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The British Supported, the ISIS Style Shankill Butchers In Ulster, Amongst Other Crimes.



Fury as ‘despicable’ BBC is accused of ‘fawning’ over IRA terror chief Martin McGuinness as if he were ‘on a par with Nelson Mandela’ Daily Mail.


Is there anybody out there who could explain to me, the difference between, 33 degree Black Bolshevik Communist Freemason, Nelson Mandela, whom was convicted of being responsible for the deaths of more than 500 innocent people, a crime for which he refused to apologise, during a terrorist campaign, designed to steal the land and property of the Boers in South Africa, a land where he was himself of immigrant origin, doing his killings with massive funding from Jew Bolshevik Communists, with overwhelming support from the British and the rest of the dozy world of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and the gallant efforts of Irish Freedom Fighter Martin McGuinness, an Irishman through and through, whom fought against the savagery of the English invaders of Ireland, a scourge which re-invaded Occupied Ulster, after proto-British Protestants, had carried out many vicious attacks against Catholic Civil Rights Marchers, using wooden clubs with six-inch nails hammered through them, causing horrific injuries, only to attack those same innocent Catholics, whom they claimed to be protecting from the Protestants, on Bloody Sunday, killing thirteen people, after which, the British ‘saviours’ of Catholics, carried out a campaign of terror, against the Catholic Community, alongside the likes of the ‘Shankill Butchers’ and other Protestant terrorists, throughout the remaining years of the ‘Troubles, until the day came when the British surrendered, to clear the way towards the devastation of their new frontier, waiting to have British style ‘Freedom and Democracy’ stuffed down their throats in the Middle East? I’m quite sure none of that maniacal rant  can be true, can it?

The Cynics View Of British Extra-Judicial Murder.

My own personal belief system has been stretched well into the realms way beyond that of the much maligned believers in the truth of the Flat Earth, by the idea that the British could track down and kill characters of fiction, in the middle of an Arabian desert and having done so, receive confirmation that they had indeed got their men.

This is after having failing to spot hundreds of Daech fighters, travelling in their SUV’s, across these same open spaces, on their way to slaughter a few more Christians, despite having access to satellite surveillance and the sort of “on the ground intelligence,” which checked out the vehicle in which their targets were travelling, to verify that they had indeed killed the right terrorists.

David Cameron has unleashed a pitiless round of chatter from those whom either support or abhor his murderous attack against two British Citizens, against whom we only have his word, that they were indeed fighting with ISIS and not with the LEGAL forces of Bashar al Assad, against the Western financed terrorists. That is if they were in fact in Syria at all.

We must never forget that four young British Muslim lads were slaughtered on 7-7 to justify the extra-judicial murder of 50 plus other British citizens, the British have no problem sacrificing their own in order to advance their  corruption.

The British have now taken the right to arrest and hold people without charge, murder them and then claim that they were killed in a “surgical” drone strike, in whatever country they happen to be engaged in an illegal war.

The very same establishment which is arming and training terrorists, to carry out a proxy war against the legitimate regime in Syria, have been faced with a possible extra-judicial killing in Northern Ireland and what are we presented with, why torrents of claims about the savagery of the IRA  but never a mention of the Shankill Butchers, or indeed the cold-blooded killing of Pat Finucan, whom was riddled with bullets by a gang of British killers, during Sunday dinner, in front of his wife and children.




Nor indeed of the British “Shoot to Kill” policy against the Irish Freedom Fighters, fighting to expel a brutal occupying force from Ireland, where millions were slaughtered and starved to death by the British.

It should never be forgotten, in light of what is taking place across Europe, that the British divided and controlled Ireland, claiming that there was a majority who preferred to remain British, having packed Ulster with immigrants and refusing “real” Irish the chance to vote in any Yes/No/In/Out referendum.

I have long been of the belief that Blair only allowed the Good Friday Agreement in Ulster, to clear the decks in preparation for the coming 911 inspired War on Terror and he and his “Runners” did not want the waters to be muddied by any IRA bombs, confusing the British about the origins of events such as 7-7, which without any evidence whatsoever, was within minutes, blamed on four Muslim boys.

So having warned the British people to expect atrocities from home-coming Jihadists, the Brits must be wetting themselves in fear of an upsurge, in the ranks of those whom are fighting to get rid of the Brutal, Evil, British Dictators, from their homeland.


Everybody Can Be Bought: Now Begins The Tussle For Mandela’s Blood Money.

Now that the boys are back in  town, fresh from the glorification of a cruel and heartless terrorist in South Africa, maybe they will show some signs of appreciation, for those brave men in the North of Ireland, whom fought a long and lonely battle against the Apartheid, British Government, which refused to allow them their Civil Rights.

As in South Africa,  Catholics  in the North of Ireland, were corralled into ghettos, with  restricted voting rights, to ensure a British victory in  elections, in order to retain control of the six counties.

In response to the vicious attacks, which those whom refer to themselves as “Loyalists” inflicted against  peaceful demonstrators, the British sent in the troops, whom quickly manufactured an excuse to slaughter a group of Catholics on what became known as “Bloody Sunday.”

From then on the British orchestrated a bloody campaign against the Catholics, while claiming that they, the Catholics, were responsible for all of  the killings, when in reality, the British and the Loyalist Police Force, the “B Specials,” while off duty, earned a little bonus, working alongside groups like the sadistic Shankill Butchers.

Far more Catholics were murdered in the “Troubles,” despite the efforts of the British, to present the IRA as the major source of violence. In reality a large part of the violence was carried out by the British SAS and other Units of the Army.

The “Butchers,” plumbed new depths of depravity against the Catholic community, much as did Mandela and his wife, whom through the use of the “Necklace,” a car tyre filled with petrol, which was hung around the neck  of some unfortunate victim, who had already been beaten to a pulp, and set on fire.  It could take up to twenty minutes for the victim to die.

This is the measure of the man, who is being honoured as a great statesman, who despite the alleged hardships of his incarceration, lived on to his ninety-fifth birthday, unlike the “Hunger Strikers” in the hands of the British, in the Maze Prison, whom starved to death.

In a recent Post, I jokingly suggested that Mandela had already been dead when he was sent home from Hospital, to allow time to prepare the enormous spectacle in celebration of his passing.

I appear to have been right on the money, as it were, when in fact it turns out that Mandela was kept in a Freezer, while his family and others, squabbled over the distribution of the wealth, which Mandela accumulated, after his release from Robben Island.

Of course the difference being that the outcome in South Africa suited the City of London, which through Jewish Communists, like Joe Slovo, controlled the ANC and funded their bloody exploits.

The rest of the Western World, which has already been contaminated, as was the Orange Free State, by immigrants, will soon find itself fighting for its life, in a struggle against Muslims, whom have been used by the Jewish Elite, to carry out an invasion of the West, as a means of escaping the brutal wars, which have been waged against them, by the Elite.

The Muslims steadfastly refuse to blend with the Western lifestyle and have instead set up enclaves, which will very soon come to resemble Yugoslavia, where the exact same routine has already taken place. The Elite will then set about funding groups which will call for the installation of autonomous areas. In France, for example, in the city of Marseilles, French is no longer the principle language, which is now Arabic.  In the UK, white British people are already a minority in several areas and the demographic changes are becoming more and more rapid.

The Jewish politicians, Miliband, Cameron,Clegg, Cable and Straw etc. whom have just about total control of British Politics, claim that they are only bringing in skilled people, to take jobs which British people are apparently too stupid to carry out.  How can this be? Children do not appear to be any less intelligent than in past years, so what has happened?

The onslaught started with the middle classes, they were the first target for destruction. Grammar Schools, which were the home territory for the brightest children were abandoned, in favour Comprehensive Secondary Education. The General Certificate of Education soon followed, to be replaced by the General Certificate of Secondary Education, which in earlier times had been reserved for those whom could not manage a  GCE.

So the whole system was taken down to a lower level and not by accident, the result was foretold by all of those whom understood the need to maintain some form of support for the brightest children. The US educational system had already been undermined in a similar manner, with an identical result, so there can have been no surprise in the UK.

Now if we bear all of that in mind, what we are up against, is the desire of a group of rich, power mad families, whom have already given us two World Wars, which involved White People, even those a long way South of Europe in Australia and New Zealand were pulled into them. World Wars which wiped out the cream of Europe’s youth.

This has of course been ignored, we have all been educated to believe  that the Jews were the victims. This despite the fact that according to the Jews own Census, very few Jews died in either war. After WW2 the population of Europe had been decimated, At least forty-five million deaths, while there were in fact, five-hundred-thousand more Jews after the war than in nineteen-thirty-eight.

So this should give some indication as to how the education system has been controlled, by the same Elite. The unprecedented coverage which has been given to the death of a common criminal, who was in fact nothing more than a tool of the Elite, demonstrates that our education is still in the same hands and that people can be made to believe anything.

The Black South Africans’ have been led to believe that they are free, in a Democratic State, where the Black Politicians, in keeping with the politicians whom have been placed in power in other African States, believe themselves to be deserving of palaces and chandeliers and all of that stuff, while sending armed killers to mow down striking miners.

Like the Russians, whom were systematically murdered by the Bankers Agents, Lenin, Stalin, Yagoda and Trotsky, after the Jewish gangs had taken control of the Revolution, the Blacks in South Africa will find themselves waiting in vain, for a share of their Country’s wealth and could soon find themselves in the firing line of the Elite whom adore taking land away from the rightful owner, in the style of the Colonists.

The Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, has been poisoned by Fukushima, an event which it has been suggested was a deliberate attack, designed to kill as many “useless eaters” as possible.

While this culling is going on, the seriously rich Jews are leaving Israel, the US and most European Countries and heading South, to Argentina, Paraguay and other States in the Southern Hemisphere. They have also taken control of the Antipodes, where the land has already been taken out of the hands of many farmers, using bogus claims of frogs or butterflies in danger of extinction.

They are sure that the radiation, which has destroyed the Pacific Ocean, will, because of the circulation of Ocean currents, stay in the North. Serious scientists are already muttering about the need to evacuate the West Coast of the USA, while it is now considered, that fish should be eaten with caution.

The only piece of good news from the Mandela episode, was the fake sign language man, who was apparently making it all up as he went along. He has claimed that he was having an episode of some sort and that he could hear the voices of Angels.

The media of course has no sense of humour whatsoever and as they did to the poor soul who was duped into passing a call the Princess Kate or whatever she now calls herself, they are babbling on about how close the man was to that other Black criminal Obama and how serious it all could have been. I suppose they will not be happy until the joker kills himself.

Predatory Gays And Other Types Of Perverted Politicians.

We are all aware now, that if a woman does not agree to have sex, before she is penetrated, that is rape. Ask Julian Assange. We can only hope for the sake of Nigel Evans, that the same rules do not apply to buggery.

Currently, a couple of Stars of the small screen are being shown no mercy, by the Media,  yet Vaguely Gay, War Criminal, Little Willy Hague, while condoning Israel’s use of what is said to be a small nuclear device against Syria, feels that because the The Speaker of the House of Commons, twice removed, is such a nice chap, whom is loved by everyone, he deserves to be exonerated. Well he probably will be if he is a Freemason.

Hague, insists on claiming that Assad, whom was attacked by armed men, should have just surrendered to them without a fight, as he would, should a group of disenchanted Englishmen force their way in to Downing Street saying “We are the Free English Army, lay down your arms.” Who the hell does this ditherer, whom is too timid to come out of the closet, think he is? He has no right to demand such a thing of any Government. His talk of Dictators, sound just a bit hollow, in view of the antics of his friends in the Jewish Gulf States.

Watching his behaviour, which is against International Law, behaviour  which is supported by all three Parties in the British Parliament, which in the typical fashion of the bully, is directed against those whom do not have the support of the Proud Banking Families, who are responsible for every war during the last hundred years, but whom unlike his good self and the Eton boys whom stand alongside him, still has the support of the Syrian people. As did Gadaffi, whom was destroyed in another of Hague’s adventures, by overwhelming force.

The British are ruled by a gang of scum, whom are not only working for Bankers and the false State of Israel, but also for a hidden group of fanatics, which is determined to destroy a huge portion of the Peoples of the planet, to install themselves as the Kings of the World.

This group suffers from an affliction, which when it expresses itself, obliges them to bugger and rape small children, in some cases to death. Most of these deaths never come to light, as the orphans, whom are the victims are alone in the world and are sadly, not missed. There is mounting evidence that in Northern Ireland, the perverts whom were known as the Shankill Butchers, were used in the ritual killing of children from the Kincora Children’s Home.

There are so many Members, in the British Parliament, whom suffer from this affliction, that a Member of the Government was given the task of passing a law, which would legalise, Intergenerational Sex, in order to protect the multitude of perverts in the House, whom were being protected by what are called ‘D Notices’ which are designed to protect the Paedophiles whom were in danger of being exposed, excuse the pun.

This law will be passed, make no mistake about it. Europe is ruled by the same perverted group. It was an English Lord, whom was given the job of procuring young children for the pleasure of the Politburo. If the People’s of Europe opened their eyes to what is being done to them, by those whom control the media, there would be a rapid return to hangings in the street. These scum have already changed the law concerning Treason and Sedition, which still carry the death sentence, because they know that they are on a knifes edge.

When Hitler came to power in Germany, his first act, was to put an end to all of the perversions, which had been introduced into German society by the Jews, whom had taken control of Germany after the Great War. They have now done the same to all of the Western style countries, which are suffering from all of the hedonistic rituals which once existed in Berlin.

It was not by chance that across the Western World, the law was changed to allow same sex marriage. How could it be that all countries forced this law through, despite enormous resistance from the people, at exactly the same time,  if we are not being ruled by a group of hidden perverts.

When I was younger, along with most of my chums, I was pestered by predatory homosexuals. I was often ‘touched’ inappropriately, even by ‘Men of the Cloth’ and yet we are now being told that these predators, can become Scout Masters, whom will take charge of young boys.

I have seen dozens of ‘Tweets’ which claim that Syria has already declared war against Israel. Dozens more from Muslim countries offering support. Hague, Holland and Obama are alone in their support for the aggression of Israel. This is their Ritual of Blood, which is all part of the agenda in those countries, which allow themselves to be perverted by World Jewry.

We are now seeing the new alliance of those whom engineered the Second World War, France, the UK and the USA.  Russia is still playing the game of being in support of Syria, while doing nothing more than talking. What is going on at this moment is what they are supposed to be preventing through the use of their Veto at the UN. Why not give a hand to the people of Syria.

All of this slaughter is based on the attack in New York which is called 911, which we were told was carried out by a gang of Muslims, when in fact all of the evidence suggests that it was carried out by Israel and Mossad. Not a shred of evidence has ever been produced linking Muslims to the attack. Osama Bin Laden denied any part in the caper.

To hear Hague talking about Dictatorships, while ignoring the Gulf States where the British made Kings and Sultans have kept total despotic power in their own hands for a century or more and back home in the UK, where the people are trapped in an elected dictatorship, which in common with the USA is rapidly becoming a Police State, demonstrates, sadly, the complete blindness of the British to the true nature of their rulers.

There is a window of opportunity approaching for the British. Due to the unexpected success of the United Kingdom Independent Party, UKip, they have tasted the forbidden fruit of voting for someone other than those for whom they have voted, all of their voting lives.  There is no guarantee that the new parties will be any better than the old, whom have never improved the day to day lives of the people, but to continue doing the same thing over and over again, expecting something to change, has always been considered as a sign of madness.

The Brits Abroad: Enjoying The Pleasures Of The Hellfire Club.

Standing head and shoulders above all of the disgraceful disclosures concerning the behaviour of Jimmy Savile and the Upper Classes, is the Kincora affair, in Northern Ireland.

This disgraceful tale involves the Royal Family, as usual, the Security Services and Police in Northern Ireland and the paramilitary forces which were involved in the troubles, including the IRA and The Ulster Defence Force.

To make the point even more forcefully, there are tentacles that touch, Aleister Crowley and the Hellfire Club. Not to mention the Shankill Butchers and Lord Louis Mountbatten, the renowned Royal paedophile, whom was allegedly blown out of the water by the IRA.

The boys from Kincora were taken across the border into the Republic, to a castle, which was owned by a  member of the family of Princess Margaret’s estranged husband Anthony Armstrong Jones. The princess herself was a good friend of John Bindon, whom was renowned for his ability to support a full pint mug on his erect penis. She spent a holiday in his company on Mustique.

The Family of Prince Philip was a particularly partial to young flesh as they say,  his father could qualify as a German Marquis de Sade with just a touch of Aleister Crowley’s love of animals.

Lord Louis Mountbatten had a world-wide reputation, which covered much of the British Empire. His Exploits in India are legendary, he was jokingly referred to as “Dickie.” It has never been proven that it was the IRA whom killed him, however there was never much of an investigation into his killing, which is an indication that the authorities thought it best to leave well alone.

There is no secret to the fact that he was just a bit randy, so to start a huge investigation, which might well lead to Kincora, opening up to the public the reality of the shocking, ritualistic ceremonies to which the youngsters there were exposed.

No enquiry into the Savile saga would be complete without an  airing of the events both at Kincora and also across the border in Birr Castle, where many of the rituals were performed and where there is a fear that many young children, most of whom were orphans may have been used in blood festivals and whom may have simply vanished.

It turns out that attempts to remove Savile’s body from Consecrated ground has run into a little problem. Two and a half tons of concrete was poured onto his coffin. Who knows what may be concealed inside. Unless of course that is normal procedure for important people.