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The Streets Have A Thousand Eyes.


The Streets Have A Thousand Eyes.

There are national groups which take care of surveillance. The likes of GCHQ in Cheltenham, United Kingdom, MI6 lodged in Thames House, London, France has its highly secret ‘Frenchelon’ DGSE, Direction générale des service extérieurs, all of them working together with the National Security Agency in the United States.

I doubt very much whether any ‘terrorist group’ is actually doing its planning on twitter or Facebook, or indeed anywhere else on-line, in view of all the actual surveillance, which we are lead to believe, was so sophisticated, that it actually tracked down Osama Bin Laden, by coordinating, his position in Pakistan, the only time he was sloppy enough, to use a portable telephone, having presumably taken out a contract, in the name of Osama Bin Laden, sounds feasible.

Since around 2007, the main European security agencies, have entered into, what was referred to, at the time, as a ‘new dimension of cooperation.’

This new approach involved a massive trawl of telephone and internet traffic, their aim being to ‘crack’ the encryption’s of all computer and smart phone manufacturers, allowing them access to all and everything, which was once called, your business.

At that time, the French were actively going after Hezbollah in Lebanon and AQMI a resistance group in the Sahel, where all the riches are to be found, while they were still picking the cherries from the Balkan incident.

At the same time, an agreement was reached allowing GCHQ, NSA and DGSE to spy on each others citizens’ communications and with the assistance of Google and Facebook, your every move can be tracked. Much of this information was released by ‘whistle-blower,’ Edward Snowden.

This is a gross deception of the people of Europe. Without so much as a whisper to me, the French government has allowed the British and Americans total access to my every move on-line or telephone.

GCHQ have been spying on the British for years, while successive governments, quietly ignored the rights of the people to personal privacy.

All of this snooping is justified by the stupid assertion, that ‘if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to worry about.’ That being the case, why were we not warned about this invasion of our privacy? Why did it take Edward Snowden to disclose these actions by our democratic leaders? This would suggest that they themselves, have something to hide, which begs the question as to what else they have concealed from us?

What they do have to conceal from us is their own pack of lies. By disclosing the technics of surveillance, and occasionally a report of a successful operation, for example, they have made claim to having sent a guided missile down the reception signal to a terrorist’s telephone and blown him to smithereens, yet when ISIL/Daech, recently made contact, with an unknown recipient, to claim responsibility, for the New Years Eve attack in Turkey, the caller was untraceable and not for the first time.

The obvious conclusion to a situation in which, there is no evidence that this gigantic spy operation, has ever justified its existence, by preventing a terrorist attack, is most surely because they do not want to prevent such attacks.

More recently, while informing us that the FBI, NSA and CIA all ‘believe’ Russia to have ‘hacked’ a portable telephone, on which secret documents were stored, a phone which could have been hacked by anyone, as it was protected by no more than the word ‘password’ as its password, or indeed that Russia, had managed to hack into voting machines which were not even on-line, yet despite an international array of equipment, and the sharing of all data, not only sharing but having allowed the likes of GCHQ to actually snoop on the USA, not a shred of evidence was produced in support of these ‘beliefs.’

The only possible conclusion, which can be drawn from this apparent uselessness of a multi-billion dollar computer network, but which, alongside ever traceable ‘smart-phones’ with the use of computers in all modern cars, which can be controlled from a distance and brought to a stop and finally ‘smart-meters’ in every home, allowing the State to control your use of power and then, with all the former in place, final link in the chain, the coup de grace, being the ‘chip,’ somewhere in your body, creating ‘smart-people,’ at which point, it will become clear that all of this electronic junk, is being aimed at us, and most importantly, the date of our death, seventy-five is often mentioned, for those of us whom earn, less than the sum required to pay for a few extra years in the old folks home. 

The authorities have no need of a tracking system to detect terrorists, they control the terrorists. There is no genuine International Muslim Terrorism it has been yet another example of Fake News.

That is not to say that Saudi Arabia and Israel are not funding Wahhabi Muslims in Syria or that the United States is not continuing to help fund and arm all of them. The sheer cost of arming these ‘terrorists’ who are everywhere, they are even turning up in China and Africa and are even preparing to take over in Macedonia. A uniformed military is a ruse used to turn decent men into paid killers.

Only extremely rich countries, with a private Central Bank, with the ability to print money – which it is daily becoming ever more apparent, that this money will never be paid back and it was never intended that it should be paid back – could pay the cost of running a private war with paid mercenaries, we are now into the final lap. It must have all cost trillions of Dollars. From where could a bunch of dedicated, religious Muslims have found such huge sums.

Out of nowhere has come the funding for two million or so immigrants to travel, from mainly Africa to Europe. Where on arrival in Europe, with ‘smart-phones’ which apparently never run out of credit, wearing baseball caps and trendy trainers, they claim to have paid one thousand dollars for the trip.






The final hurdle being the sea crossing from Africa, which was facilitated by a group called MOAS, an NGO, which waited patiently for the immigrants to arrive in rubber Zodiac boats, all of them wearing life-jackets, all of them Black, none of them refugees.

When they had packed the rescue boat with a thousand or so passengers, they waited for the recovery vessel to arrive from Libya to collect all the life-jackets and the Zodiacs for the next batch of migrants and then they set sail for Italy.

You may have noticed that in the above clips, Mark Stone tells us that the boats have no more than enough fuel to sail five or six kilometres off shore, then in the next breath he tells us the a boat has capsised, spilling a load of fuel into the water and people are being asphyxiated by breathing and swallowing it. There is no sign of a capsised Zodiac, which are incredibly difficult to capsise, there are a couple of people in the water, all of them secure in their life-jackets.

When the Italian Coastguards arrive they are not Italian, despite the chaos in Libya, they apparently have ‘coastguards’ with nothing better to do than to pay a visit to MOAS.

There was, noticeably no film shot of them sailing away, with the zodiacs in tow and decks packed with life-jackets.

Should the claim that the migrants were being charged one thousand dollars for the trip, by ‘People Smugglers,’ which was the sum mentioned by the mainstream media, from where did these Africans’ whom Stone assured us were fleeing poverty,  get hold of a thousand dollars. This is quite clearly yet another load of tosh, from the mainstream boys. They were all funded.

There are a group of ‘reporters’ on Sky News, whom habitually present slanted News stories. One of them in particular Lisa Holland, whom during the build up to the destruction of Libya was making rubbish reports about riots in the streets against Gadaffi, while never once speaking to a contented Gadaffi supporter.

Gadaffi’s son Saif, got hold of Holland, put her in a car, and drove her around, one afternoon, wherever she wanted to go. He asked her to take look around. The Libyans’ were fine, as usual for Holland the only spokespeople, whose word could be trusted were of those folk whom stood against Gadaffi. Any show of support was automatically false.

Where are all of these riots you talk about? he asked her. There were none. Shortly after that the British and French Terror bombing started. Both the British and French participants were controlled by Jews. They could drop bombs wherever they chose, while Holland put it to Saif Gadaffi, that even bombing a desert outpost affected someone or other, anyone apart from the Western terrorist who were trying to capture the oil pumps.

Within days of the collapse of the Gadaffi regime, the King of Jews, set up his Central Bank and plunged the once debt free Libya into the claws of the Jew controlled International Monetary Fund.

Most of this tale from start to finish, was misrepresented by the Mainstream media, whom are now completely devoid of any real journalists.


The Committee Of 300.

The Committee Of 300.

Now that it has become clear, that Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Sky News, has a personal interest in the sacking of Syria and the seizure of the Syrian Oil reserves, can we any longer place even e molecule of trust, in anything coming from his ‘committed’ teams of Sky News, agents operating in the region?

It is intolerable that this form of self-interest, should be allowed to be unmentioned, by the very News channel, which has consistently misled the British public, about events all across the Middle East and the Maghreb.

When it was recently suggested by the United Nations, that the Syrian government was responsible for illegal chemical attacks against their own people, what evidence did they have, which was direct proof of this claim?

In view of the findings of Carla Ponti, when she and a UN team were actually on the ground as these attacks took place, they were in a perfect position to dig out the identity of the guilty. Does the UN have similar reliable evidence for their renewed claims?

This claim can be quietly filed with the lies about Saddam Hussein, the lies about the training of the Saudi Arabians whom allegedly carried out 911, in Afghanistan, the ‘belief’ that Gadaffi was about to massacre his own people and the honesty of Israel.

There are enormous oil reserves in and around Syria and should the greedy, be so incapable of controlling their avarice, that they are prepared to openly drill for oil in Syria, which has yet to be completely destroyed and Assad murdered, in full view of a condoning United Nations, which has yet to condemn Israel’s illegal bombing of Syria and the lame excuses of the USA, for helping Daech, by claiming to have accidentally killed eighty Syrian soldiers, by whom Daech were being attacked, while releasing, without a care, unsubstantiated claims about the Syrian government, can they be trusted any more than can Sky News or Rupert Murdoch and his murderous chum Dick Cheney, from the Chatham House controlled Council on Foreign Relations. The entire gang of evil doers are involved in this escapade.

Good By Eamonn And Good Luck.


                       Good By Eamonn And Good Luck.

I was quite surprised to hear Eamonn Holmes on Sky News, during a report about the wild claims, which had been made by the Brexit camp, during the days leading up to the referendum, which he felt had misrepresented what had actually been said. He asked in despair, why are the newspapers always telling lies? Why are they such liars?

Eamonn Holmes was absent from his chair this morning and I discovered a report, claiming that he had resigned, after eleven years with Sky News, to follow a different path.

I have no idea which came first, his suggestion that the British media were a gang of liars, or maybe he felt free to make this remark, having no further obligation of continuing to wear the Sky gag, as he had already resigned.

A while back a newspaper reviewer,on the same Sky News, when confronted with a colleague whom suggested that we should all accept that the science of Climate Change had been settled, blurted out a cry of, leave it out will you, Climate Change is a load of cobblers, or something like that and then quickly apologised saying, I know I promised not to say that but I just couldn’t help it.

Today on Sky, Mark Stone had suddenly found more footage to add to his wobbly report from yesterday. He was till located in the area twelve miles from Libya, as he was yesterday and blow me down another rubber boat turned in daylight this time, but it was presented as the missing footage of the boat which had been previously filmed in the dark. During this venture the team was visited by the Libyan Coastguard, which Stone had forgotten to mention in his previous report.

We were not allowed to hear for ourselves the conversation which took place between ‘Stone’ who was suddenly in charge of the operation and the Captain of the Libyan vessel, so it was Stone whom told us what had passed between them. It was of no greatb importance but simply an explanation from the Libyan as to how hard it was to find these boats, even as he was in the company of a team who had between them found three in a matter of hours and saved a claimed one thousand people.

To me it appeared as if the ‘Rescue Boat’ had been hanging around, waiting for these rubber boats to float into view, which had been quite deliberately, given enough fuel to take them twelve miles from the coast, so for there to be claims of a large quantity of fuel, floating on the water, which the migrant’s were swallowing and all that nonsense, would seem to be overstated.

What Stone was filming was a flagrant use of so-called ‘Rescue Boats’ as a means of picking up the paying passengers in the rubber boats and taking them on to Italy, from where they will head for Germany.

When they arrive in Germany, many of them but not all, will justifiably, search some sort of retaliatory means of protesting the destruction of their homelands, by NATO, others are no more than thugs and should be rounded up deported back to Africa.

The reporter in the above clip, Lisa Holland, was stationed in Libya, during the build-up to the total destruction of that country, by the British and French, with the assistance of paid mercenaries. During her time there she reported constantly about a non-existent threat to the people of Libya from Muammar Gadaffi. Saif Gadaffi took her on a tour of the quiet streets of Libya and asked her to show him where these fearful people could be located. He pointed out to her that the people were all indoors enjoying the evening, there was no problem.

She later, sneeringly complained that the Gadaffi family did not even have the guts to commit suicide.

She is now in the process of presenting the opposition to the mass rape of women and young children in Germany, as Neo-Nazi racism, which is not only biased reporting it is also a pack of lies, as she well knows.

Perhaps Eamonn Holmes had just had enough of this propaganda and chose to wash his hands of it. Speaking for myself, the only program I ever listened to on Sky News was Sunrise with Eamonn Holmes, especially when he was accompanied, for a while by Charlotte Hawkins. He will be missed in my shack.

The Return Of The Black Death? Perhaps.

Despite having accepted an urgent need to keep population growth under control, by whatever means necessary, Europe and other countries with populations of European origin, having made strenuous efforts to achieve this aim, are even now being flooded with those from afar, whom are apparently intent on taking control of ‘population reduced’ Europe, through the means of out-breeding Europeans.

Throughout the recent mass immigration into Europe, I have not heard one word about the past calls for population reduction, I am confronted with an apparent, overwhelming need to allow immigrants into Europe, which despite an already enormous population cannot cope without more immigrants.

Are European politicians, unaware of the reality of life in Europe, where despite an enormous number of unemployed young people, they are calling for ever more young immigrants, claiming that Europeans are unwilling to carry out certain jobs, which only immigrants are prepared to accept, when in fact it is mostly the children of previous waves of immigrants, whom are swelling the ranks of the European unemployed?

I think it is fair comment to suggest that Europe is incapable of accepting and feeding the millions of Muslims, whom are being quite deliberately forced to leave their own countries, by a cold-blooded group of hell-hounds, with dreams of world control swilling around in their sick minds. Most European countries are already overcrowded and unable to feed themselves, they rely on imported food, which is never a good place in which to find yourself.

An unknown number of Muslims, whether refugees or economic migrants, entered France during recent times. There were fifty-three-thousand from Mali alone. France at the moment is a runaway train, heading for the buffers. It is in no fit state to accept any more immigrants, so why does Hollande and his government continue the destruction of Muslim lands?

Is he in fact so stupid that he believes that his illegal and unnecessary wars against Islam, are good for France? Or perhaps he is actually in the process of quite deliberately destroying the Middle East and Africa and at the same time, ridding Europe of its White population – an aim which is voiced by many European politicians – through the medium of a deliberately provoked Civil War across the White World.

It is hard to believe that so many strange events have taken place by accident, during recent years. No one with half a brain is going to provoke a massive refugee problem, which will involve accepting millions of belligerent Africans, into Europe, claiming them to be Syrian refugees, most of whom would prefer to stay in tents close to Syria, because they would prefer to go home when Hollande calls off his war.

In the UK, a tiny island, which has stood by watching its farmers driven out of business, last year alone accepted three-hundred-thousand immigrants, all of whom have to be housed and fed. That is the population of a large city. One need only check out the number of homes, schools, hospitals and supermarkets, necessary to see to the needs of such a huge number of people, to realise that this is completely unsustainable and yet successive UK Governments have encouraged this excessive immigration, are we to believe them to be oblivious to the simple fact of full to overflowing.

So what has become of the urgent need to reduce the population? Why has no effort been made to encourage British White folk to have more babies, if there are now too few being born? Common sense suggests that at some point the country is full and yet politicians are apparently unaware of this simple fact.

While the UK is being packed with immigrants from India, Pakistan, the Middle East, West Indies and Africa, the only immigrants mentioned by British politicians are Polish people and occasionally French people, when in fact they, normally take care of their own needs and are never seen parading around the streets of the UK calling for the installation of a law which will introduce barbarous acts such as the decapitations in Saudi Arabia.

All across Europe, in keeping with Agenda 21, the country-side is being made unlivable.

Schools are being closed down and kids bussed off to large towns, Post Offices are now a rarity. Where I live there is only one Post Office, which is often out of cash, serving half a dozen local villages. Town Halls are vanishing, through the underhanded behaviour of Mayors, whom belong to the French version of Common Purpose, who are taking to themselves the power to sign on to Agenda 21, without a word to those by whom they were elected, most of whom are totally unaware of what has happened.

Local Democracy in France has now been grouped into “Grande” areas, which are themselves controlled by the Office of Sustainable Developement, which is superior to the elected politicians in the Prefectures.

These things are not happening for the benefit of the people, there is something dark and sinister waiting for us in the wings. The biggest fear must be the outbreak of a disastrous plague of some sort, similar to the Spanish Flu which arrived in Europe, with infected American soldiers during the Great War, killing an estimated fifty-million people. The consequences of such an outbreak in the modern world would be disastrous, should it pass into the over-crowded cities.

With Europe already in the grip of an epidemic of rape and violence, mainly due to the immigrants/refugees, the intrepid liar from Sky News, Stuart Ramsay, carried out yet another of his fantasy reports, this time, having been ‘allowed’ access to a group of ‘gun runners’ in Romania, whom assured our Ace Reporter that they have been selling AK 47’s and Kalashnikov’s, by the thousand to anyone who has the money, whether they be terrorists or not. Thus pumping up the pressure in Europe, where containers full of arms have already been discovered in Greece, with addresses towards immigrants and marked furniture.

Ramsay has gone just a step too far this time and he has been accused by the Romanian government of staging the interview with the crooks and of paying them for their services. He has of course denied the accusations. Anyone who follows my tales will be well aware that I have been voicing suspicions about Ramsay’s dubious exploits for years.

Sky News has continually presented his wild claims without supporting evidence, as fact. In a recent report he claimed that a man in the street handed him a USB key with the names addresses and telephone numbers of every member of Daech, operating in Syria, which was duly reported on Sky News, only to rapidly disappear, into the ozone.

During recent years, we have been deluged with false claims of a coming Pandemic, whether it be a form of influenza, Zika or an upsurge in antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis. One of these day the real killer disease will be unleashed and a mandatory vaccination will be necessary for us all. That has been promised ever since the days of George Bernard Shaw, a man whom believed his form of intelligence to be the only form worth retaining, he referred to the rest of us as ‘useless eaters.” The “needle” was proffered as the best means of wiping out the German people should the carpet bombing leave behind a few living examples.

Sky News Hen Claims Herself To Be Fair And Unbiased


Kay Burley, one of the presenters on Sky News, today conducted a discussion about the News output on British News outlets.  She stridently claimed that journalists were fair and balanced and that should they attempt to pass anything that would not stand up to scrutiny, other journalists would take them to task.

A few weeks ago I was astonished to find that Sky News had quite deliberately misled viewers, by suggesting that Donald Trump was some sort of racist, having expressed the opinion that no Muslims should be allowed into the USA. This claim was illustrated by an edited clip of a Trump speech.

The same misleading clip was used all day long, by one presenter after another. Finally in the afternoon, Burley did herself introduce the edited clip several times, until finally near the end of her show, she interviewed an American and asked his response to what Trump had said.

He immediately pointed out that Trump had not said “No Muslims should be allowed into the USA, full stop,” telling Burley that the clip had been doctored to suggest Trump had said something which he had not said, he had in fact, added the caveat  “…until the Politicians had figured out what the hell was going on.”   Despite having been challenged about the accuracy of her reporting, Burley continued to present the same clip as if it was the truth.

Someone eventually slipped up by using the edited clip in an introduction, only to surprise a correspondent, as he was about to open his mouth,  by presenting him with the entire clip, when he had quite clearly prepared his diatribe to suit the edited version. He managed to make some garbled response,  like a school-boy who had forgotten his words and could not hear the prompter in a school play and tried to ad lib.







These folk know full well that they are liars and that they are deceiving the public. Another Sky News man, Kiley, was recently presenting events in Syria, concerning an alleged attack on yet another Médécins Sans Frontières hospital, in a manner which was aimed at blaming the Russians, this was a matter of days after the under-reported bombing of another hospital of the same NGO, was dismissed as a mere slip of a finger on a mouse, by the United States. I suppose that could be described as fair reporting.

 Stuart Ramsey, expects us to believe that he, just happened to bump into a man who had found these files, somewhere in Syria, as if Daech would keep their files in Syria. Ramsey is attempting to build up an excuse to link Assad with Daech, a man he met somewhere told him so. Sky News as usual have no need of corroboration, any lie will do. These files would serve no purpose in Syria or anywhere else in the middle of a fire-fight. This is black propaganda.


Does anybody pay any attention to these folk these days?


Will Donald Trump Be Allowed To Be President?



Will Donald Trump Be Allowed To Be President?

While watching the Black thugs come out in force, at a Donald Trump event, I found myself wondering, what it was that Trump had said, that was so upsetting to Black people. I had the impression that he was opposed to illegal immigrants, whether they be Black, White or Brown, so why does that make Black Americans fearful, or are they as usual, being used as the Jew mouth-piece, to further Jew racism, which calls for the elimination of the White people, an idea which Blacks, as do the Jews support with gusto.

In point of fact, International Jewry has declared an open season on White people, while still calling for more museums and monuments, in commemoration of relatively minor Jew losses in World War Two, they are now in favour of the Genocide of Whites. Where are the White Patriots?

In point of fact, International Jewry has declared an open season on White people, while still calling for more museums and monuments, in commemoration of relatively minor Jew losses in World War Two, they are now in favour of the Genocide of Whites. Where are the White Patriots?

Having done so, they are now, unbelievably, whining about an upsurge in anti-Semitism. It is hard to imagine any other group of people being allowed to express such depths of hypocrisy without creating hilarity and disgust at the same time. That is the power bestowed on Jews, through the medium of Press Monopoly.

That same Press monopoly was used as the means of the mind control of the general public during the reporting of events such as the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon bombing. which has lead to the filing of a trillion-dollar claim against the Jew controlled Press for their participation and misrepresentation of events on the ground.


I am of the opinion that the same steps should be taken against those whom reported both the Charlie Hebdo attack and the more recent November 13th attack, in Paris, of which they presented much evidence, which though of great importance, they then failed to reiterate and stress the importance of this evidence, by ceasing all coverage of any eyewitness evidence at all, in order to support the ‘official” tale.

The success of this Sandy Hook, claim will not be helped by Obama’s choice of a fifth Jew on the list of a mere nine Supreme Court Judges, which means they now hold a majority, while being less than two per-cent of the US population. Allowing them to veto disagreeable decisions.

This is a criminal misuse of Presidential power. Obama has become a manipulated Dictator. Of course let us not forget, Obama was photographed, with one of the dead children on his lap, at Sandy Hook, yet another cock-up by the “continuation editor,” similar to the Pozner photo mistake, which turned up in a similar event in Pakistan, begging the question whether both events were produced in the same film studio.

In the United Kingdom, the Press of all shades, has chosen to ignore the origins and aims of the Fabian Society, which was responsible for the construction of the Labour Party and more importantly, the forging of a ruthlessly controlled European Union, which is now in place and from which there will be no way out. A situation fully supported by the Conservative Party.

In such circumstances, the British people should not be covertly confronted with spokes-people from the Labour Party, who have the distinctly biased and undemocratic aim of forcing the UK into this International Socialist Club of Europe, whatever the people demand.

It should be remembered that it was the Labour Party which offered a referendum, only to underhandedly deny the British this possibility, in order to further the aims of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and the Fabian Society.

Socialist Politicians have been surreptitiously undermining the rights of the British, with the assistance of the Conservative Party, since their creation. Both Parties are controlled by the same people behind the scenes. That is why you have been allowed Democracy.

People like Cameron and his cohorts, strutting around in a dream of their own importance, believe they and those pesky Socialists, own the system and the people are obliged to vote for one or the other.

That is the propaganda which is daily forced into the minds of children at school. I was myself fed the stupidity that to vote for any other Party, in an election, was no more than a token protest and a wasted vote, that because of the way Democracy works only Socialism or Conservatism, Left or Right can win and what other choice could there possibly be that would serve the best interests of the voter?

In the States, Donald Trump would appear to be breaking the mould, while the two main Parties, which are in lock step over all and everything, have presented a sick and sorry ghoul, Hillary Clinton, a cold and vicious woman, who cackled like the hagette she is, on hearing the News that Muammar Gadaffi had been impaled, tortured and shot by a gang of savages, funded by her and her cohorts, as the left-wing choice and there are already cries of misogyny, against those whom detest this choice of a creature from hell, as if being a woman means that you can do no evil. She is guilty of dozens of crimes and she is no less guilty than is her scum of a husband. There is a man dedicated to outing her as being complicit in murder. Yet despite all of this, she is expected to be placed into the White House by the controllers. Oh by the way, she is also under investigation for treason and the death of four Americans in Libya.

We have already experienced a Black President, who has displayed himself as a liar and a War Criminal and a hypocrite of high degree, that apparently came as a surprise to everyone, he is Black after all. So is it now necessary to elect a woman, simply for being a woman, when she is already in possession of a past for which she merits a life sentence in gaol?

I have no idea what Donald Trump will do, should he be elected but take your pick of the others and you will find that they all fit into the same footprint, in the cow-pat.

Whether he has Jew Mafia connections, ties to Israel or the Vatican or the Knights of Malta or whether he was educated by the Jesuits or secretly admires Adolf Hitler, he will be no worse than the others, they are all the same.  


So it comes as a surprise to find that most of the “alternative” media, have very little of good to say about him, while the White people are entranced, as are even the legal immigrants, whom understand full well that they will be the first to suffer, should the borders of the USA be thrown open to uncontrolled immigration.

I am beginning to have serious doubts about the Alternative Media. They are presenting such strange tales these days, tales suggesting that they have access to information, which is not available to me and others like me because we are not in the loop. Allowing them to mislead me and others should we believe what they say.

On my blog, like many others, I try to present an idea of what is happening unnoticed, around us. I am not a News Site’ however I do not write off the top of my head, I check around, read various newspapers, listen to the radio, soak up as much of the “atmosphere” of events as possible and then I write my perception of these things. So I am not an expert and I do not have the time or ability to research official documents etc. However I do occasionally come across anomalies.

During the Charlie Hebdo affair, I watched a Sky News man, pointing over his shoulder, towards a pavement which ran along the side of a large boulevard, explaining that to be the spot where the Kouachi boys had shot the policeman.

This surprised me because the incident itself, had been filmed from an upstairs window, in a narrow street, with many parked vehicles. The policeman, who was allegedly a Muslim, quite clearly died without bleeding after having been shot in the head by a Kalashnikov rifle.

When the same Sky News man later reported from the spot of the shooting, the pavement was covered in a red liquid of some sort, the reporter explained, on live television, that the red liquid had been added later, to demonstrate, presumably, how the scene would have appeared should the police victim not been shot after his interview with the Vampire. Plus he was standing in the large boulevard as he reported.

These little cock-ups, demonstrate graphically the complicity of the News media in these presentations. Several British newspapers presented eyewitness accounts which did not conform with the final version. For example whatever became of the woman who just happened to pass by the Charlie Hebdo offices, at the very moment that the Kouachi brothers were scratching their heads, wondering how to open the security locked entrance and who just happened to know the code, so she opened the door and let them enter. If these things are not true, why are we never told that the journalist had simply been misled and that there was no supporting evidence for the claim.

The woman walked into the offices with two men in black wearing balaclava and carrying a Kalashnikov, to satisfy the lack of evidence of a forced entry, through an undamaged door.

With Sandy Hook, there are so many things which simply will not stand up to scrutiny, that without the total complicity of the International Jew controlled media, the whole tale would have unravelled years ago.

The supporters make things up as they go along, furthermore there is no sort of conformity between two conflicting official explanations, which can be ignored, should it be me questioning them, blood on the pavement, or indeed blood on the dance floor, depending on the crime scene.

Should the same evidence be presented in a Courtroom it would need some sort of evidential proof of the need to contaminate the scene of a crime for example or at least some sort of justification for having done so. Or the fact that relevant information had simply been ignored.


Sadly it would appear that even the Police are complicit in following a theme, rather than looking for clues. It is almost as if they know where to be and who is to blame even before the crime takes place.

Sky News recently bragged about having been handed a dossier, listing the membership of those whom fought for Daech in the Middle East. Personally, I find that suggestion to be so unlikely as to be off the planet. Stuart Ramsey, the whispering prick who helped set-up the excuse for the Uk to bomb the shit out of Syria, using the excuse of Daech, has now produced the names of all of the killers. No shit?

As a result of this “God Send” of information, Ramsey had by the next day, discovered the presence of all of the UK citizens who had gone to serve with Daech in Syria in this list. He could even tell us the name of their maternal Grand-mother and her blood type.

Instantly, we now have the arrest of a man in Belgium, against whom there is no evidence, apart from a hunch, that he had anything to do with the November 13th attack in Paris but whose photograph was plastered all over the European Press within hours of the attacks, which made him the Most Wanted Man in the World.

This man, joins a long list of those whom once arrested, are never given the opportunity to present their side of the tale. Most of them, like Lanza at Sandy Hook, commit suicide and we never see the body. Others like Osama bin Laden, whom we have never seen in real life, is thrown into the sea. Jihad John, who remained behind his mask and spoke with a distorted voice, was nevertheless tracked down in the desert and vapourised. Gunner Rigby, lay headless on the road, for some time, with people passing by taking a peek to see if they could help, not one of them noticing that he lacked a head or that he may have been a dummy. All of the suicide bombers on 911 died along with everybody else, in a group suicide, but like Lazarus, seven of them rose from the dead and were found by the BBC. The list goes on and on. How dumb are people?

I have yet to be convinced that the character arrested in Mollenbeek, in Belgium, is anything more than an excuse to claim they have received, from him, information, which will lead to the arrest and conviction of other people. This practice has lead to “Plea bargaining” which allows a lesser sentence than does a not guilty plea, which could mean Death if eventually the accused is found guilty. That is modern justice.

Fire Chat And The Chinese Revolution.

Martin Sandford on Sky News was introducing us to the new “Ap” which apparently allows you to stay connected by “smart-phone” even after the network had been closed down.

He did not make it too clear, if the same “Ap” would allow the same access to portable computers. Never mind.  He brought on an expert to discuss the possibilities with this new gadget.

Sandford, it would appear, still believes that the “Arab Spring” was made possible by Twitter and Facebook in the hands of the tech savvy younger generation.

He asked the expert whether Fire Chat had been extensively used in Hong Kong, by the teeming masses, on the street demanding Democracy.

The expert replied, that in fact the phone network had not been taken down, so there had been no need of a new device as the older systems were adequate.

He continued to question the expert about how things had been managed in Hong Kong, the response was enough to make him piss in his pants.

“Things were not quite as we have been led to believe on the streets of Hong Kong, there is in fact mounting evidence of CIA mischief involved……………………..”

“Sorry! Sorry! We’re out of time,” Sandford yelped and cut the expert off in mid sentence.

That is a perfect example of how Sky is manipulating the News.  A genuine reporter would have leapt onto a piece of information like that, but not Sky News reporters. We can only wonder what was screamed in his ear by his producer.

Sky News, virtually on a daily basis, informs us that Iran is funding terrorism across the planet. That Russia was meddling in Ukraine, however they ignore any evidence against NATO or Israel.  This is what passes for unbiased reporting.  while John Kerry refers to Russia Today as “The Bullhorn of Propaganda.”

If I hear Sky News, one more time, letting me know, that the police hunt for the young child who has been missing for some weeks, “Is the biggest and most extensive since the terrorist attacks on 7-7.” without explaining that the reason for such an enormous operation, was the fact that the “Patsies” had not been killed by the bombs.  So they were hunted down like dogs and slaughtered in Dockland, making sure that they could speak to no one,  thus exposing the reality of the “False Flag.”  I will throw up.

Update:  This link, which I received today, 07-10-2014, appears to lend some credence to the allegations of US involvement in Hong Kong.

God Save Me From Cameron, Talking Shit In His Most “Earnest” Voice.

I am standing here,  listening to David Cameron addressing the people of Scotland,  as if they were children.  Warning them about the negative side of Independence, as if what has been happening for the last six years, as a result of British Rule, which has seen to the destruction of the “British Way of Life” if such a thing ever existed, was the positive side.

 Along the way, he has forced the people of the entire  UK to “Bail Out the Bankers” in order to pay a “Debt” which has never been adequately explained and which was quite obviously a fraud on an enormous scale, while at the same time signing a whole catalogue of “Free Trade” agreements, which paved the way for the exportation of “British” jobs to the lands of slave labour, while at the same time opening the ports to the importation of  cheap rubbish into the UK, from the slave shops, which are of course owned by Big Bankers and Industrialists, who never disclose the reality of life for  their new slaves, who are living under sheets of corrugated iron, leaning against walls,  in India and in tower blocks like battery hens, in China, to swell the wealth of the sickly rich.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot be a proud Scot and a proud Brit at the same time.” he tells his admirers.  The twats on Sky News are even now describing his rant as a  strong, vintage,  Conservative Conference style speech, which was itself banal rubbish but which “won”  him the Leadership of the Tories, as if it had not already been decided in advance and the opposition man David Davis, having spent an hour or two in an MI6 Cage, emerged a mere shadow of his real self, delivered a few words designed to present him as a “no-hoper” before disappearing into oblivion.

 I have no doubt you were, like me glued to your screen clapping as Cameron delivered his plea, however I am sure you will enjoy it one more time, so here we go.


Sky News,  having bored the intelligent portion of the people to a “Scanners” state of head bursting,  are now, in a balanced manner, feeding us some sort of rubbish from the likes of Beckham and Izzard, from Trafalgar Square, begging the Scots to remain in the British Prison instead of seeking out a cell in the European Union Bagne.

The English, sadly, can never be free. They no longer even know who they are. They have been in the pockets of the bankers since the end of The Civil War, they ave never experienced true Democracy and they will be damned if they will ever allow it for Scotland.


The BBC is of course is, as usual, feeding the useless eaters on a diet of excrement and lies, which have been picked up by the alert Freedom Fighters in Scotland, however even a massed protest outside the BBC, was not enough to get it onto the evening  news, so watch it here before it disappears, as I already seem to be on you tubes hit list.

The Continuing Tales Of Media Lies.

“In a previous episode of his propaganda show, Murnaghan was annoyed when it was suggested that the Western Media was biased, he retorted by crying out “I hope you do not include Sky News in that claim, we go out of our way to present all sides of the News.” Well Murnaghan, I can assure you that if you believe that nonsense you are not capable of fronting a News Programme. Sky News, my dear Dermot, manufactures the News. I believe your Boss is at the moment in Israel, Tweeting his own form of disinformation.

At the moment, we are being bombarded with the murder trial in South Africa, where there is a Sky Team, while in Russia and Crimea and Ukraine, Sky News-persons, are posting copy which does not deserve the name of News. They are, as they have been, in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, totally biased in favour of their Jewish owners and lastly we have the News Hen, whom is reportedly considered to be the most detested face on television, covering the Case of the Missing Airliner in Malaya.

This is strangely, the subject of the Tweets of her Boss Rupert Murdoch. Why, you might ask, is Murdoch interested in the fate of an airliner? Could he know something that we are not being told?

We are belatedly being informed that there had been far more contact with the airliner, than we had previously been told. Which demands the question, why were we not told? Who has the power to suppress important information of this nature and why? Certainly not a band of Pirates, which it is now being suggested may have taken control of the plane.

Taking control of a Jet-Liner, is not a task to be undertaken lightly. There is need of much planning and preparation, not only for the taking of the plane but more importantly, to where it is to be taken and the necessity of a landing site, which would guarantee a safe conclusion to the exploit.

These needs would suggest the participation of a National Government, with a team of Flight Controllers who could be trusted to keep their mouths shut. So from where could these needs be met, within the range of the Airliner? Well the most obvious destination must surely be the brand new State of Rothschild, Kazakhstan. I am sure that whatever precious cargo was on the plane, could be safely unloaded, whether that cargo be Human or Mineral and the plane sent on its way, to be found in some out-of-the-way location, hopefully with a dazed and bemused group of passengers, alive and well, on board.”

Since writing the above clip, which referred to the manipulation of the News by Sky News and other “News” outlets, there have been certain “leaks” which would appear to justify my doubts as to the voracity of the currently accepted version of events.

The most telling “leak” of all, must surely be the reports that it is no longer possible for a jet-liner to be “lost” while in flight. When all other systems fail, the real “fail-safe” system is built into the Rolls Royce motors, the performance of which is logged by Rolls Royce engineers, whom would be aware of the exact location of the aircraft at all times.

Should this event have been, as is now being suggested, a form of suicide by one of the pilots, whom deliberately turned off the Transponders and headed off in the direction of the South Pole, spending five hours or more in flight, all of which would have been logged, why are we not hearing about desperate attempts to contact the plane to ask the simple question, “What in f**ks name do you think you are doing?” Why does everything invite the inevitable response, that there is something else going on?

The saturation coverage of this event, rivalled 911, in its intensity. Apart from Russia Today, by whom the News was delivered in a perfectly normal manner, without any extraordinary emphasis on the missing aircraft.

The Alternative Media is divided on the issue, between “No Planers” and those whom suggest the participation of the Taliban in Pakistan, in preparation of some sort of response to the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan by the US, the anniversary of which will soon be upon us.

I have serious doubts about this idea, as it suggests that these are the folk with enough experience of hi-jacking to carry out such an attack. This is quite obviously a red herring, if for no other reason than the fact that the Taliban are fully aware that no such event as the assassination of Bin Laden occurred in Pakistan or anywhere else, simply because Bin Laden, if he ever existed, was already dead and gone. Plus having been a part of the 911 scam, they would also be aware that it was also a fraud.

So we must ensure that should any such event occur, as a form of retribution for the killing of Bin Laden, that the finger remains pointed in the right direction, towards those whom are in fact responsible for the bulk of so-called terrorist attacks, whom always gain advantage from them, the controlling elite.

There is one reality in the middle of all of this nonsense, we will not be getting any sort of guidance from the mainstream media.  It goes without saying that however incredible the event, there will be unquestioning acceptance of the establishment version and the propagation of nothing else.

Putin is a perfect example of this strategy, having actually done very little that could be described as questionable, he has been condemned, across the board, by many establishment figures.  While not one journalist has posed the question, in any serious manner, “So the people of Crimea have decided to re-join Russia, which it is their perfect right to so do, having been arbitrarily handed over to Ukraine in 1954, without any say in the matter, where is the problem in that?”

The simple answer to this question would surely be, no problem, we are simply trying to generate a feeling of unease, suggesting that this could well be the first step in Putin’s desire to conquer the world, in order to conceal the real purpose which is the Elite’s desire to rule the world, a desire which will very soon be realised, thanks to the assistance of the “Free Press.”

While Putin is taking this flack, the same Media is putting the fear of flying back on the top of the agenda, by ignoring all of the anomalies in the official tale and presenting a garbled fantasy of what is in effect a load of crapola, which makes no sense whatsoever, suggesting that a flight crew, could deliberately shut off safety devices and apparently, without interference from more than two hundred passengers and crew, fly for a further five hours, until the plane falls into the sea, at the very spot where it was suggested that it might, without even knowing whether it had continued to fly, when this was suggested.

While all this drivel was being presented, what have we all been missing in the meantime?


Will They Force A War On Putin If He Wants It Or Not?

The above headline is a mimic of the words of Winston Churchill, when he and his Jewish friends were intent on provoking, what became the Second World War, on Adolf Hitler and Germany.

More than seventy years on, we are still being spoon fed, arrant rubbish about the causes of this war and of most of the events which took place, using this war as a form of camouflage.

It has long been claimed that the BBC was the main propaganda machine of the City of London, as they, along with Jewish Financiers in  New York, were callously cornering Hitler into a position where he was obliged to take action, to protect ethnic Germans, whom were being slaughtered by the Jewish War Machine, in  order to generate an excuse to launch a war, for which they had been crying out since 1933.

Well the BBC is no longer on its own, they now have the full support of the Jewish controlled Sky News, in their efforts to deceive the British people into yet another conflict, which will cost a lot of Christian lives and as usual very few Jewish lives.

The newly installed Jewish Leaders in Kiev have already made the deals with  Exxon, Chevron and the International Monetary Fund, which will supply the poisoned loan which will cost the entire reserve of Shale Gas which the Jewish owned Oil Companies are even now preparing to pump out of the ground, destroying Ukraine’s greatest treasure in  the process, its underground water reserves, which have ensured the fertility of their vast wheat prairies.

This was the wheat which was stolen from the Ukrainian people and sold for profit, in order to buy arms for the Red Army.  This sad episode, as was the same thing, when it was the City of London carrying out a similar atrocity against the Irish, constantly referred to as a Famine.

The numbers deaths involved in both of these crimes, is systematically  reduced, in both cases, to “around about a million,” when in fact in Ireland it was “around about five million” while in the Ukraine, ten million.   These are of course examples of Jewish Genocides which are never discussed.

Ironically, while Jewish power in Russia is on the wane, the people of the Ukraine, are choosing to align themselves with the European Union, which is wholly controlled by the Communist Bolsheviks, by whom they are already being trapped into debt slavery.

It is surely becoming more clear by the day, that the thugs, whom were referred to as anti-Semitic and anti-Communist are no more than paid stooges of the West, who will soon vanish from the political scene, leaving the rape of Ukraine in the hands of the Jews.

Putin, on the other hand, must tread carefully, he is intelligent enough to have noticed, that he has quite suddenly become Hitler. He has retaken Danzig, if you like, now he must wait and see how much violence is carried out against ethnic Russians in the East of Ukraine.

Hitler made the huge error  of taking the word of the British Jew Anthony Eden, that Britain would support him if he moved to protect Ethnic Germans in Czechoslovakia and Poland, having just made a Treaty, with France, promising to protect the borders of Poland against attack.  I have no doubt that the Jewish leadership in Kiev, will soon be signing a similar deal with the Jewish War Machine, NATO.

The strangest thing of all, in the middle of all this cant and hypocrisy, we have all of those Zionist Friends of Israel, crying about a Land Grab, while urging the Jewish Mafia to grab as much of Palestine as they like, without fear of International Law nor of the criticism of the International Community, whatever that is.