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The UK Press Knows The Full Extent Of Establishment Paedophilia And Are Keeping Mum!

Here can be seen a photograph of early 1970's  Radio 1 disc jockeys  outside all Saints Church. From back row, (L-R); Paul Gambaccini, Ed Stewart, John Peel, Simon Bates, Paul Burnett, Jimmy Savile, Tom Browne, Alan freeman, Dave Lee Travis, Noel Edmonds, Annie Nightingale, David Hamilton and Tony Blackburn.

There is hardly a journalist left standing in the UK, who is prepared to put his job on the line, to report the real truth of events such as the paedophile scandal, which has just emerged at the BBC.

This event is heaven-sent for a real investigative journalist, however with the high cost of a mortgage and the dwindling number of journalistic jobs, it is easier to keep your mouth shut.

Jimmy Savile was apparently, that kind of pervert, which is much-loved by the Elite. For this reason he has left his slime on all sections of the Establishment, up to and including the Royal Family.

Now that it has been stressed that we are all free to place posters on the sub-way walls calling Muslims savages, as an expression of our freedom of speech, we can hardly be gaoled for questioning our politicians about their own behaviour, in any club or secret society of which they may be a member.

We are also free to question the behaviour of a member of the Royal Family, who had to be relieved of certain state duties, because of his association with paedophiles.  We should also be free to question the connection between the murder of sixteen young lads and a bunch of paedophiles in a Masonic Lodge, which may have included a Prime Minister of the UK and the same member of the Royal Family. This Royal also has a connection to the Queen Victoria School in Dunblane.

The enquiry into Jimmy Savile would not be complete without investigating all of these matters, wherever they may lead. However, let me assure you, we will not be getting a glimpse at the report on the enquiry into the Dunblane Massacre any time soon and we will certainly not see either of the Royal Princes, whom may have been involved with Savile being called as witnesses in any enquiry.

While Parliament is calling for a complete enquiry by the BBC, into how  Savile and many others managed to get away with their antics for so long, the trail, which was already sign-posted in the Dunblane Enquiry, has wound up in Downing Street itself, where the question should surely be, having been aware of the allegations which were apparently made concerning members of the Government, no action was taken by Downing Street? Has there been a cover-up?

In the absence of reliable evidence, speculation about the contents of the Dunblane enquiry have run wild. The Investigative press has failed in its duty to follow the leads which have been available for some time, including the statements which were made by members of the teaching staff at the Queen Victoria School in Dunblane. Rumours are rife online that Gordon Brown himself was involved in some way. An adviser to Blair’s Cabinet certainly was  and yet there does not appear to be any evidence of an enquiry. Now, in the midst of a scandal at the BBC, questions are once again being asked about paedophiles in Downing Street and Parliament.

Lord George Robertson, whom has been named as the man whom facilitated the arming of the Dunblane killer, has claimed that this is not true. He failed to explain why he took his son out of a group which was run by the killer. He does not appear to have made any statement about events at the Speculative Society and whether he had been present at any of the events attended by boys from the Queen Victoria School. In fact what appears to have been an enormous group of Upper Class paedophiles, has been completely ignored by the press. So lets not waste too much time wondering about how Savile got away with it.

There is a short film of Savile groping a girl on live TV. The girl complained to a member of staff and she was told to, “clear off.” Take a look at the film, it is clear that Savile is having a laugh with the cameramen. They must have known what was going on, so lets forget this nobody knew business, everybody knew.

The reason that nothing came out of the mouths of fellow Disc Jockey’s, is more likely because they were all involved in the same game in different ways. If the BBC had devoted as much time to keeping an eye on the guys whom had access to young girls, as they do to making sure nobody gets to ask a difficult question on a phone-in, things would soon be cleaned up in the dressing rooms of presenters.

I would like to hear from some of the Music Press Reporters, whom were in and around the BBC at the time, many of whom worked for the likes of Sounds and NME, alongside DJs such as John Peel, whom had their own columns.

I would also like to know why BBC producers allowed Disc Jockey’s to invite  their audience, many of whom would have been extremely young girls, to send in photos of themselves, in a nudge, nudge, wink, wink, manner. What could be the reasoning behind that.

As for trotting out the same “That’s what it was like back then,” excuse is ridiculous, it was not “like that” unless you were allowed to get away with it, as it still is today.