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The Great Culling Approaches. Some Say We Are Already Going Through It.

I heard on this morning’s News, that the market for diesel fuelled cars has collapsed. This loss of sales has nothing to do with the quality of diesel fuelled cars instead it is based on the lie, that the only fume coming out of the exhaust of a diesel fuelled car, which they claim does not come out of gas/essence fuelled cars, is a form of Nitrogen, which according to my encyclopaedia, is a benign gas, which it is suggested is “highly likely” to be responsible for all the breathing problems in major cities. This unproven idea, will of course involve the scrapping of millions of perfectly good cars and the production of at least twenty-five percent more of the “killer gas” Carbon Monoxide, which we know is a deadly poison, emitted by the now considered “greener” ethanol contaminated alternative gas/essence fuelled engines.

Alongside that stupidity, Europe is ignoring the fact that Africa, an enormous continent, is exporting millions of its unwanted population towards Europe, a small continent which is already importing half of the food it needs to feed its already higher than its ideal population level, The excuse for allowing this deliberate invasion of Europe is based on the lie that despite a monumental problem of unemployment, a shortage of housing, a broken health care system and a crumbling education system, Europe has serious need of these unskilled, illiterate Africans because Europe’s population is ageing.

The ageing claim is also disingenuous, European people are not living longer, in fact there is evidence that the life-span of the average European is falling, there are simply more old people around these days because Europe has just passed through a period in which massive numbers of its population were not killed in a deliberately manufactured war and the replacement children have been murdered by abortion., therefore any claim of people living on average, a longer life is totally distorted.

In many European countries, without a fixed address it is extremely difficult to claim Welfare assistance, so why are immigrants housed and fed immediately on arrival, without need of the same thing? Should things not be the other way around? I had a disaster in my life a while back and I actually asked for assistance and the response was that we have no fund to assist people in your situation.

When I pointed out that no more than a couple of kilometres from my home, flood victims were being offered chalets and mobile homes to get them through their emergency, the Town Halls response was one of there being a fund to help flood victims, which they were not allowed to use to assist victims of house-fires, for which there is no fund.

Right now immigrants are being given shelter all over the same commune, none of whom have paid into a system which was designed to help those like me whom have been paying into it for decades. They are also given free health care, for which I am obliged to pay dearly, Right now I am unable to work due to an injury from which my recovery has been slow and costly in terms of paying the doctor and the cost of prescriptions, all of which are dutifully given to even illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump, who is eager to put a stop to this nonsense in the United States, by building a barrier to put a stop the illegal immigrants swarming into the United States, pointed out that even the Blacks and the Mexicans in America were complaining about the bad effect that illegal immigration was having on them.

Really! What a bore! What about the White Christians whom are funding it all, are they like me an unwanted nuisance? According to official figures there are already twenty million illegal immigrants in the USA and seventy percent of them have been scrounging off the State since the day of their arrival. Even Trump was in fear of making so much as a mention of White People just in case it startled the Blacks.

The quick to whinge Blacks have been out on the streets all over the States picking on the Whites whom have been paying for them, for years, we are all well used to hearing about Black Lives and the importance of them but not much about the other side of the story, which relates a grim tale of Black bestiality and their unquenchable desire to rape and murder White Christian women, that is if they are not previously occupied killing each other. A tiny number of the Black population is responsible for an unbelievable amount of all serious crime in the USA.

When we see boatloads of Blacks of fighting age being brought into The United States and Europe, would it not be prudent to ship them straight back to from where they came? Experience has shown that they will  be unemployable, these guys will not be seen picking fruit in California. In the United Kingdom they will head for the Black Zones in places like Bristol and London, while the Arabs head for Birmingham where they already have control.

Take it from me, these incomers will show no mercy for the Whites. We have been set up by the Bolsheviks as the villains and we are being forced to carry the can for their crimes. Hitler was not responsible for World War Two that claim was a Bolshevik lie. There are those whom claim that Hitler was actually funded by the Bolshevik Jews, which included investment in Germany long before the war broke out, which should it be true, it demonstrates the cynical involvement of the City of London in both World Wars. Rothschild owns the banks and Rothschild was given Palestine in return for bringing America into the Great War and World War Two frightened all those dead Jews into rising from the dead at the end of the war and to head off to Israel. Rothschild won in both cases.

Hitler claimed that the Top Jews did not give a toss about Israel, that all they wanted was a State of their own where they could set-up their International Crime Syndicate where it would be out of reach of International Criminal Law, that aim has been achieved, whatever the consequences may be for those Jews whom were duped into taking part in this scheme, they will soon find themselves unwelcome anywhere.



The Blacks in the Street are even more pitiful than are the Jews in the Street. All of them have become rich off the backs of White Christian People. Ask yourself the question, why are all the Black Millionaires living in White Christian countries? The answer is simple, despite all of their whining Blacks will never find anyone else on the Earth who will treat them as well as they have been treated by the White Christians whom they hold in contempt. If Whites cut off aid most Blacks would fall into deep shit, they are biting the hand that feeds them. There is plenty of room in Africa for these thankless thugs, but they are not too keen to live amongst their own kind, wherever you find them Blacks move into White areas as soon as they get the money together, while Whites wont even walk through Black areas after dark.

Once upon a time, Nature took care of over-population, whether through famine or disease. Once ‘Man’ became involved, things ran out of control. I have never been near Africa or Pakistan or China or India or any of those countries which seem to be totally incapable of living within the bounds of what is possible with what is available and yet it has suddenly become my fault, while living in a situation where the people paid heed to the request to have fewer children, only to now find that we in fact had need of those children and now we are expected to hand over our countries to those whom are already showing a tendency to make as many children as possible to gain higher Welfare payments from us. What sort of stupidity is this?

The following clip illustrates quite clearly that mass immigration is a weapon to destroy White Christian people, whom are the main recipients of all immigration which gives a promise of Welfare on arrival. The massive problem of the over population of the very countries which can least afford it, is finally likely to be solved through means other than emigration towards the West.




White People, given then chance, could have helped the Black immigrants in South Africa to construct farms and explained how to take advantage of the resources of their lands, instead of which the Blacks were encouraged to destroy the Boer farmers whom had looked after them for centuries, until the sad day that the greedy animals from the City of London turned up, lusting after the gold and diamonds. South Africa, in the hands of the Jews and complicit Blacks is a nightmare compared with what it was under the Boers.

Africa will be turned into a Garden of Eden once the Blacks have been dealt with, and China is already preparing for the day when their own over-population problem will be solved in a flourishing Africa, which is what Muammar Gadaffi was intent on constructing.


The refusal of our political representatives, whether in National Governments or indeed in the European Union or the United Nations, all of whom are in support of unlimited immigration and are intent on forcing every White Christian Country to accept an annual dose of beggars into its midst, to give an indication as to when this measure will be considered to have succeeded in its aim would suggest that they have no idea. Will it be when people are dying in the streets of Europe from starvation due to famine or crop failure or when disgruntled Blacks pick up their machetes and start a Rwanda style solution to the problem? It clearly has to stop at some point so why not stop it before it’ is too late?





Those in favour of continued immigration base their view  on a  monetary gain of some sort as a result of immigrant endeavour, while ignoring the fact,  that despite Europe being a “land of open spaces” all of which they believe could be made available to construct the necessary amenities to suit ever more immigrants, Europe is also a net importer of its foodstuffs, that fact alone, combined with the deliberate reduction in the numbers of White Christian British and other Europeans, demands a good answer as to why Europe should now be worrying about huge numbers of immigrants whom are being brought in, by order, to suit an agenda which will destroy Europe in short order. We are being deceived and we refuse to face up to it. These Bolsheviks want to wipe out 90% of all of us, they do not give a toss about us or anybody else, we must take care of ourselves. Oh and by the way:





What Is So Difficult To Understand About ‘They Are Killing Us?’

Let me give you a few simple examples of the type of people who have bought control of our lives, either through the old-time gentry and aristocracy from the feudal past of Europe, or through the greed of the professional politicians of today.

It has always been understood that the end result of unchecked Capitalism, will mean that everything ends up in the same hands. The richest will come out on top. The richest are of course the Bankers. They have bribed their way to complete dominance of us all and indeed the planet.

This was done through their Agents whom have been planted in all of the major Political Parties, throughout what is still referred to as the “Democratic” West. Apparently everyone still has their price. Of course if you do not accept your mission, you will be eliminated. Fear still works miracles.

The Senate and Congress in the US is openly bribed and will vote for whatever they are ordered. The people whom pay this bribe are called ‘Lobbyists’ which means legal bribery and corruption.

In return for these bribes, the elected government of the US has sold America. The United States of America no longer exists. Anyone whom harbours doubts about this, need only check out america 2050.org. Take a look at the Map, above, all of these Mega Regions will have unelected Governors, Democracy is dead.

The vast interior of the US is now or soon will be out-of-bounds to human beings. Wild animals and snakes are being introduced in order to frighten people away, as to kill a Cougar or Mountain Lion will carry the penalty of a term of imprisonment in  a private prison.

The people from the interior are being herded together in large towns and cities. Already 80% of the population live in Urban areas. City dwellers are totally dependent on the administration for food, water and power. Should the taps run dry, ask yourself, you city dwellers, where can you find drinking water? You will need water long before you die of starvation.

Huge chains of “Super Highways” are being built across the US. They link the areas of major resources with the Sea Ports for exportation of the US resources towards China or India and other countries with the availability of Slave Labour.

The “Super Highways” will have no exit points for towns along their route, which will strangle business, by design, driving the people into the cities. These migrations normally start with the young people, whom appear to relish the idea of living in a box, just so long as they have their I Pod and Facebook with them.

You do not need an above average level of intelligence to understand that this state of affairs cannot continue for long. If no investment is made to create jobs for the American People, what is their future?

Now try this for size and see what you make of it. The Federal Government is handing over thousands of square miles of the US to China. They will be constructing huge Industrial and Commercial Zones, which will be outside of US control. They will in effect be Chinese Territories. They will have the right to bring in their own labour force. They will in fact bring in whatever they like as they will have their own airfields.

This will give them easy access to US resources, without the higher cost of US labour. All the land which is being vacated by US Citizens, in the interior of the US, will be made available to foreign industry. The products will of course be available at your local Wal-Mart.

All of this is going while the American people sleep. Now allow me to explain why you are asleep.

When Russia invaded Afghanistan, they were preparing the ground for future events. They set up a Communist Government in Kabul, which the US set about bringing down. The CIA set up the mujahideen, to fight against the Russians, these were the fighters of the Tribal Chiefs, whom had control of the Opium production. They also had a dossier of people whom could be used for Special Operations, called Al Qaeda.

At the same time they set-up the Taliban which was to be the next Government in Afghanistan. Everything went according to plan and the Taliban came to power. However, just when the CIA thought that they would have complete control of the finest Opium in the world, the Taliban came to the US to discuss their cut in the Opium Trade.

The US refused to pay their price and so the first target after 911, was to attack Afghanistan, to deal with the Taliban, which had already started to destroy the Poppy fields. Their first act was to put Karzai, whose brother was the top Honcho in the Opium Trade, into power.

The Opiates, which are used in practically all of the Psychotropic drugs which are served out like sweets to a huge number of Americans and their children, are now safely back in the hands of Big Pharma.

Talks are opening with the Taliban, in order to put them back in power.  The continued US atrocities are being used, as were the Russian atrocities, in order to convince the people of Afghanistan that even the Taliban are better than a continued US presence.

This will give the CIA control of the Opium Trade along with the control which they have already of the Cocaine Trade in Latin America.

These powerful drugs, along with GMO foods, vaccines and poisons in the water are the reasons for the lack of concern of the people. They are Anaesthetised  and ready for the knife.

Even now, in order to hide the lack of effort to sort out Global economic problems, with the assistance of Iran, of all people, the increase in the price of oil, world-wide, has been blamed on Iran’s decision not to sell oil to Italy and the UK, which will cause a “Double-Dip” recession. This gives an excuse for the lack of recovery.  The increase has nothing to do with the manipulation of the market, of course.

I am sorry to be the bringer of bad news, however ask yourself, what does it mean that everything can now be made in China. We in the West will soon be unable to buy these products, which we can no longer make for ourselves, we can no longer even grow enough food to feed ourselves. Countries which hold the record for annual rainfall, find that the private companies are going to limit the use of water because of shortages. How can this be? There were never shortages before ‘Privatisation.’

Well it can be, because it is by design. We The People, no longer have control of our own resources, everything has gone into private hands. What we have left is being given to the United Nations, which is just a front company for the Bankers and multi-national companies which set it up.

We are now nothing more than a plague of Locusts. We are useless eaters, ripe for the harvest. Make no mistake the culling is under way.