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Why Do We Need Democracy Anyway?

In that strange “democratic” country called the United Kingdom, it has already been announced, that the next election in the Kingdom, should Theresa May fail to gain support for her attempt to deny the British people their choice in the recent referendum, in which they decided to leave the European Union, that the coming election, would be ‘won’ by the Labour Party and put Jeremy Corbyn and the B Team into power, to continue the process of ignoring the “will of the people” by producing ever more excuses, to achieve the aim of remaining in the European Union.

The current government in the United Kingdom, has been busily carrying out totally unnecessary discussions with the “unelected” leaders of the European Union, while they themselves have no majority at all back home, in the British Parliament, where no mention was made of the fact that more people in the United Kingdom had “not voted” for the government, than had, a fact which was ignored, unlike the result of the referendum, in which there was, a majority in favour of leaving the EU, suggesting that the idea of British Democracy is decided despite, the result of any poll, which is now allowing a minority government to undermine the decision of the majority.

Everything which has happened in the United Kingdom, since the result of the referendum was announced, has been nothing more than a means of delaying the business of leaving the EU, while the best strategy necessary to deny the British their decision to leave the European Union, are agreed by the Party Leaders, all of whom are traitors.

The idea that the Labour ‘Boys from the Fabian Society’ will be more inclined to accept the decision of the people, is nothing more than a sick joke. The Fabian Society has already completely destroyed the United Kingdom and Jeremy Corbyn has every intention of continuing the agenda of the Fabian Society and its desire to destroy Europe through the medium of mass immigration. It has been announced.

The British people have had this Globalist cancer, called the Fabian Society, installed in Manchester, for the past hundred years or more, believing it to be some sort of benevolent group, with the best of intentions towards the “working man” which is laughable, the expression “useless eater” came from the mouth of a founding member of the Fabian Society and he was talking about you and me.

Does anybody genuinely believe the sermon from the Black friend of Corbyn, Diane Abbott, that the incoming thousands of Blacks, whom had achieved nothing of value back home in Barbados, built Britain after the war? The idea that to allow even more of them to enter Britain and the rest of Europe is a nonsense. In the United States there is no such thing as a Black culture, they are no different from their families back in Africa, where despite decades of “freedom” there is no such thing as an African City, they are living in the remains of a White Empire, which is degenerating back to the jungle, as in South Africa, where a first world country has been re-jungalised in less than a generation.

It is not “racism” to suggest that these Blacks should be allowed to continue their own lifestyle choice in Africa, from where the White people, whom could have helped them along the road to what Whites call civilisation, have been driven out, leaving the Blacks to their own devices, only to find that millions of them want to live amongst those Whites, where on arrival, they have been allowed to claim “welfare” leaving them free to rape and murder White people at an extraordinary rate, excusing themselves by claiming that they can kill Whites at will because of “slavery”,  which in reality was more to do with Black Chiefs in Africa and the Jew Slave Masters. Let us not forget, there are no ex-Slaves coming from Africa apart from those whom were enslaved by the Zulus, so we Whites owe them bugger all, so why do we have to pay them to flog drugs on the streets of Europe, ” on the black”, while paying them welfare?

In short, we are not all the same and Blacks and Muslims have nothing to offer to White Europeans, anymore than have those Europeans anything to offer in Africa or the Middle East. What happened in past times is no justification for carrying on the same nonsense now.

We all know that the Whites went into the United States, which lead to the “Indian Wars” which were disastrous for the “Red man” even as the “Blackman” is now busily assuring us all, that they too played a huge part in the “Indian Wars” that they too were”Cowboys” a claim which illustrates the depth of hypocrisy of the Black man, even as a Black woman disguised as a White Woman, complains about the appropriation of culture by people dressing as Blacks and Pocahontas Warren is ridiculed by Donald Trump for pretending to be a “Native American, in order to gain a place at Harvard as a part of a minority group. The only thing missing from these disputes is the massive part played in all of them by the ‘covert’ Jews.



Socrates would have a heart attack should he be presented with the current idea of Democracy, which includes “affirmative action” any form of which he would have totally opposed and most probably would have prescribed a dose of Hemlock for anyone suggesting it. It has lead to a situation, where Black people refuse to be treated by a Black doctor, because they know he would have been selected through “affirmative action” meaning he does not have a clue about what he is doing and he will most probably treat them with tusk scrapings.


Nigel Farage: Still Defending Trump, While Unaware Of The Collusion Within British Politics.


Nigel displays, either a lack of awareness about how the British Political system functions, a fear of openly discussing it,  or he is actually a part of it, when he claims that Tony Blair was responsible for the mass immigration into the United Kingdom.

He must have heard of the Fabian Society. He must also be aware that the Conservative Party was part of the Fabian Scheme, and that Winston Churchill, was himself deeply involved in the construction of the European Union, which was partly funded by the House of Rothschild.

One of the central policies of the Fabian Society, involved the homogenisation of the White Christian British, with Black and Brown folk from overseas, a policy which both Political Parties have carried out, with gusto.

Nigel and his friend Donald Trump, along with the entire Senate and Congress, in the United States and the House of Commons in the United Kingdom, are not only, apparently in the dark about the Fabian Society plan, they are also unaware of the calls by Jews in the United States and the European Union, to rid the World of the White Race, which demonstrates that the Jews are aware of and in favour of, a White Genocide, fully in keeping, with the agenda of the Fabian Society.

David Rockefeller was educated in the London School of Economics, his family had after all,  funded the Fabian Society, which established the London School of Economics and the European Union, which demonstrates quite clearly, that all aspects of the current perilous situation in Europe, was funded by the City Bankers, World Zionism and with the collusion of all politicians across Europe and the United States.

Most of this, is common knowledge, so why is there no outcry, from those ‘trustworthy’ politicians like ‘The Man of the People’, Nigel Farage?

Beware, The Fabians Do Not Work For You.

Beware: The Fabians Do Not Work For You.

David Owen, one of yesterdays men, who was involved in the destruction of Yugoslavia, was this morning wheeled out to add weight to the idea that Turkey should invade Syria, to help install a No Fly Zone over Aleppo, thus allowing further aid to reach the ‘Daech Straw Man’ which is mainly a bunch of ‘Special Forces’ from the USA, Britain Israel and France. Aid, which is currently being cut off by Assad and Russian advances and without which the Special Forces will be vulnerable.

Love Rat Dermot Murnaghan, dutifully did not demand any difficult questions along the lines of, ‘ Why is the ‘coalition, making use of allegations of barrel bombs and chemical weapons, which are now being used to smear Assad, when the original excuse, to arm terrorists,  was to simply change the Syrian regime?’


That is the problem with the current narrative which the controlled media pushes down our throats and why they never give anybody like me, the opportunity to ask hard questions.

David Owen was himself a member of the Fabian Society, back in the day when his and others membership was common knowledge. These days, in the light of the availability of information, which was carefully hidden from the Common Man in past times, when he was dismissed as being no more than a useless eater, has revealed the true purpose of the Fabians, which is not at all in favour of the working classes.

As a result Jeremy Corbyn’s connections with the Fabian Society is being concealed. Corbyn is a Communist and like the Miliband family, was fighting to install a form of Communism in the UK.

I am not quite sure what Corbyn, who is in favour of an open door policy for immigrants, considers to be the ideal number which should be invited into the UK before he announces it to be full, or whether he intends to allow in the millions of Muslims, the preferred eventuality of George Soros and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and the Fabian Society, in order to completely change the face of the UK, as did Angela Merkel in Germany.

Does Corbyn in fact hate White people or does he believe that White people are prepared to freely hand over their countries into the hands of the Third World and if so, why does he not say so?

These days, many people have come to understand the true depth of the atrocities – of which those like Corbyn and the Milibands, would have been well aware – which were carried out by the Bolsheviks in Russia and China, whose philosophy was shared by the Fabian Society, which was in fact founded by those whom gave Bolshevik Communism to the world.

Even as British Forces are indiscriminately slaughtering innocent people, in many places and have been so doing for generations, there is a brew-ha-ha on British Media, because a Socialist politician dared to call another politician ‘a stain on humanity,’ which is not far off the truth, as a description of any British Politician.

Today at the Labour Party Conference, when the Fabianists declared their intention of completely changing the world and society, there were cheers of delight from the delegates, speaking for myself, I felt a chill run down my spine, because along with the idea of forcing more women to take on technical and engineering professions, which will further reduce the need of capable young men, what was being announced was pure Communism, which will include total control of every aspect of British life, including the human right to have a baby. That is in the philosophy of the Fabians.

Despite all of the energy which is being expended, in order to make us look the other way, all of this is controlled by The City of London and has been since the 19th Century.

The Fabian Society, working with The Milner Group, which is itself the control centre for the Rothschild Empire, has since it inception, created more than a century of continuous war.

War not only in Europe but across the face of the planet, in Africa, Asia and the Extreme Orient. Nobody has escaped the wrath of these psychopaths, whom are suffering from an insatiable greed, to own everything and to control everybody.

Make no mistake about it, every leader of the Labour Party has been working towards an International form of Socialism, which will be under the ‘private’ control of The Milner Group in Chatham House, in the heart of the City of London.

It was not only Labour Party Leaders who were members of The Fabian Society, just about every blood-thirsty dictator during the past one-hundred-years have also been members.

The leaders of the divided India and Pakistan, Gandhi and Jenna, were both members as were most of the savage Black leaders in Africa. All of them working for the City of London.

The Fabian Society’s desire includes Palestine and parts of various neighbouring countries, with obedient servants placed in control, after the current leaders of these states have been summarily murdered.

Since the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, The Fabian Society and the Milner group have been intent on the taking down of the Muslim World. The recent desperate attempts to destroy the Middle East to create order out of the chaos, with those whom have decided that they are the chosen people, installed in the New Jerusalem, while millions of Muslims will have been driven out of their traditional homelands into the rest of the world, in order to satisfy the insatiable.

This desire is behind schedule, which is why things are getting desperate.

This will be the final conquest of us all,  into obedient, chipped, servants, under the complete control of sadistic maniacs. We are all at risk, including the Muslims and the Blacks.  We should all be standing together in this last great battle, United We Stand, Divided We Fall. There is no time left to fight each other.

One thing is certain, the many Muslims whom are being forced out of their homelands into Europe, would not be too happy should millions of White Europeans pour into their countries and tried to force those Muslims whom had chosen to remain, to accept Western rules of life.  

So Muslims should observe the same etiquette in Europe, where the people are also controlled by psychopaths. They instead choose to take for themselves, the right to rape any European woman or child, who dares to dress in a manner of which they do not approve.