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The Hidden Family Which Controls The British.


Foreign Office

November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you. on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet

His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.


Arthur James Balfour

One might be forgiven for asking the question as to what the handing over control of Palestine to the Zionists had to do with the Great War? The Cambon letter appears to suggest that it was in response to some sort of attack.




The Secretary General of Foreign Affairs

to Mr Sokolof

Paris 4th June 1917

You were good enough to present the project to which you are devoting your efforts, which has for its object the development of Jewish colonization in Palestine. You consider that, circumstances permitting, and the independence of the Holy Places being safeguarded on the other hand, it would be a deed of justice and of reparation to assist, by the protection of the Allied Powers, in the renaissance of the Jewish nationality in that Land from which the people of Israel were exiled so many centuries ago.

The French Government, which entered this present war to defend a people wrongfully attacked, and which continues the struggle to assure the victory of right over might, can but feel sympathy for your cause, the triumph of which is bound up with that of the Allies.

I am happy to give you herewith such assurance.

Why Cambon should be addressing his letter to Nahum Sokolof, a Zionist, Jew journalist is not too clear, it gives one the impression however that all of the events leading up to the Great War and indeed the events following that war, were all directed towards the promotion of Zionism.

The Great War ended at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918,suggesting that the Balfour Declaration had already been discussed long before that and written and posted before the war’s end and Cambon’s letter long before that, on the 4th of June 1917 this smells strongly of “conspiracy”, so what could that conspiracy possibly have been?

One of the most important ingredients in the agreement between Lord Balfour and Baron Rothschild, hinged on the participation in the Great War, of the Americans. That participation was brought about by the deliberate sacrifice of the Lusitania and more than a thousand of the passengers onboard that doomed vessel, when it was deliberately presented as a sitting duck for German submarines.

By the time that the”Yanks” arrived in Europe, Germany was on top of the war. There had already been calls made for a truce, calls which were being delayed by the British, quite obviously while they awaited the arrival of the Americans. That was the preferred outcome of the Zionists, whom having assured Baron Rothschild, the controller of the British, that they could deliver the American Military machine, through the medium of the control they now had over the American money supply, through their recently installed Federal Reserve Bank, along with whatever power they held over Woodrow Wilson, the President of the United States, Baron Rothschild, we have been told, then demanded Palestine in return for the American Military to which no mention  is made in the records of the Minutes of the Cabinet.

All these things went on under the radar, as they say, because the real aim of the Great War had nothing whatsoever to do with a squabble between the “Royal Families” of Europe, it was to kick off the Zionist Century. The first step being the taking of Russia, which was achieved with “International” assistance and the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, to place the Middle East firmly under the control of the Rothschild Family in the United Kingdom and France. These matters were under discussion even as the War raged on.

Minutes of War Cabinet Meeting No. 227, Minute No. 2, 3 September 1917

The War Cabinet had under consideration correspondence which had passed between the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Lord Rothschild on the question of the policy to be adopted towards the Zionist movement. In addition to the draft declaration of policy included in the above correspondence, they had before them an alternative draft prepared by Lord Milner. They had also before them a Memorandum by Mr. Montagu entitled “The Anti-Semitism of the present Government.”

It was suggested that a question raising such important issues as to the future of Palestine ought, in the first instance, to be discussed with our Allies, and more particularly with the United States.

There was even discussion about the sustainability of a large population in Israel, as if anyone believed even back then that the Jews would be satisfied with what they were given.

“With regard to the first, he understood that there were considerable differences of opinion among experts regarding the possibility of the settlement of any large population in Palestine, but he was informed that, if Palestine were scientifically developed, a very much larger population could be sustained than had existed during the period of Turkish misrule. As to the meaning of the words ‘national home,’ to which the Zionists attach so much importance, he understood it to mean some form of British, American, or other protectorate, under which full facilities would be given to the Jews to work out their own salvation and to build up, by means of education, agriculture, and industry, a real centre of national culture and focus of national life. It did not necessarily involve the early establishment of an independent Jewish State, which was a matter for gradual development in accordance with the ordinary laws of political evolution.”

In furtherance of these aims, Germany had to have lost the War, in order to justify the massive destruction of Europe, which was completely re-designed and the Ottoman Empire, which would have been impossible had the “Armistice”* been allowed, which would have meant that everything reverted to as it had been before the War. It was therefore decided that Germany had lost and the Jews called for the first blockade of Germany, which murdered a massive nine-hundred-thousand Germans, forcing them to accept full responsibility for the Zionist war and to sign the Treaty of Versailles, while the “Yanks” participation in the war amounted to zilch, they were finally used to pressurise the Germans and little more.

*(Armistice: a formal agreement between warring parties to stop fighting while discussions take place)

There is a very familiar thread running down through the ages, a thread going all the way back to the Tudors and the first Elizabeth. Being young and without solid family support, She was apparently surrounded by a whole gaggle of Jews. She

was dominated by a couple of Jews in particular, Lord Cecil and John Dee. There are all sorts of tales flying around about her giving birth to a child, who was taken from her, but with who she met years later and with who she became pregnant, but that is a tale for another day.

She was however encouraged by Lord Cecil and John Dee to make the first English incursion into Ireland. The very same family Cecil, was still hanging around, when the Dutch Jews were brought into England, after the Civil War, and the Cecil Family promptly sent Cromwell into Ireland to slaughter a few more Irish Catholics. The same Cecil Family was sat in the Houses of Commons and the Lords, when the Irish Genocide kicked off in the 1840s and yes, they were still there when Cecil Family member Lord Balfour, wrote his famous Declaration.

There is a sinister thread of similarity and barbaric cruelty , running through events from medieval days to the present day and the number of connections to groups which are still with us and still holding a firm grip on power during those long centuries is incredible.

Who Really Lies Behind The Great Strategy Against A Tragic Humanity?

In the following video clips, there are enough claims made by Israeli politicians and others, to suggest that should there be so much as a smidgen of truth in these claims, which have been made since as far back as the 1950’s, including the period during which Joe McCarthy was warning the people of the USA, that there was a huge infiltration of covert Communists into the ranks of the Democratic Party. The proof that McCarthy was getting too close to the truth lies in the fact that he was very quickly taken out of the picture and his claims were said to be nothing more than the ramblings of a mad-man.

The Government of Israel does not appear to have too much fear about interference from the United States, they have in fact made many statements ridiculing the impotence of the United States and its limp obedience to the commands of Israel, which has been behaving in a monstrous manner, which we are expected to accept as behaviour which was completely out of keeping with the “normal” behaviour of the Jew people and that they would never have behaved in such a manner had it not been for the terrible crime of that awful fellow called Hitler, who it is often claimed, that he was himself a Rothschild bastard.

Baron Rothschild once claimed that should he be allowed to control the money supply in any country, that he would not care about whomsoever was elected into the government, because he who held the purse-strings of that country, had total control of that country. Rothschild made this claim, having managed to take control of the Bank of England after the execution of King Charles and the implanting of a Dutch stooge in his place. This being so, it becomes clear that the unelected, permanent portion of any administration, the controlled Civil Service, holds the keys to power.

Another Baron Rothschild, contrived, in 1913, a method of taking control of the Bank of America, which is called the Federal Reserve. This act was the first step in the announced intention of the Zionists, to install a New World Order, a fact which appears to have gone over the heads of our Political masters. The next step was to provoke a totally unnecessary war in Europe, and an excuse was then manufactured to “encourage” the United States to enter that war, which demanded the deliberate sacrifice of the Lusitania in order to provoke the ire of the American People and provoke calls for vengeance.

Behind this excuse, those “foreigners” whom were waiting in the wings, to carry out a coup d’etat in Russia, for the arrival of the promised 85,000, fully armed Jew Mercenaries, whom arrived in Europe with the American Troop convoys, which were arriving to fight against the Germans; whom alone, would later be held to have been responsible for the Great War; these Mercenaries went straight into Russia, to join the Bolsheviks, this was well-known, as British agents jokingly reported that everybody spoke English during the “revolution”. The British were fully aware of events in Russia.

The Russian Jews had been in exile for many years, however as they gained more power across the Christian World, in England, France and America, the time was right to unleash the Zionists program to take control of the World, an aim which included the total destruction of Germany and the German people. This claim was made quite openly and it was carried out with gusto, of course we are expected to believe that it was all to prevent Hitler from doing the same thing to the Jews.

The evidence of all this nonsense is plain to see, so why are those whom write about these events, being hunted down and jeered at as if they are in some way responsible for the events of which they write? Only this morning I heard on the News, that Facebook, is going to protect its members, from stuff like the above, which the “real” covert owners of Facebook would prefer to be kept secret. That alone should provoke the laughable “free press”, to demand questions about why exactly, they would like this ‘choice of opinion’ to be firmly under their control?

This would be the same “free press” which reports any sign of resistance to the vicious attacks, against Whites, which are presented daily by the controlled press, as justifiable resistance against  those “White Supremacists”, “Fascists” ” Extreme Right” “Nazi” “Klan Members” and other such denigrating terms, every time there is a protest of any sort, by normal White People, against the clear racist treatment which they are obliged to accept, in their own countries, in order to allow immigrants, to be given precedence in all and everything, an aim which is itself part of the taking down of Europe and the United States but which is apparently invisible to the Police, whom are now trained in Israel, and our elected politicians many of whom swear allegiance to Israel.

There are millions of people all across the World, whom publish their stuff on Facebook, a platform which was never intended to be used by the “Truth Tellers” so that must now be denied to those Citizen Journalists, whom have been looking beyond the Reuter Headlines, which are provided daily by Baron Rothschild. I hear he has sold Reuters but I doubt if he has lost control of it.

It would not be too great a step to now believe that all of the Western Christian Governments, are mere tools of the man who claimed that whomsoever controls the “money supply” controls the government, now that he has set up a Private Central Bank for Europe along with his Federal Reserve in America. That man has recently placed two of his ex-employees, Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May into the top positions in France and England.

The same Rothschild, who also controls the Bank Ambrosia of the Vatican, has decided to send the Pope, who is his representative on earth, to Catholic Ireland, where the half-Jew Sodomite Taoiseach Varadkar, has publicly attacked the Pope and the Catholic Church about the sodomites in their midst, a situation which exists in all organisations and not uniquely in the Catholic Church, and yet while this is ignored in the ranks of the Jew Rabbi and even the English Royal Family, not to mention the blatant paedophilia, amongst the ‘elite’ in the United States, it is the Catholic Church alone, which has suffered the full blast of the bile of the controlled media, even as Ireland is being lined up for the same form of destruction as was South Africa, through the medium of the mass immigration of millions of Blacks, by the sodomite Varadkar, which begs the question for who or whom does he work and why is an unelected Taoiseach allowed to propose such a thing without regard to the desires of the Irish people?

The first attempt to destroy the Irish was made by the Jew John Dee in the court of the first Elizabeth, an administration which included a certain Lord Cecil, a member of whose Family, Lord Balfour, wrote the letter to Baron Rothschild, a simple letter, which was pompously described as a Declaration, simply ‘giving’ Palestine to Rothschild. Ireland never stood a chance against the English and Hitler and Germany played no part in the contrived War which was a necessity for the Jews whom were in need of an excuse to invade Palestine, which had been the aim of Zion since the first Zionist Congress in 1897, having failed to take over Ireland after the starvation of five-million Irish people and the deportation of six-hundred-thousand others into slavery, jokingly called Indentured Servitude.

So to conclude, I would suggest that skulking behind all of these “governments” there is a controlling hand and the front men in Israel simply mouth the desires of this controlling group of extremely rich men, whom have stolen trillions of Dollars in the name of taxes, from all of us, which bestows onto them, unlimited power and any man, who threatens this power will be severely dealt with.

Other than that, even the Bankers themselves could well be mere Pawns in a Game in which we are all involved and nobody understands what the hell is going on, least of all, apparently, John Bolton. HERE

Planting The Seeds Of World War Two.

The lies against Germany, started immediately after the Great War, when it was suggested that Germany had lost the war, when in fact an Armistice was declared and a Peace Treaty was being signed.

However, the BBC, in the above clip, suggests that the ‘defeated’ should be forced to pay reparations for the massive destruction, caused by the war. In reality, if there was a ‘winner,’ it was Germany, throughout the years of war, not one foreign combatant had set foot on German soil. The lies of the BBC never waver, they are always one-hundred-per-cent behind the City of London.

 International Bolshevik Jewry, insisted on a blockade of Germany, which lead to the deaths of nine-hundred-thousand Germans, ( not even mentioned by the BBC) in order to force Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles and it should be noticed that the Bolsheviks, whom had recently commenced their blood-letting activities in Russia, were well prepared to take control of Germany and after that, the rest of Europe.

In short order, as had been the experience of the French, when the Bolsheviks had installed the Commune de Paris, the prototype for the ‘real thing’ in Russia, a few decades later, there were many deaths and a virtual war in Berlin, as shown in the clip. However no indication of the huge threat to Europe, suggested by this short-lived Bolshevik ‘revolution’ in Germany, is made by the BBC.

Take note of the term ‘brutally murdered’ in the clip – this is used to describe the German response to a murderous revolt – by those whom had so recently, accepted the summary execution of British soldiers, by British firing squads, of men whom were suffering from ‘shell shock’ whom refused to continue to fight a futile war, in which most of their companions had already perished. That is without need of any reference to Nuremberg, where the British and the Bolsheviks tortured and hanged the entire German Military and Political establishment.





White Genocide: No Sign Of Alarm In The Zionist Media.


White people in those countries which are described as being Western, have for some strange reason, chosen to vote for an inordinate number of Jewish politicians, many of whom have been educated in establishments, which claim to provide an education for future politicians, all of whom swear an unhealthy allegiance to the most corrupt and totalitarian State on the planet, a state which was set-up   by bloodshed and terrorism and which is funded, quite openly, by the Mafia, I am of course speaking of Israel.

Nigel Farage, the leader of Ukip, is of the opinion that the British were the innovators of  tactics, such as ‘Blitzkrieg,’ which was “great,” except when use of the tactic is levelled at the Germans. During the Great War, which was fought by ‘heroes’ such as the genocidal General Haig, a war which was used to camouflage the ‘coup d’etat’ in Russia, which produced the Balfour Declaration, which passed the Country of Palestine into the claws of the Khazar Jews and wiped out the cream of European youth.

Farage made no reference to the fact, that as with the Second World War, it was the British whom had declared war against Germany. They are the guilty party, a fact which has never been accepted by the British people.

Farage, along with other commentators, ignores the sixty-five million or so Russian Christians, whom were slaughtered, under the orders of these same Khazar Jews, whom had taken control of Russia, with the aid of funds from the City of London and Wall Street, which when added to the carnage of the Great War, plus the untold millions whom were murdered, not by the Germans but by Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, during the Second World War, mark a level of slaughter of White European Aryan Man, unsurpassed in all of history combined.

The rubbish about the mistakes which were made after the Armistice, in 1919, is still being propagated, in order to disguise the deliberate provocation of Germany, by World Jewry, in 1933, to generate an excuse to “finish off,” the German people, whom were, unacceptably productive and innovative, for the well-being of the Jewish-British Empire, which was in decline.  There were no mistakes, everything happened to order. The genocide against White Aryan Man goes on unabated.

Listen to the words of this Jewish woman. She is speaking for the Khazar Jewish ‘Elite.’ In the false State of Israel, from where the indigenous people are being driven, from where black Jews are being ‘tattooed’ and placed in camps to await deportation and where it is illegal for a Jew to marry a non-Jew.

This woman is explaining, in clear and concise language, the destruction of the White Race.  She should be arrested for this incitement to genocide. Is it any wonder that there is an upsurge against the Jews, whom are hypocritically calling for this?

Would it be acceptable to suggest that Jewry has done enough damage to the rest of the world and that it must now be done away with, through mass immigration into Israel?  I could confidently declare that should such a declaration made by a Christian against Jewry, be  posted on ‘you tube’ the channel would be instantly taken down by ‘google’ an organisation which will not even tolerate the word ‘Jew,’ being used in a search term.

The most recent casualty of ‘youtube’ censorship is of the untold truth of the Second World War, which was laid out by Dennis Wise, in his masterful series, Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. No doubt it will soon be made available on another site, which will be set-up as an alternative to youtube, which like Facebook, has had its day.

The attacks against whites, by other Races, is on the increase in most countries, in which this Jewish  ploy of ‘multiculturalism’  has been imposed on indigenous populations.   In Canada, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, United States and all member States of the Jewish controlled European Union, unemployed, young male children of immigrant families, are forming street gangs, whom are marking out their exclusive territories,  where Political Correctness means nothing and from where ‘Infidels’ such as ‘Gays’ are excluded.

It should not have passed unnoticed, that in Israel, the Khazar Jews operated a system of invasion by immigration, where they are excluding all of those whom do not conform to certain conditions. This is similar to the process, which is being forced on the West, where a variety of Races are being installed. Historically this is known to create tension.

The idea is not to improve the life of either the indigenous Peoples or that of the immigrant, it is to destroy the very fabric of the society which attracted the immigrant in the first place.

Human beings are very little different from animals. They have need of their own space.  White European People have already had their land stolen by the rich, this theft was called “The Enclosures” which is a polite term for theft.  They have already been condemned to live in boxes, some of them so tall that should there be a power cut, it can be an arduous task to simply enter your home.

The British people gained nothing from Colonisation in Africa or anywhere else, they were simply cannon fodder for the Jewish-British Empire.   Now as a result of this Empire, they are expected to make a place, for the teeming masses of Asia and poverty stricken Eastern Europe; which was ruled by terror, by the Bolshevik Communists for generations: on a tiny island, where there are already millions of unemployed citizens, where there is not enough housing for those whom are already there, where water is scarce, where the Health Service is on the point of collapse and there are already problems of integration. What sort of madness is this?

 After the strange events surrounding the death of Jewish financed, African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela, whose body was stored in a freezer for several months, while the squabbles continued over the terms of his Last Will and Testament, there were fears that there would be an upsurge in attacks against Whites and Asians.

Africa has now become a Nation, in the style of Israel, where foreigners are not tolerated. The fact that most of the Blacks in South Africa, are themselves immigrants, whom swarmed into the region to take advantage of the society which had been constructed by the Boers, is ignored, outsiders, that is those of a different colour are being driven out.

South Africa was once a part of the Jewish-British Empire, it should be noted that there are many Blacks in the UK, whom are the children of immigrants, whom could well be offered an exchange of their life in the UK for the possibility of a life in their ancestral homeland. In truth, I doubt if there would be many takers.

I can see no good excuse for the forced acceptance of all Races into Western States, while whites are under considerable attack all across the planet.  Why, if life in the West is considered more desirable than is life in Africa, was there such a rush to destroy the economies, which were constructed by White Regimes in Africa?  Is it Racist to suggest that there is little evidence of Black success across Africa, where most Countries are still controlled by old Colonial Masters?

Those whom financed the destruction of Apartheid in South Africa, are even now operating the same system in Israel and they have total control of South Africa, through their Multi-National Corporations, which have bought the souls of the ANC leadership.

The attitudes, which are displayed against Whites, in this clip, are not in the interest of the majority of the South African Blacks, they would do well to remember that it was Zuma, whom turned the guns on to striking miners recently and it is most certainly not designed to assist those Blacks whom are already living alongside Whites, in most Western States.

When the Whites finally wake up to what is being carried out against them, things could well rebound against those whom cry out against Racism, while practising it themselves.