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We’re All Rebels Now! Lets Go For It.

The whole of Europe and indeed the World, is fighting a common enemy. This enemy is never named. It is never discussed. It is always there laughing at us as we struggle to survive its persistent attacks.

We have all of the necessary fire-power to defeat this enemy but it is never employed. Political leaders across Europe know how to deal with the problem, they would however, prefer to see countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy destroyed, rather than attack the strangle-hold of the Central Banking System and the true destroyer of us all, Compound Interest.

The logical conclusion of this crime, is that all of the wealth of Europe will end up in the vaults of Central Banks, while the rest of us will be unable to buy a biscuit.

This is a ludicrous situation and is blatantly fraudulent. It did not happen by accident, the politicians whom allowed the installation of this system were either complicit, for personal gain or under threat of death.

The total silence of modern-day politicians in the European Parliament and other National Parliaments, indicates the continuing fear of the menaces of the bankers and their own private Murder Inc.

Notice for example, that the perpetrators of this vast hoax, The City of London, make use of safe havens for their own swag and that of their rich friends in The Bahamas and other tax-free zones.

We The People are Slaves to financial fraudsters.  Millions of us are living in tent cities because our homes are now no more than Tied Cottages, which means that your lodging goes with the job, lose your job and you are homeless.

This banking scum, are demolishing whole housing estates of empty homes, rather than allow families to make use of them.

Right now in the middle of this deliberately created financial scam, in the US we can watch a bunch of distasteful, brainless, Presidential, hopeful puppets, calling for more war. Proposing the murder of people with whom they disagree, on television, no less.

In the UK, in Parliament, for the last four weeks, they have discussed the Health Service. In France, the “Socialists” are proposing slight modifications to the Austerity measures. The Germans no longer want to pay for all this, when in  fact they are only pretending to pay for it all. Behind the scenes all the fiscal rules are being broken to further the aims of the Central Bankers, which is quite simply to destroy Europe.

They are proposing Austerity, rather than a policy of investment to create jobs, because they have no intention of creating jobs. We are all being sucked dry. When a “Person in Public” whom was once the Man in the Street, is asking the question, “Why are they not investing in wealth creation?” you know there is something going on. This is a G20 operation. We are in Private hands now.

Greece has just been forced, screaming, to take an injection of poison, knowing full well that this is the fatal dose, they will never be able to shake off its effects. Greek politicians opened the door to the Big Bad Wolf, which will now come in and gobble up Grandma.

The European Union is a total failure. It has, instead of enriching member states, as promised, brought us all to our knees. Billions of Euros which have been paid to the Commission, have simply vanished. The Commission has never had its accounts signed off, that is, found to be in balance, they have, themselves an enormous deficit, of which we never hear. The rest of us will be expected to pay for this theft.

It has become quite clear that the real reason behind the European Union is a power grab. The insane desire to take control of everything. This has been in the planning since the beginning of the Twentieth Century and is now almost in place.

You can make your choice. You either want an element of freedom, or you can become nothing more than a tool, to assist greedy sociopaths in their continual obscene desire for wealth.  Join the Jolly Ploughboy’s, be as free as a country boy.