internment Camps, where Catholics could be locked up with no trial and no release date. These prisons were notorious for the mistreatment of the prisoners. Bobby Sands was allowed to starve to death by the British humanitarians in The Maze prison, after sixty-five days of refusing to eat. He had been charged with no crime.

The British actually maintained a reign of terror in the Province, through the use of a shoot to kill policy, which was denied, but which was finally uncovered by an honest cop from Manchester in the UK, John Stalker. He was of course dismissed and his report spiked.

Despite the use of the media, to disseminate disinformation, which always pilloried the IRA, with the aim of manufacturing a fear of the Catholics in the minds of the British people, whom as usual had no idea of the reality on the ground, the British forces and Loyalist terrorists  between them managed to slaughter almost twice as many Catholics as Protestants, during the troubles.

Tony Blair, as soon as it was necessary, called off the British hounds and announced “The Good Friday Agreement.” It was necessary because Blair was already aware that a new “War Against Terror,” was about to kick off. The SAS would soon be needed to start planting bombs in Iraq, as they did and were caught doing, to create more sectarian violence over there.

There were also the bombs in London on 7-7, so it would not be good to have IRA bombers confused with the new selected villain, the Muslim community.

This is how true humanitarians behave, kill everybody in equal measure, even your own people, show no favouritism. This is what keeps the Weapon Shops in business and the Moneylenders in cigars and whiskey.

The only piece of good news recently, was an announcement that there is a Ninja, shadowing every member of the Elite, waiting for the order to kill, should the Elite continue on their present course. They have been warned.