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Is Russia With Us Or Is It All Just A Game?



Soviet Russia, from the very start, was the controlled opposition. There were virtually no Russian citizens, involved in the Revolution-Coup d’Etat in 1917. Trotsky and Lenin were living abroad and they entered Russia as the Revolution took place. They were later joined by thousands of troops, whom arrived in Europe on American Troop ships, along with other troops whom would be fighting against Germany, after Baron Rothschild had manipulated President Woodrow Wilson into bringing America into the war against Germany, which was winning the war at that point.

American participation, in the war, was based on a claim, which was justified through the use of a False Flag induced attack, on the Lusitania, which was quite legally sunk by a German U Boat, a sinking which was aided by the explosion of a massive cache of arms, which had been illegally transported on a civilian vessel and deliberately presenting it as a target.


That is a truth which was never admitted to by the Allies, but which was proven by a group of divers in recent years, whom found, in the rusting hulk, of the Lusitania, an enormous amount of shells, bullets and guns. It was claimed that the Germans had violated International Law, by attacking a civilian vessel. The easily fooled American public, dutifully clamored for war, in response to this atrocity. Do you begin to get a whiff of chemical weapons?.

The estimated 85,000 troops, all of them Jews, whom arrived from the States, along with the troops whom would fight alongside the British, quietly deserted the US Army and slipped into Russia to help the Bolsheviks to overturn the Revolution and to set-up the Communist Regime. That too is highly secret, to cover up the fact that the British, French and American Governments, were actually, deeply involved in the Russian coup d’etat, and the murder of the Russian Czar and his family, and the installation of a pack of Zionist Jews into the Politburo in Russia.


This proved to be the most murderous regime in history, not even taking into account the number of Germans, whom they later mutilated and murdered, they had already carried out a genocide in Russia, which killed sixty-five-million Christians and most of the intelligentsia. This included ten-million Ukrainians, from whom Stalin, stole their food, in preparation for the war, with Germany, which the same International Jews, whom had funded the Coup d’Etat in Russia, had declared against Germany in 1933. A war in which, from the start, the Russian people, would be obliged to fight against Germany.

After a victory, which was never in doubt, Stalin was to be allowed to annex Eastern Europe at least, and more if possible, into the hands of the Bolshevik Bankers in Russia. Western Governments, have been desperately concealing their deep participation in all of these War Crimes and the Zionist’s drive for World Domination, for the past one-hundred-years.

The British were all in favour of these moves, they had already forced their British Christians into the trenches of Flanders and stood by watching, as the troops were ordered to march into a hail of gunfire, for no better reason than to wipe out as many of them as possible, in a war which was being fought for the benefit of Jews, whom were determined, in the middle of this wholesale slaughter, to take control of Russia, destroy the Ottoman Empire and to demand Palestine as a prize for the ‘assistance’ which they had given in the process of kicking off a war, against the perpetual stooge, Germany.

Twenty years later having gained all and everything, in terms of their demands, and having manipulated the German people, once more into a corner, they simply ordered the Second World War. Can you believe that a bunch of Bankers ordered the Second World War. What is even more disgusting, they got their way and millions and millions of innocent people were wiped out and the joke is, all we ever hear about are the claims of what happened to the poor Jews, whom were affected during a war against Germany, which was declared by Jews.

This litany of death, which was actually, the ‘Great Leap Forward’ for International Communism, took place in the early decades of the twentieth century, in which the British, Dutch, French and American Governments were all deeply involved. These various ‘Empires’, all of which were controlled by and worked for, the International Trading Companies, which had previously been busy robbing the Far East, India, China and shipping cotton into the English Cotton Mills, which was woven into cloth, by people whom had been driven off their lands and forced to live in squalor and work for a pittance, most of which was paid back to the Mill owners in rent for their damp and miserable homes and for the food, which they were obliged to buy from the company store.

Europe’s Military was uniquely employed as a Security Force for these Trading Companies. All of the slaughters which were carried out, were to the benefit of the Corporations. Even the Great War was fought to further the aims of these murdering criminals.

None of the wars, during the past one hundred years, have been in defence of Europe. World War Two was fought to finish off the unfinished business of the Great War, just as all the carnage in the Middle East, in recent years, has been to consolidate the gains made by the Zionists during the same last one hundred years. All of that murder and mayhem, was ordered by them and their agents in ‘our’ governments, which eagerly sent the cream of European Youth, to carry out the Corporation’s slaughters.

Anybody who believes that our leaders are going to do something, anything at all, which will put a stop to the disaster which is now looming on the horizon, is in for a nasty shock, our politicians do not give a toss about us and they never have. Take note of how they all come together, when illegal wars are declared, whether against Germany, Libya or anybody else, the leadership of each Political Party, which will ever be ‘allowed’ to win an election, are all in the ‘loop’.

The fraud in the last French Presidential Election, which put the Bankers Man Macron into power, was so blatant, that the entire population was aware of the fix, when a man whom nobody had ever heard of, was suddenly elected as President and twelve million voting slips, all of them for an opposing candidate were ‘spoilt’.

After all of the bloodshed, the greed of these people has yet to be satiated. Having gained part of Palestine, they now find that they want more and more of it. Not content with Palestine alone, they are now attempting to drive the people out of most of the surrounding territory, an aim which once again is being organised for them by their British, French and American paid killers.

They are, at the same time, turning their attention towards Africa, where through brutal tactics they have finally managed to defeat the Boers, and wrest South Africa out of their hands and into the grasp of a Shadow Bolshevik Government, with Black puppets up front.


This was achieved using the weapon of mass immigration, which proved to be so successful in South Africa, that they are now eager to repeat their success, all across Europe and after that, the World. Every country in Europe now finds its back to the wall, with immigrants demanding free stuff all around them and millions more of them are on the way.

After the influx of immigrants, comes the slaughter, that is how it works. We are dealing with a form of mentality from a distant and savage past. The people whom have organised this destructive campaign against the White Christian World, care little about how many lives it may finally cost, as long as it is not theirs.

They are living proof that some of those amongst us have not been touched by any improvement through evolution, these savages prefer the idea of the survival of the fittest and they believe themselves to be the fittest. Reticence is of no use whatsoever against them.

Greed and fear of losing their head office, once forced these demons to destroy the man who had kicked them out of the Temple and Adolf Hitler, did in turn, very nearly bring them down. The fact that the Godless coalition of Bolshevik Forces, lined up against Germany, were obliged to disclose their intrinsic link with Bolshevik Communist Russia, is a clear sign of the fear they had of Christian Germany, which fighting alone for the entire Christian World, would have defeated them without the help of their controlled Bolshevik Butchers.

Instead of standing alongside the German Christians, our Shadow Zionist Governments, quickly placed their own, ‘in house’ Satanists in place and ordered a diabolical war of attrition against Germany, which was cynically fought by Christians, whom were in fact, resisted by the never mentioned, International Band of heroic Christians from, Britain, Ireland, France and Belgium, whom fought alongside the Germans and a Battalion of Muslims, from all across the Middle East, where the greed of the incoming Jews had already been experienced, all of them fighting in a desperate rear-guard action, to put a stop to the Zionist-Bolshevik purges and their desire for World Control. Which brings us back to Russia and the question of their position in the modern world.

Having raped and pillaged Germany and killing all of those whom had fought against the Allies, including those whom were cynically handed over to them by the ‘good guys’, to be slaughtered out of sight, the Zionist Jew Winston Churchill, calmly warned us that a ‘Iron Curtain’ was coming down, behind which the Russian Bolshevik’s, whom having served their purpose, would be able to carry out the slaughter without restraint, of whomsoever they disapproved, while the British and their chums pretended to be unaware of what was taking place, behind this ‘curtain’ despite the regular visits of Fabian Society controlled Socialist politicians, to the Soviet Union, to sip tea with Joe Stalin.

Now that we are all Communist, a political program which turned out to be no more than Capitalism, by another name, and Communist China is now the richest country in the world, while America is being destroyed, with the cooperation of politicians, whom should have been arrested decades ago and while liberated Russia is now being pushed back behind the Iron Curtain, to provide excuses for the American Weapon Shops, which have now become the largest manufacturer left standing, after the exportation of the other vital industries overseas, to boost employment for their Masters and to provide a military machine, which will take down Africa and South America, when the time comes.





In view of all that, it should quickly become clear that there are no ‘good guys’, we in the ‘Free West’ are total barbarians, whom have laid the world to waste. For example, that kindly old hag, Theresa May, paraded around Paris, holding a card announcing herself to be a Jew, during a parade in honour of the undead from a false attack on the office of a satirical magazine, which few people bothered to read, a parade which included the Jew President of France and the Jew Prime Minister of Israel, an event which included a false photograph of all these clowns, which gave the false impression that they were leading a march, when in fact they were nowhere near the real event, all of whom are now strangely silent, as the desperate people of Palestine are being cut down like dogs by these snivelling people, whom are so keen to take to the streets, in response to violence against themselves, with the solid support of all of the puppets.

Taking A Bum’s Rush To Justice.

After all the cock-and-bull about those poor hard done by Welfare leeches, the ‘Windrush Generation’ and the ‘shabby’ way they are being treated by those whom have been housing and feeding them for the past fifty or more years, perhaps the British Parliament might finally take a look at what the Blacks, are doing to the Whites in South Africa. All we ever hear these days are tales of poor hard done by Jews and Blacks and neither of them deserves their bad press. No of course they don’t!



Blacks in America are the most vicious Race, in the so-called ‘melting pot’, which still stubbornly refuses to melt together, and these American Blacks, are every bit as aggressive as are their murdering cousins in South Africa, where the Blacks, whom are immigrants and not of South African origin, feel justified in calling for a genocide of the White Africans – there is such a thing – while Blacks in America, where they are also immigrants, are calling for the same genocide of Whites, just as are those whom are funding this Black violence on both Continents, the Bolshevik Communist Jews, whom still find the time and the chutzpah, to perpetually whine about anti-Jewism.

While those now caring, liberators of Blacks, the ‘reformed’ slave-trading folk, whom amongst other things, now own Big-Pharma, and control one of the above groups, which funded the destruction of the White builders of South Africa, from which they gained control of the Gold and Diamond mines of South Africa and whom are at this moment funding the Black insurrection of the descendants of the slaves whom they brought to America, against the Whites whom built America, have just announced that despite being behind the deaths of more people, whom have been killed by their drugs, than by all other forms of un-natural deaths combined, that they now have a drug which will help ‘save’ children, whom are suffering from a form of infant Alzheimer’s disease, which will cost half-a-million dollars to treat each child.

The fact that this childhood sickness could well be as a result of Big-Pharma vaccines, will not even be discussed. What sort of sharks could demand such a vast sum of money, for a few chemicals, which could save the life of a child? Well apparently the same people whom are funding the destruction and murder of millions of people in the Middle East through violent war and millions of others through the medium of their ‘silent war’ through drug addiction and poisoned food-stuffs and drinking water.

This is the measure of the ‘humanity, of the huge companies, which have been allowed to gain a virtual monopoly of medical drugs, which can cure nothing, but which can offer only ‘treatment’ an offer which involves imbibing addictive drugs like Cocaine and Heroin, mixed with a powder of no consequence, which will deliver an impression of ‘well-being’, to the addict.

Many ‘modern’ foodstuffs have been shown to contain carcinogens, which deliver the ‘pot of gold’ of extremely expensive Cancer treatment, from which the Merchants of these ‘Legal’ drugs make an absolute fortune. These demons are now, through their minions, in governments across the world, attempting to ‘privatise’ all Health Services into their clutches. Which along with their monopoly control of Weapon Production, Drug Production, Food Production, Water distribution, Power and Transport, and yes even Municipal Crematoria, will give them a total monopoly over all and everybody and every aspect of our lives.

Make no mistake about it, our totally controlled politicians, have already handed control of the Military Machine, into the hands of these Corporations. The wars in Libya, Iraq and Syria have been fought by Privateers and all of them funded out of the Public Purse. This is their New World Order, in which they will own everything, while anything retained by the common man, will be considered to be theft. So it is written in Agenda 21.

The latest use of their mass propaganda machine has been directed towards daily life and the claim of Global Warming or is it Climate Change? Whatever it is, warming or cooling, it is all because of Carbon Dioxide, a falsity which they have made use of to close down coal fueled power stations and they are even now preparing us to relinquish our motor cars, which emit an amount of CO2, which is an infinitely tiny percentage of the overall level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and will deliver no noticeable effect.

A few days ago, I was interrogated by a team of activists, proponents of Renewable Energy, proposing the construction of Wind-Power towers and the installation of vast areas of Solar Panels, all across France, which they claimed would generate enough energy to satisfy the needs of France.

They were slightly miffed when I asked them, how many Solar Panels, they had installed on their own homes and what restrictions they had encountered as a result of choosing this form of electricity, which they were now suggesting, should be mandatory for everyone. Not one of them was using Solar Energy, they were all waiting for it to be made law before making a move themselves.

When I proudly announced that I had been living with Solar Energy for years and that everything which they were proposing, for the People of France, was a total load of tosh, they were slightly annoyed because other people were listening.

I asked them how many Solar Panels, they thought would be necessary to provide electricity for stupidities like the escalators and elevators and all the cold cabinets and deep-freezers in the average Super-Store? They had no idea and when I pointed out to them that a Solar Farm, just up the road from where I live, which consisted of twenty-five-thousand panels, which had been installed to serve a village of five hundred inhabitants, but which could not on its own, deliver the necessary power, and none at all after sundown, they tried to get rid of me.



When I explained to them that after nightfall, despite having a bank of storage batteries, I had trouble keeping an LED light bulb and a computer working through the night, after a cloudy day, never mind a fridge and a television, and I suggested that they should go away and do what I did for years, before I had even the convenience of Solar Panels, simply attach a line from the battery of my car, from which a few simple devices like a music player for my boy, could be run and having tried that, for a couple of days, come back and tell us all how much they enjoyed it all.

My life-style choice, has placed me a position, from where I can criticise most of the aggressive complainers of this world, whereas the majority of those whom take up the baton of our controllers, have apparently not garnered enough common sense, despite their University educations, to spot how easily they were themselves deceived, by trained teams of lecturers, in Universities and they are now busily misleading others in the same way, while they themselves, know nothing of real hardship and poverty. I have personal, family experience, of how minds can be easily controlled by dominant figures in Universities.

People online talk a lot about waking up. I find it to be difficult to come to terms with the views of certain people, these days and to understand whether I have actually woken up, only to now find myself in a different dream, from that of previous nights, while still surrounded by the same characters, whom now think I am a total idiot, or whether I have simply become more open to alternative ideas.

The recent charade of the Skripals’ and the Douma alleged chemical attacks, are such blatant lies, which were carried out in such a botched up manner, as to be almost comical, despite which both of these farces appear to be firmly believed by the entirety of the Media and by Politicians across the world, a concept which is difficult to accept and yet we could quite possibly find ourselves in a Nuclear War, as a result of this lack of discretionary thought or possibly, actual malice, on the part of our ‘pretend’ leaders. Yet here we stand, helpless and without any means of changing events. This is called Democracy?

Hannity’s Monologue, 19th February 2018



Here Come The Black Survivors Holding Out Their Begging Bowls.

“The transatlantic slave trade was arguably the greatest crime in human history. But there has been no reparation for a crime committed against a continent and tens of millions of people. In fact, it was the slave-owners who were compensated when the trade was abolished! ”

So we are told by George Galloway in a blurb for his most recent “Sputnik’ episode on Russia Today. This gave George yet another opportunity to push the tale of reparations for the descendants of those slaves.

George was recently a guest on a radio phone-in show, where another of his targets, suggested to George, that before opening his gob, he should get his facts straight and not pick and choose the bits and pieces which suited his agenda.

The RT blurb suggests there to have been tens of millions of Blacks involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The official figures show us that there were ten or twelve million Blacks involved, of which only six per cent went to the USA, the rest went to the West Indies and Brazil.

Having presented an image of ‘Poor Ol’ Joe’ as a chained prisoner, in a slave ship hold, on a voyage to America, during which many died, we are then presented with the ‘Modern’ Black, clutching his Smart-Phone, paddling his Zodiac across the Med, desperately trying to escape the life which Africans have accepted for thousands of years, during which time they have maintained a steady level of poverty, which has now suddenly become my fault.

As is usual in this type of interview, the spectre of ‘White Supremacy’ raises its ugly head over the parapet and gets its usual amount of bile thrown at it. The term itself is of Jew origin, which is used to provoke a hatred of White people, the vast majority of whom have never set foot in Africa or ever owned a slave, however all of my life I have worked and allowed my taxes to be used, to house and feed, those thousands of immigrants, whom according to all statistics never find a job, despite what you are lead to believe. Enough is enough, lets hear it for the Black crimes against the White Race, for a change, please.


Where is the uproar about the slaughter on the Afrikaner by Black immigrants? That’s right Black immigrants in Africa, what a strange notion that is. Or indeed the sadistic torture and rape of thousands of White women by those, oh so deserving, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth, Black criminals in the USA. Lets have a bit of balance in our reporting of what is actually going on in the world.

Do Blacks actually give a rats ass about anybody other than themselves? Even in Paris at the end of the War, the Blacks were being hanged for murdering prostitutes instead of paying them. When the Boer farmers came ashore in South Africa, why were there no Blacks waiting to greet them with flowers and cups of coffee, with a nice warm home waiting for them and schools for their children? Perhaps because it is only White Christian people whom offer such things to others.

The Blacks chose to steal what they have been unable to provide for themselves and now they are about to slaughter the remains of the kind hands which fed them. Such sweet people the Blacks.


Before the arrival of the White man in Darkest Africa, the people lived in fear. Cannibalism was rife and there was no such thing as a functioning society. No trace was ever found of a two-story building and it was mainly monkeys on the menu. So let us not pretend that a great civilisation had been laid to waste, there was nothing to destroy apart from mud huts. Now the Blacks are trying to tell us that they even built the pyramids, of course they had no writing so there was no record of how they did so.

Though the voyage to America, was not much fun for the Blacks, it was no better for the starving Irish whom made the same trip and as did the Blacks, many of them died on the way.

The Blacks do not give a damn about that of course, because the Irish were mere ‘Indentured Servants’ a term which is used to dismiss what happened to the Irish, because worrying about the suffering of others goes against the grain for the Blacks or the Jews, just in case they are forced to admit that things could well have been just difficult for non-Blacks and Jews.

Blacks do not even understand what it meant to be an Indentured Servant and they do not want to know, just in case it spoils their very own ‘holocaust’ fable, which would have us believe, as do the Jews, that any death in the Black community indicates a lynching, or in the Jews case, a gassing.

What is more, most of the Black slaves would have been happy to remain on the plantations where their life was far more secure than it was after they gained their liberty. That would be the exact moment when the lynchings started, when the Blacks opened their raping of White women season. Whites were lynched for the same crimes and even for stealing a horse, of course we do not talk about that.

The Blacks in the USA, try to align themselves with the Indigenous Americans, whom were wiped out by the White Man, which is true to some extent, but in Africa, when the Boers arrived, the Zulus were on the point of finally wiping out the Bushmen, whom were saved from extinction by the Boers. These killers would be the same Brothers, who rounded up the Blacks to sell to the Jew SlaveTraders. These people are all hypocrites and murderers.

The Blacks call for justice for themselves while denying it to others, such as the immigrants still arriving in South Africa, whom are attacked and in some cases killed, to save African jobs for Africans, or some such rubbish. The sentiments expressed by the thugs in the following clip, ought now to be employed against the Blacks in Europe, why should White people be obliged to accept this sort of mentality into our lands, while White people in Africa are being murdered like dogs?


Dole Mongers, Cannibals, Queers And Other Distractions

Once upon a time, the most hated and jeered at member of the population, was the ‘Dole Monger,’ who was of course White. The number of other Races or colour, ‘on the Dole’ was never specified, because all immigrants were of course, tax payers and of benefit to the economy.

However, recent disclosures in Europe, showing that a huge, eighty percent of immigrants, whom have arrived during the past decade, have never worked, have managed to gag the bad-mouthing of the unemployed Dole Monger, for fear of exposing the truth and idiocy of unrestricted immigration.

To avoid further disclosures, the new scam is that of the Universal Salary, which will be made available to one and all, so should we all choose to do what the immigrants now do, sit on our bums in subsidised accommodation, nobody will notice and a never-ending stream of Black and Brown people can be invited into Europe to swamp, out of existence, indigenous White Europeans.

The catastrophic collapse in White male fertility cannot have happened by accident and coincidently it was announced just as the ‘unstoppable’ invasion of Europe by retarded Blacks and immigrants from Bolshevik inspired atrocities began in earnest.

The Sub-Saharan Blacks screeching their way across Europe, howling for money, are the same Blacks whom destroyed the only White African country in South Africa, by torturing, raping and murdering at least eighty-thousand White people and are even now preparing to murder the remaining Whites, with the encouragement of their Black Bolshevik government, without a word of criticism from the controlled western media, are we expected to believe that these cannibals are going to be good for European economies?



To suggest it to be impossible to control this influx is a lie. This is an agenda, which is being supported by virtually all European ‘controlled’ governments. European ‘elected’ politicians are going hell for leather, to destroy Europe.

To have allowed so many migrants into Europe, knowing full well that Europe has already been deliberately brought to its knees and is now devoid of any worthwhile industry, with politicians telling us that we can be ‘Great Again’ by making Solar Panels, would be funny, were it not so dangerous for our future welfare.

In France, where there are millions of illegal immigrants, the government is announcing unemployment figures of four million, when all serious estimates puts the real number at thirteen million and rising, which would suggest that to allow entry to millions more immigrants, will only lead to disaster.

The governing Party is not so stupid that they are not fully aware of this reality, so what on earth is the ridiculous, ‘neo-Napoleon’ Macron doing, by telling the government in Algeria, a country which refuses to accept immigrants, that he intends to build a bridge to France, facilitating the entry for any Algerian whom chooses to accept this offer. Algeria, calmly deported one million Algerian born French Christian people as soon as they gained their independence.

That is the measure of the utter stupidity of White Europeans, whom are themselves shown no mercy, whether by the Jew Bolsheviks in Russia or the Black Bolsheviks in Africa, to allow their own homelands to be handed over to those whom have no history of offering any such charity to those of another Race.

When the time comes, White Christian people will have nowhere to run and they will be shown no mercy. Those whom are demanding whatever is on offer in Europe, are at the same time, warning us that they are coming to get us.

Why is there no uproar about the behaviour of Jews in Palestine or of the Jew controlled African National Congress in South Africa? It would appear that Blacks and Jews are above the law, just so long as it suits the aims of our controllers, while Muslims and Christians are being thrown to the slaughter. Do the Blacks in the West, honestly believe that they will be spared, even as Africa is being vaccinated out of existence, along with the surplus millions of Hindus in India, by the Gates Foundation?

We believe that we are electing politicians to take care of our welfare, yet it is a struggle to come to terms with the idea, that these elected people are totally unaware of the problems, such as a dramatic increase in Autism, which coincides with the introduction of triple vaccination shots for babies, without a moment’s concern for the effects of such a large dose of mercury and aluminium, contained in these shots, might be for those children.

This problem is so serious that it is estimated, that if the current rate of increase in Autism is maintained, that in a few years all male children could well be infected, yet not a trace of worry from our elected leaders.

We now find that they have the same attitude towards male infertility, are we to believe that our leaders are actually plotting to destroy us or are they really so stupid and misinformed that they are unaware of what is going on in front of their own eyes?

A few years ago I wrote a post about male infertility in France where it is a serious problem. In Montpellier, the ‘Gay’ Capital of France, many young men were eighty-five percent less fertile than were their father’s generation, yet there has been no serious study of the problem in recent times, never mind an effort to resolve this situation.

Surely the fertility of your people should be of paramount importance to any governing Political Party and yet they have not even acknowledged that they are aware of the problem.

On the other hand, they tell us that they are so concerned about the ‘possible’ connection, between the benign gas, Nitrogen Dioxide and lung problems, that they want to ban all diesel fueled cars, in the hope that it might reduce the number of victims, of course it might not but it will hugely increase the amount of the known killer gas Carbon Monoxide, in the atmosphere, through the increased use of petrol fueled vehicles. Hmmm!

It has been found that the fish in certain of the rivers of Europe, are virtually all female. The reason for this is said to be as a result of the enormous amounts of oestrogen in certain foodstuffs and medicines, which having been flushed down the toilet and filtered in a treatment centre, is then released into our rivers and in many cases into our tap-water and into our coffee pots, which is most probably the cause of the huge increase in the number of effeminate men and so-called transgenders.

This morning I was presented with the rather strange vision of a bearded man, wearing ‘hot-pants’ and high-heeled shoes, with ladies ear-rings and lips reddened with lip-stick, passing by a stall-holder, whom I assume was a woman, dressed like a man, with cropped hair and wearing long trousers but who was built like a gorilla.

All of these things can be accepted, but surely, should there be an environmental reason for these anomalies, whether through the use of drugs administered while a woman is pregnant or in the vaccines injected into babies, would it not be a better approach to this problem, rather than to deliver a daily dose of oestrogen to a man who wants to be a woman or indeed a dose of testosterone to women who believe themselves to be a man, to look into the problem instead of carrying out ridiculous operations which will not actually change anybodies sex.


Fabian Man Now Wants London!

Fabian Man Now Wants London!


While Manchester, is about to select a Mayor, with Fabian Society Member, Andy Burnham in the running for the post. Sadiq Khan, a Fabian Society member and Mayor of London, is demanding special status for the doomed, Capital City of England, London, into which he is demanding the right to his own special control of immigration. He insists, that despite the UK having accepted three-hundred-thousand refugees in 2015, whom having been put through the sieve, did not provide enough of those capable of filling the ‘special’ jobs which were available in London.

Should there be ‘special’ jobs, available in London, why should they not be filled by the fifty-million people already available, in the rest of the UK? What are these ‘special’ jobs which those like Khan, continually claim British people are incapable of performing? This is no more than crap, Khan is already the Mayor of a City, jam-packed to the rafters with immigrants, who are capable of little more than a life on the dole. Were they brought in to fill a ‘special’ role or simply to seize dwellings which were once available for British Londoners? To give an immigrant control of immigration is, as they say, like putting the rat in charge of the cheese.

London is no longer British, while Manchester is going the same way, and other Cities will follow. This is a Fabian Society covert attempt to divide and rule the United Kingdom. This is the trap of Democracy, it is no longer necessary to defeat and invade a country, Europe has been given away, through the means of ghettos of immigrants, within selected zones, which will be certain to vote for the folk who provide the Social Security. In fact, for many people in the UK, life will be completely dependent on government handouts.

Fabian Society member, War Criminal Tony Blair, was responsible for allowing millions of immigrants into the UK. He coldly, and quite deliberately, crouching behind a tissue of lies, brutally kicked off the destruction of Iraq, working with others, to drive the people of Iraq, out of their homeland. This is indisputable.

Since those dark days, despite the change of ‘colour’ in the UK Parliament, these clearances have continued, still using the quite ridiculous claim that they are necessary to save the ‘poor people’ from evil dictators. Only the brain-dead would find such an excuse to be believable.

The entire British Media, is this morning feeding us the shock news about the corruption in football, alongside the bullshit about Shimon Peres, the Nobel Prize winning Butcher of Palestine, a man whom they claim, spent his life in search of peace in the Middle East, even as he has stood by, rubbing his hands as he watched it being razed by NATO.

Why is the media failing to explain that Blair, opened the floodgates of immigration into the UK, to cope with the thousands of people whom had been driven from their homes in Iraq?

Cameron was well aware that immigration figures were being doctored to disguise the reality of the numbers of Muslim migrants, fleeing the Middle East, when he, along with Nicolas Sarkozy, kicked off exactly the same process in Libya, and soon after that, with François Hollande, in Syria, while all the time telling the British people they ‘needed immigrants.’ Even as one of the men, Shimon Peres, who took control of Palestine, out of the hands of the indigenous people, through the means of slaughter and mass immigration, dies in Israel.

Sarkozy, Hollande and Cameron, are all of Eastern European Ashkenazi Jew origin as was Shimon Peres, who was born in Belarus, the current Prime Minister, Netanyahu is Polish. Many members of the Israeli hierarchy, changed their names to sound a ‘little bit more’ Middle Eastern.

Khan, the mayor of London, come from Pakistan, which was once a part of India, which the British quite deliberate separated and forced the Muslims into Pakistan, where they set up a Muslim State, which is now blessed with a population, which is reaching astronomic levels, which is as a result of the notions, which incoming Muslims are seeking to repeat in Europe, that would be the policy of shag til you drop, much-loved by those on Social Security. A recent Muslim immigrant into France arrived with three wives and fifteen children. There are thirteen million unemployed people in France.

Fabian Man Corbyn, is telling us that numbers have no affect on the availability of ‘services’ in the UK. For example, should a doctor, find that there are several hundred more people seeking medical aid, in his surgery, his difficulty in coping with them, will have no connection whatsoever with the increase in numbers.

There were three-hundred-thousand immigrants into the UK in 2015. How can any sane person seriously suggest, that the same superstructure, which was already under pressure in 2014, cope with such an enormous number of extra patients, without harming the quality of care of everybody else?

The Labour Party Conference, which is an almost totally Fabian Society affair, has laid out the ground-plan of a future United Kingdom and it is indeed a bleak concept.

Gone is the idea that we are all different and unique and in comes the homogenisation of humanity, into a form which will be totally dependent on hidden Socialist controllers, with a strong belief in their ‘own’ superiority.

Corbyn and his men, are ignoring the fact that their manifesto and ideas, are in full support of the wars in the world, which are herding us all towards this eventuality. There is no such thing as a perfect system which will be satisfactory to everybody.

Some people have never been capable of improving their own situation, while others, with even less means at their disposal, are capable of creating a glorious environment in which to live. Socialism is designed to put an end to individual achievement, such as that, everything and everybody must conform to Socialist dogma and of course must be Communal.

The fact that this is the shared aim of the Liberal and Conservative Parties in the UK, illustrates, quite clearly that a vote for any of them will deliver the same thing. They are all controlled from Chatham House in the City of London.

What has become of the idea of Liberty and was Equality and Fraternity, a forewarning of the Communism to come?

There has been a world-wide economic scam, which has reduced the wealth of the working people to nothing. All across Europe and the United States, complicit politicians stole the wealth of the working man and introduced to us ‘austerity’ which is to continue this robbery, by claiming there to be a ‘deficit’ which is never clearly explained to the people and which is in reality no more than a shortfall in the amount of cash annually handed over to private bankers in return for valueless paper money.

The difference has been paid by handing over anything of value, across the planet into the hands of the private banks. They will soon own everything, including the oil in the Middle East, where millions have been killed, by Socialists, in order to achieve this aim.

When Socialism and Communism have finished the slaughter of humanity, which has been necessary to fulfill this ‘excuse’ of ‘creating peace and harmony on earth,’ there will be very few of us left alive to enjoy it.

In South Africa, a State which was built from nothing, by Dutch immigrants, more than three-hundred-years ago, which attracted Black men out of the jungle, who as usual, flocked towards the White man to improve his life.

They kept on coming, as the word spread that life was better working for White farmers, who through the use of generated wealth, could afford to pay these Blacks, to help construct town-ships. Before long there were too many Blacks arriving, all of them looking for work which did not exist and eating food, produced by the Dutch farmers.

The current mentality of the ‘nice’ European would have us believe that the Boers should have ignored this immigration and shared their foodstuffs amongst the Black immigrants, whom presumably, once lived somewhere else to where they could quite easily return.

Instead, the City of London, set about taking control of South Africa, where there was gold and diamonds which were attractive to greed?

Eventually, with the wholehearted support of a controlled media, South Africa, which had been forced to keep the Blacks out of their society, but did build townships to house them and continued to feed them, find themselves condemned as a pariah, apartheid state, much like Israel, simply because they objected to the invasion of South Africa by immigrants. This invasion as justified by the claim that Africa was a ‘Black’ continent and the Whites had no place there.

Since the Whites were kicked out of power, not by the Blacks themselves but by the Bolshevik Communists, with the Jew Joe Slovo, controlling the thirty-three degree Freemason, Nelson Mandela and numerous Jew Commissars who controlled a terrorist group, the African National Congress, which when having brought down the Boers, promptly placed top Jews into the controlling shadow Government and compliant tools like Mandela and Zuma as puppets. Much the same situation, is the preferred future of the Middle East and Europe.

South Africa is part of the International Socialist Movement, which is world Communism by another name, which begs the question what is Putin doing in a group, BRICS, which includes, Communist Bolshevik China and South Africa and the Chatham House/Fabian Society controlled India?

Blacks in South Africa have swapped a relatively decent life under ‘apartheid’ which is actually a self-imposed reality in Black and Islamic areas across Europe, for a life under a Black controlled government, which has delivered a disaster zone of rape, murder and criminality, not to mention the aim of murdering the remains of the White community, of which seventy-five-thousand have already been killed, an aim which has been greeted by a stony silence by the likes of the humanitarian Jeremy Corbyn and his Fabian men, whom have not offered these poor Whites a helping hand and the possibility of a place in the UK. Humanitarianism does not appear to apply to White folk whom are not at all welcome in Europe.

In the UK there is a lot of ‘black’ propaganda against Polish people, whom are also White, while should the same complaints be made against Jews or Muslims, there would be riots in the streets. So sadly White people are not on Socialist radar to be saved.

As were the Germans, the Jews have declared White South Africans to be barbarians who should be wiped out. Very soon it will be the turn of the Aborigine to go the same way. The New World Order is already marking out its territory in Africa and their War Machine, from the United States of America, a Union which was itself formed through the use of force, is already making its presence known, even as that other Union, the European one, is setting up its own army, which will deal with any European opposition to the dictates of the bankers.