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All Of The Ex-Slaves And The Colonised Arrive For Their Free Lunch From Whitey.

‘Kanye West’ a Black Millionaire, who has made his stack of cash from mumbling rap rubbish, has had the temerity to point out that there is little difference between those whom work, in order to pay for a meagre existence, and those whom choose to sit on their Black bums, doing nothing, while being paid for it, and whom are a lot better off than those whom work for a pittance.

The Black ‘Welfare Scroungers’, the ex-slaves, whom have never been slaves, fail to mention the fact that ‘freed’ Black slaves, were distraught at finding themselves ‘free’ to feed clothe and house themselves for a change, which came as a great shock to their systems and whom to this day are still complaining about whichever hand is held out to feed them, now that they do not even have to pick a bale of cotton in return for the charity they receive.

The unmentioned reality in the disUnited States, clearly shows there to be far more unemployed, penniless Whites, living in poverty, being shot by Cops, raped by Blacks, mugged by Blacks, murdered by Blacks and being blamed by Blacks, for the poor quality of Black Lives, than there are Blacks whom can make the same claims. This situation is disgraceful and yet it is never discussed.

These millions of dirt poor Whites, whom never get a mention in the ‘News’ and most certainly never a see a sign of a Black in the streets, calling for Justice for White people, we all know everything is alright for Whitey, so Black people claim, while calling for evermore consideration for those poor ol’ Blacks.

The Black whiners will soon find themselves traveling in the last wagon of the ‘gravy train, in the now disUnited States, which is fast being swamped by a new generation of Welfare Cheats. Incomers whom will initially take on the jobs which Blacks refuse to do, for a few months that is, after which they will make the same lifestyle choice as those poor deserving Blacks, once they find that Welfare pays better than work.

In America, as in other White Christian Countries, which are fully controlled by the same hidden hand, every effort is being made to present Blacks as being treated less generously than are the ‘Supremacist’ Whites. One of these cynical measures is the use of percentages as a means of measuring a communities situation, when a more balanced measurement, would deliver a completely different picture.

Out of every one hundred workers in the dole queue, to simplify the arithmetic, let us suppose that thirteen of them would be Black and eighty-seven White, which is the difference in the percentage of the Black and White population of America, how can it possibly be fairly claimed, that the Blacks should be given priority in the hiring for any available job, simply because they are Black? The same form of discrimination would allow any high percentage of the number of one-legged unemployed, in the same queue, priority in hiring for any available job, whether they were capable of carrying it out or not.

Numbers are what counts and real figures, graphically demonstrate that there are massive numbers of Whites, whom found themselves made homeless, when their houses were re-possessed, after the Banking Blackmail in 2008, while very few Blacks, whom were living on Welfare, found themselves, suddenly living in their cars.

The actual numbers of people living in poverty are what count, not fictitious percentage figures, which are dredged up and used to suit another agenda. The reality being that there are millions more Whites living in distress than there are Blacks.

Across Europe, particularly in France where there have been many demonstrations and strikes against amendments to workers rights and other Social changes, it becomes instantly noticeable, that it is mainly White French people protesting. There are immigrants along with them, but they are almost un-noticeable when distributed evenly amongst a crowd of the average population. That is a reality and an indication of which section of the population is funding the ever-growing numbers of the immigrant unemployed.

In recent times I have taken advantage of ‘Lidl-land’ near to where I live, which is the only business around, where it is possible to find good quality electric tools, of all sorts, whether for the kitchen or the workshop, which are made in Europe, mostly in Germany.

I was recently in the After Sales Service of the once French owned Castorama, a Do-It-Yourself super store, which has now fallen into the hands of the British B&Q, from where I had recently bought a couple of electric tools, which had worked for a couple of hours, before breaking down.

During the time I was waiting to be dealt with, a woman was complaining about the service available at Castorama these days. The woman, who was dealing with her, agreed and said quite loudly, that it had been far better in the days before the British took control. I was in total agreement with her, back then, in the good old days, Castorama had a workshop, staffed by men whom knew how things worked, while now they dealt uniquely with throw-away rubbish, which was not worth repairing, without a mechanic in sight. All of it thanks to Free Trade Agreements.

Anyway back to Lidl. A few hundred yards from Lidl, there is a well-known French Supermarket, which is stacked with a huge choice of all and everything, including their own produce, which is of good quality. The clientele is in the main White French, as is the workforce. While at Lidl, it is as if you have entered another country, which I call ‘Lidl-Land’.

Lidl, have taken the notion of employing a mixture of Races to the limit and their customers reflect the same thing. There is hardly a White French face in the building. I have personally never seen as many Arab and Black women, as there are to be found in Lidl, pushing chariots full of food, anywhere else in the locality. This is because in past times they did their shopping in a Supermarket closer to home, in the ZUP high-rise zone, which is where the folk from the Maghreb and Africa are housed.

Lidl is far cheaper and of better quality, which encourages these women to venture further afield to do their shopping, a decision which is far better for their health because of the quality of the food and the exercise involved.

In France, the huge Arab section of the population, which unlike the Blacks in America, whom can claim to have an excuse of being entitled to some sort of reparation because of claims of slavery, a situation which is always presented as having been a ‘brutal’ experience, despite the evidence suggesting that given free choice, a huge number of those ‘freed’ slaves would have chosen to remain in the Freedom of their Chains, but were not allowed to so do and none of them have shown any desire to go back to Africa. While the Arabs coming into France are quite unashamedly coming for the Welfare payments and free housing, determined to breed so many valuable babies that they can live like Royalty on the ‘Allocation’.

I find it to be incredible, that three-hundred-thousand Arabs arrive in France every year, and set themselves up in  high-rise towers and hold out their hand for charity. My mentality is hurt by this kind of parasitic behaviour and I find myself at a loss, as to why the French people are prepared to put up with it.

Added to which these parasites are now calling for the installation of all of the rules of the Maghreb into French Law, while like the African-Americans, the Maghrebian show no desire to return home, until the day arrives when those whom may have worked in France can claim their pensions in North Africa, where thanks to which, they apparently live to a ripe old parasitic age, there are more centenarians in the Maghreb than anywhere else on earth. Nudge! Nudge!

For any group, most of whom are no more than beggars, to be attempting to change things in the host country, having themselves contributed absolutely nothing in return, is so ridiculous as to be incomprehensible.

To even discuss this stupid situation, is called Racist or bigoted, despite which I have now chosen to take up the challenge, simply because of the manner in which White people are being targeted, with the encouragement of controlled puppet politicians, a ploy, designed to provoke problems, which, for me, has gone too far and whether the truth hurts these immigrants or not, I no longer care.

I now ask of all Arabs, in my sphere, why, if they have no work, do they not go to the aid of the Palestinian people whom appear to still have a pair of balls and help in the struggle to regain their homeland, an honest patriotic aim, while you guys are giving your own land away?

The acquiescence of White people is shocking. The Germans are now, totally brain-dead. In the not too distant past, while the Jews were preparing to invade Palestine, the slaughters of the German People, at the hands of the Bolshevik Communists, was ongoing. Twenty-million Germans were slaughtered, by the Russians, British French and Americans, all of them under Bolshevik control.

How is it possible for the current brainwashed generation of Germans, including good friends of mine, to fail to spot the dangers lying ahead? They have a Bolshevik Communist Leader, Angela Merkel, who hates Germany, who recently managed to rig another term in power, which will, if she has her way, destroy Germany once and for all. This while you Germans’ have allowed yourselves to become the Weapon Shop of choice for the Bolsheviks in Israel. What has become of Germany for God’s sake?

Be Warned, This Is All True But Politically Incorrectly True.

There is no such thing as “political” socialism, not with a big or small sS. It was a fallacious idea, proposed and funded by the greedily sick rich, who already own more wealth than the combined assets of the poor, with the aim of taking away, that smidgen of wealth in the hands of those poor, thus condemning the poor, to a life of total dependence on rich “benefactors'” whom will have the power to decide whether they live or die, i.e. the Bolshevik Communist option, much admired by the “Socialist” Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, across Europe and the World.

The Democratic World, has been run, by a group of rich bankers and industrialists, many of whom control both the banks and parts of the world’s industrial base, whom have placed their people into positions of “leadership” in the main political groupings, by whatever name those groupings are locally known, all across the World, operating a system, similar to that of the Freemasons, where the useful idiots at the bottom of the pyramid, have no idea of what goes on in Head Office and all that nonsense.

This controlled system ensures, that whoever is elected by their preferred two-party system, will make no difference whatsoever to the result. The reality of this situation has been graphically illustrated by the “unexpected” election of Donald Trump in the United States, which has created such panic amongst the bought and paid for hierarchy, of both the Democrats and Republicans, that they have combined in opposition, to prevent Trump from carrying out the wishes of the American people, while both Parties’ are conspiring to find a method to ‘Dump Trump’ which is a form of treason.

If that was not proof enough of the total failure of Democracy, take a swift glance across the ocean at the state of British Democracy, where all three political parties, have combined in opposition to Brexit and are desperately seeking a means of remaining in the European Union, against the wishes of the British voter.

Democracy should not depend on whether the votes are cast according to the wishes of a concealed group of people, who are more interested in their own affairs than they are of the needs of the people. In the United Kingdom, a coalition was quickly put in place, when Neville Chamberlain had achieved the wrong result in the Munich discussions with Hitler.

The British Socialists, along with their Tory Toff co-conspirators, were fully aware that the war against Germany was a set-up and yet with the full knowledge of the Bolshevik crimes in Russia, where tens of millions of White Christians had been slaughtered, out of hand, by Jew Commissars, the ‘Socialists’ casually joined forces with those secretive Jews like Churchill and Roosevelt, to arm and fight alongside the Jew Stalin and the most vicious, barbaric army the world has ever known, The Red Army of Terror.

Those same secretive Jews, have just destroyed the Middle East under the leadership of the Jews, Sarkozy, Hollande and Cameron and of course Obama, that is, should his alleged mother, who was a Jew, be indeed his real mother. Whatever, we must never blame the Jews, that would be anti-Jewism or something or other.

So where does that leave those idealistic “socialists” who believe themselves to be protectors of the same working man, who is the prime target for annihilation by the ever needy ultra rich, by whom they are considered to be useless eaters? Sadly those idealistic socialists are firmly of the belief that property is theft and that we should all be prepared to pay ever more taxes, so that what little we have can be shared with the Third World.

As a bigoted racist, who enjoys a very low-level life-style, wherein I benefit from very few of the amenities, which are considered to be essential for the people of the Third World, whom without the means of support, for the extraordinary number of children which they are producing and instead of taking care of their environment, exist on hand-outs, which negates any effort of these people to improve their way of life but which gives them all the time in the world to shag to their heart’s content and they then expect me to pay for the result of this crass stupidity.

Haiti is a prime example of the level of Black intelligence. Like South Africa, the people of Haiti slaughtered the White Frenchmen, whom had built urban Haiti, providing a decent life for the Black slaves, whom had been imported from Africa by Columbus, after he had slaughtered the indigenous people of what was once known as Hispaniola. Needless to say Columbus was a Jew.

South Africa has in the space of a few short years, fallen into chaos and when the natural resources have been exhausted and the Blacks find themselves left to their own devices, it will quickly be transformed into Liberia, the cannibal like tendency is already apparent.

In neighbouring Zimbabwe, Mugabe made a huge error when he allowed the White farmers to be driven off their land, they were, after all, just like those Blacks – who make use of their skin colour, when it suits them – just as entitled to a place in Zimbabwe as were the immigrant Blacks, who came into Zimbabwe from far afield to benefit from the accomplishments of the White farmers. The same in the ‘shit-hole’ of Haiti, the Blacks are immigrants in a stolen land. South Africa is no different.

While we are at it, neither is Israel, all of these, places are occupied territories, whether by Blacks, Whites or whatever colour the Jews now claim to be. So please stop pointing the finger at the White Race, we are no more guilty than anyone else.

Worse than that, White people did not colonise Africa, there are no White populations left in Africa, the Blacks are in the process of wiping them out, even as the Blacks are colonising my country and they are coming from an oil rich African country, to scrounge off my dirt-poor kin folk, as are the Muslims, from Muslim States which contain no sign of White populations, yet in they pour promising to breed us out of our own countries, using my money to carry out their threat.



In the United Kingdom, all the talk is of Polish Plumbers and Bricklayers, taking the jobs of British workers, when in fact after just a quick glance at those walking down the street, it becomes perfectly clear that the vast majority of immigrants are not white people, which is why London is already 55 percent Black and Brown and no doubt the vast majority of them will be living on welfare. In Denmark and other Scandinavian Countries, at least 75 percent of immigrants coming into those countries during the past ten years, have never worked.

In the United States, during the past fifty years sixty-million babies have been aborted, even as they are telling us that our birthrate is falling. What is the point of replacing aborted babies with millions of immigrants from Africa and other places, which would appear to have dire need of the child murder machine, which exists in the West, where politicians tell us, that while we murder our own babies in a land of plenty, we must do more to save babies in lands which have no means of feeding their excessive numbers of children and who seem quite incapable of doing without sex for a few days each month. What sort of logic is that?