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Sky News Hen Claims Herself To Be Fair And Unbiased


Kay Burley, one of the presenters on Sky News, today conducted a discussion about the News output on British News outlets.  She stridently claimed that journalists were fair and balanced and that should they attempt to pass anything that would not stand up to scrutiny, other journalists would take them to task.

A few weeks ago I was astonished to find that Sky News had quite deliberately misled viewers, by suggesting that Donald Trump was some sort of racist, having expressed the opinion that no Muslims should be allowed into the USA. This claim was illustrated by an edited clip of a Trump speech.

The same misleading clip was used all day long, by one presenter after another. Finally in the afternoon, Burley did herself introduce the edited clip several times, until finally near the end of her show, she interviewed an American and asked his response to what Trump had said.

He immediately pointed out that Trump had not said “No Muslims should be allowed into the USA, full stop,” telling Burley that the clip had been doctored to suggest Trump had said something which he had not said, he had in fact, added the caveat  “…until the Politicians had figured out what the hell was going on.”   Despite having been challenged about the accuracy of her reporting, Burley continued to present the same clip as if it was the truth.

Someone eventually slipped up by using the edited clip in an introduction, only to surprise a correspondent, as he was about to open his mouth,  by presenting him with the entire clip, when he had quite clearly prepared his diatribe to suit the edited version. He managed to make some garbled response,  like a school-boy who had forgotten his words and could not hear the prompter in a school play and tried to ad lib.







These folk know full well that they are liars and that they are deceiving the public. Another Sky News man, Kiley, was recently presenting events in Syria, concerning an alleged attack on yet another Médécins Sans Frontières hospital, in a manner which was aimed at blaming the Russians, this was a matter of days after the under-reported bombing of another hospital of the same NGO, was dismissed as a mere slip of a finger on a mouse, by the United States. I suppose that could be described as fair reporting.

 Stuart Ramsey, expects us to believe that he, just happened to bump into a man who had found these files, somewhere in Syria, as if Daech would keep their files in Syria. Ramsey is attempting to build up an excuse to link Assad with Daech, a man he met somewhere told him so. Sky News as usual have no need of corroboration, any lie will do. These files would serve no purpose in Syria or anywhere else in the middle of a fire-fight. This is black propaganda.


Does anybody pay any attention to these folk these days?


Will Donald Trump Be Allowed To Be President?



Will Donald Trump Be Allowed To Be President?

While watching the Black thugs come out in force, at a Donald Trump event, I found myself wondering, what it was that Trump had said, that was so upsetting to Black people. I had the impression that he was opposed to illegal immigrants, whether they be Black, White or Brown, so why does that make Black Americans fearful, or are they as usual, being used as the Jew mouth-piece, to further Jew racism, which calls for the elimination of the White people, an idea which Blacks, as do the Jews support with gusto.

In point of fact, International Jewry has declared an open season on White people, while still calling for more museums and monuments, in commemoration of relatively minor Jew losses in World War Two, they are now in favour of the Genocide of Whites. Where are the White Patriots?

In point of fact, International Jewry has declared an open season on White people, while still calling for more museums and monuments, in commemoration of relatively minor Jew losses in World War Two, they are now in favour of the Genocide of Whites. Where are the White Patriots?

Having done so, they are now, unbelievably, whining about an upsurge in anti-Semitism. It is hard to imagine any other group of people being allowed to express such depths of hypocrisy without creating hilarity and disgust at the same time. That is the power bestowed on Jews, through the medium of Press Monopoly.

That same Press monopoly was used as the means of the mind control of the general public during the reporting of events such as the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon bombing. which has lead to the filing of a trillion-dollar claim against the Jew controlled Press for their participation and misrepresentation of events on the ground.


I am of the opinion that the same steps should be taken against those whom reported both the Charlie Hebdo attack and the more recent November 13th attack, in Paris, of which they presented much evidence, which though of great importance, they then failed to reiterate and stress the importance of this evidence, by ceasing all coverage of any eyewitness evidence at all, in order to support the ‘official” tale.

The success of this Sandy Hook, claim will not be helped by Obama’s choice of a fifth Jew on the list of a mere nine Supreme Court Judges, which means they now hold a majority, while being less than two per-cent of the US population. Allowing them to veto disagreeable decisions.

This is a criminal misuse of Presidential power. Obama has become a manipulated Dictator. Of course let us not forget, Obama was photographed, with one of the dead children on his lap, at Sandy Hook, yet another cock-up by the “continuation editor,” similar to the Pozner photo mistake, which turned up in a similar event in Pakistan, begging the question whether both events were produced in the same film studio.

In the United Kingdom, the Press of all shades, has chosen to ignore the origins and aims of the Fabian Society, which was responsible for the construction of the Labour Party and more importantly, the forging of a ruthlessly controlled European Union, which is now in place and from which there will be no way out. A situation fully supported by the Conservative Party.

In such circumstances, the British people should not be covertly confronted with spokes-people from the Labour Party, who have the distinctly biased and undemocratic aim of forcing the UK into this International Socialist Club of Europe, whatever the people demand.

It should be remembered that it was the Labour Party which offered a referendum, only to underhandedly deny the British this possibility, in order to further the aims of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and the Fabian Society.

Socialist Politicians have been surreptitiously undermining the rights of the British, with the assistance of the Conservative Party, since their creation. Both Parties are controlled by the same people behind the scenes. That is why you have been allowed Democracy.

People like Cameron and his cohorts, strutting around in a dream of their own importance, believe they and those pesky Socialists, own the system and the people are obliged to vote for one or the other.

That is the propaganda which is daily forced into the minds of children at school. I was myself fed the stupidity that to vote for any other Party, in an election, was no more than a token protest and a wasted vote, that because of the way Democracy works only Socialism or Conservatism, Left or Right can win and what other choice could there possibly be that would serve the best interests of the voter?

In the States, Donald Trump would appear to be breaking the mould, while the two main Parties, which are in lock step over all and everything, have presented a sick and sorry ghoul, Hillary Clinton, a cold and vicious woman, who cackled like the hagette she is, on hearing the News that Muammar Gadaffi had been impaled, tortured and shot by a gang of savages, funded by her and her cohorts, as the left-wing choice and there are already cries of misogyny, against those whom detest this choice of a creature from hell, as if being a woman means that you can do no evil. She is guilty of dozens of crimes and she is no less guilty than is her scum of a husband. There is a man dedicated to outing her as being complicit in murder. Yet despite all of this, she is expected to be placed into the White House by the controllers. Oh by the way, she is also under investigation for treason and the death of four Americans in Libya.

We have already experienced a Black President, who has displayed himself as a liar and a War Criminal and a hypocrite of high degree, that apparently came as a surprise to everyone, he is Black after all. So is it now necessary to elect a woman, simply for being a woman, when she is already in possession of a past for which she merits a life sentence in gaol?

I have no idea what Donald Trump will do, should he be elected but take your pick of the others and you will find that they all fit into the same footprint, in the cow-pat.

Whether he has Jew Mafia connections, ties to Israel or the Vatican or the Knights of Malta or whether he was educated by the Jesuits or secretly admires Adolf Hitler, he will be no worse than the others, they are all the same.  


So it comes as a surprise to find that most of the “alternative” media, have very little of good to say about him, while the White people are entranced, as are even the legal immigrants, whom understand full well that they will be the first to suffer, should the borders of the USA be thrown open to uncontrolled immigration.

I am beginning to have serious doubts about the Alternative Media. They are presenting such strange tales these days, tales suggesting that they have access to information, which is not available to me and others like me because we are not in the loop. Allowing them to mislead me and others should we believe what they say.

On my blog, like many others, I try to present an idea of what is happening unnoticed, around us. I am not a News Site’ however I do not write off the top of my head, I check around, read various newspapers, listen to the radio, soak up as much of the “atmosphere” of events as possible and then I write my perception of these things. So I am not an expert and I do not have the time or ability to research official documents etc. However I do occasionally come across anomalies.

During the Charlie Hebdo affair, I watched a Sky News man, pointing over his shoulder, towards a pavement which ran along the side of a large boulevard, explaining that to be the spot where the Kouachi boys had shot the policeman.

This surprised me because the incident itself, had been filmed from an upstairs window, in a narrow street, with many parked vehicles. The policeman, who was allegedly a Muslim, quite clearly died without bleeding after having been shot in the head by a Kalashnikov rifle.

When the same Sky News man later reported from the spot of the shooting, the pavement was covered in a red liquid of some sort, the reporter explained, on live television, that the red liquid had been added later, to demonstrate, presumably, how the scene would have appeared should the police victim not been shot after his interview with the Vampire. Plus he was standing in the large boulevard as he reported.

These little cock-ups, demonstrate graphically the complicity of the News media in these presentations. Several British newspapers presented eyewitness accounts which did not conform with the final version. For example whatever became of the woman who just happened to pass by the Charlie Hebdo offices, at the very moment that the Kouachi brothers were scratching their heads, wondering how to open the security locked entrance and who just happened to know the code, so she opened the door and let them enter. If these things are not true, why are we never told that the journalist had simply been misled and that there was no supporting evidence for the claim.

The woman walked into the offices with two men in black wearing balaclava and carrying a Kalashnikov, to satisfy the lack of evidence of a forced entry, through an undamaged door.

With Sandy Hook, there are so many things which simply will not stand up to scrutiny, that without the total complicity of the International Jew controlled media, the whole tale would have unravelled years ago.

The supporters make things up as they go along, furthermore there is no sort of conformity between two conflicting official explanations, which can be ignored, should it be me questioning them, blood on the pavement, or indeed blood on the dance floor, depending on the crime scene.

Should the same evidence be presented in a Courtroom it would need some sort of evidential proof of the need to contaminate the scene of a crime for example or at least some sort of justification for having done so. Or the fact that relevant information had simply been ignored.


Sadly it would appear that even the Police are complicit in following a theme, rather than looking for clues. It is almost as if they know where to be and who is to blame even before the crime takes place.

Sky News recently bragged about having been handed a dossier, listing the membership of those whom fought for Daech in the Middle East. Personally, I find that suggestion to be so unlikely as to be off the planet. Stuart Ramsey, the whispering prick who helped set-up the excuse for the Uk to bomb the shit out of Syria, using the excuse of Daech, has now produced the names of all of the killers. No shit?

As a result of this “God Send” of information, Ramsey had by the next day, discovered the presence of all of the UK citizens who had gone to serve with Daech in Syria in this list. He could even tell us the name of their maternal Grand-mother and her blood type.

Instantly, we now have the arrest of a man in Belgium, against whom there is no evidence, apart from a hunch, that he had anything to do with the November 13th attack in Paris but whose photograph was plastered all over the European Press within hours of the attacks, which made him the Most Wanted Man in the World.

This man, joins a long list of those whom once arrested, are never given the opportunity to present their side of the tale. Most of them, like Lanza at Sandy Hook, commit suicide and we never see the body. Others like Osama bin Laden, whom we have never seen in real life, is thrown into the sea. Jihad John, who remained behind his mask and spoke with a distorted voice, was nevertheless tracked down in the desert and vapourised. Gunner Rigby, lay headless on the road, for some time, with people passing by taking a peek to see if they could help, not one of them noticing that he lacked a head or that he may have been a dummy. All of the suicide bombers on 911 died along with everybody else, in a group suicide, but like Lazarus, seven of them rose from the dead and were found by the BBC. The list goes on and on. How dumb are people?

I have yet to be convinced that the character arrested in Mollenbeek, in Belgium, is anything more than an excuse to claim they have received, from him, information, which will lead to the arrest and conviction of other people. This practice has lead to “Plea bargaining” which allows a lesser sentence than does a not guilty plea, which could mean Death if eventually the accused is found guilty. That is modern justice.

Here Is The Unsubstantiated News.

 Today on Sky News, an alleged journalist presented us with his opinion that no action could be taken against high-flying paedophiles, simply because the accusations had not been substantiated.  Mainly because the Metropolitan Police and other guardians of the law, had “misplaced” the evidence.

An unsubstantiated report alleging that David Cameron was photographed, no doubt with his ‘wellies’ on, going one up on the well documented ‘Somerset Sheep Shaggers, by sticking his posh member into the mouth of a porky piggy, which unlike the live sheep shagged by the  uncouth peasants in Somerset was already dead and ready to be scoffed. Despite the humour in such a tale, the hacks on the British Media, declined to explain exactly what this performance of Cameron’s was all about.

What a great shame it is that these same guttersnipes are prepared to denigrate Muslim people without fear, whether it gives rise to calls for war and the death of millions, regardless of whether it has been substantiated with solid facts or not.

Only today, an unsubstantiated claim was made that one in three of all children born, will fall victim to a form of Dementia, this being because we are all living longer and Dementia is an illness of the old.

They then interviewed a woman, who was the carer of her mother, whom was a victim of Altzheimers Disease, which struck her down when she was fifty-eight years old. This can hardly be described as old, so the whole notion was ridiculed from the word go, yet this was not picked up by the ‘Hacks.’

I would like to call on this journalist, a certain Michael Booker, to dig out the available conclusive proof of Bashar al Assad’s crimes against his own people. While he is at it, should he stumble across the demonstrations, against Assad – which were in fact relatively small and held in side-streets, all of which were filmed – produce some sort of evidence that it was the police and only the police whom were responsible for any deaths which may have occurred, to clear up those unsubstantiated claims once and for all, we could all then relax and let go of the nagging impression, that it was all a Sky News  production, with Stuart Ramsey in the leading role, as the “Journalist.”

To give him some idea as to where I am driving, I might remind him that the British Public, of which he is a proud member, were informed by his own “newspaper,” amongst many others,  that the IRA had opened fire on the British troops, whom were in Ireland to protect the  Catholics,  whom were marching in “Free Democratic Britain,” for their Civil Rights, which were being denied to them by the lovable scum, whom he supports with alacrity, without any form whatsoever of substantiation.

The British denied their murderous act of the slaying of peaceful, Catholic demonstrators, for thirty years, having opened fire on the very people they were allegedly protecting, to generate an excuse for their own hidden agenda, which I might add, included a “shoot to kill,” policy against Catholics.

These typically “British” acts – which were no departure from normal daily life under British Rule – were presented as an adequate reason to bomb the shit out of Libya, claiming that Gadaffi had committed a similar crime in  Benghazi,  and then claimed that Assad had done exactly the same thing in Syria, not to mention the thousands of examples, such as the atrocity at Amritsar, with which history is deluged and which I do not have enough computer power to list.

One might ask the logical question as to why, when, such acts are carried out by the British, nobody called for a “No Fly Zone” over the UK, in keeping with British policy of imposing one against Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi in similar circumstances.

So lets hear from you Booker, where is your substantive evidence for a few of these firmly held beliefs, with which you and your kind have contaminated the minds of children for decades?

Today’s News on Sky  instead of presenting the SCANDAL of the deliberately provoked wars, which have killed and maimed millions of INNOCENT people and which are responsible the IMMIGRATION CRISIS which is going to strangle Europe to death, they are reporting the INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL of Volkswagen’s deliberate rigging of the level of pollutants, which are emitted from their motor cars.

The level of propaganda, which is delivered on a daily basis, by the “free and uncontrolled”  Western Press, is of such an enormous quantity, that to adopt the position of non-belief in anything which is reported on television “News” or in the publications from “The Street of Shame” is valid and justifiable.

The same Press which once informed us that “Globalisation” was wonderful and was of infinite value to the well-being of those countries which embraced it, now tell us that as a philosophy it has failed.

Well this “cynic” not only disagrees with this announcement but on the other hand would like to claim that it has been a resounding success. However, through the lies and misrepresentation of the object of this “Globalisation” and without any form of verification of the value of the exercise, for the man in the street, he is sadly, totally confused and afraid to make his own judgement as to what has been inflicted on to his homeland, for fear of being sneeringly called a Racist.

I would suggest that the people of Europe need only look around themselves, as they walk in the now Globalised streets of Europe, to come to the understanding that they are now in an irreversible situation, which can only lead to disaster, yet they are incapable of taking any action to save themselves.

The Politicians, by whom, through the sham of Democracy, we have had this disaster imposed upon us,  can now afford to say that they must change the policy of Globalisation,  as a failure,  while at the same time creating wars across the Middle East, deliberately creating millions of refugees, telling the folk of Europe that they must treat these poor refugees – whom through the use of  “terror tactics” they have created – with a humane understanding of the needs of these folk and welcome them into an already saturated Europe.

Across the Irish Sea, the ever malevolent Jew/British Empire, quite deliberately brought a bunch of Scottish Protestants, into Ulster. They then very carefully changed the boundaries of Ulster and gathered the Catholics into ghettos and calmly rigged the election process, ensuring a Protestant victory in any election, in order to maintain their grip on Ireland.  Protestant was code for English.

We will, in future years, see the same process being “allowed” across Europe, as that which was imposed on the Middle East, which under the control of the same Jew/British Empire, was sliced into weak and chaotic and easily manipulated religious States, after The Great War, into which they introduced the Wahhabi version of Islam, as a violent destructive force, to undermine any possibility of a peaceful existence.

In both cases, in Ireland and the Middle East, the success of the policy was total and as a result, both regions have been in disarray ever since.

The same Jew/British Empire, still installed in the City of London, is about to carve the UK and Europe into the same situation as that which was such a game changer in the Middle East. Very soon huge areas of the UK and other European countries, will be advised to introduce “autonomous” areas, where large populations of immigrants have been encouraged to seek the succour of their own kind, instead of integrating into a complete National identity, will call for the creation of their own State with its own laws etc. This will be called “Real Democracy” and should of course be encouraged, a sentiment which will be endorsed by White hating Liberals.

The power of the controlled media is so incredible, that the vast majority of those whom offer an opinion, believe Gadaffi, Assad, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco the IRA and Uncle Tom Cobley and all to have been “bad” while the aggressive, murderous, cold-blooded monsters, who murdered them, to have been “good” such is the power of unsubstantiated news reporting. Who, for example, would believe that there is no evidence of a “holocaust” just as no “Weapons of Mass Destruction” were ever found in Iraq.

Ireland is now being forced through the same mangle all over again.  This time the immigrants are not Protestants, they are Muslims and they are already out in the streets of Dublin,  demanding, from the poverty-stricken Irish, housing, medical care, education and of course Social Security payments.

The unsubstantiated claims that immigrants are a benefit to the economies of Europe, do not stand up to inspection or logic. Most immigrants into Europe have been a drain on the economy. In Denmark for example, 75% of all of the immigrants whom have arrived in Denmark in the past ten years, have never worked.

In the UK, despite accepting ten million immigrants in recent years, the economy is flat on its face, there are not enough homes available for such a huge influx, I defy anybody to point to some of the so-called benefits of this immigration, the usual claim being that without them, the National Health Service would collapse, without disclosing how many of the sick are themselves unemployed immigrants.

Social systems across Europe are collapsing under the pressure of this inflow, yet it is NEVER discussed in the mainstream media as a problem. They are still, full in the face of the actuality on the ground, dismissing the intelligent few whom choose to speak out against this evil manipulation of common sense, to be no more than “Fascists” misusing the word to suggest some sort of connection with another piece of unsubstantiated reporting.

The European Union, which is itself a form of  Secret Society and  which was installed by a group of Jewish Bankers,  which included Goldman Sachs, plus Chatham House in the UK, The Committee on Foreign Relations in the US and the Trilateral Commission all of which have now placed its agents in massive numbers across the EU, in Greece, Italy and the UK amongst other places, where they control the Central Banks, including the European Central Bank.  This is an actuality which is never exposed by the controlled media, which, of course, is also controlled by all of the above covert groups.

History is full of examples of control being taken by incomers. I can find no example of an invaded country in which the indigenous population survived the invasion intact. Australia, New Zealand, many South American countries, the USA, Canada, into which were invited the teeming hordes of sick and diseased Europeans, to wipe out the indigenous folk.

Take a good look at Palestine, where Jews have retained the right to carry out a genocide and to operate a system of Racism, with the support of the same politicians whom recommend immigration into Europe, while Israel clears its own land, of its indigenous people, a land which they themselves stole through the medium of mass immigration. It would be fair to say that Europeans will soon be the new Palestinians, with no land of their own.

Those strange people whom are referred to as the British Government, have invited their current chosen enemy, International Muslim Terrorists, to enter their territory, in unrestricted numbers,  suggesting that they have no fear of this enemy, otherwise the Military would have soon put a stop to this wholesale influx of “dangerous” people.  This,  therefore,  would suggest that there is some other agenda in play.

The need of a Muslim Community was demonstrated in 2005 and the 7-7 False Flag in London, when within minutes, with no substantiation, the British Top Cop, Ian Blair blamed four young Muslim lads with back-packs, for an act which was way beyond their capabilities,  just as was the unsubstantiated claim of the  911 atrocity in New York, was way out of the range of Tim Osman, aka Osama Bin Laden.

Our world has been destroyed. It is now being occupied by folk like the Muslims whom are already, prepared to sit on their back-sides claiming Social Security and free everything, infinitely richer than they ever were in Turkey or Palestine. In Germany, it has been disclosed that 97% of Turkish immigrants claim Social Security.  How many more can we pay for, when we should be stopping the Jew wars, which are driving these folk from their homelands? Just as the Jew/British Empire drove millions of Irish out of Ireland.








Stuart Ramsey Presents, “The ISIS Bullshit.”

Sky News-poodle, Stuart Ramsey, the man who was in at the beginning of the propaganda against Bashar al Assad, having already brought to our TV screens, ridiculous images of the Taliban whipping women, and then an interview with the trainer of a groups of fragile, namby-pamby, teenagers, in clean white robes, whom were alleged to be pitiless killers, now brings us a tale from an ISIS “Whistle Blower,” telling us a nonsense about young girls, trained by ISIS, to bring Guerilla Warfare to the streets of the UK.


This short clip from Brother Nathaniel, reinforces what I have already postulated about the origins and purpose of all of the so-called “terrorist” groups, that of wringing Greater Israel out of the remnants of the massacred Muslim States in the region.

Nairobi Spectacular: The Anomalies Mount.

For several days, the Government  in Nairobi was announcing that the siege in the upper class Westgate shopping Mall, was over. However it carried on for several days longer, despite the assurances of the people, whom should be up to speed with events.

Stuart Ramsey, the intrepid liar from Sky News, was himself nonplussed at the manner in which events unfolded. He could supply no adequate explanation as to how the attackers, whom from the outset were referred to as al-Shabab, managed to smuggle an extremely large, heavy and powerful machine gun into the Mall, with enough ammunition to maintain a fierce and effective five-day siege, against the cream of the Israeli Defence Force, the UK’s Special Air Service and a team of US Navy Seals.

With automatic weapons, a store of hand grenades, a few bombs, which were allegedly disarmed by specialists, with enough ammunition to maintain  continuous fire for almost five days non-stop, would not only have been a little difficult to unload, from whatever vehicle in which they arrived, presumably quite a large lorry, but impossible to carry into the Mall without arousing suspicions.

Without the connivance of members of staff at Westgate, it would also be difficult to prepare in advance, an arms dump with easy access for al-Shabab, when they arrived at the Mall.

I was surprised, when it was announced that Israel was sending a team of “experts” to assist in the action against al-Shabab. I could not understand what part they could play in such an operation.

The last time Israel played a part in a dramatic event in Africa, it was the spectacular rescue of hostages at Entebbe airport, Uganda,  which turned out to be a charade which was staged by Mossad.

On this occasion, the aims were of quite a different nature. The Westgate Mall is in  fact owned by a Jew. Frank Lowy, a very close friend of the Jew, Larry Silverstein, the man whom announced, on film, that he had ordered the destruction of World Trade Centre Seven on 9-11.



Lowy also had an interest in a shopping mall, which was destroyed on that fateful day. Between them Lowy and Silverstein, made a fortune from Insurance companies, which had paid out despite ample evidence that the event was rigged. The buildings which belonged to the Rockefeller family and leased to Silverstein, would have cost a fortune to demolish, however thanks to a happy coincidence, it was the American tax payer who picked up the bill.

Frank Lowy, reputedly owned The Paradise Hotel, in Mombasa, which was attacked and destroyed in 2002, by an unnamed group, however, guess whose name was dropped into the mix, ” Mr. Johndroe said it was too early to know whether Al Qaeda was behind the attacks. It’s premature at this time to either rule in or out whether Al Qaeda was involved or not.”  By JAMES BENNET Published: November 28, 2002  The New York Times.

In Nairobi, this suspicious blogger, was intrigued as to why, after it had been announced as over, the fighting within the Mall continued unabated. However in the end, it became apparent as to why the President was getting it so wrong.  The team of  specialists from Israel were inside the Mall, blowing it apart. They created a huge hole, right in the heart of the building, which will probably necessitate the complete re-building of the Mall at great profit to Lowy and Silverstein.

Barak Obama, is the half-brother of the Prime Minister of Kenya, Odinga. Under orders from Obama, it is suggested that he ordered a foray into Somalia, ostensibly to help rid the country of the Al Qaeda linked group, al-Shabab but which  was in fact to provide cover for the attack on the Westgate Mall, which it could be claimed was carried out by al-Shabab, in retaliation for the Kenyan attack on Somalia.

It has become clear that Saudi Arabia has had links to the CIA controlled Al Qaeda, going all the way back to 9-11, when the alleged terrorists were whisked out of the US on the one and only aircraft, with permission to fly that day and of course it flew direct to Saudi Arabia. The Saud family is pay-rolling the terrorists in Syria at this time, so it would seem natural for them to be providing the same service for al-Shaba

Despite the fact that we have already been told that at least a dozen of the group, which carried out the attack on the Mall, had been killed, eight suspects have already been arrested, which when added to the estimate of those already dead, makes for quite a large bunch of attackers. We have not yet been informed as to how the authorities, while still only working on guesswork, have managed to round-up their suspects in such a rapid manner.

This miracle of deduction has become automatic  after an event, which was quite clearly a “false flag,” Al Qaeda, a group which was unknown to the general public at the time, was named as the culprit, as the Twin Towers were still falling, such was the rapidity of the announcement of their alleged culpability,


Ian Blair, London’s Top Cop, was naming the “Four miserable bombers,” as being responsible for 7-7 within hours, long before it could possibly have been linked to anybody other than a “Patsy.”  The Boston Marathon bombing, was yet another example of a case which was solved without evidence to support the claims and the “Patsies,” either killed or forced to accept a plea bargain, when they survived the murderous attack which was mounted against them.


So all in all, the “Allies,” whom will not allow a good crisis to go to waste and a Jewish group, which has generously donated their properties as targets for “false flag” attacks, will once again be handsomely rewarded, while the CFR and its Project for the New American Century, (PNAC) will be provided with an excuse to attack Somalia, yet another country which is named on the wish list for destruction, have done rather well out of this little adventure in Kenya, a country which is still under British control, as it has been for many years.

Barak Obama has been able to assist is half-brother into a position in the Government of Kenya, which has now repaid him by providing a stage for what has already been called Africa’s 9-11, which will allow the continuation of the False War on Terror, which will provide future profits for the Arms Dealers, while continuing to generate a pretext to continue the real war, which is against the Islamic World, a branch of which, under the control of the Saudi Arabian puppets, is intent on creating an internal war on Islam, between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, with just a dash of Wahhabi, to spice things up, with the aim of generating a full-scale religious war, which will include Christians, whom are already under attack in several places, including Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Nigeria.

Muslims, whom have been forced to flee their homelands, to escape from death and torture at the hands of the humanitarian  Allies, have been strategically placed, all across the Christian World, for no other purpose than to provide a flashpoint, which is almost certain to arrive, as white folk will not be too keen to have their Countries stolen from under their noses by those whom show no sign of integrating with the indigenous population. This is a form of tit-for-tat for Whitey, a race which has imposed itself wherever it so wished and proceeded to obliterate the Natives. In past times this was achieved because Whitey was a more competent killing machine. It remains to be seen if he has retained this ability.

See...Nairobi Attack; Is It Another False Flag?

Obama; Still Howling For Blood

While our beloved leaders are collectively discussing the latest atrocity of the “Free West” in the heart of the Empire, which when under the control of a cabal of Jews, carried out one of the greatest slaughters in human history, which was designed to annihilate Russian Christians, the current leaders of Russia are the stumbling block to the slaughter, which is currently taking place against Muslims.

You may have noticed that the US Military, in the above clip, is described as the 21st Century Nazis, this is crap, the National Socialists were the victims of the last Great War and Germany is still an occupied country.

The agenda of the hidden hand, which through the use of their “funny money” and the greed of “elected” politicians, controls the world, is even today using the same technique to demonise, Bashar Assad as was used against the model for all of the modern obstacles to their aims, Adolf Hitler.  The real model was in fact one of their own, Joseph Stalin and the rest of the cabal in Russia, all of whom fought alongside the “Free West.”

Of whatever Hitler was accused, it is dwarfed by the cruelty and wholesale murders and genocides, which were perpetrated by the money of Wall Street, behind the Iron Curtain, by the Jewish Soviets. As were the Germans before them, the Muslim victims are being presented as the aggressor and the very same “Coalition of Scum” has been mounted against them, as was arraigned against, the too successful, National Socialist State of Germany.  To emphasise the reality this agenda, it cannot have been unnoticed by followers of events, that all of the Muslims, appear to be ruled by a “Hitler.”

Take a moment to study events leading up to the outbreak of WW2 and it will become apparent, that nothing much has changed in the intervening years. Those whom believe that Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi and now Bashar Assad, are one and all as black as they have been painted, in order to justify the atrocities which have been carried out against their countries, must think again, we are the plague, which has been responsible for the death of millions of innocent people, for hundreds of years.

When the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, states that the refugees in Syria are in need of humanitarian help and that the UK will be at the forefront, making sure that they receive this aid, he is a monumental liar, he is in fact, along with his Foreign Secretary Wild Willy Hague, partly responsible for what is happening to Syria and he is desperate to gain permission to take Syria apart, in the manner of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the Balkans.

Cameron, in his defence of the UK, against an off the cuff remark, which was made by a Russian, admitted that the UK had taken part in a regime change in Germany, when he claimed that the UK had helped rid Europe of the democratically elected National Socialist government of Adolf Hitler. It was in fact, as we have long known, that the treaty with France to maintain Poland’s borders, was simply a pretext to launch an illegal war. In the words of Maj. Gen.JFC Fuller:

“Not the political doctrine of Hitler has hurled us into this war. The reason was the success of his increase in building a new economy. The roots of war were envy, greed and fear.” – Major General J.F.C. Fuller, historian, England

The same tactic is being used against Assad in Syria today. Along with Iran and Iraq, Syria has signed a contract to build a pipeline, which would enable the export of gas and oil to Europe. Israel, which has recently discovered its own gas deposits, along with Turkey and some of the Gulf States, cannot allow this pipeline to be installed, as it will interfere with their desire to retain the European business for themselves. This is the hidden reason behind the frantic call to destroy Syria.

The British, for some reason, as yet unclear, have been called off. This has obliged David Cameron to take a back seat at the G20 meeting in St Petersburg.  Vladimir Putin single-handedly wiped the floor with the rest of the Coalition of the Willing, all of whom continue to lie through their teeth in favour of the Israeli option, to destroy the military capability of Assad in Syria. Pretending to be simply making a point about chemical weapons.

They have not yet been asked by any member of the so-called “Free Press,” what action they would take, should it turn out to have been those whom had the most to gain from the “False Flag,” chemical attack, that is the murderers whom the West paid to carry out the attack. I believe it to have been a journalist whom coined the phrase, “The First Casualty of War etc.”

Stuart Ramsey, the journalist from Thames House is mooching around the Borderland, between Syria and Turkey, spreading his lies about the behaviour of the Syrian Military. According to Ramsey, Assad has a Squadron of Fighter Bombers, which are airborne all day long, eagerly seeking out villages, to callously  bomb the people to death.

Every other word, which the greasy little prat utters is, bombed. Could it be that he is spreading his disinformation, in order to call for a “No Fly Zone?”  That would be to save the people of course, all of whom have been killed by Assad and nary a one by the paid murderers in the employ of the “Coalition.”

Ramsey’s chum, the chubby, sweaty one, whom was alleged to have passed GPS positions to the NATO bombers in Libya, Lisa Holland, had the face to describe what the Assad regime was presenting on State Television as “propaganda,” This coming from  an organisation which has continued throughout the so-called War on Terror, to present an absolute barrage of lies and deception to the British viewer.

They were almost in tears over the fact that Cameron was not in a position to call for the blood of Assad, despite the lack of evidence to show that he was guilty of any act, which had contravened the law against the use of chemical weapons and full in the face of  the fact that the paid murderers had been caught red-handed, while trying to smuggle Sarin into Syria from Turkey.

The Taking Of Egypt.

It is becoming clearer by the day, that the Muslim Brotherhood, the enormous “Sleeper Cell” which was established by the British, in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo, in the early years of the Twentieth Century, are now being used as the excuse to provoke a Civil War in Egypt.

As in Syria and Libya, groups of demonstrators are being used as cover, for paid killers using sniper rifles, to kill and maim dozens of people, including a Journalist from Al Jazeera and a cameraman from Sky News, in order to brand the Military Government as being out of control, which will make possible an attack by NATO, to “save” the Egyptians, while allowing Israel to grab whatever they can lay their hands on.

A spokesman for the Egyptian Government, which now finds itself in the position of the Assad regime in Syria, of having to deny claims which have been made by the controlled Western Media, illustrated its claims, that as in Syria, terrorists were shooting indiscriminately into the crowd of demonstrators, by showing film clips to journalists at the Press Conference, Sky News would not allow the film to be broadcast, as “They would prefer to watch the film before making it public.” a position which speaks for itself. This is, after all, the Channel which aired the propaganda which was posted by Stuart Ramsey, from Syria, to justify the unleashing the “Mad Dogs of War” against the Syrian Government.


These images are so reminiscent of Syria, where all such attacks were blamed on the Regime, that it is difficult not to arrive at the conclusion, that as in Syria, the last people whom would behave in such a way, would be those whom had the least to gain.

Sky News immediately stood by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is only to be expected, the Brotherhood is, after all, the preferred choice of the British. The fact that journalists appear to have been deliberately targeted, by the snipers, is in line with similar events in Damascus, where a Press TV reporter was shot dead, so for Sky to suggest that their man was killed by the Regime, without evidence, has the stench of using a tragedy, to make political gain and Sky should be ashamed of this cynical use of the death of a comrade.