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Will Greece Lose Its Nerve?

For if you make a man too fearless, so as not even to fear the gods, he is not brave but mad, but if you make him afraid of everything, he is a coward. To be brave, then, a man must not either fear everything or nothing

The wise words of Aristotle are extremely relevant in these “days of total fear”  into which we have been manoeuvred by a coalition of governments, all of them working to the same agenda, whatever they may claim their political position to be.

A British politician, today on Sky News, explained to the British people that there would be either a Labour or Conservative government after the coming election, such is the measure of control, under which the British people have been chained for the past one hundred years.

I waited in vain for the stooge, Murnaghan, to ask the simple question, are you suggesting that there should be no other government in the UK apart from the Jewish controlled Labour Party or the Jewish controlled Conservative Party, both of which would be subservient to the unelected Jewish Politburo in Brussels.

The people of the land of Aristotle are today going to the Polls in the land which gave us Democracy, where the people are being warned that a vote against the governing clique, would lead to chaos and that should the Syriza political party win a majority, in the election, they will soon find that they will have no choice over their response to the current ills, which have been forced onto the people of Greece, other than that which is being proposed by an unelected panel or Politburo, in Brussels.

This is modern democracy in action. One could be forgiven for asking the simple question, “That being so, is there now any point in holding elections?”

We have just witnessed the disgraceful obscenity of the Billion Dollar Bash at Davos, where a band of thieves have been deciding OUR future.

They came screaming, out of the skies into town, in their Lear Jets to get down to the business of how to increase their own personal fortunes at OUR expense, while the “Free Press” continues to peddle the “Fear Factor” which leads the Workers of the World into ever deeper misery.

The “Fear Factor” is of course the twin of the “Guilt Factor” which is daily reinforced by the Jewish controlled Media.  The use of guilt is to forbid any discussion of the simple method of dealing with the fiscal problems of Greece.

I have just listened to a diatribe, by an elderly Jewish women, about how her family had been forced to leave their home in Poland and had been taken to Auschwitz. Where having descended from the train, they were stripped, had their heads shaven and then sent into a room, which looked like a “shower” and she saw men throwing tins of Zyklon B, through square holes in the ceiling, the screaming was indescribable.

She explained that she never again saw her father.  Both she and her mother,  miraculously survived Auschwitz, only to be sent to Bergen-Belsen,  where on arrival, she witnessed the living dead, walking eerily around the compound, dressed in rags and as thin as skeletons, with a stench of death in the air. Her mother died in Bergen-Belsen she did not explain from what cause.

All of this garbage was allowed to be broadcast, without a single question as to the truth of these claims.  For example there was no Gas Chamber at Auschwitz.  Should there have been,  how exactly did she and her mother survive? What did they do during their time at Auschwitz?  Why did they leave Auschwitz, was it because the Russians were coming?

This old Jew has spoken out after the attack on Charlie Hebdo, in which a couple of Jews “may” have been killed, we have yet to be presented with the bodies.  She was not inspired to speak out against the atrocities, which are a constant feature of her folk in Israel, which killed two thousand souls in Gaza and left many more with horrific injuries, in the recent past.

She told us how dreadful it had been to be evicted from their home, while failing to even notice that there are thousands of Jews still living in the homes of Palestinians who were driven into exile around the time she was being liberated from Bergen-Belsen.

Anne Frank was in various “Death Camps” and she managed to survive them all, she eventually died of typhus, as did thousands of others who had never been anywhere near a “Death Camp.” So why is the Charlie Hebdo episode being used as an excuse to dig up all of the boring old rubbish about Hitler?

Well it just happens that Adolf Hitler had found the German economy in the same dire straits as is the Greek economy at the moment. Hitlers first act when he was elected was to refuse to continue the payment of the German debt.  He then set about issuing his own money, which was based on an hour of labour.

The available labour pool was obliged to work for their social security, if they had no real job, they helped with the construction of the autobahn or other public works.  In this manner Hitler solved all of Germany’s economic problems within five years.  Anyone who believes that the Central bankers want the Greek people to know about this, please raise your hand.

The people of Greece are still being told that the austerity measures, under which they have been suffering, lead to growth.  This is a direct lie, there is no connection whatsoever between austerity and growth, austerity has seen to the privatisation of anything of value in Greece, including several islands, austerity has diminished Greece and has achieved nothing but theft through Usury, the same brand of theft which is still robbing the British.

The European Central Bank has just announced its intention to print money, They disingenuously describe this as “Quantitative Easing.”   Instead of passing this printed money directly into the hands of the people, who could then spend it into the economy to boost the recovery, they are giving it to the bankers, without any obligation on the part of the bankers to make cheap loans to hard pressed small business.  The bankers are of course using this windfall to play poker on the Stock Exchanges.

There is a documentary on-line worth a watch, “Gray State” in which  a contributor explains how the Elite contribute nothing, while stealing all of our ideas. He suggested that should you invent a gadget that looks like a winner, the rights of production will be snapped up by an investor of some sort, who will make a fortune from your ingenuity.

This is partly true, however it misses the most important point, the greed of the inventor who sells his idea for an offer he could not refuse.  These  local inventions, then,  instead of providing a good living for a family, they are being used to enrich the already disgustingly rich.  This is a case of Primary Greed, nourishing  the morbidly greedy.

The current business model depends on growth. The giant supermarkets are a perfect illustration of the stupidity of this concept. In order to grow, they must go after the business of their competitor. In France this approach has seen to the disappearance of several major Hyper-Market chains.  The excuse being that big is better.

The lie of this is being demonstrated by the ever growing popularity of Lidl, Aldi, Ed, Dia and other chains of cut price supermarkets. Dia has already been snapped up by a hyper-market chain, once again diminishing choice.

In the US this unbridled greed has led to the total dominance of groups like WalMart and McDonalds whose unquenchable greed has obliged them to treat their workforce as little more than miserly paid skivvies,  by legally flouting all of the traditional responsibilities of major employers.

In the UK a couple of telephone companies are going to disappear into the pockets of those who already control the bulk of the cell-phone business, a business which has created a necessity out of something which is in reality of little use, and which is now a bigger weekly expense for the average family than is the food bill.

This is why unregulated monopolies and other forms of naked capitalism, which are endemic in the European Union, is fatal for countries such as Greece and the other so-called pigs.

It is no more than a form of Communism, which is being used to “privatise” all utilities and arable land into the same greedy claws, along with water, to which only human beings are being denied free access and of course resources such as oil and gas.

The entire Middle East has been desecrated to suit the greed of a tiny number of oil hungry people, who have already been allowed to snap up thousands of politicians for peanuts to do nothing but facilitate illegal wars on those states with a natural resource for which they hunger.

So faced with this reality, I would be surprised if Greece is allowed to elect a government which might threaten this cosy status quo.  The nationalisation of a Central Bank is an absolute no no, however free and democratic we may claim to be. The owners of the Central Banking system are, after all, the very people who now own everything. Which is the well-known and certain destination of unregulated capitalism.


The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.  Plato.




Up To Our Noses In Election Lingo.

It crossed my mind that you might be interested in how far off the mark I was in my prediction about the last Presidential election in the United States. Romney against Obama.

What on earth makes Sky News believe that folk in the UK have even the slightest of interest in the ludicrous election farce which is being endured by the jaded American public.

At least fifty million eligible voters will not be shifting off their butt, many of the others are so dumb they believe that their vote will change something.

The first thing that should be changed is the language which is used, which has nothing whatsoever to do with what is going on.

Apparently this is going to be “a tight race,” it will be “too close to call,” the “battleground” will be in the “swing States,” it is “going down to the wire.”

All of these clichés are trotted out, in no particular order, in every report from the front line, where all of the press are hunkered down, in anticipation of the thrilling wait, into the early hours of the morning, or in some of the “swing States,” which are the only results which count, it could be in ten days time, before the meaningless result is announced.

The two contenders, Barak Obama, the illegitimate son of a Marxist purveyor of pornographic photographs, mostly of Obama’s Jewish mother and Mittens Romney, a Bishop of the Mormon Church, which is determined to destroy the US and well-known asset stripper, present a grim image of the lack of talent in the ranks of either political party.

Romney will have an easy task, as Obama has brought the US to its knees, where, with head bowed, it waits for the final chop. That it should come from a Mormon would be in some way poetic.

The unwitting American voter is in fact voting for its own executioner.  Neither one of whom will be given any control over the decision of when the axe will come down.

America is finished. It will very soon be little more than a Third World Country. It will not be alone, Europe is in even deeper turmoil. In Greece, the Parliament has just been handed an eight hundred page Bill, laying out the proposals, which must be accepted, before they can receive another poisoned loan from one of the Rothschild banks.

The thousand page Bill is the latest Democratic ploy, which is used to ensure that lazy politicians, whom will shudder at the sight of such a document, will simply sign and hope for the best. However, experience has shown it is never for the best.

Greece, the cradle of Democracy, has sunk so low, that even the new political saviour, Syriza, is in fact just another controlled bunch of puppets, which has no intention of doing what needs to be done. Democracy under the control of Political Parties has always been a sham, which is why the whole world is in the same mess.

Greece has been set-up as the guinea pig, to test out the new policy of privatising a country into the hands of Jewish bankers and their Zionist lackey’s. The Greek economy has been deliberately destroyed, the folk whom set-up the European Union and the Euro, knew exactly what they were doing and things  are going along nicely.

Should the Greek people manage to force a new election and put Syriza in power, like the Arab Spring countries, they will find that they have simply elected “the government,” they will then have to find the energy to go back out into the streets and start all over again. This will continue until the are beaten into the ground. The Shadow Government never gives up.

When this game is over and not just in Greece, this is going to happen all over the Western World, there will be no middle classes, there will be the one per cent and the rest of us. The rest of us will be out of work, living in Government rented property, living on hand outs from the Rulers, whom will be mostly Jews and their paid bureaucrats.

There will be no renaissance of Europe, that has been made impossible. Free Trade, Globalisation and open borders has seen to that. We are now approaching the Asian Century. This has been decided by our Hidden Rulers.

Since the discovery of large reserves of oil and gas and the availability of minerals and metals of all sorts, in the area around the Caspian Sea, the Elite have already started to construct their new homeland, which is in fact their true homeland. When the time comes these heartless psychopaths will dump the folk in Israel, whom have been contaminated beyond repair with Depleted Uranium, leaving them to whatever they can sort out with the Muslims whom have been contaminated along with them.

Never mind, it will soon be Christmas.