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All The Way Back To The Gemstone File.

There are massive efforts being made, to give the impression of some sort of problem between Israel and the United States.  The recent difference, which was provoked by the alleged agreement with Iran, over the production of radio-active materials, which is in fact meaningless, was used by Netanyahu, as an excuse to fire off a tirade of baloney, against those whom had pretended,  to be holding long and arduous discussions, before arriving at this decision.

Another spokesman for Israel, explained in an earnest manner, that should Iran be allowed to continue with its efforts to manufacture a nuclear bomb, it would spark off an arms race in the Middle East. When asked about Israel’s bomb, he claimed that Israel’s possession had not provoked a response in the region. I could hardly believe what I had heard. So why was Iran trying to make a bomb?  What had Gadaffi been up too?  Why did Israel bomb Syria’s Atomic Power Station?  Had they forgotten about Saddam Hussein? Did Israel worry about the proliferation on Atomic Weapons in Africa, when they passed a bomb to their apartheid compatriots in South Africa?  The man from Sky did not pursue the issue.

The Royal Families, in  the Gulf region, are almost certain to be in possession of whatever it takes to destroy the remaining free Arab States in the Region.

As for Iran, why have all those Friends of Israel, suddenly decided to take the pressure off?   Nothing has changed. Iran has already announced that the new deal, will change nothing. They now have the right to carry on as before.  So why have those whom love Israel, with a love which knows no limits,  out of the blue, decided to commit themselves to a position which gives the impression that they are no longer in the thrall of Israel?

Who has instructed Obama to snub Israel?  Why are all of these things taking place around the anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy?

A long, long time ago, I came across a magazine which had published parts of the Gemstone File.  (I have tried to clean up part of it and it is posted in a Page, which can be accessed from my Home Page.)  It was some sort of underground magazine, which I believe was published by Larry Flynt, whom was himself crippled, after an assassination attempt.

At the time, it all seemed very interesting but vaguely unlikely. The idea that Aristotle Socrates Onassis, was the most powerful man in the world, seemed laughable.  That is, until your own research unearths the Onassis connection to Churchill, Roosevelt, Bernard Baruch and bootlegger Joseph Kennedy.

Baruch and Morganthau, were the main protagonists, during the war against Germany.  Churchill was financed by Baruch, who settled all of his gambling debts and made sure his little sexual experiments remained hidden, while Onassis, of course, supplied the heroin.

Back in the day, the Kennedy assassination was so mixed up and confused as to be indecipherable. Everybody was implicated, the CIA, Mafia, Castro, the Federal Reserve Bankers,  and recently Israel, because Kennedy was said to be on the point of interfering with their Atomic Bomb.

Then the penny drops. The most important point which was never actually clearly expounded in the Gemstone Files, at least not in the parts which I had managed to dig out, was the simple fact that they were all Jews.

Onassis was a high ranking Illuminati, his brother-in-law,  Stavrov Niarchos is a Bilderberger,  who was married to one of Henry Ford’s daughters, was a friend of Bernard Baruch and worked closely with Rockefeller. There is also evidence that Stavros and Onassis spent time in Italy with the Duke of Edinburgh and Baron Rothschild, shooting birds.

When one mentions the Mafia, despite the fact that we have long been led to believe that the Mafia was  Italian, all of the main players, Meyer Lansky, Jack Ruby and of course Onassis himself were Jews. When Rothschild, Rockefeller and the City of London appear on the scene, well everything falls into place. So it appears that it was one homogeneous group of  killers, which included the Bush family and the controlled, soon to be President LBJ and the future Presidents, Nixon and Reagan.

This is more or less the same group which still has the whole world by the genitals. So why has it been decided to change the stance which was taken against Iran? Is Israel being lined up to make a pre-emptive strike against Iran? Has it been decided that there is no point in trying to find evidence of non-existent bomb-making equipment in Iran, so the attack is going to be launched before the lack of such evidence is made clear?

There was an interesting side issue in the British faction of the team today, when an MP, the author of a book, decrying the decision not to allow an inquest or any proper inquiry into the strange death of  Dr David Kelly.   In some inexplicable tryst, the entire British Parliament, adopted the position of the Blair Government, without question, such is the strength of the collusion between the so-called Opposition and the government. The decision not to hold an inquiry was illegal, yet Parliament, the Police and Judiciary went along with the decision. So much for the much vaunted British Democracy.

Whatever is going on, the whole of the planet seems to have fallen into some kind of Limbo. The Obamacare computer is still malfunctioning, the British Parliament is still trying to pretend that things are going well in the UK, while the wheels are actually coming off the scooter.

The British government is preparing to make a move against, what they call “Pay Day Loan Banks” of which the starving British are obliged to make use, in order to eat and to heat their homes. The reason being that they supposedly charge a rate of interest which is causing an increase in house-hold debt. A recent report suggested that there is hardly a family left in the UK, which is not in some sort of debt.

An inquiry has been called into the selection of a man whom makes use of “Crack” and “Rent-boys,”  as the Chairman of a small bank, namely the Co-op Bank. The Bank has recently been taken over by a couple of Hedge Funds, which in effect, means it has been gobbled up by the “Big Boys.”  Nobody appears to have lost any money, however the Politicians appear to have need of a show of action against someone, anyone but not against those bankers who robbed us blind, created a world-wide depression, fixed the Libor Rate, which generated so much money for them that politicians do even have the courage to give us access to the sums.

These “Big Boys,” whom force the price of a home through the roof, gaining an ever-increasing amount of interest, from gullible home-buyers, whom can be caught in the negative equity trap, which the bankers lay-out in  front of them, through which, should they run into financial trouble, find that the banks are allowed to hang on to, maybe ten years of interest payments, foreclose on the house, and still demand payment of the difference between the current value of the home and the value of the loan, which was manufactured out of thin air. Why does the government not put a stop to this sort of debt slavery?

As if things were not bad enough, the British can now look forward to a Civil War, which is already under way in several towns and cities across the UK. Wonderful thing multiculturalism.