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The British Government, Along With The Globalist Media And The EU Fight The Brexiteers.

The entire British Media, has presented a “No Deal” Brexit as being catastrophic, for the future of the United Kingdom, while at the same time allowing very little discussion about the merit of a “No Deal” exit.

They have instead firmly planted the idea of a second referendum, under terms which allows no choice for the Brexiteers, based on the trick question, which only allows a vote on a deal which is worse than remain or remain.

This is not Democracy, this is tyranny. For months, even though there has been no open decision to hold a second referendum, the mere fact that organisations like Sky News and the BBC have been pushing the idea of a second referendum and have allowed politician after politician to announce to the British public that the trick question, which offers only a possibility to “remain” will be on the ballot papers, is evidence enough that instructions have gone out to present a united front to deny the British their Brexit.

The attitude of Adam Boulton, the man from Sky News, is disgraceful, he is presenting his own point of view, while attempting to shout down the views of his invited guests. I have never before seen a professional journalist actually dismiss the views of a guest, in an attempt to prove himself to be holding the only correct point of view.

Perhaps Sky News, should present nothing but their fake reports, for example from the coast of Libya, about rescuing migrants, whom were actually brought out to rendezvous with the rescuers or Stuart Ramsay and the fake news he presents from the Middle East and now Venezuela. Sky News are a good example as to why they, along with much of the rest of the mainstream should be shut down, for the huge quantity of Fake News, which they have been presenting for decades, particularly about events in the Middle East and Israel.

They, as bastions of the establishment, have nothing to fear, while I am quite sure it will be those like me – who dare to suggest that the real “fake news” is a central part of the “style” of the mainstream – whom will be attacked for telling the truth. While the “fake claim”, which Theresa May constantly repeats the lie, that she is “determined to give the British people the Brexit for which they voted”, knowing it to be a total lie,  which she has never been forced to explain, exactly how that promise can be true, in view of the contents her shady deal, which denies any choice at all for the majority whom voted to leave the EU.


Hip Hip Hooray For Harry Whatsisname!



While the people of Yemen are suffering from the ‘worst humanitarian crisis in the world today’ under a shower of British and American bombs and drones, the Murdoch controlled Sky News was pre-occupied with the report, from the USA,  that Michael Flynn, may have misled investigators, looking into ‘Russia-Gate.’ There were adjectives like ‘intensified’ thrown around like confetti, along with warnings that there could be a lot more to come.

They followed that banal rubbish, with more tales from North Korea, where a slight ‘rumble’ from the vicinity, where the Koreans had carried out a recent test, could signify something serious.

We were then given a ‘between’ serious’ news reports, a conversation between the ‘wriggling with pleasure,’ presenters, who were ‘so excited’ by the thoughts of all those Christmas Day presents, that they were quite beside themselves with joy.

This is the measure of control over the seriousness or otherwise, of current event reports, which are pumped daily into the homes of the British.

The Jews have just carried out an illegal bombing attack against Syria, which was wiped out of the ‘News’ by a mere tremor in Korea and reports of a fib in the USA, which did not allow enough time for Sky to mention the deadly results of a brutal shower of British bombs, screaming down on helpless Yemeni civilians, which have created a crisis of Cholera and Diphtheria outbreaks, putting the lives of millions in the balance. It was after all, the day the Russian Collusion investigation reached the ‘Heart of the White House.’

Sky News are determined to implicate Donald Trump and I do not believe,  I have ever heard so many, ‘maybe’s’ ‘could have’s’ ‘might’s,’ and other vague insinuations, used in a ‘serious’ News report, concerning a serving President of America, in my life.

All of this following hot on the heels of the rumpus caused by a Trump ‘tweet’ in support of a White British group, Britain First, which stands in opposition to dozens of similar immigrant groups, which daily shout abuse against the British people, whom are after all,  funding ‘them’ and the future births of the ‘babies’ whom are destined to be the secret Muslim weapon, intended to wipe out the British, using sex alone, reports of which never reach the eyes or ears of Sky News viewers.

On the other hand, one word from a Ken Livingstone type, results in the invasion of the Sky News studios, by Jews screeching foul. Livingstone cannot be allowed to tell such truths on British Television, the covert Jew Mr Murdoch, The Boss, will not be at all amused.

There has yet to be a reasonable response aired, offering the historic evidence of Livingston’s claims, that would be a forbidden example of balanced reporting, which has been outlawed, across the board on British News, which is coordinated across Radio and Television news outlets. They have yet to apologise for the Fake photographs of Trumps inauguration,  which they published without checking them to be truthful, which they were not.

It will soon be forbidden to so much as suggest that the likes of the BBC cannot be trusted, which will prevent even those neutral ‘Bloggers’ from straying to far from the lies of the controlled media.

The control agents, Google and Facebook, now have a virtual stranglehold on the Internet and are attempting to outlaw ‘Free Software’ which they fear could interfere with that control. The internet belongs to us,  not to the warmongering Corporations, which are quite capable of setting up their own Internet, which is naturally not what they want.

They are attempting to imprison us with an obligatory, on-line life, which ‘will’ be used to destroy us should we be cut off, by Big Brother, as a result of any conceivable misdemeanour.

All of the above “News” was actually,  no more than a distraction, while Sky News built up the tension to what we had all been waiting for, the announcement that there was to be a Royal Wedding, between the half-caste daughter of a Black American Jew and the son of an English Princess, who was herself, allegedly,  the illegitimate daughter of a celebrated ‘rake’ Jew financier, while for many, her son is also of doubtful origin, as the Princess did herself lead a relatively loose lifestyle.








All of the current Royal antics need to be viewed in terms of the desired result, which though apparently ‘unknown’ to Sky News, is to breed White Christian British people out of existence and it is no doubt hoped that Harry’s ‘mixed’ marriage will kick off a cult of mixed Black and White copulation in the UK.

We can thank God, that Prince Harry and Princess Meghan have a passion to provoke change, which has come to mean ‘death to uppity White Christians’ and a welcome to International Beige Man. With all of those dumbed down beige people, reduced to the level of those whom did not even discover clothes, all living under the ‘hoped for’ control of the future Jew King George, the Messiah, sitting on his rightful throne in the ‘domed’ city of Jerusalem. Hallelujah!

How wonderful it all sounds, the possibility of a life of leisure, without the need to share the loot with the ‘intelligent’ robots, lovingly designed, with a familiar nose and wearing a kippah, with a built-in stoop and hands grasped across their chest, as they purr around looking after your every need and the only cost of upkeep, the occasional tube of grease or a new battery, should they need a treat.

People whom have never been poor, on LBC Radio, are telling us what poverty means. They genuinely believe, that back in the day, when many people had a tin bath, hanging on the outside toilet wall, with all the biggest pots, on the gas stove, in the kitchen, boiling the water for the bi-weekly bath night, with everybody shouting to go first, before that dirty so and so made the water go cold and mucky, were poor.

They were not poor, they ate good food, they listened to the radio, they wore their cloths until they were really dirty, not because the kids ‘wanted’ to change them every morning. The kids could go to the pictures for a few pennies, a bus fare was almost nothing and nobody thought they were poor.

The day before yesterday, I was in a large retailers, looking for a tiny electrical device. I was waiting in the inevitable queue at the Caisse, when somebody, in the queue, which had formed behind me, slid a huge pack of whatever he was buying, along the floor, prompting me to move out-of-the-way, under the misapprehension, that he was trying to get past me. The female, with the man who had slid the box, half of which was now in front of me and the rest still behind, such was the size of their purchase, laughed at my surprised move.

I looked at the box and it contained a Plasma Television set, with a screen a metre and a half long. I laughed and looked at the guy with his hand on the box and jokingly asked if it was for the upcoming World Cup. I thought he was going to hit me. No! He cried, I never watch rubbish like that, it’s for the kids to watch their animated cartoons.

As a parent who is guilty of never even allowing my kids a colour television and as little as possible in black and white, I was genuinely disgusted at such an idea. I wonder how many of the poverty-stricken people, under discussion in the United Kingdom, not only possess a ‘big box’ but a Playstation and Tablette for the kids and many other things, which do not appear to have made kids or their parents any happier than they were in past times.

I Believe that when our Lords and Ladies arrive with the full panoply of life changing devices, robots and all, they will sadly find that they are still just as greedy and selfish as before. Greed is a sickness so corrosive that it will not be cured until they have cannibalised themselves to extinction.

Has Your Inner Man Spoken To You Today?

It would appear that the perpetually fleeting moment, is all there is, everything else may have already occurred or perhaps, be about to occur, who knows?

Before I actually composed that sentence, my inner man had apparently, already composed it for me, meaning that I am in some way, simply the voice of my secret self.

Should that be so, it would appear that if we all have an inner controller, what is happening in that inner world and more importantly, how can we, in some way, counter the quite obvious control which that ‘universal’ inner world holds over this world?

That follow-up question was also composed, in advance, for me, however, I have just made certain changes, which slightly changed the sense of the response which I had already written. Was this my decision or his or more correctly ours,  who knows?

I have been aware of this phenomena for some time, as have been many other people, whom have become aware that we are actually no more than a form of transmitter for an unknown entity. The identity of that entity could well be a universal ‘spirit in the sky’ or a deliberately transmitted form of control, being used to confuse, the thought process of those whom pose a problem, for those whom seek total control of humanity, in their own selfish interest.

Whatever the reason behind this alleged control, it presents us all with a serious problem of ‘being.’ Where are we and what? As Dr Who may have asked during his everlasting life.

My inner thought, long ago suggested to me, that we are all asleep in a collective dream-state, under the control of a Captain, who holds the celestial microphone in his hand, through which his own ‘inner man’ is playing practical jokes on humanity, which must be true, according to my ‘special one,’ who is, I suppose, being controlled by his own ‘special one,’ which is a thought which only adds to the confusion.

The currently presented, sad reality, would suggest that the average European, would rather die, than stand up and speak out against the controlled invasion of White Christian Europe, by the uncontrolled birth-rate of the Muslim world, whom now have need of extra space, their own having been deliberately destroyed, by an unnecessary, onslaught of birth’s coupled with attacks by aggressive NATO forces.

These things do not happen by accident. What is being forced down the throats of the European Peoples, whom have never invaded any other country, despite what other people from Europe may have done, those whom have remained in Europe forever, cannot be blamed for the acts of others.

It is those innocent Europeans, whom now find themselves under attack, from those ‘invaders’ whom have ‘chosen’ to seek greater wealth in Europe. Whereas I am prepared to send aid to these people, I am in no way responsible for their plight. My own country is on the verge of becoming a Third World State, and yet there in no non-White Christian Country, who will feed, house and educate, huge numbers of my people, should they choose take to the rubber boats, they would be shipped to the nearest Christian Country and quickly sent back to their point of departure.

The Governments of Europe are allowing hysteria to build up against immigration from other member States of the European Union, while handing over the keys of the kingdom to Blacks from Africa, Moroccans and other Muslims, which gives an indication of the agenda to which freely elected politicians are grimly clinging, as a result of encouragement from an inner voice, I suppose.

To suggest that European governments are unable or incapable of stemming the massive influx of immigrants, particularly those from Africa, is a nonsense, these people are being ferried in and those operating the delivery system are being well paid for their trouble. There has been no significant effort, on the part of controlled politicians in Europe to stop this illegal criminal exploit, which will be disastrous for Europe. Some suggest it is already too late to undo the damage.

Just a cursory glance at the above clips reveals the same incidents being reported in different ways. The Italians suddenly morph into the Libyan Coastguard, whom bear a strong resemblance to a gang of thugs.

I could see no sign of a capsised Zodiac, all of those in the water appeared to be wearing life-jackets, there was no reason to swallow fuel or sea-water, and I do believe that Mark Stone, the man from Sky,  had told us that the petrol tank of the Zodiacs held just enough fuel for the five-mile trip out to the ferry.

The,’Coastguards’ were quite obviously there to recover the Zodiac and the life-jackets for next delivery.

This operation is so blatant, who could believe that British Security Services are not fully aware of what is going on? Do they lack an inner voice?

The British Media Is Deplorable.





Despite having already engendered a bad reputation for disinformation i.e. Fake News, about Donald Trump, even before he had given anybody a reasonable excuse to go for his throat, Sky News have unashamedly continued to scoff at any act of Trump’s, including his having pointed out the Fake News Photographs, which were used by, CNN, Sky News, The Guardian, The BBC, LBC, and others to claim that Trump had pulled in fewer people to his inauguration than did Obama. The Photograph below is the one used by CNN and others.




In order to continue the bad-mouthing. They are now criticising Trump and his team for pointing out the continuing use of Fake News, while ignoring the evidence which demonstrates that it was indeed Fake, calling Trump even more names, saying he is in some way in tears because somebody said Obama was more popular.

These people should be taken off the air. In the photograph below, it is perfectly clear that the crowds go all the way to the Washington monument and even up the steps of the monument. Sky News and others should be apologising and should not continue their outright lies. This guy O’Brien on LBC Radio in London, has made an absolute idiot of himself by swallowing the tales of Fake News from CNN, an organisation which infected even the Guardian with their rubbish, which has now become an item on the list of Trump’s alleged lies.


Have you ever heard anyone make such a “tit” of themselves on Live Radio as does this asshole?            


2009 Obama’s first and biggest inauguration crowd, followed by Trump’s 2017 inauguration.



Trump’s aim of checking whether there was voting fraud, during the election, which is a serious accusation, which deserves investigation,  is quite suddenly unimportant. Trump’s aim to investigate it, is being called childish because all he wants to do is to prove he won the popular vote. Obama is on film, on film, I deliberately repeat myself, urging illegals to vote and not to worry because he had arranged for them to be able to do so without identification. He told them the Police will not be able to track them down. Obama should be arrested for this, it is called treason.

What is more Trump, is to this day, still under “investigation” about Russian Collusion, when in fact it was Obama and Hillary Clinton whom colluded with the Russians, all of whom are keeping quiet about this “collusion” from which Clinton and Obama made millions of Dollars.They are criminals and the truthful media makes no mention of any of this, preferring to smear Donald Trump at every opportunity. Vladimir Putin has the ammunition to Blackmail both Obama and Clinton, at a time of his own choosing.





They are now picking on the wall along the Mexican border, which will stop a steady stream of immigrants from simply walking into the United States. Why does Sky News not suggest that the UK should leave the channel tunnel open for all comers to walk into Britain.

What is happening here, is the use of all of the Fake News claims, made against Trump as if they had been true. They are calling him a misogynist, a racist, a Fascist and any insult which comes to hand.

The ageing piece of work, with the squeal in her voice, it makes the old bitch sound younger, has just claimed that Trump has replaced the head of Churchill back into the Oval Office, Obama having stuck it somewhere out of sight, telling us that a family member of Churchill has objected, saying we do not need a relationship as close as that, all we need is a trade deal.

I will tell you the truth, I have been left speechless by all this nonsense, which is leading on to the death of Trump. This constant attack would not be allowed, if there was not a good reason. I think it is as clear as day, that there is a contract out on Trump. The ferocity of the attacks against Trump are unprecedented. There have even been attacks against his young child Barron, on a comedy show no less.




The following clip demonstrates quite clearly the fact that even with the truth in their hands,  the Media continued to lie and they wonder why they are having trouble with Donald Trump.











David Irving Alive And Doing Well




David Irving: Alive And Doing Well

This morning, on Sky News, I witnessed the Fake News tale to end them all. The subject was an Observer/Guardian report about David Irving, that well-known Holocaust denier.

Irving, having lost a libel case against a British Newspaper, was being attacked once more for uttering certain forbidden truths about the Holocaust. It was suggested that having lost his libel case, he should have been shut down forever.

In his most recent interview,  David Irving explained how in fact, far from being shut down, he has been reaching millions of extra readers and has sold thousand of copies of his books, mainly to the young.

This was being discussed on the Sky News Newspaper Review. The Journalists involved were aghast at the impudence of Irving, to be peddling such Fake News after the number of times he has been presented with the facts of the holocaust and shown, in Court, to be a liar.

I watched this happening, on Sky News, the very same Sky News, which has been caught, red-handed, disseminating false news reports, I have personally reported a couple of them, particularly their manipulation of parts of Donald Trumps speeches, to distort, quite deliberately the intention of his words.

One of the reviewers actually stated that it was ridiculous, that professional Journalists, were being accused of Fake News reports, while those like Irving claim that people are finding the truth on-line.

These people live on a different planet, on which they failed to notice, or chose to ignore,  that not one of them dared to question openly on Sky News,  any of the utterances against Irving, as his remarks are automatically censored as being anti-semitic, meaning that even so much as a question about, that silly thing called truth, which apparently exposed Irving as a liar, dared not be asked. He is himself, legally bound to keep his mouth shut, even while being ridiculed on Sky News.

I was curious about these reports, so I took a look at the Observers article. It was all about his lodgings which were quite large, but he does not own them, his car, a Rolls-Royce, which was present and he admitted to receiving quite large donations from the public.

The most interesting part was a remark from the team of Solicitors, which was the very same Jew gang whom recently presented the anti-Brexit argument in the Old Bailey. I really like the expression, ‘you couldn’t make it up.’ I think this quote from the solicitors whom defeated Irving, is a perfect example of such a fabulous tale.

I’ve no idea of knowing if his claims about his newfound popularity are true or not but you’d have to be living under a rock not to see that this proliferation of racism and antisemitism is being disseminated by the internet.

This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. It’s about truth and lies.”

I’m sorry to admit, that every time I read that comment,  I burst out laughing. These Jew solicitors know full well, what the ‘real’ truth is and who or whom has been telling the Porkies.