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The Truth Of Life: We Are All Living A Lie.

Europe has just been dragged through a long and tedious round of celebrations, organised by the winners of past European wars.  The winners, have set themselves up as “the good guys” who saved the world from the threat of those men of evil, over there in Germany and Japan.

Well I have no wish to destroy your illusions and self-satisfaction and those golden dreams of your past exploits but you have been standing, shoulder to shoulder alongside the real purveyors of evil, who are continuing the blood-letting and slaughter  in a vile Battle of Evermore, to which in past times, members of your own families have been sent to be slaughtered, as a blood sacrifice,  in pursuit of the aims of this cabal, which is prepared to lay the entire world to waste, to suit their madness, without a trace of  Hitler anywhere to be seen.


Those whom you blindly elected as your ‘controllers,’ are fully aware of the lies by which you are controlled, as was,  Adolf Hitler, whom like you, blindly placed his faith in the British and their famous integrity, only to be betrayed and his people destroyed in an obscene, ritualistic, abomination, carried out by the combined forces, alongside whom you recently celebrated.

The long forgotten victims of all of these contrived wars and coup d’etat are the 65 million Christians murdered in Russia, the staggering number of Germans murdered in WW2, the Armenian genocide carried out by the Sabaean Young Turks, the millions of Muslims whom are still being slaughtered and their lands stolen, while the dupes, whom are themselves on the way to the abattoir, commemorate their “achievements.”

Your rulers, whom know better, expect you all to believe that at exactly the same moment in time, there were two homicidal maniacs, intent on taking control of all and everything, one of whom announced this intention in a well-known manifesto, the other made no mention whatsoever of such an intent and yet the announced intention is ignored, while the other is continually spoken of as fact, yet never proven.

Stalin and the Communists were the true threat and Russia is quite possibly even now, the proposed killing machine, waiting to annihilate the rest of Europe. It would be foolish to be lulled into a false sense of security, the fate of Hitler and Germany should never be forgotten.





Living In The Time Of Genocide And Starvation.

While Blacks were taking to the streets in the US, to demonstrate after the death of yet another young Black man, whom had apparently made the silly mistake of looking a cop in the eye and paid with his life for this error,  far, far, away in Black South Africa, Sky News-hound Alex Crawford was interviewing a group of Black men, who were not too content with the Black refugees whom were pouring into South Africa to escape a Civil War, somewhere in the African interior.

The South Africans response to this menace was to club several of these interlopers to death and to chase the survivors back to the border.  Crawford asked the men why they were so opposed to the refugees.  Because they are taking our jobs, they will work for next to nothing, was the response.

When Crawford asked what action they would take if the refugees continued to cross the border, one of the men made a meaningful gesture with his machete, while another tapped a car tyre and promised any interloper a nasty death.

As in the US, Black people in South Africa have declared Open Season on Whites who are being hunted down like dogs and driven from their homes.   Many are now living;  as are many White people in the US, in Tent Cities, unable to find work, due to the restrictions placed on them by the ANC Black Government, no Affirmative Action for Whites.

This behaviour is tolerated by the West, without criticism or interference, just as it was ignored when Israel sent Black Jews packing from Israel, calling them infiltrators, while complaining that they already had enough trouble with the Arabs, without allowing the Blacks to enter Israel as well.

So it would appear that wherever you look, Blacks are under attack by one and all, including by other Blacks.  However, it is only what is happening to Blacks in the US that is gathering any media attention, so it follows therefore,  that events in the US are being used as part of an agenda,  while nobody gives a damn about what is happening to Blacks in other places and not at all about what is happening to Whites, wherever  and whatever may occur, we deserve it.

It may come as a surprise to many Black South Africans to discover that their cuddly, smiling,  terrorist, first Black President, Nelson Mandela, was fully funded by the people, whom have taken control of the vast wealth of their Nation and are the same group which was responsible for the greatest mass slaughter the world has ever seen and that what is more, the victims were all white.  So be real, are you likely to gain something from this liaison?

The ignorance of the White Race, as to where the real threat is to be found,  despite the mountain of evidence which is freely available is astonishing.  There has recently been much talk of the Armenian Genocide,   which was carried out by a group of Jews, referred to historically as “The Young Turks” which would of course lend support to the notion that it was Turkish people who were responsible for the outrage.  It was however controlled by a covert group of Jews, a fact which has become unmentionable, to the point where very soon it will carry the possibility of a term in prison, should you even make mention of it.

The same people whom gave us this outrage, while skulking behind the horrors of the Great War, would be very soon setting about the culling of sixty-five million Russian Christians, which at the same time brought us yet another Genocide through starvation, the Holodomor in Ukraine and a few years later the murder, by starvation of one and a half million German Prisoners of War.

The fingerprints of these folk is quite discernible, wherever it touches a weaker group, as in Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Bengal, Ireland and Canada. There is in Germany at this moment, a ninety-three year-old  bean counter from Auschwitz, charged with culpability in the murder of three hundred thousand Jews, without a scrap of evidence in support of the accusation but where are the culpable of all of the “real” genocides, does anybody even know their names?

James Whale, on Sky News, today, while reviewing the “Newspapers,” made no mention of the reality of the Armenian Genocide, he chose instead to suggest that the event had been the template for the “Real Thing” which was carried out by, who else but Hitler.  Whale does not know what he is talking about, he should have a word with the Red Indians in the USA whom apparently have a prior claim to having provided Hitler with his system.

Does anybody know or care about from where the Bolshevik Jews in Russia found their model of extermination, which included a mass-produced testicle crusher in the pockets of  Red Army soldiers, who knows when such a device might come in handy.

There is a strange and disturbing similarity between all of these scenes of mass murder, which are to be found in all Bolshevik controlled countries, all of which were known about and ignored by the “civilised” West. Yes, we can be proud of our leaders and we can ignore the results of our achievements, through “Democracy” across the Middle East and North Africa, knowing it to be the fault of Al Qaeda.

We have allowed the minds of our children, in the so-called safety of the class-room to be raped, by those whom control the Media in all of its forms and the Global Monetary System, with which to buy any available psychopath, to carry out their programme, with which they will attempt to re-generate some Biblical vision of Kings and Pharaohs, with unlimited slaves available to shift the rocks.

However, even Judaism itself has been penetrated, in a manner which would suggest that the Ashkenasi Tribe of Jews, which has itself been caught irradiating hundreds of thousands of Sephardic Semitic Jews, has now become the target of the Synagogue of Satan and the remnants of the Sabbateans, whom along with the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican, which has always been a construct of the Jews, are intent on bringing Jesus Christ back to the Centre of Judaism. The six million Jews in Israel, could therefore  find themselves in mortal danger, should any of this come to pass, as there is still a need of the much vaunted but never achieved, sacrifice of the “Six Million Jews”  to fulfil the prophecy.

Take a good look at the horrors in the above clips and wake up to the reality,  that the British/Jewish Empire carried out just such a crime in Ireland.  A crime which was most probably the blue-print for what occurred in Ukraine and Armenia and that through the destruction of the farming industry across Europe,  we could well find ourselves “up against a wall” in the near future.  Remember from where the term originates at all cost.








The Two Universally Taboo Topics, Which Are Strangely, In Bed Together.

Adolf Hitler is generally accepted as the most evil man in history and he must remain so.  There is no way out for Hitler, we have all seen the Hollywood films, those poor Jews, getting out of the cattle wagons and being marched towards the place where we see their hair falling to the floor,  then the room where their cloths fall to the floor and then the room where we hear the duh duuuuuhn music and a close up of that deadly shower head.

We have never seen a film which exposes anything other than that, at least I have never seen a film which deviates from this stock version of history. To question this version is to expose oneself to a torrent of abuse and for many a term of imprisonment.

Inexplicably, there is no evidence whatsoever in support of these claims and yet there is a mountain of evidence suggesting that they are lies. Nevertheless, with what appears to be proof positive of the disinformation, with which we have been spoon-fed since the cradle, before their eyes, most people, instead of taking the trouble to check it out, search for a way of getting around this evidence.

I have never been asked the question as to why, Hitler is so hated, everybody knows exactly why he is so bad.  We have all been fed the same story.  At the same time we have been quietly deceived about the actual part played in the story of Hitler by the Jews,  a group which we all love because of the manner in which they were treated by Hitler and the Germans.

I happened to mention to a colleague a while ago that perhaps Hitler was not as bad as he was painted.  His response was to ask me if I was a Fascist.  I asked him what he meant by that.  What was wrong with Fascism? His response was to insist that all the Dictators were Fascists.  I asked him if they were Fascist despite their politics or because of their politics. He had no idea what I meant. When I explained that Fascism was a  political system which like all systems could be used for the good or for the bad and that Hitler had used them for the good he sneered at me.

 He warned  me that if I dared to suggest that after what the Fascist Hitler had done to the Jews, that his political system could be used for the good,  I would find that he would not be speaking to me again. That is the measure of ignorance even amongst the relatively intelligent sector of society.

When asked about the treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, most folk respond with the assertion that Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorist attacks. Hamas is considered to be a terrorist organisation, so in response to a bottle rocket, which may make a discernible hole in the sand, Israel has the right to kill two thousand civilians.

In France during the war, a war which along with the UK, France had declared against Germany and from which they rapidly exited by capitulating without firing a shot,  which was of course all part of the Master Plan, there arose a group called The Free French or indeed The French Resistance.  They were few in number during the war, however after hostilities ended they were numerous.

The aim of this group was to resist the occupying German forces, an objective which we can all applaud, despite the fact that in reality, it was to make sure that Hitler and Germany were not defeated before the rest of the Master Plan was accomplished. I am sure that you realise that the Master Plan was to force Hitler to take on Russia single handed, in order kill as many Germans as possible, to raze every German city and large town to the ground and to facilitate the entry of Stalin and the Russian Sector into Europe. all of which would lead on to the installation of the New Soviet Union in Europe, all of which has been accomplished.

In Palestine the Jews are an occupying force. In order to prevent any serious insurrection the Jews have incarcerated over one million souls into a vast Concentration Camp, in which they attack and destroy and murder and maim the prisoners and their hovels on a whim.  Do you get my drift?

There are many people who suggest that Hitler was in fact a Jew.  A Rothschild bastard in fact, which is how and why he became the Führer in the first place.  I once checked online to see if there was in fact any evidence of this.  I stumbled upon a site which suggested that after genetic examination it was found that Hitler was of African and Jewish origin.  Surprisingly when I checked the site from which this information arrived, I was amazed to find that it was the Holocaust Museum site.

I have been pondering ever since as to how they had managed to find a trace of Jew in a specimen of DNA. However this claim would suggest that they had either not realized that should this be so, it would indicate that the Jews themselves had carried out the Shoah, financed by Rothschild, or that they fully understood that there was no such thing.

Now there are numerous events which have taken place over the centuries, long, long, before the birth of Adolf Hitler and many more long after his death, for example the unnoticed English Revolution, the British people were not even aware of it passing.

Oliver Cromwell the sadistic animal who slaughtered the Irish, in order to finance the English Civil War was obliged to accept poisoned loans from the Jewish Dutch Bankers.  When he found himself unable to repay the debt and in need of further financing he agreed to allow the Jews back into England from where they had been banished. Part of the deal was the murder of Charles the first.  Cromwell accepted all of these provisions and the Jews flooded into England.  Within less than twenty years London was ablaze and twenty-five years after that the Jews controlled the money supply and the English Deficit had been manufactured.

A similar state of affairs was set up in France, when after the revolutionary slaughter of the intelligentsia and the Bourgeoisie including the King and his Queen, a system of finance based on a gold standard was imposed, which introduced the French to the same Deficit/Debt ridden monetary system. The heads rolled and the blood ran down the streets of Paris in order to achieve this aim.

A few decades later the City of London was already experimenting with a European Genocide in Ireland where five million souls were either starved to death or shot while attempting to grab some of the millions of tons of produce, guarded by English Troops, on its way to the Irish harbours en route to England.

In 1917, skulking behind the slaughter of the Great War, the Jews unleashed their slaughterers on Russia, under the leadership of a pack of Jews from the US and in the words of Churchill:

“This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States)… this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19 th century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”  Churchill wrote this in the Illustrated Sunday Herald in February 1920

This was written long before Hitler could be accused of any dream of World Domination or indeed domination of Europe.  The first act of these barbarians in Russia was the cull of the Russian Orthodox Christians, after that the intelligentsia and Industrialists oh! and of course the Royal Family.

The same Jew, Churchill was himself responsible for the starvation of millions of Bengali during WW2, for no better reason than that he may have need of their foodstuffs to feed the British Army.  In the end he had no need of it.

Churchill’s description of this Jewish Movement, was quickly followed by the Jewish Young Turks, genocide in Armenia a genocide which was so successful that the Armenian’s were completely eliminated from Turkey.

So all in all,  during the time frame of a few decades, whatever claims the Jews may have had of persecution pales into total insignificance when compared with the slaughters for which they have been responsible, this is before we even speculate as to how many souls were eliminated in China by the Jewish puppet Mao Zedong.

So what justification can they possibly have for the stance they are maintaining over WW2 and Hitler?  Well there is one glaring difference between all of those other genocides and the “holocaust,” the evidence is on the ground, for all of the others,  whereas there is not a shred of evidence in support of the “holocaust.”  So one can only speculate as to what would be the response of the general public should there prove to be real evidence proving that it was a lie.  This is one of the clips direct from the holocaust museum video library, which we were never shown.

So there you have it, when all of the accusations against Hitler fail to hit the mark, the last and most deadly smear to his integrity is to call him a Jew.  In a strange way he has been a godsend for the Jews, who as a result of their claims of his behaviour have garnered billions of Dollars and Deutsch-marks in reparations for an act which to this day is hotly disputed.

Clearing The Air At Sandy Hook.

As for “internet bloggers,” there is currently under-way a movement to provide certification for those who can prove they exist and write based on genuine sources of information, personal expertise and a history of social and political activism. “No hirelings allowed.”

These are the words of Gordon Duff, a self opinionated, self-serving, purveyor of unsubstantiated information, based on his claim to be part of the Security Services, which give him access to information, which is denied to mere “bloggers.”

Duff is responsible for the claim, that a team of Jewish terrorists, had been arrested in New York, as part of the Sandy Hook investigation, with the ammunition for a Glock pistol, which was not in their possession at the time of their arrest, which was of the correct calibre for the Glock which had allegedly been used by the “Lone Gunman,” at Sandy Hook.

The theme of Duff’s article was that boring old rubbish about “real” journalism being dead.

For every real “whistle-blower” or “leaker,” there are a dozen paid phonies. What is the typical “bio” of a “shock jock” podcast host or “blogger/debunker?” Most have done prison time. None have ever been gainfully employed for more than three months. CVs or resumes describe them as “consultants” or “administrative assistants.”

Well speaking personally, I fall into none of those categories, and I can assure Duff that I have had far more experience of the Newspaper Industry than has his good self. In case he has no understanding of the business, allow me to explain how journalism works. Journalists are reporters, they have no control over the information which they receive, any more than does, a Security Service conduit.

They are not “whistle-blowers” and they are certainly not “shock jocks” nor do any of the other insults which he levels at us apply.

I heard him express the same, “I am the last living example of a real journalist” garbage on the Rense Show a while back. Rense was in full agreement with him, he included himself in the category of “real journalist.”

Personally I have known hundreds of journalist in my time and I can assure the uninitiated that the main aim of most, was to phone in some copy, before the deadline and get down to the pub as quickly as  possible.

Only a select few are in a position to ask a searching question of anyone whom may have the possibility of giving a telling response. These people are reserved for only those reporters whom know what can or cannot be asked.

Duff would do well to take another look at the reporting which surrounded the attack on Iraq. Where were all the ” real” journalists?  Take a look at the build-up to World War Two. Things were no better back then, The likes of Walter Cronkite, don’t make me laugh.

At one time, we knew where our news came from. Reputations mattered; journalists learned their craft under fire, Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite or even Peter Jennings. We knew David Frost, we knew John Cameron Swayze.

David Frost was not a journalist, he started out as a comedian on the BBC, as for the rest of them, I think we could soon present a good case about the quality of the so-called “News” which was presented by these folk.

First of all, anything that’s genuinely classified, no one needs to hear,(unknown) nobody wants an it anyway and other things that pretty much continually asked by one agency or another to leak things.. Now on the other hand, when people ask you to leak things, are they asking you to leak lies?You’ve gotta ask yourself that, why are they doing it? Every time somebody talks to you, we’re having one of those conversations now, why is the person doing what they’re doing? You always have to deal with that, And then on the other hand, what does the public deserve? And I don’t think the public necessarily has earned everything you can do and everything I can do. (extract from the Pete Santilli Show, copied and pasted, in case you should take this as an example of the English of a mere Blogger.))

Just reading through his copy, makes it plain that this stalwart of “Real Journalism” is in fact nothing more than yet another misinformation artist. In the same programme he claimed that Veteran’s Today was nothing more than the biggest Psy-op in the US. Not too sure whether he was joking or whether that was a double take.

So what with the nonsense from The Young Turks, whom found Gene Rosen’s tale believable, to the fake families whom are setting up web-sites to ask for donations, to the Professional Journalists on mainstream television and the National Press, whom stand agog, in front fraudulent, dry-eyed people, none of whom have any connection to the school and fail to ask elementary questions, such as, address, length of time they have lived in Newtown, which class their child was in.

We have been led to believe that Miss Soto’s class was the principal target of Lanza, from where an unknown child, covered in blood, whom had been hiding under her dead friends, managed to escape, unnoticed and was spirited away unseen.

Six other children, also managed to escape from class, where the teacher had been killed, to where they could not return, according to Gene Rosen, “Because our teacher is dead.” Was this Miss Soto?  How many children were in Miss Soto’s class?

Where are all of the “Real Investigative Journalists” hiding out. I am apparently, merely an uneducated, ex-gaol bird, whom has never been gainfully employed for more than three months. Yet it is “Bloggers” just like me whom are asking all of the pertinent questions, while Duff struts his stuff all over the “Alternative Media” along with those other experts, all of whom were once employed by one Government Agency or another, spreading, what he admits himself cannot be trusted.

The most serious question for me was the Coroner, whom had allegedly checked the children, whom had been killed. He it was, whom had decided that there were no injured victims. Yet he was not sure how many of each sex had died. The bodies were to be left for the second night in a row, in the school.  When were they taken out?

The on-line investigators were fascinated by the antics of this man. Much weight was given to the response of a Cop, whom was in attendance, at the questioning of the Coroner. He was asked a question concerning the mother of Lanza. He apparently ignored the question completely, and branched off on another subject. This was suspicious. Why did he not answer the question? I personally believe that when dealing with falsehoods, it becomes difficult to remember the script, this sort of hesitation is a give-away. Why did a “Hack” not insist on an answer?

At this Press Conference, it is clear that there were dozens of journalists present. Are we to believe that they were taken in by this pap?  Do The Young Turks, have not just a whiff of a doubt about this performance? Have they no reporters of their own? Do Ace Reporters, such as Gordon Duff, feel that there is no point going to Sandy Hook and checking out the identities of the so-called grieving parents?

We should all remember that in London, on 7-7, there were dozens of “actors” whom were dressed up as victims, some even in the vicinity of the bombed bus, which was not even where it was supposed to be. How could that be? They had all of the other locations right, how could they have known that the bus would explode, where else but in Tavistock Square, the ancestral home of the destroyer of morality and civilisations, unless there was advance knowledge that it was to be diverted.

So there you have it Gordon Duff and The Young Turks, we are the folk whom are driving the News. Why do you think that the Mainstream Media is on its last legs, looking for a way to shut us up. They do not want to silence us because we are getting it wrong, we are on the button. We give real reporting from Gaza, Libya, Syria and all of those other places where the War Crimes are taking place. We will expose Mali, long before anything truthful appears on CNN.