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The Truth Seeker.

The Truth Seeker casts an eye over the files of Operation Gladio and NATO’s aim to become the sole military arm of the United Nations. This is normal procedure, in earlier times this combine was referred to as the Coalition of Evil, which is a means of sharing the guilt.



The Flayers Of Planet Earth Are Calling Foul.

With a dazzling, though stupefying, show of hypocrisy, the creators of the term “Divide and Rule,”  while still in the process of dividing Syria, hot on the heels of Libya, Sudan, Bosnia. Not to mention the enormous divisions in Africa, which was a deliberate act, to force those of different tribes together, creating dissent and the rule of the strongest tribe, over the others, are now calling for sanctions against Russia, for daring to protect their interests in Crimea, which was, until Nineteen-Fifty-Four a part of Russia and because of its geographical position was ceded to Ukraine. The whole strategy of this Jewish-British Empire, has now, even while they are themselves, still in the process of continuing this strategy,  been declared to be against International Law.

The Jewish-British media, while having refused to report the Mossad and CIA infiltration into the group of demonstrators, in Kiev, to whom they distributed arms and paid the demonstrators, instead chose to report, as if it had all been  home-grown resistance against an evil Dictator and they are even now, without evidence in support of their claims, blaming the Ukrainian Police for the killing of protesters, when it was blatantly obvious, that the Police had not responded to the extreme violence of the “Mob” and simply soaked up the punishment, watching their comrades being soaked with petrol and fried before their eyes.

 The shooting started as a last-ditch attempt to provoke a violent response from the Police. The blame for which would, inevitably, fall upon the shoulders of the New Hitler, Yanukovych, who in fact, just like the real Hitler, refused to react to Jewish provocation, until a  ploy similar to that which was carried out by Jews against Germany, who pretended to be Polish, created the necessary excuse to déclencher the Second World War.

Willie Hague, the War Criminal British Foreign Secretary, who gave his special attention to the undermining of Gadaffi’s Regime in Libya and orchestrated the initial excuse to kick off the War Crime in Syria, which he brags, has already killed one-hundred-and- eighty-thousand civilians, who was also personally involved in the attack on Mali, is now complaining that Vladimir Putin, has put a spoke in the wheel of Hague’s Friends in Israel, whose aim is to take control of the vast prairies in Ukraine, through the medium of an International Monetary Fund poisoned loan, which will enslave the people of Ukraine forever and strip them of all of their worthwhile assets.

As with Libya and Syria, the replacement government has already been selected and put in place, using that new form of Democracy, which does not involve the participation of the electorate. What has not yet been disclosed is the fact that there are half a dozen millionaires and Oligarchs whom have already robbed the people blind, who are now ready to carry out the wishes of the European Union and the IMF.

As with all of the recent Jewish-British campaigns, the last thing which they want is a free election, they know full well, that in Libya, Gadaffi would have won hands down and so would Assad in Syria, despite all the demonisation and claims of brutality of which they were accused.

 A free election in Ukraine, would almost certainly result in the partition of the country, as the voters in the East would never accept being shunted into the European Union, under the control of the Jews, with the overhanging threat of a list of orders from the IMF, laying out their wishes, including the reduction of pensions and Health Care and Public Services etc. etc. and most certainly the privatisation of Publicly owned Farmland.

Sky News, the Jewish controlled propaganda source in the UK, is still reporting an invasion by Russia of Crimea, apparently still unaware that there have been up to 25 thousand Russian Troops in the Crimea for years, a fact of which they are  of course, in truth fully aware, Sky News is reporting rubbish and dangerous lies.

It is difficult for most of the apparently brain-dead British to keep abreast of events which are moving at a pace superior to that of the plot of Eastenders. They are trying to cope with the lies about Syria and the refugee crisis, for which  the British are responsible, through their policy of Massacre to Save and their attempts to impose their selected government as they are now doing in Ukraine.

Nobody, it seems, can manage their own affairs without the aid of the austerity crippled UK, where the people are considered too stupid to be allowed a vote concerning their own future, while their “Democratically” elected Puppets force freedom down the throats of others.

There is however, in the midst of all of the nonsense, one little oddity nagging away in my brain.  Why did the USSR, while still firmly under the control of the Jewish Bolsheviks, hand over Crimea, which was historically a part of the Russian Empire and was and still is, the most important strategic Naval Port for the Russian Navy, into the hands of Ukraine?

The Bolsheviks fully understood the system of Divide and Rule, which is why they oversaw the divisions which were made to Germany, after The Great War, which were a deliberate ploy to manufacture pressure points which could be used as an excuse to declare the Second World War.

Could this apparently illogical decision, to pass the Russian Naval Headquarters into the hands of a Foreign government, have been a cynical move to create yet another, future, pressure point, creating an opportunity to declare the much vaunted Albert Pike Third Word War?

What Has Changed In South Africa Since The Election Of Nelson Mandela?

I am surprised that any sane person expected anything to change. First and foremost the African National Congress was a construct of the City of London, where the Bankers and Mining Industries reign supreme. The object of the ANC was to adopt the role of the belligerent opposition to the status quo, leading up to the time when F.W. de Klerk, could safely hand over power to Nelson Mandela, in the full knowledge that nothing would change.

I have never been fully convinced that Mandela spent more than a few minutes, every now and then, in prison in South Africa, he was after all a thirty-three degree Free Mason, which would have entitled him to kid glove treatment, while he awaited his Coronation as the first black President.

The massacre of a large number of miners at the Lonmin Platinum mine, would not have been carried out at the whim of a cop on the ground, this attack, which was more blatant than any crime which has yet been laid at the door of Assad in Syria, was certainly carried out to impress on the striking miners that they could expect no change in the position of the management.

Black miners are not the only group to feel cheated by the change of regime in South Africa, where despite the Truth and Reconciliation hearings after the demise of the apartheid white government, there is a white genocide taking place in South Africa, which remains unreported in the mainstream media.

The black people believe that the white people still own far too much of the land and industry, which may well be true, however as in the rest of the world, it is not owned by the average man in the street, it is all in the hands of the bankers and their agents. Little is left over for the rest of us, black, brown or white.

Across the world, most of the population is crammed into tiny apartments in tower blocks or other high density housing, with no access to even a small amount of land which they could cultivate in order to provide at least a small amount of their food needs.

South Africa’s neighbour Zimbabwe, under the leadership of Robert Mugabe, attempted to put at least some of the land back into the hands of the people, in return he has been demonized by the West and his fertile country has been reduced to starvation levels by the actions of the British.

Under Agenda 21, action is being taken to strip the average man of his ownership of land. Only large companies and rich bankers are to be exempt from this coming dictate of the UN. In the US at the moment a man is serving a short gaol sentence for collecting rainwater which came down the gutter of his own home.

In gaol he will probably come into contact with some of the hundreds of thousands of “Prison Slaves” whom are working for privately owned industries for a few cents an hour, destroying the job possibilities of people on the “outside.”

The Rothschild family is buying thousands of farms across India, after the farmers have committed suicide when the Monsanto GMO seeds fail to germinate, leaving the farmer with no money to buy seeds for the following years crops.

Things can only get worse in South Africa, as they will across the planet. We are all under attack and the use of racial or religious differences is being pumped up in order to increase tension, which was the reason for forcing the immigration of people such as the Muslims, into countries such as the US, even as they were being blamed for the “False Flag” attack on 911.

We all need to stand together, if we are to overcome the aggression of the Elite, whom would have us all wiped out like flies, if we give them the opportunity. At this time Israel is calling for an attack on Iran. Obama is feigning a reluctance to get involved.  Obama has no say in the matter, when the time comes he will come to the aid of the Israeli demon Netanyahu, which could be the trigger for the Third World War.

Reserve Your Ticket For The End Of The World Show.

We are trapped in a hiatus, unsure of the nature of oncoming events, however of one thing we can be sure, the future is not likely to be kind to us.

The Media, which in the main is in the hands of the Money Lenders, feeds us a daily dose of such blatant hypocrisy and disinformation that it demonstrates, more clearly than any other single device, the total stupidity and ignorance of the “People.

This being the case, waiting for the “People” to wake up is a futile exercise. The “People” have submitted to every indignity to which they have been subjected.

The evidence of the Shadow Government has never been so clearly demonstrated as by the current candidates for the Republican nomination in the upcoming Presidential election in the US. Who can believe that any one of the leading contenders will be endowed with one ounce of real power should they be elected. Why should they receive one ounce of power, when between them they do not possess an ounce of credence?

Events in Syria have stalled the progress towards a Third World War, which the same Shadow Government will use to impose a One World Government, which will mark the success of all sorts of predictions from the Talmud and other Zionist documents.

Persia, one of the oldest civilisations, has been selected as the symbolic Biblical “Last Battle” opponent which will end with the complete domination of the Human Race, by that other band of blood-thirsty savages from the Middle East the Jews.

The controlled British Government, has been apoplectic in its attempts to force the agenda of the City of London Money Lenders, down the throats of the world community, in an effort to speed up the progression to war.

A spokesman for the Cameron Government, called Malcolm Rifkind, whom I believe was a member of the Thatcher administration, screeched his bile at a spokesman from the Russian Government, declaring that Russia had blood on its hands, by denying the necessary assistance to the people of Homs, whom were being killed by the Syrian Army.

This from a Government which has so recently, completely destroyed  the city of Sirte in Libya, without the slightest regard for the thousands of civilians whom were killed in the process. They now want to bring this form of assistance to Syria?

So while waiting for Syria to fall, which will lead to a possible skirmish with the Russians and maybe Hezbollah in Lebanon and which will most certainly announce to Iran that they are next in line and they may take the view that an instant attack, before they are disabled by massive air-strikes, would be the best policy, the Money Lender controlled Governments of the Democratic “Free West” are getting agitated.

The economies of every Western Country, have been destroyed by design. All talk of a recovery is a nonsense. Every austerity measure is another nail in the coffin. Most of the unemployed people in the West, will probably never work again. In China and India alone there are two billion people, whom are prepared to work for a pittance. These poor people will be used by the Money Lenders until they have served their purpose and they will then be culled.

The talk in the UK is of Climate Change Ministers, whatever that means, Green Jobs and still more Free Trade agreements. In the US things are becoming so grim that soon cannibalism will be the order of the day.

Under the noses of the people, even the food which they produce, which they naively believe is to feed them, will soon turn out to be a false belief, your Government has signed UN Treaties, under which control of all food has been passed to the UN, which is of course controlled by the Money Lenders.

As the current situation develops, which will involve the break-down of the financial system, all food will be sequestered by the UN and rationed out, country by country, according to population. The aim of this is to encourage the murder of the old and infirm whom will be considered not worth feeding.

This was all in the planning before World War 2. Stalin, the Butcher, was on his way to Europe, at the behest of the Jewish families, whom had control of both World Wars and the Russian Revolution, to over-run Europe, which was pre-occupied with the City of London provoked war against Germany. Hitler became aware of the up-coming Russian attack and averted it.

Germany paid a high price, every major city in Germany was destroyed and millions of people murdered by the “Allies” in the name humanitarianism no doubt. For the second time in a generation, Germany was dismantled and the Money Lenders installed themselves in  power.

These were the same Money Lenders whom had organised the Treaty of Versailles which forced Germany to pay reparations to all other countries which had fought against them during the Great War. It also allowed the carve-up of the Ottoman Empire, which deliberately caused the current chaos in the Middle East. The object then was to destroy the Islamic World and it is still the aim of the Money Lenders.

Stalin was given control of Eastern Europe and part of Germany. This decision was the root cause of the continuing conflicts in the Balkans and it created misery for millions of people in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, whom received no form of humanitarian assistance from the controlled West, during their struggles against the Soviets.

The same families of Money Lenders, have now carved the rest of Europe into Zones. Details can be found in the Lisbon Treaty. The usual system has been employed, part of the UK is to be mixed with parts of France and Holland, while parts of France will be attached to Spain etc. The Rulers of these Zones will be selected by the hidden hand of the Money Lenders, in  much the same way as are the leaders of the UN and EU. It has been decided that we are now Post Democratic.

So here we are. The hiatus. What next?  For most of us the future looks bleak. We are already being poisoned by our food. Be sure, Monsanto is a Biological Warfare Company. Who in their right mind would allow a chemical warfare company to take control of our food? Sadly, the  answer is a simple one, those whom would have us dead.

The air that we breathe is contaminated with Depleted Uranium, from warfare and with fallout from Fukushima, which has been quietly taken off the Front Page.

Most young men are partially sterile, while many older men completely so. IVF treatment will soon be the most common method of producing babies. Abortion has already become a major form of birth control.

IVF provides the perfect means to manipulate the genes of the unborn, in order to produce whatever breed of unquestioning slave of which the One World Government has need.

So what has brought us to this end? Sadly it is the age-old story of greed and corruption. Through lack of education, we have allowed our Democracy into the hands of Professional Politicians. There should be no such thing. The only quality in the hands of Politicians is the Art of Lying and the facility to accept a back-hander. They possess no other qualification.

Political Parties should be avoided like the plague. In the Maghreb and the Middle East, the Money Lenders have already financed those whom are destined to gain power. It will be a Bankers Democracy, based on debt, which will take root, be sure of that.

We also deny the evidence of our own eyes. It must be clear to anyone with a brain, that the extortionate amount of our money, which our elected Governments allows to be passed into the hands of Bankers, many of whom appear to be Jews, is criminal. Hundreds of billions of Dollars, of our money, is being paid in interest, in return for nothing.

This money has been used by these bankers, many of whom are Jews, to take control of the world. The US, UK and France, have long been controlled by these bankers, and it is a certainty that every war which has been fought since Napoleonic times was in the interest of these bankers. Just as the current hostilities, which are being presented as humanitarian acts, are a means of destroying a far superior, more egalitarian monetary system, in  order to install, their preferred debt based system.

You may have noticed that I refer to only some of these bankers being Jewish. I stress this because to claim that the Jews have complete control of the Central Banking System, World Wide, which is being used to enslave us all, is considered to be anti-Semitic. In response to this I will state that I do not personally know of any Central Banking Family, which is Semitic. There may well be some. The best known such as Rothschild and Rockefeller are not Semitic, they are Caucasian, they are Khazar Jews, whom have no link whatsoever with Palestine. Neither, I might add do I know of any Central Banking Families which are not Khazar Jews.

The upcoming Olympic Games, which is being organised by a self-confessed Zionist, Sebastian Coe, has chosen a logo for the Games, making use of stylised numbers, which can be quite easily manipulated to read ZION. Thus introducing an element of Politics into an event which should remain apolitical. The British Government had no say in the matter, the decision was taken in “The City.”

Until we are prepared to face up to what is going on, we will change nothing. Speaking for myself, I do not want to be placed into the hands of unelected bankers, whom do not have my best interests at heart.These are the same bankers whom took control of Russia and slaughtered Sixty-Five Million people, without compunction. Are we to stand back and wait for them to bring the same thing to Western Europe?

We are on the cusp of something enormous, which is why nothing is being done. Governments are not even making a token effort at producing jobs for the unemployed.  They are one after the other asking for loans which will involve the privatisation of anything of value which remains in the hands of the people.

A country of four hundred million people, such as the US, cannot function without an industrial base. That base was quite deliberately uprooted and transplanted over-seas. It is not coming back.

So what is the future for the US? Quite simply, oblivion. There is no other solution. They will descend to the level of any other Third World country and they will be quietly euthanized through the medium of poisoned GMO food, dozens of toxic chemicals with which the water supply has been laced and no doubt many from an over-dose of prescription drugs and the rest as a result of vaccine poisoning.

The industrious Chinese would probably be partial to a chunk of the US as an annex to their own overcrowded country. They hold so much US debt they are entitled to quite a big chunk. Most of the US is already under Moneylender control, through their Front Company at the UN, no doubt in readiness for a new style  race of Serfs.

The position of Europe is no better than that of the US. Ireland had a few years of relative freedom after they gained independence from the British, only to be forced back into the dungeon by Bilderberg controlled politicians. The Irish are not alone, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Belgium and soon France, are all in the same position. There is now no good reason to continue the idea of a European Union, it is a total failure and not worth the exorbitant cost.

There is a simple solution to most of these problems, that is the total abolition of the system of Central Banking. The issuance of credit which does not impose debt, would go a long way towards the invigoration of industry, it would put a sparkle into the idea of buying a home, where one would pay a reasonable charge on the loan and then repay the asking price for the property and not three or four times the asking price when interest is added.

It goes without saying that this is out of the question. Our puppet politicians will not even countenance discussion of the idea. They are one and all in the power of the Banking Families.

All in all our professional politicians have not served us well. They have in fact not served us at all. Listening to the pap which seeps out of the mouths of the likes of Newt Gingrich, a Presidential hopeful, calling for murder, one should not be surprised at the mentality of the folk by whom he is controlled.

Much the same can be said of the slime ball William Hague, how anybody in the UK could cast a vote in favour of this cold-blooded slaughterer of innocent men, women and children is unfathomable.

Hague has found his true vocation as the War Lord for the Money Lenders War Machine. The way things are going he will be kept busy spreading his lies and deceit to mask the atrocities which the UK continue to carry out.

So here we are, in the waiting room for hell. The Money Lenders way out of this form of log jam, is to organise a war, which will force people to accept whatever restrictions which are deemed necessary. The way out, is for The People to stand up and speak out.  When the missiles start to fly in their direction they may wish they had.

The first step should be to force a vote on Europe. Once out of that mess, get rid of the false debt, which our politicians have allowed to be laid at our door. Then never again vote for a Political Party.

Sixth Sense: The Sequel.

Watching the televised debates for the Republican Party’s nomination for the upcoming Presidential, is like watching a bizarre remake of “Sixth Sense” where only certain people can see Ron Paul.

Despite being second in a recent poll, his name was not even mentioned on televised News programmes.

What is interesting in this situation is that it is demonstrating, in no uncertain terms, how simple it actually is, to throw a spanner in the Globalist’s works.

All it would take to change the world is the election of a few good men and true.

The “would be Kings of the world” are aware of this, hence the panic. The fate of the planet, could be said, to be in the hands of the US electorate.

The controlled press, world-wide, is in lock step to cut Ron Paul out of all reports on the debates. These people should be forced, during elections, to make sure that each candidate is allowed the same amount of coverage, this is called democracy.

As far as I am concerned Ron Paul represents the bare minimum of actions necessary to stop the Globalist’s. He is calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve, I would be demanding the instant closure of all branches and the arrest of the management.

After that the whole Banker controlled economy could be taken back into the hands of the people. Moves are being made in the UK to set up a system of Lawful Banking, along the lines of the Islamic system, which Central Bankers are so desperate to destroy.

However, like all solutions to the current financial nightmare, the mainstream media, is completely ignoring this excellent idea.lawfulbank.com


At the moment, we,  are funding the people whom are destroying us. Every penny of income tax, across the world, goes into the pockets of the Central Bankers. On top of that they pay no Tax themselves. They have arranged to have all of their loot, paid into tax-exempt Foundations.

Sadly and unbelievably to most people, everything is a scam. These bankers are demanding a Third World War, which will be part of a huge population reduction, which has already been announced. We, have of course, financed the construction of huge underground bunkers to make sure that the super rich, will not be too inconvenienced by the culling of the rest of us.

So let us pray, that Ron Paul can recover enough vitality, to make his problem nothing more than a near death experience, unlike the Bruce Willis character in  “Sixth Sense” whom had sadly died in a car wreck.

Sky News Reports Palpable Pap From Syria.

Intrepid Sky News, character actor, Stuart Ramsey, has been handed the choice role of “The Executioner” in Syria.

He reported from the city of Homs this morning, Tuesday 6th December.  He was safely embedded with courageous “Rebels” whom he assures us, are the only obstacle standing in the way of Assads desire to completely slaughter the population of the town.

The sound of sniper fire rang out, folk ran to buy bread, dodging bullets as they ran.

Ramsey told us that this was continuous. It was, of course, the Syrian army, which was responsible for these attacks.

However the only armed people, with whom we were presented, were the “Rebels.” This is quite obviously proof, that what is going on in Syria is an armed attack against the Syrian regime.

There was no indication as to where they were procuring their weapons.

We were presented with a gaggle of people, whom spoke no English. The interpreter was a “Rebel.”

He introduced all the key words. We were assured that the people wanted, “Help from the West” a “No fly zone” and of course, “The overthrow of the dictator.”

Throughout, we saw not a sign of the Syrian Army. Not a sign of a sniper. All was interpreted for us in the sombre tones of Ramsey’s, standing at the edge of the grave voice.

The “Rebels” were referred to as “The Free Syrian Army” their job is to protect the people from Assad, by using the people as a human shield.

The best advice, which Ramsey could give to the people of Homs, would be to get rid of the “Rebels” and to continue their demonstrations, without these paid mercenaries shooting, over their heads at the Syrian Army.

Ramsey, for all his Thespian prowess, produced not one shred of evidence, implicating the Syrian forces in the attacks against civilians.

He would have us believe, that Assad, knowing full well that NATO are gagging for an excuse to attack his country, had snipers killing people in the street, while Sky News was filming.

There have been many independent reports from Syria, all of which have stated quite strongly, that the vast majority of the people do not support the actions, on which the West are concentrating, in order to manufacture a problem more serious than the reality.

These people, are of course, as in Libya, being given no opportunity to express their point of view.

Million of people have taken to the streets in support of Assad, showing quite clearly that there is no support whatsoever, for a Western intervention.

It should not be forgotten that the West has been planning the take down of Syria for some time.

A real reporter, as distinct from a paid stooge, would have researched his mission. He would have been well versed on the ambitions of Israel in the Middle East. He would, most certainly have watched the above clip, which so arrogantly displays the blood-lust of the Zionists.

My fondest memory of Ramsey, was an episode in Afghanistan, filmed during the time when the Taliban were is power.

They were accusing the Taliban of barbaric treatment of women. They were forcing them to wear full length Burka’s and denying them access to education and so on.

Sky News filmed an episode, using all their best undercover technical skills, of a woman being whipped in the street, by a Taliban.  The boy whom was given the job of wielding the whip, quite obviously had no intention of hurting the selected victim. It was all, quite obviously, a sham.

I have a whole stock of Sky “manufactured” News events. Libya was full of them during the recent humanitarian destruction.

Ramsey, having witnessed first hand, the carnage, which was never reported, as a result of the disgusting use of a “No Fly Zone” in Libya, is now calling for the same thing in Syria, without a trace of an aircraft in the skies, nor of any reports of attacks from the air, as justification.

The British Free Press is more concerned about the hurt feelings of a few celebrities than of the massive injuries, inflicted on innocent civilians, when British Aircraft take to the skies.

All of this is leading up to an attack against Iran. The whole world knows this. Where is the resistance to the declaration of the Third World War?

We Would Appear To Be In The Closing Stages Of The Last Crusade.

The diabolical creatures from the darkside, are once more stalking the planet.

The build-up to an attack against Syria is well under way. The British are already in talks with the Syrian Rebels, with a view to setting them up as the true government in waiting.

The voices of the hundreds of thousands of Syrians whom have taken to the streets in support of their leader will be ignored.

For whomsoever these leaders in waiting may be speaking, it is certainly not for the people of Syria. They are offering themselves as the excuse for a murderous attack, as was employed in Libya, to destroy Syria and to lay a few more stepping-stones on the road to the Third World War.

True patriots, having witnessed the devastation of Libya, would be content to lie low and to give the political changes in Syria the opportunity to take effect. Are they frightened in case they work or are they working behind the scenes for the Queens Shilling?

The British Establishment will give no quarter. The first to be sacrificed will be the traitors, they cannot be trusted. The men whom will lower the Drawbridge, allowing the enemy into the Castle, have always been seen as the true scum of the earth.

Can you imagine how the Syrian people are feeling? They have watched Israel destroy Lebanon. The forces of NATO, blast the heart and soul out of the Cradle of Civilisation in Iraq.

They must quake at the sight of the scum whom have been given power in Libya. The black flag of the CIA henchmen, flying over the Court House in Benghazi. Their preferred form of justice is a metal bar up the rectum and a bullet through the head.

Cameron, the British, cold-blooded warmongering Prime Puppet, has already carried out a tour of the region with the men from the weapon shops, whom financed his and his Conservative Party’s elections, having been told it is pay-back time.

He, along with his little thug Hague, whom has claimed to have humanitarianism in his genes and the midget, Sarkozy, have led the tirade leading up to these wars.

Sarkozy has other things to hide. he along with other French politicians are suspected of having taken kick-backs from the African recipients of French aid, Bongo in Gabon in particular. He also has good reason to make sure that recently captured Saif Gadaffi, never makes it to the Hague and the ICC. He is alleged to have taken aid from Gadaffi.

The destruction of Syria, should Russia and China allow it to take place, will probably be the last nail in the coffin of Iran.

That other great humanitarian, Netanyahu, the clinically stupid Israeli, whom was described by Sarkozy as a liar, has long desired an excuse to destroy Iran.

Ahmadinejad, in the manner of the Syrian “resistance,” has been playing into the globalist’s hands by saying upsetting things about Jews. One sometimes wishes he would keep his mouth shut, however right he may be.

Now however, having run out of ideas, The Knights in Shining Armour, are obliged to all back on the tried and tested rubbish about weapons of mass destruction. It was enough to go after Saddam Hussein.

The excuse is of little importance, as the bulk of the protesters are occupied with occupying and other distractions,  which have already allowed the marauding hordes a free run at Libya and will do the same for Syria and probably Iran. Most people cannot chew gum and occupy at the same time.

The people of the West have been bamboozled by the likes of Bush and Cheney and the rest of the CFR and Trilateral Commission, into believing that the Muslim community wished us harm.

They have never produced a shred of evidence against Islam. The current alleged attack, which is based on a FBI promoted plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the US, is puerile.

The FBI approached the used car salesman. They paid him and provided all the necessary materials. They then supplied him with the Mexican telephone number, where he would find the selected hit-man, whom would carry out the attack. He, of course, was a FBI informer, who turned in the car salesman.

It beggars belief, doesn’t it? But doesn’t that make the FBI guilty of promoting terrorism? It should. They did the same thing in 1993, when it was serious and the bombs did go off in the World Trade Centre. No FBI man was charged, despite overwhelming evidence.

The average person, still believes what these people tell them to believe. In reality, we should long ago have sided with the Muslim community. We have a common enemy and we need to take a united stand against them. Together we can win. The oldest rule in  the Elitist handbook is Divide and Rule and we fall into the trap every time. It is not too late to change.