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The Sovietisation Of The West Steams Ahead.

From the richest to the poorest, we are all victims of the elected criminals, whom manipulate elections, which are called, free, fair and Democratic, in order to dispossess us all.

While strategically placed loans, from blackmailing mobsters, like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which are Mob assets, are used to strip defenceless Third World countries of what little they have,  Usury, which is legalised robbery, is being used by your friendly High Street Bank, to seize the homes of those whom are the un-employed victims of Globalisation and Free Trade.

Across the Western World, “democratically” elected agents, of some unknown entity, which is engaged in a well advertised attempt to control all and everything, and to dramatically reduce the population of the planet, by whatever means comes to hand, are being allowed to continue this murderous subversion of liberty and freedom, by our Democratic Global Leaders, or whatever over-blown terms they may use to describe their treachery, who say not one word about the unfolding tragedy which is destroying humanity.

There is a classic clip of George W Bush, making a hash of the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Having forgotten the punch line, George drifted off into some form of hallucination involving Rock’n’Roll lyrics along the lines of “Wont get fooled again.” No matter the point was made. Shame on all of us, we have all been fooled again and again and again.

As I write, the voice of Sky News propagandist, Stuart Ramsey is droning on and on describing events in Aleppo, in Syria, in a war which his disinformation has helped to justify,  continuing the deception of the people, as to the reality of, and reasons for, the illegal violence which is taking place. The children are the victims, he tells us, and of course it is still a Civil War for liars like him, for the rest of us it is an illegal attack on a country which is a member of the UN, which is being carried out by  mercenary thugs in the pay of the UK and other NATO attack dogs.

Hot on the heels of Ramsey, we were treated to the Super-Bowl and the Sandy Hook School Choir.  Sandy Hook and the events therein, must surely qualify as the most blatant pack of lies which has ever been swallowed by the American people.

The proof positive of the non-event at the Sandy Hook School, lies in the fact that despite dozens of short films, which are all over the internet, laying bare the lies and deceptions involved in the presentation of the event, by the controlled press, the likes of the BBC or CNN have not dared to present one example of these films for discussion. Where now are all of those investigative journalists and the Free Press, we hear so much about?

Another British liar and deceiver of the People, Piers Morgan, is leading the attack against the American Public and their Constitutional Right to own guns, presenting his quest to be humanitarian in nature and for the greater good, when in fact he rejects reality, as he did when publishing fake photographs, to lend credence to claims he was making about the war in Iraq.

He chooses to ignore anything which diminishes his claims, such as the British family, whom recently had the front door of their home kicked in by a group of masked men, wielding axes, knives and other weapons, who threatened to kill one of the children, if they were not given credit cards and cash. What a difference a gun would have made in that situation.

However the continuing, murderous efforts of the Obama government to generate an event, blood-thirsty enough to justify the disarming of the American people, is said, by those whom have a far greater knowledge of forthcoming events, than do I, to have more to do with the demands of the Chinese Communists, where the real control of the US rests, whom will soon be given the right to drill all of those secret US oil fields, in return for the deliberately created US debt, which they now hold. They do not want to be greeted with a hail of bullets, when they fly in to take control.

This is one of the uses to which Agenda 21 will be applied. The US Natural  Park regions, which have been closed off to the public, which are being protected by “buffer zones” are in fact ploys, to pass control of these millions of square miles of the US, into the hands of the United Nations, which will use them in any way they wish, which includes allowing the drilling for oil by their Communist friends in China. UNESCO was simply a smoke screen to hide this theft of the US out of the hands of the American people and into the hands of the World Communist Politburo.

Part of the deception of Globalisation, entails the destruction of Sovereignty and the imposition of a World Government, which will have the power to do what it likes, across all borders. They will own all resources.

The next liar to pop up today, was  wholesale deceiver, Chris Huhne, a Member of  Parliament, whom had the responsibility of lying the British into believing that Carbon Dioxide was a threat to the planet, in order to justify the imposition of a Carbon Tax, onto the shoulders of an already desperately poor population. There has never been too much Carbon Dioxide on the planet, let alone a so-called man-made excess. The whole global warming scheme, lay exposed to ridicule, when the emails of the Climate Research Unit were made public.

Huhne, a man whom finds himself in Court for perverting the course of justice, should in reality stand accused of perverting the evidence necessary, to produce the referred result of Global Warming, which should carry a heavier penalty than does asking his wife to carry the can for his mistakes.

So you see this man is an all round sneak. I would prefer to hear the Judge, condemn this liar, whom was intent on imposing a crushing tax on to those whom can least afford it, taking the very food out of the mouths of children, to the maximum term for his offence, which I believe to be life imprisonment.

Next up on today’s roll call of liars, the man whom adores a good whipping, Finance Minister, George Osborne. Osborne is the man whom will take on the job of repairing the stable door, which was so elegantly kicked apart by Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, after which they  saved the world by bailing out the bankers, whom had quite deliberately created a fraudulent debt. A debt which has never been investigated, which was used to rob us all.

The whole world has been forced to repay this debt which does not exist and never has, to the detriment of the US, Europe  and most of the worlds economies.

Osborn is now going to punish the bankers, not with a prison term, no,no,no, they are far too big for that, he is simply going to replace all of the safe-guards which were quite deliberately removed in order to make it possible to use financial instruments which had been banned in past years, which was necessary, in order t allow the fraud to proceed.

Osborn and his chums constantly blame the Socialists for the debt, which they inherited, which quite patently is not true, it was a global event. Margaret Thatcher started the ball rolling when she removed restriction on the bankers, knowing full well to where this would lead, the Socialists and Democrats in the US simply followed the game-plan of the Elite.  There is no opposition in Government, there is only one party, in all so-called Democracies.

The biggest story of the day, for the English, a rare species these days, was the discovery of the bones of a past monarch, Richard the Third. The English cling grimly to their belief in the romanticism of Royalty, too simple of mind to understand that a King is no different from a Dictator, he is simply the biggest thug of his day.

The English foolishly believe that the Queen has their best interests at heart, unlike types like Gadaffi, he was a Dictator. He was of course a Benevolent Dictator, which is a quite different thing from a family which claims title to huge swathes of the world, making sure that mere peasants have to rely on crumbs from the table of the thugs or die of starvation.

So what a day that was. Three major swindles were given an airing of sorts. The Banking Swindle, Global Warming Swindle and of course The Sandy Hook Swindle. All three are political and are part of the Great  World Order Swindle, which would appear to be rapidly coming to a head.

Killer Cops, Killer Mercenaries and Cop Killers. They Are All The Same.

I was amused to read that Max Blumenthal, a Jew whom presents himself as an honest broker, has resigned from Al Akhbar, because he could no longer accept the apologists for Assad, whom were allowed to present their case to the rest of us.

Blumenthal, like Sky News hack Stuart Ramsey, has access to “trusted” sources, journalists whom are in Syria, risking their lives to present a view of events which the rest of the mainstream media obtained, without any need to put their lives at risk, simply by watching the “Rebel” produced clips on YouTube.

Blumenthal, would be better employed digging out the Jews whom are pushing for an attack against Syria and Iran, to suit their own demonic desires to seize control of the entire Middle East.     Why not interview influential Jews whom are prepared to stand up and speak the truth. Perhaps he could explain to the predators in Israel, that they are simply  sacrificial lambs, waiting for the slaughter, with a clinically insane shepherd driving them into the fire.

Netanyahu, the current leader of the dupes in Israel, is in fact everything that Hitler was supposed to be and was not. Even to the stony-hearted hypocrites in Israel, it must be clear, that in keeping with all of the other ghouls, whom have held the same position in the past, he has never wasted one moment of his time worrying about the welfare of others.

In recent days the Muslim World has been in turmoil, due to a short film which was given huge coverage by the media, the Jews of course claim to have control of the media, so one can only wonder what may lie behind the publishing of this clip, which we are told was financed by Jews.

Blumenthal is urging the installation of democracy in Syria, a form of democracy which is of course also controlled by the Jews, which he claims would deliver the same freedoms for Syrians as did the installation of democracy in Libya.

The French have just elected, democratically of course, their second Jewish President in a row. Merkel in Germany is simply the most recent in a long line of Jews whom have been democratically put in power in Germany, the British whom have had many Jewish Prime Ministers in the past, are at the moment under the control of Jew David Cameron and the next election will either re-elect Cameron or his opposite number in the Socialist Party Jew Ed Milliband. Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister, is of course also a Jew. There must be a dead rat there somewhere.

The British have of course been brain-dead for sometime and are at the moment flat-lining along the bottom of the barrel in a dumbed down trance, still believing that they courageously saved the world, by doing the Jewish Bankers dirty work, by carrying out the cold-blooded destruction of the people and patrimony of Germany.

With a staggering lack of empathy for her own people, the German Queen of England, recently unveiled a monument to Bomber Command, in recognition of their murderous attacks against innocent men, women and children. This was the true War Crime of World War Two. She would have been more correct to give her blessing to a monument dedicated to the memory of the five hundred thousand souls whom were fire-bombed in Dresden.

The Jews whom were given control of Germany at the end of World War 2, just as they had been at the end of the Great War, when  they had set up the Weimar Republic, initially starved millions of Germans to death. They then set about the emasculation of the German people by destroying their heritage and culture. They re-wrote all school text books, instilling a sense of guilt into the minds of school children. The stated aim of the Allies, Jew Winston Churchill, Jew Roosevelt and Jew Stalin, was to hold all of the German people responsible for the exaggerated claims which were made against their leadership.

It was not until word leaked out about their efforts to eliminate huge numbers of Germans through this starvation tactic that the so-called Berlin airlift commenced. This had nothing to do with a Russian blockade, as we were educated to believe, it was simply an under-cover means of hiding the reality of the Jewish aim of killing as many Germans as possible.

The Jews had already presented a fictitious image of the war-time German leaders, at Nuremberg, where they had control of the translation of all of the Germans responses under cross-examination, they also had control of fifty per-cent of the prosecutors, an illegality which has never been investigated, even back then Nuremberg was considered to be no more than a Kangaroo Court.

The object was to make the Germans pay for the installation of the Jews in  the stolen land of Palestine and to put in place a world-wide hatred of the German people, using a myth as the excuse. Germans are still being gaoled, should they question the claims which are still being used as justification for this situation.

The Jews are of course justifying their diabolical behaviour by claiming that they have been so badly treated themselves, that they can do anything and it just does not count as bad behaviour.  Well I am sorry it does count and by any measure of decency the Jewish people are disgusting.

The Jews in East Germany and the rest of the Soviet controlled Eastern Block, worked hand in glove with the Jews in Bonn, whom were and still are, controlled from the City of London, by the folk whom engineered the Second World War, to suit the aims of the Jewish Bankers.

British Prime Ministers are no more than go-between’s for the City of London. Simple communications systems are too hackable to trust. Cameron and Blair and the rest of them simply do as they are told. They are all Zionists or Jews and they are delivering messages to the other Zionists or Jews whom run  the Zionist Empire.

Laurent Fabius, the Jewish French Foreign Minister, has declared Assad to be unfit to live. This from the man whom sank the “Rainbow Warrior” killing a photographer and lying to the National Assembly about his dirty deed. To call for the killing of the leader of a country which poses no threat to France, based on lies which have been propagated by  Mercenaries in the pay of the French government, should be a sacking offence.

Strangely I am accused of seeing Jews everywhere, however here in France, the people have been under Jewish control since the days of the Revolution, when the German Masonic Luciferian Jews grabbed control.

There are those whom tell me that to continue to blame the Jews is a form of disinformation, that the real culprits are the Jesuits and the Black Pope. This may be so, if it is, why do the Jewish folk whom appear to be robbing us blind and holding us as slaves through the use of compound interest, not explain to us that they too are prisoners of the system which they appear to control?

For whom are the Jewish figureheads running the media? For whom are they running the world-wide Central Banking system? For whom did they take control of and slaughter sixty-five million people in Russia? When a Rothschild mother made the statement that “If her boys did not want a war, there would be no war” did she say this understanding that what her boys wanted made no difference in reality, that they were simply puppets of a hidden hand?

I would be happy to be pointed towards evidence of an even deeper seat of control than the overt example, which would appear to have control at this point in history. Just as they appear to have been the group which manipulated us into two genocidal world wars.

As they now appear to be positioning Muslim people across the world, in order to create even more pressure points, which can be exploited in the way illustrated by the recent blasphemous film clip .

Just as Mossad, which is funded by Jewish interests, would appear to have been implicated in every False Flag attack in recent times, including the assassination of JFK.

In the UK, following the deaths of two female police officers, Sky News has been pushing the idea of arming the police in order to avoid future incidents of this nature. These two bubbly, happy-go-lucky, super-cops will not be coming home from work and all of that stuff, has been levelled at us, in the usual manner when a police officer is killed or injured in the course of his work. Who would have thought that while answering a normal call, reporting a burglary, that these two police would be killed in such a manner.

Those whom feel like this might explain to the family of Jean Charles de Menezes why a gang of bubbly, happy-go-lucky cops found it necessary to pump eleven dum-dum rounds into the head of their son and then along with the rest of the Metropolitan Police Force lie about the event. They might also explain the reasoning behind the Judges instruction to the Jury, that their verdict could not include unlawful killing.

When they have finished excusing that one, they can explain to the family and friends of Ian Tomlinson, why the same Police Force lied about the murder of their father, husband and son, whom like the bubbly pair in Manchester, did not come home from work and why it was not until the film of the event surfaced that they were even prepared to discuss the matter.

The murderer involved was found not guilty of even manslaughter, having, on film, brutally attacked an innocent man from behind with a club and then pushed him to the ground, causing an internal haemorrhage which caused the mans death. This murder was classed as a form of misconduct, from a man with “previous,” as they say.

Mark Duggan, another police murder, another pack of lies about him being armed and the fabrication of evidence to make it appear as if he had fired at them first. These are just recent events and not one conviction of any sort for the psychopathic killers involved and Sky News wants these people armed?

In the manner of Max Blumenthal, I find myself becoming jaded by these apologists for the Police, It has become clear, that in line with the Military, the Police Force is seeking out these psychopaths, whom will turn their guns on whomsoever they are ordered. This is why we see an array of dangerous masked hoodlums, whom are turned loose even against demonstrating children.  Only those of a sick nature would take on this form of work against their own people.

Perhaps that old “News Hen” Kay Burley, would like to ask a few of these cops, how they might feel should the killer of these two Police Officers be let off with a caution, as were all of the Police cold-blooded killers? I would also like to hear from her if it was her own idea to refer the dead police officers as the “Fallen Police Officers?” This term is normally reserved for Soldiers in wartime, I do not think that an isolated incident on the streets of Manchester, should be treated like a full scale war on the streets of the UK. It might be more apt to remind people of the hundreds of deaths of those in police custody, for which there has been no charges levelled against the police officers involved.

Sky Continues The Call To War Against Muslims.

The question which needs asking in the Leveson Enquiry, is that of whom is actually in control of the Murdoch Press and in particular the continuing disinformation which is being presented by Sky News, to the British public, as they eat their kippers at breakfast.

Since those heady days when two million protesters took to the streets in an attempt to stop the warmongering, Socialist Government from destroying Iraq, killing at least one million innocent people and stealing the oil reserves for the Queen and her friends at BP, the British have shown a diminishing interest in the bloody exploits of the democratically elected band of murderers whom carry out the orders of the Central Bankers in the name of the British People.

They are apparently so “dumbed down” that it has become necessary to make allowances for their lack of ability to recognise the wholesale lies and deception, which has become an every-day feature on Sky News and the BBC.

It has become more and more apparent that the UK Media is under the control of a hidden hand, which forbids any form of genuine reporting of events in the Maghreb and the Middle East.

In the UK, even as the screw is being tightened, as the people watch the wealth which they generate, being stolen, from under their noses and paid to the banks which hold the British “Debt,”  as Democracy has clearly become no more than a useful word, with which to justify wholesale murder and theft, Sky News, which is the equivalent of the “Sun” newspaper, has carried out no serious investigation into the destruction of British jobs, which have all been exported to those countries which are exempt from Carbon Tax and other controls. The last act of Gordon Brown was to close a British factory in the north of England and to pay the owners to re-establish the factory in India, where they could pollute to their heart’s content, claiming he was saving the world in the process.

Sky News has spent months deceiving the British Peoples about the continuing Genocide against the Muslim World. Saddam Hussein was a thorn in the side of those shadowy people whom have control of all major industries, oil reserves, food production and even the water reserves of the world. He was manipulated into a corner by the “Coalition of the Guilty” by whom he was armed to the teeth and coaxed into committing various acts, such as actually taking back Kuwait, which had always been a part of Iraq, having had the nod from “Poppy Bush” that the move would be tolerated by the US.

This was exactly the same ploy as was used to encourage Hitler to take back the “Free City of Danzig” in order to protect ethnic Germans, whom were being tortured and killed under orders from the City of London, by the Polish government. One grim secret which has been kept under wraps by the UK is the fact that Hitler refused to take the bait, in the end he was forced to retaliate when the Poles attacked Germany. Rest assured the process never changes and Sky News and the BBC are the means used to cover up the behaviour of the City of London.

All of the claims, which were made about the behaviour of the Iraqi troops, during the invasion of Kuwait, were shown to be absolute nonsense. These lies, such as the throwing of new-born babies from incubators and the use of Black and Decker portable planing machines, to strip skin from the arms of prisoners, were presented as truth to the British people and even after it was exposed as a total fabrication, which was generated to demonize Saddam Hussein, the British were never informed.

The same process was used against Gadaffi and is even now being continued against Assad in Syria. Assad is being described as a cold-blooded, serial killer of his own people, without a shred of real evidence to support these claims, which as in the case of Kuwait, are being concocted by the Western puppets in the so-called Free Syrian Army, or whatever friendly sounding title which the likes of Stuart Ramsey and other British agents use to justify the continuing genocide.

As with the claims which were made against Hitler and the German people, a minimum amount of research will reveal that it was a load of nonsense and will send the controlled governments of the “Coalition of the Guilty” into a tail-spin in their efforts to impose long gaol sentences onto those whom question the establishment version of war-time events. The real victims of the Second World War were the German People, just as were the Iraqi and Libyans in recent times.

Hess, Hitler’s second in command, was sent to the UK, to find out, face to face, why the British were declaring war on Germany, having encouraged the seizure of Danzig. He was arrested and spent the rest of his life in captivity, even though he could not be held responsible for any of the events which occurred during the war. He was finally murdered, to shut him up and to prevent the barbarism of the City of London from being exposed.

Sky News and the BBC repeat monotonously, the mantra against the Muslim people. The nonsense of Muslim terrorism and the serious threat to us all if it is not destroyed. Why are there no similar reports about the insidious destruction of the world by the hidden enemy?  Why, for example can the controlled press, write with impunity, tales of Muslim behaviour, while just the mention of the word “Jew” will invite a torrent of criticism?

Should an objective observer investigate current world events, with access to whichever documents which he may need, it would soon become clear that without the controlled Press and the dissemination of absolute lies in  the name of truth, the real guilty party’s would be the UK, US, Israel and the rest of the dog pack which operates under the title of NATO.

It is an accepted fact that those whom control the money can control the world.  With the fortune, which has been extracted from the working man, by the Central Banking System, these bankers have been given control of phenomenal amounts of money, which has made it possible for them to bring a country to its knees, through the use of an illegal debt,  created by Compound Interest and to privatize all of the needs of life into their claws. This has been carried with the assistance of controlled politicians and of course the controlled media.

The wholesale slaughter of the Muslim people is intended to bring them to heel. The use of Compound Interest is illegal under Islamic Law. Islamic States are not choked with debt, as is the West. This must change, the Central Bankers could not give a damn how many people die in the process. These people must be given Democracy. The fact that all that this Democracy delivers, to the average Muslim, is the total destruction of their country, as in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and the imposition of a Central Bank and the passing of control of  available resources into the hands of the same Central Bankers and the imposition of Neo-Colonial Military Bases.

Every one of these invaded States has been contaminated with Depleted Uranium. This is in fact a form of Nuclear War. The Press has been mainly silent on this matter. This contamination is itself a War Crime. These weapons are being used against civilians.

If every claim made against Saddam or Gadaffi were true, they would be a drop in the ocean when compared with the crimes of the West. This Western Alliance of controlled European Governments and the Central Bankers has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people during the past hundred years and their blood-lust has not yet been satiated.

They are not in the process of setting up a better world for all of humanity, they are in fact putting in place a world tyranny, which under their control will commence the slaughter of billions, of what they refer to as “Useless Eaters.” This is their stated aim. The survivors will be servants of this bunch of demons and they will be forced to live like caged battery chickens, in “Human Habitation Zones” as laid out in Agenda 21 and other documents.

To rely on the likes of Sky News or the BBC to warn the people of the oncoming catastrophic downfall of humanity, is a waste of time. The BBC in particular, has been lying to the British people since is inception in the 1920s of the last century. With control of printed media as well as the television News, Rupert Murdoch, in particular, has played a major role in this deception in more recent times. There is little point in expecting any change in this policy, despite the problems which Murdoch appears to be involved in at the moment.

One only had to listen to the mealy-mouthed Stuart Ramsey, whom it was reporting from Bahrain, during the Formula One Race, to understand more fully the duplicity and lies of Sky News. The fact that the National Union of Journalists has taken no firm action against this form of propaganda is reprehensible. Journalism as a profession has become a disgrace, they are no longer, if they ever were, concerned with truth and justice, they are now merely tools of the Bankers or too worried about their salary to speak out.

They made no outcry against the one man Presidential  election in Yemen nor of the British controlled Muslim Brotherhood taking control of Egypt. The destruction of Libya is still being presented as a great victory for the Libyan people, while no mention is being made of the continuing murders of Black people and other dissenters.

Journalists apparently have little of value to say of the continuing plundering of the World by the private International Monetary Fund. No questions are being raised as to how countries such as Greece will manage to repay future debts, having already handed over all of their resources to the Bankers, including some of  Greece itself. Journalists surely are a part of the machine of terror which has been unleashed against an unsuspecting people.

The Muslim people, whom are in fact guilty of nothing of any importance, have become the whipping boys of a campaign to create racial hatred and possible Civil unrest, which will lead on to the imposition of Martial Law across the “Free World” to save us all from what? From the people whom are telling that they will save us? I certainly do not want the likes of Little Willie Hague saving me.

Because of Western induced slaughter across the Muslim World, which is ongoing, millions of Muslims have been given refugee status in Western countries. In fact they have been strategically placed to create tension with indigenous populations.

The Press machine, including the likes of Alex Jones and the alternative media are giving air-time to those whom would talk up this state of affairs as a form of infiltration, designed to start the take-over of Western States by Islam and the installation of Sharia Law.

No mention is made of the fact that they will be hard pressed to prise this control from the grasp of the Jewish interests which currently own it lock-stock and barrel.

In a world which is under a sentence of death, non-conformists are the main threat. Muslims do not conform to ideas such as the New-Age Religion with which Christianity will be swamped, under the direction of Jew, Mikhail Gorbachev. Islam is still growing fast, unlike other religions which are on the point of collapse. In a world with a radically reduced population, the controllers will not want any loose cannons left standing, as it would not be too difficult to overcome a small number of controllers.

 Western interests have used the lie of International Muslim Terrorism as an excuse to take control of the oil resources of the Middle East and the Maghreb and the as yet untapped riches of Afghanistan. This sacking of the planet will never end until the banking system and control of money is put back where it belongs, under the control of the people.

Al Jazeera Excuses Zionist Aggression. It Was All Osama Bin Laden’s Fault After All.

I had already braced myself for bad news, when I decided to watch the Al Jazeera documentary, The 911 Decade. It was even worse news than I had expected.

We were presented with a version of History, which was complete,  with the inner thoughts of Osama Bin Laden himself. We were told that Bin Laden had decided that the only way to destroy the Western Infidels, was to trick them into invading Afghanistan and Iraq, where they could be picked off like fish in a barrel.

We were assured that this was a war that the US had very nearly lost.  It was not a war against terrorism, as we had been told by George W Bush, it was in fact a war between ideologies and cultures. Wars between Nation States were now a thing of the past, we are apparently back in the days of the Crusades.

Al Qaeda, using funds from an unknown source, are taking on the might of NATO and the Zionist bankers in a grim war of attrition, in which they may be victorious.

We were told that this slippery group, which can only be found by young Muslim lads, from across the globe, whom hear the call to arms and not by the combined might of Mossad, MI6 or the CIA, were in fact responsible for all of the attacks against the West in recent times, 911, 7-7, Kenyan Embassy, USS Cole, until they finally slipped up in Jordan, where they bombed a wedding party, creating a back-lash against themselves. All of this was related without a shred of evidence to back it up.

We were offered no explanation as to what sort of campaign against the West was being continued, in view of the tiny number of fatalities on the coalition side compared to the millions of deaths, serious injuries, malformed children and destruction on the side of “Al Qaeda.” They would appear to be doing nothing more than providing an excuse for the continuation of the carnage, so beloved by the Zionist West.

This “Al Qaeda” is openly helping NATO in the present dismemberment of Syria, as they did in Libya, against Gadaffi and will no doubt be prepared to fight against Iran, should an attack take place. They are also in control of large parts of Yemen, where the people have been conducting  peaceful protests against the Saleh regime, which are now, thanks to Al Qaeda, becoming violent, which will generate an excuse for a NATO intervention.

So there we are, every effort to create this ideological war, this Clash of Civilisations, between Muslims and the Jewish-Christian Alliance, has achieved nothing more than to provide exactly the excuses for which the Zionists and Neo-Cons have searched, to commence the destruction and the taking of control of the Muslim world.

We were told that the West was in the main, peaceful, moderate and Liberal, while Muslims were fierce and warlike and actively sought this Clash of Civilisations, giving the West no alternative other than to do what they like doing best, terrorising and slaughtering innocent people.

We were offered no explanation as to why this brave group of “Freedom Fighters” did not offer assistance to those in real need of help in Palestine nor indeed make any move against the interests of Israel.

Strangely, throughout the film, no mention was made of the part played by the CIA in the control of Al Qaeda, which has recently been demonstrated in  Libya and Syria and in the past in  Bosnia. No mention of the fact that they had sent their top man Anwar El Alaki into Yemen, to construct Al Qaeda in the Arabian Gulf, the man whom had assisted the FBI in many under-handed events in the US and was in the employ of the CIA.

To sum-up, all that was lacking from this piece of propaganda, which was put together by a company which includes many faces from  Sky News and the BBC, was the nauseating voice of Stuart Ramsey, doing the talk-over.

Stuart Ramsey’s Lies On Sky News Are Remorsless.

Stuart Ramsey is now reporting from Yemen, where what do we find? Why it’s Al Qaeda. Of course it’s not the same Al Qaeda which was working for NATO, alongside various other Mercenary groups against Gadaffi, to devastate the entire infrastructure of Libya. Nor is it the Al Qaeda presently executing women and children, in order to manufacture an excuse to continue the blood-letting in Syria. No it is some other Al Qaeda, which out of the blue has taken control of huge swathes of Yemen.

This Al Qaeda, Ramsey tells us is the Al Qaeda which carried out the Mossad raid against the USS Cole. Of course he did not put it in those terms, he said that it was the first recorded attack by an as yet unknown group called Al Qaeda.

This group, in keeping with all of the other groups which are working their asses off to keep the “War On Terror” going at full speed ahead, apparently has access to limitless funds in order to procure the necessary armaments.

Ramsey assures us, because he understands this sort of thing, that this will be a long protracted campaign. It will not be a piece of cake, like the destruction of Libya, no, this group is well dug in.

He presented this load of garbage in his well honed, breathless, don’t want to wake the children, tone of voice, mentioning the name Al Qaeda too many times to count.

Strangely, even the BBC knows full well that Al Qaeda is a CIA invention. I have the BBC documentary on film. Even the CIA admits it. It is called “common knowledge” it is as plain as the nose on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Nothing more than this is necessary to expose Ramsey’s lies.

He will very soon qualify for a job in William Hague’s masterful team of liars and misinformation, should he continue with whoppers such as these. I wonder if he is aware of just how many deaths follow on from action taken under the cover of his lies?

Will The Chinaman Manage To Wake Noodles Obama In Time?

Barak Obama, during a re-election speech, claimed that Mittens Romney would not have been prepared to carry out the attack which led to the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Which would appear to suggest that Romney is a mitt more intelligent than is Obama, whom is still apparently convinced that he killed a man whom had been dead for ten years.

Such is the state of US politics, that a serving President can criticise a candidate in  the upcoming Presidential, for not being patriotic enough to carry out the murder of a man whom has never been charged with any offence, when should he have wished to do so, he would have been unable, as the intended victim was as dead as a door nail.

Having continued the demonizing of the Muslim community, Obama is now presenting himself as some sort of concerned uncle of the Black American, by condemning George Zimmerman for some sort of racist act, by  which he, Obama, was deeply touched, as if the dead boy was his own son.

This is the man whom continues to employ a Secretary of State, whom found the brutal murder of Gadaffi, killed by having a steel shaft forced up his rectum, to be worthy of a maniacal cackle.

When the ringing in his head finally rouses Obama from his dream state, he may well find himself, with his head in the lap of Larry Sinclair, in the back of a taxi, cruising through night-time Chicago.

That other crowd whom appear to be lost in the Ozone, from Sky News, were sent to Bahrain to cover the lead-up to the Formula One Grand Prix, for which Sky have bought the franchise.

There was no sign of a Free Bahrain Army, nor indeed a National Transitional Council. Stuart Ramsey, yes he was present, in all his glory. No flack jacket and tin hat necessary, he was not embedded with the “peaceful protesters” whom were allowed to protest, by the regime, as long as they remained peaceful.

He made no mention of the torture of doctors, whom were guilty of treating injured protesters, not a word of the hundreds of deaths since the start of the up-rising. He appeared not to have noticed the thousands of Saudi Arabian troops on the streets.

 There were no interviews with the opposition, telling of all the deaths of the old and the young of both sexes. No calls for a “No Fly Zone” and help from the West. We should have expected nothing more, after all Sky has an investment to protect.

I was hoping for some of the clandestine filming, in narrow streets, for which Ramsey is renowned, with a small crowd, looking like a large crowd in the cramped area. Or maybe some carefully filmed feet running , with the sounds of gunfire edited in, that sort of thing.  However it was all very subdued, giving the impression that once the Formula One is out of the way, we will not be seeing too much of Ramsey in Bahrain.

Back in London, “The Boss” Rupert Murdoch, appeared to be playing the Alzheimer card, giving the impression, at the “Phone Hacking” enquiry, that he was replying to a question, which he had been asked ten minutes ago and had not noticed the subsequent questions.

He was very apologetic, even suggesting that had he known then what he now knew, he would have done things differently, well wouldn’t we all?

One third of the French electorate have apparently voted for Nicolas Sarkozy, the most detested President whom has ever held office. When Sarkozy was elected, five years ago, I managed to dig out only one person whom would admit to having voted for him. This time around, I have as yet, found nobody.

I had the same experience, when I attempted to find the one in five, whom voted for Marine Le Pen. French Democracy decrees, that some Political Parties are more equal than others. Therefore to admit to having voted Le Pen, is to invite a backlash of hatred.  Many people were however, prepared to admit, that only Le Pen supported France.

The French people, in general, have no understanding of the system under which they live. The monetary system is a mystery. They have no idea of the ramifications of Agenda 21 or the Treaty of Lisbon. They genuinely believe, that front-runner in the up-coming election, François Hollande, will create jobs, while refusing to accept the austerity the measures, which will be imposed by the Bankers.

In reality, the manifesto of the Socialists, was little different from that of the UMP. There was no sign that they intend taking back control of France from the United Nations and the European Commission. Not a word of an intention to maintain control of the French Economy, in the hands of the elected Government. He will in fact be a perfect follow-up to Sarkozy. Nobody will notice the difference. The best prospect for France, Dominique De Villepin, was shut out of the election, having failed to win the support of enough Town Halls. This was a shame, though expected, as he has demonstrated a tendency to do his own thing.

Across La Manche, the British Politicians are one and all safely in the back pocket of the Banking Elite. There is little to discuss in Parliament, apart from the Leveson enquiry into Phone Hacking. Health matters. Spitfires in Burma and Double Dip Recessions. Parliament itself, is in total accord with all of the illegal wars, in which the UK is involved. No questions have been raised in Parliament as to the lack of action against the regimes in Yemen, Saudi Arabia or Bahrain. They will however vote to bomb Assad into submission, pretending that he, is more dictatorial than British supported Dictators.

Fukushima is off the radar, though things are deteriorating daily. Libya is a nightmare. Oil is still being stolen from Iraq at 2 dollars a barrel. Palestine is disappearing. Greece is a quagmire. Spain is on its way. The Gulf of Mexico has been wiped out. There are rumours that cats and dogs are back on the menu in the US. Yet despite all of this, no clear political voice is speaking out against the imposed system. Such is the fear in political circles, that to voice the policies which will save the people, is seen as an act of suicide.

So we can all go back to sleep, everything appears to be in order.

The Hushed Tone Of Sky News Blatant Propaganda.

Stuart Ramsey, the Sky News mouthpiece, posing as a journalist, continues to propagate total propaganda against the Assad regime in Syria.

He reports nothing of value, his aim is to place the UK agenda firmly into the minds of the Sky News audience.

While not even in Syria, he assures us that Assad, hiding behind the Russians, is playing the international community along, so that he can diminish the power of the rebels.

By suggesting that the rebels should pull back and observe a truce, Assad is cynically going against the deal he made with Kofi Annan. In other words Ramsey is telling us that Assad must pull back, leaving the rebels, Al Qaeda, French Foreign Legion and various other mercenary groups in place.

A cease-fire involves both sides. What Ramsey and his controllers really fear, is the upcoming election in Syria, which huge numbers of people, of whom of course, Ramsey is unaware, have supported.

Ramsey and his hushed tone, truly is the voice of slaughter. He constantly assures us, that the people to whom he speaks, although he is not even in Syria, insist, that outside help is needed, which means Rasmussen’s Raiders From Hell.

After a few shots were fired in a refugee camp in Turkey, Sky News are already reporting that Syrian Forces have crossed the border into Turkey, for no better reason, apparently, than to provide yet another sound bite for the dumbed down British public to swallow. There is no evidence to support this claim.

The fact that Sky News are not put under investigation by representatives of National Union of Journalists, tells us everything we need to know about the state of the current breed of “Hacks” in the UK. They are a disgrace to a once trusted and truthful profession. They have lost their balls.