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Scottish Inderpendence: All Party Deception And Avoidance Of The “Real Questions.”

Gordon Brown, the once Scottish, Socialist, Prime Minister of the “United” Kingdom, today added his voice to those who stand against Independence, as if there be anybody in Scotland, who could care less about what Gordon Brown suggests to be the best policy for Scotland.  He, along with the rest of both sides, or three sides if there be anybody who would prefer to see an option or two which would actually change the Status Quo, sees no need whatsoever to change anything.

The options on the able will change nothing for Scotland.  There will be no debate about membership of the European Union, in fact Salmond will fight his way into this Bolshevik Jewish Communist controlled Neo Soviet Bloc, without any reference to the desires of the people. Despite the more than obvious fact that it has been a total failure, overseeing the destruction of most of the smaller States which it had promised to protect.  Worse than that it enabled the handover of most of the National Assets of these countries into the hands of the Real Government, the Central Bankers and the IMF.

There is also the question of which currency will be used by the “New Scotland”  will it be the Pound Sterling or will it be the Euro?  Well whichever is chosen will leave the issuance of Scottish currency safely in the hands of Private Bankers, which will mean that every penny of taxes which are stolen from the Scottish people will end up in Rothschild’s and the Queen of England’s very deep pockets to pay the interest on this currency.

Why have we heard not a word about Nationalising the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is already part owned by the Taxpayers in Scotland and using the power which this “Private” bank already holds, that of printing money.  The power to print money was taken out of the hands of the British Government long ago. Only private bankers now have this power, which allows them to loan your deposited money ten times over, using the excuse of Fractional Reserve Banking, which means they earn interest ten times over the value of your deposit.  Salmond is preparing to take the Scottish people into this extortion racket without a word of warning.

The possibility of Scotland issuing its own currency  “Debt Free” has not even been mentioned as a possibility, such is the fear of politicians of the power of the bankers. Even the redoubtable bruiser, George Galloway, become a ball of confusion at the very mention of the “Debt” and to whom it may be owed.  “We don’t want to go down that rabbit hole do we?  We know where that leads to don’t we?”  He cries.   Yes we do George,  that would be straight to the Central Banking Families.  Who might be….well you know, oh dear it’s so difficult to spit it out!

So I will let this child explain to you once again how we are being robbed.  Perhaps someone will find a way of posing the question to Salmond before everything he decides to do becomes set in stone. There are two things to bear in mind.  A Rothschild once said something along the lines of “Give me the power to issue a States money and it doesn’t matter who is elected, I will hold the real power.”  The other thing being; “Everything is easier to get into than out of.”





















Scotland’s Countdown To Imprisonment.

Always remember the British never let go!

Well there cannot be too many people in the dis-United Kingdom unaware that there are only one-hundred days of total boredom to go, before the In-Out referendum on a short-lived Independence for Scotland.

Having listened to all of the rubbish leading up to this remarkable day, which signals the countdown to a meaningless triviality, I have heard not one word of the offer of an In-Out referendum on the more important issue of membership of the Bolshevik-Communist European Union, a Union with which all three of the Jewish controlled main Political Parties in the UK are in favour.

This would suggest that Salmond, along with all of the other puppets who are aiding the set-up of the NWO, is not about to do so.

Under Salmond, Scotland could soon find itself on its own in Europe, should Ukip have its way in the UK, or if indeed the offer of a referendum, which has been deviously loaded in favour of the Labour Party, which does not agree to a referendum this time around; having ignored their promise of one before the last election, should Labour win the 2015 election. Cameron should hold an Referendum now, why wait if it is not to sneak out from under whatever offer he may finally propose.

To claim that Scotland will be “free” to control their own affairs, should the people vote for Independence is a nonsense, already the UK Parliament only operates on a part-time basis. It is now a mere annexe of the European Commission, which makes and dictates seventy-five per-cent of UK Laws, without the need of a vote in the House if Commons.

The Scottish would do well to take regard of the experience of the Irish, a race which suffered greatly under the bastards from England, who should be recognised for what they are, underhanded, untrustworthy, uncouth, Jewish controlled yobs, expect no honesty from that quarter.

The cry in Ireland has already become, “Fifty years of freedom, now back in chains.”  The same thing will happen in Scotland, which will end up under unelected, Apparatchiks, while the Scottish Parliament will be there to simply enforce the demands of the EU.

The alleged paedophile Gordon Brown, along with his one-time Chancellor of the Exchequer Al Darling, is speaking out forcefully against a Yes vote. He is no doubt under the same pressure which led to him sell off the UK Gold Reserves, to an un-named Banker.

There are a few strange coincidences around the make up of recent British Parliaments, Blair is Scottish, he had Brown a Scot as his Chancellor, Brown had Darling, a Scot as His, during their reign,  Menzies Campbell, a Scot and Charles Kennedy, also a Scot, had control of the Lib Dems and for a while Cameron, also a Scot was Leader of the Opposition.

 This has now changed somewhat, to a position where the Jewish Front has come sweeping out from behind the curtain and taken over from where these traitorous Scottish buffoons left off.  The UK is now under almost total Jewish control, which is why they are all in  favour of remaining within the Jewish controlled Dictatorship of Europe.

The next step for Scotland, under Salmond, a man whom is most probably in the grip of the insidious Scottish Rite Freemasonry, will be the full acceptance of Agenda 21 and the seizure of all Scottish resources into the hands of the Multi-National Corporations, the fencing off of the Highlands for “re-wilding,” and the imposition of Sustainable Development, which will take control of all local Democracies under the name of Communitarianism or indeed Public-Private partnerships, which is a way of pretending that the people still retain some modicum of control.

Make no mistake about it, Scotland is doomed. I must apologise to my good chum Cuthulhan, who will provide you with a more wholesome view of Independence than my own, on his interesting wordpress.com blog     however, if Scotland is as expensive as Brown, Cameron and the rest of them assure us that it is, why are they so keen to keep this Albatross around their neck?

The Farce Of Scottish Independence.

One of the discussions on Today, the BBC’s  flagship News programme on Radio Four, was the question of Scottish Independence and its future place in the European Union.

The debate was chaired by John Humpries, the BBC attack poodle, whom carried out an interview with Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi in the UK, without  the words  “War Crimes,” being part of the discussion. He was no more searching, in his dealings with the Scottish spokesperson.

He failed to ask the question, concerning the point of a referendum for independence, when the man, whom is leading the call for a referendum, Alex Salmond, has already announced his intention of staying in the EU, despite the fact that it has been a total disaster, by design, in order to force a “Closer Union” of member Countries, which will of course mean handing over the control of Scottish affairs into the hands of those whom oversaw this disaster.

Salmond is a stooge. All political  parties are controlled and the Scottish National Party is no different. To even consider membership of the EU is a sure and certain mark of control.

Globalisation and Free Trade have made a mockery of the EU, yet UK politicians are still pushing it as a “Single Market,” which will be closed to those Countries, whom are not in the Club. When did China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India and Brazil join this club?  Europe is swamped with cheap rubbish from the East, which is as it was supposed to be.

New Labour, under Blair and Brown, were given the task of destroying the UK’s economy, by making possible the huge Banking  fraud, which was carried out under their leadership. They pushed credit down the throats of the British until it was choking them. The Conservatives stood by watching it all take place, without a word of warning. The Lib-Dem’s were busy sacking a good leader, to clear the way for Europe’s man Clegg.

The Lib-Dem’s, carefully placed themselves alongside the millions whom were protesting against the war in Iraq, in a cynical move to win votes, a stance which has been shown to be no more than a deception, they were manoeuvred into the coalition, through trickery, to provide the British with a “full house” of political parties in favour of War Crimes and wholesale theft, as in Libya, Côte d’Ivoire, Syria and Mali.

To make sure that the British people would never be given a Referendum on Europe, for which a majority is calling, Gordon Brown, slithered off to Lisbon to sign a treaty which he had promised not to accept, without the go-ahead from the people.

Alleged paedophile, Gordon Brown, was kept busy towards the end of his unelected term as UK Prime Minister, he saved the world, which is no small feat. He then managed to close down the vestiges of UK heavy industry, sending it off to pollute us from India. He then lost the election to Clegg and Cameron, despite the British having rejected a coalition by deserting the Lib-Dem’s in massive numbers and headed off to take up his new job with the criminal, International Monetary Fund.

The British are now faced with a conundrum. The coalition is now using the Referendum card,  knowing full well that they will lose the next election, while the Socialists, when they are elected, will cancel the Referendum as they are opposed to the whole idea, that smells of choice, which is illegal under the British brand of Democracy.

The only possibility of change for the British, is to vote for single issue candidates, whom promise to vote to leave the EU, before it’s too late, other than that, it’s Ukip, which talks a lot of hot air and have never managed to convince the voter that they are anything more than a laugh-a-minute side-show. Farage boots out those whom take the idea of leaving the EU a bit too seriously.

The true culprit in the middle of this mess is the banking system. Yet there is not one politician in the UK or Scotland, whom has aired this issue, that is the level of fear which is generated by the Central Bankers. Nigel Farage of Ukip has access to the mainstream media, yet like Osborn and Darling and Brown, he mentions not a word of condemnation of this gigantic fraud. Salmond also keeps his mouth shut.

Should the likes of Humpries, be unaware of the depth of criminality involved in this corrupt banking system, they need look no farther than the speeches of Ron Paul, to discover the reality.  Having watched a Ron Paul speech, one would imagine that Humpries, during one of his “hard-hitting” interviews with Cameron or Osborn, might innocently ask the question “What is the point of continuing to allow a banking system which does nothing for the people, while lining the pockets of the rich?” Neither Humpries or any other “journalist” has ever posed this question to a leading politician. It is banned by all mainstream media.

Salmond and the SNP has been tasked with the job of emasculating the UK. After Scotland, next on the list would appear to be Ulster and after that Wales. This will leave that strange hotchpotch, called England, where indigenous folk are becoming harder and harder to find and which will soon become a Muslim State, where the workers can be treated as they are in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc., standing on its own, with no army, worth the name, at the mercy of the Globalists.

We are well into the last lap. Europe is broke, there is no sign of a recovery, stock market figures are a deception, they say nothing whatever about European production, most of the multi-nationals have factories in China, there is no serious investment in European Industry.

The best thing that the Scottish People can do is to wait until the Referendum has delivered Independence and then before he can set about selling off the Scottish people s oil resources and distilleries, to repay the loan from the IMF, which he most certainly will accept, is to get rid of Salmond, he is a traitor and vote only for those whom are not Free Masons, they are more likely to use the closure of the Central Bank and the issuance of a Scottish currency, interest free, which will enrich Scotland overnight and is the way out of the strangle-hold of the Banking Families.

Independence For Scotland Will Soon Be Dead And Buried.

Alistair Darling, the Chancellor of the Exchequer whom oversaw the destruction of the British Economy and supervised the passing of the monies of the British Peoples into the bottomless pockets of the avaricious Central Bankers, is now explaining to the people of Scotland, how they would be better off staying in a Union, which is controlled by the City of London Bankers, than they would be looking after their own affairs. Darling believes he has progress and change in his DNA, no less.

Through the years the Free-masonic Lodges of Scotland have had more than their fair share of power in the UK Parliament, one need only think of, Cameron, Brown, Blair, Darling, Reid, Alexander and many others before them. To have had the last three Prime Ministers of the UK and for a while the control of NATO, held by the man whom supplied the guns which slaughtered sixteen schoolboys in the Queen Victoria School in Dunblane, which had a one hundred year secrecy notice placed on the findings of an enquiry, in order to protect some of those MPs and members of a secret Masonic Lodge from justice, is no mean feat.

It is not clear whether the current leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party was a member of the same lodge, he is however not prepared to move too far away from the City of London, he has announced that he would like to retain the English Pound as the future currency in Scotland, that is until he is forced by the European Commission to adopt the Euro or indeed a new World Currency, should the Euro fail.

He has as yet made no comment about the money system itself. He would appear by his silence, to be prepared to continue the present criminal system, illegal usury and all. This should be a signal to all intelligent voters in Scotland, that should they continue with the Scottish National Party, they will soon find, as did Ireland, that London is still in control through the Central Bank. Be assured Salmond understands this full well.

Darling, when speaking of the Banking crisis, claimed that Ireland and Iceland had been destroyed because they did not have support, such as Scotland would have, to bale them out, should the crisis resurface. This is a lie and disinformation, Ireland caved in to the demands of the Rothschild Banks, Iceland on the other hand arrested the Bankers and the Prime Minister and refused to pay the alleged debt because it was a fraud. Their economy is now showing strong growth. The likes of Darling would like to conceal the reality of this fact as it does not conform to the demands of the Central Bankers.