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We Can Do It If We Really Want!

I was interested to find that one of the “Lucky Blacks” whose family was liberated from Africa, on a ship provided by altruistic Jews, which took them to the West Indies, where they were given work cutting sugar cane, in return for which, they were housed, fed and clothed.

Jimmy Cliff, a well-known singer of Ska music, an early relative of Reggae, a man with who I once had a brief conversation on the telephone, talking about the treatment of Blacks in Europe, believes that when the work of cutting sugar cane, for which the Blacks were paid in kind, even as Irish cane cutters, were working alongside them as i’Indentured Servants,’ whom were obliged to pay for ‘their’ keep, came to an end and the cane cutters were freed, and therefore were obliged to take care of themselves, as were most other people at that time, Jimmy believes that special arrangements should have been made for the Black people, whom were now on the labour market, along with everybody else.

Blacks never mention the fate of the long forgotten Irish slaves, they are totally obsessed with themselves and waste not a moment of their time worrying about silly little things like the Irish side of Bob Marley, whose musical talent came from the Irish side of his family, as many Black women chose to have children with Irish slaves, which gave them a boost in their evolutionary progress.

When the freed Black slaves were brought to England in the 1950’s, the Windrush Generation, they were once more taken care of, this time by the Welfare system, which had been invented especially to allow the mass immigration of people, just like them, into the United Kingdom, to serve another purpose. 

 These angry Africans, felt they were entitled to even more compensation, despite never having any desire to go back to Africa, where they could observe what life was like for the ‘unlucky’ Blacks, those whom missed the slave boat and thank their lucky stars for the relative riches, with which they have been blessed.

 Yet while all other ex-slaves have managed to become normal people, through their own abilities apart that is, according to Jimmy, the Jews, whom will never allow their hard luck tale to be muted, so why should the Blacks shut up about their slavery, completely missing the point, which I have already made that it was those very Jews, whom saved them from a miserable life in Africa.

There was no sign of liberated Irish slaves amongst the Windrush Generation, members of which have been complaining about signs, which once warned that No Blacks, No Dogs and No Irish, were allowed in certain premises in Britain, they never pay any attention to the word Irish, choosing instead to concentrate on the word Black, and so it continues to this day, when even tiny Ireland is being swamped with Black people, whom believe that the long-suffering Irish owe them a living.

Many people try to split hairs about what it means to be a slave, which concentrates mainly on Blacks, whom were rounded up and sold in various countries across the world. These slaves were bought and sold, however the vast majority of the peasants across Europe, were expelled from their land and packed into squalid situations in dirty old towns, which had sprung up around factories, during the Industrial Revolution. They too were a form of ‘Indentured Slaves’ obliged to pay rent to the Mill owner and to buy their food in the Company Store.

As I have written in a previous post, life for these folk was no better than was life for any group, which was, forced to work, for little in the way of pay, simply to live. For White Europeans this meant that even young children were working in coal mines and as chimney sweeps, in order to help feed families.

All of this misery has long been forgotten, only the Blacks continue to bleat. They would have us believe that nobody else has ever suffered as much as Blacks suffered, we are even expected to believe that they were lynched, simply for being Black, when all of the evidence shows that they were lynched for rape and murder, just as they top all lists for the same crimes in modern America and in other countries where Blacks have installed a community. The full extent of Black crime is never exposed. As with tales of the crimes of ‘others’, it is considered racist to even mention them.

We are now in a new ‘Globalist’ modern, diverse world, which is all based on yet another lie, that of ‘Free Trade’ and a ‘new’ inclusive political attitude, claiming to be sharing, more equitably, the wealth of the world, amongst all Peoples, which quite clearly, was not what the ‘greedy’ had in mind.

Why for example, has a Monopoly Commission, which is supposed to ensure that there is a form of competition amongst producers, to make sure of the best deal possible for their customers, allowed virtually everything, including the rain falling from heaven, to fall into the hands of the same huge corporations?

Why has the Middle East and Africa, fared so badly in this reorganisation of international commerce, while those whom have stolen control of European Industry, chose to and were allowed, to set-up a huge new monopoly of production, in China, which was facilitated by the creation, of the greatest lie in the history of phony excuses, the threat of Global Warming, which was ‘believed’ and signed by brain-dead or wholly controlled politicians, whom against the well-being of their own people, signed and accepted, all the ‘fictitious’ claims, which have been made in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which included the virtual destruction of European industry?

No attempt was made to create an industrial base in the Middle East, close to the Oil fields, which would have greatly reduced the need of thousands of polluting oil tankers, transporting the oil to China, a land which is devoid of natural resources, obliging the importation of all of the needs of this vast new industrial monopoly, from the very areas which should have been developed to avoid the expenditure of all of this highly polluting energy on transportation.

The undisclosed reality behind all this destruction of European Industry lies in the fact that White Christians have been targeted since the early years of the twentieth century. This continued attack is a repetition of the invasion by the Muslims in the Middle Ages, which was finally repulsed and the Muslims sent packing, back to their homelands, by the very people, the Poles, whom are currently fighting the same ‘good fight’ to avoid a repetition of this invasion, which is now, disingenuously called a ‘humanitarian gesture’ to allow entry to Muslims, whom have been driven out of their lands, by the very people whom are urging us to accept them into our lands, leaving vast tracts of Muslim territory available for the real scourge of the World, the ‘Alliance of Evil,’

I am not sure whether the above video will be available where you live.

The difference between then and now being that should the Monopolists get their way, there will be no lands, to which the displaced Peoples of the Middle East can return.

Africa is being treated in the same way. Zionists have conducted an all out attack against the White Christian people in South Africa, which is already a mere source of diamonds and gold for the Bankers, and when those resources are consumed, the Blacks will be left to rot. The huge immigration of Blacks, into South Africa, attracted by the successful, White Christian farmers, will be totally unsustainable in future times, without assistance from White people, whom are being made ready for a White Genocide.

The monopoly media in the West, makes no mention whatsoever of the plight of the vestiges of the betrayed White South African people. The loveable Blacks, whom were liberated by those friendly Rock’n’Rollers, turn out to be far more brutal, than were those from whom they were saved. The ‘Rockers’ are strangely reluctant to mention this fact, because it might just wake Europe up to its coming fate, at the hands of the hundreds of thousands of these Black people, whom are now swarming into Europe, on Ferry Boats provided by those whom organised the destruction of South Africa and the massacre of the Whites and in past times, provided the Ferry-Boat, all the way to America, for those ‘Lucky Black Slaves.’ Nothing changes. 

The Democratisation Of Servitude. Just Grin And Bear It But Watch Your Back!



Listening to the Western Alliance, the world champions of death and destruction, whom slaughtered a third of the population of North Korea, during the years following the total desecration of Germany, and the razing of that country to rubble, calling the North Korean Regime, ‘the most evil regime on Earth’, would be quite amusing, were it not so sinister.

Those whom continually ‘point the bone’ at all of their selected victims, before crushing them, have failed to notice that no matter how many of these ‘bad regimes’ they have already destroyed and no matter how many millions of innocent people have died at their hands, that they are, to this day, still hunting feverishly around looking for more victims to save by killing them.

The Western Alliance, has demonised the leaders of North Korea, without a mention of the atrocities which were carried out by their ‘puppet regime’ in South Korea, which was a Military Dictatorship, with a truly vicious attitude to its ‘own people’ without a word of criticism from the ‘freedom fighters’ from the United Nations, by whom the South Korean Dictatorship is fully armed and supported. A search for information about the behaviour of the South Korean regime yielded this;






Even fervent Nationalists like Nigel Farage, claim that we fought two World Wars to save our freedom and democracy, as if that is the aim of trying to subdue North Korea, to liberate the people under Kim’s jackboot and all that nonsense, when as with the two World Wars, it is no more than a means of making the resources in North Korea available for those whom actually demanded both of those World Wars.

Where were these honourable men, when the demons, whom were crouching behind the distraction of the Great War, waiting for an opportunity to ravage Russia, where their ally, the Greatest Mass Murderer in history, Joseph Stalin, was already part of the Politburo, eagerly waiting, while being armed by the Allies, for the destruction of Germany, the most successful country in Europe, where there was no evidence whatsoever, that the regime was mistreating anybody.

On the other hand, the installation of the Bolshevik Regime in Russia, was the violent installation of Communism, while the Fabian Society was busily installing the Bolshevik European Union by stealth, This was called ‘slow motion Communism.’

The next target was Asia, where the Bolsheviks quickly installed Mao Zedong in China, which with the help of that ‘friend’ of the West, Joseph Stalin, ‘pretended’ to put a stop to the West’s destruction of Bolshevism in North Korea and the propagation of the crass idea of the ‘Domino Effect’, which was used to prepare the rest of the Extreme Orient, for the coming New World Order.

Europe itself was subdued in the years following the Second World War, when the European Domino Effect, quietly installed the Bolsheviks across Eastern Europe and the subjugated Germany, which had bravely stood up to this encroachment of Communism across Europe and the World. The British and their ‘Allies’ actually fought for their own imprisonment.

The British Gaolbreak, Brexit, is currently being undermined by the Bolshevik Forces, which have long controlled Britain from behind the curtain, and the voters are being taught the lesson, that Democracy means voting in the ‘right’ way, or else.

Even in the newly liberated, now Democratic Iraq, where the people used their ‘lethally’ gained right to vote in the wrong manner, a silly choice, which has created cries of foul, because the ‘wrong man’ won the election. A recount was demanded, which caused an immediate catastrophic fire, which destroyed all of the votes, so the people are being forced to vote again. What a surprise?

The ‘New Communist’ threat, which is sweeping the World, is that of Islamic Extremism, which has created a situation in Syria, which has those ‘Freedom Bringers’ from the United States, pretending once more, to be fighting their own people, this time, they are the Mercenary Serco Army, called Daech, in a corner of Syria, which is lusted after by the puppets in Israel, for their Masters of the Universe, in the City of London, where the American Forces are currently doing nothing at all in terms of driving out Daech, which is blocking the deliverance of the Syrian people, from this Western funded scourge.

The entirety of the European Union, is ignoring the ongoing deliberate destruction of the Middle East, while stridently calling for all members States, to accept millions of refugees, fleeing from this deliberate act of the clearance of the region. Not to simply give them shelter, until they can return home but to relocate them, permanently in Europe.

In France, which is already drowning in immigrants, where there are thousands camped out in the streets of Paris and thousands more, Sub-Saharan Blacks, from ‘Syria?’ lodged in small country villages across the country, I was amazed to find, last week-end, as I did my shopping in town, to find at every set of traffic lights, a bunch of people, holding placards, which claimed them to be Syrian refugees, begging for money. They all looked pretty much like the folk whom until recently sloshed a wet rag across your windscreen and demanded a Euro for their trouble, while their posh caravans were parked on wasteland outside of town.

The next step down the road to the complete domination of every country on Earth, is already building to a crescendo, with the United States pointing their grisly bone of democracy and an empty promise of a future easy life, at Venezuela and Nicaragua, those lands of rich resources in South America. Daniel Ortega, a colourful character from the past, the leader of the Sandinista, has already disappeared.

South Africa, which was purged of those whom built it, by the Bolshevik’s,  is now in its death throes, as the infrastructure is falling apart and all promises of a future Black Paradise, after the culling of White Power, which was promised by the thirty-three degree Mason, Bolshevik Communist, Nelson Mandela, sinks into a dystopian nightmare of rape, robbery and murder.

Europe and the United States are now heading down this lost highway, while the British are either involved in a struggle to escape this coming disaster, or they are simply being manipulated into believing that they have won a non-struggle, while falling into yet another trap, we must wait and see to where all this nonsense is taking us.

White Genocide In South Africa.

Despite the evidence of the ongoing bad behaviour of Blacks in South Africa, without a word from our ‘leaders’ it is those like me, who come under attack, for daring to suggest that the importation of Black people, from Africa, even as the ‘lucky’ Blacks whom escaped from Africa, in past times, are already calling for the death of Whitey in the United States, to be a risk not worth taking.

White people need to wake up to reality, even back in the days of slavery, the so-called slaves, were better off than were many White working ‘slave’ immigrants. We never hear that side of the story, of course, now that the Blacks have discovered the art of biting the hand that feeds them.

In Zimbabwe they are already trying to bring back the victimised White Farmers, whom were robbed of their farms, and without whom, those Black ‘Wakanda’ geniuses have seen their country fall into ruin.



Take Their Money And They Own You.



The original intention of YouTube was not to provide a platform for the disclosure of the crimes of ‘our rulers’ and to pay the wages of those whom chose to use it as a vehicle to wake us up and expose the criminality of those rulers.

Personally I have come to regard the behaviour of those whom are attempting to make a living, from adding just a touch of the alternative point of view, to a site, which is in the main attempting to sell stuff to their readers, or in the case of YouTubers by using tags of the “what they do not want you to know” variety, to increase visits, to earn more from ads on their channel, with some disdain, as they are lowering the importance of what needs to be done, for their own short-term gain.

These folk will soon be prepared to bend the knee to the demands of YouTube or lose their channels altogether. When the Revolution is no more than a business opportunity, it has already been lost. They should all forget about monetising YouTube channels and either do without donations altogether, or rely solely on them, to avoid taking the shekels from those whom have already bought the Web.

YouTube is already becoming a waste of time, channels are being closed down for no good reason, other than perhaps they contain the word Jew in a tag or the description box.

I am unable to leave even a short description with one of my own trivial clips, the whole raison d’être is nothing more than to add a bit of weight to a post on my Blog, having been warned, along with many others about the wording on a clip about the Parkland hoax, which I was obliged to erase along with the tags. Fortunately WordPress allows a fair amount of rope on their system, to make a fair point. Should all else fail, we will have to publish our own pamphlets.

We find ourselves in the most ridiculous position, of being in the hands of those whom ‘present’ themselves as Jews, however to say that they are indeed Jews is becoming a crime. It would appear that the frontmen of Google, Facebook and YouTube are all Jews. That is not only my problem, that is a problem for all and everybody.

Once upon a time, the Soviet Union was blamed for all of the covert Communist activity across the Western World. They were the ‘Red Menace’ and the KGB had a finger in every pie. Senator Joe McCarthy, while investigating Communist infiltration, into the American political system, very quickly discovered the reality of Communism in the USA, which is why he was quickly ‘allowed’ to die to shut him up.

After 911, FBI investigations into the attack, very quickly lead to the arrest of almost two hundred agents, all of whom had connections to the events on 911, but no connection whatsoever to the KGB and Russia. All of the connections were with the Jew State of Israel and all of those agents of Israel, despite massive evidence of their involvement in the 911 event, were released without charge:      HERE

While checking out the fabulous tale of Martin Luther King, on the anniversary of his death, and his belief that there should be a more equal spread of the American wealth, I quickly found he made no mention of the vast wealth which was in the claws of the Bankers and the international corporations and as do all other ‘reformers’ he concentrated on the paltry amount of wealth in the hands of the relatively  poor, which amounted to a ‘take as much as you can get’ from the White Middle Class of America, this was while King was under the guidance of The Religious Action Centre, which spoke of a close connection to King:

Today, Dr. King’s close bond with the Jewish community is treated only as a small footnote of his life and work. But, toward the end of his life, Dr. King devoted significant time and energy to strengthening what were becoming increasingly strained ties between black Americans and U.S. Jews. One issue Dr. King was particularly concerned with was the growing mischaracterisation of Zionism as racism.

This small footnote, included mention of King’s close friendship with a prominent Jew, Stanley David Levison, a life long Communist, by who he was lavishly funded and entertained, while down in South Africa, Saint Nelson Mandela was firmly under the control of the Bolshevik Communist immigrant Jew, Joe Slovo. South Africa is now a country which is quietly governed by Bolshevik Communist Jews, both Black and Jew colour,  without a trace of the KGB or any Russian Christians, while the country is now in a state of total collapse, the Blacks, have in fact, lost everything, while Nelson Mandela, the Bolshevik Communist, died a millionaire.

The current situation in the USA, South Africa and Israel, clearly demonstrates that Jews in general, do not give a toss about Blacks, whom they have cynically used to provoke unrest. That was the covert aim of importing Black Slaves into America. Immigrant Jews have now managed to set up their very own Apartheid State in Palestine – where there are, right now, calls to evict Black immigrants, the Jews are fully aware of the catastrophic results of allowing Blacks to enter any State, which is why the Blacks have been their favourite tool to destroy States – while all the intelligence gathering, which was once blamed on the KGB, is these days blamed on the Jew Mob’s killing machine, Murder Inc, which has been renamed as Mossad and is resident in Israel.

It is just as Hitler had declared, the Bolsheviks wanted Palestine, as a den, where they could avoid International Law, as they continued their organised crime and extortion rackets and other criminal activities, without fear of arrest. Now that Russia is playing a different role, it has become clear that the Russian Politburo members were mere puppets controlled by Jews, to this day the Prime Minister of a now ‘Democratic’ Russia is a Jew and  Israel is itself still under the same control as is most of the Western Christian World, including the USA, France and the United Kingdom, all of them controlled from the City of London, which some suggest is itself controlled from the Vatican.

While back in the United States, the agents of the Jews, are still trying to force the richest Blacks in the world, to destroy everything which they have been given by White Christians, including dozens of Black Millionaires, to suit the agenda of the Bolshevik Jews, which is the guilty little secret which was uncovered by Joe McCarthy, that all the Communists were Jews, with an agenda which has plainly delivered nothing to the Blacks in South Africa other than rape, murder and poverty and which will deliver nothing for the Blacks in the USA apart from another dose of slavery, working once more for the fiends whom brought them from Africa all those years ago.

The Mitrokhin Archive indicates that American communists in the earlier stages of the Civil Rights Movement confidently boasted to their Soviet masters of their influence on MLK. But their boasts were, like most of their aspirations about a Sovietized America, wishfully delusional, believed by a KGB that was even more ignorant about America. MLK’s hailing the “magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence” did not echo Soviet purposes.

Maybe not,  but it most certainly echoed Jew purposes in the United States, where the Communists ‘Soviet’ masters were actually installed.

One Law For Us And Another For Them.



The Jews sent their agent Joe Slovo, into South Africa, a country which had been swamped with millions of Black immigrants. We have been fooled into the belief, that a huge Continent like Africa is, unlike all other Continents, reserved uniquely for Black people, it is not.

The White people came to that part of Africa, four hundred ago, because it was deserted and the Boers displaced nobody. They were farmers not an Army. The North of Africa is Arab as are other parts of Africa. There was no part of southern Africa, which was claimed by any group or tribe. The Zulus those friends of the slavers,  have invaded South Africa  and are even now murdering White people, without a word from the Jews, whom encouraged them to carry out this holocaust of White Christians.

The Jews set about this aim by encouraging the Blacks to demand ever more of what had never been theirs in the first place. Using the same logic, a White family in Europe should be allowed to kick any Black family into the street and seize their home because Europe is a White Continent.

Blacks have made no effort to improve life for Africans, by learning simple agricultural methods and putting them into practice, four hundred years after the Boers demonstrated how it was done for example, to even suggest that they are incapable of helping themselves is an understatement. They still depend on charity to eat, and without assistance from the White Christians, whom fed them for generations in South Africa, where all they did for themselves was breed children, whom they were incapable of feeding and they would have starved, as they did in past Black times, without ‘welfare’ from the White Boers.

Under the guidance of the Bolshevik Communist Jews and through the use of Terror, the overwhelming numbers of Blacks, eventually beat the Boers down and have now taken control of a beautiful land, which they have already reduced to the same level as is the rest of Black Africa.

The same Bolshevik Jews, reveling in this great success against the hated White Christians in South Africa, are now attempting to repeat this success all across Europe and the United States. There are video clips of Jews screeching out their hate and bile against White people all over YouTube, cries which are quite clearly designed to create racial tension, even as they tearfully mumble rubbish about anti-Jewism in the dis United Kingdom, where to express the slightest criticism of a ‘friendly’ ‘lovable’ Jew is a criminal offence.

The British Labour Party is being urged to set up re-education Centres for Members of the Party, whom have failed to get down on their knees and beg forgiveness for ‘offences’ which caused untold pain and agony in the Jew community. Do any of these blubbering Jews have any idea of the emotions of these White ‘Supremacists’, meaning me and my family, when they are attacked by those Jews whom cannot support the slightest word of criticism themselves? That I am apparently an unreformable Racist? That ‘White’ means Racist and that there ‘must’ be a White holocaust to solve the problem? Where are our politicians who should be putting a stop to these outrageous attacks? Why no sanctions against Israel, as there most certainly would be should Russia be involved? The days of using the holocaust as an excuse for Jew atrocities has long gone and we should not be afraid to tell them so. Jews are as bad as they claim the Germans to have been and there should be no attempt to shield them from responsibility.

Vladimir Putin has been cornered by the same forces which cornered Hitler in 1933 and like Hitler, who right to the end sought peace with the World, while he was being presented as a threat to Europe and after that the whole-wide-world, Putin is currently offering the same pleas for peace to ‘free world’ puppets whom have been ordered to destroy Russia and force it back into the ranks of the Central Bank controlled free world order.


Where are the calls for the Jews in the House of Commons to reeducate those foul-mouthed Jews, whom preach such Hate all over the World, to eradicate this crap out of ‘their’ lives and the demand that any Jew, whom by their silence on this subject, accepts it, and they should be thrown out of the House of Commons in short order. Let’s hear it for the White People for once. I came across the video clip at the top of the page, after I had written my stuff. I was amazed, having watched it, how close it was to what I had just written. I noticed I did get a few things wrong but nothing of importance. It is a genuine horror story and a word of warning to all White people. 

These Are The Folk Whom Are Good For Europe? I Am Sure You Will Agree With That.


Being a totally racist idiot, I refuse to believe that those whom can behave in such a manner, as in the above video clip, whether it be the Bolshevik Jews, Daech, Attila the Hun or men from Darkest Africa, they should not be brought into European countries and used as a means of destroying us.

Just up the road from South Africa, in Rwanda, almost a million Blacks were clubbed to death by another Tribe of Blacks. In South Africa, the current Black population, are killing immigrants from other regions, of Africa, complaining that they are taking their jobs, demonstrating a total lack of understanding of their own hypocrisy about their current invasion of Europe looking for handouts. That, while at the same time, carrying out a rape every few minutes and murders far in excess of any other country, all as a result of getting rid of Whitey.

The Peoples of Europe are faced with a further problem, that of the conditioned response of the younger generation, who having been educated to self hate and whom are now feeling exhilarated by their willingness to invite uncontrolled numbers of Black immigrants into Europe, having failed to take note of the fact that the Black African, Bolshevik Leader of South Africa, has already armed and prepared the Black Africans,  to wipe out the remains of the White African, the very people whom built a beautiful homeland in Africa, while during the same period, the Blacks produced nothing of any worth.

They have however, in a mere twenty years,  transformed South Africa from a safe and pleasant land into a hell on earth, under the guidance of the Bolshevik Jew, Joe Slovo, with the injection of huge sums of cash, from Jew industrialists and bankers. Those same Bolsheviks are now turning their attention towards Europe and the USA.

Very soon there will be two billion people in Africa, are we expected to allow them all into Europe? African men, are living in some dystopian past, where they eat parts of people, after torturing them to death, as in Liberia, do we want that sort of thing in our midst?



In the United States, Black men are responsible for tens of thousands of rapes and a totally disproportionate number of murders of both Blacks and Whites. The statistics in Europe are similar but are played down. That being so, who in their right mind would ship thousands of these people into Europe? We should not be swayed in our thinking because we happen to know a nice Black Man, we need to spend a while looking at the over-all picture before being lured into a hell on earth.





Black Racism Rears Its Head At The Oscars.


Chris Rock, a whiny voiced Black comedian, who uses the word Nigger, as a means of making racist slurs against White people, turned the Oscar ceremony into a platform, catering to the un-natural need of the Black Community, for yet another excuse to claim that their lack of achievement is not deserved but as a result of White Supremacy or Privilege.

I’m not quite sure how the Chinese community in the States feels about the lack of Chinese talent amongst the awards, or indeed Arabs or the Irish or anybody else, as usual all we hear are the complaints of Negros.

Those whom did receive Awards, are made to feel guilty, as if they are getting an award,  which some wooden Black actor, out of the mould of  Morgan Freeman, who in the main, acts the role of a man simply walking artistically in front of a camera and standing there,  should rightly have won.

Blacks carried out the same routine at the recent Brit Awards, prompting me to check out the Black talent which was available for consideration. I was pointed towards a clip purporting to demonstrate the depth of Black talent which had been ignored by the awards.

I watched with interest and at the end of the clip I thought that I had been watching one act, when in fact it was several acts, cutting from one to the other.  In my opinion it was dire and it would have been a travesty should any of the stuff I watched have gained an award.

What Black artistes do seem to specialise in is the grotesque amount of simulated sex in their live performances and the Brit Awards were duly contaminated with its share. Well done Black talent, however prudes like me are not obliged to find it of any interest.


To be allowed to use Racism as a means of forcing more talented people, whether, Asian, Mongolian, Scandinavian or whatever to forgo recognition for their originality, in the face of a wall of derivative Hip Hop crap, is a nonsense. Instead of trying to improve their competitiveness, Blacks seem to think that whining bestows them with talent and the right to demand recognition over the heads of real talent.

What is even more serious than that, the Blacks are as usual, picking on the wrong group on which  to vent their bile. It is well known that Hollywood is not controlled or run by White folk, it is in fact totally in the grip of those colourless people called Jews.

So Chris Rock, why not call a spade a spade, as they say, afraid it might be bad for your “shrill” career perhaps, should you let slip the phrase “Jew Privilege?”

Why not encourage your Black friends to face up to reality and claim that Hollywood is too Jew, Mel Gibson did it, why not you? Don’t worry that’s just a joke, money comes first of course, even for mealy mouthed prats like you. Mustn’t upset the money men must we?

When are we going to hear a little bit of truth from these Blacks. There are  hours and hours of them blathering on and on about White Privilege on-line,  just as they appear to be in support of Zuma and the Black savages in South Africa, who are openly calling for the slaughter of White people, who apparently now find themselves living in a Black Country, so why don’t all the Black malcontents piss off back to this Black country?

Perhaps Blacks have failed to notice but there are millions of folk queuing up to take their place in the States and in Europe, who apparently are expecting to find a better life, so why not make room for them, as you appear to have nothing good to say about your life amongst White people and are proposing the same solution as friendly, nice and cuddly Zuma in South Africa, that of White Genocide.