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The Clock Is Ticking For The Demise Of White Europe.


The Clock Is Ticking For The Demise Of White Europe.


The British, whom believe themselves to have been well-educated, have in fact been put into a state of stupor by their controlled and deceitful educational system, which is even now, in plain view, castrating the same youngsters, whose parents generation not so long ago, were turning out craftsmen at an astonishing rate, with apprenticeships in engineering and electronics available for virtually every boy on leaving Secondary School.

Sadly, now that British Industry has been exported to the Slave States in the Orient and Britain no longer has a worthwhile industrial base and the savagely miserly Industrialists are attempting to force basic salary to the same level as the Third World, by importing Slave Labour into the UK, there is a Lost Generation of boys in the UK and Europe, with nothing better to aim for than a part-time job tossing hamburgers in Junk Food Joints.

It must be quite clear to even the most dumbed-down member of society, that in a country, already under pressure due to a long period of stagnation, that to claim the need of immigrants to carry out work, which indigenous British people refuse to accept, is what is normally referred to a hiding to nowhere.

Immigrants, who arrive in Europe, to work in National Health Services, which is the usual excuse for needing folk from overseas, will be low paid, that goes without saying, so when the cost of housing, education and health care, is added to the cost of employment, it becomes quite clear that a higher wage level, paid to an indigenous unemployed person, would be a far cheaper solution to the problem. Of course it would, but that is not the object of the game, the hidden agenda is the destruction of European Culture and White people.

David Cameron, recently assured the British people, in an attempt to encourage them to vote ‘remain’ in the referendum, that Turkey had no chance of joining the EU for at least thirty years. Why should they join at all? Nobody in Europe wants them to join, so what, one needs to ask, will be the difference in thirty years?

Well allow me to explain to you what the difference will be in thirty years. There have been ongoing talks, behind the scenes of course, to install yet another Union, which will include the Maghreb:

In an interview with the North African magazine Jeune Afrique, Olivier Stirn, Nicolas Sarkozy’s adviser for the Union for the Mediterranean (which aims to merge the EU with North Africa and the Middle East) and Union for a Popular Movement (Sarkozy’s party) Liaison Officer for the African Union, stated: “My mission is to prove that the UMP is not a moat but a bridge between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa … in reality, President Sarkozy wants to establish a Euro-African axis with the UMP as its core” (“Olivier Stirn,” Jeune Afrique, 31 May 2010).

This scheme has little to do with Sarkozy, it was in the planning long before he was born. Africa has been maintained in misery, while all the necessary steps are carried out to introduce Europe to the idea of being ‘browned out’ of existence. The object now is to destroy the African Peoples, allowing the Chinese to take over. Africans will tell you that their countries are already jam-packed with Chinese, building roads and other superstructure, pretending it to be for the Indigenous Peoples, even as these Peoples are being given the money to pay the Ferry-Man” for a quick trip to Europe. There are said to be seven million on their way. Hollande, quietly shipped in fifty-three thousand refugees, from his deliberately provoked Civil War in Mali, without a word to the French  people.

Africa has been held in abeyance for generations, there has been no attempt made to use the incredible resources of Africa, to improve the lot of the African people. Everything in Africa must fall under the control of The City of London, where a bunch of ghouls have been manipulating World Affairs for generations.

“North Africa and the Middle East had been regarded as a “gateway to Africa” by Britain’s Fabian Socialist government as early as the 1940s. Linking Africa with a united Europe to create a single economic block was a scheme promoted in 1948 by Fabian Socialist Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, former chairman of the infamous Society for Socialist Information and Propaganda (later New Fabian Research Bureau) and architect of the Western European Union. Needless to say, British governments were also connected with Rothschild and associated money interests either directly or through Milner-Fabian go-betweens.

Patriots like George Galloway still use the “experts” of Chatham House, in support of many of their claims as do Russia Today, Sky News, BBC and Press TV, such is the depth of control under which we survive.

The British have not escaped from control, simply by voting to leave Europe, they must now hold their combined breath, waiting to be told what the next step will be. Corbyn is like Donald Trump, either a stooge or a tool of the Big Boys. As yet he has made little noise about bringing British Industry home. He has however expressed a ‘desire’ to flood Britain with ever more immigrants, while failing to drum up support for the illegally attacked Assad in Syria, reducing at a stroke the flood of refugees from that country, should the British support for Daech cease.

As for Turkey, they will be given access to Europe, when Europe no longer exists as a White Continent, that would be in about thirty years time. Once again Christian Soldiers have been used as the tool to bring about this actuality, in favour of the City of London.

Even as the British are coming to terms with the grand deception of the Blair Government, they are quietly accepting the same lies being told against the Assad regime. The British Foreign Secretary, recently referred to the crimes of Assad as being, Barrel Bombs and Chemical attacks, both of which were claimed AFTER the British financed the terrorists, and full in the face of the truth, offered by no less a person than Carla Ponti a UN observer, who pointed out that it was the British funded rebels who carried out the chemical attack. Hammond is a liar, pure and simple. All of the recent British, murderous, wars, have been against International Law, and somebody should be brought to book for a massive Crime Against Humanity.

Claims that false information suggested that attacks on the Middle East, were necessary, is quite simply a load of tosh. They are not getting things wrong, everything is going to plan. Cameron is every bit as guilty as are Hollande Blair, Sarkozy and Bush and Obama. They do as they are told. Who could claim, in all honesty that there is not a massacre taking place in Israel? Why no humanitarian action there?

In Britain, Labour Party programmatic papers like A Policy for Equality: Race (ILEA, 1983) show that the Left’s policy of “race equality” aimed to change the “power relations between white and black people” in favour of the non-white immigrant population. The same Fabian Socialist Left embarked on a program of state-enforced mass immigration deliberately intended to make Britain more multicultural and multiracial (“Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser,” Daily Telegraph, 5 May 2011). At European level, the same interests have called for the EU to “do its best to undermine national homogeneity and sense of difference from others” as exemplified by Peter Sutherland (an Irish Jew) of the UN Global Forum on Migration and Development (Lords Select Committee, p. 25). As well as heading the GFMD, Sutherland is chairman of the Milner-Fabian-associated banking company Goldman Sachs International and the London School of Economics.

With all of the above lined up against us, I think we can fairly claim that we are meat on the hook. If people are intent on committing mass suicide in the name of being “Liberal and nice” there is very little to do about it. Europe is now packed to the rafters with immigrants, even as quality jobs are still vanishing overseas, to States which are not expected to accept immigrants and as the long promised depression edges ever closer, which will, when it arrives, create chaos and the White folk in Europe will not come through it with a smile on their faces.

The European Union which has been a marvellous success for those whom installed it, and the propaganda, by which has been maintained – despite the destruction of half of its members, and the fire sale of all resources, into the hands of the Fabian Society Elite – has also been a great success.

Sadly Europe is done for, it is over, after all the marvelous achievements down through the ages, the finest civilisation the world has ever seen will very soon disappear and there will be nowhere left for White People to hide. South Africa is the model of to where we are heading.

My thanks to The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy for the quotes used in this post.