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The Return Of The Black Death? Perhaps.

Despite having accepted an urgent need to keep population growth under control, by whatever means necessary, Europe and other countries with populations of European origin, having made strenuous efforts to achieve this aim, are even now being flooded with those from afar, whom are apparently intent on taking control of ‘population reduced’ Europe, through the means of out-breeding Europeans.

Throughout the recent mass immigration into Europe, I have not heard one word about the past calls for population reduction, I am confronted with an apparent, overwhelming need to allow immigrants into Europe, which despite an already enormous population cannot cope without more immigrants.

Are European politicians, unaware of the reality of life in Europe, where despite an enormous number of unemployed young people, they are calling for ever more young immigrants, claiming that Europeans are unwilling to carry out certain jobs, which only immigrants are prepared to accept, when in fact it is mostly the children of previous waves of immigrants, whom are swelling the ranks of the European unemployed?

I think it is fair comment to suggest that Europe is incapable of accepting and feeding the millions of Muslims, whom are being quite deliberately forced to leave their own countries, by a cold-blooded group of hell-hounds, with dreams of world control swilling around in their sick minds. Most European countries are already overcrowded and unable to feed themselves, they rely on imported food, which is never a good place in which to find yourself.

An unknown number of Muslims, whether refugees or economic migrants, entered France during recent times. There were fifty-three-thousand from Mali alone. France at the moment is a runaway train, heading for the buffers. It is in no fit state to accept any more immigrants, so why does Hollande and his government continue the destruction of Muslim lands?

Is he in fact so stupid that he believes that his illegal and unnecessary wars against Islam, are good for France? Or perhaps he is actually in the process of quite deliberately destroying the Middle East and Africa and at the same time, ridding Europe of its White population – an aim which is voiced by many European politicians – through the medium of a deliberately provoked Civil War across the White World.

It is hard to believe that so many strange events have taken place by accident, during recent years. No one with half a brain is going to provoke a massive refugee problem, which will involve accepting millions of belligerent Africans, into Europe, claiming them to be Syrian refugees, most of whom would prefer to stay in tents close to Syria, because they would prefer to go home when Hollande calls off his war.

In the UK, a tiny island, which has stood by watching its farmers driven out of business, last year alone accepted three-hundred-thousand immigrants, all of whom have to be housed and fed. That is the population of a large city. One need only check out the number of homes, schools, hospitals and supermarkets, necessary to see to the needs of such a huge number of people, to realise that this is completely unsustainable and yet successive UK Governments have encouraged this excessive immigration, are we to believe them to be oblivious to the simple fact of full to overflowing.

So what has become of the urgent need to reduce the population? Why has no effort been made to encourage British White folk to have more babies, if there are now too few being born? Common sense suggests that at some point the country is full and yet politicians are apparently unaware of this simple fact.

While the UK is being packed with immigrants from India, Pakistan, the Middle East, West Indies and Africa, the only immigrants mentioned by British politicians are Polish people and occasionally French people, when in fact they, normally take care of their own needs and are never seen parading around the streets of the UK calling for the installation of a law which will introduce barbarous acts such as the decapitations in Saudi Arabia.

All across Europe, in keeping with Agenda 21, the country-side is being made unlivable.

Schools are being closed down and kids bussed off to large towns, Post Offices are now a rarity. Where I live there is only one Post Office, which is often out of cash, serving half a dozen local villages. Town Halls are vanishing, through the underhanded behaviour of Mayors, whom belong to the French version of Common Purpose, who are taking to themselves the power to sign on to Agenda 21, without a word to those by whom they were elected, most of whom are totally unaware of what has happened.

Local Democracy in France has now been grouped into “Grande” areas, which are themselves controlled by the Office of Sustainable Developement, which is superior to the elected politicians in the Prefectures.

These things are not happening for the benefit of the people, there is something dark and sinister waiting for us in the wings. The biggest fear must be the outbreak of a disastrous plague of some sort, similar to the Spanish Flu which arrived in Europe, with infected American soldiers during the Great War, killing an estimated fifty-million people. The consequences of such an outbreak in the modern world would be disastrous, should it pass into the over-crowded cities.

With Europe already in the grip of an epidemic of rape and violence, mainly due to the immigrants/refugees, the intrepid liar from Sky News, Stuart Ramsay, carried out yet another of his fantasy reports, this time, having been ‘allowed’ access to a group of ‘gun runners’ in Romania, whom assured our Ace Reporter that they have been selling AK 47’s and Kalashnikov’s, by the thousand to anyone who has the money, whether they be terrorists or not. Thus pumping up the pressure in Europe, where containers full of arms have already been discovered in Greece, with addresses towards immigrants and marked furniture.

Ramsay has gone just a step too far this time and he has been accused by the Romanian government of staging the interview with the crooks and of paying them for their services. He has of course denied the accusations. Anyone who follows my tales will be well aware that I have been voicing suspicions about Ramsay’s dubious exploits for years.

Sky News has continually presented his wild claims without supporting evidence, as fact. In a recent report he claimed that a man in the street handed him a USB key with the names addresses and telephone numbers of every member of Daech, operating in Syria, which was duly reported on Sky News, only to rapidly disappear, into the ozone.

During recent years, we have been deluged with false claims of a coming Pandemic, whether it be a form of influenza, Zika or an upsurge in antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis. One of these day the real killer disease will be unleashed and a mandatory vaccination will be necessary for us all. That has been promised ever since the days of George Bernard Shaw, a man whom believed his form of intelligence to be the only form worth retaining, he referred to the rest of us as ‘useless eaters.” The “needle” was proffered as the best means of wiping out the German people should the carpet bombing leave behind a few living examples.