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Blatter Fights His Way Through The Blather.


Despite mountains of crap like this example from the British Town Hall, Sepp Blatter was yesterday re-elected as the President of FIFA.

This was achieved after a world-wide  controlled media attempt to force him from office. The FBI, when not engaged in encouraging semi-retarded Muslim lads to take part in False Flag attacks in the US, found time to extend their illegal reach into Europe, using as their excuse, alleged corruption in the ranks of FIFA.

They ordered an obliging Swiss Government to arrest a group of men, who had been charged with no crime in Switzerland,  in an attempt to disgrace Blatter claiming them to be corrupt.  One can only ask the question as to why they are apparently content to look the other way, when sums of money, so enormous, that they have made every elected politician in the USA into millionaires, changes hands on a daily basis. They call this by another name, Lobbying, involving bribery to such a level, as to render the mere 150 million dollars during the past 25 years which they are claiming to have changed at FIFA,  to such a level of insignificance as to beggar belief.

On top of that the recent Super-Bowl final in the US was such an obvious fix as to destroy any claim of fair play in US sport into smithereens. No investigation as of yet.

It is of no use whatsoever to ask the question as to which way the FBI was looking, when in 2008 they smelt no rat, when the hearing of “toxic debt” and other excuses, which were used in the greatest robbery in financial history,  which robbed the Western World wholesale. No extradition of members of the Bank of International Settlements, which has its headquarters in Switzerland, nor indeed in the bringing to justice of the paedophile Roman Polanski, whom has a safe haven in Switzerland, safe from the FBI.  Hmmmmm!

The other strange aspect of this attempt to dislodge Blatter, lies in the opponent, who was selected as the darling of the Europeans and the US, no less than a member of the Jordanian Royal Family.  I am of the belief that all of the Middle Eastern Royal Families are puppets of the City of London, which set-up the Middle East in a manner which would serve their own purpose.

In a strange twist of fate, Blatter and FIFA were on the point of excluding the racist, apartheid, State of Israel, from their ranks, because of their attitude towards the footballers from the Concentration Camp of Gaza, when what do you know, boom, boom, FBI knocking on your door.

Suddenly, the man with a minimal knowledge of  football, the Israeli controlled, Prince of Jordan, the land which has been training, along with Mossad, that scourge of the region, ISIL, drops out of the contest against Blatter, could that be a sign that Blatter has been forced to accept a deal which allows him to retain his job?

There is not one single voice, which has been levelled against Blatter, which would be prepared to defend itself in any Court of Law, against accusations of corruption. Cameron in particular works for a group, which is tainted with exactly the same crime.  Worse than that, he is working hand in glove with the Weapon Shops, which provide the hardware for mass murder. That is a far more serious offence than that of a few old men whom accepted a ‘bun.’

We must now wait, with bated breath, for howls to install a “No Fly Zone” over FIFA HQ.

Just a short post script to this tale, I have made strenuous attempts to trace the origins of this FBI investigation and I have come up against a brick wall for the moment. However it would appear to be based on the confession of a character, called Chuck Blazer, a man with a long history of corruption.

More worrying, the campaign against Blatter is based on a confession made by Blazer in a Plea Bargain, which will give him protection against other offences.  This dubious type of self interested confession should never be allowed as evidence against others.  It is also indicative of the slimness  of the evidence against FIFA.