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The No Hopers – Longing For The Freedom Of Their Chains.




The No Hopers – Longing For The Freedom Of Their Chains.

Having been the victims of many decades of Mob Rule, with a leadership which has never shown its face in public, choosing instead to leave the controlled, National Political Parties, to carry the can for their ‘Turf Wars,’ Europeans are now being offered a way out if this mess and an end to illegal wars.

Wars through which ‘The Mob’ have callously destroyed all opposition to their International control of the necessary, mostly addictive ingredients, alcohol, opium, cocaine, tobacco, marijuana, oil, gold, sex, sugar, chocolate, water and foodstuffs, which will allow them the power to ration the whole world to the minimum of everything, which is a covert means of destroying the European Peoples.

The last real threat to International Mob Control, was Adolf Hitler, whom while young, had witnessed the Russian Christians being put to the sword by the Mob controlled Bolsheviks, even as Germany itself was being undermined by the same criminals. Hitler was stupid enough to believe in the fairness of the British, whom were cynically leading him into a trap, which had been set to create an excuse to destroy all opposition to the Bolshevik desires, by inflicting a second global conflict, which would reinforce the gains made from the Great War, twenty years previously.

These same ghouls are now intent on provoking a Third World War, which will be under the same control as were the previous two, that of Washington and London, where out of the blue, two saviours have stood up in opposition and through their efforts have provided a glimpse of freedom to the Peoples of America and Britain. Nigel Farage and Donald Trump. In return they have been smeared and denigrated by the Bolshevik controlled media, which is seeking any excuse to put a stop to their aims.

While all this is taking place, where are the slaves of the system? Where else, they are of course resistant to change, having, as do many atavistic gaol-birds, come to accept their imprisonment as their ‘natural’ life-style and cannot be convinced that any ‘change’ would be for the better.

In Britain those whom are against Brexit, believe themselves to be more intelligent than are those whom were in favour. They have no idea about the experience of ‘life on the outside,’ so they are simply unwilling to leave their cell. Their arguments are along the lines of, why can we not stay in gaol, it might rain outside,’ without the wit to understand that there is a good possibility that the sun will shine brightly after the shower.

I wonder if any of these ‘bright’ remainers have ever faced up to the fact, that the British have already been duped into two World wars, by a covert Brutal Dictator, ensconced in the City of London, to wipe out Germany, for no better reason than to maintain Banker control of Industry.

Next time around there will flying objects, dropping from the skies over England, just a shade more powerful than a doodle-bug, at which point who will you blame? Having helped to rid the world of Hitler, where are we? By now, bright people must have most surely come to understand, that there is still a force out there, seeking control of all and everything and it is not the Germans, Gadaffi, Assad or Saddam Hussein, so who do you believe to be the real threat?

Over there in the States things are no better. Both Political Parties have been shunned. Donald Trump is out on his own and under constant attack. Never in our times has the establishment stood so exposed. They have long taken control of all regular media and most of the important elements of the Internet, through which they have already attempted to censor my site and are in the process of imposing rules which will give them the right to call anything online, which could be truthful, ‘fake,’ while giving nobody the power to do the same to the mainstream liars.

The ‘Big Boys’ have this notion, that at a Presidential Press Conference, they should have preference over others, simply because they have an overblown idea of their own importance. Back in the day, that could well have been so but not anymore, many online news outlets are of far greater importance in terms of numbers and they have snatched the power of propaganda out of the hands of the Bolsheviks.

When Donald Trump stood up to make his first speech to both Parties, in the US Government, he was shamefully virtually addressing two hostile groups. His destruction of the Democrats by gaining the support of huge swathes of the United States – while leaving the illegal immigrant packed areas, where Obama had advised illegals to vote, to the Democrats – whom to this day falsely claim that Clinton won the popular vote. The media continues to maintain this exposed lie.

The media is of course giving far more coverage to those whom oppose Trump and solidly refuse to apologise for the disinformation which they have published in their eagerness to smear him. They reported absolute hate speech, coming from the mouths of women against Trump, while the audience were mainly in favour of murdering babies, a crime which the mainstream is in full support, which of course fades into insignificance when faced with Trumps mention of the parasitic nature of women, seven of whom can be found on either side of where I live, charging men fifty Euros to touch their ‘Pussy.’ That is of course “Business.”

In Britain, the establishment is already crowding around those whom take their orders from ‘The City,’ hoping to gain a chance to deny the Brexit majority their decision. The aim is to impose a second referendum, which it is suggested will change the Brexit result, because those whom originally voted to leave did not know for what they were voting.

The original result was manipulated to generate this reality. I refuse to believe that there is any call for Northern Ireland to ‘remain,’ should England leave, the Protestants will stick like glue to the British.

In Scotland, where the people have already voted to remain in their ‘dependence’ prison cell, are now being told that there will be a second Independence referendum, which will give their ‘leaders’ the possibility of keeping the Scottish in the Prison Cell of the European Union, without ever having voted in favour of ‘remaining,’ in a referendum which could well cut them off from all of the benefits of the Union with the United Kingdom, whether knowing or not for what they are voting. Such is the manipulative nature of Democracy.

There is one thing of which the British and the Americans can be sure, should they not take advantage of the opportunity which has been offered, they will be condemning their children, should any survive, to a life of enslavement, under the control of an unelected group of thugs, who actually detest white people and are doing their best to eliminate us by whatever means come to hand.

Once In Royal David’s City And All That Pap.

While the British are worrying about the expense of Christmas, debating as to whether they should heat their homes or buy a joint of ham, to enjoy after they have scoffed the turkey and Christmas pudding, they might spend a moment or two, considering the plight, which the cynical use of their taxes, has inflicted onto the people of Syria.

When their freely elected leaders, for whom they voted, not to bring peace to the world but to improve their standard of living, at all cost, have finished celebrating Hanukkah, perhaps as a gesture of peace and goodwill, they might withdraw the band of thugs, whom they have armed and financed, in a deliberate effort to destroy Syria, as they have already destroyed Iraq and Libya.

That the British Public appear to have so little understanding of the misery and death for which they are responsible, is a measure of their total acceptance of the exploits of their criminal leaders, whom are no more than the visible face of an International Criminal Organisation, which is holding us all to ransom.

Syria is heading into oblivion, while creepy little characters like Cameron and Hague, exhibit a total disdain for their plight. It has been reported by the Mob controlled United Nations, that there will be very soon, people dying of starvation, in this once thriving country.

It will very soon become clear as to where the thoughts of the British lie, when the Christmas Sales Season kicks off on Boxing Day.  Avarice rules these days and there is little time left over to worry about the fate of others.

The British can rest assured that they will be allowed to fight and scream for the right to buy the slave made crap in the sales, safe in the knowledge that they are considered to be, no threat to the mob.

The British surrendered their dignity and freedom, long, long ago, to those whom call themselves, Earls, Dukes, Lords, Squires or Princes. These people are their “Betters” and the British know their place.

The British simply cannot understand, that these “Toffs,” are no more than Pirates, Godfathers, Drug Barons or Blackmailers, they retain a childish belief that their rulers come from somewhere over the rainbow, to take care of them.

These people have become so servile to the Rich, that they still hold the belief that an order from a “Toff” is as significant as an order from God.

It is difficult to control the cynicism, which is provoked by the attitudes of those whom fail to look into the antics of their politicians.  The vast majority of the Public, not only in the UK or USA but across the world, share the views of their leaders and they never question their beliefs.

Can they have failed to notice, that whenever there is an event, such as the killing of Osama Bin Laden, that the entire membership of governments, apparently accept that a team of US Seals, captured and killed Bin Laden and dumped his body at sea.

Nobody stepped out of line. That is the power of the force, which has us by the genitals. No sensible person could possibly believe that nonsense and yet our politicians and mainstream media, swallowed it,  hook, line and sinker.

Why is there such a desire to go along with whatever is presented, without question? Who is giving the order, that on all of the questionable events, which have occurred in recent times, that there must be a united response and no difficult, questions asked?

Is this to be the future means of ridding the world of all the “pretend” villains, with whom we have been presented, as a means of stripping us of our Rights, to simply claim to have disposed of them secretly, so that we can stop worrying and go back to sleep?

Sandy Hook is another of these strange events. All of the alleged deaths, were of children of families, whom have been filmed at various other questionable attacks, as extras, in “Drills.”

The class, which was the main target of the “attack,” was being taught by a teacher whom had never been on the payroll and many of the children had never been on the school register.

No evidence has yet been presented, in support of the claims which have been made. However, as with 911, 7-7, Boston and Bin Laden, all of the evidence has now been destroyed. The Sandy Hook school has been demolished.


Who actually believes this tosh? It is simply not possible for any intelligent person,  to be not just a little bit disturbed and uneasy about some of these events. Yet even the rebels, such as Ron Paul and George Galloway, go along with it all, does that mean that they are convinced, frightened or simply part of the game?

Obama knew that the hired thugs in Syria had carried out a Sarin attack, just as he knew that an attack was likely on the US Embassy in Benghazi, which involved an arms shipment for those same thugs in Syria, however, who cares?  Nobody, it seems.

We were set-up to be robbed by the Bankers. In the UK, it was a joint operation. Gordon Brown organised the theft, set-up the bail-out, which is simply code for give the Bankers billions of Dollars or Pounds, then goes off to work for the thieves at the IMF and leaves the rest of us to die of cold or starvation, while Cameron questions nothing, he simply orders everyone to pay up. He of course blames Brown for the problem, forgetting to mention that the “problem,” was world-wide.

The British would do well to ponder the fact that they have always been under the heel of Royal Families. They should question their acceptance of the power which is wielded by these “Royals.” Their “Democratically” elected leaders are still controlled  by these folk, however hard they try to present an image of an independent force.

The first duty of a newly elected Prime Minister, is to search the acceptance of the Queen. Of course this is all just a silly ritual, is it not? We all know or should know, that the Prime Minister is selected long before he is ever voted into office.

The British people have never had Democracy. There is nobody living in the UK, who was alive, during a time when a political party, other than Labour or Conservative was in power. It has already been decided, what the result of the next election will be.

It may well involve Ukip.  It most certainly will not involve enough Single Issue, independent members to make a change possible. The British have been conditioned to believe that a Political Party is the only way forward. All Political Parties are controlled. The top boys are always working for the man.

This is evident and yet too complicated to explain to those whom believe that warmongers make good rulers.  During the last twelve years, the British have stood by watching millions of people, go to the slaughter, at the hands of British thugs, along with, what is called a coalition, this adds a sort of justification to the killings.

British people understand that occasionally, as in WW2, they must be lied into a war of conquest.  Millions will die but of course, they asked for it.  The British, for their part, will, for the following seventy or so years, refuse to face up to the fact that they are War Criminals. Back in the day they cheered the Thousand Bomber Raids over Germany, which were deliberately targeting women and children.

They trot out their hate of the old enemy at any opportunity. They fail to notice that what they accuse of others, is now happening to them, yet they believe it to be some form of accident, with no intent involved. What stupidity. Next step, they will be asked to volunteer for execution. Euthanasia is already on the menu.

The G20 Politburo Hands Down Its Dictates

Cannes, on the Côte d’Azur in the South of France, is playing host to the latest G20 gathering as if it was a governmental occasion, when in fact it is a private club, financed by the big Foundations. This should be understood by the voting public across the world, your leaders are attending in order to receive their orders and to make sure that they are all slurping from the same trough, as they say.

For example, the Greek Prime Minister announced a referendum, to decide we know not what. It could be a vote to stay in or leave the Euro-Zone. It could be to stay in or leave the EU itself. Or simply a vote to decide whether to accept the next round of debt in order to pay the interest on the existing debt.

After spending a short time in Cannes, Papendreou, for it was he, scuttled off back to Greece, and what do you know, maybe the referendum was not such a good idea after all. Threats are now being levelled at Greece, warnings of no future help from Europe should austerity measures not be imposed and should the patrimony of Greece not be put up for auction to the lowest bidder.

A former Greek Finance Minister on Russia Today, called for Papendreou to resign so that a real Greek Prime Minister, who would be prepared to sell off all of the remaining assets into the hands of the bankers and to start sacking, what he referred to as the bloated Public Sector, could be voted into office. So not much hope for the people, if that is the opposition.

It should of course at this point be explained that the people whom have control of the G for Global Club are the very people dribbling with ecstacy at the prospect of taking control of Greece, through the medium of the banking system which they also control.

We are living in a Casino and the House always wins. They own the game. The G20, which could equally well be called “The Mob” will countenance no sign of democracy. We have no choice, we were enticed to play with easy credit, we were duped into believing that “The Mob” was intent on helping the people, when their true aim was to rob us, that is their job, after all, they are criminals.

These criminals are now hiding behind the so-called sub-prime mortgage debt, in order to generate an excuse to force us all to pay for a non-existent debt, which they claim is owed, to nameless third parties, a debt which will destroy the entire world if it is not repaid. Well sorry, the bankers were just a little bit too ambitious, they have manufactured a debt so enormous, that it can never be repaid. So forget it. The size of the debt, is an indication that it is a fraud. It does not matter how many times something is sold. If it was paid for somebody has the money. Why is nobody looking for the money?

We are now expected to pay the losses of a rigged game, while our leaders whom are no more than bailiffs for the bankers, are prepared to destroy, even the most basic of Social Services in order to carry this out.

The real aim of all this is clear, The Central Bankers are in the process of claiming that a debt, which they have imposed on us all, by claiming that banks are too big to fail, is now our fault. The solution which they are in the process of imposing, is to take control of the economies of all Sovereign Countries, in order, I suppose, to save us from future manufactured crisis.

The entire Central Banking system is operating on a criminal basis. It is allowed to continue because our elected politicians are complicit in the crime. Greece is a perfect example of a fraud which has been employed to rob the world, through debt.

Every economy, apart from one or two remaining Muslim countries, are obliged to seek credit from the Central Banking system. This credit extends even to the money in your pocket. Through the use of compound interest, this debt can never be repaid. There is never enough money in existence to pay the debt.

Since the announcement of the carefully managed financial crisis and the industrial downturn with which it was accompanied. the payment of interest to the Central Bankers has been employed as an excuse to destroy European economies, one after the other.

The amount of our money which is ending up in the coffers of the Central Bankers, is beyond belief. France alone is paying something in the order of one hundred billion Euros annually. Greece, in order to pay this ransom, is being forced to take on even more debt. This is where the real criminality lies.

It would be illegal for Greece to seek a loan of any sort, from the European Central Bank, in order to pay a debt to the European Central Bank. This being so, Greece must sell Government Bonds, in order to raise money, which will be used to pay interest to the ECB.

This is the reason for the next step in this vast fraud. French banks, amongst others, are on the hook, because several of them, bought Greek Bonds, which of course, because Greece is a poor country, carry more risk and a higher rate of interest. This on the face of it, is a gamble, however in reality it is a ploy.

Should an investigation be carried out, it would be found that many of these French banks are owned by the very people whom have control of the ECB, making the whole process illegal. Crèdit Agricole, one of the largest French banks, is part of the Rothschild empire. Rothschild, has a personal fortune estimated to be in the order of five hundred trillion dollars, so he is well able to pay his own gambling debts.

The Central Bankers however, are not gambling, they are extorting. Their aim is to take control of the monetary system, world-wide. When their “elected” puppets, across Europe, are given the order, they will pass control of their economies, into the hands of the unelected European Commission. The Commission will then allocate funds to each country. Initially the funds will be attractive, this will be to encourage the ten remaining countries which are not yet members of the Euro to come into the fold.

This system is of course better known as Communism. Nowadays it is referred to as being Communitarian, in the UK it is called the Big Society. Whatever they choose to call it, the future does not look good for the average person. A start has already been made on making hard cash illegal. When that happens we will truly be slaves. Every transaction will be monitored. All of this is being put in place by a group of fanatics who fantasise about being Kings of the World, while we the people live in communal dwellings, with no right to our own space.

In order to present another smokes-screen, we are being told that the bankers are are being ordered to take a “Hair Cut” that is to reduce the amount of Greek debt which they are holding by half.

Why not go the whole hog and wipe it out altogether? There is after all no real debt involved. The banks simply conjured the money from thin air, called it a loan and made Greece pay compound interest on the loan.

All international economic crisis are as a result of the Central Banking system. The Bankers rely on debt. Through the use of this debt, they have bought the world. They own everything.

In recent weeks we have witnessed the destruction of the best managed country in Africa. Where the people had the finest education system, health care, lowest infant mortality rate, longest life expectancy and no debt. They employed an interest free banking system. That is why they were destroyed by NATO, the bankers private killing machine.

As I write, the ghouls are already preparing their excuses to go after Iran, another country which does not have a Rothschild Central Bank.

Hitler, it might be added, was financed by Wall Street, in order to provoke a war, which would lead to the founding of The European Union. Hitler’s economic miracle was made possible by closing the Central Bank and the issuance of his own debt free money. That of course is classified information. No word of this has ever been discussed in public.

JFK, had the same idea and had printed billions of Dollar bills he was assassinated for his boldness. Abraham Lincoln was murdered for doing the same thing. Gadaffi can now be added to that illustrious list. They showed us the way. We must now take up the Flag of Courage and fight for the closure of the Central Banks, our very lives depend on it.