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Press Amnesia And Total Disdain For The Public’s Opinion Of Margaret Thatcher.

This is simply for the sheer love of this joyful tune.

The British Television News Channels, while often reporting that this politician or that Minister is completely out of touch with the feelings of the wider British Public, appear to have no concept of their own total lack of comprehension, as to the understandable hatred, in which Margaret Thatcher is held, by huge swathes of the British people.

Murnaghan on Sky, while interviewing a Labour supporter, suggested that when she had destroyed the Trade Union’s and closed down the “Rust Bucket,” ageing, British Industries, replacing manufacturing jobs with service jobs, that she had in some way bestowed on to the UK a great benefit of some sort, he displayed his complete ignorance of the advantage to the economy of a productive job compared with a service, part-time job.

When it was pointed out to Murnaghan that having closed down the British Coal Industry, the UK was now importing coal from Australia, at high prices, while the bulk of ex miners were being paid unemployment money instead of a wage, with a small amount of State subsidy, which would be far cheaper than Thatcher’s choice, which was of course insisted on by the Bilderberg members of her Cabinet, like Kenneth Clark, Murnaghan made no comment, when in anybody’s terms, coal from Australia is sheer lunacy.

Another piece of News, which has a lot to do with the lack of a Coal Industry, was a piece about “Fracking” and the desecration of the UK in search of gas, with which to run power stations, A Greenpeace spokesman, was suggesting quite rightly that “Fracking” represents a real threat to water aquifers and could provoke small earthquakes. The future, he assured us, must be based on renewable energy. He praised the opening of a new wind farm in the UK as an example of a sustainable source of electricity, unfortunately he admitted, there was no wind today. Apart, that is, from on Sky News.

The question of Ireland and Margaret Thatcher’s intransigence towards the Hunger Strikers, was justified by the claim that these were terrorists and deserved all they got, this in juxtaposition to her protégé, William Hague’s position in Syria, where the UK now finds itself in a totally hypocritical position of funding murderers to unseat a leader in another United Nation member State.

The whole question of the “Troubles,” in Ireland, is being presented to the young of the UK in a manner, which is quite clearly, in complete contradiction to the reality on the ground at the time.

The humanitarian, democratic British, refused to grant the vote to Catholic adults in Ireland, apart, from to one member of each household. In order to gain their Civil Rights, the Catholics held peaceful Civil Rights marches, They were brutally attacked by Loyalist thugs, whom were photographed carrying wooden clubs, which had six-inch nails hammered through them.

The persistence and courage of the Catholic marchers, in the face of this violence, eventually forced the British to send in the British Army to protect the Catholics. It was because of this violence against the Catholic Community and the British Army’s cold-blooded murder of Civil Rights marchers on “Bloody Sunday” plus the complete lack of action against Loyalist Terrorists, that led on to the re-emergence of the IRA.

 Margaret Thatcher’s “intransigent” attitude towards the Hunger Strikers, made no allowance for the fact that they had been under attack, that they were protecting their community,  that many more Catholics than Protestants had in fact been murdered and that the B Specials, the Ulster Police had been in collusion with the Loyalist murderers, in many cases off duty Police Officers were themselves members of the Loyalist Death Squads.

The sad reality of the Thatcher government was typified by the cloud of paedophilia, which overhung her eleven year reign as Prime Minister, including the continuing hatred of paedophile ex Prime Minister Edward Heath and her need to kick other Cabinet members upstairs, as it were. This herd of perverts in her Cabinet would have ensured her obedience to her friends in the Shadow Government, whether she liked it or not.

I think it is a fair point to suggest, that every so-called reform, which was carried out by Margaret Thatcher, whether in the financial system or in the State control of Utilities and other essential industries, have proved to be like manna from heaven for the Globalists. She has managed to create huge, uncontrolled monopolies, which now have the British people by the goolies, controlling every aspect of their lives, right down to the expensive water with which they quench their thirst.

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Margaret Thatcher: Laying The Foundation Of The New World Order.

Margaret Thatcher, the first female Prime Minister of the UK, died today, after suffering a stroke.

She must surely be one of the most important players in the cast of characters, whom have been beavering away, to make possible the complete destruction of life as we know it, allowing the installation of the New World Order.

Today we are being fed a stew of how she stood up to the bureaucrats of the European Union, how single-handed she transformed the financial system of the whole world, introducing us to terms such as the Big Bang in the City of London and the Stock Exchange and of course how she and Ronald Reagan, brought down the Soviet Union.

She set about the destruction of the Trade Unions, claiming that they were obsolete and unnecessary, as most workers in the modern world, were making their own binding contracts, with the new breed of employer, whom would be more caring than had been employers in past times. How wrong she was.

She destroyed the coal industry and the life style which had grown up around the pits. No replacement has yet been found, which in any way compares with the closeness and support which these communities gave to one another, when times were hard.

This destruction of the coal-fields has also condemned the UK to import massive amounts of fuel of all sorts, which have replaced the coal which is abundant in the UK, putting the country into the grip of multi-national thugs, whom are forcing the price of energy through the roof and almost out of the reach of the average British family. She described the Miners Union and Arthur Scargill, as revolutionary terrorists on a mission to destroy democracy.

She introduced us to “Privatisation,” claiming that only private companies could deliver the most efficient services, all of which are now some of the most expensive in the world.  Rail, Electricity, Petrol, Water, Gas and soon the Health Services, which have already laid out the route map of the “Pathway to Death” are all failing to deliver affordable products.

When Mikhail Gorbachev, the man whom had been selected to oversee the Soviet Union, blend seamlessly into the Capitalist system, arrived on the scene, Margaret Thatcher announced that “This was a man she could do business with.” Well she was obliged too, this was all part of the “Big Scheme.”

The “Privatisation,” which she had been instructed to install in the UK, was to play a significant role in the transition of the Soviet Union into the mainstream, it was to be the means by which the Rothschild’s could take control of all of the major industries in the USSR, many of which they had been financing since the days of the Revolution.

When Gorbachev, glasnost and perestroika had set the scene for the transition, along came Boris Yeltsin, whom in a drunken stupor watched as the Oligarchs, divided the spoils.

Thanks to Thatcher and her insistence that the Free Market Rules OK, we are now in a situation where the Market has been used to deliberately destroy the whole financial system, allowing the criminal IMF to asset strip all of the Countries which operate under a fraudulent Central Banking System, using the Thatcher model of Privatisation to take control of any industry of value, on which they can lay their hands.

While the poor, for whom Margaret Thatcher did very little, are being robbed, they are still being assured that the rich must be allowed Tax reductions because the rich create jobs, while across Europe we are seeing jobless rates as high as twenty-five per-cent. The jobs which are created by the rich are in China and India and other areas which operate under a system of modern slavery.

Thatcher, like all psychopaths, allowed the “Hunger Strikers” in Northern Ireland to die, rather than accept their Human Right to be charged with an offence and given a fair trial or released from the Internment Camps, which were in fact a forerunner of Guantanamo Bay, apart from the fact that they were on the mainland, allegedly under the Rule of Law.

Having used virtually every cop in the UK to thrash the Miners into submission, Thatcher then thought she could force the Poll Tax down the throats of the British people using the same tactic.  This time she had overstepped the mark and was forced to abandon the Tax, which was installed by stealth at a later date.

Most of the War Criminal UK politicians, whose strings were pulled by the Shadow Government, of which Thatcher spoke so glowingly, claim to be her true heir, adding weight to the idiom, that it makes no difference for whom you vote, the government always wins.

To most people in the UK, it has become perfectly clear that certain Services should always remain in the hands of the people. The Rail System is a perfect example of the reality of the so-called Private/Public partnership, where the taxpayer pays for the most expensive part of the system, the upkeep of the Iron Road, while at the same time paying ticket prices way in excess of the same ticket, in those countries, such as France where the system is still in the hands of the State. The owners, of course, keep the profits.

Thatcher had every intention of Privatising The National Health Service, which will be catastrophic for the poor. The Pathway to Death is not a joke, it is already in operation across the UK, beneath the radar, as they say. The patient whom was forced to make a 999 call to the police, from hospital, where he was dying of dehydration, to get a drink of water, illustrates exactly what is going on in UK hospitals.

Thatcher’s idea that big is better, is a false premise. Big is only good for the money-men. When she spoke of the only way to get things done was outside of the democratic system, she was displaying her true Communist sympathies, to which her term as Prime Minister was used to further the aims of the group intent on installing a Communist New World Order, a task which her chum David Cameron, is continuing under the guise of Communitarianism.

Thatcher it was, whom spotted the young War Criminal William Hague, when he made a ridiculous speech at a Conservative Party Conference, I suppose there must be some form of odour which passes between this type, exposing the alacrity with which they can order the slaughter of innocent women and children with a smug grin on their face.

So all in all, Thatcher’s is a toxic legacy. She created the acceptance of greed as a political philosophy, which has led on to the huge chasm which exists between the working man, whom generates wealth and the speculator, whom robs from the system, while assuring us that to steal money through gambling on the Stock Exchange, is a vital part of the economy, when in fact it donates nothing to the benefit of the economy. It simply inflates the bubbles which will leave the unwary in despair when they are burst.

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The Evil Agenda Of The BBC And The City Of London.

The weasel words of Neville Chamberlain are not only simple lies, they were the means of unleashing a war which had been in the planning for twenty years. In the words of Chamberlains successor, the evil Winston Churchill, “Hitler was not the target, Germany was.” The Jews in the City of London and in New York, had lined Germany up for the mincing machine in Nineteen-Thirty-Three.

However the conspiracy was far more evil than that, just as in Nineteen-Seventeen, during the Great War, which was yet another unnecessary war, which was laid at the feet of Germany, the Jews, including hundreds from New York, Trotsky amongst them, had already prepared the launching of a revolution in Russia.  Now, having manoeuvred Hitler into a treaty with Stalin, which was supposed to take Hitler’s eye off the ball, they ordered Poland to attack Germany, which provoked the desired response from Hitler.

The City of London had long been planning to extend their Russian Empire, across the whole of Western Europe. In order to facilitate this, they had Stalin’s Red Army poised at the Polish border, waiting for the declaration of war.

Hitler it was, whom spoiled the party, by fighting the Red Army to a standstill. They were saved by the illegal intervention of Roosevelt, whom supplied arms and air support to the Russians.

Despite Hitler’s efforts to save Europe, half of Germany and all of Eastern Europe, was simply given to the Jewish Communists by the three Jewish Communists whom had controlled the war, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt.

Chamberlain, in his broadcast to the British people, forgot to mention that as Hitler entered Poland from the West, Stalin came in from the East. Why then did France and Britain not declare war on Russia? Because the Treaty with Poland was simply a ploy to entrap Hitler, the British or French cared not a hoot for the Polish people.

All of this is old news, this is well understood by those whom have studied just a little tiny bit of history. I have repeated this tale in many different posts for some time now.

Chamberlain’s speech on the above clip, is no different from that of Reagan, excusing the Iran Contra Affair, which I believe can be found here. They are liars one and all.

The BBC, which transmitted Chamberlain’s Declaration of War, understood that they were a part of the plot to initiate a brutal war. Europe had hardly recovered from the carnage of the Great War and yet here was the City of London’s Bolshevik Bankers demanding another one.

Those same Bolshevik Bankers are now lining us up for yet another blood-letting. The BBC is on hand to take care of the lies and propaganda to make sure that their masters get their desired result.

These hidden hands have quite deliberately provoked bloodshed and strife all across the Middle East and now Africa, to feed their insatiable greed and thirst for blood sacrifice, while the BBC calmly feeds us lies and other rubbish, in exactly the manner that they fed us lies about Hitler and Germany, while the real monsters were coming out of Russia, where sixty-five-million Christians were put to death in unspeakable ways by Jewish killers.

Assad in Syria has held elections, why did the BBC not report on this event? Why does the BBC not pose the question as to where the authority, to install a group of unelected people as the government of Syria, without reference to the desire of the Syrian people come from?

Why does the BBC not report the presence of British paid Al Qaeda in Syria? They know that Al Qaeda is part of the CIA because it was in a BBC documentary “The Power of Nightmares.”

Why has Wild Willy Hague, not been asked to explain, in simple terms, why he is in Mali, lending support to a Military Junta, whom overturned the Democratically elected regime?  From whom did he receive the right to say that he,  ‘wants Assad out of power,’ and why should Assad give a toss what Hague wants?

I think it would be fair to say that the BBC is part of the Shadow Government. They are a completely biased organisation and in view of the lies and deceit, which is part of current News reporting, we can only ask the question,  “Is there any truth whatsoever in the vilification of Adolf Hitler and what is the truth of his behaviour during the Second World War?”

The British and US versions of the News is a pack of lies. No trust can be placed in anything which they report. Personally speaking I am a Sandy Hook Denier, if for no better reason than the fact that despite all of the discrepancies in the official tale, neither the BBC or Sky News have even mentioned that things do not add up. They have both reported the “Gun Grabbers,” preferred version of events.

No effort has been made or any desire shown to speak to bereaved parents, nor have they given any indication as to the identity of Lanza’s mother, whom we were told he had shot, nor any description of Lanza’s life in Sandy Hook, where his mother was a teacher and then was not a teacher, there are enough discrepancies in that lot to cast doubt on all of the mainstream media reporting.  So is that the purpose of the BBC and others like them, to bamboozle us into a stupor?

Judging by the amount of air time given to Justin Bieber’s late arrival at the O2 arena last night, one could be forgiven for thinking that the News Editors have a good idea of the mentality of those to whom they are speaking.

However, the reality for the average European at this time, is to be assured by the media that the world is warming, even as it cools, that there is a shortage of oil, even as BP is pumping Iraqi oil at two dollars a barrel, while the BBC tells us that the price at the pumps represents the price of one hundred-dollar plus per barrel.

So just as during the days of Empire, whether French or English, all of the profits are falling into the same pockets, while the BBC completely misrepresents the current fiscal difficulties, ignoring the growing poverty of the British people, while being left to carry out an investigation into the rampant child abuse at the BBC.

Bilderberger, Free Mason, Friend of USA and Israel, François Hollande, Is Desperately Looking For a War.


It will very soon dawn on the French people that François Hollande comes out of the same mould as did his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy.

Hollande, like Sarkozy is preparing to send the French Military into one or all of the following countries, Mali, Syria or Iran, none of whom pose any threat to France nor indeed to any of the NATO States.

It had been glaringly obvious that Hollande was an establishment puppet since he and other French traitors aided Sarkozy and the UMP in the criminal act of  re-writing the French Constitution, to suit the needs of the un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels.  Their aim was to  destroy France and place it under the control of the Communists whom from behind the scenes have governed France for many years. Without his help Sarkozy would not have had enough support to sign the Treaty of Lisbon, against the wishes of the French people.

Hollande is in need of his own personal war. Not a real war of course, like the rest of NATO, France prefers to shoot fish in a barrel. Continuing this pathetic rubbish about the threat of Muslim terrorism, while NATO slaughters and contaminates Muslim people wherever they can be found.

A bomb kills a few Jews in Bulgaria and Israel is sent howling in self-pity, claiming that it was Iranians whom carried out the attack. I would probably be nearer the mark should I claim that it was an Israeli False Flag, attack to build an excuse to kill a few more Muslim women and children, a task which the criminal State of Israel relishes.

Hollande is incapable of solving the unemployment problem in France, he and the leaders of all persuasions of political parties stood silently by, watching the destruction of the French industrial base, without a word of protest. Any offer of a solution at this late date is nothing more than hot air.

France is in meltdown, you can feel it in the air. The moral of the people has never been so low. The summer season has been slow in coming. There are fewer tourists, bookings across the board, are down in the dumps.

Car maker Peugeot has come under scrutiny, having announced redundancies in their work force, due to lack of demand for their product, which means the cars which are made in France. Peugeot has long been established in China and Eastern Europe, where of course they can make use of virtual slave labour.

On the war front Hollande, like Sarkozy, has completely ignored massive evidence, that France, is involved in a covert war in Syria. He has made no comment about the death of Gilles Jacquier, a French journalist whom it has been claimed was killed by Assad forces, while even Le Figaro a respected French newspaper asserts that it was the French paid mercenaries whom did the killing.

In the manner of all the puppet leaders, he apparently  lacks the ability to discern the truth from disinformation and propaganda and continues to lend the support of France and the French people to illegal, aggressive campaigns against those leaders whom refuse to conform to the neo-colonialism of NATO and the Bankers.

Hollande is in fact, like all politicians a liar and will soon be in the ranks of War Criminals, along with the likes of Blair, Sarkozy, Hague and Cameron, all of whom in a just world would be arrested on the spot and locked up for life.

He has made no attempt to disclose the hidden secrets of Agenda 21 to the people, whom are led to believe that it involves no more than an effort to save the habitat of a few frogs, excuse the pun. They are being given no idea of the actuality of this document from the UN, which will in fact destroy France and imprison the people into what are being euphemistically called “Human Habitation Zones.”

I am sure that the Hollande regime will continue in exactly the same manner as all of the French governments since the days of General de Gaulle.

If Hollande was serious about protecting France from the coming crash, he would be insisting on interest free loans from the ECB, for small businesses and farmers and the initiating of massive public works and of course the imposition of trade tariffs against the importation of products fabricated using slave labour, in order to make a level playing field for French made products. Any fool can see that it is short-term thinking to believe that Free Trade helps “people over there” this is only true while people “over here” can afford to buy their products.

It is becoming clearer by the day that current events are merely a prelude to the installation of a tyrannical government, which will enslave us all and these tyrants, will of course, use all of the remedies, which I have been listing for months, to “Save” us.

Hollande is not on the side of freedom and Democracy. He has never been any more than a puppet whom was educated by the Shadow Government, in order to carry out their long laid plans to control us all.

Blair At Leveson: The Lies Continue.

The charade of the Leveson Enquiry continues today, 28th May 2012, with an appearance by Anthony Blair the ex-Prime Minister of the UK.

The intention of the enquiry is to present the UK Press as some sort of loose cannon, to which politicians must  pander, in order to garner support in elections or in the presentation of policy. The main question in so far as the politicians are concerned is the too cosy relationship between the Press Barons and the Government.

Blair is the man whom stood in front of journalists from all forms of media, during the build-up to the destruction of Iraq and lied through his teeth. The media for their part presented more-or-less a united front in  favour of his aims.

As is usual, the difficult questions were asked after the event. We are witnessing a repeat of this performance with regard to Syria. Where it is clear that the UK are arming and supporting the same group of terrorists, which it made use of in order to destroy Libya.

During an interview, this very morning, on Sky News, a spokesperson from the Foreign Office, was referring to a vicious attack against women and children in Syria, as a cynical act of the Syrian Government, without a shred of evidence to support this claim. To anybody of minimum intelligence, it would be clear that this form of attack is the last thing the Syrian Government would perpetrate, while it has become par for the course, for the British paid Mercenaries. They have lynched and murdered an unknown number of Black Libyans since the murder of Gadaffi, whom can no longer be wrongly blamed for these acts.

The Sky News reporter did not so much as question the source of this “evidence,”  was this under orders from above or are Sky journalists basically stupid?

Later on Sky, they covered William Hague’s lies and deceit to the Russian Foreign Minister. The Russian, having slightly more savvy than the Sky journalist, explained to Hague that the perpetrators of the attack were unknown and before fingers could be pointed, it would be necessary to hold an enquiry.

Leveson should be asking the important questions and not the frivolous nonsense about support during elections. The most important question which will not be asked is, what is discussed at Bilderberg meetings and has Blair been involved in a group meeting at Bilderberg which included Rupert Murdoch?

Murdoch’s attitude to the attacks against Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya cannot be fairly discussed without access to the aims of a group which claims to be responsible for Political policy across the World. He, along with the Milliband brothers, Ed Balls, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Maggie Thatcher, John Major, Nick Clegg  and many others are members of this shadowy group, which would be responsible for choosing which of the UK political groups would gain the support of the Murdoch Empire.

The entire British mainstream media, whom have exclusive access to Cabinet Minister of whatever party, are in total collusion with the Government, which is why the British public are kept in the dark over such matters as the banking system and the National Debt.

All that is being investigated by Leveson is tittle-tattle. Leveson himself is no doubt a Freemason as are the majority of Establishment figures, which is why any enquiry in the UK is doomed to failure from the word go.

Sky News, which is at the heart of the Leveson Enquiry, because of Murdoch’s desire to take it under his control, is presenting a one hundred per cent support for the aggressive government attitude towards Syria. In a later bulletin they called on a spokesperson from Chatham House, The Royal Institute for International Affairs HQ, to emphasise William Hague’s threat to the Russian Foreign Minister, that if Russia and China refused to support NATO, he was prepared to provoke a Civil War, which he could expand into Lebanon.

While Blair was forced into denying his involvement in War Crimes, after being accused by a gate-crasher to the enquiry and while Jay the interrogator is asking questions about the attack against Iraq and the position of the press at the time, we are being presented with a totally one-sided view of events in Syria, by a partly owned Murdoch enterprise.

Sky News has been accused of aiding NATO attacks against Gadaffi in Libya, by passing GPS positions of targets which the “Rebels” wanted taking out. Without any regard for the people within.

I do not think the UK Government needs to lose sleep over the support which it is getting from its totally controlled media. They have a long history of lies and they all possess a copy of Editorial Rules For The Press, which is kept up to date by the Shadow Government representative in Chatham House.


The Leveson Enquiry Obscures The Issue