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The Bilderberg Boys’ Bluff It Out.

Today, in London, Chancellor of the Exchequer, or is that Finance Minister? George Osborne, or is that Spanky Osborne?  No matter, made what is called his Autumn Statement.

I listened intently to his tales of progress and his promise of a continuation, of his policies, until he had paid every last cent of the British public’s money, into the bottomless coffers of the Central Bankers.

George Osborne is a member of the Bilderberg Group, from where he receives his orders.  This is against British Law,  a serving member of the Government, is forbidden to take part in discussions, which will affect the British voter, without having first asked for permission to do such a thing and having done so, he is obliged to make public, whatever may have been discussed at any such meeting.

Across the big table, in the House of Commons, sits his apoplectic, bellicose, supposed opposition spokesman, Ed Balls.  Balls is also a member of the Bilderberg Group.  He too receives his orders from the same source as does Osborne.  He too is obliged to explain his participation in these discussions to the British voter, however, along with Osborne, he refuses to even admit to having taken part in these secret discussions.

So I would suggest that these men are both in support of exactly the same programme and any apparent differences between them, is no more than cheap theatre for the benefit of the dumbed down voter.

For example, there was a contrived, world-wide, economic collapse, in 2008.  There was hardly a country which was not brought to its knees as a result.  Despite this, the Conservative Party in the UK, persistently claim, that what brought the UK down, was the mismanagement of the Labour Party, which was in Government at the time.

The Labour Party never responds, to these bogus claims, they appear to be perfectly content to accept responsibility for the crash. The result being, that they have presented the Conservatives with the perfect excuse, to install massive austerity measures, for which they blame the Opposition.

The Conservatives, as did the Labour Party, before the last General Election, have promised the electorate a referendum, to decide whether the UK remains within the European Union, after the next election, while the Labour Party, which reneged on its promise, has now adopted the position of the Conservatives, by refusing to allow a referendum, should they win the next election. The Conservatives, in the meantime, are putting in place, policies which any real  Socialist Party, would not dare to do.

So all of this would appear to telegraph a victory for the Socialists in the upcoming election, which will once again deny the British a referendum on Europe and it will of course be too late to undo all of the savage cuts and changes, which are being introduced by the governing coalition, such as the plan, which will force the British to work until they are seventy-years old, before they can demand a retirement pension. At the moment a huge percentage of pensioners are already dead before reaching their seventieth birthday.

The British, whom are quite hard of thinking, will not yet have noticed, that it has already been decided that the Socialists are the only real opposition to the sitting Conservatives. I imagine, that should you demand, of a sheep in the street, his opinion of the Real Socialist Party, he would probably have no idea of what you are talking about.  I may be wrong, however having seen reports on alternative TV, I have yet to see any mention of them on the Free British Media, they have been too occupied with the weather and Nigella Lawson and her Cup-Cake Team.

In a way, it is hardly surprising that there has been so little publicity being given to this group. They are indeed quite difficult to separate from the Labour Party, which has been referred to as the Socialist Party for generations, it may have been more intelligent take a new title, which did not have a direct route back to the Fabian Society, which would have helped to disguise, their affiliation to the Communists and the “wet dream” of World Control.

They are calling for a return to Nationalisation, which works in the interest of the people and not that of a group of Hedge Funds.  So they are apparently  still in the dark as to the “real” intentions of Communism, which is now referred to as Communitarianism. It is a strange shift in British politics, when a Real Socialist Party, is on the same side as their peers in the Conservative Party.

        Power to the People!