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Full Circle Seems To Be Taking Us Back To Sodom & Gomorrah.


While the Politburo in Brussels, is threatening to make it difficult for the British to continue to export their products into Europe, after ‘Brexit’, they are concealing the fact, that most of the ‘real’ British industry, along with that of the rest of Europe and the world,  has long been relocated to slave labour States, and will be imported back into Europe, along with all of the other European products which are now made in China, for ‘International Industrialists’, (I wonder whom they might be)without any tariffs or other problem, which was the reason for the ‘Free Trade Agreements’ in the first place. The European Union, is a useless, unnecessary, extortion racket, which has destroyed Europe, to make the rich richer.

Despite our ‘smartphones’ and ‘snapshot’ or whatever else is being used to maintain the people in their dream state, not much else has changed in the ‘modern world’. We have been living in the same slaughter-house since Biblical’ times and there is very little sign of a change on the horizon.

Common sense would suggest there to be a reason for this state of affairs. Given the chance, most people would prefer to live and let live, so what has been interfering with that admirable philosophy? The simple answer to that question is money and greed.

The distant past, which was peopled by a race which gave us pyramids, using a form of construction which modern man can only dream of repeating, on all continents, suggesting there to have been some form of international cooperation, which would account for the obvious similarity between structures in South American and Egypt, which can only mean that the same level of intelligence was involved in both.

There have been persistent attempts to hide this ancient history from modern man, using a form of control which is based on idiotic ideas like ‘Big Bangs’ ‘Evolution’ ‘Gravity’ and many other unproven or indeed unverifiable rubbish, which has been deliberately generated by those with a vested interest in maintaining a state of virtual savagery to suit their own aims.

When I look back at my own education, I am amazed at how shallow it actually was. I was in fact ‘brain-washed’ by teachers, whom were themselves contaminated with the same rubbish. This problem is now so deep-seated into the modern psyche that it is impossible to question any aspect of it without being ridiculed.

‘Believers’ can insist that they are not only more intelligent than non-believers, they are prepared to force the heretics to conform. This is verging on the brutality of the Middle Ages, which is even now being encouraged in the Middle East, where Christians are being slaughtered out of hand by the various branches of Islam, all of whom are being controlled by a hidden hand.

The more you look into things, whether political or religious, the less you actually understand, a situation which defies logic, the more you study the less you know?

I am a Christian, which means in simple terms that I follow the teaching of a man called Jesus Christ. What could be simpler than that? But hold on, somewhere along the line, it was decided by an unknown hand, that my beliefs had to be incorporated into a dreary old tome called the Bible. It eventually incorporated Pagan ideas of blood sipping and cannibalism into its doctrine.

The Bible is full of meaningless drivel, much of which has been called ‘prophecy’ and relates, miraculously, to modern-day events. It is also full of tales of Gods’ talking to men and handing them blocks of stone with the rules of life cut into them.

Those whom claim to have been specially chosen, by one of these Gods, turn out to be the most brutal of all the races discussed in this Bible and they have paid the least attention to the rules of life, which they claim to have received from their God, than have the rest of us.

This all culminated in the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah, where these same people were destroyed by their God, for partaking in the acts called bestiality, and in modern times, butt-f**king and paedophilia. Modern day versions of these two towns are now to be found all over the Western World, so this begs the question as to what is the connection between Sodom and Gomorrah and towns such as Las Vegas or Hollywood?

The answer to that question is perfectly clear, the same folk whom were responsible for the licentious behaviour in Sodom and Gomorrah and after that in Rome and then Berlin, have now installed themselves in the modern world, at the heart of The White Slavery racket, gambling and the business of Bread and Circuses, to distract the attention of the sheeple from reality. I wonder whom those psychopaths could be?

Politics are in the same position. We were fed the tale, that during The Great War, when the Russian army was occupied with fighting in the trenches, that a handful of Zionist Bolsheviks, simply took control and killed the Royal Family and set up Communism in Russia.

Twenty years later, out of the blue, another World War which destroyed Germany and a Zionist government popped up, out of nowhere, to take control of a humbled Germany and they have held on to that power ever since.

Next came this strange animal called The European Union, which was a ‘stand alone’ government, elected by nobody, set up by a hidden hand, controlled by unknown bureaucrats, whom have managed to place a bunch of men, from the stable of a group of bankers called Goldman Sachs, into positions of financial control all across Europe, not to mention the rest of the world. But do not worry there is no conspiracy involved, it is all by sheer chance.

For some years now, we have been involved in two serious wars. The Drug War and the War Against Terrorism. The Drug War was used as cover for the fact, that certain survivors from Sodom and Gomorrah, have now taken control of the criminal world, which was, in favour of forcing the value of illicit drugs through the roof, to make the business more lucrative.

This has been achieved. The drug war involved ‘Big Pharma’ which maliciously used addictive drugs like Opium and Cocaine, in their useless pills, which were used to produce millions of addicts across the world, whom believed the ‘high’ which they received from the dose of illicit drug in the pill,  to be a sign of its efficacy, and quickly became hooked. This lucrative trade for the ‘legal’ drug companies,came under threat,  when the Taliban in Afghanistan decided to ban the production of Opium Poppies, so in went ‘Our Boys’ to solve the problem.

The War Against Terrorism was a total farce. There was no terrorism of any importance, so it had to be invented, through the use of the Gutter Media and Hollywood.  That invention has been so successful, that there are few people, whom now doubt the truth of Muslim Terrorism. So one might ask, who or whom decided that now would be a good moment to import millions of these Muslim ‘terrorists’ into the midst of the dupes, whom have spent the past fifteen years destroying the Muslim World?

Just by chance, that act of mass immigration into White Europe, happens to coincide with the desires of those whom were responsible for the construction of the European Union, how bizarre?  The heads of White People have actually been on the chopping block for a century now and things are getting worse by the day.

These scurrilous acts can be traced all the way back to Sodom and Gomorrah, down through Rome, Berlin, Hollywood and Las Vegas, we are all in fact, now trapped in the modern-day shit of shamelessly allowing tiny children to be treated with hormones, in an attempt to interfere with their sexuality, believing ourselves to be more caring and open-minded, for so doing. 

We are living in a soup of filth and appear to be proud of it. Men and women have been ruthlessly turned against one another and the rearing of children has fallen into the hands of the demons of the night. What sort of brainless idiots, would hand out flowers to the very people whom are promising to destroy them? Maybe those people living in the Dark Heart of the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, should be looking over their shoulder, worrying about the wrath of their God. Let us all hope and pray that God hits the three main targets and once and for all sorts out this festering sickness, which is drowning us all.



They Have Put The Germans Through The Mangle, Now It’s Our Turn.

“Step by step, I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of Communism in Europe are sinister and fatal. At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russian colleague, condemned Nazi Aggression and Terror. I believe now that Hitler and the German People did not want war. But we, {England}, declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of Balance of Power, and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans'{Jews} around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler’s pleading, not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right. He offered us the co-operation of Germany: instead, since 1945, we have been facing the immense power of the Soviet Empire. I feel ashamed and humiliated to see that the aims we accused Hitler of, are being relentless pursued now, only under a different label.” (Ashamed and Humiliated The British Attorney General, Sir Hartle Shawcross, said in a speech at Stourbridge, March 16/84 (AP))

The German people have been accused, since the end of the Second World War, of what is described as the greatest crime against humanity, in  the history of the world, or some such nonsense. The reality of this crime is built on shifting sands and daily more and more of it vanishes.

The reality of the crimes which were perpetrated by the various Jewish controlled governments of our time, have surpassed anything that was carried out by the National Socialists, in sheer numbers and cruelty. Yet these crimes are never mentioned. For example, how can it be that more Germans were starved to death by the incoming German Government, after the war, which was controlled by Zionists, than the combined number of Jews on the planet, and yet this never gets a mention in the mainstream media

Why do History text-books, in Western schools, including those in Germany, never discuss the fact, that after the end of the Great War, Zionist Bolsheviks, did not only take control of revolutionary Russia, they also grabbed control of Germany.

The Weimar Republic, which was  Jewish controlled,  deliberately transformed Germany into a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, where any deviancy was applauded and presented as some form of freedom. The well-known problems of inflation and industrial decline were brought about, to destroy the morale of the German people.

One only need watch films such as Cabaret, which was based on the writings of Christopher Isherwood, to get an idea of the sordid sub-life, which pervaded Germany in the nineteen twenties and thirties.

These same tactics are once again being employed in the West to engender the same result. Binge drinking, youngsters vomiting in the streets of UK towns at weekends, the encouragement of gratuitous sex and the ubiquitous availability of hard-core pornography, are all part of this Frankfurt School agenda.

The election of the National Socialists, under Adolf Hitler, whom recognised the intent of the Zionists set about driving them out of positions of power. The Jews for their part, immediately declared war on Germany.

Within six years, Hitler had transformed Germany from being an annexe of Hell, into the richest country in Europe. This was achieved by getting rid of the Bankers and introducing his own monetary system. Everything else, which you have been told about Hitler is a lie.

Germany was destroyed in order to bring it to heel. As soon as the war ended, Germany once again fell under the control of the Zionists. Angela Merkel is a Bolshevik Jew. The German people have been kept subdued, using the guilt of the holocaust, as a means of maintaining control, in the manner that the Crucifixion of Christ was employed against Jews.

During the period from the start of hostilities in the First World War to the present day, hundreds of millions of innocent people have been deliberately slaughtered, under orders from a ruthless Shadow Government. We, in the “Free West” are now in a form of Limbo. Like Germany in the Nineteen Twenties, our industrial base has been destroyed, no steps are being taken to rebuild it and it is daily becoming clear that something is coming and when it gets here it will not be pretty.

Anybody whom believes that sixty-five million Russian Christians were wiped out by a brutal police force, which behaved in a manner which no UK Copper would employ, is in for shock. Western Police Forces are now basically manned by psychopaths, whom will kill to order. They have been carefully selected to take on this job. The Military, “Our Boys,” are the same breed, this is why a voluntary Army is preferred to conscripted one. “Our Boys,” have to be restrained from gratuitous torture and killing.

White European Man is being destroyed. They are being steadily sterilised. Their numbers are already in “free-fall.”  Most racism is against people of European origin. The Zionist controlled media has declared it be Politically Incorrect to name the race or colour of racist attackers, unless of course, it is a white European whom attacks another ethnic group member.

The decline in the white European population is being masked by immigration. The indigenous population of Europe has declined by millions, which is why the immigrants have been invited in.

The Zionist press and other media, is daily reporting incidents of the Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman type, announcing loudly that Zimmerman was white, when in fact he has a black ancestry. Protests are given such biased and mass coverage, that if Zimmerman is found to have no case to answer, there are those whom are even now planning riots in protest.

This is to deny the hundreds of thousands of black on white attacks, which are of a demonic nature, including the rape and murder of an eighty-five year old Great-Great Grandmother, in front of her ninety-one year old husband, whom also died as a result of the attack and the ritual rape, torture and dismemberment of a white couple all of which were carried out by black men.

The most likely cause of death amongst black teenage boys, is to be shot by another black gang member. The black community itself is being duped, as they too are under attack. Blacks have been in decline in the US since the introduction of abortion. There is hardly a black family left in the US with a live-in father, such is the decline in their social life.

In every election in Europe, despite the manufactured decline in the economies of all major countries, the reserve team has been elected. There is not one example of a rejection of the system which has deliberately destroyed Europe in order to create a Neo-Serfdom, from which there will be no escape. Our Governments can print enough money to give us all Social Security pay-outs, in order to control us all, in exactly the same way in which they print money to pay for wars. Money is a myth which needs to be exposed.

In A Democracy We Are All Responsible. WE Are Declaring World War Three.

NATO, our War Machine, in our name, is busily building up our forces around Syria and Iran, to protect us, from people whom pose no threat and whom, despite what we are being told by the Zionist controlled press, are probably better off than we are.

We have become so accustomed to our servitude, that we no longer notice how obese we have become, how the cost of health care has sky rocketed, how the Health Service should more rightly be called the Bad Health Service. How our doctors have become purveyors of chronic illness, through the use of vaccines.

There has been no investigation into the prevalence of all forms of Cancer, the enormous increase in Autism, Alzheimer’s  Disease, male sterility and the huge numbers of Citizens, in the Free West, whom are likely to be taking drugs to combat depression, until the day they die.

I think we can safely say that our Democratically elected Governments are not too concerned about our state of health and general well-being. But what the hell? Who cares? Just so long as we have Football, Cricket, Television, Facebook, Twitter and the freedom to vomit in the gutter on a Saturday night, what more could anyone want?

Sadly, as in Cricket or Baseball, if you take your eye off the ball, you are out. Most of us are not even aware of the function of the “Ball of Life” never mind the strategy of the “Game.” Well sadly the result will be a replay between Sodom and Gomorrah.

We have been deliberately, “Dumbed Down,” “Drugged Up”  and rendered redundant, by Members of Administrations, which include huge numbers of perverts, paedophiles and every shade of criminality which in fact make them no different from the inmates of any prison.

The US has sunk or has been scuttled to such a low level, that Fifty Million Americans, that is more than four times the population of Cuba, are destitute. Children in the US are suffering from malnutrition.

Hundreds of thousands are living in  tents, some in their cars. I do not suppose too many Cuban boat people are risking their lives, seeking a better life in the US these days.

The European Union, through the Zionist controlled banking system, has brought every country in the Union to its knees.

The Commission has overseen the exportation of most European industry overseas.

They now claim that they are helping to repair the problems, which they deliberately created, by taking even more money out of the pockets of the People, to pass it to the bankers.

While they are following this strategy, which will only make things worse, they claim to be in the process of creating jobs.

Nobody, whom I have asked, understands where NATO is finding the money to destroy, country after country. The list is a long and bloody, murderous, criminal campaign, stretching from the Balkans to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and soon Iran and Syria.

Well just a word in your ear, it does not exist until it is printed. It is all outside the Military budget, which allegedly exists. Later on, of course, a debt will be laid at our door, and we will be obliged to pay back, money which is a fiction.

This is “Top Secret” the people must never be allowed to understand how the money system works.

“We the People,” are here to do as we are told.  We are considered to be so stupid as to make no protest, no matter of how much we are robbed.

The UK Government, is placing a “Cap,” on the amount of money which they are prepared to pay to subsidise the rent of un-employed people’s homes.

It has been estimated that this will put 50,000 families at risk of being made homeless.

People with children will have to be re-housed elsewhere.  Elsewhere is called “Bed and Breakfast” accommodation. The cost of this will be in excess of the rent payable on the former home.

Many of these homeless people, will be finding themselves homeless, for the second time. They were originally made homeless when they were forced into un-employment, when their jobs went to China and they could no longer afford the Mortgage payments on their homes.

These people found accommodation in rented properties, which cost more than the Mortgage on their own home. The Government was prepared to pay the entire rent, when it would have been cheaper to help pay the Mortgage on the original home.

This strategy, was responsible for forcing up the Rent on private accommodation. These caring Politicians are now attacking the Job Seeker, for a second time, using the excuse of making people go out and find work, in an economy where un-employment is increasing relentlessly, instead of forcing landlords to reduce rent and making it illegal to evict families.

Should Landlords choose to leave homes vacant, rather than reduce the rent, the Local Council has the right to commandeer the houses to shelter the needy. That is the position a caring Government should adopt.

However, huge numbers of rented homes are in the grip of the same Bankers whom have control of our Politicians.

Gadaffi’s father died in a tent, because he agreed with his son, that for him to be housed, in a manner that was better than the average Libyan, was unethical. He would not accept a house until every family in Libya had their own home.

Libya, under Gadaffi, had no National debt. We, “The Free People of the World,” will never be able to repay the debt which has been thrown on to our shoulders.  We will all be “Debt Slaves” from here to eternity.

So whom will benefit from the up-coming war? Will the British and French Peoples be proud to find themselves killing even more Muslims, while still skulking behind that tired old excuse of Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Is the average voter so stupid that he cannot see the criminality of the banking system? Can they not see that it is only the weapon shops and the construction companies, which gain from war and death? They dream of blood running in the streets.

Do they not understand, that it was amongst “Party-Goers” such as themselves, that poor old Lot, could not find one good man, in Sodom or Gomorrah, in order to stop the wrath of God, which would rain down from the skies.


Lyrics of “The Game”  Roy Harper.


There’s an owl in the valley fixing his prey
He’s not counting the tally
It’s down to what comes up before the day
And the trees in the orchard were taken from a narrow view of time
Where the minds of the tortured perpetuated patron saints of crime
Oh civilisation.

I can fit into your puzzle but it’s hardly, hardly ever a hold
And I’ll tell you, yeah yeah, tell you the trouble
The habits I’ve got are more than 10.000 years old
And we cannot sell our souls to learning morals
Big brother is no place for us to slide
We cannot live by numbers or on laurels
And hardly on how far from death we hide.

And it’s not a case of rampant paranoia
But just an age I’d love to see unborn
Not that I’d be missing playing Goya
More like I feel awkward passing on
Civilisation, civilisation down to my children
Without a question.

While the prophets of freedom, battery farming brains for narrow minds
Have decided, yes they decided that meaning is far beyond the lives they left behind
As two thirds of the population dine
On scraps in shadow lengthening with time
While propaganda spreads the same old theme
You is me and we can change the game, bullshit.

Oh but how many times have we written these lines
And delivered these signs and not made it happen
Walking the tightrope of taking our head off
Losing the rhythm, idealising and all criticising
And not realising that we’ve changed and left and we’ve gone.

And sad to be leaving the things we believe in but time has a way and we fly
The next age is born and the old hands are gone and done in the wink of an eye
No point in passing bad reason good guessing, no time for massing much more than can flourish with love.

And right now, my darling, I’m lying here dreaming of feeling, no daylight between us
So wherever you are and whenever I’m there is someplace we’ve got to be ours
Can we right-heartedly stand in this light and see what might turn out to be crazy enough, enough to be we ?

When we’ve had a past sad enough to last for sometime into the future
These storms have torn and true love is alone and the past is almost a failure
Consciences burn in the programme turn, computing the social behaviour
But yoke revolts, the foundation bolts and cries for yet another saviour.

And I’d pack my things on a pair of wings and tomorrow I’d be parting
With the summer birds and the winter herds for a place to face a new heart in
But it makes no difference, where I am I’m in the game first hand
There are no certain answers and no time to understand
The rules are set to paradox, coercion and blind faith
The goal’s a changing paradise, a moment out of date
The dream is righteous grandeur fit to flood the universe
The fact is more than meets the eye but less than runs the earth, running the earth.

And the prisoner of the present paces up and down inside his cell
He’s the living replacement, somersaulting from this psychic well
Screaming : ‘I’m the sponsor of a hell’
Voices like the sea inside a shell
Telling me I cannot stake a claim
Possession is a clue but not the game
So please leave this world as clean as when you came.

So please leave this world as clean as when you came
Please leave this world as clean as when you came
Please leave this world as clean as when you came
Please leave this world as clean as when you came.