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White People; Enjoy Your Last Days On Earth. There Is A Group Seriously Seeking Your Extinction. Be Warned.



More than half of the British people are totally unaware of the ongoing massacres in Yemen, from which British workers in the Weapon Shops have been earning overtime payments, making the weapons to murder and maim hundreds of thousands of the innocent, in order to put a government acceptable to the British in place in Yemen.

Across La Manche, the French champignons have been kept in the dark about their government’s involvement in the massive genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and the current involvement of France all across Africa, where alongside the Americans Africorp the French are attempting to steal the resources of Africa, a quest which is causing untold suffering and death and the creation of ever more refugees heading north to Europe.

Online, the cult of “no evidence necessary,” justice by allegation, has caused the “de-platforming of GAB, a competitor of the “elite” controlled Twitter, because someone, conveniently placed an anti-semitic GAB, on the platform and then allegedly, attacked a synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing a bunch of very old Jews; whom it is “alleged” have been dead for some time; in an “alleged” crime, of which the public are denied any evidence, proving that anything at all actually took place inside the Pittsburgh synagogue.

The one Jew from the area, a Rabbi, who had spent every Saturday morning at the synagogue for decades, did not attend on the day in question, while all of the dead are apparently from Florida, where their deaths have all been previously recorded. It was noticeable, at the scene of the crime, that no ambulances were present and that there had been a Police, anti-terrorist drill in the recent past.

Based on all this crap, I am personally denied my access to GAB, of which I have been a member and contributor to, for some time. Personally I object to find that my freedom of speech, has been interfered with, to suit an “alleged” attack against a group of people, whom have been devastating Palestine and are even now seeking an excuse to destroy Iran and Syria, while closing down, access to any media which they do not control, while those that they do, Facebook, YouTube Google and most of the Mainstream Media, bleep out any criticism of these people. It would appear that in the modern world, that only Jew ‘alleged’ Truth is permissible. My Blog has been under some sort of Google restriction for a couple of months.

As far as I can see, the world as we knew it, is being destroyed in front of our eyes. Even as I scribble this, there is a “Caravan” of thousands of migrants, whom it is “alleged” have been funded by Jew controlled organisations, to swarm into The United States, in order to carry out the declared desire of Jews, whom have been pushing the notion of destroying White Christian European controlled Nations, through the medium of mass immigration, quite openly for years. There is no secret about it. The only people whom appear to be unaware of this cold-blooded aim of a vicious group of people, many of whom are Jews, are the very people whom have been elected to take care of us.

In Europe, elected politicians, the likes of Anthony Blair and Angela Merkel, both of whom opened the floodgates of immigration into their respective countries, have been awarded the Kalergi Prize. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, proposed the swamping of White Christian countries with Black immigrants, with whom White Christian women would be forced to accept the insemination of their womb with Black sperm, in order to create a coffee coloured future Race. For what do you suppose Blair and Merkel thought they were receiving this Kalergi Prize, if not for carrying out the aims of Kalergi?

In France, Nicolas Sarkozy, who like Angela Merkel is a Bolshevik Jew, not only expressed his aim of mixing French White Christian women with Blacks, he warned that should they refuse to do so voluntarily, he would take steps to force to them so do.

Any White Christian, who can watch the above clips without being alarmed by the content and the outright hatred for White people expressed by these “White” Jews, is already dead in the head. These people are serious and they can of course, call for the genocide of White people, while at the same time as we are not allowed to even question the claims they make about what was”allegedly” done to them.

I am thoroughly disgusted with what is being proposed by these Jews and as I look around me I can see that what they are proposing is already under way. What sort of crooked politicians are standing by watching this crap spewing out of the mouths of Jews, without so much as making a single word of criticism or even mention of it, while they are quite deliberately making everything as difficult as possible for White people, whom are the only people on earth whom can be “Hate Speeched” out of existence without a word of support from their own Governments.

Theresa May, dutifully went to Paris, after the “alleged” killing of a couple of Jews and several Christians at the Charlie Hebdo office, where while ignoring the Christian deaths completely, she chose to declare herself to be a Jew. In fact throughout the entire Charlie charade the dead White Christians were never once mentioned. Even the presence of all the politicians at the event was staged to make them appear to be leading the March for Charlie, when in fact they were not even anywhere near the real march, they were photographed and filmed elsewhere.

Jane Secker, the Sky News reporter, was quite clearly watching the “false march” and when she announced that the march had started, the “real” march had clearly not started on top,of which  Secker failed to mention,  what is quite clear in the clip, that the”false” march stopped after a few metres. She is guilty of propogating “Fake News”.

The News reports about Charlie Hebdo were not only misleading from Sky even the Yanks were doing it. Look how they have edited their clip to make it appear to have been shot in the street close to the Charlie Hebdo office when it is perfectly clear that it could not have been shot in the street which was shown from above. 











Have We Anything Of Which To Be Proud?




Have We Anything Of Which To Be Proud?

During the war, to save the world from Communism, in the Extreme Orient, the Coalition of the really nice folk, dropped more bombs on innocent people than had been dropped during World War Two.

“By the end of the war, 7 million tons of bombs had been dropped on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia – more than twice the amount of bombs dropped on Europe and Asia in World War II. In addition, poisonous sprays were dropped by planes to destroy trees and any kind of growth – an area the size of the state of Massachusetts was covered with such poison. Vietnamese mothers reported birth defects in their children. Yale biologists, using the same poison (2,4,5,T) on mice, reported defective mice born and said they had no reason to believe the effect on humans was different.”

The nice guys were of course not satisfied with that, so they continued to slaughter the peasants, here we have a letter from a GI to his parents, explaining the sort of exercise in which his platoon took part:

“Dear Mom and Dad:

Today we went on a mission and I am not very proud of myself, my friends, or my country. We burned every hut in sight!

It was a small rural network of villages and the people were incredibly poor. My unit burned and plundered their meagre possessions. Let me try to explain the situation to you.

The huts here are thatched palm leaves. Each one has a dried mud bunker inside. These bunkers are to protect the families. Kind of like air raid shelters.

My unit commanders, however, chose to think that these bunkers are offensive. So every hut we find that has a bunker we are ordered to burn to the ground.

When the ten helicopters landed this morning, in the midst of these huts, and six men jumped out of each “chopper”, we were firing the moment we hit the ground. We fired into all the huts we could….

It is then that we burned these huts…. Everyone is crying, begging and praying that we don’t separate them and take their husbands and fathers, sons and grandfathers. The women wail and moan.

Then they watch in terror as we burn their homes, personal possessions and food. Yes, we burn all rice and shoot all livestock.”

Are your faces already glowing with pride, are you already slapping yourselves on the back, having just dished out the same medicine on Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen?

In Asia, nobody can give any reasonable explanation as to why the war was necessary in the first place, as when it came to an end the Communists took power, as had the Western financed Communists in Russia and China. So what purpose did the war serve? Well who do you imagine was being paid a lot of money for every bomb which was dropped and every shell and bullet, fired out of the muzzle of a cannon or machine gun? Well that would be the folk whom control the governments and the weapon shops, namely the Banking families.

Here we are sixty years on and nothing much has changed apart from the selected targets. We now have Israel carrying out the occasional billion dollar bash against Gaza, where there are only defenceless women and children. Where many kids have been burnt to death by White Phosphorous, without a word of condemnation from the Friends of Israel, unlike the lies about Syria, where thousands were killed by British and French weapons, without a word from the Free Press, long before Russia turned up on the scene.

One little chap, who was injured by something or other, in an area where hundreds have been killed in recent times, has been selected as a victim of indiscriminate Russian bombs, without supporting evidence. The Western “Free” Press is telling us that this is something which has caused an uproar, which I personally have not noticed, it has not changed any game for me.

You see the West was already guilty of unforgivable behaviour during the wars in Asia, where their behaviour differs very little from that of Daech or Al Qaeda in the Middle East, that is, if there is any real difference between the CIA and their own Al Qaeda and Daech.

“The CIA in Vietnam, in a program called “Operation Phoenix,” secretly, without trial, executed at least 20,000 civilians in South Vietnam who were suspected of being members of the Communist underground. A pro-administration analyst wrote in the journal Foreign Affairs in January 1975: “Although the Phoenix program did undoubtedly kill or incarcerate many innocent civilians, it did also eliminate many members of the Communist infrastructure.”

So when David Cameron explains to the Friends of Israel, generously represented in the British Parliament, that he takes great care to ensure that innocent civilians in Yemen, are miraculously left untouched by “British” armaments, while thousands are dying as a result of those less humane manufacturers of weapons, despite the images of death and the destruction of hospitals, schools and other infrastructure, the British, unlike those savage Russians are free of guilt and they can go safely back to sleep.

So where are we? The British and their allies, have attacked and destroyed, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, in recent times, and claim to have justification for all of the deaths and destruction of which they are responsible, and have “bestowed” this generosity on to deserving people to save them of course. The British are past masters at killing those whom they wish to save. They of course, having saved Yugoslavia, they proceeded to plunder and carve it to pieces.

So full in the midst of this carnage, why does the British Press choose to attach such importance to the image of a youngster, who is fact only one in a million, while having ‘chosen’ to ignore the British and friends massive slaughters in other wars which they have deliberately provoked, wars which killed hundreds of thousands of youngsters?

Anyone who believes that the British have ever declared a war for the sole purpose of saving people, which was not ultimately for the benefit of the Bankers, have their heads stuck firmly up their own arse.

The Comedy Of The Litvinenko Affair.

I recently remarked about the cynical use of editing, to suggest that Donald Trump, had stated that Muslims should not be allowed to enter the United States, without mentioning that he had also said, ‘until they had been vetted.’

This edited version of Trump’s statement is still being presented as truth.  Today on the same Sky News they repeated the accusation that Russia had invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

This was mentioned during a report into the death of a Russian ex KGB man in London, the responsibility for which is of course being laid at the door of Vladimir Putin.

What is known for sure about the death of the Russian Litvinenko, is hardly conclusive, the report is peppered with words such as, ‘probable,’ ‘maybe,’ and ‘which suggests,’ not a scrap of conclusive evidence was presented in support of these conjectures.

Sky News has been covering this nonsense all morning, while in the recent past, they carried out no discussion whatsoever about the culpability of David Cameron, whom ordered the murder of an unknown person, in the Middle East, without any proof that it was actually the masked man, whom the British named Jihad John, having ‘claimed’ to have identified him by his eye retina,  this marked man was  then held under minute and  continuous observation, in the middle of a desert, up to the very moment that a ‘drone’ flew overhead, at the exact time that the ‘spy’ on the ground confirmed that it was indeed Jihad John, climbing into the vehicle and then this man, whoever he may have been, was vaporised.

This would be the same British Free Media, who carried out no investigation into the 7-7 attacks in London, simply reporting the information which was supplied by those whom expected the public to be content with the same type of lame excuses, in the absence of genuine information about what exactly had occurred on that fateful day.

Sky News are still babbling on as I write, this has been more than half an hour solid, making accusations against Russia such as, the illegality of annexing Crimea. This from a country, which has carved the world in slices in compliance with their doctrine of  divide and rule.

These are the scum who created the divisions in the Middle East, an act which has now delivered exactly what the intention was, that of an excuse to divide the region once more into bits and pieces, which will destroy any form of social strength and opposition to the  desires of the Dark Side.  Ruled of course by Puppets.

The truth about Litvinenko appears to have been that he had ‘probably,’  transported the radio-active element into the UK for his own purposes. The men accused of having administered the deadly dose, apparently in a cup of tea, were of course Russians, who just happened to have been old colleagues of Litvinenko, they appear to have left no trace of their movements, despite having Polonium in their pocket.

War Criminal Tony Blair, refused an inquiry into the fifty-seven dead British people, whom were killed on 7-7, describing the idea as a ‘Ludicrous diversion,’ and yet this Litvinenko business, which is no different from the assassination of the patsy called Jihad John, in Syria, or the 7-7 affair,  has been inquired into for ten f*****g years.